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To compare writing an article for 'Sports Illustrated'

To compare writing an article for ‘Sports Illustrated’ to doing a piece for ‘Real Sports’, the article, it was all me. You know, I’m out there by myself with my pad and pencil. ‘Real Sports,’ I’ve got a producer, an assistant producer, and cameramen. It’s an individual game versus a team game.
Frank Deford
Basketball is a team game. When you play 100 games in a season, you definitely need everyone to help out.
Zaza Pachulia
Football is a team game, and I just want to function as part of the team.
Jesus Navas
I’m just playing basketball, the same way I have always played, from juniors and even back to middle school, I’m just doing it the same way. Nothing different. Just a team game, playing and having fun and trying to play the right way.
Nikola Jokic
This game we play is the ultimate total team game. Quarterback by himself isn’t winning it. You got 11-12 coaches, you’ve got a lot of people that have a hand in it.
Bob Stoops
For me there is so many factors in football, that’s why it’s the greatest team game. There are so many things that lead into having success, just like when you have a ton of success and when you have no success, it’s not just you.
Adam Thielen
A lot of players think the game is all about individual performances when it’s really all about a team game.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
It’s a team game, and you need to be flexible.
K. L. Rahul
As a QB, it’s a team game, and you’re all out there in it.
Alex Smith
Hockey is not an individual game. It is rather a team game.
P. R. Sreejesh
Baseball is a team game.
Eddie Murray
My coach… tells me not to focus on a knockout, and to follow the team game plan.
Gervonta Davis
I grew without having a thing about the Ballon d’Or. When I was young, Ballon d’Or was also given to the European players. I didn’t grow with this ambition. I think it’s a personal trophy and football is a team game.
Hernan Crespo
I’m not a person or a selfish player, but we have to move the ball more, and we have to look further the team game, because we have enough talent to use different players.
Pau Gasol
The thing about football, man – it’s a team game.
Khalil Mack
Politics has come to resemble a cynical team game played by politicians, while the public has been pushed aside as if sitting on the seats of a stadium in which passion for politics is gradually making room for blindness and desperation.
Edi Rama
It’s a team game. I feel happier when I pass the ball than when I score.
Vlade Divac
Cricket is a team game. If you want fame for yourself, go play an individual game.
Gautam Gambhir
Of course, I want to play every game but you have to accept rotations and understand that other players are in good form. Football’s a team game.
When you play hockey, it’s a team game, and when I win, everyone around me is happy. I was able to make my teammates, the organization, my fans, happy 691 times during the regular season.
Martin Brodeur
We all need to chip in with goals and assists. It’s not just the front three. It’s not just the defence that keeps clean sheets, either. It’s a team game.
Andrew Robertson
I’ve figured out that life in general is a team effort; it’s a team game.
Joe Namath
It’s a team game.
Trea Turner
I think every film is like a team game, especially for me. I have always got films which have a strong cast.
Ayushmann Khurrana
It’s a team game. Sometimes individuals play and sometimes not. I’m happy with what I have achieved and I hope I can accomplish even more.
Pavel Nedved
You will make a mistake in a game, fair enough, but you want your team-mates to help you out because it is a team game.
Harry Kewell
I want everybody to enjoy success, because that’s what football’s about. It’s a team game.
Davis Webb
Sometimes in a team game, the entire spotlight is on one man.
Gautam Gambhir
It’s a team game. Not every game is going to be an all-star game.
Christian McCaffrey
It is a team game, we all play for each other; obviously we win and lose as a team, but I like to take the blame when we lose.
Lonzo Ball
In a team game, everybody’s contribution is very important.
Anil Kumble
It is the entire team that has to work together. Football is a team game. We all have to give our all.
Edinson Cavani
It’s a team game, but at the end of the day, you gotta be happy, and you gotta enjoy playing football every day.
Chris Long
There’s times where I could take all the shots every time I touch the ball, but that’s not me. I just play a team game and just take open shots.
Rasheed Wallace
It’s a team game.
Rudy Gobert