Such A Way Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Such A Way Quotes from P. Vasu, Anita Bryant, Herman Gorter, Jay Roach, Will Rogers. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

When you have a popular hero in your film, you have to

When you have a popular hero in your film, you have to think of what the masses expect from him. You have to portray the hero in such a way that they should adore him.
P. Vasu
When God calls you to do something, and when it’s put upon you in such a way that you’re boxed in, it has to be.
Anita Bryant
Because in Russia you were able to triumph with the help of a large class of poor peasants, you represent things in such a way, as if we in Western Europe are also going to have that help.
Herman Gorter
My biggest role as director on the film is keeping a sense of the overview – how to cast the movie and shoot it in such a way that it will cut together. And how to design the style and tone.
Jay Roach
Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip.
Will Rogers
You should write songs about what you feel, but you can’t write in such a way like it’s a diary entry. You should write it in a way that people understand in their lives.
I’ve always felt that, in the past, there has been a teacher-pupil relationship between the management and the players. But the best teams are run in such a way that the players have a voice.
Andrew Strauss
The tendency of modern scientific teaching is to neglect the great books, to lay far too much stress upon relatively unimportant modern work, and to present masses of detail of doubtful truth and questionable weight in such a way as to obscure principles.
Ronald Fisher
Nor is it the least advantage to health, accruing from such a way of life, that it expose those who follow it to fewer temptations to vice, than persons who live in crowded society.
William Falconer
This is pool. This is setting up your next shot, and I always want to make sure when we’re setting up San Antonio’s next shot we have a good shot at making sure that we continue to build our infrastructure in such a way that San Antonio will be a player for years to come in national defense issues.
Pete Gallego
I try, in the present, to not exalt the past because I think that’s such a way of diminishing the present. And it’s hard to live like that.
Carrie Brownstein
The beauty of theater is that you get to live the character from beginning to end without stopping. The natural momentum of the story propels you through in such a way that feels organic.
Sterling K. Brown
Actors usually feel skeptical about double hero films because one character might overshadow the other, but the late scriptwriter K. Subash has penned ‘Karuppu Raja Vella Raja’ in such a way that Vishal and I have equal scope in the film.
War is, in fact, an extension of politics, and in any war, military operations have to be conducted in such a way that they contribute to sustainable political outcomes consistent with vital interests that are at stake in that war.
H. R. McMaster
The really good idea is always traceable back quite a long way, often to a not very good idea which sparked off another idea that was only slightly better, which somebody else misunderstood in such a way that they then said something which was really rather interesting.
John Cleese
The world has been set up in such a way that we don’t even realise how ingrained certain things are, like how much we live in a patriarchal society or how institutional racism is ingrained in how we see the world. We don’t realise how many things are being set in stone, in our heads.
Ncuti Gatwa
It was very important that it be done in such a way that it be executed with complete conviction. If I had done it both ways, if I was trying to cover myself in case it didn’t work, then it would have been to no purpose.
Atom Egoyan
Enhancing our NORAD relationship will remind the Americans that both our economic and security interests are integrated in such a way that you could not possibly view them as apart.
Erin O’Toole
Basing my conclusions on experience I am absolutely convinced not only of survival but of demonstrated survival, demonstrated by occasional interaction with matter in such a way as to produce physical results.
Oliver Joseph Lodge
Audience come with expectations, and our job is to engage them for two hours. We take efforts to make the story more interesting and also present it in such a way that it is liked by all the audience.
Vijay Sethupathi
If you want to become a fossil, you need to die somewhere where your bones will be rapidly buried. You then hope that the Earth moves in such a way as to bring the bones back up to the surface.
Louise Leakey
We must have a theme, a goal, a purpose in our lives. If you don’t know where you’re aiming, you don’t have a goal. My goal is to live my life in such a way that when I die, someone can say, she cared.
Mary Kay Ash
The artist’s job, I think, is to be a conduit for mystery. To intuit it, and recognize that the story-germ has some inherent mystery in it, and sort of midwife that mystery into the story in such a way that it isn’t damaged in the process, and may even get heightened or refined.
George Saunders
A gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics is what I’m looking for. I have to pace my training in such a way that I’m at my best in Rio, and when I’m in form, no opponent can come in my way.
Mary Kom
Mathura station must be developed in such a way that it reflects birthplace of Lord Krishna.
Hema Malini
Death seems to be a long way off. Is this not shallow thinking? It is worthless and is only a joke within a dream. It will not do to think in such a way and be negligent. Insofar as death is always at one’s door, one should make sufficient effort and act quickly.
Yamamoto Tsunetomo
I can’t get any satiation. My brain is wired in such a way that I – in my research, I probably have a lack of D1 and D2 receptor sites. These are dopamine receptor sites, and satiation is a process that involves a cascade.
Nick Nolte
When an animal is infected, either naturally or by experimental injection, with a bacterium, virus, or other foreign body, the animal recognises this as an invader and acts in such a way as to remove or destroy it.
Cesar Milstein
Seven-11 is the pulse-beat of America. I think that Bruce Springsteen should do a song about a 7-11 in Asbury Park, New Jersey, but write it in such a way that American’s youth can identify and slurp along with the Boss. Hail the Boss! Hail 7-11!
Henry Rollins
A system is in equilibrium when the forces constituting it are arranged in such a way as to compensate each other, like the two weights pulling at the arms of a pair of scales.
Rudolf Arnheim
The most loving action you can take for your family is to share the Good News and continue to share it. Most importantly, live and respond in such a way that they see something different in you and want to know and understand the difference.
Robert Jeffress
My gift, if that’s not too grandiose a term, is one for describing novels, biographies, and works of history in such a way that people want to read them.
Michael Dirda
You never know when the timing is going to hit in a such a way that you’re going to make a difference.
Bob Corker
I look at whatever the finish line is for the character and then kind of act backwards from that and play him in such a way so that that finish line is more rewarding.
Jason Bateman
I always try to make films in such a way that it’s hard to imagine how they came to be, or where they came from.
Harmony Korine
Everything I write is highly personal, but put in such a way that it’s not dropping everything in someone’s lap. Although sometimes I think ‘The Taxi Ride’ embarrasses me, because sometimes I think it’s too close.
Jane Siberry
People often think I’m a faker, but I’m usually honest, in a certain way – in such a way that often nobody believes me!
Richard P. Feynman
In archaeology, context is the basis of many discoveries that are imputed to the deliberate workings of intelligence. If I find a rock chipped in such a way as to give it a sharp edge, and the discovery is made in a cave, I am seduced into ascribing this to tool use by distant, fetid and furry ancestors.
Seth Shostak
Our mission… it will be difficult, it will take time, it will be demanding for all men and women… will be to act in such a way that French people of the Muslim faith are always more proud of being French than of being Muslim.
Emmanuel Macron
I knew how to upset the people, and I did it in such a way that it was believable. That’s how I made a living at it for 20 years. I don’t regret a thing I done or said in wrestling. Nothing.
Paul Orndorff
Christian teaching about sex is not a set of isolated prohibitions; it is an integral part of what the Bible has to say about living in such a way that our lives communicate the character of God.
Rowan Williams
A compromise is the art of dividing a cake in such a way that everyone believes he has the biggest piece.
Ludwig Erhard
One of the greatest struggles of bureaucracies is they get built and created, but they design themselves in such a way that they can never be at fault. They can never be wrong, they can never have made a mistake and they never want to relent.
Josh Barnett
If you want to become a fossil, you actually need to die somewhere where your bones will be rapidly buried. You then hope that the earth moves in such a way as to bring the bones back up to the surface. And then you hope that one of us lot will walk around and find small pieces of you.
Louise Leakey
Love alone is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them, for it alone takes them and joins them by what is deepest in themselves.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
I’ve impacted peoples’ lives in such a way that they’ll never forget.
Rob Van Dam
On the one hand, faith is a profoundly personal contact with God, which touches me in my innermost being and places me in front of the living God in absolute immediacy in such a way that I can speak with Him, love Him, and enter into communion with Him.
Pope Benedict XVI
The ideal of behaviorism is to eliminate coercion: to apply controls by changing the environment in such a way as to reinforce the kind of behavior that benefits everyone.
B. F. Skinner
A good writer can set a thriller anywhere and make it convincing: the trick is to evoke the setting in such a way that it highlights the crime or unsettles the reader.
Garry Disher
We have to grow in such a way that our growth is not at the cost of something else.
Jaggi Vasudev
In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it’s the exact opposite.
Paul Dirac
People sacrifice the present for the future. But life is available only in the present. That is why we should walk in such a way that every step can bring us to the here and the now.
Thich Nhat Hanh
We should strive to be employed in such a way that we don’t realize that what we’re doing is work.
Theodore Zeldin
Getting to meet people that I’ve admired my entire life, and getting to meet them in such a way where they’re coming in to play completely different characters than I had ever seen them do is just wonderful.
Will Friedle
I just hope I reach out to people and connect to people in such a way that they continue to support what I do.
Hasan Minhaj
If you asked me, parents were supposed to affect the life of their child in such a way that the child grows up to be responsible, able to participate in life and in community.
Anne Lamott
The ballet needs to tell its own story in such a way it can be received without having to be translated into language.
Twyla Tharp
I really believe you can carry yourself in such a way that people don’t notice you.
Clive Owen
I’ve always been really attracted to playing with structure. To take the story of ‘Fargo’ and break it up in such a way that’s it’s not linear, per se.
Noah Hawley
Whether you’re talking about MSNBC or Fox or CNN, it’s all about getting enough interest out there, sensationalizing the story in such a way that people are compelled to tune in.
Reza Aslan
Even if you’re specific about the character of the song, it’s more exciting to place them, juxtapose them in such a way as to make an adventure out of the sequence of the songs.
Robert Wyatt
We don’t have sources who are dissidents on other sources. Should they come forward, that would be a tricky situation for us. But we’re presumably acting in such a way that people feel morally compelled to continue our mission, not to screw it up.
Julian Assange
Today’s particle physics describe light as a crumple in space, and we may have deformed space in such a way that they noticed something peculiar – and they had the ability to investigate it.
Dwight Schultz
A diplomat is a person who can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you actually look forward to the trip.
Caskie Stinnett
I can fake decent penmanship, but generally, it’s really just terrible. And, unfortunately for me, maybe fortunately for the reader, it’s very often illegible. If I get an idea, and if I do remember to write it down, which is rare, I write in such a way that I can’t read a letter.
Whit Stillman
I wouldn’t tell Jill how I felt. I behaved in such a way that was opposite to how I felt. I must have seemed strong to her. I didn’t want to bring her down.
Charles Bronson
Our Bollywood industry works in such a way that when an actor is seen in a gangster’s role, he is offered similar roles.
Pankaj Tripathi
It is impossible to speak in such a way that you cannot be misunderstood.
Karl Popper
Until the people, by amendment, change the constitution, I urge that the counties cooperate with one another, that future road work be more uniform, and done in such a way that it will result in connected and continuous highways.
Arthur Capper
Let me put it this way. There is more to acting than just acting like somebody. I like to act in such a way that other people get some notion of what it’s like to be somebody.
Mary Steenburgen
Memorising my lines is actually something I do fairly well. I look at it a few times and it is pretty much there. When your shooting on TV, they do it in such a way that it is pretty easy.
Adam Lamberg
I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who don’t like Robbie Williams but he is presented to the public in such a way that they have no choice.
Leo Sayer
People are absolutely free to criticize the government and protest, but their protests should be in such a way as to improve the situation in the country and their life.
Hassan Rouhani
You should write, first of all, to please yourself. You shouldn’t care a damn about anybody else at all. But writing can’t be a way of life; the important part of writing is living. You have to live in such a way that your writing emerges from it.
Doris Lessing
To do that I try and keep myself in pretty good shape physically and I try to lead my life in such a way that I’ll be able to be as strong at the end of the movie as I am in the beginning.
John Frankenheimer
I figured, ‘If I ever get offered a chance to sign a deal, I’ll only do it if I got to do it how I want.’ So my contract is structured in such a way that I’m really protected.
Regina Spektor
Yes, of course, I’ve been dreaming about it since I was a kid. Even now, I’m 31 years-old now and I’ve never been on a cover of a magazine. It makes you feel in such a way to do it with my signature guitar and to have it be Guitar Player magazine, it was really just an amazing experience.
Nita Strauss
In a nursery, if you don’t take care of those plants, your profits get lost real quickly. You have to weed. You have to water. You have to nurture. Also, you have to take care of your employees in such a way that they do the same.
Jack Dangermond
You are being intentionally monitored so that your unique biases, your anxieties, your weaknesses, your needs, your desires can be quantified in such a way that a company can seek to exploit that for profit.
Christopher Wylie
I have made my schedule in such a way that whenever I am getting time from studies, I do my training.
Hima Das
My career has gone in such a way that I’ve gotten to learn that, when you’re working with a great storyteller, you don’t ask questions; you just trust them.
Chris Zylka
Holy scripture does not hold women back. It’s the people that decide to interpret it in such a way for their own, sometimes political, agendas.
Queen Rania of Jordan
It certainly is possible to construct a moon base in such a way that crews could stay for extended periods of time.
Charles Duke
Seriously, I feel more like a revolutionary because the final goal is not only to download all the articles and books and give open access to them, but to change legislation is such a way that free distribution of research papers will not face any legal obstacles.
Alexandra Elbakyan
To me, the writer’s main job is to just make the story unscroll in such a way that the reader is snared – she’s right there, seeing things happen and caring about them. And if you dedicate yourself to this job, the meanings more or less take care of themselves. That’s the theory, anyway.
George Saunders
Turkey, unlike chicken, has very elegant characteristics. It has more of a cache than chicken. Turkey is a delicacy, so it should be presented in such a way.
Todd English
Religion as a whole specializes in sin management. It’s all about organizing humanity in such a way that we cause as little damage as possible.
Erwin McManus
At Roden Crater, I was interested in taking the cultural artifice of art out into the natural surround. I wanted the work to be enfolded in nature in such a way that light from the sun, moon and stars empowered the spaces. I wanted to bring culture to the natural surround as if one was designing a garden.
James Turrell
Nothing in the reporting of a nation’s history could so mislead the younger generation as to represent great events in such a way that they appear to have happened as a matter of course.
Gustav Stresemann
To be sure, the response of faith to revelation, which God grants to the creature he chooses and moves with his love, occurs in such a way that it is truly the creature that provides the response, with its own nature and its natural powers of love.
Hans Urs von Balthasar