Toe Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Toe Quotes from Don Winslow, Bonnie Hammer, Coolio, Julie Plec, Joanna Scott. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

The novelist is the vestigial bone on the body cinema.

The novelist is the vestigial bone on the body cinema. We’re like the little toe that can be cut off.
Don Winslow
I wouldn’t be comfy going toe to toe launching a new scripted show against broadcast.
Bonnie Hammer
I’m never doing a new album. I’ll probably do nothing but singles. I’m as good as anybody out there lyrically and conceptually and can go toe to toe with the best of them throughout history. But I don’t know how much longer I’ll be doing it. It’s not really fun anymore.
There are a lot of things you do in a supernatural universe that can toe the line and cross the line.
Julie Plec
I’m really such a bumbler! Writing fiction is like arranging furniture in a dark room. I can’t see what I’m doing. I grope for the right words. I bump against the wrong words and stumble and stub my toe and curse and keep trying to guess what belongs in the space.
Joanna Scott
A high-profile player has to toe the line and I try to lead by example. A lot of guys appreciate that, and it is an advantage to have somebody as captain whom the players feel they can look up to; somebody whose door they can knock on to talk about anything on cricket or life.
Brian Lara
You will never see President Bachmann step one toe out of the United States and apologize for this country.
Michele Bachmann
When it comes down to it, I’m just a girl who wears those five-finger weird toe shoes.
Shailene Woodley
In fact, it is my case that POFMA can easily become a proverbial Damocles sword that would hang over members of the public who do not support the government’s narrative or toe the government’s line.
Pritam Singh
I didn’t just dip my toe into the pool of romantic comedies.
Nancy Juvonen
I was one of those dancers who they say wants to feel the floor through their pointe shoes. I would end up not wearing toe pads and that stuff. I would just wrap minimal amounts of paper towels around my toes.
Margaret Qualley
I don’t like it when you look too styled and wear one designer from head to toe.
Jessica Szohr
I’ve been a huge fan of all things paranormal my whole life. For me, it was always a question of when, not if, I was going to write a paranormal series. I dipped my toe in the genre by incorporating a mystical curse into the ‘MacCarrick Brothers Trilogy.’
Kresley Cole
I just coach the way I was coached when I was young, in my formative years. I grew up under demanding people, that demanded things from you, expected you to toe the mark.
Bill Parcells
We never want to toe the line.
Lisa Stansfield
I would have these massive eating sessions with my chef friends where we’d go out for a whole day and eat all of the things, and it never occurred to me once that all of my friends are dudes who are six-foot-something or 150 kilos. I would just match them to the toe.
Melissa Leong
So many people always fear tattoos because they don’t want to limit themselves from certain jobs. I clearly never let that stop me and just got covered head to toe.
Jeffree Star
I devised the Bert Lance Toe Test then – you go out on the front porch of the house, turn ‘The Washington Post’ over with your big toe, and if your name’s above the fold, you know you’re not going to have a good day.
Bert Lance
I grew up under demanding people, that demanded things from you, expected you to toe the mark.
Bill Parcells
‘GLOW’ was the first time that, from head to toe, I was asked to use my body in a functional, powerful way as an actor – and that felt amazing.
Betty Gilpin
You will never stub your toe standing still. The faster you go, the more chance there is of stubbing your toe, but the more chance you have of getting somewhere.
Charles Kettering
You want to toe the line with tough investigations without falling into political grandstanding inherent in Washington on both sides of the aisle.
Darrell Issa
I’m hoping to dive into the producing aspect of this industry. I don’t want to limit myself to just one thing, so I kind of want to dip my toe in every field and see what clicks with me.
Sistine Stallone
I want to work closely with the government but it doesn’t mean I become so weak and just toe the government line.
Tan Cheng Bock
Millions upon millions of secret spending by the fossil fuel industry that was unleashed by the disastrous 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision – this money not only fuels the campaigns of many candidates; it also represents a threat to those who don’t toe the polluter line on climate change.
Sheldon Whitehouse
You just want something else that someone else has, but that doesn’t mean what you have isn’t beautiful, because people always want what you have, and you always want what they have – no one is ever 100 per cent like, ‘Yes, I’m the bomb dot com – from head to toe!’
It’s as if my left heel is my bass drum and my right heel is the floor tom-tom. I can get snare out of my right toe by not putting it down on the floor hard, and, if I want cymbals, I land flat on both feet, full strength on the floor.
Savion Glover
We don’t dip our toe into religion or politics, because you can’t win.
Lzzy Hale
One thing I longed to do was to design a complete look, from head to toe, so I started a make-up line in 1966.
Mary Quant
Boston is so laced with jerseys that you can be dressed head to toe in team apparel and no one will look twice.
David Walton
I’ve played with IVs before, during and after games. I’ve played with a broken hand, a sprained ankle, a torn shoulder, a fractured tooth, a severed lip, and a knee the size of a softball. I don’t miss 15 games because of a toe injury that everybody knows wasn’t that serious in the first place.
Kobe Bryant
I was not supposed to talk in front of males and had to wear only full clothes, totally covered from head to toe. All these thoughts made me a rebel. I became a rebel because I was suppressed a lot and was not allowed anything except for education.
Urfi Javed
I had such severe nerve damage that I didn’t get the nerves all the way back. My pinky toe on my left foot is still numb, and I feel it when I’m in bed at night or when I’m by myself. That pins-and-needles feeling reminds me that life is precious, and don’t take for granted what you have.
Daniel Jacobs
Once I landed the triple Salchow, I put it in the program. First landed triple toe, straight into the program. That’s what I did with my quad suite.
Nathan Chen
I am not ashamed to admit that I’m wearing Yves Saint Laurent from top to toe.
Sophie Dahl
No matter what language you speak, music can relate to you in some way, and when that ‘Tip Toe’ beat drops, it can instantly do something to you. It has the power to move you.
Jason Derulo
The first story I ever sold was to ‘Argosy’ magazine, which no longer exists. That issue also contained work by several other more celebrated writers, like Ray Bradbury – so I felt I had at least one toe on the ladder.
Wilbur Smith
Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Shawn Michaels, The NWO, The Invasion, the wild stories, and the Attitude Era. All the crazy stories – you love them, and you get addicted to them and the lifestyle. But you have to separate them and toe the line and separate yourself from what is real and what is not.
Enzo Amore
One of the things I’m always reminded of when I’m back on stage is how much you have to be aware of and in control of. There is no tight shot. There is no ‘we’re only shoulders-up this time.’ No, from the top of your head to your pinky toe, you’re telegraphing part of the story the entire time you’re up there.
Jim Parsons
I like my chances toe to toe with just about anybody.
Jake Arrieta
I have always felt that no climb is worth losing the tip of a little toe.
Jeff Lowe
I’ve had one fall that I kind of hurt my toe pretty badly because I slammed into one of the set pieces. But, you know, you just get up and keep going. The adrenaline’s pumping, and you just carry on!
Carmen Cusack
You cannot underestimate people’s ability to spot a soulless, bureaucratic tactic a million miles away. It’s a big reason why so many companies that have dipped a toe in social media waters have failed miserably.
Gary Vaynerchuk
If a girl is not covered from head to toe, it does not mean she is inviting you to ogle at her. If we are interpreting it that way, it is not the girl, but our upbringing that is to be blamed. It is the thought process that needs to be changed.
Sonakshi Sinha
You have to split, bend over backward, touch our toe to our heads to get recognized.
Monique Coleman
I’m very conscious of what I wear, and what I say. I know that if I go out, there will be 10 people who will notice me from head to toe.
Rashami Desai
Every summer in my old area, Bow, these kids from across the road used to bring out quad bikes in the park. They let me have a go, and I don’t know what was wrong with me, but I drove straight into a gate and fractured my big toe. I had this mad limp for ages.
Dizzee Rascal
I’m kind of feeling like I don’t mind being open with the random details of my life, like I’m at a coffee shop or my toe hurts or something, but obviously other more personal areas of life where I will just never really go there.
Kina Grannis
You acquire certain tastes. And if your taste happens to coincide with the majority of people, then you’re in pretty good shape. But you’re not always right. There were times when I stubbed my toe, and some will end up being on my tombstone – like ‘Supertrain.’
Fred Silverman
I don’t toe the party line all the time.
Tan Cheng Bock
Out of the thousand writers huffing and puffing through movieland, there are scarcely fifty men and women of wit and talent… Yet, in a curious way, there is not much difference between the product of a good writer and a bad one. They both have to toe the same mark.
Ben Hecht
I’ve never been a guy who had more than a toe in Hollywood anyway, so my toe is more easily lopped off than most.
Richard Linklater
When I hung up my toe shoes, I didn’t look back. In all my years, I have never looked back.
Patricia McBride
He put a ring in the toe of a stocking. On Christmas Eve, we opened our stockings and it was there at the bottom of the toe. Then he got down on his knees and he was shaking.
Kyra Sedgwick
I have been obsessed with seamed stockings my whole life, and I would collect vintage ones that were made in the ’40s and ’50s with the authentic styling of the keyhole, the welt, the reinforced toe and heels, French or Cuban heels, and hand-stitched seams.
Dita Von Teese
I lost feeling for about five seconds. Everything. Head to toe. Times ten. You just sit there in no control. I was in no control, I was at a higher power’s mercy. You’re just sitting there, all of a sudden your body feels like it weighs like two million pounds.
Tyson Kidd
I had six surgeries on my left toe and another six on the right toe.
S. Sreesanth
Although I’m largely doing other things in life, it’s very nice occasionally to put my toe back in the waters of show business.
Hugh Grant
I feel very fortunate that I make everything I wear head to toe every day.
Zac Posen
In ‘The Condemned,’ if you saw the movie, that’s all me; I’ll go toe to toe with anyone in an action movie.
Stone Cold Steve Austin
I don’t like kitten heels. I just don’t think they are an attractive shoe because they always look so stumpy. And I would never wear cowboy boots: a pointy toe and little heel is just not my thing.
Jessica Hart
If I go to a baseball game, I hear ‘Shoeless Joe,’ but otherwise, I hear ‘toe pick’ five times a day. No matter how many more movies I make, that’ll be on my gravestone.
D. B. Sweeney
I’m covered in tattoos head to toe, I have this striking style, I’m smaller than most competitors, and people are like, ‘Yeah. That’s my guy.’ Why? Because they can see part of themselves in me.
Aleister Black
My message to women is it’s okay not to toe the party line on every issue. You don’t have to be a puppet or a mouthpiece for your party on every issue. You can be an independent thinker; you can take it issue by issue, and that’s okay. You shouldn’t be told, ‘You can’t sit with us.’
Tomi Lahren
I hurt my toe on turf and I hurt my ankle. I never got hurt on grass.
A. J. Green
I tend to wear monochromatic outfits – all one colour from head to toe.
Suzy Amis
What I was doing was servicing the needs of my constituents and I was not allowed to do that because I did not toe the line on U.S. policy for Israel.
Cynthia McKinney
If you give Chip a boundary, he’s going to break that boundary. If you give him a rule, he’s not going to follow it. And if you tell him, ‘You can’t go over this line,’ he’s going to put his toe over it.
Joanna Gaines
I love seeing a woman in a beautiful dress and pairing it with a light shoe that shows skin – I really believe in toe cleavage.
Emilia Wickstead
I’ve been hit with kendo sticks and chairs; I’ve been thrown through tables, broke my ankle, broke my nose, and have had concussions in WWE, but nothing has hurt me more than when I stubbed my toe in ‘The Marine 3: Homefront.’
The Miz
It is refreshing to be able to express my views without having to toe a party line. It has got me into trouble on the odd occasion, but I am not going to stop saying what I think.
Pauline Hanson
I wouldn’t advocate anything to anybody – everybody’s different. Some people can put on those toe shoes and think they’re having a better work out than those in tennis shoes. Everybody can advocate their own way of doing something.
Dolph Ziggler
Show me a person who doesn’t like to laugh and I’ll show you a person with a toe tag.
Julia Roberts
Show some originality and never wear one designer head to toe.
Patrick Cox
They think they have God Almighty by the toe.
Ludovico Ariosto
I find dipping one’s toe into all of these people’s lives is one of the major exciting points of being an actor. This dilettantism.
Rupert Friend
All around me, I saw people who were taught by their parents, as I was, to just toe the line, not ruffle the feathers, not rock the boat too much and just put your head down, do your work and that’s it. And I think that as a community, we’re reaching the limitations of that kind of thinking.
Simu Liu
Working at GCHQ was a relatively easy, reliable job. As long as you always toe the ‘party line’, you are more or less guaranteed a job for life.
Katharine Gun
I’m not about trying to hand pick my fights and tip toe around the competition.
Aljamain Sterling
Is anyone serious about the politics of happiness? David Cameron dipped a toe in the water, using the word lightly, but denying the hard policies it implies. Labour shies away from it, but should take up the challenge.
Polly Toynbee
In our minds, love and lust are really separated. It’s hard to find someone that can be kind and you can trust enough to leave your kids with, and isn’t afraid to throw her man up against the wall and lick him from head to toe.
Tori Amos
Cornwall bears a certain resemblance to Italy: each is like a leg or boot, but Italy stands a-tiptoe to the south, whereas Cornwall is thrust out to the west. But, whereas Italy is kicking Sicily as a football, Cornwall has but the shattered group of the Scilly Isles at its toe.
Sabine Baring-Gould
I was cycling until I was 68. I used to play football, cricket, tennis, table tennis. I was into road walking – heel and toe.
Dennis Skinner
I’m doing extra stretching and more leaps and turns. Working on toe points. I’m working hard on it.
MyKayla Skinner
My job is to persuade people to toe the line and play within the laws of the game.
Alan Lewis
It’s now possible to have your body 3D-imaged from head to toe at a sub-millimeter accuracy, showing every ripple of muscle or cellulite, to allow the perfect-fitting jeans or shoes.
Peter Diamandis
Every time I am stuck in traffic, stub my toe, get a middle seat on the flight, I just remember how all of this is just a blip in the radar of my life.
Jenna Morasca
I don’t know what the next frontier is, but good comedy should put its toe into taboo waters. You have to transgress a little bit, and that area shifts with culture and with the year.
John Cho
Part of what you learn about life is that a wrecking ball can come out of nowhere, and it isn’t just going to take out your left toe. It can hit you right in the middle and take you down.
Dinesh D’Souza
There’s an interesting contrast between born Catholics and converts. Converts are often much more rule-directed. Catholicism isn’t something that they breathed in from their childhood, so they think that if you don’t toe the line on abstract doctrine you can’t be part of the Church.
Garry Wills