Stepfather Quotes

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I went out every single night so I was never alone with

I went out every single night so I was never alone with my stepfather. At 12, I stopped going on holiday with them. The times I was alone with him I always made sure I was all covered up.
Christine Keeler
My stepfather was an exemplary human being. It took me a lot of time to accept him as a parent. But what he did intelligently was he befriended me.
Dia Mirza
The transition from an English father to a Punjabi stepfather demanded an adjustment that was far from easy for a 10-year-old boy who had just lost his father.
Ruskin Bond
My stepfather was fond of letting me know, quote, ‘I ain’t your… damn daddy.’ That was something that was painful, to put it mildly.
Chris Gardner
I grew up a poor kid in Florida, and I was always in Florida living with my stepfather and my mother, and we used to, every year, sit down and watch ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ And I think to this day that’s probably the foundation for everything I’ve done since.
Kenny Leon
I had a complicated life until I was 25. I was born in Bristol and was brought up by my mum and my stepfather in Edinburgh. He introduced me to books.
Neil Cross
I think of my films as not necessarily political but more moral. Between my father, my stepfather, and my mother – they all felt pretty passionately about the importance of standing up and doing the right thing, and none of them were suck-ups. What motivates me is usually abuse of power.
Alex Gibney
I was blackballed by the studios when I sued by stepfather.
Jackie Coogan
One summer, when I was a kid, I was in the car with my stepfather, and he was asking me where I thought I ranked, on a scale of 1 to 10. I said, ‘6,’ and he said, ‘3.’ I think it was his way of telling me that I needed to get out and really attack life.
Jim Rash
My stepfather’s nickname for me was Squarehead.
Ashley Walters
My stepfather was a military man: he was in the Air Force. Reserve. You thought he’d seen front-line action, but he was stationed in Cleveland.
Fred Willard
My stepfather was quite into opera, but he’d play it when he was in a bad mood, so you’d hear this boom through the floor, Wagner, and you’d feel nervous.
Sam Taylor-Johnson
I tried to get Steven Seagal for my ‘Stepfather Factory’ video in 2002.
My stepfather was in the navy, so I got to know a side of Chile that is not what you would expect from an artist.
Sebastian Lelio
My mother endlessly told me I was too fat, that I wasn’t a patch on my sister. It wasn’t much fun growing up with her and her almost irrational social climbing in that huge house of my dull stepfather Hughdie Auchincloss in Washington.
Lee Radziwill
My stepfather was mean to me and caused many an argument between my mother and myself. Once he even bawled me out for using one of my cars.
Jackie Coogan
To think that Woody was in any way a father or stepfather to me is laughable.
Soon-Yi Previn
Even as a 10-year-old, I remember trying to explain to my mother and stepfather how upset and frustrated a messy room made me. But they just couldn’t grasp it. They wanted me to be playing with baseballs and frogs while I wanted to be scouring garage sales.
Nate Berkus
My mother’s a psychologist, my stepfather’s a psychologist, my stepmother is a therapist and my dad’s a lawyer. So it was all prominent in my life. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t know someone on some form of prescription medicine.
Zach Braff
I got my love of jazz from my stepfather, who was a jazz musician.
I lost my biological father when I was 9, I lost my stepfather at 23. Both men had such a deep impact in my understanding of life.
Dia Mirza
No, I wasn’t really suing my mother. I was just trying to get in control of my finances and my life. My stepfather has only wanted me around for my money, and he threatened to leave my mother if he didn’t get the money anymore.
Tiffany Darwish
I remember yelling at my mother one time, horribly. I was in tenth grade or something like that, and I hadn’t done something, and she misunderstood because my stepfather told her something that was wrong that I hadn’t done.
Kenneth Lonergan
My stepfather gave me a Kodak camera when I was 17 years old. I started working at a local photo store in Le Havre, France, taking passport pictures and photographing weddings.
Patrick Demarchelier
Watching my stepfather and mother working in the industry – acting and composing – and seeing firsthand how difficult it is to achieve a successful career in the theater, I thought it might be safer to go to art school with the aim of becoming a painter.
Juliet Rylance
My stepfather was a country music fan, and I grew up on a horse farm, so the older country, that’s what he listened to.
Mickie James
My stepfather is a baron. He has a castle in Belgium that’s been in his family for hundreds and hundreds of years. It’s not fancy; it’s really sort of brimstone and dark. It’s got a moat and a drawbridge.
Caroline Polachek
A lot of people don’t realize this, but probably the one person that gets made fun of in ‘South Park’ more than anybody is my dad. Stan’s father, Randy – my dad’s name is Randy – that’s my drawing of my dad; that’s me doing my dad’s voice. That is just my dad. Even Stan’s last name, Marsh, was my dad’s stepfather’s name.
Trey Parker
My stepfather met my mother when I was seven years old, and he was a guitar player. So he caught me messing with his guitar, his electric guitar, and he tried to show me some chords, but my hands were too small.
George Benson
My mom’s a screenwriter, and before that, she was an actress, and my father was an actor; my stepfather was a director, so I was on sets a lot as a kid. I loved the magic of the set. You walk in, and it’s a living room, and you walk outside, and it’s just a piece of wood held up by another piece of wood.
Jennifer Jason Leigh
The reality is that my stepfather was like a father to me and watching him die from a sudden heart attack was one of the hardest things I have ever gone through.
Roger Clemens
My mother used to go out on her own, and I used to have to keep a look out for my stepfather coming home.
Christine Keeler
I did go on safari in Kenya when I was 17, with my mother, stepfather and little brother, and I kept a careful journal of the experience that was very helpful in terms of my sensory impressions of Africa. I have traveled quite a bit at distinct times in my life, though now that I have kids I’ve settled down.
Jennifer Egan
I didn’t have boyfriends until my late teens. I was at a girls’ boarding school, and my stepfather disapproved of me going out with anybody. I never really came across any boys. When I did, one of them asked me out, and I was petrified. I felt like a fish out of water, and it was excruciating.
Pattie Boyd
I was living with my stepfather for a while, and then I moved out and went and lived on my own in Hastings-by-the-Sea from about 16.
Sam Taylor-Johnson
My stepfather, Steve Mallonee, is a retired Miami Beach firefighter, loved and adored by many. After numerous years of heroic work, saving lives through fire and heavy smoke, he has developed a very fatal lunge disease called Pulmonary Fibrosis.
Chad Gilbert
I never had that wicked stepmother or evil stepfather thing at all. I’m very close to both step-parents and I consider them to be my parents, too.
Mark Ronson
I had a fantastic stepfather, so I didn’t resent him in any way, although I was unnerved by him. He was not an easy man, although he was incredibly charming, gregarious, and fun.
Toby Stephens
Being a stepfather is a huge challenge.
Jonathan Agnew
My stepfather was a very nasty individual.
Jill Scott
I was having an argument with my stepfather, and he was like, ‘Why don’t you join the Marine Corps?’ And I was like, ‘Noooo! Well, maybe, actually… ‘ I went and saw the recruiter, who was like, ‘Are you on the run from the cops? Because we’ve never had someone want to leave so fast.’
Adam Driver
I had a great stepfather.
Michael Douglas
My stepfather is my mentor. He’s also like a father to me. He taught me how to be a man, how to carry myself and how to handle my business.
Zion Williamson
My stepfather introduced me to The London Library when I was about 18; the clientele has definitely changed since then, but it is still a wonderful oasis in the middle of London.
Natascha McElhone
I have never written a book about my life, despite being offered purses of gold. I made ‘Boxes’ because I wanted to make a sincere depiction of a daughter who has lost her father, or the jealousy one can feel towards a daughter who has become more beautiful than you and whose stepfather starts to take her shopping.
Jane Birkin
When I got inaugurated in 2010, OneRepublic donated their time and played for the inauguration. And my stepfather, who is 86, came out. He usually goes to bed at eight o’clock, but he stayed for the entire concert. It was awesome.
John Hickenlooper
When I was like nine or 10, my stepfather and my mother would just say ‘if you want to be one of the greatest, you’ve got to work when nobody’s working,’ so I’d get up at 5:30 A.M. and head to the outdoor court and play.
Zion Williamson
The people who raised me musically are my mother, who is a classically trained pianist, and my stepfather.
Jeff Buckley
‘The Stepfather’ was the first time I sort of carried a film, or led in a film, and doing it was fun, and I felt very special. Afterwards, though, I was terrified. I just thought, ‘Wow, this is basically going to be about me. If this film is a success or a failure, a lot of it’s on me!’
Terry O’Quinn
One way and another I was having a ball – playing gigs, jamming and listening to fine musicians. Then came a crisis at home. My stepfather fell sick, and it meant I had to support the family.
Mary Lou Williams