Vanilla Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Vanilla Quotes from Ciara, Amity Shlaes, Bruno Mars, Alex Guarnaschelli, Shilpa Shetty. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

When I'm on a strict eating regimen, at some point I ha

When I’m on a strict eating regimen, at some point I have to have French fries, a cheeseburger and some pizza. And Oreos and vanilla ice cream!
The most remarkable thing about Calvin Coolidge is that he served for 67 months, and when he left office, the budget was lower than he came in. In real terms – in nominal terms with vanilla on top – he cut the budget year over year.
Amity Shlaes
I guess if I’m a product, either you’re chocolate, you’re vanilla or you’re butterscotch. You can’t be all three.
Bruno Mars
I’ve thrown vanilla beans into mustard. Nothing crazy or grainy, just normal dijon. It’s great for duck. Smear some of that right on the duck, coupled with some roast plums, and it all comes together in that savory over sweet over savory over sweet way we all love.
Alex Guarnaschelli
Chocolate is maybe my only vice. In particular, Godiva’s champagne truffles. Or Dean & Deluca vanilla cupcakes. Just thinking about them – oh my gosh!
Shilpa Shetty
On September twentieth every year, I got to choose my menu – meatloaf, corn niblets, and rice were followed by candles on chocolate cake with vanilla icing and a scoop of Brock-Hall ice cream.
Donald Hall
I start the day with oatmeal with vanilla almond milk. If I don’t, I’m dying by noon and eating everything in sight. On-set, I avoid crap and pack soup and salad. I cook pork chops or turkey tacos for dinner.
Kaley Cuoco
The best place to use vanilla beans is anywhere where they won’t be mixed in with a million other flavors. Anything with dairy, yogurt, milk, cream, or eggs – any custard or flan – how can it be bad?
Alex Guarnaschelli
I use two concealer shades. I have vanilla and light beige, and I use vanilla on my under eyes – if I have a spray tan, I’ll use the light beige instead, it just depends on how light or dark I am. Then I use one shade darker on my face.
Chrishell Stause
I have a doughnut every morning. The same kind, from a street cart. Vanilla frosted with sprinkles on one half, weirdly. How hard is it to sprinkle the whole thing?
Allison Williams
I still like sweets and sometimes treat myself but not often. I try to keep an eye on it, but it’s not like I’m desperate to go and eat a whole chocolate cake! I do like a bit of vanilla ice cream, though.
Petra Kvitova
I liked rap from a young age, from listening to MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice.
Clint Dempsey
In New York, Kid Carter was pure vanilla for a city with stronger tastes.
George Vecsey
My guilty pleasure is vanilla cupcakes! I love cupcakes! I love cupcakes. When it’s really bad, it’s 12 per day. I’ve fallen asleep with cupcake in my mouth, like, frosting all over my mouth. More than – several times.
My first gig was a Corn Pops commercial. I did the first Vanilla Coke campaign. A Juicy Fruit commercial paid my bills for years.
Aaron Paul
I’m so spoiled – I must have a Starbucks vanilla latte every day.
Katie Holmes
For my fragrance, I knew I wanted something sweet but with a different side to it. I have a lot of vanilla notes and bakery shop scents, but then I also have muskier notes that make it a bit edgier. It’s fun but also sophisticated.
Bethany Mota
The fundamental problem with banks is what it’s always been: they’re in the business of banking, and banking, whether plain vanilla or incredibly sophisticated, is inherently risky.
James Surowiecki
The down-side of these huge-budget movies is that so many people have a hand in them, sometimes they come out a little more vanilla.
Casey Wilson
I can remember being a kid and watching Vanilla Ice and it made me smile… I love it. I love that. I can remember seeing Vanilla Ice and then through time he stopped being Vanilla Ice.
Riff Raff
If you want to say that I am vanilla, then I can give you a long list of broadcasting giants who fall into that same category because all of them always had the same goal that is my goal to this day: It is not about me.
Jim Nantz
And that’s one thing that helps me is I learn it blandly, vanilla, then I don’t try to act it too soon because you start to act it, and you kind of go away from what the next sentence is, what the next paragraph is. So get it down so it kind of can – it’s in there so you can then, as I call it, dance on top of it.
Jeff Daniels
I’m not one of those pop guys. That’s for wimps like Vanilla Ice.
Heavy D
Who would want to get back together with Taylor Swift after having dated her? I’m sure dating her is like talking to a white sheet of paper with a little bit of vanilla ice cream on it that doesn’t say anything.
Kurt Braunohler
I got all my boyhood in vanilla winter waves around the kitchen stove.
Jack Kerouac
I believe that I have such a vanilla life. But maybe I come with a different perspective. I’m always trying to improve myself.
Jen Lancaster
In the past few years, we’ve been doing amazing stuff with desserts. Pastry chefs have been using herbs and spices in their desserts. So vanilla cake doesn’t have to be just vanilla, it can have a little thyme. Or you could have a custard with a little lavender in it, which is just amazing.
Ron Ben-Israel
Vanilla Ice sold ten million records. For him to be on MTV, it made me feel like it could be done.
Riff Raff
I’ve done a lot of kale as well as broccoli. I love it. Asparagus I couldn’t stand before, but now it is part of my meals. All three of those are greens that I never used to eat. Now, a smoothie for me is nothing but fruits and veggies and vanilla Greek yogurt.
Donald Driver
I was excited about opening for Vanilla Fudge because I was a big fan of theirs.
Jimmy Page
The centuries last passed have also given the taste important extension; the discovery of sugar, and its different preparations, of alcoholic liquors, of wine, ices, vanilla, tea and coffee, have given us flavors hitherto unknown.
Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
Criticism is something that you have to take, regardless of what you do. Even if you go out there and try to make the most vanilla, non-offensive TV show possible, people are going to criticize you for doing that. It’s just part of the game.
Thomas Sadoski
Whether it’s repro rights, violence against women, or just plain old vanilla sexism, most issues affecting women have one thing in common – they exist to keep women ‘in their place.’ To make sure that we’re acting ‘appropriately,’ whatever that means.
Jessica Valenti
I love to bake, so I made vanilla bean and blueberry muffins for sick hospital children. Just kidding! All of that is true except the sick children part.
Sloane Crosley
If you like vanilla, you’re not going to like ‘Breaking Bad’ – you need to like a specific flavor that is unusual, that is different, that takes risks.
Bryan Cranston
Even though the moniker ‘Vanilla ISIS’ is tongue in cheek, it is a reminder to avoid constantly framing the concept of terrorism through an Islam-centric lens.
Ibrahim Hooper
These days… it’s all vanilla sex for me.
Larry Flynt
My two great treats in life are baked beans and vanilla ice-cream.
Jonathan Dimbleby
I think I’m obsessed with food. Maybe that’s why I’m making the transition to organic products – they just feel yummy. I like vanilla scents. I like mint. I like sage. I like the idea of smelling blackberries every time I blink. It’s so good.
Phillipa Soo
TV has made everyone so vanilla it’s nearly impossible to tell one anchor apart from another.
Cenk Uygur
My secret indulgent food is dessert. I have an incredible sweet tooth – chocolate pudding with vanilla ice-cream or trifle and pavlova. I do love dessert.
Deborra-Lee Furness
I have a vanilla chai latte every morning, which I usually follow with an oatmeal raisin cookie and eggs for breakfast.
Dylan Lauren
I have a lot of critics, and that’s fine. I think it’s better to be polarizing than to be vanilla. I also think people can’t question the passion and sincerity that I bring because I truly am the luckiest guy in the world.
Mauro Ranallo
I don’t mind being described as vanilla in certain ways.
Cal Ripken, Jr.
My mom and I used to always get these Bath & Body Works candles but I like anything that smells warm. I love vanilla.
Jordyn Woods
I don’t want to make fictional characters who are perfect – that’s a vanilla situation – but the fact is you are allowed to more carefully select and curate what it is you’re going to explore.
Debra Granik
Love ice cream. I let myself have that about once a week. Vanilla.
Tim Tebow
People don’t want just vanilla. They want 31 flavors. I couldn’t do what Rihanna does. I couldn’t do what Gaga does. They can’t do what I do.
Katy Perry
You ask people what their ethnicity is, and a lot of Scots-Irish people either don’t know or if they know it they just don’t acknowledge it. It’s not something they really identify with. They’re just plain old Americans, plain vanilla. I don’t think they are a self-conscious voting bloc.
John Shelton Reed
Let’s be real: dads get a bad rap in the media. We’re talking Vanilla Ice’s ‘Ninja Rap’ bad. More often than not, they’re either pop lockin’ Soul Train-style after learning they aren’t the father, or they’re selfish man-children who have more toys than brain cells.
Phoebe Robinson