Uncle Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Uncle Quotes from Jason Alexander, Brian Bonsall, Joe Piscopo, Roisin Murphy, Roger Moore. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

But one sets of grandparents lived on Davidson Avenue i

But one sets of grandparents lived on Davidson Avenue in the Bronx and one lived in Manhattan and I had an aunt and uncle in Queens, so in my heart I was a New Yorker.
Jason Alexander
I don’t think I could compare myself to Macaulay Culkin, because we’re pretty much two different kinds of actors. He’s done a lot of comedy. He does mostly just comedy like ‘Uncle Buck’ and ‘Home Alone’ and ‘Home Alone 2.’ And I’ve done a lot of different stuff, like sad movies, like the movie about the kid with AIDS.
Brian Bonsall
I’ll tell ya this: I come from an educated family. My father was an attorney representing blue collar workers, and my uncle was a chemical engineer… on my mom’s side, all my uncles were engineers – all ten of them.
Joe Piscopo
I was about 10 when I first began to sing. My mother had been away for three weeks, and I learned ‘Don’t Cry for Me Argentina.’ When she came back, I sang it in front of her, my auntie Linda, my father, my uncle Jim, and my grandmother.
Roisin Murphy
When I was eight, an uncle, great uncle, gave a violin to me, and my father took me off to have lessons. After about six weeks, the violin teacher told my father he was wasting his money, wasting his time, and wasting my time, and it’s one of my big regrets.
Roger Moore
I think Wilco is going to definitely stand the test of time – no question – and Uncle Tupleo, and the whole No Depression scene, which is now alt-country. I think that’s going to be around a long time.
Roger McGuinn
My uncle Shawn used to stay with us when we were really young, and I used to come downstairs and see him break dancing on this piece of a cardboard. I probably always thought they were cool since then. I never knew his comedy, but I used to always see him break dancing. And he was terrible at it.
Damon Wayans, Jr.
I love my brothers’ kids. It’s funny – as an uncle, you become so protective of them.
Liam Hemsworth
My great uncle, my mom’s uncle, had an appliance store in Philadelphia, and it was called Peter’s TV. They sold stereos and televisions and washers, dryers, all kinds of stuff.
Michael Giacchino
Being in southwest Detroit, when my dad would want to say anything about me or my brothers or sisters, he would start speaking in Spanish to my uncle and my grandmother because we didn’t understand.
Rashida Tlaib
Mr. Philippe Zdar is a little bit like the uncle of the whole Daft Punk-Phoenix-Air thing in Paris and known for being in the group Cassius. It was interesting working with Philippe.
Mike D
First of all, with due respect to my dad, he wasn’t an ace composer. He never got the success that my uncle did.
Amaal Mallik
It was my Uncle George who discovered that alcohol was a food well in advance of modern medical thought.
P. G. Wodehouse
My uncle Les Dolliver was a partner with the Nasser brothers, who owned a string of theaters in San Francisco, and also supplied motion picture projectors and seats for theaters. So I was always around theater people.
Jackie Coogan
We hunt in Florida, where I live in Jay. I hunt in Alabama a little bit, on my uncle’s land. I go to Illinois and hunt with some friends up there. I hunt in Mississippi and Missouri.
Boo Weekley
I was right in the middle of a story and leading to a punch line and then I just heard ‘John John’ and I just looked around. I could see someone in the shadows walking forward and he said ‘John I can’t find me seat lad, d’ya know where me seat is?’ I looked at him and it was my uncle Dave.
John Bishop
I’d like to believe that I’m a good son, good brother, good uncle, good friend and a good human being.
Sajid Khan
The problem is my kids are liberal, maybe too liberal, and I have no one to blame but myself because I introduced them to Uncle O.J.
Robert Kardashian
Some black people who have not heard me interviewed or read my book jump to conclusions and prejudge me… I’ve been called Uncle Tom. I’ve been called an Oreo.
Daryl Davis
Every time I met any of my heroes I was disappointed – the exception was Joe Strummer, who was like an uncle to me.
Manu Chao
Our entire family is replete with sentiments of patriotism. Uncle Swarna Singh left for his heavenly abode in jail in 1910, two or three years after my birth. Uncle Ajit Singh is leading the life of an exile in foreign countries.
Bhagat Singh
In the past, when you were just starting out, you had a day and a half of studio time – maybe two, if your buddy’s uncle lets you stay.
Gord Downie
I see my uncle as an idol, someone I have always looked up to as a footballer.
Alex Iwobi
Everyone is connected to somebody with some type of addiction. It’s so ramped now. Everyone has an uncle, a cousin, somebody who has addiction. We all have addiction.
Diamond Dallas Page
If Uncle Martin were here today, he would surely commend us for giving honor where honor is due.
Alveda King
My paternal uncle and aunt have jobs, and they are the ones who feed the family with a regular income.
Hima Das
I grew up on all of the great spy movies and TV series of the Sixties – not just Bond, but Derek Flint and the Avengers and Modesty Blaise and the Man from UNCLE and on and on. Every time I sit down to work on Cinderella, I’m writing a love letter to all of those characters.
Chris Roberson
I have an uncle in Jamaica who’s an OG producer/songwriter over there, Mikey Bennett.
I have seen poverty first hand. My parents were not well-off. They were in Ban’gladesh and I – just a child then – was sent off to live in my uncle’s house in Calcutta.
Roopa Ganguly
Uncle Matheson and my father would frequently argue long into the night about politics. Like me, he was all about socialism, togetherness and investing in people, whereas Matheson, to this day, holds very strong conservative views.
Robson Green
TV tends to look for the living equivalents of squeaky-clean Kens and Barbies, but with my dial I’m more like Ken’s dirty old uncle.
John C. McGinley
During past years, like frightened children, we were afraid to eat the strong meat of human rights and instead sucked the milk of civil rights from the breasts of white liberals, black Uncle Toms, and Aunt Jemimas.
Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.
After ‘UNCLE,’ I never accepted the first offer: if I wanted more money, I asked for it. A better dressing room? Four first-class tickets instead of two? I’d ask for them, and I’d often get them.
Robert Vaughn
I had grown up with music influence of my grandad, uncle, dad. So, professionally I first assisted others to do something different, to get an edge.
Amaal Mallik
Men always talk about the most important things to perfect strangers. In the perfect stranger we perceive man himself; the image of a God is not disguised by resemblances to an uncle or doubts of wisdom of a mustache.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
Growing up, I would say, when we were racing go-karts back in the day, it was always our uncle. We were always looking up to our uncle. I mean, he won the Daytona 500, he’s a very well-respected man, and we’ve always looked up to that.
Amber Cope
Sunken-place entrants include Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, Tiger Woods, O.J. Simpson, sometimes Kanye West, and any black person with something nice to say about President Trump. It’s more generous than ‘sellout’ and less punitive than ‘Uncle Tom,’ a dis and a road to redemption.
Wesley Morris
My uncle and my grandfather both worked in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
Dave Van Ronk
My uncle used to say, ‘You’ll go on and become the dream of the family.’ That’s how I got my name.
My uncle used to play cricket. I got used to the game at home. As kids we used to all wonder seeing the bats lying around the house. As we grew older, we realised what the game was all about, and then our interest in the game grew.
Mohammad Azharuddin
I live in Wellington now but I love going back to the farm where all you can hear are the cows or the sea crashing in about a kilometre away. Our uncle’s farm is on the beach and we are one up from that towards the mountain.
Beauden Barrett
I met Jack Nicholson when I was about 10 at a party of my uncle’s, and it wasn’t so much that I knew his films because I was small, but he wore sunglasses inside at night and I thought that must mean he was very important and was suitably star struck by his charismatic presence.
Emilia Fox
I think most people have that crazy uncle they sit at Thanksgiving dinner with: someone they disagree with politically but love them anyway.
Alan Colmes
My uncle was a gangster in the real gangster days. I witnessed it, I felt it, I smelt it the situation, I was involved. It was like knowing a movie star.
Bugzy Malone
My grandfather, father, and uncle were chefs, and my other uncle was a butcher.
Marco Pierre White
A city is like a family portrait – you don’t tear it up if you don’t like your uncle’s nose.
Jaime Lerner
My uncle is a hemophiliac, and my brother is one as well. I am a carrier, and it’s a disease that my kids also deal with. It’s something that has affected my family and I for so long, and I think it’s actually what drove me to comedy as a means to cope during tough times.
Alex Borstein
I don’t think I’m going to be back on ‘This Is Us.’ I think that Uncle Ricky had his moment; he did what he had to do.
Brian Tyree Henry
There’s a lot of wisdom that my dad and my grandparents and my uncle have been able to impart on me, and what I’ve treasured the most is I’ve seen examples in my life of people embracing their creativity, not feeling insecure about their artistic inclinations.
Bryce Dallas Howard
I begged and begged, and my uncle gave me his old turntables. It was one hi-fi and one old Stereo Lab turntable and a rusty mixer. I was really chuffed. I kept that for five years – that’s where I learned to mix.
Jamie xx
Saint Mochua was the son of a certain Cronan, of noble race, and spent his youth in fighting. At the age of thirty, he laid aside his arms and burnt a house, with all its contents, which had been given to him by his uncle, saying that a servant of Christ should take nothing from sinners.
Sabine Baring-Gould
I think that, to a lot of people, they don’t like my brand of whatever I do. And I think that people – the ones that like me, at least – see me as their brother or their older uncle or their friend or their next door neighbour. I am the quintessential boy next door; I feel that way.
Robbie Williams
In fact, my uncle did his first full play at the Westin Playhouse because my dad put in a good word for him to the producer.
Sam Lloyd
Yes, the Masters is too stylish to be an American icon. It’s as out of character for Uncle Sam as a McDonald’s is for France.
Frank Deford
My mother was Welsh and I loved going to Wales every summer, where Uncle Les had a farm. My mother had seven brothers and a sister and they were all very close. There would always be food on the table and uncles coming in and out. My father’s family were English and lived in London, and we didn’t really see them.
Keith Allen
Everyone likes to learn history. They just don’t like to hear it from a professor looking at notes. They like to hear it like it’s from their uncle, and that’s how I explain history.
Rick Harrison
My uncle, who gave me my first turntables when I was ten, also gave me records to mix, but I never understood house music. I thought it was boring until I was old enough to go to a club and feel it, the fact that it actually makes you just want to dance.
Jamie xx
The first thing I learned was the ‘St Louis Blues’ when I was eight. Both my grandmothers, my mother and uncle played the piano. This was post-war Britain, and they played boogie woogie and blues, which was the underground music of the time.
Jools Holland
My uncle was a photographer for ‘The Irish Times.’
Roisin Murphy
My uncle is a martial artist, and in the early ’80s, he made a kung fu flick with director Charlie Ahearn.
Michael Che
I didn’t want to be a goalkeeper in the beginning because my dad and uncle used to play in goal and I knew how much you suffer!
Willy Caballero
When I was little I got to dribble the ball around while my older brother Paul, who played for a long time for Kilmarnock, my dad and my uncle Jimmy – who was at Celtic as a kid and played with Morton and Cambridge City – kicked it hard and I got punted out the way. But gradually I got allowed into the game.
Steve Clarke
I spent every summer as a child at my uncle’s farm in Illinois so I know all about gathering eggs and how the hens will peck at you.
Ken Berry
I like a lot of sports. Especially football – it’s my favourite sport. My uncle played football in Barcelona for nine years and played for Spain in three World Cups.
Rafael Nadal
They’ve got great parents; I’m just trying to be the fun uncle.
Sarah Silverman
I have a lot of respect for His Majesty Juan Carlos. I call him Uncle Juan because he is an extraordinary person whom I have known for a long time.
Mohammed VI of Morocco
My uncle is an actor, my dad is a producer, so they asked me if I was interested, and I was like, ‘How can someone act in front of so many people with lights and emote.’
I’m lucky to have my uncle there as he has been able to guide me through it a bit so I was not going into the unknown. He told me Scottish football is of a higher standard than a lot of English people expect.
Sean Longstaff
I was offered a job on Wall Street by my uncle. But I wanted to get out. Make-it-on-my-own kinda thing.
George H. W. Bush
My father had nine kids, seven boys and two girls, and my uncle had 21 kids, 11 boys and 10 girls. They had the opportunity to teach the art of Gracie Jiu Jitsu and that’s how we got involved from a young age. It’s in the blood.
Royce Gracie
I was 13 or 14 when I was brought from Paramakudi to Chennai by my uncle Kamal Haasan, and I lived under the care of my uncle and my grandparents.
Suhasini Maniratnam
The male role models I had all seemed to have been in the military. My father served in the army. My uncle was in the Marine Corps. Both of my grandfathers served in WWII. There weren’t any career soldiers in my family, but when I was young it seemed like a way of arriving at adulthood.
Kevin Powers
I commuted to the prestigious Hibiya High School from my uncle’s home in Tokyo. During the high school years, I developed an interest in chemistry, so upon graduation, I chose to take an entrance examination for the Department of Chemistry of the University of Kyoto, the old capital of Japan.
Susumu Tonegawa
Even if they’re not Asian or super rich… everyone has a nagging mother. Everyone has that obnoxious uncle, or that cousin who’s a bit too snobby.
Kevin Kwan
The film has been titled ‘Uncle,’ and will revolve around a family, like ‘Shutter.’ The social and political milieu of Kerala is of much importance in the movie and it’s about an unusual situation a family is made to face.
Joy Mathew
We have a host of English teachers in the family. My mum is an English teacher, and so are my dad, my aunt and my uncle. I have grown up with family writing competitions, and I can’t remember a birthday or Christmas present that didn’t include books.
Alexandra Adornetto
My father had played the guitar when he was young, and my uncle Jack had worked for Kalamazoo, before the war, developing guitar pickups. So there was a kind of family thing about the guitar, although it was considered something of an anomaly then.
Pete Townshend
Then my uncle would give off the smell of freshly baked bread which I love.
Mark McKinney
My mother’s brother, my uncle, was an actor, quite well known in the West End. He used to come over to our house, and he and I would put on performances for my family. From that, this love of performing and acting grew.
Sonoya Mizuno
My family originally lived in Brooklyn. Our first apartment was a little place above my father and uncle’s hardware store in Coney Island. Now, don’t get the impression that we were surrounded by merry-go-rounds, roller coasters and Ferris wheels. Nope, this was a little side street.
Gilbert Gottfried
The same way you can see me sit at a table in a movie and be six different people, the mother and the uncle and all these different things, when I’m in the studio, I can do that, too. I’m not trying to be a recording artist and have a certain type of music for the radio.
Eddie Murphy
In those days, the late 1970s, one of the leading politicians was a soon-to-be uncle by marriage of Arnold Schwarzenegger, named Ted Kennedy.
Michael Kinsley
I only hope to do well enough before I die to have a house as big as my rich Uncle Ed and Aunt Carole.
Pat Conroy
Too often black people are confronted with an assumption that there is only one way to be black, and that anyone who doesn’t conform is a ‘coconut’ an ‘Uncle Tom’ (or as Ms Dent Coad stated in her blog, a ‘token’). It implies we are too stupid to understand what it means to be conservative, or are race traitors.
Kemi Badenoch
When the Second World War came to an end in Europe, my uncle Sir Alexander Korda was the first filmmaker to reopen offices in Germany and Austria.
Michael Korda
There was living in the palace at this time a brother of the great Germanicus, and consequently an uncle of the late emperor, whose name was Claudius Caesar.
Frederic William Farrar
My favorite uncle died when I was eleven, and that was two months after 9/11, so that was a particularly difficult time with my family.
Adam Silvera
My casting in ‘Uncle On The Rocks’ is like Rajpal Yadav being cast as Shahenshah or Akbar.
Raza Murad
The one man other than my father who made the most lasting impression was an uncle, Serge B. Benson. He taught me in three different classes – but above all, he taught me lessons in moral, physical, and intellectual courage that I have tried to apply in later life.
Ezra Taft Benson
I’ve always been a fan of George C. Scott, who was working in movies when I was in college… films like ‘Patton’ and ‘Hospital.’ I was really impressed by him, and I had seen him onstage as well in ‘Uncle Vanya.’ He was a champ to me.
Bill Pullman
I don’t revisit anything unless there’s a really good occasion, like BAM screened ‘This Is My Life’, with Lena Dunham and Nora Ephron before she died. It also screened ‘Uncle Buck’, so I took my niece. I don’t have a TV, so I don’t happen upon old movies like you would if you had cable.
Gaby Hoffmann
When I was growing up, I remember my uncle Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart having his own column in the Calgary Sun. To me, this was beyond cool.
Natalya Neidhart
My aunt and uncle are clearly civilians.
Jimmy Kimmel
I come from a religious family – my father is a pastor, my uncle, my sister and her husband are a pastor team.
Tom Ellis
My Uncle, of course, would have been pleased to see someone with brown skin holding the office of president.
Alveda King
My dad’s from Barbados, but I lived with my mum. She brought me up; my uncle took me to the football. I grew up in a white family, I’d say.
Ashley Cole
I tour Europe a lot. They still have a love and a fascination with the basic thing about music – how it feels and that being the focus. I’ve got people bringing their kids. And their kids bring their kids. The grandchildren are getting selfies with their Uncle Al.
Al Jarreau
By interviewing at least one veteran, you can preserve memories that otherwise might be lost. My uncle was a downed fighter pilot and P.O.W. in World War II, and I am looking forward to recording his story for inclusion in the project.
Spencer Bachus
I’m trying to be the best uncle I can be.
Valentin Chmerkovskiy
My mother came from an Irish family of 11 kids and, of course, had a sister who was a nun, so I spent time at a convent and with an aunt and uncle who lived in New York and took me to the theater.
Ellen Pompeo
I think that when we were younger, the fact of knowing our uncle Derrike won the Daytona 500. We were racing go-karts then, and I think that really kind of motivated us.
Amber Cope
He was just always Uncle Hugo. He still is. I remember the first time I was watching ‘Priscilla: Queen Of The Desert,’ and I was like, ‘Oh that’s what he does!’
Samara Weaving
Pirate was going to be my middle name, but then my uncle had a problem with it because pirates are bad.
Billie Eilish
My uncle was a hero, Lewis Roundtree. He was not even related to me really, but he was always called my uncle. He was like a father to me. I was closer to him than I was my father.
Ed Bradley
I had an uncle who took me to the ring in Medellin when I was 15 years old. In school, we had someone who taught us how to bullfight.
Fernando Botero
Although I liked especially physics and mathematics for which I had considerable talent, I decided to study medicine. This profession had for me a strong emotional appeal, which was reinforced by having an uncle who was an excellent surgeon.
Renato Dulbecco
I am very much an only child, meaning I am self-reliant, egocentric, sociable. I had my mother, father, and an uncle who lived with us, all doting on me.
Tony Wilson
I think that I always thought that if my uncle was on Broadway, then I must inherently have a good voice. I don’t think that for a while I did. Eventually, out of sheer will of never wanting to get a job or go to college, I found my way into doing music full-time.
Nate Ruess
I loved reminiscing with my dad about his matches with the Bulldogs and his partnership with my uncle Bret Hart as the Hart Foundation.
Natalya Neidhart
As a child singer, I never sang a single track for my father or uncle.
Armaan Malik
When I was growing up, the Roux brothers, Michel’s father and uncle, Albert and Michel Sr, they were my idols. I regarded them as royalty.
Monica Galetti
I don’t like the way Uncle Junior dresses. He loves it.
Dominic Chianese
My great-great-great uncle – or maybe it’s only two ‘greats’ – crossbred the first Aberdeen Angus.
Joanna Lumley
If you’re familiar with my man Uncle Sam, you understand the only way you can actually feel better about what he’s gonna take, come the end of the year, is lifestyle. Only thing you can do is spend some of it.
Curtis Jackson
I’ve heard ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ read, and I tell you Mrs. Stowe’s pen hasn’t begun to paint what slavery is as I have seen it at the far South. I’ve seen de real thing, and I don’t want to see it on no stage or in no theater.
Harriet Tubman
We’re a Muslim family, but we’re also very cultured and we have a mixture of different religions. For example, my brother-in-law is Catholic, and my sister converted and my nephews are baptized. I have an uncle who just graduated and currently he’s a priest.
Rima Fakih
When I was 15 I went to live with my aunt and uncle instead of my mum, for money reasons. It was a huge shock to my system, suddenly living with six people rather than one. Hopefully it changed me for the better.
Miquita Oliver
Some bloke came up to me in Tesco a couple of years ago at 11:30 pm and said: ‘Excuse me, would you mind telling my son here that you’re Uncle Vernon?’ I said: ‘Get a grip. It’s 11:30 at night – what’s he doing out of bed? I’m not here to entertain people at this time of night.
Richard Griffiths
My uncle used to take me out at night shooting rabbits.
Matt Berry
We grew up in the middle of nowhere. We didn’t have a rich uncle in the music industry or some contact through someone that our dad worked with. And we went into the world blindly, and just through believing, dreaming, and working hard, Good Charlotte came to fruition.
Benji Madden
My grandfather and my uncle both died from colorectal cancer, my dad almost died from it and I have the gene for it.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
We’ve always been modestly leveraged, and we’ve never believed in a great deal of leverage on either our private equity business or on our investment banking business. And I think it really goes back to my uncle and dad growing up in the Depression and just seeing what happened to people who were overly levered.
Warren Stephens
I lost a great uncle in World War II who was with the Royal Canadian Air Force.
Jake Tapper
Uncle Fester brought me back with the young group. He was very ‘in’ with the teens.
Jackie Coogan
My favorite lie was the online rumor that Bruce Willis was my uncle. That’s hilarious.
My uncle is a mechanic, and I wish I had paid more attention, but I never did.
Lucas Till
My uncle is from Argentina, so I grew up hearing Spanish. My Spanish isn’t very good, but my pronunciation isn’t terrible.
When I give my jewelry as a present, I feel like I’m giving protection to someone I care about… I’ve given pieces to my mom, my aunts, my friends. I’ve even made bracelets for my dad and my uncle.
Sofia Boutella
My uncle Sammy was an angry man. He had printed on his tombstone: What are you looking at?
Margaret Smith
I used to come up to Scotland to see my uncle play and I would also watch him whenever he was on the TV.
Sean Longstaff
My mother died when I was 12, and right after, my dad died in a car crash. I was 15 and had no family. The court sent me to live with my uncle and aunt in Missouri.
Karolyn Grimes
I want to be the cool uncle, the fun uncle.
James William Middleton
You know, my uncle wore a lot of jewelry, a lot of gold chains.
Two Chainz
Everybody’s family plays them music, and my grandma used to play a lot of old-school stuff, like Ron Isley and Gladys Knight. Earth, Wind & Fire is the one I started paying attention to. My uncle introduced me to R&B, like Dru Hill, 112 and all those dudes.
Bryson Tiller
The path of royal romance has never been smooth; Princess Margaret was unable to marry the man she loved because it meant renouncing her royal status, yet her uncle, the Duke of Windsor, gave up an empire for Wallis Simpson.
Ingrid Seward
Inheritance taxes are so high that the happiest mourner at a rich man’s funeral is usually Uncle Sam.
Olin Miller
My uncle Lionel ended up being a bug guy at 20th Century Fox, which my father had been – and, of course, my cousin Randy – you know, one of the great American songwriters. It was a storied family and, in many ways, very tough to emerge from.
Thomas Newman
We’re always aware of our family being creative, but it wasn’t like, ‘My uncle is an amazing actor; I want to be like that.’
Samara Weaving
I never want to be a father figure to my quarterbacks. I’ve got my own kids. I want to be the cool uncle you’d like have a drink with.
Bruce Arians
No woman in Afghanistan is in business without support from either her husband or her father or her uncle, someone.
Gayle Tzemach Lemmon
My first memory of the national team is the 1982 World Cup. I remember those days at our home or at my uncle’s house, with all the family and those long dinners watching the matches. But I also remember that, during the games, I went outside or onto the balcony to play.
Gianluigi Buffon
I spent a lot of time on farms when I was young. My uncle and my dad owned a big farm.
Emeril Lagasse
My holidays in Hyderabad would be spent on films sets visiting my father and uncle, or in the studios; I was gradually drawn to films.
Naga Chaitanya
If you’re not a parent, if you’re an aunt or uncle or neighbor, books are an amazing gift.
Victoria Osteen
I remember my uncle used to work pouring concrete and as a plumber. Now, I don’t see uncles working as plumbers or pouring concrete no more. Let’s open up some trades for these youngsters that are getting out of school that are not gonna go to college.
James Brown was the Monday-to-Friday guy. He was the hardest man in show business. He was like your dad and your uncle: He showed up, and he hit hard.
James McBride
I’d love to do a comedy. I always told myself that I don’t have funny bones, and then I was working with Dervla Kirwan in ‘Uncle Vanya,’ and she was like, ‘Lara, you’re really, really funny.’ And I realised I am, and that’s not even me blowing my own trumpet.
Lara Pulver
We know Uncle George directly, so he gives us music to sample, all we gotta do is tell him directly and we can use it.
It was during a drive together that I first conceived the story of a teenage girl and a friend of her father’s. That was how we decided to make ‘Uncle.’
Joy Mathew
When I was a boy, the priest, my uncle, carefully inculcated upon me this proverb, which I then learned and have ever since kept in my mind: ‘Dico tibi verum, Libertas optima rerum; Nunquam servili, sub nexu vivito, fili.’ ‘I tell you a truth: Liberty is the best of things, my son; never live under any slavish bond.’
William Wallace
When I was 13, I would come visit my aunt and uncle in New York. I decided I wanted to live with them after seeing my cousin’s school. Honestly, I just wanted to go to a school where I didn’t have to wear uniforms, and my mom said okay.
Priyanka Chopra
My grandfather and my uncle took me to the gym. I was kinda wild; they thought that boxing would teach me a lesson, but I don’t think in their wildest dreams they could imagine the success I would have.
Paulie Malignaggi
I learned from my uncle that jazz, like symphony music, was built to last.
David Amram
My daddy was a minister, my grandfather was a voodoo priest, my uncle was a mason; I was raised with a lot of studies.
Wyclef Jean
My earliest memories are of traveling from Jacksonville, Florida, to visit my uncle and his family in Tallahassee.
Derek Trucks
When I was in senior year of high school, my mom lost her job, we lost our house, and we had to move in with my uncle and my aunt.
I got into hip hop from my uncle; he was always playing us Kool G Rap and Big Daddy Kane. He was a bad boy, and my mum was not really happy that I was hanging out with him.
The beautiful thing about having family that has diabetes is knowing what not to do. I got an uncle that thinks insulin is supposed to enable him to eat cake.
Damon Wayans
I’m not into being all ‘film-y’ and going to the premieres and parties. I tend to feel like the embarrassing uncle at a wedding.
Simon Beaufoy
If I could write a story that would do for the Indian one-hundredth part what ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ did for the Negro, I would be thankful the rest of my life.
Helen Hunt Jackson
Upon the farm of the uncle with whom I lived, we did know of the mortgage as some dreadful damper on youthful hopes of things that could not be bought. I do have a vivid recollection that the major purpose of a farm was to produce a living right on the spot for the family.
Herbert Hoover
Mauricio had a relationship with my granddad and especially my dad, because they played against each other with Instituto and Newell’s Old Boys, and my uncle went to school with him when they were children.
Paulo Gazzaniga
Growing up, my uncle had a snake and I always thought they were really interesting.
Danny Green
I didn’t know until later, but my uncle was quite a famous bohemian in Glasgow, and he played guitar. My father was a kind of a poetic bohemian, and he read me poetry.
The press is like the peculiar uncle you keep in the attic – just one of those unfortunate things.
G. Gordon Liddy
My grandad was an opera singer, my uncle a jazz musician; I was a boy soprano in the church choir. But the first performance with Deep Purple was something I’ll never forget. All elements were working brilliantly.
Ian Gillan
Every wedding is slightly different from the other. But you always get to meet the funny uncle and the weirdo relatives, and there’s always someone trying to beat you up for not playing enough Beatles songs or something.
Jens Lekman
I have six siblings but grew up an only child. I was adopted by my aunt and uncle.
Rocky Carroll
My father has his master’s degree. My uncle does as well.
Jahlil Okafor
My uncle gave me a trumpet, but I loved the Louis Armstrong sound and the Harry James sound and I played by ear and I played always soulful or very direct from the gut.
Dick Dale
Everybody that I was in school with had an uncle or father in the law, and I started to realize that I was going to end up writing briefs for about ten years for these fellows who I thought I was smarter than. And I was kind of losing my feeling for that.
John Wayne
We all contribute to The National, and it’s like a familiar family. Matt is dad, Brian’s like the dark horse uncle, Scott’s the long-suffering mum, and Aaron and I are the bratty twins.
Bryce Dessner
Uncle Junior is a criminal, which makes him a villain, so it makes people want to watch him. My whole life as an actor has been preparing for something like this.
Dominic Chianese
I deal with gay and black conservatives who don’t want to be called Uncle Toms of their politically correct Marxist multi-cultural unit structure. And they come to me saying, ‘What can I do?’ And I say, ‘Lay low.’
Andrew Breitbart
My mother adores singing and plays piano. My uncle was a phenomenal pianist. My brother John is a double bassist. I used to play the piano, badly, and cello. My brother Peter played violin.
Fiona Shaw
King Arthur was one of my heroes – I played with a trash can lid for a knightly shield and my uncle’s cane for the sword Excalibur.
Lloyd Alexander
Back home, I find small towns very peaceful. When my father and uncle were still in the film business, we had a tradition of travelling to the temple town of Srisailam to screen every film before its release. I still go there often.
I had an uncle who adored Al Green. He was white, but he only listened to black music.
Eliza was my first name for two reasons. My dad was reading ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin,’ which features the maid Eliza in it, when I was born. Then there was Eliza Doolittle from ‘My Fair Lady’ and ‘Pygmalion.’ My mum always loved the name, and I got called Eliza Doolittle a lot, so it stuck, basically.
Eliza Doolittle
I speak to my mum and dad about the club, and my uncle and all my mates are big Leeds fans as well. They’re on the up, if you like. It’s a better situation than it was when they were in League One not so long ago.
James Milner
When I was a seminarian, I was dazzled by a girl I met at an uncle’s wedding. I was surprised by her beauty, her intellectual brilliance… and, well, I was bowled over for quite a while.
Pope Francis
When I was a little kid, it was not uncommon for a cousin or an uncle, before they would even say ‘Hello,’ to gush, ‘You know, your mother’s brisket is just incredible; it’s so good.’ That was an inspiration for creating a love song in that well-worn terrain of the relationship between a Jewish boy and his mother.
Rick Moranis
My life’s experiences, I’ve always had, my uncle used to call it antenna. I know what’s going to happen oftentimes before it happened when it’s involving me.
Terrence Howard
I’m from Florida, and my family somehow is really into country music. We’re all southern in a way: My grandpa hunts, my uncle’s, like, a redneck, and we’re all NASCAR fans.
Cassadee Pope
I am always updating and coming up with something fresh, whether it’s a colour, a trend, or a design, as my uncle always taught me to be unique and different.
Rey Mysterio
I have tremendous respect for Christopher Darden, and I recognize him as an individual of integrity, who did his job to the best of his ability, and I want to tell him thank you. Thank you for enduring hatred from his own community, for being ostracized and called an Uncle Tom and a sellout.
Sterling K. Brown
Right now, I’m worth a million dollars, and I owe Uncle Sam a million-and-a-half dollars, and I made a deal with him. I said, ‘Uncle Sam, I’m going to pay you 25 grand a month.’
Robert Blake
My uncle was almost hit by a sniper while dropping his son at basketball practice.
Toni Kukoc
My father, obviously, and my mother were inspirations. My uncle, Frank Harper, he was an absolute mentor for me.
Hill Harper
My uncle’s house burned down when I was 6 years old. We got out safely. But ever since, I’ve had a nightmare of dying in a fire.
David Copperfield
I do not identify as a person with a disability. I’m a disabled person. And I’ll be a monkey’s disabled uncle if I’m going to apologise for that.
Stella Young
From my father, I got more of the artistic, the human, the sweet part. From my uncle I really learned the business and the market. It’s a good combination, no?
Maurizio Gucci
I was always a hard worker, and that’s why I got invited to come to America. My uncle actually said, ‘You’ve to go to America. You work like this in America, you’re gonna make a lot more money.’
Glover Teixeira
I’ve always been close to my family. I’ve got a lot of nieces and nephews, but I’m a good uncle.
John Waters
At rehearsals, I began conducting the band, counting them in without thinking. I guess it came from watching salsa legends like my uncle and Tito Puente, who was very much the leader of his band on stage.
Little Louie Vega
There’s a play that Chekhov wrote called ‘Uncle Vanya,’ and I when I was in school, I played Sonya, and sometimes people ask me if there was ever a role I could play again, that’s definitely the role I would play again: Sonya in ‘Uncle Vanya.’
Samira Wiley
When I worked with my uncle, I loved the fact that jazz music demanded that you use your own unique approach.
Dianne Reeves
‘James and the Giant Peach’ magnificently starts out Dahl’s career as a blithe and droll Bad Uncle corrupter and affirmer of youth. Its influence can be subsequently traced down the decades in everything from Maurice Sendak to Lemony Snicket to J. K. Rowling.
Paul Di Filippo
I was dressed like Darth Vader. Vader was my man, even with the villainy. He wore all black and had a deep voice; he reminded me of my uncle. I had a cheap mask-cape combo, the kind available at any pharmacy during October.
Victor LaValle
I remember my uncle and my father telling me that my mother didn’t want me because I was blind. She thought being blind was a disgrace and a punishment from God. I understand that a lot of young mothers probably wouldn’t know what to do in that situation, but over your life you learn to forgive everything.
Ronnie Milsap
If 10 percent is good enough for the Lord, it ought to be good enough for Uncle Sam.
Paul Broun
My grandpa was a World War II paratrooper, my uncle a Vietnam Purple Heart recipient, my cousins both Marine Corps officers. I have some very close Navy SEAL connections as well.
Tomi Lahren
If you’re a black conservative and you criticize the black community, you’re an Uncle Tom. If you’re a white conservative and you criticize the black community, you’re somehow a racist.
Jesse Watters
I was thinking about it: so many of my stories are about my family life, not about being related to a lot of famous people. That’s my grandma, that’s my mama, my daddy, my aunt, my uncle, my stepdaddy. I’d probably tell them even if they weren’t well known.
Carlene Carter
My newly acquired title of being an uncle boy was this a special one life-changing it even made my Instagram bio.
Valentin Chmerkovskiy
I do know that on my mom’s side, my uncle sang and had a gospel group. He also had a radio show he would do on Sundays with his quartet.
Gladys Knight
I spent a long time away from my parents when I was younger. I would go hunting and fishing with my uncle, and we would go for weeks at a time. I also spent a lot of time in Texas with my grandparents.
RJ Mitte
Finally after 19 years of stage work Shyam Benegal noticed me and I got my first break as an actor in ‘Ankur’ after that I have been seen on and off on screen as a bad guy, as a father or as an uncle.
Dalip Tahil
I’ve often thought having a politician for a parent must be like having a constantly embarrassing uncle.
Johann Lamont
I love San Francisco so much. I call it the Emerald City and have been coming here since 1992. I have a few old friends that live here, and my aunt and uncle live in Oakland. I think it’s a magical city – it’s big, sexy and very ‘cosmo’ with a small-town feel.
Andy Cohen
Yes, my uncle wanted me to be a cinematographer and he was disappointed when I gave up that dream to become an actress.
Suhasini Maniratnam
I grew up watching and learning from the ultimate partnership, and that is of my father and late uncle.
Jonathan Tisch
My parents were concerned that I would not get good schooling, so they put me up in my uncle’s house in Dharwad, and I spent about six years there. So at a very young age, I was away from my parents. I developed an amount of independence and learned to stand on my own feet.
Nandan Nilekani
I received a lot of complaints from parents who wrote and told me that their kids wouldn’t go to sleep until our show was over. So I went on the air and told all the children watching to ‘listen to their Uncle Miltie and go to bed right after the show.’
Milton Berle
Jack Palance was my distant uncle – that’s the family gossip. Growing up, my family knew everything about his face getting burned and scarred in the military and how that mutilation led him to become such a famous ‘heavy’ in films. I prayed for good scars of my own. Not just acne scars.
Chuck Palahniuk
One of my more recent favorite memories is of traveling to Jeonju with my aunt and uncle. After my mother passed away, my aunt and I became a lot closer, and I’ve really grown to cherish the relationship we formed together as adults.
Michelle Zauner
I grew up on Charles Addams’ cartoons, particularly ‘The Addams Family,’ and Uncle Fester was always one of my favorites.
Christopher Lloyd
I look at the progressive policies that have marginalized black dads. They push them to the side and say, ‘You’re not needed.’ Uncle Sam is going to be the dad: he’s going to provide for the kids; he’s going to feed the kids.
David A. Clarke, Jr.
My uncle played rugby, and my dad played football, and they used to argue which game was the roughest – and everybody agreed rugby was. It’s a great team sport, and to be successful, every person has to play in the same level.
Clint Eastwood
On ‘Adam Ruins Everything’ we do the broadest sketch comedy possible. We do stuff where you can see it immediately and know it’s a joke – characters in big silly costumes; here’s Uncle Sam and he’s twiddling his fingers saying, ‘Oh, I’m naughty.’
Adam Conover
I remember my uncle, who was a jazz pianist, when we did Deep Purple ‘In Rock,’ he ran from the room screaming, holding his ears: ‘I can’t hear anything. I can’t hear any instruments.’ And I was rubbing my hands going, ‘Great.’
Ian Gillan
An uncle gave me a side drum and my mother decided I should have lessons.
Humphrey Lyttelton
We all remember where we were and we all remember what we were doing. I had a brother in New York, an uncle, lots of friends in New York. It made me angry, it made me sad; what could I do.
Timothy Bottoms
My uncle, my dad always made sure I had guard skills. But as far as defending everybody, that wasn’t really my mindset until my rookie year.
Draymond Green
I never met my Uncle Jack. My mom was six months pregnant with me when he died. But I knew his wife and two kids very well.
Mark Shriver
My grandfather had been a newspaper reporter, as was my uncle. They were pretty good writers and so I thought maybe somewhere down the line I would do some writing.
Gene Hackman
When Casey Stengel was putting his mark on all four New York baseball teams, he came off as many things. I have to admit I never thought of him as anybody’s uncle.
George Vecsey
As far as memories go, I was around for the very first WrestleMania. I was a young kid upstairs at my uncle’s restaurant in a change room or staff room watching it, I think, illegally, on a black and white television.
Bobby Roode
I don’t want to be Batman. Let Val Kilmer do it. I just want to be Uncle Batman. I have this whole ‘warm relationship’ plot in my mind. In the final scenes, the new Batmobile breaks down, the new Batman’s stranded on the side of the road. We grab our old Batmobile, pick him up and drive away.
Adam West
Whether you’re a mother or father, or a husband or a son, or a niece or a nephew or uncle, breast cancer doesn’t discriminate.
Stephanie McMahon
People often give Biden a pass for inaccurate and misleading statements – writing them off as nothing more than Crazy Uncle Joe being Crazy Uncle Joe.
Kat Timpf
IT is mere coincidence that Cooper was born in the year which produced The Power of Sympathy and that when he died Uncle Tom’s Cabin was passing through its serial stage, and yet the limits of his life mark almost exactly the first great period of American fiction.
Carl Clinton Van Doren
Radio was my life growing up. Then, I started in our family band with my uncle, my father, my aunt and my little brother. We would go to The Chicken Box and all the bars and play.
Meghan Trainor
My mother emigrated from Russia as a young child. She couldn’t speak English and had no education. Her father died at age 32, leaving the family destitute. An uncle, who worked as a carpenter, supported the family.
Dianne Feinstein
I have my sister, my uncle, and that’s it. I don’t talk to my mother, I don’t talk to my father.
Angelina Pivarnick
My uncle always said that I could have been a rancher.
Robert Duvall
I could not spend the rest of my life sitting in Brazil writing down who called whom uncle and aunt.
Alan Furst
I wasn’t an Uncle Tom and I never was gonna be.
Rocky Johnson
I was born in Berlin, and when I was 6, my mom passed. When I was 9, I moved to near Washington, D.C., where I lived with my aunt and uncle. And then at 11, I moved back to Berlin. And then at 16, I got in trouble in school and moved back to the Washington area.
Bibi Bourelly
My uncle is so funny – Don Vito. He was always fat with the craziest voice. Dude, he barely speaks English; it’s just full-blown jibber-jabber. It’s so funny to watch on TV because you really need subtitles because you can’t understand him.
Bam Margera
I first went to the Chubut valley, the colony that runs about 800km across the width of Argentina, in 2000. My uncle had been there tracing family and came back saying I had to go. So a year later I did.
Matthew Rhys
My father died when I was quite small, so my uncle used to buy me books and read them to me.
Jenny Nimmo
When I was a kid I had a ball in San Francisco because my Uncle Lou was a gripman on the California cable car line.
Jackie Coogan
She and my uncle were very sociable and would have a lot of people over at night to play cards or whatever. The high spot of those evenings was when we kids got dressed up to do a skit or something to amuse the guests. I loved it.
Louise Fletcher
I love you, C-3PO. I love the original trilogy. But when R2-D2 runs away in the first ‘Star Wars,’ instead of stopping him or going to tell Luke and Uncle Owen, he hides. It’s so good. He hides! He has to wait for Luke to come and tell him R2-D2 ran away. What a dork!
Brook Lopez
I was inspired by all of it. ‘The Avengers,’ ‘Harry Palmer,’ ‘The Prisoner,’ ‘The Man from UNCLE,’ ‘In Like Flint.’ Of course, there’s a huge shadow of Bond – Bond is the monolith of spy movies – but it’s not just about Bond; there were a lot of other things that influenced me.
Matthew Vaughn
I think it goes without saying that young would-be playwrights in developmental workshops should be so lucky as to write plays as good as ‘Waiting for Godot,’ ‘Uncle Vanya’ or ‘King Lear,’ none of which would have existed without a decent plot.
Theresa Rebeck
My grandparents met each other in amateur theatre. My uncle is an actor.
Carice van Houten
Music has always been in my family down to my dad through my uncle. I’m just the next generation, since it’s always been around me when I was younger when I looked up to my mom and dad, to Michael Jackson, and B2K was my favorite band growing up.
Jacob Latimore
When I was like 22 years old, I wrote this bible for a Sunfire series. So, Sunfire is actually one of the members of the first X-Men team, and he’s a Japanese mutant who got his powers from a young age and grew up in an environment raised by his uncle to hate America.
Simu Liu
Tolkien is considered the grandfather of fantasy and, for me, I consider myself the grandson, with Terry Brooks as the kind of crazy uncle of fantasy, being the one who brought me into it.
Peter V. Brett
My grandfather had two boys, my uncle had three boys, my dad had me and my two brothers, each of my brothers have had two boys. Then something happened with the chromosomal experiment and suddenly I’ve got three girls.
Greg Kinnear
Success was always critical to me. What it meant was winning enough praise and external admiration that I could feel myself to be a logical extension of my Uncle Alex, Uncle Zoli, and my father, in that order.
Michael Korda
He described how, as a boy of 14, his dad had been down the mining pit, his uncle had been down the pit, his brother had been down the pit, and of course he would go down the pit.
Barbara Castle
I love my family’s music because I love it. It’s good. I listen to the Winans all the time. I listen to BeBe and CeCe. I listen to Angie and Debbie. I listen to Uncle Daniel. I listen to Phase 2, my two brothers and my two cousins. I think they’re incredible.
Deborah Joy Winans
My martial arts came a lot from my uncle, who actually taught martial arts through the military. He was a black belt in tae kwon do, but also, he used a lot of military-style fighting where it’s not the high kicks or anything like that. It’s basically defeat your opponent as fast as possible.
Brian Tee
I always wondered, like, you know how you go to the family barbecue, and your uncle is that funny guy that you laugh at because he’s family? That’s how I felt with ‘Fighter and the Kid.’ People would laugh at my stuff, but it was always tough for me to tell. I just needed to see if there was something going on.
Brendan Schaub
They told me I had been sick twelve days, lying like dead all the while, and that Whirlwind Chaser, who was Standing Bear’s uncle and a medicine man, had brought me back to life.
Black Elk
I grew up in Nova Scotia, and my uncle lived close to the Bay of Fundy. We would walk across the mud flats out to an island, and then you’d climb a cliff and be in the forest. And if the water came in, the basin would fill up with, like, a 30-foot tide. It was phenomenal.
James Tupper
Whenever I passed by a Chinese restaurant in a car, I’d joke to my friends, ‘Oh yeah, my uncle owns that place.’
Jenny Zhang
There was a guitar that my uncle owned and never learnt to play. He sold it to my dad, and when I heard ‘Layla’, that was the tune that really grabbed me. I said to my dad, ‘Wait, there’s a guitar, right?’
James Bay
I’m adopted by my uncle and aunt, who I look to as my parents and people who really did everything they could to put me on the right path. I’m really grateful to them.
Tyrann Mathieu
No family is complete without an embarrassing uncle.
Peter Morgan
My uncle wrestled in the late ’80s to early ’90s, and I was too young to see his matches. However, he has always supported me in my journey, and I think that without his support, all this would not have been possible. He taught me a lot, and he is the reason that I’m a WWE wrestler.
Jinder Mahal
When I go to China, people call me ‘Uncle Mo’ because they refer me as Yao Ming’s uncle. I’m pleased to be his uncle as long as he listens to me!
Dikembe Mutombo
I’m black, and he’s said some controversial stuff about black people. When it comes to me not supporting Donald Trump, it’s correlated to the things he has said. I have a gay uncle. All the things he said in his campaign are things I can’t associate myself with.
Jabari Parker
I really don’t know what would have happened if my uncle hadn’t taken me in. He took a hoodlum and turned him into a student-athlete from Milford.
Howie Long
When I heard about the Windrush issue, I thought, ‘That could be my mum… it could be my dad… it could be my uncle… it could be me.’
Sajid Javid
I really think that it’s better to retire, in Uncle Earl’s terms, when you still have some snap left in your garters.
Russell B. Long
I had this funny family. At one end, they were breeding dogs in south-east London – for greyhound racing – and at the other, my uncle was living in Downing Street. And I would actually go to Downing Street, which didn’t strike me as funny. I’d get on the number 15 bus.
Michael Moorcock
My mum and dad are both really funny. My granddad’s really funny. My uncle’s really funny. Everyone’s really funny. You have to be quick; otherwise, you get roasted. Everyone takes the piss quite a lot. You have to be really sharp.
Noel Fielding
I grew up in this era where your parents’ friends were all called aunt and uncle. And then I had an aunt and an aunt. We saw them on holidays and other times. We never talked about it, but I just understood that they were a couple.
Patti Davis
For TV I don’t think I could have gotten a better part than Uncle Junior because of the intimacy of the character based on David Chase’s brilliant writing.
Dominic Chianese
To follow my meal, I’d drink a glass of my uncle’s homemade apricot schnapps. He puts it in beautiful glass bottles and sells it at his local market in Austria. You don’t normally drink with Asian food, so this would be a fitting end to the meal.
Rachel Khoo
My uncle died in 1987. I unfortunately – I saw it happen before it happened, which was really, really hard because I was 16 years old and I thought, like, Well, I’m seeing this. I’m supposed to stop this. And I couldn’t.
John Edward
My uncle has a VHS collection of over 20,000 films.
Sayani Gupta
Maybe! Maybe! Maybe if your aunt had a beard, she’d be your uncle.
Alvah Bessie
I grew up with my uncle’s comic books at my grandma’s house, so I’ve always loved my comic book reading.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
If you thought car maintenance was covered by Uncle Sam and you never saw a bill, what would keep your from getting new brakes every few months?
Lisa Kennedy Montgomery
My uncle introduced me to R&B, like Dru Hill, 112 and all those dudes. Eventually, he put me on Omarion’s first album, and that was the first album that made me want to start singing.
Bryson Tiller
President Reagan likes to say Uncle Sam is a kindly old man with a spine of steel, and that he is. But I want to see Uncle Sam as well with a mind and with a heart and with a soul and a conscience.
Walter F. Mondale
Theatre people, who are an adaptive species, know that to remain sane in the process of production where everyone and his uncle has an opinion about how to fix a show, you must pick the people whose knowledge and taste you trust and stick only to these few. The Tweetocracy is no place to look.
John Lahr
My uncle was in a ska band called the Top Cats; that was my first proper influence, as I was taken to see them every week. It sort of built up, the want to replicate it creatively.
King Krule
When you look at the history of slavery in the United States, and you see the impact that ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ had, culture sometimes is the only way that we can put people’s eyes on an emotional truth and make them feel why something has to change.
Craig Mazin
I had a wonderful contact, especially with Uncle Bert who was an angel and led the whole group over to my side of a steep ravine I could not cross to get over to them.
Dian Fossey
My parents had normal jobs, and I didn’t just want to work all day, and so I thought if I could break into music I wouldn’t have to work all day. And I had an uncle who was on Broadway, so I was like, ‘I have to be able to sing.’
Nate Ruess
Most importantly, I realize the value of the other people – the extended family – the other people within my community, my cultures: my teachers and the other people I call Auntie, Uncle, Godfather, Godbrother, whatever. These are people who pulled you in and made you part of their lives and their homes.
Lamman Rucker
I was the only one to work seven years with my uncle, who is quite a difficult guy. With him, it’s not living, it’s surviving. If he does 100 percent, you have to do 150 percent, to show you can do as well as he does.
Maurizio Gucci
It’s my firm conviction that when Uncle Sam calls, by God we go, and we do the best that we can.
R. Lee Ermey
I have never had feeling in my toes. My uncle, Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, once told me in confidence he had the same syndrome, leading me to believe it is genetic.
Ethan Coen
I tell young people that people aren’t just going to flock to you as your mentors. You have to seek them out. It could be your next-door neighbor; it could be somebody upstairs from you, somebody down the block from you. An aunt or an uncle. Some relative. A parent.
Judith Jamison
A family holiday to Jamaica in 2004 – my uncle was getting married out there, and it was the first holiday I’d had in Jamaica, which is where my father is from. My friends and I stayed in a really plush hotel, The Ritz-Carlton, so we had a great experience.
Alesha Dixon
I remember my uncle and my father telling me that my mother didn’t want me because I was blind. She thought being blind was a disgrace and a punishment from God.
Ronnie Milsap
My uncle is in the hall of fame for creating by hand some of the most intricate Indian Mardi Gras garb.
Dawn Richard
My uncle is just, like, always pushing me to be better, be a man, and showing me the ropes of the game.
Maybe it’s because my uncle and my parents were always very involved with the civil rights movement, so I just grew up and I was raised that you have to speak out and look out for your fellow man, woman, and child.
Audra McDonald
Twitter, I always say is the drunk uncle of my personality, because I say some stuff sometimes that, you know that drunk uncle at the Thanksgiving table, he starts rambling on about, that he shouldn’t have said so sometimes I do that.
My uncle is from Trinidad, so, ever since I was 7, I grew up listening to Soca, the genre that’s from there. It’s my favorite sound.
Meghan Trainor
I never knew I was a songwriter. I didn’t even know I was a singer. My parents just got me a guitar ’cause my uncle told them to get me one, and I started fooling with it.
Dion DiMucci
When I was five, my uncle bought us a tape recorder and my dad tried to record us kids talking and singing, stuff like that. There’s really quite a lot of me in a really Welsh accent going, ‘Can I tell a joke? Can I sing a song?’ – really annoying and brattish.
Ruth Jones
My uncle is a Southern planter. He’s an undertaker in Alabama.
Fred Allen
As competitive as I am, I want to get the best of a play and make sure to use it’s full potential even when things break down. But sometimes you need to just say ‘uncle’ and let it go and avoid a hit.
Mark Sanchez
I’m a good uncle, but I’m not a great caretaker. I feel oftentimes pretty selfish within the relationships I have with my siblings and, historically, with what I give back versus what I’ve taken over the years.
Nick Kroll
As a matter of fact, I am an uncle. I have nine nephews and nieces. I’m not sure if they think I’m all that quick with a quip. But I’m quick with a spank.
Dean Norris
I have an uncle who lived to 101, and my father died at 95, so I have a second career ahead of me.
Alan Gerry
My sister and I used to act as maids and waitresses at my great aunt and uncle’s cocktail parties, which were very much sort of retired, minor stars of the Yiddish theater and the Yiddish opera.
Amy Bloom
I keep two sentimental mementos on my desk to remind me of two favorite men. There is an inkwell that my Uncle Seymour made, a brass grotesque he mounted on a marble base. And my grandfather’s shaving cup is there, used to store pencils and pens.
Scott Turow
My grand uncle was a traditional priest, and he would always say to me as a kid, ‘We stand in our own light,’ which essentially for him meant we were entirely responsible for a lot of what happens to us and for the ways in which our lives play out.
Chris Abani
I grew up in Decatur, Georgia. We had three boys in the household; actually, it felt like four of us. My pops sort of raised my uncle, too. So, it was four boys and, later, a younger sister.
Omari Hardwick
If necessity is the mother of invention, urgency is the uncle of change. Without it, progress slows and then stops and then reverses.
Nell Scovell
The first time I’d ever had a go at production or recording, I just recorded in my room. I just put it on Soundcloud because I have family abroad, and I wanted to show them, ‘Oh, hi, Uncle Carl, here’s some music that I’ve done,’ or whatever.
The children in my building don’t know my real name! They are so fascinated with my ‘Wasooli’ look that they call me Wasooli Uncle.
Mukesh Tiwari
Being a son, brother, uncle and brother-in-law is all I care about.
Chris Burke