Turnover Quotes

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I am aware that one should always make room for renewal

I am aware that one should always make room for renewal in politics. A democracy is the healthier for the turnover of the depth of talent there is in its community.
Bob Brown
Jobs have become more precarious and staff turnover has increased while union membership has plummeted, weakening workplace solidarity.
Owen Jones
I believe in term limits. I believe the country would be hugely better off if we had more turnover in Congress.
Bill Flores
Nine times out of 10, if you win the game, it starts with the turnover battle.
Lamar Jackson
If you win the turnover battle and the explosive play battle in the same game, you win it 98 percent of the time. Now, can you win it with only winning one and losing one? Sure, but if you lose both of ’em, you only win 2 percent of the games where that occurrence happens.
Tom Herman
Commissions add up, taxes are a big drag, margin ain’t cheap. A good accountant costs money as well. The math on this one is obvious, yet investors often fail to recognize it: Keep your costs low and your turnover lower, and you will win in the end.
Barry Ritholtz
The hardest thing was launching ‘OK!’ magazine; the easiest thing was Channel 5. ‘The Express’ was my defining moment because our turnover was less than £100m with 150 employees.
Richard Desmond
If I miss a shot, make a turnover – move on to the next play, don’t compound the mistake by getting down.
Eric Bledsoe
I’m a lot less precious than I used to be about putting things out, for better or for worse. The result of a public that has a very high consumption rate and turnover rate is people listen to more music but spend less time with individual bits of music.
Trent Reznor
When you play professionally, you get accustomed to turnover. Players come and go – they get injured, they get transferred, they get cut from the team. Coaches are hired, and coaches are fired. It’s just part of the world you live in.
Tim Howard
Employers who recognize the importance of investing in their workforce have a more productive workforce, a more efficient workforce, a more loyal workforce, less turnover, and, in the private sector, more profitable.
Valerie Jarrett
The ’70s were a time of turmoil and turnover. But I grew up here. I always wanted to play here.
Carlton Fisk
The turnover of fashion is just so quick and so throwaway, and I think that is a big part of the problem. There is no longevity.
Alexander McQueen
We’ve got a low turnover management group and executive group who’ve grown up in the business.
Fred L. Turner
Every game, well most of them, come down to turnovers and the turnover battle.
Julius Peppers
Travelex has grown into a global business in just 25 years. The acquisition of Thomas Cook’s Global & Financial Services has created a business that would have had a combined turnover of U.S. $28.4 billion in 2000.
Lloyd Dorfman
When I returned from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1972, my father was running a forging business with a turnover of Rs 3.5 crore. But I had no patience and wanted to grow the business via exports.
Baba Kalyani
People don’t value strongly enough how much time they spend in the office. Imagine you could work with people you love – wouldn’t work be great and staff turnover be lower? And your productivity higher?
Howard Lutnick
Typically, there’s about 20, 25 percent turnover every year. So, every three or four years with the exception of, as is the case with the Patriots and the quarterback, you have a roster turnover.
Jeff Fisher
When determining appropriate levels of compensation, management must determine if the employee turnover rate is too low, too high, or just right. If turnover rate is high enough to adversely impact the entity’s performance, then employee compensation is probably too low.
Jason Chaffetz
We started the 10/10 objective in 2011, and that time, our turnover was about Rs. 15,000 crore. We would like to have a turnover of Rs. 1,50,000 crore by 2021. This will be through high growth in domestic and international operations as well as through acquisitions.
Adi Godrej
What Wall Street is, they’re market makers. Wall Street’s business model is making money on velocity of money. They’re a click industry. That’s what Wall Street is. They make a lot of money when there’s a lot of turnover. And they make a lot of money when that velocity is fast.
Laurence D. Fink
Managers tend to blame their turnover problems on everything under the sun, while ignoring the crux of the matter: people don’t leave jobs; they leave managers.
Travis Bradberry
One of the symptoms of a losing streak is a turnover of top executives. It’s a revolving door.
Rosabeth Moss Kanter
I think high turnover is definitively the investor’s enemy, so you don’t want to bring a high-turnover philosophy to this business. You want to have a long-term philosophy.
John C. Bogle
I think the model of the Championship should be reconsidered, because the turnover of owners, keep changing all the time every one, two, three years, is not really healthy system for the fans, for the clubs – this is because it is really not sustainable to stay in the Championship.
Andrea Radrizzani
If you win the turnover battle, you’re gonna win more than you lose – and quite a bit more than you lose.
Tom Herman
In terms of sustainability and what we eat and what its footprint is on the environment and the consequences of eating one thing versus another, obviously it makes a lot of sense to be eating insects. They’re incredibly plentiful. They’ve got a very short turnover rate. You could be eating termites.
Mary Roach
The industry’s much quicker. The turnover with models – I cannot keep up. And in my day, we had so much personality. We probably caused a lot more trouble, but it was fun.
Carolyn Murphy
Since the publication of ‘Evicted’, I have had countless conversations with concerned families across America. Teachers in under-served communities have told me about high classroom turnover rates, which hinder students’ ability to reach their full potential.
Matthew Desmond
Most writing staffs have this crazy high turnover, and then everyone’s really miserable, and I don’t understand that. I don’t know why you don’t grow people to then be able to take over as you. That’s how I can have more shows.
Shonda Rhimes
I’ve really enjoyed my work in television, but the problem for me is the turnover of directors every week.
Robert Carlyle
By starting to pay attention to our natural soundscapes, businesses can reduce staff turnover, increase productivity, and increase profits.
Julian Treasure