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Ever since me and the brothers no longer make music tog

Ever since me and the brothers no longer make music together, I stepped aside, and I’ve been doubling down here in the tech world.
Kevin Jonas
The Bollywood distribution system is so corrupt that they have trouble making money off movies. So they sell shoes that an actress stepped in. If they turned up the amps some, maybe they could sell the actresses.
Bruce Sterling
I don’t actually think boxing is a particularly dangerous sport, I wouldn’t even put it in the top ten of dangerous sports, but that’s only if you take it seriously. Whenever I stepped into the ring I was well hydrated, I was at the right weight and I was prepared. It wasn’t a dangerous sport for me.
Carl Froch
You have to live life to the fullest. I don’t want to slow down. I want the giving to be stepped up. So the older I get, the less I will be involved in the business side, the more in the philanthropic side.
Jorge M. Perez
The people of New Jersey stepped up. They shared in the sacrifice. You know what else they did? They rewarded politicians who lead instead of politicians who pandered.
Chris Christie
I met Robert Redford at the Golden Globes because he stepped on my foot. He stepped on my foot as he was walking by, and he was like, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry!’ And I was like, ‘It’s all right. Robert Redford can step on my foot.’
One of the very few things that I actually read about myself on blogs that got to me was people saying, ‘Ne-Yo doesn’t do R&B music anymore.’ Just because I stepped off the porch to explore doesn’t mean I don’t live in that house anymore.
I have stepped off the relationship scene to come to terms with myself. I have spent most of my adult life being ‘someone’s girlfriend’, and now I am happy being single.
Penelope Cruz
Georges is one of the best guys that’s ever stepped in the Octagon. That’s actually the main reason I want to fight him. I look for a challenge. To be the best, you’ve gotta beat the best. And Georges St-Pierre is the best.
Carlos Condit
I can’t remember a time when I stepped into an airport or train station without wishing I were somewhere else, doing almost anything else. Just thinking about traveling gives me the willies. Traveling and dyslexia don’t really get along.
Philip Schultz
You have to commend the players who’ve stepped up and used their voice, who’ve been courageous, and when it came to Colin Kaepernick, had to sacrifice tremendously to get their point across.
Harrison Barnes
I was a friend during school time, but not much after that. By the time I got to BYU, I was a social mess, an absolute misfit. There is not a shyer, more pathetic kid who stepped on that BYU campus than me.
Sheri L. Dew
There is a vast difference between playing Pakistan at home and away. I clearly recall, going into the quarter-finals at the Chinnaswamy stadium in 1996, that the pressure eased a bit when I stepped into a stadium where I had practically grown up as a cricketer.
Anil Kumble
There’s always been an element of ‘right time, right place’ to Nine Inch Nails. When we stepped onstage at Woodstock ’94, I could sense it. I get goosebumps thinking about it now. Like, ‘I don’t know how we did this, but somehow we’ve touched a nerve.’
Trent Reznor
My decision to open my first restaurant in Nashville was born from my heart. From the moment I stepped foot in Music City, I have had a love affair with the people and burgeoning culinary scene.
Maneet Chauhan
I stepped into the bedroom where he was killed and looked up at the ceiling, where you could still see the patterns of blood that had spurted from bin Laden’s head when the bullet fired by a U.S. Navy SEAL tore through the terrorist leader’s face.
Peter Bergen
I never dreamed that I would hear 10,000 people screaming when I stepped out onto a stage. Well, that’s not entirely true. I dreamed about it but in a performing-on-the-stage-at-Staples-Center-or-Madison-Square-Garden context. But never in a I’m-in-a-movie-that-hasn’t-even-come-out-yet one.
Jacqueline Emerson
Amir Khan is a very good fighter, but he has been knocked out a few times when he has stepped up.
Kell Brook
I completely put all my time and effort into my kids and once I stepped foot in the ring, that’s who I fight for. And that’s who I work extra hard for when I’m tired, to feed my family and to make sure that they are going to be alright after boxing.
Terence Crawford
So I just had to step up how I was doing it and the moment that I stepped up and the moment I focused all my energy on that is when things started to happen. So there’s a direct relationship between my inspiration and my output.
Talib Kweli
Every time I have stepped up a level, I wasn’t expecting it to happen, but once it did, I just made sure I worked as hard as I possibly could to stay there.
Jamie Vardy
When I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home.
S. E. Hinton
Once, in third grade, we switched classes and nobody knew until our mother stepped in.
Markieff Morris
Ricky Steamboat was one of the premier talents to ever be in this business and was one of the very best to have ever stepped in the ring.
Harley Race
The first song I ever recorded is called ‘ODA’ it was a thrilling experience. I was scared and anxious when I stepped into the booth. The more comfortable I got the more I enjoyed it.
Polo G
I never stepped foot into a Brooks Brothers before ‘Mad Men.’
Aaron Staton
I knew from the second I stepped onstage. I was like, yep, this is what I want to do.
Demi Lovato
1976, I was all of 18, and when I stepped into the world of business, the capital I had in my hand was 20,000 rupees.
Sunil Mittal
I don’t like to read books where I feel as though I’ve stepped into the middle of things and don’t know what’s going on. I like to see characters I’ve met before, but I don’t want to feel left out because I haven’t read other books in the series.
Jude Deveraux
From the age of 15 to 50, I’d hardly stepped out of a kitchen. I just wanted to live a little, to spend time with my wife and children. The first time I saw snow was when I was 50, because I’d never had the time before.
Joel Robuchon
We have a world minus a whole lot of talent that has stepped out of contention for leadership, only because they don’t want to seem too aggressive, too smart, unattractive, or too male.
Abigail Disney
I always said when I was wrestling that you have tunnel vision because it’s all consuming. It’s hard to focus on anything else other than what you’re doing. When I stepped away from that, I wanted to have my hand in a lot of different pots.
Christian Cage
I was born in Mexico, I grew up in Mexico, and along the way, I learned to love Mexico. I think anyone who has stepped foot on this land – not to mention all Mexican people – will agree that it’s not difficult to love Mexico.
Emiliano Salinas
When you bat, you need to have a lot of patience. I started training for it from the age of eight or nine. So, I knew what I needed when I stepped on the field to bat.
Mohammad Azharuddin
After that, Kasparov stepped back from chess which is, and I want this to be clear, not good for chess in general at all. As a whole, the current situation in the chess world leaves a lot to be desired.
Anatoly Karpov
I have stepped into a bigger league with ‘Khamoshiyaan,’ and I am grateful to Mahesh Bhatt sir. I am also grateful to myself for being patient.
Ali Fazal
In my divorce, I stood up and said to my ex-wife, ‘Hey, I messed up. This had nothing to do with you. I didn’t understand what marriage was. I cheated. I was wrong. We couldn’t fix it; it got worse. I stepped away because I didn’t want it to get any worse. You’re the mother of my kids – I don’t want to hate you.’
Kevin Hart
When I decided to become an actor, I realised that every role that we play on screen requires a different kind of prep. I learnt wrestling for ‘Dangal,’ went through an emotional grind for ‘Photograph’ and stepped out of my comfort zone and shed too many inhibitions for ‘Pataakha.’
Sanya Malhotra
There came a moment in my life when I realized that I had stepped into another part of my life. I used to walk into a room full of people and think, do they like me? And one day I walk in and I thought, do I like them?
Victoria Principal
When I stepped down from the evening news at the age of 65, in ’81, things were still going well. Immediately after that, the whole tenor of the CBS News Department changed.
Walter Cronkite
L.A. is… I always feel sort of abducted when I’m there, like I’ve stepped onto another planet where everyone looks the same.
Mamie Gummer
Yeah, and I went straight into a fantasy world. Just stepped straight into the abyss. You know, I was gone and kids used to walk past my front room, cause I lived on the green.
Eric Clapton
A lot of people think I’m going to be like someone who’s stepped out of one of his own cartoons. And maybe I am. But I sure have a hard time analyzing it.
Gary Larson
The only reason I signed on for a speech and drama course was because I thought it would be easy, but as soon as I stepped on the stage, I thought, ‘This is exactly where I belong.’
F. Murray Abraham
It was a June day when I began my career as a national journalist. I stepped into the Detroit Bureau of the ‘Wall Street Journal’ and started on what would be a long, varied, rewarding career. I was 23 years old, and the year was 1970.
Walt Mossberg
I was shy. I was painfully shy, until fifth grade when I transferred to another school and befriended the class clown. And one day he was sick and I kinda stepped in for the class clown and I said, ‘Wow, this is exciting, I’m a little bit nervous.’
Nathan Fillion
I had been in the gym training for many, many years, but I definitely stepped it up when it was time to get into shape to play ‘Lights’. I began trying to live the life of a boxer, and that means everything that you would expect.
Holt McCallany
If you’ve never stepped in a wrestling ring, and you’re with me, we can still have an excellent wrestling match, because that’s how good I believe I am.
Bobby Lashley
The world’s longest-serving dictator has just stepped down and handed over power. The national project of Cuba, which was Fidel’s vision, is now finished. It’s something – a small something, but still something.
Joe Garcia
I’m an accountant. I’m a manufacturer from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, who stepped up to the plate, and now I’m a U.S. senator.
Ron Johnson
Russia has a long history of propaganda and trying to influence various nation’s cultures and elections. It’s happening. They seem to have stepped up their game.
Dan Coats
The songwriting has never really stepped forward from the ’50’s.
Brian Setzer
By the time I was 15 and I stepped in the high school gym, I was just stronger than everybody.
John Cena
Clearly, the Iranians are well aware that Teheran would be turned into a field of glass and sand if they ever stepped toward open war with Israel or Saudi Arabia.
Mike Barnicle
From almost the first time I stepped on a stage, I knew that was what I wanted to do.
Sydney Pollack
Civil rights was not an impossible dream. Thousands of brave African Americans stepped forward to make it happen.
Martin O’Malley
Every time I stepped into the ring, somebody wanted to kill me.
Roberto Duran
Timbaland was crazy to work with. When he stepped in the studio, it was like working with Morpheus from ‘The Matrix’ – he stepped in with three beats and said, ‘Pick one.’ They all sounded crazy, but I could only pick one. I picked one and he hooked me up.
When I stepped away two springs ago, I just really wanted to shift my priorities to be able to be more available and present to show up for things that I felt were mattering more than being a professional athlete.
Maya Moore
Not since 2011, when I stepped into the cage and fought Eddie Alvarez for the first time and was the extreme underdog – I’ve never quite had that feeling of a 10 since then.
Michael Chandler
I really believe I’ve been a good person. Not perfect – forget about perfect – but just learning by what I was taught and living by my own values. I might have stepped on a few ants – and a few other things as well – but I’ve never hurt anybody.
Kiri Te Kanawa
Sinatra, here’s a guy who plays a tough guy in all his movies, but was allowed to be vulnerable when he stepped up to the microphone.
Michael Bolton
Every time I stepped onto the stage as Jesus, it felt like someone was pouring some honey into my body. It was amazing, an amazing feeling. And then when I had to let go of it, it was hard.
Juan Pablo Di Pace
The first time I stepped on stage and I started singing, I knew that I wanted to do it for the rest of my life.
Anthony Gonzalez
I remember the first time I stepped into a WWE ring, and I got critiqued, and I was told I’d be gone in three months. Here I sit ten years later, and I’m the Intercontinental champion.
The Miz
Before I met my husband, I’d never fallen in love. I’d stepped in it a few times.
Rita Rudner
I never was in a wrestling ring before I stepped foot into a WWE ring, so I am a product of NXT.
Enzo Amore
Women are prepared to run for office. They’re prepared to show up. Oh yeah, women have big roles to play, and they have stepped up to the plate already.
Maxine Waters
I have known I was destined to live in Goa the moment I first stepped foot on the Panjim docks from the ferry from Mumbai, when I was 18.
Vikram Patel
Democrat women lead the way in showing other women how to be stepped on and diminished by men. That’s what they do, for a payoff somewhere down the line.
Rush Limbaugh
Jerry Seinfeld made a puddle, I stepped in it, and wonderful things happened.
Jason Alexander
When I did get home this last time, we had all these plans to go out. And then we hardly stepped outside because the time together seemed too precious.
Emily Watson
I think I’ve really stepped outside the box in the way I try to train, eat, hydrate, the cognitive brain games I play on a daily or weekly basis to try to build up some durability within my body, within my brain, to be able to go out there and play at a high level at age 38.
Tom Brady
Chucks are cooler when they’re dirty. I actually stepped on somebody’s the other day because they were too clean.
AJ Lee
I stepped into the martial arts movie market when I was only 16.
Jet Li
But that in and of itself this past year was not a factor in what I did for the national team every time I stepped out there, or in training, or when I stepped out there in the WUSA.
Tiffeny Milbrett
I still remember the first time I stepped out on the pitch at the Bernabeu. It was a spectacular moment – from another world.
China is completely lacking in self-awareness and as someone who has stepped outside that society, I have a responsibility to write about it as I see it.
Ma Jian
A tour is the most intense, stimulating way to hear music; it’s the best form to receive it. There’s genuine excitement from people. I feel like we’ve stepped up a level.
Julian Casablancas
The year 2014 was a big year for my taste buds. They really stepped up their game. Like, I got into red wine, coffee and sushi for the first time. Well done, George.
George Ezra
When I stepped into the industry, I was dealt this bizarre persona of being this sarcastic fashionista ‘it girl’ who is friends with loads of celebrities. That couldn’t be further from the truth.
Jameela Jamil
I suppose when its your own life you dont realise what youve achieved and what youve done until youve stepped out and looked back.
Jimmy Bullard
At the beginning, my dream was to become a world-class boxer, but then I stepped into MMA. And when I stepped into MMA, it was to have fun. I reminded myself of what was the purpose, of what was the goal: to have fun.
Francis Ngannou
The Pleasure Seekers eventually turned into Cradle, when we started writing our own material. My younger sister Nancy was brought in as singer and I kind of stepped aside as main lead singer and concentrated on my instrument.
Suzi Quatro
I understand that people think that because there is a certain element of me that has stepped over to the dark side, but there is only one Undertaker and I can never fill that void. And there is only one Aleister Black, and I am the first one, and there will never be a second one.
Aleister Black
I stepped away to find out more about myself, which I was having difficulty doing as a football player. I got a chance to travel the world. I studied Eastern philosophy, and I’ve grown as a person so much.
Ricky Williams
Had I not stepped into the saddle in the first place, entire cultures, histories, and most importantly, profound connections with people and animals whom I now counted as my friends would have otherwise passed by, invisible.
Tim Cope
When I stepped out there on the court and played, I wasn’t intimidated by anyone. I felt like I could go out there and beat anyone in the world on any given day.
Mark Philippoussis
To be honest, any one of those guys that I’ve stepped in the Octagon with – Darren Till, Anthony Pettis, Tyron Woodley – I would love to step back in the Octagon with those guys.
Stephen Thompson
Man, people have been waiting for me to fall off my whole career. From the first time I stepped on the court. It probably made people sick to their stomachs watching my whole career, watching the things that I’ve done in my career.
Allen Iverson
Sure, it is apparent that presidents are looking at polls, but they are also stepping up on issues. President Clinton stepped up on tobacco. He shaped the polls on the tobacco issue.
Donna Shalala
I’ve stepped down from jobs that paid me well more than what I was working anywhere else. And each time, it was to serve the public good and to serve the young men and women of our armed services.
Mark Esper
Do I know A.J. Styles and I could have an amazing match? Seth Rollins and I could tear it down and have a classic? Yeah, if it were me at 35, not me at 45. And not me at 45 not having stepped in a ring for eight years.
The Sixties are most generously described as a time when people took part – when they stepped out of themselves and acted in public, as people who didn’t know what would happen next, but who were sure that acts of true risk and fear would produce something different from what they had been raised to take for granted.
Greil Marcus
Braxton Miller is a special football player and has been special since he stepped on campus.
Cris Carter
Every place but that in which one is born is equally strange and wondrous. Once beyond the bounds of the city walls, and none knows what may happen. We have stepped forth into the Land of Faerie, but at least we are in the open air.
Joseph Jacobs
I believe in miracles. At the age of 13, I was on holiday in Moscow with my mother. It was the only trip I took in my whole childhood. We stepped off a metro train and were approached by a talent scout who told me that she wanted to sign me to her modeling agency.
Olga Kurylenko
By the time I stepped down as Xerox’s CEO in 2009 – and as chairman in January 2010 – Xerox had become the vibrant, profitable and revitalized company that it still is today. What made the difference was a strong turnaround plan, dedicated people and a firm commitment from company leaders.
Anne M. Mulcahy
Working for Disney for the last eight and a half years, people come and go – production staff and actors. I stepped onto the sound stage and it was a literal time warp.
Jacob Young
I was planning to make ‘Hate Story 2,’ but I stepped out of that project. I don’t want to repeat the genre.
Vivek Agnihotri
It seems that once I stepped foot in L.A., I saw an opportunity and took it, and haven’t looked back.
Austin Rivers
I remember the first time I stepped into the ring at age 16. I loved hitting things… but who likes getting hit?!
Mandy Bujold
I found this national debt, doubled, wrapped in a big bow waiting for me as I stepped into the Oval Office.
Barack Obama
The best quality about Kobe Bryant? You want me to be honest? I don’t know. I’ll tell you why. I open my arms to everybody. But he never stepped forward for the embrace. So I never really got to know him. I don’t know anything about him, and it’s kinda sad.
Shaquille O’Neal
Jordan never stepped out on the court to have a good time. He stepped out there to establish that he was the best.
B. J. Armstrong
Once I started to retire, I was telling all of the girls in my generation, ‘Wow I feel like an outsider in this locker room because this whole new generation of women has stepped in,’ and that was one of the signs where I said maybe it’s time to retire.
Gail Kim
I stepped out on faith to follow my lifelong dream of being an author. I made real sacrifices and took big risks. But living, it seems to me, is largely about risk.
Jan Karon
When I stepped into the Lifetime role in 2010, I did a listening tour of what was going on for women in this country. There was such a parallel in Hollywood with women talking about how there are stories that are not getting made and that talented young women are not getting the opportunity to direct and write.
Nancy Dubuc
I did nothing but theater until, I guess, ’99. I was all the way through college the first time that I had stepped in front of a camera. And it’s weird; it’s definitely a transition.
James Roday
Seeing myself as a champion in WWE is something I’ve seen from the first day I stepped into the Universe and the realm of the company.
Samoa Joe
I criticized the whole American songwriting industry and the pop side of it and I was bitter about it. And I stepped back and thought ‘Why are you bitter? You can’t just stand there like every other indie musician and criticize this so-called ‘generic’ music when you’re not doing anything to challenge that.’
Marina and the Diamonds
I think I was one of those kids that I might not fight you if you stepped on my shoes or stole my lunch money or that kind of stuff. But if you picked on a girl or something like that, that would cause me to rear up a little bit.
Will Shields
I wanted a new phase in my life I needed something new. I stepped back, started doing song writing and various business ventures down the line.
Ahmad Balshe
I’m not saying I didn’t have ample time to recover, ample time to get to my best, I felt this year I did fine. When I stepped on the field for the national team, I was ready and able to make an impact, to score goals, to create chances.
Tiffeny Milbrett
I took a lot of heat from Republicans when I stepped out of John McCain’s campaign after the 2008 primaries. I still supported McCain, and voted for him, but I just didn’t want to be the tip of the spear attacking Obama.
Mark McKinnon
I’ll never forget the first moment I stepped on a Broadway stage. It was in Grease, and I knew it was momentous. My parents were there, and I got into a cab with them afterward and started crying.
Helene Yorke
On October 20, 2012 – 17 months and two days after I was diagnosed with that rare form of bone cancer – I stepped back into the ring at the Barclays Center to fight Josh Luteran. He didn’t make it out of the first round. Just 1:13 in, it was over. Knockout. I was back.
Daniel Jacobs
I have stepped outside my comfort zone enough to know that, yes, the world does fall apart, but not in the way that you fear.
Tan Le
Zimbabweans are severely malnourished, and deaths from starvation occur even in the cities. The country has not yet suffered nationwide famine only because international donors have stepped in.
Samantha Power
I have been called ‘Bongshell’ the day I stepped into showbiz. So, any adjective coming my way, I take it positively. Sometimes it’s also entertaining, but I don’t feel bad about it. I’m a proud woman.
Bipasha Basu
In 2008, I decided I wanted to begin a new venture, so I started Rethink Robotics. We build factory robots that a person can learn to train in just a few minutes. In May 2011, I stepped off the iRobot board.
Rodney Brooks
I quit wrestling in 2006 because I just got lost. My mom didn’t want me wrestling. I was wondering if I was going to make it in wrestling; I got injured in a match. I was 19. I was away from home, living in Florida, and I just got lost. I couldn’t face it, so I stepped away.
Becky Lynch
If I have stepped on some people at times because I am at the top, it couldn’t be helped. What should I do if someone gets hurt… retire?
Maria Callas
When you look like you stepped out of a catalog, that’s never good. People shouldn’t succumb to trend, they should interpret trend.
Rachel Zoe
At 13, in my first year of Tonbridge, I went up for the part of Macbeth. I was up against the 17- and 18-year-olds, but for some reason I got the part. It made me incredibly unpopular with my peers, but it was the English and drama teachers who stepped in to save me when others wanted me kicked out of the school.
Dan Stevens
The first time I stepped onto the rooftop of the Potala Palace in Lhasa in 1985, I felt, as never before or since, as if I was stepping onto the rooftop of my being: onto some dimension of consciousness that I’d never visited before.
Pico Iyer
I’m a bronzer girl, for sure. I love to always look golden or like I just stepped off the beach.
Eva Marie
When I first stepped into literature twenty-five years ago, I wanted to work on behalf of the oppressed, the working masses, and it seemed to me, mistakenly, that I would not find them among the Jews.
S. Ansky
After 10 years of WWE, in a somewhat dramatic fashion, it just didn’t feel right, so I stepped out of my contract, and after 10 years of that schedule, I had all this time.
Cody Rhodes
From the moment I stepped into this industry, I’ve always had to fight for my ideas and for my voice to be heard.
Charli XCX
Everything has been such a whirlwind ever since I stepped foot in the league and everything has been like a dream, so I’m just blessed to be in this position.
Kevin Durant
When I was 15, and I just stepped on the A-team, I believed in myself, but I wasn’t cocky in any way. I just wanted something so badly that I could tell people around me that were ten years older that they had to play and perform. I would still say that I had respect.
Ada Hegerberg
I would miss the action if I ever stepped away from wrestling.
Gail Kim
I’ve loved wrestling from the first moment I stepped between the ropes. Don’t know where I’d be without it.
Terry Funk
When I woke up Sunday morning at the Open and stepped outside and felt the wind and rain in my face, I knew I had an excellent chance to win if I just took my time and trusted myself.
Tom Kite
I was 21 years and 218 days old when I received the Academy Award for Best Actress. I had just stepped into an imaginary world that I’d seen at a distance for years.
Marlee Matlin
I remember arriving to my tryout and being extremely nervous, but the second I stepped in the ring, I knew this was where I was supposed to be.
Nia Jax
Independent horror movies have really stepped up the game, and hopefully mainstream Hollywood will follow suit.
Paul G. Tremblay
Freud taught us that it wasn’t God that imposed judgment on us and made us feel guilty when we stepped out of line. Instead, it was the superego – that idealized concept of what a good person is supposed to be and do – given to us by our parents, that condemned us for what had been hitherto regarded as ungodly behavior.
Tony Campolo
I walked on a high wire at Battersea power station for Comic Relief in 2011. It was the scariest but the most exciting moment. I hated being on it but as soon as I stepped off I was desperate to get back on and do it again!
Helen Skelton
I went to church as a boy, and then I quite quickly stepped away from religion. But I remained fascinated by the need people have for religion.
Sebastian Lelio