Synthetic Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Synthetic Quotes from Elaine Welteroth, Jessie Reyez, Imtiaz Ali, Natalie Imbruglia, Sussanne Khan. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

Finding a store that sells synthetic hair in Kigali is

Finding a store that sells synthetic hair in Kigali is easier than locating a Starbucks in New York City without Google Maps.
Elaine Welteroth
I feel like truth resonates, and you can taste when something is synthetic.
Jessie Reyez
I myself got married at a very young age. It has always intrigued me because marriage is very synthetic in an otherwise natural world.
Imtiaz Ali
Saving animals is as simple as choosing synthetic alternatives instead of real fur.
Natalie Imbruglia
I love earth tones, jewel tones and everything that is natural. I also like natural materials like cottons, silks… I don’t like synthetic. Even the wood we use has to be authentic.
Sussanne Khan
There’s so much plastic in this culture that vinyl leopard skin is becoming an endangered synthetic.
Lily Tomlin
Textile manufacturers use complicated chemical and industrial processes to make clothing materials, from cotton to synthetic fibers. And while the environmental consequences aren’t always clear, consumption is growing.
Tatiana Schlossberg
Possession of the pure synthetic specimens of the anthocyanidins and chief anthocyanins enabled my wife and me to devise quick tests for these colouring matters which can be used with the material from a few flower petals.
Robert Robinson
When you read the psychedelic literature, there is a distinction between the so-called natural psychedelics and synthetic psychedelics that are artificially produced.
Stanislav Grof
They make really great synthetic fur – you really don’t need real fur. And it’s cheaper, so why spend the money?
Christina Applegate
In chemicals, Synthetic Genomics is one of my real loves.
Steve Jurvetson
There is surprisingly low penetration still of synthetic rubber gloves in the medical field. People are allergic to natural rubber, but the industry has been slow to switch to synthetic gloves.
Kelly Evans
There’s no point in us designing synthetic laboratories that could just as well be in Dusseldorf or Helsinki. San Francisco has its light, which must be used.
Mario Botta
Synthetic biology can help address key challenges facing the planet and its population. Research in synthetic biology may lead to new things such as programmed cells that self-assemble at the sites of disease to repair damage.
Craig Venter
Everything I do is a reflection of the duality within me. Musically, I really love things that are very synthetic and unnatural. And I also like the organic and human… the intrinsic, I guess.
Zola Jesus
I remember the first time I played on a synthetic turf field. I thought, ‘Wow, this is amazing. What is this stuff?’ It seemed so much better than that concrete-like Astro Turf that was essentially just a green, thin carpet over hard ground.
Julie Foudy
There should ideally be a synthetic track in every district. Athletics is tough, and needs more support.
P. T. Usha
The potential for synthetic biology and biotechnology is vast; we all have an opportunity to create the future together.
Ryan Bethencourt
New synthetic substances – steel, concrete, glass – are actively superseding the traditional raw materials of construction.
Walter Gropius
Startups are now creating specialized 3-D printers capable of producing everything from synthetic hamburgers to multi-story apartment buildings.
Jay Samit
The structural difference between enantiomers can be serious with respect to the actions of synthetic drugs.
Ryoji Noyori
When you have those two languages – an analytic one like English and a synthetic, very sensual thing like Russian, you get almost a psychotic sense of humanity that permeates nearly everything. It can help you understand, and it can discourage you, because you see how little can be done.
Joseph Brodsky
Me personally, I have a small circle. Part of that is because sometimes, you meet people, and you can feel the synthetic energy.
Jessie Reyez
I cannot put this poison on my skin. I do not use anything synthetic.
Gisele Bundchen
I like to think of synthetic biology as liquid alchemy, only instead of transmuting precious metals, you’re synthesizing new biological functionality inside very small channels. It’s called microfluidics.
Neri Oxman
I have my hormones balanced. Most doctors are giving women synthetic hormones, which just eliminate the symptoms, but it’s doing nothing to actually replace the hormones you have lost. Without our hormones we die.
Suzanne Somers
I call upon governments to start supporting companies to use more sustainable materials in their products instead of continuing with antiquated incentives, such as import duties on synthetic materials that are in principle much higher compared with those placed on leather goods regardless of the environmental footprint.
Jochen Zeitz
I think people who have all kinds of debilitating mobility issues will benefit from robotic augmentation. That is, even before we get into organ replacement and organ printing and synthetic biology and so on and so forth.
Jason Silva
Reading for pleasure can easily sound like some kind of wishy-washy, soft option, while instructional stuff like learning-to-read through ‘synthetic phonics’ and endless worksheets requiring children to answer questions about the facts in short passages, sounds tough and purposeful.
Michael Rosen
There is nothing odder than to apply an analytical device to a synthetic phenomenon: for instance, to write in English about a Russian poet.
Joseph Brodsky
To most people, jazz-fusion means this dreadful synthetic jazz-rock thing, this jazz-Muzak, which I detest. They also think of jazz as a specific form of music, while to me it’s just the opposite.
Allan Holdsworth
The type of mind of Whitman’s, which seldom or never emerges as a mere mentality, an independent thinking and knowing faculty, but always as a personality, always as a complete human entity, never can expound itself, because its operations are synthetic and not analytic; its mainspring is love and not mere knowledge.
John Burroughs
When I was smelling Heretic for the first time, I was impressed because it was organic-smelling and light and refreshing and natural and not overbearing at all and not too synthetic or floral. It doesn’t smell like you’re wearing cotton candy.
Violet Chachki
New data suggests contamination in rivers and streams, as well as on land, is increasingly common, with most of the pollution in the form of microscopic pieces of synthetic fibers, largely from clothing.
Tatiana Schlossberg
I think I’ve achieved some good things; doing the first genome in history – my team on that was phenomenal and all the things they pulled together; writing the first genome with a synthetic cell; my teams at the Venter Institute, Human Longevity, and before that Celera.
Craig Venter
There is nothing ‘conservative’ at all about Putin’s cause. What he is offering is a synthetic ideology called Eurasianism, composed for him by Dugin, as a means of uniting all the anti-Western movements of the world under Kremlin control.
Robert Zubrin
As a kid, I wasn’t allowed to have girl toys, but I would take my cousin’s My Little Pony and smell it. That weird, synthetic, fruity-sweet smell – that’s how I wanted to look. I wanted to look like this fabricated toy. I wanted to look like you could pull a string on my back, and I would say, like, six catchphrases.
Trixie Mattel
Nightlife is, to me, a little synthetic, a little desperate?
Julia Fox
I can work in films as long as the story doesn’t have a realistic nature. If I’m working with an allegory, a fantasy, it can be developed in synthetic terms.
Manuel Puig
Green synthetic practice mats are the worst thing for your golf game that I know of. You can hit six inches behind the ball and not even know it, because the ball still gets airborne. Practice nets are awful, too. Swing a weighted club instead.
Lee Trevino
Printing novel DNA might open the way to achievements once only conceivable in science fiction: designer bacteria that can produce new chemicals, such as more efficient fuels, or synthetic versions of our cells that make us resistant to the effects of radiation.
Scott Gottlieb
I got a pair of red, synthetic satin women’s pants through the post the other day with a phone number on. That was quite strange. I haven’t tried the phone number. In times of stress I may.
Jarvis Cocker
Holi has always been a nightmare for me because of the dangers of synthetic colours. Eco-friendly colours are the best way to celebrate Holi.
Amala Akkineni
I like real instruments, and try to stay from anything that sounds too synthetic.
Alex Winston