Stale Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Stale Quotes from Evel Knievel, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Willa Cather, Nahnatchka Khan, Alexander Payne. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

I play golf five days a week. I find that if I play sev

I play golf five days a week. I find that if I play seven days a week, I get stale.
Evel Knievel
A stale article, if you dip it in a good, warm, sunny smile, will go off better than a fresh one that you’ve scowled upon.
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Winter lies too long in country towns; hangs on until it is stale and shabby, old and sullen.
Willa Cather
Stuff starts to feel stale comedically when you’re just rehashing things, so putting together a writers’ room where the majority is made up of people who have not been the focus of the story, it flips everything around.
Nahnatchka Khan
I think a badly crafted, great idea for a new film with a ton of spelling mistakes is just 100 times better than a well-crafted stale script.
Alexander Payne
O God, O God, how weary, stale, flat, and unprofitable seem to me all the uses of this world!
William Shakespeare
What I really miss are Club Z brand ketchup chips. That was the Zellers brand. Something about those slightly stale, slightly gross, but kind of delicious chips that remind me of home.
Lauren Ash
Sometimes with the WWE, you can get a little bit stale. Your traveling is usually with the same group, and you’re generally working with the same person and the same type of match, and it’s the same environment backstage.
John Morrison
It’s easy to figure out whether you’re getting stale. All you’ve got to do is look in the mirror and be honest with yourself.
Tony La Russa
The big difference between TV and theater is that you get to do a new play every week, so it’s quite challenging, but it keeps you fresh. There’s never any fear of getting stale in your performance.
Kevin Chamberlin
The future of British politics is not the pale, male and stale stereotype of tradition. Things are changing for the better.
Layla Moran
Real love is the love that sometimes arises after sensual pleasure: if it does, it is immortal; the other kind inevitably goes stale, for it lies in mere fantasy.
Giacomo Casanova
If you could taste words, most corporate websites, brochures, and sales materials would remind you of stale, soggy rice cakes: nearly calorie free, devoid of nutrition, and completely unsatisfying.
Jason Fried
Show business is stale ideas and stale actors.
Jackie Coogan
I steer clear of books with ugly covers. And ones that are touted as ‘sweeping,’_ ‘tender’ or ‘universal.’ But to the real question of what’s inside: I avoid books that seem to conservatively follow stale formulas. I don’t read for plot, a story ‘about’ this or that.
Rachel Kushner
I feel like if you shoot one scene all day long or you take two days to do a scene, that scene is going to be stale.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
We’re professionals and we made a pact to each other when we created the show that if we ever felt it was getting stale or repetitious or not pushing the format in new and interesting ways, we would stop doing it.
James Murray
I think writing is a part-time career, because otherwise you get a little stale, maybe even self-indulgent, when you have to fill the hours with sentences. I don’t think, if I wrote 12 hours a day, my work would be much better.
Cynthia Voigt
Southern political personalities, like sweet corn, travel badly. They lose flavor with every hundred yards away from the patch. By the time they reach New York, they are like Golden Bantam that has been trucked up from Texas – stale and unprofitable. The consumer forgets that the corn tastes different where it grows.
A. J. Liebling
Me and Jerry left because we felt we weren’t getting anywhere playing our old songs in tiny clubs. The group was getting stale and staying behind the times.
Johnny Thunders
You might have a favorite book or film, but you can only watch or read it so many times before you have to let it sit and then go back and realize it’s your favorite still. At some point everything gets a little stale and you have to step away from it.
Les Claypool
Writing that flirts with incoherence can just as readily flounder as writing characterized by simplicity and composure. There is no reliable formula for originality, and strategies that are distinguished as innovative in their first incarnation can quickly become stale in the hands of lesser artists.
Joanna Scott
When you look at Westminster you think of it as pale, male and stale and I hate that so much.
Georgia Toffolo
In next five to 10 years I probably would have done my best work, but I was afraid of having another 10 or 15 years ahead of me and feeling stale, so this was an opportunity to reinvigorate myself.
Michael Ritchie
I’m all about showing people that I’m a little messed up, I have a lot of the same problems you have. By exposing myself and putting myself out there, people can relate to me and my act won’t grow stale. I mean, nobody wants to hear a comedian say, ‘Life is great.’
Gabriel Iglesias
I never worried about getting stale because the news and the people induce freshness every working hour.
George Vecsey
I think generally, in life, I try to always ensure that there are periodic moments where I do venture out of my comfort zone, because that’s what keeps you alive. That’s what keeps you from getting stale.
Queen Rania of Jordan
Anyone who’s been in the WWE for an extended period of time has to be able to do different things. Eventually, a character gimmick is going to get old and stale. And, when it does, if that’s all you can do, you’re done.
What nature delivers to us is never stale. Because what nature creates has eternity in it.
Isaac Bashevis Singer
People hear traditional jazz and think it’s stale, where there are so many ways it can be opened up. With New Orleans and old-time grooves, there’s no limit in what can be done with that. I want to break the stereotype of what traditional jazz is.
Bria Skonberg
I don’t want to be stale.
Gary Cahill
Politics in America is like stale bread. It’s so yada yada that the best among us can hardly stand it.
Marianne Williamson
There are nights when you can feel stale because you’ve fallen into a pattern by touring too much, but it’s easy to get out of it by deliberately getting in trouble and playing yourself into a corner to then see if you can get out of it.
Leo Kottke
Sin is more than turning our backs on God – it is turning our backs on life! Immorality is much more than adultery and dishonesty: it is living drab, colorless, dreary, stale, unimaginative lives.
Mike Yaconelli
It doesn’t matter if these characters are supposed to be together forever: if their chemistry gets stale, you want somebody to die, you want to put somebody in a coma, you want to write them off the show – anything to save you.
Julie Plec
The only thing that’s really hard for me is when I go to bed after everybody else in my house gets up. And that – you just feel stale. It just feels awful to be still finishing your day when everybody else is starting theirs.
Heather Cox Richardson
With comedy, the jokes will come out, and people will see them coming. Changes in daily life or current events can change the consciousness of audiences and can make the show less funny or feel more stale.
Robert Lopez
Something I learned as an actor was which scenes needed to be rehearsed and which actors are good with rehearsal, which actors learn from it, and which ones grow stale because they start to second-guess themselves.
Angelina Jolie
Classical stuff takes a lot of rehearsal time and preparation, but with stuff that involves improvisation, you can over-rehearse it and it gets stale. You don’t want it to be too comfortable. In fact, a good sound check, a good rehearsal usually means a bad performance.
John Zorn
After opening my first restaurant in 1969, one of the regular customers suggested I write a cookbook, so I did. Then another. After my 12th one, I started to feel stale.
Prue Leith
Let’s leave behind the predictable and stale debate between liberals and conservatives. Let’s take the resources that we have, and prioritize, and manage, and focus our energy on just doing things that count – on real results.
Phil Bredesen
I don’t want to get stale. I’m always interested in new things.
Mark Frost
I was frustrated as a child when I had to use a vacuum. It had a screaming noise and the smell of stale dog and a lack of performance.
James Dyson
I found so many reasons to call it ‘You’re Dead!’ – not just because I wanted to make this album about the journey through death. I was watching the music scene that I came up with kind of go stale and watching the lights go out on a lot of my friends.
Flying Lotus
I always felt like, if I started feeling stale, my audience is probably feeling it before me.
The Undertaker
There are millions of Americans outside Washington who are tired of stale political arguments and are moving this country forward. They believe, and I believe, that here in America, our success should depend not on accident of birth, but the strength of our work ethic and the scope of our dreams.
Barack Obama
If you do the same thing over and over again, then you will definitely get stale and jaded like most actors do.
Milind Soman
President Obama has been attacking relentlessly. In 2008 he said that if you’re out of fresh ideas you use stale tactics against your opponent – you try and make your opponent unacceptable and that’s what he is trying to do.
Rob Portman
The reason that you have statutes of limitations is because evidence goes stale sometimes.
Judy Sheindlin
Job seekers light up when they find The Muse – we’re a breath of fresh air in a stale, musty world. Our user experience focuses first and foremost on the individual, on providing them information – from content to company profiles – to make the most pressing professional decisions in their lives.
Kathryn Minshew
I’ve been playing the bad guy in the last seven or eight projects I’ve done. I like it. It’s a lot more interesting! Being the good guy gets a little stale after a while, you know?
Greg Evigan
What’s important at the grocery store is just as important in engines or medical systems. If the customer isn’t satisfied, if the stuff is getting stale, if the shelf isn’t right, or if the offerings aren’t right, it’s the same thing. You manage it like a small organization. You don’t get hung up on zeros.
Jack Welch
Genre mechanics are really tricky because if you pay too much attention to the idea of rules of genre, it becomes pretty stale, pretty fast.
Karyn Kusama
If I drive myself to the brink of my ability, then I don’t get stale or bored.
Dean Koontz
When I watch myself, I see nothing but faults, like, ‘This I need to do different, this I need to do different,’ and so if there comes a point in time where I’m like, ‘Man, this whole thing is just getting really stale,’ I am not opposed to being the bad guy again.
Daniel Bryan
The hard part of not working is occupying the mind. If an actor doesn’t work, he grows stale.
Van Heflin
An article can be timely, topical, engaged in the issues and personalities of the moment; it is likely to be stale within the month. In five years, it may have acquired the quaint aura of a rotary phone. An article is usually Siamese-twinned to its date of birth.
Cynthia Ozick
Sometimes in TV, it can get really stale, especially if you’re doing these 23-episode years. It’s a lot of work, and to put your family through that, on a location, is not always the greatest thing in the world.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
There have been some brilliant and very successful standalone books that work in themselves and also seem to refresh a series. Anyone who writes a series lives in fear of it becoming stale, so you do whatever you can to keep it fresh – although it does feel a bit nerve-racking to write outside of your comfort zone.
Mark Billingham
Sometimes, the action genre does get stale. Although I want to go back and see my favorite characters in their tentpoles – and will religiously do that – it’s really fun to see breakout ideas and concepts. Let’s make some new stories.
David Leitch