Standards Quotes

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We are Bayern. We have the highest standards, and alway

We are Bayern. We have the highest standards, and always want to win everything, so the Champions League is a very big target.
Franck Ribery
When it comes to drag, my favorite thing we can do is kind of push against the beauty standards of magazines. We don’t need to look like supermodels. That what really makes drag special and makes it unique and makes it queer.
Sasha Velour
Let’s not be afraid to speak the common sense truth: you can’t have high standards without good discipline.
William Hague
There’s no doubt that we are, by traditional automotive manufacturing standards, an automotive conglomerate. And so that causes confusion by definition.
Sergio Marchionne
People look at kids like us and think we have no morals because we’re from ‘the street.’ I want to show that we do live by certain standards, that we are moral people.
J Hus
You can draw Family Guy when you’re 10 years old. You don’t have to get any better than that to become a professional cartoonist. The standards are extremely low.
John Kricfalusi
It’s been a long time since we’ve been out there playing new material, and we have really enjoyed that. Of course we still enjoy playing the Yes standards as well, but it’s great to have a bit of a challenge and pull off new material.
Chris Squire
Training a reliable military force that adheres to Western norms and standards is the work of a generation, not a few months.
David Ignatius
I want to help create the world’s first global currency built on the Internet and built on open platforms and standards such as Bitcoin, and I want to build a financial services institution on top of that. That’s what I’m doing with Circle.
Jeremy Allaire
England was a delightful and stimulating place for a young academic, although by present standards, the laboratory facilities were primitive. There were almost no research grants and no secretarial assistance, even for Sherrington.
John Eccles
That the CDU has different political views on the topic of redistribution, on the topic of uniform social standards… than the French have, that is nothing new.
Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer
While I may not agree with all of President Obama’s energy policies, I strongly supported his successful effort to double fuel economy standards for cars and trucks to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025.
Bernie Sanders
The ability of our people to think quickly and create great products in this whole new world of Internet open standards is not only essential to our success but is also one of the things that impresses me most about Netscape.
Jim Barksdale
In addition to fines, violators of decency standards could be required to air public service announcements serving educational and informational needs of children.
Charles W. Pickering
We are thrilled with the response we are getting to Le Cirque at The Leela Palace New Delhi. Our goal is to bring a luxury dining experience consistent with international standards of excellence to the expanding and discerning clientele in India.
Sirio Maccioni
The highest standards of conduct must be met by everyone in the NFL because it is a privilege to represent the NFL, not a right.
Roger Goodell
Our standards for motherhood are so high that many of us harbor intense, secret guilt for every harsh word we speak to our children, every negative thought that enters our minds.
Vanessa Diffenbaugh
The way to connect with voters on the plan is to simply give the facts. Fifty per cent of taxpayers pay 97 per cent of the taxes. By most people’s standards, that’s already fair. The President is playing the class warfare card because he knows that a lot of people may never hear that particular fact. But it’s a fact.
Herman Cain
I don’t do filler songs. I don’t get them. They don’t make any sense to me. Why would I literally waste my time on a song that doesn’t hold up to the same standards as the other songs on the album? I won’t play it live.
Betty Who
Crime stories are often sensationalized. They can provoke lower standards.
David Grann
The time for double standards that allow Islamists to behave aggressively toward us while they demand our weakness and submission is over.
Newt Gingrich
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a canonizing institution. Jann Wenner has worked to make Rolling Stone the keeper of the canon since 1970. I don’t like that, because he uses institutional power and he uses economic power to enforce those standards.
Robert Christgau
Subsidising inefficient businesses does not encourage them to become more competitive and means that extra money has to be taken from tax payers for the same result. Inevitably, this reduces the total size of the economy and lowers living standards.
Jacob Rees-Mogg
The key benefits of a Special Purpose National Bank Charter are uniform regulations, standards, supervision, and authority for emerging financial technology companies to operate nationwide.
Perianne Boring
By all standards, except for ‘Star Trek’ standards, 98 episodes of any television show is a wildly successful run.
Scott Bakula
I always prefer to save up and have a four- or five-star holiday rather than take lots of little breaks where the standards aren’t so high.
June Whitfield
If we would only give, just once, the same amount of reflection to what we want to get out of life that we give to the question of what to do with a two weeks’ vacation, we would be startled at our false standards and the aimless procession of our busy days.
Dorothy Canfield Fisher
Getting kids into the kitchen preparing the food they and their families will eat results in them viewing food in an entirely new way. If given the right ingredients, that act alone can raise the standards of the quality of the food both they and their family eat.
Chuck Norris
What standards are upheld by the scientific community affect the community internally, and also affect its relations with society at large, including Congress.
Serge Lang
We have a large underclass in Britain, and a fairly low standard of education. Our best universities are extremely good, but a very significant proportion of the British population that comes out of compulsory schooling with very low standards of education.
Nigel Short
The idea for which this nation stands will not survive if the highest goal free man can set themselves is an amiable mediocrity. Excellence implies striving for the highest standards in every phase of life.
John W. Gardner
People regard CGI as a gimmick; they almost blame CGI for a bad story or a bad script. They talk about CGI as if it’s responsible for a drop in standards.
Peter Jackson
If I was a state, I would like to see education left to the schools themselves, but I don’t want the federal government involved in education. I think that it ends up setting standards that cost you time and money and don’t make any difference in education. I want to stop that.
Gary Johnson
I think society is so hard on young women. Growing up, the images that I saw, the standards that I had to live up to in terms of how I looked and how I fit into my social groups – it was a lot of pressure.
Shannon Purser
You must have anger, as rightful wrath is what makes you create your own ethical standards.
Kamal Haasan
There is only one person in the State Department that can sign off on State Department personnel being in a facility that doesn’t meet security standards, and it’s the secretary of state.
James Lankford
People have asked why the new currency introduced was different in size and thickness from the old. This is because the new currency has been designed to make it hard to counterfeit. When you are going to make a change of this magnitude, you need to get the best standards in place.
Urjit Patel
Cooperation and respect for each other will advance the cause of human rights worldwide. Confrontation, vilification, and double standards will not.
Robert Mugabe
Parents and teachers alike are alarmed by this top-down approach to education that wrongly ties education money for states to the adoption of academic standards that do not fully reflect the values of South Carolina.
Jeff Duncan
I think there is a sort of box-ticking mentality. Not just in the teaching profession. You hear about it in medicine and nursing. It’s a lawyer-driven insistence on meeting prescribed standards rather than just being a good doctor.
Richard Dawkins
When I see my staff take a step back because I’ve lost my cool about something food-related, I say never apologise for your standards. If someone doesn’t meet them, then you should explain that and that you want it changed. I want my staff to be like that, too.
Curtis Stone
Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal. Difficult standards for people to live up to.
Alfred A. Montapert
My parents are both college professors, and it made me want to question authority, standards and traditions.
Maya Lin
Publicly I’m a very modest dresser, by Hollywood’s standards.
Mayim Bialik
I am a perfectionist, and I set high standards.
Dimitar Berbatov
I can do both of the things I love, which is raise awareness for TSS and work as a model to help change beauty standards. It was a win-win.
Lauren Wasser
What we hear now is great-sounding records with great-sounding grooves and loops. And the sound of these records is irresistible, but the craft of songwriting is just about over. That’s why, whenever I get an opportunity to do an album full of standards, I jump at it because I miss it.
Barry Manilow
Education standards need to be set at the state level. High standards are an important way to ensure that the education system we are funding is actually working and producing, at a minimum, what we would expect it to.
Doug Ducey
Everyone with a cell phone thinks they’re a photographer. Everyone with a laptop thinks they’re a journalist. But they have no training, and they have no idea of what we keep to in terms of standards, as in what’s far out and what’s reality. And they have no dedication to truth.
Helen Thomas
What we do is look for high standards of excellence in the arts.
Jane Alexander
To be in the England squad, you have got to be playing well and your standards have got to be up there.
Jack Butland
Regulators around the world have achieved an unprecedented level of collaboration since the financial crisis to create global standards for financial institutions. American regulators have largely viewed these international standards as a floor, and imposed higher standards on U.S. institutions.
James P. Gorman
I don’t want Washington – let me be perfectly clear – I do not want Washington involved in local education decisions any more than I want them involved in common core. You know, common core was a state-created and state-implemented voluntary set of standards in Math and English that are comparable across state lines.
Jan Brewer
I think people are free to marry any way they want to. But churches are free to set standards for marriage.
Jeff Sessions
If major companies sourcing in developing countries care only about price and quality, local suppliers will be lured to cut corners on environmental standards to win contracts.
Ma Jun
Growing up, I was a target. Speaking the right way, standing the right way, holding your wrist the right way. Every day was a test, and there were a thousand ways to fail, a thousand ways to betray yourself, to not live up to someone else’s standards of what was accepted, of what was normal.
Wentworth Miller
You figure out what your standards are, and I think that’s important.
Neil Patrick Harris
Torture, including practices like waterboarding, violates the legal and moral standards of all civilized nations.
Jerrold Nadler
A lot of these so-called left positions are actually centrist by the standards of the American people, just not by members of the American Congress.
Pete Buttigieg
I want young girls and women to feel like they connect with me and that they don’t have to aspire for unreal beauty or fashion standards.
Ananya Panday
There are so many double standards, not just in rap, but everywhere.
What matters is that you are doing what you think is right based on the standards which you hold.
Walter Annenberg
Well, by the standards of a lot of countries, by Latin American standards, it wasn’t so bad.
Paul A. Volcker
The reason people wear the things that they wear and accept the standards that they accept is because most athletes make a good portion of their money in advertising and doing campaigns afterwards.
Rain Dove
If you can keep getting better, we can set ourselves better standards every game.
Vijay Shankar
If the E.U. allows itself to be priced out of the world economy, the next generation will not get jobs, living standards will decline, and the Union will lose the popular consent of the people of Europe.
George Osborne
We have to set our own agenda, we have to set our own standards, we have to be very strong about what we want, we have to be very strong about our passion and if it’s not right for you, you shouldn’t do it just because you’re advised by so-called geniuses.
Jackie DeShannon
There are many artists that I present that I admit I like less than I do others. But I think that they warrant being presented by my own, personal standards.
Norman Granz
Being broke and being in the street does not mean that you’re keeping it real. I think that everybody that lives in a non-wealthy neighbourhood spends their time and energy trying to do everything they can to better their living standards. I’m no different.
Indeed, Rusbridger has finessed for the Guardian a certain willing suspension of disbelief and is able to credibly maintain conceits and moral standards to which his own behaviour hardly conforms.
Michael Wolff
Despite Arizona’s remarkable growth in recent years, we have met the current federal health standards for ozone pollution and the Environmental Protection Agency recently approved our dust control plan.
Jane D. Hull
Undermine their pompous authority, reject their moral standards, make anarchy and disorder your trademarks. Cause as much chaos and disruption as possible but don’t let them take you ALIVE.
Sid Vicious
I had begun to worry about the housing market back in 2003, when lenders first resurrected interest-only mortgages, loosening their credit standards to generate a greater volume of loans. Throughout 2004, I had watched as these mortgages were offered to more and more subprime borrowers – those with the weakest credit.
Michael Burry
Expanded credit access has helped households maintain living standards when suffering job loss, illness, or other unexpected contingencies.
Janet Yellen
Furthermore, America suffers not only from a lack of standards, but also not infrequently from a confusion or an inversion of standards.
Irving Babbitt
I am a part of the old school where I feel that purity of the language should be retained. But English is a constantly evolving language where new words are being added to the dictionary, so I don’t see any harm in experimenting with the language. Only poor editing standards need to be improved.
Ashwin Sanghi
It’s ridiculous that we are in a place where we feel like we can classify and dismiss certain groups of people just because of the way they look, or we have these standards of health – like, cellulite is something you need to get rid of. No, it isn’t. It’s just a part of people’s bodies.
Zach Anner
As a consequence, progress has come to mean simply more power, more profit, more productivity, more paper prosperity, all of which are convertible into standards concerned only with size or magnitude rather than quality or excellence.
Alex Campbell
I have my own goals, standards and have my own pressure.
Callum Smith
It is up to us to change laws on the books like ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws and push elected officials to enact regulations that hold police officers to the same standards as the rest of society. This is why we vote.
Al Sharpton
It is of the highest importance to provide equal access to the labour market. Governments should act to establish equitable employment standards and penalise racial discrimination.
Tariq Ramadan
Even by Silicon Valley standards, PayPal’s vision was massively ambitious.
Reid Hoffman
Our duty was to declare God’s standards to the world: no adultery, no fornication, no gays, no idolatry.
Megan Phelps-Roper
I have my own high standards for what I want in a partner and how I want to be treated. I bring a lot to the table. I’m not talking about material things but what I have to offer as a person – love and loyalty and all the things that make a good relationship.
Jennifer Lopez
Every time I act on a fear, I feel disappointed in myself. I have a lot of fear. If I can quit all fear in my life and all guilt, then I tend to be much, much more living up to my standards. I’ve never seen a person fail if they didn’t fear failure.
Sebastian Thrun
The challenge itself is to exceed certain high standards you’ve set for yourself.
Dimple Kapadia
You’re supposed to create new standards. The more you play songs by your peers, they become standards, you know? Miles Davis played ‘Gingerbread Boy’ ‘cos he and Jimmy Heath were cool, you know? That’s how the culture goes.
Robert Glasper
English girls’ schools today providing the higher education are, so far as my knowledge goes, worthily representative of that astonishing rise in the intellectual standards of women which has taken place in the last half-century.
Mary Augusta Ward
By Hollywood standards I’m still fat: until you are zero, you are big. I do get cold a lot now. I used to have a lot of layers – now I got to get a fur coat.
Lisa Lampanelli
When we agreed to the changes in the emissions standards and the objectives for 2025 with President Obama, there was a very clear road map that was put in place that required a midterm review, which should have been completed by 2017 and ’18.
Sergio Marchionne
You should shoot for high standards, and believe they’re obtainable.
Buster Posey
I don’t have a problem with the concept that miracles might occasionally occur at moments of great significance, where there is a message being transmitted to us by God Almighty. But as a scientist, I set my standards for miracles very high.
Francis Collins
All of us are going to have to find ways to do things more efficiently, find ways to get our costs more in line, and do it in a time of higher regulatory and environmental standards.
N. Murray Edwards
Again, when it comes to enforcement of our community standards, we support people’s rights to demonstrate, but we don’t care about who you are or your politics are. If you engage in violence in this city, you will be held accountable.
Ted Wheeler
I voted against H.R. 1119, which would weaken emissions standards for coal refuse power plants.
Seth Moulton
We at The Web Standards Project turned everything on its head. We said browsers should support the same standards instead of competing to invent new tags and scripting languages. We said designers, developers, and content folks should create one site that was accessible to everyone.
Jeffrey Zeldman
Many investors understandably want to do good while also doing well. But the standards for ESG investing are often unclear and sometimes contradictory.
Eugene Scalia
All experts on WHO advisory groups for developing norms, standards and guidelines are required to disclose interests regarding the advisory committee’s area of work. If a declared interest is potentially significant, then the expert is either excluded from the meeting or given a restricted role.
Margaret Chan
Computer systems could not work without standards – an agreement among programs and systems about how they will exchange information.
Ellen Ullman
We can be thankful President Barack Obama is taking aim at one of the prime causes of climate change and extreme weather: air pollution. The EPA’s carbon pollution standards are the most significant step forward our country has ever taken to protect our health by addressing climate change.
Donna Brazile
As we embark on something as ambitious as the Common Core, educators must be able to teach to the standards with the necessary support and collaboration and without the sense that there will be dire consequences if students, schools and their tests don’t make the grade.
Randi Weingarten
Our ACE proposal will reduce CO2 approximately the same levels that the Clean Power Plan would have, if it had been implemented. And we’re reducing CO2 from our CAFE standards.
Andrew R. Wheeler
I just think, obviously as players, we’re held to a higher standard. I’ve had to watch myself on that, but I think if we’re held to higher standards, the owners should be held to even higher standards.
Matt Barnes
Currently under FCC policy, indecency determinations hinge on two factors. First, material must describe or depict sexual or excretory organs or activities. Second, the material must be patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards for the broadcast medium.
Doug Ose
From the age of 11, I was cleaning floors, washing dishes, making sandwiches and being a cashier. Survival was the name of the game. Life was so hard that I had to struggle to keep up my standards. Under these conditions, I didn’t think about science too much.
Ada Yonath
I remember making ‘Mr. Show,’ thinking, ‘Man this stuff is really funny to me.’ I don’t know if anyone else will love it, but I know I’m going to still watch it in 15 years if I’m still alive and laugh really hard. Even though we had very high standards, we were trying to excite and please ourselves.
Bob Odenkirk
You got to realize that the vision, the image, according to 1964 U.S. rock and roll standards, was mohair suit and tie, and nicey-nicey ol’ boy next door.
Bobby Keys
Living standards in both the public and private sector have to be brought down. The private sector has to sell more abroad and consume less at home. The government sector has to get closer to just spending what it can collect in taxes.
John Redwood
Allowing flexibility to local school districts to set their own nutritional standards and having parents involved in the process is a win-win for the students.
Mercedes Schlapp
I decry all domestic violence behavior; to condone violence against women would violate all standards of decency, run counter to my commitment to end domestic violence, and violate my core values!
Eric Adams
I always want to have the traditional country soul while meeting the new standards of country music.
Jon Pardi
Everything that I said that I feel like I want, deserve, the type of respect that I want from a man, I still believe that. I still am going to hold those standards for any man in my life.
Hannah Brown
If you have always believed that everyone should play by the same rules and be judged by the same standards, that would have gotten you labeled a radical 60 years ago, a liberal 30 years ago and a racist today.
Thomas Sowell
Obviously this is the world descending into worse and worse standards of targeting civilians both in state violence in Iraq, Gaza and so on and the terrorist retaliation.
Clare Short
Many thought it was a fool’s errand – that the browser companies were never going to listen to us. Others argued that, ‘Users don’t care if you use Web standards.’ Well, of course they don’t. They just know that your site works better.
Jeffrey Zeldman
Right action tends to be defined in terms of general individual rights and standards that have been critically examined and agreed upon by the whole society.
Lawrence Kohlberg
Those who store, package, and sell the food we serve our families have a responsibility to maintain basic standards of cleanliness in their facilities.
Loretta Lynch
When I’m dealing with Britney Spears and Katy Perry, these massive brands, like, really, very Coca-Cola, you know what I mean? There are certain kinds of standards. There are risks you can take, and there’s risks that you don’t. And I think I’m interested in taking a little more risk in my own music.
Bonnie McKee
To draft a bill of rights that simply replicates the European convention on human rights gives the game away; namely that the Human Rights Act does, in fact, offer appropriate protection to all of our citizens according to universally accepted standards.
Keir Starmer
My parents set high standards. It wasn’t okay if you got a B.
Buster Posey
When ‘Psycho’ came out back in 1960, it was seen as an abomination and as this really gory thing. We all watch ‘Psycho’ today, of course, and think it’s so tame since there’s no blood or any real gore in it. But for the standards of the day when it was released, it was extreme.
Leigh Whannell
Standards are declining left and right, and it doesn’t matter. It’s whatever is necessary to prop up Obama.
Rush Limbaugh
One of the biggest challenges facing the globe is the gap that exists in the wealth and standards of living enjoyed by the world’s nations.
Brian Behlendorf
I don’t like hypocrisy, I don’t like double standards, it’s probably why i’m vegan.
Austin Aries
There isn’t really any Common Core any more. Each state is able to set the standards for their state. They may elect to adopt very high standards for their students to aspire to and to work toward. And that will be up to each state.
Betsy DeVos
I don’t necessarily care about the money aspect of it. I just want to be valued where I’m at. If I am playing this game, I want to set standards for all the other running backs behind me, like Todd Gurley and Ezekiel Elliott, Melvin Gordon, guys like that.
Le’Veon Bell
Nothing is sadder than having worldly standards without worldly means.
Van Wyck Brooks
The memory of the 146 people who lost their lives in the Triangle Shirtwaist fire stands as a reminder that legal protections and workplace safety standards were won through a long struggle for social justice and at great human cost.
Eric Schneiderman
Increased jobs are the consequence of increased trade. Increasing jobs more than output implies a fall in productivity and standards of living. That surely cannot be our goal.
Alan Greenspan
Even the most cynical can hardly be surprised by the antics of Nixon and his accomplices as they are gradually revealed. It matters little, at this point, where the exact truth lies in the maze of perjury, evasion, and of contempt for the normal – hardly inspiring – standards of political conduct.
Noam Chomsky
We were right to make the case for the U.K. to negotiate a comprehensive customs union with the E.U. And we are right to argue for a strong single market deal, based on common standards, protections and regulations: the right balance of rights and obligation.
Keir Starmer
Louisiana’s spicy, colorful politics have saddled our state with a reputation for tolerating lax ethical standards in government.
John Kennedy
There are a number of institutions globally where the Federal Reserve typically leads the U.S. effort to work with financial regulators from other countries, and we try to, to the extent possible, establish international standards for how – the amount of capital a bank should hold, for example, or how much.
Ben Bernanke
I encourage teachers to speak in their own voices. Don’t use the gibberish of the standards writers.
Jonathan Kozol
Unequivocally, individual human beings who live together will always have different standards of what a ‘clean house’ looks like.
Emily V. Gordon
In most languages, ‘control’ is the first synonym for the word ‘manage.’ Control is about spotting and correcting deviations from pre-defined standards; thus to control, one must first constrain.
Gary Hamel
It’s very painful to lose, and it’s a very difficult process to go through, especially at a place like UCLA where the standards are very high.
Ben Howland
I spent a lot of time in Europe. I spent a lot of time in United States, I know what is modern standards of life… and always, if I return to my home country, I ask my country why very simple things that works everywhere else in the world doesn’t work in Ukraine.
Vitali Klitschko
The great philosophers and the great works are standards for the selection of what is essential. Everything that we do in studying the history of philosophy ultimately serves their better understanding.
Karl Jaspers
I grew up eating quite well, even though the idea has got around that my family were terribly poor in Communist Georgia. I think it’s partly because we had different standards then – it was tough, but we never truly struggled for food.
Katie Melua
History belongs to everyone. I don’t think you have to give up scholarly standards. But I also don’t think you want to write something that is impenetrable. You try as hard as you can to be readable.
Margaret MacMillan
Filipino talents and skills are becoming ubiquitous in many parts of the world. Returning Filipino workers have helped improve our skills and technological standards.
Ferdinand Marcos
Moral certainty, clear standards, and a commitment to spiritual ideals will set you apart in a world that searches for meaning.
Mitt Romney
Yes, bad or mediocre ballets can be useful to the dancers and temporarily fun for the audience, but in the long run, the lowering of standards can only erode the art form we all love.
Robert Gottlieb
In addition to offering benefits to those who invest, carry out research, and create jobs, higher taxes on land and real-estate speculation would redirect capital toward productivity-enhancing spending – the key to long-term improvement in living standards.
Joseph Stiglitz
Many people, I’ve noticed by informally polling friends, are prone to distinguishing a beach read by genre. Some people thought all thrillers are beach reads; others thought all romances are. Some people thought only mass market paperbacks are eligible for beach read standards.
Michelle Dean
The only knowledge which satisfies us is one which is subject to no external standards but springs from the inner life of the personality.
Rudolf Steiner
Africa Rising is as much about improving standards of governance as it is about an increasingly confident youths and civil society. It is also about businessmen and women who are stepping beyond national borders and going global.
Yemi Osinbajo
The repudiation of the primacy of understanding means the repudiation of the norms of judgment as well, and hence the abandonment of all ethical standards.
Johan Huizinga
I think as an investigative reporter I had tough standards, but I don’t think of myself as a tough person.
Jill Abramson
We have become stronger economically; we have been successfully resolving the social problems, raising the level of living – the standards of living – of the population.
Sergei Lavrov
On the subject of religious belief, we relax standards of reasonableness and evidence that we rely on in every other area of our lives. We relax so totally that people believe the most ludicrous propositions, and are willing to organize their lives around them.
Sam Harris
There are no standards for computer programmers and no group to certify them.
Dave Parnas
Low standards are a tactic that takes pressure off teachers’ unions by accepting mediocrity and failure for kids.
Jeb Bush
I want to write about people I love, and put them into a fictional world spun out of my own mind, not the world we actually have, because the world we actually have does not meet my standards.
Philip K. Dick
It’s a good thing to remember that hiring will get easier as you scale – but you should also never drop your standards.
Diane Greene
My songs lie somewhere in between the evergreen standards, rock n’ roll and pop.
Neil Sedaka
You can’t please everyone. When you’re too focused on living up to other people’s standards, you aren’t spending enough time raising your own. Some people may whisper, complain and judge. But for the most part, it’s all in your head. People care less about your actions than you think. Why? They have their own problems!
Kris Carr
It’s a technical, fairly difficult job that has no particular political connotations, so I doubt there are any big campaign contributors dying to be on the Fed. And remember, it doesn’t pay very well, certainly by Republican standards.
Alice Rivlin
As congressional Republicans and the Trump administration continue to attack the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it came as no surprise that the House voted on two bills that would weaken emissions standards and, as a result, put our public health at risk.
Seth Moulton
I raised the standards on recruiting.
Mark Esper
Applying different standards to al Qaeda does not abandon Geneva, but only recognizes that the U.S. faces a stateless enemy never contemplated by the Conventions.
John Yoo
We must use every tool at our disposal to lift the living standards of low-wage employees.
Eric Schneiderman
What I want is a strong NHS delivering the highest standards of care anywhere in the world, and that is true to the founding values of the NHS, and I hope that, looking back on my time as health secretary, people can see that, actually, the foundations for that change were laid in the period that I was health secretary.
Jeremy Hunt
My expectation levels are probably higher than what’s achievable. But I have to keep pushing the standards.
Phil Neville
Young people especially sometimes feel that the standards of the Lord are like fences and chains, blocking them from those activities that seem most enjoyable in life.
Ezra Taft Benson
I love the idea of challenging what the standards is.
Joshua Henry
We should forcefully call out China whenever it violates international standards.
Sherrod Brown
Results are a consequence of doing things well and having high standards, improving the detail of how we play.
Gareth Southgate
Arsenal’s standards are very high so I’ve always tried to reach that.
Alex Iwobi
I know I have exacting standards.
Travis Knight
Imagine that foreign development is not done to our standards and a spill occurs. Neither geology nor ocean currents will respect our national boundaries.
Lisa Murkowski
By many peoples’ standards, my playing is very primitive but by punk standards, I’m a virtuoso.
Robert Quine
I honestly feel like we never had a bad episode by TV standards. Every week I felt there were so many strong components of the show, especially the writing.
Donal Logue
I think integration in Norway is, by all standards, going relatively well. People are working, taking education, learning the language.
Jonas Gahr Store
The challenges of delivering more housing so people can enjoy the benefits of home ownership and improving standards and choice in public services can also be met with a strong Conservative policy agenda.
Priti Patel
I’ve got high standards when it comes to boys. As my dad says, all girls should! I’m from the South – Tennessee, to be exact – and down there, we’re all about southern hospitality. I know that if I like a guy, he better be nice, and above all, my dad has to approve of him!
Miley Cyrus
There’s something to be said for a likable character, but fiction has a way of upending our ordinary standards.
Ben Dolnick
Over two billion people in China and India need commodities to grow their economies and improve their living standards.
Ivan Glasenberg
The country’s top chefs, designers, media personalities and businesses are part of this dynamic city. We know that Chicagoans are used to the highest standards.
Ivanka Trump
I was born in California, raised a vegetarian, and love science fiction, so don’t tell me how I need to be in order to fit your standards.
Aisha Tyler
Leaders must exemplify integrity and earn the trust of their teams through their everyday actions. When you do this, you set high standards for everyone at your company. And when you do so with positive energy and enthusiasm for shared goals and purpose, you can deeply connect with your team and customers.
Marillyn Hewson
Chevron’s failure to adhere to basic standards of decency undermines the credibility of our capitalist model and diminishes confidence that our judicial system can serve the poor as well as the rich.
Kerry Kennedy
Bioethics is a very, very important field. As we get more and more in the arena of understanding science and getting better opportunities, the fact that you can do things with biological sciences that have an impact on a human being means you must have ethical standards.
Anthony Fauci
Everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin. Whether there are social standards set in place that act against that, it doesn’t matter because the people that love you for who you are are going to love you always, and you should love yourself always.
Tye Sheridan
Results are a consequence of doing things well and having high standards, improving the detail of how we play.
Gareth Southgate
The IP standards advanced countries favour typically are designed not to maximise innovation and scientific progress, but to maximise the profits of big pharmaceutical companies and others able to sway trade negotiations.
Joseph Stiglitz
The so-called feminist writers were disgusted with me. I did my thing, and so I guess by feminist standards I’m a feminist. That suits me fine.
Chrissie Hynde
I tried to be just a singer of standards when I was starting out. And there was nothing special enough about my voice to make it that far. So I feel a bit like Rod Stewart. Once you’ve had that rock career, people will give you that chance where otherwise they might not.
Nellie McKay
Obviously, when you come onto a team that’s playing in the Finals and the standards are so high that nothing but winning a championship is success, coming in new to that kind of environment, of course you’re going to put pressure on yourself.
Toni Kukoc
In our recovery package we put new standards of accountability and transparency, which we hope will now apply.
Nancy Pelosi
The male role is heavily policed from birth, by parents, peers and bosses. Politicians in particular are harshly kept in line by a media that seems to uphold more bizarrely rigid standards of conformity than those held by any citizen.
Grayson Perry
When you fail by your own standards, it’s a form of success.
Bonnie Hunt
I am committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct for government officials.
John F. Kerry
The kind of young woman who can be a terrific torchbearer has high standards all the time, not just in her prom dress, but every, ordinary day.
Margaret D. Nadauld
When governors such as John Engler, Mike Huckabee, and Mike Pence were driving the conversation on voluntary high standards driven by local voices, it all made sense.
Betsy DeVos
The Clean Power Plan sets the first-ever national carbon pollution standards for the power sector, the single-biggest source of carbon emissions in the United States.
Brian Deese
The idea is to have global standards. There is so much travel that if you just had a regional standard, it would probably ultimately have to be changed.
Gijs de Vries
I don’t claim to be a journalist. I hold myself to higher standards of transparency and disclosure.
Michael Arrington
What’s great about stand-up is that you can say whatever you want and go around the country, and sometimes the world, and work on it and see how people react. You don’t need Standards & Practices or notes from lawyers or producers to tell you what’s funny.
Natasha Leggero
Simply put, broadband voice is an interstate matter that must be dealt with through clear national standards.
John Sununu
I’ve always tried to set my standards high on a daily basis.
Kyle Korver
The nicest thing about standards is that there are so many of them to choose from.
Ken Olsen
You can become an even more excellent person by constantly setting higher and higher standards for yourself and then by doing everything possible to live up to those standards.
Brian Tracy
Agrarian reform should not merely subdivide misery, it must raise living standards. Ownership raises the farmer from his, but productivity will keep him on his feet.
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
Julianne Moore and Michael Keaton began in 1980s soap operas and 1970s sitcoms, respectively, such ancient history by show business standards that you need carbon dating to measure their careers.
Steve Erickson
Ueli Steck, I’m absolutely certain, had a very strong inner drive to keep pushing. He set very high standards for himself.
Reinhold Messner
Historically, it has required a combination of favorable employment trends and active government intervention to lower the percentage of people in poverty and raise living standards for the working middle class.
Stephanie Coontz
I’ve upped my standards. Now, up yours.
Pat Paulsen
I don’t have high standards in taste; I prefer soju over wine.
Kim Woo-bin
Concealed-carry reciprocity, I believe, undermines American gun laws by forcing states to accept carry-permitting standards of every other state, including some states that have no standards at all.
Brad Schneider
TV and the press have always functioned according to the same sets of rules and technical standards. But the Internet is based on software. And anybody can write a new piece of software on the Internet that years later a billion people are using.
Marc Andreessen
I am interested in creating model for the global community by using technology and creating ease of doing business, ease of living, and creating higher living standards in A.P.
N. Chandrababu Naidu
Bioethics is a very, very important field. As we get more and more in the arena of understanding science and getting better opportunities, the fact that you can do things with biological sciences that have an impact on a human being means you must have ethical standards.
Anthony Fauci
I’m still more comfortable with standards than with my own songs.
Carly Simon
No matter how talented you are or naturally gifted you are, there’s no substitute to hard work if you got to maintain standards.
Rohit Sharma
Research shows that when women are empowered as political leaders, countries often experience higher standards of living with positive developments in education, infrastructure, and health care.
Miriam Defensor-Santiago
Sam Walton was a master storyteller who used illustrative stories to reinforce his cultural standards.
Michael Bergdahl
Comedy is a reflection. We create nothing. We set no styles, no standards. We’re reflections. It’s a distorted mirror in the fun house. We watch society. As society behaves, then we have the ability to make fun of it.
Alan King
Late night television is ready for someone like me… standards have gone to an all-time low.
Howard Stern
The students that, like the wild animal being prepared for its tricks in the circus called ‘life’, expects only training as sketched above, will be severely disappointed: by his standards he will learn next to nothing.
Edsger Dijkstra
Football’s about winning and I’m a winner, but you also have to set standards and entertain people.
Chris Kamara
Financial institutions, the corporate world and civil society – all must uphold high standards of probity in their working. Only a genuine partnership between the Government and its people can bring about positive change to create a just society.
Pratibha Patil
When a new manager comes in, you have to prove yourself all over again. That’s what you have to do every day and keep your standards high.
James Milner
Standards of beauty are arbitrary. Body shame exists only to the extent that our physiques don’t match our own beliefs about how we should look.
Martha Beck
I’m responsible for what I am and what I want to be. I’m not trying to live by another’s standards.
Tom Bergeron
It is by now beyond question that Elton John is a competent and classy entertainer. Few people who have achieved his popularity have succeeded in maintaining his standards for performance and professionalism.
Jon Landau
Cultural dominance of middle-class norms prevail in middle-class schools with a teacher teaching toward those standards and with students striving to maintain those standards.
James S. Coleman
Feeling pummeled by the outside pounding of tests and standards, a teacher can easily hide and simply turn to the immediacy of the classroom. It is not surprising that many teachers burrow in their rooms with all that they know about their students. There is no place to take the information.
Heidi Hayes Jacobs
Besides kind of like the Wes Anderson, or, of course, a lot of the European movies, most everybody in the States, the big studios, make pretty much the same film. And we’re kind of held to Pixar standards, or Disney standards, as it’s kind of always been in the animation industry.
Genndy Tartakovsky
Greatness, in the last analysis, is largely bravery – courage in escaping from old ideas and old standards and respectable ways of doing things.
James Harvey Robinson
I don’t say that I’m going to be like every other comic that’s blue, or gratuitous use of language. I do try to have my own standards: I don’t do everything the audience wants, and I do try to surprise them.
Honestly, I wish I could be a part of all the remakes of my father’s films. But on second thought, I wouldn’t want to be a part of any. The thought of being compared to him is unnerving. I’d rather do my films than live in the fear of living up to his standards.
Abhishek Bachchan
We have played a critical role in meeting the new safety standards. The Canadian space industry contributed new tools that make the inspection of the space shuttle possible.
Marc Garneau
If wildly variable refereeing standards not yet a crisis, we are reaching a tipping point. And it may take more than the dawn of VARs to sort out the mess.
Robbie Savage
A man who is eating or lying with his wife or preparing to go to sleep in humility, thankfulness and temperance, is, by Christian standards, in an infinitely higher state than one who is listening to Bach or reading Plato in a state of pride.
C. S. Lewis
The key to Operations at Wal-Mart is their ability to maintain the highest standards while at the same time getting things done with lockstep execution.
Michael Bergdahl
Trust is a big word for a manager. You expect certain standards and attitudes and they know if they lower those standards, I’ll jump on them.
Neil Warnock
The USGA is terrific. I’ve designed my course in Bedminster to the highest standards of the USGA, and it’s a very special course.
Donald Trump
The #SwimSexy campaign is redefining standards of beauty, and I’m proud to be a part of it. My hope is that this campaign connects with women and girls of all ages, body-types, races, and backgrounds.
Philomena Kwao
I wound up going to the Walnut Hill School for the Arts in Natick, which was a really life-changing experience that’s still the most intense working environment I’ve ever been part of. Even now, as a professional actor, I’ve never once been held to the standards I was held to at my high school.
Barrett Wilbert Weed
The EU and the U.S. often work together to develop international standards. This is the case in fighting terrorism and transnational crime, advancing trade liberalization, and combating piracy and intellectual property violations.
John Bruton
Engineers in the developed world should be arguing not for protectionism but for trade agreements that seek to establish rules that result in a real rise in living standards. This will ensure that outsourcing is a positive force in the developing nation’s economy and not an exploitative one.
Brian Behlendorf
Set high standards and few limitations for yourself.
Anthony J. D’Angelo
It seems, by today’s standards, that it’s better to seek approval than to tell the truth. It’s better to utter sweet nothings than to boldly say something of substance.
Monica Johnson
With Michigan’s economic future on the line, we can’t afford to have our 500 local school districts marching in different directions. Instead, we need a high standards, mandatory curriculum to get all our students on the road to higher education and a good paying job.
Jennifer Granholm
I made straight A’s and never got into any trouble, and I still impose those standards on myself. So writing is my chance to escape and become the sleaziest, scummiest role.
Sandra Brown
KPMG is committed to the highest standards of professionalism, , and quality, and we are dedicated to the capital markets we serve.
Lynne Doughtie
Being broke and being in the street does not mean that you’re keeping it real. I think that everybody that lives in a non-wealthy neighbourhood spends their time and energy trying to do everything they can to better their living standards. I’m no different.
What I see are people who want affordable energy. They want strong environmental standards – they want a lot of things – but first and foremost they want affordable energy. And if you want affordable energy, you want oil, gas and coal.
John S. Watson
There has to be active, hands-on management in concert with the manager to lead the organization and make sure that the standards that we set for the organization as a whole are being lived up to.
Theo Epstein
It is also rarer to find happiness in a man surrounded by the miracles of technology than among people living in the desert of the jungle and who by the standards set by our society would be considered destitute and out of touch.
Thor Heyerdahl
Jazz musicians have always taken the standards of their time and performed them with a jazz sensibility.
Dianne Reeves
Every historian with professional standards speaks or writes what he believes to be true.
Samuel E. Morison
To me, there is nothing but puerility in a tale in which the human form – and local human passions and conditions and standards – are depicted as native to other worlds and universes.
H. P. Lovecraft
There’s inevitably something missing when you grow up in this kind of an environment when your parents travel a lot. When your father is famous, you are looked at and expected of. There are standards you need to meet.
Natalie Cole
I have a strong moral sense – by my standards.
Rex Stout
We have been fed such unreal standards of beauty that we have now become victims and part of this process that one cannot break.
Sameera Reddy
A lot of people will call me nuts or crazy, but I’ve always been pretty stable. By some people’s standards, I might be crazy. But I realize that I’m not going to harm anyone, and the only place that I live is within my own universe, really – so it’s O.K.
Rachel Miner
As a former teacher, I have a high passion for quality student learning and high standards.
Kay Ivey
In the so-called age of girl power, we have failed to cut loose our most regressive standards of female success – like pleasing others and looking sexy – and to replace them with something more progressive – like valuing intelligence and hard work.
Rachel Simmons
We very clearly do not want an authoritarian regime… setting standards in the world marketplace.
John Ratcliffe
The standards of the international community manifest firmness. Iran has no need for long-range missiles or to collaborate with terrorist organizations all over the world.
Moshe Katsav
I realize that dancers have worked long and hard for standards. However, on occasion, I think that it’s good to examine one’s heart and ask why are we dancing.
Twyla Tharp
I believe the quickest and most sure way to reduce poverty, raise living standards and create jobs around the world is to make economies and governments more open and free, thereby encouraging business and entrepreneurship.
Elliott Bisnow
I’d been a wedding singer through college, but after a few years of doing my best renditions of jazz standards to clinking glasses and the sound of forks on salad, I thought, ‘Oh God, if this is all I do, I’ll never be able to live with myself.’
Idina Menzel
For something to be profitable doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best thing in the world for the director. You judge a movie by different standards – I’ve worked on comedies, and now I’ve worked on superhero movies, and the reviews are almost parenthetical in both of those genres.
Jon Favreau
I have got lots of confidence in my own ability and I know I have got to keep up my standards.
Approximately 80% of our air pollution stems from hydrocarbons released by vegetation, so let’s not go overboard in setting and enforcing tough emission standards from man-made sources.
Ronald Reagan
If blockchain technologies ignore the eventuality of standards, we are going to see less adoption. Maybe we should think of the blockchain as a public-good utility and encourage an evolution that is not unlike the Internet’s in terms of openness and neutrality of access.
William Mougayar
Right action tends to be defined in terms of general individual rights and standards that have been critically examined and agreed upon by the whole society.
Lawrence Kohlberg
Let us be about setting high standards for life, love, creativity, and wisdom. If our expectations in these areas are low, we are not likely to experience wellness. Setting high standards makes every day and every decade worth looking forward to.
Greg Anderson
If you had a national grid with one operator, you had twenty or even a hundred operators, if you don’t have the ability to compel people to observe high standards of conduct, then you run a greater risk.
Spencer Abraham
I just want to make sure girls know they don’t have to carry the weight of achieving nearly impossible standards on their shoulders every day.
Barbie Ferreira
The whole point is, give me a break with the standards. You go to the average jazz label and suggest a record and they want to know which standards you’re going to play. I’m saying let’s break the formula.
Branford Marsalis
You must have anger, as rightful wrath is what makes you create your own ethical standards.
Kamal Haasan
A woman’s decision to carry a baby to term knowing that she will not reap the fruits of motherhood should be treated as an act of bravery and selflessness – the ultimate standards of good motherhood.
Nina Easton
It’s about getting a more democratic Wales for the purpose of improving our economic performance, for improving the delivery of health care, for raising educational standards.
Ron Davies
Soldiers, when committed to a task, can’t compromise. It’s unrelenting devotion to the standards of duty and courage, absolute loyalty to others, not letting the task go until it’s been done.
John Keegan
Environmental injustice is a tangible, intolerable example of an exhibited moral laxity and minimal concern for healthy standards by corporations and political structures based on the race, ethnicity, and class of those being impacted.
Bernice King
The big legislative updates that we need to compete in the 21st century and to raise living standards have been blocked by a reluctance to seek common ground.
John Delaney
If you don’t meet the standards, then you don’t qualify.
Harold Ford, Jr.
We adapt to technological progress by raising our minimum standards of living and working to stay above this rising threshold.
Joe Lonsdale
Because we’re playing tournaments week in and week out I’d think to myself, ‘What’s the point in practising?’ You have no down time to yourself and you’re looking for some to spend with your family and friends. But I’ve now realised that with the game so cut-throat and standards going up every week, it doesn’t work.
Adrian Lewis
Let there be great enthusiasm for the plan throughout the entire republic that will overcome all obstacles. Let us join together to realize the Five Year Plan and bring our economy and our own living standards to previously unknown heights.
Walter Ulbricht
It’s very clear that there’s a lot of double standards going on. Should there be a 30mph speed limit? Of course there bloody should. And certainly with kids and school food, kids need to be nannied for sure. So give them a bloody good meal at school.
Jamie Oliver
After my 10-match ban in 2013 for biting Branislav Ivanovic, I had questioned the double standards and how the fact that no one actually gets hurt is never taken into consideration.
Luis Suarez
National markets are held together by shared values and confidence in certain minimum standards. But in the new global market, people do not yet have that confidence.
Kofi Annan
Being in compliance with industry standards is less than 5 percent of what companies need to do to make food safe. Company after company finds that out after they have events.
Steve Ells
Doctors have an ethical duty to follow the practices and standards of care.
Bob McDonnell
It’s double standards when you’re young women. When we started out it was almost like, ‘This is your lane, stay in your lane. You’re the faces and the name.’ We’re not. We’re the brand.
Perrie Edwards
We will continue to set the standards in the industries in which AEG operates, bringing our unique vision and development model to entertainment locations throughout the world.
Philip Anschutz
What we need to do is really improve energy efficiency standards, develop in full scale renewable and alternative energy and use the one resource we have in abundance, our creativity.
Lois Capps
In order to grow-up, blockchains will eventually need a lot of standards that are vendor- and solutions-agnostic. So many areas are ripe for standards developments: smart contracts, tokens, security, storage, messaging, identities, naming, record-keeping, and more.
William Mougayar
Standards wars involve lots of variables, and understanding them often seems more an art than a science. They generally involve just two big players, and end in a winner-take-all situation.
James Surowiecki
We’ve always gone to other countries where there’s been different standards and different practices you have to adhere to. WWE is like any other company, a global company.
John Layfield
It’s in our ability to selectively engage and disengage our moral standards, and it helps explain how people can be barbarically cruel in one moment and compassionate the next.
Albert Bandura
When you repent and operate on God’s standards, now you have restoration and reconciliation.
Tony Evans
States are free to modify the Common Core State Standards or adopt their own individual standards, because academic standards are the prerogative of the states.
Jeb Bush
At my school, which was all boys, I played almost exclusively lady parts. When I say lady parts, I mean parts that were ladies. To actually play lady parts would be weird, even by English standards.
Hugh Grant
Many people on the political left found my work psychologically liberating. They began to say: once you realize that standards emerge historically, then you can see through and discard all the norms to which we have been falsely enslaved.
Stanley Fish
I might occasionally forget how to open a car door and have too many shower curtains, but I’ve got some standards.
MaryJanice Davidson
An elaborate system of etiquette and social standards flowered around the home phone: how long a child might be allowed to stay on the phone, how late one could call without being impolite, and of course, the dread implications of a late night call which violated that norm.
John Battelle
I support high academic standards. Period.
Jeb Bush
The beauty standards had nothing to do with me in Mexico. It was such a bizarre, dire time for my hair. I was living in a small town where there was not any semblance of an African community. I’d have to take the bus to Mexico City to find a woman who could braid my hair. That was two and a half hours away.
Lupita Nyong’o
We have created indoor installations inside museums, like the Wrapped Floor at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago in 1968, and not monumental at all by any standards.
We need, first of all, for there to be accountability, for there to be somebody who is responsible for enforcing standards and holding people’s feet to the fire.
Jennifer Granholm
In May 2007, congressional Democrats and the Bush administration agreed to a plan to include environmental and international labor standards in upcoming trade agreements.
Nina Easton
I’ve always believed that the artiste is the one who has his pulse on the society and who, in many ways, represents the conscience of society in terms of engaging standards that we need to live by.
Anthony Carmona
I don’t think I ever will do a sex scene because of my religion and my personal standards.
Jon Heder
Our aim is to set some kind of benchmark and standards for transparency and governance in private philanthropy.
Roshni Nadar
Competitive programs such as Race to the Top provide incentives for communities to develop new solutions for old problems. Because of Race to the Top, states have raised their standards and committed to fixing schools that have persistently failed students.
Michael Bennet
I’m not an expert on journalistic standards. I want to be clear on that.
Michael Avenatti
Most philanthropists want to be effective altruists. But the problem isn’t intention: it’s measurement. Unlike financial investing, which has reporting standards, audit processes, and educational requirements, social investing is notoriously tricky to evaluate.
Leila Janah
Even when you’re 50, you can make the effort to improve your standards.
Edmund Hillary
American workers have faced serious difficulties in the labor market since the first oil shock in 1973. Since that time, the pace of productivity advance has slowed for reasons which are still not understood, lowering the rate at which living standards have advanced.
Janet Yellen
I’ve also seen that great men are often lonely. This is understandable, because they have built such high standards for themselves that they often feel alone. But that same loneliness is part of their ability to create.
Yousuf Karsh
The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.
Ray Kroc
Just because you read a report in the ‘New York Times,’ the ‘Economist,’ or, yes, ‘The New Yorker’ doesn’t make it true. But we do know that a few people have evaluated that story with what strikes me as fairly objective standards of reason.
Michael Specter
The malfeasance and misjudgments by our corporate, financial and government leaders, declining ethical standards, and the failure of our new agency society reflect a failure of capitalism.
John C. Bogle
Integrity and being ethical is one of Affectiva’s core values. This means we hold the highest standards for all we do, especially in our science and products.
Rana el Kaliouby
We must apply the same standards to countries such as Saudi Arabia, Israel and Egypt that we apply to Iran, Russia and Syria.
Emily Thornberry
We’ve become, now, an oligarchy instead of a democracy. I think that’s been the worst damage to the basic moral and ethical standards to the American political system that I’ve ever seen in my life.
Jimmy Carter
Wouldn’t it be great if our national news media had standards as high as the National Football League’s?
Rush Limbaugh
I do believe that the United Nations needs to have more exacting, more enhanced professional standards for the military peacekeepers that are deployed.
Alex Morrison
I’d go to swim practice, put my face in the water, and I didn’t have to talk to anybody. Swimming was like my escape, but it was also like this huge prison because I felt like I had to swim up to people’s standards.
Amanda Beard
It’s not uncommon for a big free agent to come to a new club with a big contract and not perform up to his standards.
Jerry Reinsdorf
Once you start worrying about a national football championship, then you begin to worry about getting the quality of athlete, and the numbers needed, to win a national championship. And that worry leads to pressure to compromise academic standards to admit those athletes.
Derek Bok
We have international standards regulating everything from t-shirts to toys to tomatoes. There are international regulations for furniture. That means there are common standards for the global trade in armchairs but not the global trade in arms.
Ban Ki-moon
We have run out of creativity for children and teachers alike in the name of pushing up standards.
Shirley Williams
The respect for human rights is nowadays not so much a matter of having international standards, but rather questions of compliance with those standards.
Michelle Bachelet
The choice of personnel, perhaps the most important choice (because ‘people are policy’), never proceeds according to plan, but there have been some successful transitions that upheld high standards.
Richard V. Allen
I’m afraid that this is me getting on my high horse now but we have yob television, yob newspapers, and funny enough whereas it was my mum and dad, school, police, church who used to set the standards, now it’s tabloids and yob television who set the standards by which people live.
Gordon Strachan
Sometimes you get a team that has almost forgotten how to win. That’s maybe fallen away from the standards that should be set at this level. Some are big problems, some of them are small problems.
Sol Campbell
We may be surprised at the people we find in heaven. God has a soft spot for sinners. His standards are quite low.
Desmond Tutu
Barbarism is the absence of standards to which appeal can be made.
Jose Ortega y Gasset
I wanted to make a jazz record. I didn’t want it to be a standards record.
Rita Coolidge
If you’re going to use standards as criteria for signing musicians, you can sign thousands. If you’re going to use some sort of conceptual interpretation that’s based on the tradition of those standards, but is trying to move away from it, you’re down to about 10 people or so.
Branford Marsalis
When I play live in restaurants and cafes, I don’t play my own stuff. I play jazz and ‘American Songbook’ standards, and I’ll fuse it with top 40.
Darren Criss
Time after time we’re told corporations should have freedom from pesky job safety regulations, environmental protections and labor standards – giving working people the freedom to be crushed in collapsing mines, choke on filthy air and get paid too little to live on.
Richard Trumka
There are so many double standards that seem to be applied only to female MPs. I’ve had infinite comments about what I’m wearing when the focus should be on what I’m saying.
Andrea Leadsom
I’ve also seen that great men are often lonely. This is understandable, because they have built such high standards for themselves that they often feel alone. But that same loneliness is part of their ability to create.
Yousuf Karsh
As we develop the moral aspect of our lives, we often adapt standards of right and wrong that serve as guides and deterrents for our conduct.
Albert Bandura
Some husbands regard it as their prerogative to compel their wives to fit their standards of what they think to be the ideal.
Gordon B. Hinckley
While other state governments stiff their vendors, close parks, delay tax refunds, and ignore unacceptably poor service levels, Indiana state employees are setting national standards for efficiency.
Mitch McConnell
Growth is not an objective in itself; we should be concerned with standards of living.
Joseph Stiglitz
I’ve been inconsistent by my standards, but I always set high goals for myself.
Tucker Halpern
We fully expect our competitors to join us in embracing open standards with their next redesigns.
Mike Davidson
When fast food is not a treat but a dietary staple, the children surf the internet all day in dark corners of the room and are bombarded with latest gadgets. Things replace parental standards.
Diane Abbott
In sports, you get disqualified if you violate the rules, but in Ukrainian politics, no standards are at work.
Vitali Klitschko
Sometimes, being different feels a lot like being alone. But with that being said, being true to that and being true to my standards and my way of doing things in my art and my music, everything that has made me feel very different… in the end, it has made me the happiest.
Lindsey Stirling
You don’t have to live up to anyone else’s standards, you don’t have to look like anyone else, you don’t have to compare yourself to anyone else. You being you is enough, and you putting your positivity and good vibes out into the world, once you get to that point absolutely everything will fall into place.
Lizzie Velasquez
Bitumen, the new national staple, is redefining the character and destiny of Canada. Rapid development of the tar sands has created a foreign policy that favours the export of bitumen to the United States and lax immigration standards that champion the import of global bitumen workers.
Andrew Nikiforuk
I have a lot of respect for the auto manufacturers. They make a product people live inside – and can die inside – so they are held to very high standards.
Shai Agassi
I am the columnist who plays the would-this-happen-to-a-white-guy game because there are just too many double standards. But I’m equal opportunity with the game, including Hispanics, Asians, women and men.
Jemele Hill
I think that the line between television and features started to blur a couple years ago. The standards started to become the same, which is that the idea had to be very loud. The show didn’t have to be loud; the idea had to be loud. It had to cut through the clutter.
Alex Kurtzman
President Obama’s own administration has publicly admitted that under the current framework, Syrian refugees cannot be vetted in a way that meets the rigorous security standards we rightfully expect.
Scott DesJarlais
As far as natural calamities are concerned, Odisha had a very bad reputation before 2000 when we took over the government. After that, we have achieved international standards as far as controlling the effects of natural calamities. In fact, even the United Nations have complimented us on this.
Naveen Patnaik
My standards are based on shows I like, like ‘Girls’ or ‘Arrested Development.’ And they’re all shows that are groundbreaking. I guess in the back of my head, I think, If you’re not being groundbreaking, then what are you doing? If you’re not being ballsy and honest and vulgar, then what are you doing?
Rachel Bloom
The standards by which a woman’s appearance is judged on the news are different to men, there’s no question about that. Our clothes are different, for starters, they’re much more varied, they’re commented upon, there’s no question about that. But do you have to be really good-looking? I don’t think that’s true.
Fiona Bruce
As utility companies work to achieve full compliance with clean water standards, Congress must ensure our nation’s most vulnerable are not priced out of life’s most essential resource.
Marcia Fudge
What happens when an art form becomes ambiguous, I think, is that the standards are lowered. You can say anything is jazz. So I think it’s important to reflect on what made jazz so special.
Stefon Harris
Under the Clean Air Act, the EPA has the ability to more stringently regulate dust. If the EPA determines more stringent standards are necessary, family farmers and ranchers, as well as rural economies, would be devastated.
Stephen Fincher
Integrity, a firm adherence to the highest moral and ethical standards, is essential to the life of a true Latter-day Saint.
Joseph B. Wirthlin
These sci-fi fans are phenomenal in the standards that they hold you to.
Scott Bakula
By cutting the red tape that comes out of Brussels, we will free our farmers to grow more, sell more, and export more great British food whilst upholding our high standards for plant and animal health and welfare.
Andrea Leadsom
I always sang standards because the songs I wrote for myself weren’t as easy to sing.
Carly Simon
You’ve always got to work with the best if you can, and of course, the best are the best because they’re different. They expect certain standards, and they’re usually very difficult people to work with.
Malcolm McDowell
The Constitution sets out no standards for granting pardons. They require no consent from Congress, and courts can’t second-guess them.
George T. Conway III
My personal code of conduct and compliance with a wide range of government ethics provisions have ensured that I have maintained ethical standards.
Michael Madigan
Unfortunately, in American politics there are no standards for shame.
Mark McKinnon
If you don’t live up to somebody’s standards, you get hammered.
Anthony Rendon
The people I admire most are those doing outstanding things for the poorest children, such as Michael Wilshaw at Mossbourne academy, Dan Moynihan and all those at the Harris academies, and those at chains such as Ark and the Haberdashers, who are driving up standards in the poorest areas.
Michael Gove
My dad was a composer and a musician, but he never finished high school. His formal education was rather minimal from the standards of today’s college graduates and Ph.D.’s, but he had a deep interest in questions of science and questions of the universe.
Brian Greene
I would love to work on a film which would be close to Hollywood standards.
Vijay Antony
I have my own high standards for what I want in a partner and how I want to be treated. I bring a lot to the table. I’m not talking about material things but what I have to offer as a person – love and loyalty and all the things that make a good relationship.
Jennifer Lopez
The tourism industry has considerable potential to be a sustainability role model in its role as a buyer of goods and other services, from building materials and green construction standards to farm produce.
Arancha Gonzalez
I’m a simple man with very simple tastes and low standards.
Even if it’s not always the best markup, what are Facebook and Twitter? They’re web standards with some scripts. They may not validate, but they’re still CSS layouts and simple markup, and that’s great!
Jeffrey Zeldman
Through their own actions, customers can hold companies responsible to higher standards of social responsibility. Through collective action, they can leverage their dollars to combat the force of those investors who myopically pursue profits at the expense of the rest of society.
Simon Mainwaring
The prison system in Norway is fairly civilized, by world standards, and so are the prisoners and the guards.
Varg Vikernes
Don’t focus on your body. Love it, but know it’ll never be up to society’s standards because it’s all Photoshop and exclusivity. And that’s okay!
Barbie Ferreira
In a way, fraud in business is no different from infidelity in marriage or plagiarism in scholarly work. Even people committed to high moral standards succumb.
Miroslav Volf
If you can maintain your standards and your integrity and you fail, it’s OK. It’s when you sell out and you fail that you feel pretty sick inside.
Bonnie Hunt
The driving force of any profession includes not only the special knowledge, skills and standards that it demands, but the duty to serve responsibly, selflessly and wisely, and to establish an inherently ethical relationship between professionals and society.
John C. Bogle
At a club like Everton, we’ve always set our standards high.
Toni Duggan
Our standards at Bayern are extremely high, with every training session at very high intensity.
Jupp Heynckes
Russian democracy is the power of the Russian people with their own traditions of national self-government, and not the realisation of standards foisted on us from outside.
Vladimir Putin
Now that I’m a XXL Freshman, you know, I feel like that sets high standards for me, and I feel like I have to deliver.
Our objective in regulation should be to put in place tough enough regulation and capital and liquidity standards that we level the playing field and make it costly.
Janet Yellen
I am flattered that so many people have resonated with my style and that beauty and fashion standards in the media continue to grow in their inclusivity and reflection of the real world.
Melissa Leong
Sometimes you want things so bad you will kind of lower your standards, and I’ve learned that once you do that, it’s really hard to go back, to get people to respect you and respect your craft.
Tamar Braxton
Being a Williams is not easy in this business because the bar is set very high to achieve success. Daddy set some high standards for all of us.
Hank Williams Jr.
As Speaker, I passed Maine’s most aggressive carbon emission reduction and renewable energy standards, and in the Senate, I will prioritize moving toward a completely clean and renewable energy system.
Sara Gideon
The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.
Ray Kroc
Let’s not be afraid to speak the common sense truth: you can’t have high standards without good discipline.
William Hague
This archaic idea – that a woman who is unmarried and childless at 30 is somehow unnatural – will probably always exist, and, like most social standards, it is ridiculous.
Beth Ditto
The monastery of Christ in the Desert had its resident hermit, Brother Xavier, chosen after years of devotion and service, a monk so trusted and experienced that he qualified by Benedictine standards to be sent to the front lines in the fight against the devil.
Michael Paterniti
China is not going to become a liberal democracy; if it did, it would collapse. I do not believe you can impose on other countries standards which are alien and totally disconnected with their past.
Lee Kuan Yew
We must strictly enforce the Environmental Law, closing down the polluters that fail to meet the standards.
Ma Jun
Policies to strengthen education and training, to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation, and to promote capital investment, both public and private, could all potentially be of great benefit in improving future living standards in our nation.
Janet Yellen
Navratilova won an astounding 167 singles titles and 166 doubles titles in a career which has spanned nearly 30 years. She changed the game of women’s tennis by forcing opponents to reach her standards of fitness and athleticism.
Elizabeth Vargas
With the increasing importance of standards for system-level objects such as COM and CORBA, it is particularly important that the C++ bindings to those be clean, well documented, and simple to use.
Bjarne Stroustrup
I think my knowledge of music theory is rooted in jazz theory, and a lot of the writers of standards – Rodgers and Hart, and Gershwin.
Zooey Deschanel
I wholeheartedly agree that many media ‘standards’ can feel disingenuous or, in fact, be a cover for less-than-honest behavior.
Ryan Holiday
If there are flaws they are in ourselves, and our task therefore must be one not of redesign but of renewal and reaffirmation, especially of the standards in which all of us believe.
Elliot Richardson
I don’t think the rating system places too much pressure on chefs. I prefer to put the pressure on my chefs to perform to the top standards.
Alain Ducasse
Perhaps McCain has opposed affirmative action for so long that he doesn’t know it’s about inviting more people to meet standards, not lowering them.
Gloria Steinem
You have to empower your sales staff to use their judgment and go beyond the standards set down on paper and by the computer.
Stanley Marcus
New standards for safety are now in place and Canada has helped provide tools and techniques that were needed. Technologies like these are innovative and represent great achievements for us.
Marc Garneau
To say that the U.K. could have no part to play in improving a justice system different to our own, but which was seeking advice on how to deliver more internationally compliant standards, was a betrayal of our international humanitarian duty.
Crispin Blunt
By far the most important factor in the success or failure of any school, far more important than tests or standards or business-model methods of accountability, is simply attracting the best-educated, most exciting young people into urban schools and keeping them there.
Jonathan Kozol
Where the private sector, or anyone else, has skills, knowledge and resources that can help to deliver a high quality of education and to raise standards, we should use them.
Estelle Morris
WTO is not the forum for labour standards. Next, the U.S. will argue the time zone difference is an unfair competitive advantage enjoyed by India that enables our software engineers to work while the Americans sleep.
Jairam Ramesh
It’s time we update the laws so that online platforms are held to the same transparency standards as other companies that sell political advertisements.
Amy Klobuchar
I set myself high standards, and when I drop below them, I’m not happy about it.
Andrew Robertson
We live in a society that has ever-changing values and ever-changing standards and ever-changing criteria to determine who is a superstar or not. If you want to be a superstar, if you want to main event, if you want to profit in the entertainment business, you have to go with those trends and spearhead new trends.
Paul Heyman
While not a panacea for the nation’s illegal immigration problems, employer sanctions are one necessary means of stopping the exploitation of vulnerable workers and the undercutting of American jobs and living standards.
Coretta Scott King
Undermine their pompous authority, reject their moral standards, make anarchy and disorder your trademarks. Cause as much chaos and disruption as possible but don’t let them take you ALIVE.
Sid Vicious
I think a winner has to be a master of preparation, they have to be a master of connection, extremely competitive and have really high standards for themselves and the people around them.
Maya Moore
If I’m demanding and have high standards, I’m happy about that.
Noel Edmonds
People look at kids like us and think we have no morals because we’re from ‘the street.’ I want to show that we do live by certain standards, that we are moral people.
J Hus
Unlike fuel-economy standards, the most common method of reducing demand for oil over the past thirty years, a gas tax doesn’t tell people what kind of car to drive. It simply raises the price of gasoline and lets people adjust their behavior accordingly.
James Surowiecki
I have always been very rebellious and gone against the grain. I’ve always challenged the standards set before me.
Amber Heard
Having common European standards has not only boosted prosperity here and across the continent, it is undoubtedly the best way of managing the challenges posed by globalisation.
Chuka Umunna
There’s a hardening of the culture. Reality TV has lowered the standards of entertainment. You’re left wondering about the legitimacy of relationships. It’s probably harder to entertain the same people with a more classic form of writing, and romantic comedies are a classic genre.
Nancy Meyers
I do have very high customer service standards – I’d send back sushi because it’s too fishy.
Greg McHugh
It has no enforceable standards to stop a union from conspiring with employers to keep another stronger union out or from negotiating contracts with lower pay and standards that members of another union have spent a lifetime establishing.
Andy Stern
Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal. Difficult standards for people to live up to.
Alfred A. Montapert
I set higher standards than anyone and don’t need anyone to tell me when I’ve played badly or not had a good game.
James Milner
I don’t attempt to make people uncomfortable; I think that my standards in terms of art and journalism always have necessitated my discomfort.
Ta-Nehisi Coates
I grew up in a very small town which is remote even by Indian standards. I always dreamed of the world.
Mira Nair
We have increased conservation spending, enacted legislation that enables us to clean up and redevelop abandoned brownfields sites across the country, and implemented new clean water standards that will protect us from arsenic.
Sue Kelly
People claim to be progressive by celebrating curvy bodies – but the standards for those hourglass shapes are equally rigid. They mask that with body positivity – but what about unconventionally attractive bodies?
Barbie Ferreira
I made a Christmas album a couple of years ago and just put it out on my Web site. It kind of smacked of this flavor. All of the reviews said it was Western swing even when it was Christmas standards.
Suzy Bogguss
Every relationship I was in, I loved the girl. It’s just the moral values and standards was off. I was loving and lying.
Ray J
There is no particular Socratic or Dimechian or Kantian way to live your life. They don’t offer ethical codes and standards by which to live your life.
Stephen Fry
Four Seasons’ legendary brand epitomizes the highest standards for service in the hospitality industry worldwide.
Julia Hartz
Research shows that when women are empowered as political leaders, countries often experience higher standards of living with positive developments in education, infrastructure, and health care.
Miriam Defensor-Santiago
We must commit ourselves to an ‘all of the above’ energy approach, with a major focus on increasing domestic production and expanding alternatives fuels, while increasing efficiency and conservation standards.
Peter Roskam
The quality of the Neues Museum’s construction is extraordinary even by German standards, and people can smell that quality. The concept would not have been so convincing without it.
David Chipperfield
No matter how talented you are or naturally gifted you are, there’s no substitute to hard work if you got to maintain standards.
Rohit Sharma
One meaningful distinction between high and popular culture, is that there’s way more good popular culture – because its standards of quality are more forgiving, because sobriety isn’t its default mode, because there’s so damn much of it.
Robert Christgau
A victim is a victim is a victim. We should stop setting up standards that say we will have one standard of law enforcement for one group of victims but not for another.
Patrick Leahy
Growing up, I was a target. Speaking the right way, standing the right way, holding your wrist the right way. Every day was a test, and there were a thousand ways to fail, a thousand ways to betray yourself, to not live up to someone else’s standards of what was accepted, of what was normal.
Wentworth Miller
George Bush is by American standards rabidly Upper Class – Eastern, Socially Attractive, WASP, 19th-century money, several generations of Andover and Yale (and, while we’re at it, his father, George H. W. ‘Poppy’ Bush, was a former president and his grandfather was the Nazis’ U.S. banker in the 1930s).
Peter York
Ethics or simple honesty is the building blocks upon which our whole society is based, and business is a part of our society, and it’s integral to the practice of being able to conduct business, that you have a set of honest standards.
Kerry Stokes
We use innovative technology to facilitate standardization of services, amenities and in-room experience, thereby helping maintain service standards.
Ritesh Agarwal
The challenge itself is to exceed certain high standards you’ve set for yourself.
Dimple Kapadia
In the aftermath of the second world war, nations came together to say ‘never again.’ They established the United Nations and agreed a simple set of universal standards of decency for mankind to cling to: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Keir Starmer
If you want to judge the performance of the Egyptian people by the standards of German or Chinese or American culture, then there is no room for judgment.
Mohammed Morsi
Nafta has been responsible for a race to the bottom in standards across North America, with working conditions declining along with wages.
Barry Gardiner
There are teachers’ unions around the country realizing they want to improve standards of the profession, improve the quality of their profession, and ultimately attract the best and the brightest to their profession. The vast majority of teachers are dedicated and committed.
Antonio Villaraigosa
The time has come for all evangelists to practice full financial disclosure. The world is watching how we walk and how we talk. We must have the highest standards of morality, ethics and integrity if we are to continue to have influence.
Billy Graham
To become the kind of person you want to become, you’ve got to have discipline. It’s easier to keep to your standards 100 percent of the time versus 98 percent of the time.
Clayton M. Christensen
How much money I demand – or don’t demand – is my prerogative as an actor. However, when it comes to commercials, my outlook is different. And in that area, I do try to set certain standards, financially or otherwise.
Mahira Khan
I do have high standards. I look at everything I have done and think, ‘Why wasn’t that better?’ Part of my motivation is from crippling self-doubt – I have got to prove myself wrong.
Michael Palin
From protecting consumers to establishing common standards and promoting free trade, the E.U. plays a central role. And nation states alone cannot tackle common threats such as climate change without the co-ordination that the E.U. and other supranational institutions provide.
David Lammy
The blessing of having your first project be something as fantastic as ‘Girls’ is that it gave me room to be selective because I didn’t feel pressure to do other things. The curse is that my standards were really high.
Allison Williams
We don’t live with the community of yesteryear. And we don’t enjoy the public services Europeans do. So we turn to the market. Once we do, we find that service providers raise the standards of personal life, so that we come to feel we need them to live our ‘best’ personal lives.
Arlie Russell Hochschild
The cooking standards for Italian food are less demanding than for French. All you need are some fried mozzarella and five pastas, and you’re in business.
Danny Meyer
There is – and always will be – the legacy of chattel slavery in this nation, an obsession with racial and gender differences, but I think that, at its best, this nation is capable of creating standards for itself and reaching towards those standards.
Kehinde Wiley
All over the world, independent and strong civil society – NGOs, faith leaders, and other community advocates – help governments solve problems and better serve their people better by shining a light on the issues that matter most – like education standards, access to healthcare, the rule of law, and economic opportunity.
Ben Rhodes
You cannot hold a child accountable to the same standards that you hold an adult accountable to.
Alan Ball
Approximately 80% of our air pollution stems from hydrocarbons released by vegetation, so let’s not go overboard in setting and enforcing tough emission standards from man-made sources.
Ronald Reagan
By Rice’s own standards, the war was well underway by the time he took office. He was a war president the moment he took the oath. But did he act like one?
Howard Fineman
If we are to have such a discipline we must have standards, and to get our standards under existing conditions we must have criticism.
Irving Babbitt
I think it’s good to not edit your life too much, or you give people different standards.
Florence Pugh
Acceptance of prevailing standards often means we have no standards of our own.
Jean Toomer
It is important for poets and writers today to know their shortcomings, and be able to edit their own work as well as reject them if they are not up to their standards.
Harman International’s dedication to research and development, as well as its strict adherence to quality manufacturing, are well known throughout the corporate world. The opportunity to lead a company with such high standards, worldwide reputation, and outstanding growth potential is extremely appealing.
Dinesh Paliwal
The life history of the individual is first and foremost an accommodation to the patterns and standards traditionally handed down in his community.
Ruth Benedict
Ethics or simple honesty is the building blocks upon which our whole society is based, and business is a part of our society, and it’s integral to the practice of being able to conduct business, that you have a set of honest standards.
Kerry Stokes
Other than my sexuality, I am vulnerable regarding my physical appearance, as I am not what people considered ideal by most standards. For the entertainment business, I am not the body type of what is typically cast for television or movies.
Alex Newell
In ‘True Grit,’ we had a vulture, a trained vulture… that was a pain and that was – even by vulture standards – probably a stupid vulture, and that was frustrating.
Ethan Coen
Without federal standards for school lunches, candy bars, packaged snacks and soda can be offered to our children in school.
Margaret Cuomo
A high standard of living cannot remain the exclusive possession of the West – and the sooner we can help other peoples to develop their resources, raise their living standards, and strengthen their national independence, the safer the world will be for us all.
Robert Kennedy
Like many teens, I struggled with my body and looks, but my despair was amplified by the expectations of cisnormativity and the gender binary as well as the impossibly high beauty standards that I, and my female peers, measured myself against.
Janet Mock
Seeing Donald Trump run for and then win the presidency only enhanced my commitment to helping people free themselves from ridiculous body standards and disordered eating so they can use their gifts for more fulfilling things, like being of service and enjoying this beautiful world.
Marti Noxon
It’s not vanity to feel you have a right to be beautiful. Women are taught to feel we’re not good enough, that we must live up to someone else’s standards. But my aim is to cherish myself as I am.
Elle Macpherson
As somebody who participates in the overall PC ecosystem, it’s totally great when faster wireless networks and standards come out or when graphics get faster. Windows 8 was like this giant sadness. It just hurts everybody in the PC business.
Gabe Newell
In all great epochs of history, the existence of standards – that is, the conscious adoption of type-forms – has been the criterion of a polite, well-ordered society; for it is a commonplace that repetition of the same things for the same purpose exercises a settling and civilizing influence on men’s minds.
Walter Gropius
We spend millions of dollars per year supplying more than adequate meals and a Koran to every detainee along with a prayer rug that meets their religious standards.
Bill Shuster
In Formula One, the car can make a difference in a way that a driver cannot. Whereas Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna spent their early seasons in second-rate machinery, Hamilton walked into the equal best car on the grid. His first season none the less has, by any standards, been extraordinary.
Martin Jacques
Cooperation and respect for each other will advance the cause of human rights worldwide. Confrontation, vilification, and double standards will not.
Robert Mugabe
In real constabularies, the relevant department that is the subject of ‘Line of Duty’ is called Professional Standards. However, ‘Line of Duty’ is set in a fictional anticorruption department, AC-12, in order to prevent any unintentional resemblance to actual units, cases, or individuals.
Jed Mercurio
In search of a complete education with the ideals of trust, faith, understanding and compassion, many families are turning to the structure, discipline and academic standards of Catholic schools.
Mark Foley
The trailblazers are my role models in this industry: Sidney Poitier, Harry Belafonte, James Earl Jones, and Billy Dee Williams. I keep their pictures in my trailer and try to measure to their standards every time I act.
Brian J. White
Everybody gives Trump an extremely bad rap. He’s a businessman, so he is not trying to rub your back and tell you everything is going to be OK. He is going to set standards and, when everything is in chaos, you need someone who is willing to do what needs to be done.
Bobby Lashley
The government has a responsibility to protect society, to help maintain society. That’s why we have laws… The rule of law creates a set of standards for our behavior.
Vint Cerf
To some people, Common Core means what it actually is, which is a set of standards. That’s not necessarily most people. To other people, Common Core is a new curriculum that’s been implemented at their school that they don’t understand. It’s applying new teaching tools.
Campbell Brown
U.K. aid spending in India is that it ensures that we are able to work with our partners to develop their markets, business and enterprise, to boost labour standards and rights and, ultimately, to boost the incomes of the poorest which, in the long term, boosts demand for British goods and services.
Barry Gardiner
Simply raising fuel economy standards for passenger cars and light trucks to 33 miles per gallon would eliminate our oil imports from the Persian Gulf.
Jan Schakowsky
The purpose cannot be creating self-styled democracies, but rather encouraging steps that are conducive to establishing democratic rule at universal standards. Obviously, this would be a formidable journey.
Recep Tayyip Erdogan
If Leander Paes can be playing in Grand Slams at 44 and Narain Karthikeyan race at 40 and be so successful at it, I see no reason why I can’t play at 34. They are my motivation, as they have set targets and standards for people like us to achieve.
S. Sreesanth
It is possible to set your standards too high, which can undermine a man’s confidence and ability to perform. Instead of reaching for the stars and settling for the moon, there is considerable evidence that man is better served reaching for a blade of grass and settling for an under-the-table handshake deal.
Jason Whitlock
Many French directors, having now realised there was no more real criticism, that the standards of the past have gone, are very offended about the quality of film criticism.
Wim Wenders
Homosexuality is like an inside baseball thing. It’s like a gag that people share; ‘How is your husband?’ But when it comes to bringing diversity to a broader audience, suddenly it’s a different road. It’s what we call ‘a risk.’ Isn’t it our responsibility to elevate the standards and change people’s perceptions?
Xavier Dolan
In an era of global value chains, worldwide sourcing and the never-ending search for new markets, we must be careful to avoid the proliferation of regional standards. A multilateral approach holds wider benefits for more actors.
Roberto Azevedo
People mistake their limitations for high standards.
Jean Toomer
IT professionals have a responsibility to understand the use of standards and the importance of making Web applications that work with any kind of device.
Tim Berners-Lee
Nothing is a hobby – each discipline is its own world with its own high standards. Of course, every artist has ‘minor works’ that they do, but I don’t think I have any ‘minor disciplines.’
Patti Smith
Lower standards tell students that they don’t need to work hard and leave more high school students unprepared for college and the workplace.
Mercedes Schlapp
I set very high standards, normally for myself. For other people, I try to lower my standards.
Carrie Lam
Leaders must exemplify integrity and earn the trust of their teams through their everyday actions. When you do this, you set high standards for everyone at your company. And when you do so with positive energy and enthusiasm for shared goals and purpose, you can deeply connect with your team and customers.
Marillyn Hewson
Even I don’t always come up to my own standards of perfection.
Paul Hollywood
Now there is a new request. To release transcripts of speeches that were given. When everybody agrees to do that, I will as well. It is important we all abide by the same standards. So let’s do the tax return standard first, because that has been the standard for a long time.
Hillary Clinton
Despite the rigid classicism of the famous Paris Opera school and company, the French have done more than their share to unmoor la Danse from its traditions and standards.
Robert Gottlieb
There are standards of the game that FIFA governs and promises to uphold.
Abby Wambach
The changing economic situation, the changing global market means it is understandable that employers are constantly raising the bar. It is challenging the education system to come up with ever higher standards to meet the expectation of employers.
Jim Knight
The work must be its own reward. I got that early on. And I’m blessed by meeting my own standards of excellence.
Al Jarreau
I’ve upped my standards. Now, up yours.
Pat Paulsen
I can’t speak highly enough of Petr Cech. He’s set the standards of what it is to be a proper man and a gentleman.
Ryan Mason
No matter how you hire, ensuring the systems are in place to manage the process will be critical in allowing you to find the right people to carry the standards you set. Don’t neglect that duty!
Michael Gerber
The practice of executing such offenders is a relic of the past and is inconsistent with evolving standards of decency in a civilized society.
John Paul Stevens
You have competition every day because you set such high standards for yourself that you have to go out every day and live up to that.
Michael Jordan
Everybody aspires to an affordable home, a secure job, better living standards, reliable healthcare and a decent pension. My generation took those things for granted, and so should future generations.
Jeremy Corbyn
My parents taught me good standards, and I feel like I’m taking it to the boxing realm.
Joseph Parker
Last time I checked, private nonprofit organizations have a right and a responsibility to be able to set the highest standards and criteria on their own without interference, let alone the level of vicious attacks and coercion that has occurred by Planned Parenthood.
Karen Handel
Even by rock star standards, I was pretty awful.
Rod Stewart
I have a good supporting staff around me and good teammates encouraging me every single day to perform on the field and to perform in training and I set high standards for myself as well knowing that Bayern Munich is one of the best teams in the world.
Alphonso Davies
My father was a photographer at the National Bureau of Standards. A self-educated man, he never finished high school, but in his career at the National Bureau of Standards, he made many useful inventions and eventually became chief of the Photographic Technology Section.
Raymond Davis, Jr.
Even Karaoke needs higher standards than I can reach, so I have gone great lengths to avoid being bullied into it.
Zac Goldsmith
The whole purpose of CAFE standards is to make cars more efficient that people are actually buying.
Scott Pruitt
You can’t really rely on a couple of athletes to deliver you medals in five consecutive Olympic Games. It’s absolutely unrealistic. You have to have a system in place where you continue to increase the depth of the sport which pushes performance levels to higher standards.
Abhinav Bindra
I am pretty sure central banks will continue to print money, and the standards of living for people in the western world, not just in America, will continue to decline because the cost of living increases will exceed income. The cost of living will also go up because all kinds of taxes will increase.
Marc Faber
Union Budget 2012 has supported industry’s long time demand to improve the provision and standards of education in the country.
Shiv Nadar
Being authentic can be a good thing in that often people who are fixated on that are also fixated on having very high standards, so they may maintain something they think has tremendous value. On the other hand, most of the kinds of music that I’ve been excited about are hybrid in their origins.
Edgar Meyer
In the literal sense, there has been no relevant evolution since the trek from Africa. But there has been substantial progress towards higher standards of rights, justice and freedom – along with all too many illustrations of how remote is the goal of a decent society.
Noam Chomsky
I plan to eliminate the equity cap in investment, and I also plan large-scale deregulation to meet global standards.
Lee Myung-bak
When we walk away from global warming, Kyoto, when we are irresponsibly slow in moving toward AIDS in Africa, when we don’t advance and live up to our own rhetoric and standards, we set a terrible message of duplicity and hypocrisy.
John F. Kerry
I’ll probably never put out another album because I’m a tough critic of my work, and I don’t think I could come up to those standards any more.
Jo Stafford
The Common Core State Standards are more rigorous standards than the great majority of states had in place previously.
Jeb Bush
If we’re going to do trade agreements, as we should, we need trade agreements with rules that will lift up all boats, rather than continuing to pull down U.S. food safety standards, U.S. worker wages, environment, all that these job losses and all that this has done to pull down our standards.
Sherrod Brown
He’s more of a slob than you? Instead of condemning, state your standards: ‘I need to live in a place that’s clean. I respect that it’s not a big deal to you, but it’s important to me to enjoy my home.’ This removes ego.
Matthew Hussey
We want to show all of our customers that the industry standards that we had been employing before – which are considered great standards – were not good enough.
Steve Ells
They love putting me in the ‘indie queen’ box. I had some high standards in my 20s that I don’t have anymore.
Parker Posey
Everyone would have bigger and safer cars if they didn’t have those CAFE standards: corporate average fuel economy.
Grover Norquist
I know that many of you do wear such a cross of Christ, not in any ostentatious way, not in a way that might harm you at your work or recreation, but a simple indication that you value the role of Jesus Christ in the history of the world, that you are trying to live by Christ’s standards in your own daily life.
Keith O’Brien
Some literary types subscribe to the notion that being a writer like Salinger entitles a person to remain free of the standards that might apply to mere mortals.
Joyce Maynard
I am a perfectionist, and I set high standards.
Dimitar Berbatov
There needs to be some standards around launching an ICO and investing in ICOs in the space, and I caution all to tread carefully until those standards emerge.
Nick Tomaino
Whole Foods has been brilliant at changing the way food is produced because they just won’t buy it if it doesn’t meet their standards.
Danny Meyer
We’ve seen it time and again – Chinese companies don’t play by the rules, committing intellectual property theft and disregarding basic regulatory standards at the expense of investors. Not a single taxpayer dollar should be invested with these entities that have a clear history of corruption.
Tommy Tuberville
People rightly want our political leaders – on all sides – to concentrate on minimising the damage to jobs, living standards and our savings from the banking crisis.
Lucy Powell
The Scouts are a private organization and have every right to set their own membership standards.
John Doolittle
Dove is encouraging people to set their own standards worldwide. To be their own unique selves. To not allow others to shame them for accepting their own bodies and styles.
Rain Dove
Berners-Lee started the World Wide Web as a set of protocols for transferring, linking and addressing documents to send over the Net. Without the global reach and open technical standards of the Internet, the Web could never have proliferated as it did.
Katie Hafner
The most difficult thing is to make sure the standards remain high in each restaurant.
Joel Robuchon
Jews have been harmed by the threats to freedom of opinion and debate, the punishments for candor, and the decline in rigorous standards in the academy that have accompanied progressive hegemony, which insists upon the sacrosanct status of affirmative action and other policies favored by the left.
Amy Wax
If you print money like in Zimbabwe… the purchasing power of money goes down, and the standards of living go down, and eventually, you have a civil war.
Marc Faber
We have to make a determination of what the minimum standards are for police, fire and emergency services in all of America’s major cities. Once we determine that, then we can decide what the funding is.
Warren Rudman
Under Bill Clinton’s HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo, Community Reinvestment Act regulators gave banks higher ratings for home loans made in ‘credit-deprived’ areas. Banks were effectively rewarded for throwing out sound underwriting standards and writing loans to those who were at high risk of defaulting.
Lawrence Kudlow
We may feel the pain of falling back from a level of affluence to which we have grown accustomed, but most people in developed countries are still, by historical standards, extraordinarily well off.
Peter Singer
For Russia, there is not and there may not be another political option but democracy. However, Russian democracy is… not at all the realization of standards imposed on us from outside.
Vladimir Putin
In a globally interdependent world, a better financial and investment system cannot be achieved on a country-by-country basis. There may be no one-size-fits-all model for economic development, but without global standards and complementary regulations, the long-term outlook for the world economy will remain bleak.
Jose Angel Gurria
I can be pretty nasty. Not ‘mean’ nasty, but nasty by your parents’ standards. But not by my parents’ standards, because my parents were nasty for their day.
Bridget Fonda
Limbaugh has been warning us about a deep cultural rot in our intellectual class, an accelerating collapse of standards, and the institutions necessary to support and sustain limited government. Yet, the Beltway consultant class and the party leadership would not listen.
Tom Tancredo
War, I have always said, forces men to change their standards, regardless of whether their country has won or lost.
Salvatore Quasimodo
It seems to me that the Conservatives neither recognise the scale of the living standards crisis facing British families nor offer credible answers as to how the British economy or British society can be better in the future.
Douglas Alexander
When it comes to Kerala, reasoning gets the upper hand rather than emotions.Our political outlook is related to the educational standards and political consciousness.
Joy Mathew
If you are an American, you have got to defend the standards of the presidency of the United States.
Ana Navarro
I’d say 50 on men is like 33 on women in Hollywood. The standards – it’s just the way we do our storytelling. And I hope it will change, because I think it’s dumb.
Ron Livingston
Soldiers, when committed to a task, can’t compromise. It’s unrelenting devotion to the standards of duty and courage, absolute loyalty to others, not letting the task go until it’s been done.
John Keegan
EPA’s Affordable Clean Energy rule (ACE), would restore the states’ proper role under the Clean Air Act and our system of federalism. Our plan would allow states to establish standards of performance that meet EPA emissions guidelines.
Andrew R. Wheeler
I have pessimistic moments when I think I should go on a diet because people are paying money to see movies with exceptional-looking actresses. But being in college has helped me realize that the best thing I can do is to feel good about myself and forget about other people’s standards.
Julia Stiles
No student of Chinese history can say that the Chinese are incapable of religious experience, even when judged by the standards of medieval Europe or pious India.
Hu Shih
The dynamic with social is you tend not to have products with 30% market share. It’s all or nothing. Email works because we have open standards that let you communicate across any email client.
Aaron Levie
Many female politicians get intimidated by the aggressive behaviour of men. I don’t. Not because I am a courageous person or anything, but because I see international standards, and I see that they are worth fighting for.
Safak Pavey
A man who is eating or lying with his wife or preparing to go to sleep in humility, thankfulness and temperance, is, by Christian standards, in an infinitely higher state than one who is listening to Bach or reading Plato in a state of pride.
C. S. Lewis
Phoenix and Las Vegas have grim long-term prospects. On top of oil-and-gas problems, they will have terrible problems with water and the ability to produce food locally. I suppose it shows how delusional the public is, and how our institutional controls have decayed – for instance, lending standards.
James Howard Kunstler
We tried our damnedest to make it a special entertainment, but I’ll admit I’m a contributor to the decline in TV standards.
Noel Edmonds
It’s nice to stand out and not have to conform to all the beauty standards that just don’t even make sense anymore.
Bria Vinaite
The parts that I get to play are not based around the European beauty standards: They’re more about character, and I love that.
Keala Settle
We’ve become, now, an oligarchy instead of a democracy. I think that’s been the worst damage to the basic moral and ethical standards to the American political system that I’ve ever seen in my life.
Jimmy Carter
You don’t have to live up to anyone else’s standards, you don’t have to look like anyone else, you don’t have to compare yourself to anyone else. You being you is enough, and you putting your positivity and good vibes out into the world, once you get to that point absolutely everything will fall into place.
Lizzie Velasquez
I listened to this book, ‘The Beauty Myth,’ about how beauty standards are messing with women in Western society, and I was like, ‘I don’t know this.’ I have no idea, and I don’t pretend to, but now I’m more aware of it because I’ve engaged on that frequency.
Daniel Kaluuya
When I purchased my home, it was very strict underwriting standards. I had to provide two pay stubs, two years’ tax returns, three months of bank statements, all sorts of credit card information.
John Paulson
As societies continue to loosen their standards regarding what is appropriate female and male behavior, I think we are going to realize we have not only underestimated women, but also men.
Helen Fisher
If people are coming in in dribs and drabs, it doesn’t look good. You have to have standards and have rules to adhere to. If you have that then it carries on into the training.
Steve Clarke
The failure to set standards for Palestinian conduct hurts the cause of peace.
Elliott Abrams
Everyone with a cell phone thinks they’re a photographer. Everyone with a laptop thinks they’re a journalist. But they have no training, and they have no idea of what we keep to in terms of standards, as in what’s far out and what’s reality. And they have no dedication to truth.
Helen Thomas
The freakiest thing about working on a Russo set is that the standards are so insanely high for everyone in every department that they don’t police you through stuff. They’re like, Here’s this insanely difficult thing; do it.’ And then they just expect you to be able to do it, because they don’t hire folks who can’t.
Rege-Jean Page
Leaders get out in front and stay there by raising the standards by which they judge themselves – and by which they are willing to be judged.
Frederick W. Smith
I grew up listening to a lot of player-piano music in my house and a lot of old Tin Pan Alley songs and American standards. My dad listened to a lot of traditional Irish music and I grew up doing musical theater. So most of the music I was exposed to as a kid was pre-rock n’ roll.
John C. Reilly
Look, I want what’s good for everybody. I want to promote good state education for all. I want to raise standards for all kids, irrespective of race and class but why can’t they all just do what I say when I know I’m right?
Arabella Weir
One of the ways the North Korea regime has kept power is by keeping its people ignorant of the living standards in the outside world. That’s the underlying lie that supports the regime – not that their country is ‘normal’ but that they are better off.
Barbara Demick
I am not a music snob. If anything, my musical taste is bad by any critical standards.
Michael Ian Black
I’m not competitive at all, I just don’t care. I have my own standards I want to meet, but it’s a very, very low bar. Even then I struggle to meet those standards.
James Buckley
Working together, we can meet our shared goal to combat climate change. From harmonizing vehicle emissions standards to using our trading relationship to boost investment in clean energy, the actions the United States and Canada take together will help both nations meet international goals.
Amy Klobuchar
You need to do the work to bring the money in, but not compromise standards.
Heston Blumenthal
With the commissioning of new schools undertaken by a local director of school standards, decisions will be fair and transparent, rooted in the needs of the local community. The admissions code and the role of the adjudicator will also be strengthened to provide fairness for all children.
David Blunkett
Well firstly, that points certainly at the need for international standards on biometrics that would move in the same direction so that we can have the same technical requirements.
Asa Hutchinson
We don’t have very many nights out on our own, and by most people’s standards we don’t have much of a social life. But for us the compromise works, and I think the best thing I ever did was to have a family.
Dido Harding
If we are concerned about the exploitation of human workers in countries with low standards of worker protection, we should also be concerned about the treatment of even more defenceless non-human animals.
Peter Singer
The country has double standards – it’s obsessed with fair skin on one hand, but if the woman is white, she is expected to be loose-moraled.
Kalki Koechlin
Washington has a tendency to hold other powers to standards that it routinely flaunts – plain and simple.
Thomas P.M. Barnett
Long after Salinger sent me away, I continued to believe his standards and expectations were the best ones.
Joyce Maynard
The purpose of the ADA was to provide clear and comprehensive national standards to eliminate discrimination against individuals with disabilities. As a result, individuals with disabilities are now able to live in their homes and have access to new careers.
Jim Ramstad
With Shakespeare and poetry, a new world was born. New dreams, new desires, a self consciousness was born. I desired to know to know myself in terms of the new standards set by these books.
Peter Abrahams
I do very few standards. Hardly any. Other people’s tunes that I do are usually obscure tunes, for the most part, although I do a couple of Duke Ellington tunes that are well known.
Mose Allison
I’m not for the sort of trade deals that hollow out our standards while they hollow out our middle class and middle class wages.
Martin O’Malley
We had rising student achievement across the board because high standards, robust accountability, ending social promotion in third grade, real school choice across the board, challenging the teachers union and beating them is the way to go.
Jeb Bush
Given the state of English schools in the 1970s, a national curriculum, Ofsted, regular testing, publication of performance results, have all helped to raise standards by shining a light into the walled garden and letting parents know what is going on inside the school walls.
Damian Green
I, like many women, buy into patriarchal standards of beauty every day. I very rarely leave the house without make-up. I dye my hair. I wear clothes that I choose carefully for how they make me look to the outside world.
Stella Young
Mother set impossibly high standards for us, creating tremendous pressures and undermining our ability to accomplish whatever modest aims we may have set for ourselves.
Katharine Graham
Is it possible that literacy standards are falling because young Australians are growing up in a culture in which they can be entertained and informed, and in which they can communicate effectively, without having to master any but the most rudimentary literacy skills?
Hugh Mackay
I have very high standards for every part of life – my work, my relationships, food, love. I can’t just pretend.
Olivia Wilde
I think that, because I set such high standards for myself in my first season, it became an issue of me keeping up to those standards.
Scott Sinclair
We must seek to persuade member states and institutions that better regulation in Europe does not mean cutting health and safety in the workplace, nor does it mean dismantling social standards.
John Hutton
When I helped to develop the open standards that computers use to communicate with one another across the Net, I hoped for but could not predict how it would blossom and how much human ingenuity it would unleash.
Vint Cerf
I certainly didn’t think of myself as gifted. The standards for being gifted in my environment were if you were good in Little League or if you were good in football.
James Cameron
We created a line of pet food called Nutrish that’s made to human standards, and 100 percent of the proceeds go to animal rescue. One of our top-tier donors is the ASPCA, and they help us challenge animal shelters all across the country to get more animals placed in homes.
Rachael Ray
In the clubs, it’s all out and you can say whatever as the character. TV has standards.
Jay Pharoah
I had a meeting with Umar Akmal and discussed exactly where I thought he was. We are looking at the skillset that he brings to the Pakistan team. Obviously, he is a very intelligent player but he knows that he has to conform. He knows that he has got to pass the fitness standards that are required of him.
Mickey Arthur
If all human lives depended upon their usefulness – as might be judged by certain standards – there would be a sudden and terrific mortality in the world.
Gene Tunney
When the world becomes standard, I will start caring about standards.
Rasmus Lerdorf
To far too many, science is a four-letter word, and under the modern media’s false equivalency standards, a handful of skeptics are viewed as counterweights to the vast majority of scientists who acknowledge mankind’s proven role in global warming.
Christine Pelosi
What I find so special about acting – especially being female in this world, and growing up with such intense standards of how you should be – is that you can break those rigid models.
Brigette Lundy-Paine
As a mother of four children, I want to know the drugs I’m giving them are safe. And as an American businesswoman, I want to keep jobs here, and that means making sure foreign drug plants have to meet the same standards as domestic ones.
Heather Bresch
The world must know that America holds to the highest standards of military conduct and human rights protections. Anything less is unacceptable.
Barbara Mikulski
The middle class today would be poor by the standards of the 1950s. Today, with two people working, they would still live paycheck to paycheck.
Peter Schiff
A man who gets divorced is not forever going to be talked about for it. There are very different standards that we have for women than we have for men.
Bianca Jagger
Americans deserve an attorney general that will be honest with them, they deserve an attorney general who will uphold the basic standards of political independence and accountability.
John Cornyn
The Republicans have lost their standards; they’ve lost their principles… Really, that’s why the machine in the Republican Party is fighting against me… They have never really gone along with lower taxes and less government.
Sharron Angle
In business, standards establish the rules of the game, creating path dependencies as investments are made and corresponding designs are set in stone and plastic. Inferior standards can prevail due to smart marketing or industry collusion.
Evgeny Morozov
In many respects, we really are trying to not run the Social Office like a business, but we do have a strategy. We do have a mission. We are trying to standardize certain things so that our time is not spent on, you know, picking flowers or linens, that we’ve got standards.
Desiree Rogers
Tests account for only a couple of hours within the six years of a child’s primary education, but parents expect to know how their children are doing and the government has a responsibility to monitor and control standards.
Andrew Adonis, Baron Adonis
People should be allowed to roll out of bed and go to an interview; people shouldn’t be telling you, ‘You can’t curse because it’s not ladylike.’ I don’t believe in those standards.
Every school, including voucher and charter schools, must be held to strict accountability standards.
John Bel Edwards
I’m slow by everybody’s standards. But not by mine.
Katherine Dunn
The best thing they’ve told me is to be forgiving of yourself as a mother. I think you go into it, and you want to hold yourself to the highest standards, and you want to be perfect. That’s not possible. You make mistakes and learn.
Camilla Luddington
It is to be observed that every case of war averted is a gain in general, for it helps to form a habit of peace, and community habits long continued become standards of conduct.
Elihu Root
Move your personal investments and retirement funds to socially responsible investment (SRI) funds that support only those corporations that uphold higher standards of behavior. Returns on SRI funds are usually equal to, if not better than, many of the well-known traditional mutual funds.
Simon Mainwaring
I am not here concerned with intent, but with scientific standards, especially the ability to tell the difference between a fact, an opinion, a hypothesis, and a hole in the ground.
Serge Lang
Maybe in the world of BoJack, physical attraction is sort of different, beauty standards are different from our world because, why not? It’s just more fun to have a sexy chameleon or a blue-tongued skink or whatever. I don’t know how subversive that is, but it’s fun for me.
Lisa Hanawalt
I have no idea why I write. The old standards are: I like to express my feelings, stretch my imagination, earn money.
S. E. Hinton
The purpose of the ADA was to provide clear and comprehensive national standards to eliminate discrimination against individuals with disabilities. As a result, individuals with disabilities are now able to live in their homes and have access to new careers.
Jim Ramstad
People are, well, only human. We know that. The rule of law is borne out in identifying, condemning, and punishing those who violate the standards on which we all agree. This is exactly what we do in America.
Jim Inhofe
TSA serves as the operator, administrator and regulator for the nation’s transportation security. But in fact, the TSA bureaucracy does all it can to thwart any conversion to a system with more private-sector operations and strong federal oversight and standards. This agency cannot, and should not, do it all.
John Mica
I still worry that I could be better. That’s where standards come from, from not wanting to settle. The fear of not being good enough propels you.
April Bloomfield
The promise of welfare and welfare regulation mean that there is no incentive to accept jobs that do not meet basic standards.
Jacob Rees-Mogg
All the arts, to varying degrees, involve some kind of a compromise. This being so, how far need the radio dramatist go to meet the public without losing sight of himself and his own standards of value?
Louis MacNeice
Having a clear faith, based on the creed of the church is often labeled today as fundamentalism. Whereas relativism, which is letting oneself be tossed and swept along by every wind of teaching, look like the only attitude acceptable to today’s standards.
Pope Benedict XVI
While Taliban fighters had an initial claim to protection under the conventions, they lost POW status by failing to obey the standards of conduct for legal combatants: wearing uniforms, a responsible command structure, and obeying the laws of war.
John Yoo
One of the issues facing us today is that there are countries where there is a serious lack of resources, the standards of living are very low, and this creates a fundamental unease and discomfort in entire populations.
Ralph Merkle
I want to be great, and that’s holding myself to my standards, not anybody else’s.
Myles Garrett
The only way you get economic progress, real standards of living moving higher, is to have the savings of the society continuously invested in the cutting-edge technologies. And those technologies which are obsolescent get dropped out.
Alan Greenspan
Today the demands are for even higher standards in the quality of care, for greater flexibility and convenience in treatment times, and for more prevention through screening and health checks.
Lucy Powell
Honestly, Korean beauty standards are harsh. People are even putting pressure on non-celebrities to be super skinny, and the standards of thinness are just getting worse.
Park Bo-young
The Leadership Training Institute of America trains and equips young men and women to be leaders with high standards of personal morality and integrity.
Michael C. Burgess
Keep up the old standards, and day by day raise them higher.
John Wanamaker
We can be inspired by and renew our ancient culture of sustainable design and living. Why not set standards for producers and importers of all goods and services sold in India?
Rohini Nilekani
There was a period in my life when I was trying to write standards: songs that everybody recorded. I did a pretty good run of it.
Leon Russell
Having a clear faith, based on the creed of the church is often labeled today as fundamentalism. Whereas relativism, which is letting oneself be tossed and swept along by every wind of teaching, look like the only attitude acceptable to today’s standards.
Pope Benedict XVI
It bothers me when people say, ‘Oh, you’re so down to earth – for an actor.’ Even when they don’t say ‘for an actor,’ I feel like that’s the implication. Why are the standards so low for performers?
Jake Gyllenhaal
A lot of bodybuilders have high BMIs. It’s not an indication of your overall health. Like, why put more standards on women saying there’s a maximum BMI? I just think we need to be healthy, and I am.
Ashley Graham
Readers of novels often fall into the bad habit of being overly exacting about the characters’ moral flaws. They apply to these fictional beings standards that no one they know in real life could possibly meet.
Edmund White
You’ve got to quit lowering your standards. Set your requirements up front so when a guy hooks you, he has to know this is business.
Steve Harvey
The simple facts are these: We need higher standards in our schools, and we need to hold teachers accountable for the outcomes in their classrooms.
Sonny Perdue
It’s really frustrating when you write a show and it’s really funny and someone and from Standards and Decency says, ‘You can’t put that in because it has a naughty word.’
Russell Howard
I get asked constantly, what’s Nintendo’s approach to the esports community. And our approach is we want to enable consistent standards. We want to enable an approach to the competition that’s fair, that’s balanced, that enables the players to showcase their skills.
Reggie Fils-Aime
You’ve got to quit lowering your standards. Set your requirements up front so when a guy hooks you, he has to know this is business.
Steve Harvey
Just as the Japanese pioneered a new form of manufacturing – lean production and quite new standards of reliability – so Tata, too, is embracing new forms of manufacture in order to revolutionise the price to meet the consumer needs of a poor, developing country.
Martin Jacques
I’ve learnt that what you need to do is have standards that are agreed nationally and then allow people locally to work out what they need.
Matt Hancock
When I first started playing in a band, before the Beatles, working bands played standards and they saved their rock material til the end of the night when they were really stretched out. It could be pretty lame.
Wayne Kramer
I do support high standards, strong accountability, and local control.
Betsy DeVos
The industrial revolution has tended to produce everywhere great urban masses that seem to be increasingly careless of ethical standards.
Irving Babbitt
I did what I could to inflate the rumor I was on my way to stardom. What I was on my way to, by any mathematical standards known to man, was oblivion, by way of obscurity.
Tallulah Bankhead
I urge you to hold fast to your standards. I plead with you not to waver.
Thomas S. Monson
Indian standards of artistry, and Indian standards of humanity, and Indian standards of love, and of family, devotion, commitment, stand for me as the standard for how one should behave.
Clark Blaise
I set very high standards for myself and worked every game with the same energy and enthusiasm as if it were the seventh game of a World Series.
Jim Evans
Trade deals are not the vehicle for raising or lowering standards of protection for consumers, the environment, workers or anyone else. Regulations are made by governments and parliaments.
Kenneth Clarke
Fudging the data in any way whatsoever is quite literally a sin against the holy ghost of science. I’m not religious, but I put it that way because I feel so strongly. It’s the one thing you do not ever do. You’ve got to have standards.
James Lovelock
The irony is that kids are treated equally when it comes to tests and standards and expectations but not treated equally when providing funds to meet those standards and expectations.
Pete Gallego
I think higher ed in the U.S. is fairly healthy, and by global standards it dominates, and it makes people more productive. But a lot of our K-12 is a disaster. And the single most important reform would just be to fire the worst ten or 15 percent of teachers in the lot, and we would have massive improvements.
Tyler Cowen
There’s a great deal of difference between thinking reflectively about moral issues and achieving higher standards of ethical behavior.
Derek Bok
It may sound funny to others, but there is a sense of freedom when I am able to live on my own, and as per my own set standards.
Soha Ali Khan
I grew up going to a real small missionary baptist church. We would sing a lot of the old standards… the hymns and everything. Those songs are still my favorite and are pretty timeless.
Josh Turner
Leaders get out in front and stay there by raising the standards by which they judge themselves – and by which they are willing to be judged.
Frederick W. Smith
We need a government which, yes, guarantees basic standards in public services, but which also steps in to protect people’s wellbeing as they take part in our consumer democracy – particularly online.
David Blunkett
I mean regardless of what kind of success we have, this is one of the most gratifying things in the world – to work with your friends, and make good music, by our standards.
Fab Moretti
I had no ambition to be a writer because the books I read were too good, my standards were too high.
Haruki Murakami
On a professional side, you’ve got a tough problem to fix, Geoff Miller’s going to do it, and he’s always going to do it to very high standards, and he’s always going to be on the side of right. He’s always talking about ‘what right looks like’ – just a phrase he would always use.
Jack Keane
Votes in federal elections are cast and counted in a highly decentralized and variable fashion, with no uniform ballots and few national standards.
Thomas E. Mann
I’ve seen such great material, and now I’m more picky with the type of jobs that I take because it’s gotta be there. There’s an old theater saying: ‘If it’s not on the page, it’s not on the stage’… You gotta have some type of standards as far as the jobs that you take and the roles that you take on.
Jovan Adepo
Standards of conduct appropriate to civil society or the workings of a democracy cannot be purely and simply applied to the Church.
Pope Benedict XVI
Common Core reminds us what testing can do right. Modeled on standards of the world’s education superpowers, questions demand critical thinking and creativity. Students are asked to write at length, show their work, and explain their reasoning.
Wendy Kopp
We live in a culture where European beauty standards are dominant.
A’Lelia Bundles
States are not moral agents, people are, and can impose moral standards on powerful institutions.
Noam Chomsky
The music industry is an unforgiving place, and it shall unceremoniously show you the door if you can’t perform to high standards.
Asha Bhosle
Americans have been given goals to achieve in Iraq, but not the standards by which to measure progress. And the only assurance Americans have been given that we can reach those goals is to trust the President and his Administration at their word.
Patrick J. Kennedy
For decades, we’ve worked under the assumption that mass culture follows a steadily declining path toward lowest-common-denominator standards, presumably because the ‘masses’ want dumb, simple pleasures and big media companies want to give the masses what they want.
Steven Johnson
Miley Cyrus epitomises what we have allowed. She has done it to break the mould. I can understand why, but we have given her the oxygen of publicity and encouraged it, so young girls will think it is the right way to attract men. We’ve lost our standards.
David Jason
Of course, all of the software I write runs on Linux; that’s the beauty of standards, and of cross-platform code. I don’t have to run your OS, and you don’t have to run mine, and we can use the same applications anyway!
Jamie Zawinski