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We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Staff Quotes from N’Golo Kante, Roger Morris, Layla Moran, Dan Gilbert, Omar Ahmad. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

I can talk with my team-mates, understand them and it's

I can talk with my team-mates, understand them and it’s better for understanding the coaching staff and the game itself. If someone’s making a run and they shout for the ball, I know now.
N’Golo Kante
Bob Gates is really emblematic of the modern CIA. He joins it in 1968, just a day before the Soviets invaded Czechoslovakia. And, of course, he rises very quickly. In less than six years, he’s on the National Security Council staff, at the closing weeks of Richard Nixon’s presidency and then on into Gerald Ford.
Roger Morris
And in addition to overhauling exams, I’d also like to see every school in England with a fully qualified counsellor on the staff, whose responsibility it is to work with the pupils and staff who suffer from mental health and wellbeing issues.
Layla Moran
Our entire franchise has done everything in its power to put all of our players and its coaching staff in the best possible position to execute when it counts. And to deliver to the highly supportive fans of Cleveland a proud, intense, impassioned, all-out drive to achieve a championship.
Dan Gilbert
Letters actually work. Even the top dog himself takes time every day to read 10 letters that are picked out by staff. I can tell you that every official that I’ve ever worked with will tell you about the letters they get and what they mean.
Omar Ahmad
When I voted against the cap-and-trade bill, the phone rang and it was the chief of staff of the president of the United States of America, Rahm Emanuel, and he started swearing at me in terms and words that I hadn’t heard since that crossing the line ceremony on the USS New Jersey in 1983.
Eric Massa
Sustainability includes how you run your business, and my bottom line includes how you treat your people. Sustainability starts with your staff.
Tom Douglas
We have to hire, retain, and develop the best staff.
Steve Easterbrook
I write music as a staff writer for Universal Music Group, and I have since 2007. I’ve never talked about it publicly because I wanted to earn the right to be in the same room as the great writers I write with and not shoot my mouth off because I’m an actor. It’s really important to me, and I really care about it.
Mary Steenburgen
It was a shock to my system leaving ‘The West Wing’ and going to ‘Psych.’ I remember being like, ‘What are you doing?’ when James Roday first started improvising. Steve and the writing staff write it that way. They leave gaps.
Dule Hill
I wanted to greet people in Telugu, so I asked someone how to say ‘How are you’ in Telugu. In fact, I instructed my entire staff to speak to me only in Telugu. So, there were times when I would ask them to translate certain words for me in Hindi, but the effort paid off.
Rakul Preet Singh
I have been in a unique position to hear from players and staff members about the issues they and their families have had to encounter.
Stan Van Gundy
Dad thought something very fishy was going on when, at 22, I was offered a job for £1,000 a year – more than Dad paid his own staff – for inventing cheese recipes and writing leaflets at the Dutch Dairy Bureau in London.
Mary Berry
I just appreciate my team, appreciate my coaches, appreciate everybody involved, from my coaches, my teammates, the training staff… people in the kitchen at the facility, people who clean the building.
Derrick Henry
The coach and support staff’s role is to get the players in the most brilliant frame of mind to execute things and if done effectively, it brings enjoyment to the player’s game.
Ravi Shastri
I cleaned up everything behind the scenes and simplified my life. I made some changes in my staff. I changed management, my accountants, my bookkeeping team. I had a full refresh. For me that was extremely important.
Ian Poulter
There were a small number of voices that said, ‘Darvish only cares about strikeouts.’ Although I may have had strikeouts in my mind, fans, team, teammates and team staff were always my top priority.
Yu Darvish
I had to delegate authority to the people on my staff. That means you shave away the hierarchy.
Jurgen Klinsmann
Temporarily in 1934 I became a department head in the German Labor Front and dealt with the improvement of labor conditions in German factories. Then I was in charge of public works on the staff of Hess. I gave up both these activities in 1941.
Albert Speer
Money won’t buy happiness, but it will pay the salaries of a large research staff to study the problem.
Bill Vaughan
I still live as normal a life as anybody else. I have two homes to run. I have my staff to take care of. I work, pay bills and attend society meetings like everybody else.
Deepika Padukone
All too often, a corporate innovation initiative starts and ends with a board meeting mandate to the CEO followed by a series of memos to the staff, with lots of posters and one-day workshops. This typically creates ‘innovation theater’ but very little innovation.
Steve Blank
Every morning when I pick up the newspaper and read about an earthquake in Japan or problems in European financial institutions, the first question I ask our staff is ‘What is money-market-fund exposure?’
Mary Schapiro
There are over 20 federal agencies that provide some, or all, of the steps in the export process. This can paint a very confusing and intimidating picture for small companies who often don’t have designated export officials or trade representatives on staff to navigate the process for their businesses.
Sam Graves
Well, the fact that the news industry doesn’t have enough money to only send salaried staff to war zones means there is an enormous, wide-open opportunity for young people who want to be on staff and don’t know how to get there.
Sebastian Junger
I will fully engage myself to maintain CERN’s excellence in all its attributes, with the help of everybody, including CERN Council, staff and users from all over the world.
Fabiola Gianotti
My staff in Washington and in the state will be dedicated to constituent services and the best representation for our state.
Cindy Hyde-Smith
I always talk with my technical staff before I announce a squad. I have always done that; I am changing nothing.
Karim Benzema
I would watch a lot of old tapes of David Letterman doing his talk show and a lot of interviews. I never had a mentor in my career because my approach has always been so different. Letterman stayed true to who he was, and his staff was always fantastic, so for me, that was always important.
Bobby Bones
One of my staff members told me that after the release of the film, whenever a custodial death is reported, people say – ‘Another ‘Visaranai.’ This is the kind of change that I am looking for; it should hit you hard.
Any success that I have had as a goalkeeper in MLS with Crew SC is a testament to those around me who have pushed me – teammates, coaches, staff, family, friends and supporters.
Zack Steffen
It always takes some time when you change the technical staff. Sometimes you don’t understand what they ask for.
Thiago Silva
I’ve always respected Coach Frank. I kind of publicly recruited him because I really need him and want him. I’m kind of the college recruiter now because he brings a lot to the table. He’s had success here and understands the good and the bad, so I’m recruiting him to join my staff.
Jason Kidd
We must be part of the general staff at the inception, rather than the ambulance drivers at the bitter end.
Lane Kirkland
I’ve never bought this idea of taking a therapeutic distance. If I see a student or house staff cry, I take great faith in that. That’s a great person; they’re going to be a great doctor.
Abraham Verghese
I don’t want to act as though my deployment was particularly rough, because it wasn’t. I had a very mild deployment; I was a staff officer.
Phil Klay
I love what happens between colleagues. It’s just another facet of family to me. That’s certainly what we explored all over ‘The West Wing’. I was an intern in my first season between my junior and senior years of college. Then, I worked on the staff for the next six years.
Lauren Schmidt Hissrich
As the Chief of the Defence Staff says, you don’t defend on the goal line. Defending the interests of the U.K. means tackling threats early and at source, and that means intervening overseas.
Bob Ainsworth
My staff has been working on structural fixes to equitably help disadvantaged areas – left wanting after decades of neglect – to become complete communities with the parks, infrastructure and amenities they deserve.
Kevin Faulconer
Most of the meetings I get are in London, and in terms of travelling, I was getting so used to the Virgin train, I knew most of the staff by name.
Greg McHugh
The thing I enjoy the most about being the head coach is that I get to create the climate. I get to control the environment everybody comes to work in every day, and I’m very in tune to the chemistry, the morale of my staff, my support staff, my secretaries, the guy cleaning the building, the players, the walk-ons.
Dabo Swinney
I have let down many in Cleveland – my Browns teammates, our hard-working coaching staff, the team’s ownership, and the loyal fan base that wants nothing more than to win. Playing there is different than in many other cities. We feel the fans pain.
Josh Gordon
Bringing out service staff on to the dining floor does change the atmosphere.
Steve Easterbrook
Jobs have become more precarious and staff turnover has increased while union membership has plummeted, weakening workplace solidarity.
Owen Jones
I will make sure I will not go in the wrong path. I will get experience playing in IPL. I will talk with Ricky Ponting sir, Pravin Amre sir, and all the other support staff. I will enjoy over there.
Prithvi Shaw
I’ve got a great staff and great support system, and I’m going to stick my neck out and do what I always do.
Pat Summitt
Parents, teachers, and other school staff need the tools to help these young people early in their lives. And the earlier, the better. It is proven that early action prevents problems later in life.
Kate Middleton
There are definitely designers that I love, people I love to work with. And who they are as people matters. Are they good people? Do they treat their staff well? Do they treat my staff well? Are they young? Can I give them a boost? But when all of that is equal… is it cute?
Michelle Obama
From its skillful editing to its out-of-control budget and its relentless marketing, Mr. Obama’s team played a different game at a different level than Sen. John McCain and his traditionalist staff.
Andrew Breitbart
NARA must provide security at our facilities to protect our public patrons, our staff, and our holdings.
Allen Weinstein
In the early years I had no real plan. I figured it out as I went, which is easier to do when you don’t have a lot of staff and overhead. Back then I believed my job was just to create great-looking shoes. That wasn’t true. I learned that the shoes needed to fit, be comfortable, and not fall apart.
Kenneth Cole
At the minor-league and major-league level, you know how important your coaching staff is, but in a big market it becomes absolutely huge.
Mike Quade
By making a company successful, you can provide more employment, and, if you treat your staff well, then your business itself becomes a charity.
Guo Guangchang
Every time I score the passion comes out and I try to relay that back to the fans and to the players and the staff how grateful I am to be playing for such a good football club. The fans have taken well to me. I am part of the furniture at Everton, but I don’t take it for granted.
Timothy F. Cahill
I definitely think there was some overacting on the part of the customers and the wait staff. The people who came in during the shooting were clearly there to have a moment on television, and that’s fine.
Rocco DiSpirito
I thank my personal staff for their restless sacrifice for my work.
Oskar Schindler
I enjoyed a wonderful career at White Hart Lane. I had some terrific highs as a player in the eighties and to go from there and have so many years on the coaching staff is something that makes me very proud.
Chris Hughton
When we compile a petition, we often have members go to their representative’s or Senator’s offices and deliver it in person. This way they can experience a real connection with the staff.
Joan Blades
Compliance with the Stop Online Piracy Act would require huge overhead spending by Internet companies for staff and technologies dedicated to monitoring users and censoring any infringing material from being posted or transmitted.
Rebecca MacKinnon
I’m very critical of myself and I know the levels I want to achieve so I’m very hard on myself. So the staff and players are very hard on me as well, which is what I want as I want to get to as high a level as possible.
Ben Chilwell
It’s damn exciting that without the biggest wrestling company in the world, I’m able to build a brand and be successful. It’s hard to stay on top of it. I had to hire a staff. It sounds so silly. I had to hire a kid to do social media work for me. It’s really cool.
Cody Rhodes
The fans say you can do this and that, but you have to analyse the potential of the team with your staff. Will it be enough to be at the top until the end of the season? You never know.
Rafael Benitez
I have moved to a smaller house in Paris, and I don’t fancy having so much staff now.
Karl Lagerfeld
I think it’s really important that we get an experienced staff. Guys that have been a head coach, to me, at some level is important to me. I value head coaching just because it’s good to know what it’s like to be the decision maker.
Nick Nurse
We had a great staff in college, so after I got to the league, I’d already seen stuff I knew. Then it was enhanced, playing the game with great guys like Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs, Haloti Ngata, Chris McAlister.
Ed Reed
By starting to pay attention to our natural soundscapes, businesses can reduce staff turnover, increase productivity, and increase profits.
Julian Treasure
Personally criticizing a member of my staff hardly seemed like the way to negotiate a deal.
Mitch McConnell
We have ‘Doctor Who’ references on ‘Futurama,’ but we have a lot of science fiction references that I don’t get; but in the staff we have experts on ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Dungeons and Dragons.’
Matt Groening
The production scale of ‘Okja,’ which I had never experienced before, was jaw-dropping. Not only the actors but also all the staff were experts in their fields.
Choi Woo-shik
I think Coach Kerr and his staff have done a great job with what they bring to the table.
Draymond Green
I work a seventeen hour day, and I’m personally responsible for 108 staff members in the embassy.
Shirley Temple
I am grateful to everybody: the training staff, my fellow players, and everybody who works for the club. It is just great.
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
There I was on the front page of the ‘London Times’ as speaker of the House with an animal on top of my head. I liked it, but it was not what my staff thought was appropriately dignified.
Newt Gingrich
I can remember the morning after President Nixon won re-election in 1972. His chief of staff, H.R. Haldeman, called a Cabinet meeting and told the members: ‘You are all a bunch of burned-out volcanoes;’ and asked for their resignations.
Helen Thomas
Letting people out of prison without professional staff to oversee their rehabilitation is irresponsible.
Sadiq Khan
Thank you to all of the managers, coaches, and staff I’ve worked with and thank you to all of the team-mates that I’ve shared a dressing room with over the years.
Robert Green
In the regular season, they all only count for one win or one loss. But for a team or coaching staff, these are tests, and you want to see where you’re at.
Nick Nurse
President and Mrs. Kennedy would walk into the East Room with their honored guests, preceded by the military color guard, who then posted their flags behind the receiving line. This ceremony never failed to move all of us, no matter how many times the staff witnessed it.
Letitia Baldrige
CNN, a part of the Time Warner company, lives for news about everything and anyone. In the office, the bosses openly discuss the need for a diverse staff and diverse stories, and each time we draw new viewers, the effort intensifies.
Soledad O’Brien
You can learn a lot about Pat Buchanan by talking to his campaign staff, particularly the ones who have quit or been fired.
Tucker Carlson
As a manager, you are important sometimes, and you make mistakes, but the most important people are your staff and your players. Never call me ‘the special one!’
Rafael Benitez
Every player is different, but I try to treat everyone the same. On a day-to-day basis, I come across other footballers and club staff, and I try to treat all the same, from the security guard to Lionel Messi.
Ivan Rakitic
I’ve always believed that if you are in the WWE system, that in two years or less, the staff should be able to tell who’s a keeper and who’s not.
Jim Ross
I want to help Leeds United return to the level our history and fans deserve. When I came to the club, I gave myself three years to deliver that and my vision remains the same: return the club to its rightful place in the Premier League and make our fans, players and staff proud of their football team.
Andrea Radrizzani
The station put us on staff at $35 a week… and I mean every week.
Roy Rogers
Too few nurses puts patients at risk. It also risks the mental and physical health of the nurses we do have, as the fewer staff there are on a ward, the harder it gets to pick up the pieces.
Susanna Reid
I was sent down to Cuba. Everything had been prepared with the help of Congressman Johnson and his staff.
Erich Leinsdorf
The Secretary of the State at the time was James Baker, who had also been Secretary of Treasury and White House Chief of Staff: very powerful guy. And I went to see him in his very ornate office at the State Department to say I wasn’t going to cover him anymore. It was just a courtesy call.
Walt Mossberg
Especially for the goalkeeper, you have to feel the confidence of every staff member and the team.
Simon Mignolet
A key to McMaster’s thinking is his 1997 book, ‘Dereliction of Duty: Lyndon Johnson, Robert McNamara, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Lies that Led to Vietnam.’
Peter Bergen
You miss the camaraderie of being around your team and your staff. It’s good to be back in the middle of it all.
Tom Thibodeau
David was the kind of guy who was totally supportive of the actors and instructed the writing staff to trust the actor’s instincts, since after all, it’s the actors playing the character.
William Devane
All the Formula 1 teams that Dare To Be Different has come into contact with – Ferrari, McLaren, Force India, Williams – they’re all very proactive in supporting us. They allow us to contact their female staff members and they’re very conscious of wanting to help increase their percentage of women in the industry.
Susie Wolff
My restaurants are never opened on Thanksgiving; I want my staff to spend time with their family if they can. My feeling is, if I can’t figure out how to make money the rest of the year so that my workers can enjoy the holidays, then I don’t deserve to be an owner.
Michael Symon
Best to give Chief of Staff John Kelly a clean slate and the ability to build his own team.
Anthony Scaramucci
You’re on your own in college, but you get sheltered a little bit more with the coaching staff and everything.
Zach LaVine
Martin Luther King, with whom I worked very closely, became very distressed when a number of the ministers working for him wanted him to dismiss me from his staff because of my homosexuality.
Bayard Rustin
Fifa would benefit hugely from the experience of former players from a variety of backgrounds including Africa and Asia. There aren’t many senior staff who have played at the top level and the organisation needs balance.
Sol Campbell
I was not content to believe in a personal devil and serve him, in the ordinary sense of the word. I wanted to get hold of him personally and become his chief of staff.
Aleister Crowley
We use tools such as email, not just as a way to keep in daily touch with family members who live in other cities, but also as a way to keep in touch with staff and members of the public.
Tipper Gore
People down on their luck deserve the best: beautiful surroundings and well-paid professional staff to help them out of their difficulties. Why not train thousands more social workers and let them sit in on claimants’ interviews?
Sue Townsend
Our staff not only received the reports from these agencies, they examined them. They questioned them.
John Sherman Cooper
We have investigative staff who are charged by law and this committee under the Constitution of the United States has a responsibility, taxpayers’ money, and an agency which we fund from the government, they bought weapons, we believe and we think that – I don’t know who did what.
John Mica
At school I was very shy and coincidentally inherited the title ‘little miss worry guts,’ and that was just among the staff. I learned early on that I could make people laugh, and as my small neat body betrayed me by growing to dizzying heights, I used it as a tool that translated into complete slap-stick comedy.
Erin O’Connor
My dad was stationed at the Pentagon when I was like middle-school age. He was support for the Joint Chiefs of Staff; his boss was Colin Powell.
Harris Faulkner
I hate it when people are rude to service staff. I grew up in my family’s hotel and experienced it first-hand.
Edith Bowman
All our hiring staff are trained to interview in English. They’re trained to look for Westernized segments because we deal with global customers.
Azim Premji
And I’m a believer that you take a negative and turn it into a positive, and as it turned out, it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. And so I do appreciate the Ranger staff and the Ranger organization for giving me that opportunity.
Nolan Ryan
All of the men on my staff can type.
Bella Abzug
I need Netflix to sort of wisen up and give me a staff and a budget, that would be fun.
Randy Rainbow
When I took over ‘The New Yorker,’ there was a very, very good, smart staff in place.
Tina Brown
Pep and his staff work very hard, not just on the training pitch but also with the analysis of opponents, and now, of course, we understand more how he wants to play.
I am blessed to have an incredible staff of other highly competent paralegals, lawyers, and others that I have surrounded myself with. This is not a one-man band by any stretch.
Michael Avenatti
During my time away from football I was with Milan and Barcelona during training. The most impressive thing about Barcelona was how humble they all are. The humility of the players and staff was fantastic.
Gianfranco Zola
What comes with a job as a staff member of the BBC is a certain self-censoring that you get utterly used to. You don’t say everything you think. You hold back on some things.
Evan Davis
I majored in Southern history in college, and much of my early work at my first job – as a staff writer at ‘Memphis’ magazine – focused on race relations.
Hampton Sides
The staff members of all banks have worked very hard, and we all owe them our gratitude.
Urjit Patel
Fortunately, in the WWE, the security staff is very dedicated and very professional. They know what they’re doing.
Kevin Owens
I am simply the most conspicuous part of a large, thoroughly dedicated and professional staff that extends from just behind these cameras, across this country and around the world, in too many instances, in places of grave danger and personal hardship. They’re family to me.
Tom Brokaw
I want our staff to be able to feel like themselves.
Payal Kadakia
I literally worked at research labs where the staff really tried to steer management away from the modern technology that was actually better.
Sebastian Thrun
Letterman, despite whatever idiotic (or worse?) things he may have done with women on his staff, was wise enough to realize that silence isn’t permanent and peace of mind can’t be bought.
Alafair Burke
Our job as a coaching staff is to mentor, to discipline and to educate young people.
Urban Meyer
The manager and the fitness staff condition every training session. They plan it out week by week on what players need. If players need a rest, they will do that; if players need to work hard, they will do that as well.
Harry Kane
Arsenal is a well-established club with excellent staff who make sure everything runs smoothly.
Alexandre Lacazette
There are plenty of odd couple Congressmen who have roomed together on Capitol Hill, but I have never heard of a chief of staff who rooms with his boss. It is beyond unusual.
Lawrence O’Donnell
The people of the FBI sacrifice much for their country, and I am proud to lead this organization of dedicated agents, analysts, and professional staff.
James Comey
I admired Eugene McCarthy’s courage and although I left his Senate staff after four years to accept a job as the researcher on the editorial page of the ‘Washington Post,’ I remained an admirer.
Kitty Kelley
I feel good, I feel good. Our training staff, they’re the best.
Mark Sanchez
Can’t blame the coaching staff for everything. It’s mutual, of course. Players mess up, coaches mess up.
Kyle Kuzma
For our country and people, October 10 is a meaningful revolutionary holiday when they celebrate the birth anniversary of the genuine vanguard of the revolution, its militant General Staff, which has taken responsibility for their destiny and leads them.
Kim Jong-un
I want to start every game but you have to respect the staff.
Danny Ings
The amount of staff we have in academies is… I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s good to take care of the players but sometimes I get confused by the number of people who have an impact on one kid – we’re talking 100 people or more. It’s quite a heavy load.
Per Mertesacker
One indicator of Ernest Lawrence’s influence is the fact that I am the eighth member of his laboratory staff to receive the highest award that can come to a scientist – the Nobel Prize.
Luis Walter Alvarez
The reason I’m in good form is not just down to myself: it’s down to the manager and coaching staff improving my game.
James Maddison
The tweets that I send out are not written by somebody else. They’re not vetted through my communications staff.
Chris Murphy
My father was a misanthrope who slept all day and stayed up all night so that he wouldn’t have to see people. He ran a business with a large staff but would go there at night and leave things for them to do during the day when he wasn’t there.
Edmund White
My wife and daughters work. My campaign manager in 2005 was a working mother. I appointed 5 women to my senior staff as Attorney General.
Bob McDonnell
When I won gold medals in both the 200m and 400m events at the 1958 Asian Games, the then chief of army staff, General K.S. Thimayya, announced my promotion as a junior commissioned officer.
Milkha Singh
There’s a whole pipeline for where people recruit current Hill staff from, and it’s people who go through a kind of ideological training that’s incorrect, I’d say, and so there’s a lot of work to do, and Justice Democrats is trying to figure out where it fits.
Saikat Chakrabarti
I’ve had some of the best years of my career at Atletico and remember the supporters, my teammates, and the coaching staff fondly.
Filipe Luis
When you talk to police communications staff and think about their job from an insider’s point of view, you can see they have to inch out along a razor’s edge every day. They have a duty to be honest. But there’s also a responsibility not to inflame.
Jesse Armstrong
As long as we know the job we are doing and we are honest to our jobs, as long as support staff we are helping players channelise their energies in the right direction, we are not worried about what critics say.
Ravi Shastri
Just leaving the brotherhood I have made at Georgia, the staff and all my coaches. They’ve prepared me for the real world. I’m really going to miss that. But I feel like they’ve prepared me for the real world, to be a man.
A. J. Green
As long as you like yourself, as long as your family like you, as long as you are good at what you do, your staff respect you, and your board have trust in you, that’s what is important.
Karren Brady
I think I’ve got the best staff in television.
Phil McGraw
It was a wonderful experience to play in the NFL, and I have no regrets. I truly will miss playing for the Lions. I consider the Lions’ players, coaches, staff, management and fans my family. I leave on good terms with everyone in the organization.
Barry Sanders
I should have never allowed myself to be as familiar with my staff as I was.
Eric Massa
I appreciate who I work with, I appreciate the players and the staff.
Brad Stevens
The recent controversy over the portrayal of Ken Taylor and his embassy staff in the movie ‘Argo’ brought home to me the great responsibility we writers have when telling stories that involve real people.
Susanna Kearsley
I am being taken care of by a higher being than myself or my coaches or my training staff.
Rebecca Lobo
When a shooting takes place, it is not just us, it is an opportunity for many bread earners – the light man, the boom man, the sound staff, the people who work to erect the sets, the camera team.
Pulkit Samrat
Some colleges and universities in Virginia have chosen to ban concealed carry, and we believe that those universities have created more dangerous environments for their students, faculty, and staff.
Jerry Falwell, Jr.
A president is always cosseted by his staff.
Monica Crowley
Suprisingly, one of the most complex pieces of code is the code to determine where a note is in the staff. Finale stores notes as relative scale positions in the current key.
Robert Patterson
People in the street will either call me ‘Prime Minister’ or ‘Justin.’ We’ll see how that goes. But when I’m working, when I’m with my staff in public, I’m ‘Prime Minister.’ I say that if we’re drinking beer out of a bottle, and you can see my tattoos, you should be comfortable calling me ‘Justin.’
Justin Trudeau
I am in love with Celtic, so I am really happy. It was a great feeling getting to know a new team and new coaching staff. I can’t wait to get on the field and play in front of those wonderful fans.
Timothy Weah
I was quite the spoiled brat. I have quite a temper, obviously inherited from my father, and I became very good at ordering everyone around. I was the princess; the staff were absolutely terrified of me.
Lisa Marie Presley
I believe in the NASCAR medical staff.
Denny Hamlin
Mr. Disney and his staff were constantly scouting for great stories to bring to life on film.
Annette Funicello
The difference is that if we turn from the Gentile first, we will have the Almighty as the immediate staff and our comfort. If not, we will have neither the Gentile nor, for a terrible stage, the Almighty.
Meir Kahane
Businesses should absolutely set aside funding in their budgets for security consultants. Unless there is an expert on staff, and there usually is not, it needs to be outsourced.
Kevin Mitnick
A chief of staff has to reflect the president’s governing style.
William M. Daley
I’m not the No. 1 starter. I’m not the guy that’s going to carry the staff for four months out of the season, but I can contribute in a lot of ways. And to me I’m very proud of that.
Jamie Moyer
Success in the revolution and construction depends on how a party, the General Staff of the revolution, is built and on how its leadership role is enhanced.
Kim Jong-un
As the president of a university community of nearly 15,000 students and 7,000 faculty and staff, I take very seriously my responsibility to keep our campus safe in an increasingly dangerous world. The concealed carry policy has worked well for us.
Jerry Falwell, Jr.
There are people on staff who have made that point, that the upside to a second Bush term is that it makes ‘American Dad’ work better. To me, the price is too high. I would gladly give up the comedy to have a President Kerry. But you work with what you have.
Seth MacFarlane
It always starts with having great competitors on your team, in your front office, on your coaching staff.
Mike Budenholzer
I tell my staff, ‘Give me your best, and then go home and live your life.’ I’ve never asked anyone to work harder, but I’ve told plenty that they needed rest.
Brunello Cucinelli
My simple point is that I judge a person’s faith by how they live their life, not by the tenets of their religion. I’ve watched the holiest of people walk past somebody in need or treat their staff mean. To me, the beauty of faith is only seen when people live it consistently or struggle to do so.
Cory Booker
I’ve never felt entirely comfortable in high society. I’m more comfortable talking to the bar staff than the super-rich. I don’t really get what makes them tick.
Rory Bremner
The platform that we have created here in Tottenham is the most important, the platform we created between all the coaching staff – in the academy and the first team. The platform we created is more important than one person.
Mauricio Pochettino
Teams that consistently perform at the highest levels are able to come together and be unified across the organization – staff, players, coaches, management, and ownership. When everyone is on the same page, trust develops, and teams can grow and succeed together.
Jerry Reinsdorf
You know in 1982, the year we came in tied for 3rd, we probably had a better team – I mean as far as talent. When we came back the following year and won it, our pitching staff was a little more experienced and it was such a thrill.
Roger Clemens
In my first remarks as Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission to the agency’s terrific staff, I stressed that one of my top priorities would be to close the digital divide – the gap between those who use cutting-edge communications services and those who do not.
Ajit Pai
Here is the truth: While at the University of Florida, and now at The Ohio State University, I have always followed proper reporting protocols and procedures when I have learned of an incident involving a student-athlete, coach or member of our staff by elevating the issues to the proper channels.
Urban Meyer
The good news is that the ownership team and the rest of the hard-working, loyal, and driven staff over here at your hometown Cavaliers have not betrayed you nor never will betray you.
Dan Gilbert
One of the positive things about Pep is that he is so close with his staff – they support him in every situation, and we, as players, have huge contact with them.
The staff at the Institute will present an analysis on how asset price fluctuations and subsequent structural adjustments influence sustained economic growth, based on Japan’s experience since the second half of the 1980s.
Toshihiko Fukui
How shall we remember Mahatma Gandhi, that eternal pilgrim of freedom? Born of the very spirit of India, steeped in the tradition, the song, the legend of our ancient land – and yet he was revolutionary. Unique among revolutionaries, he marched for freedom, clad in the robe of truth, with non-violence for his staff.
Rajiv Gandhi
The position of an assistant director in Japan is a handyman who does everything if necessary. They must overcome the unreasonable demands of hard-hearted and whimsical directors, and staff with different personalities or habits.
Takashi Miike
When you slide into television, no one tells you exactly how manage expectations and work with your staff.
Pete Holmes
Most of the services staff is for the larger corporations, not so much for small and medium businesses because they cannot afford an extensive services army.
Kevin Rollins
Working in Korea with the talent and staff there was very eye-opening. I was in awe of everyone’s talent, passion, and love for the process.
Brian Tee
What happens in the media is the cult of personality. The brands who have been forced to cut their staff have been forced to take on the brands of journalists.
Fareed Zakaria
I’m impressed with how ‘Newsweek’s’ outstanding staff has continued to put out a lively, well-informed magazine after the departure of their tireless editor, Jon Meacham.
Tina Brown
Lacey didn’t like it, even though he was born here, I understand. I mean, he was born in Brooklyn. He told the staff that they better prepare themselves to say goodbye to some of their friends.
Sydney Schanberg
I want to continue working with my staff who are like family.
If you stand with the Customs and Border Protection officers who staff the passport booths at Dulles airport near the nation’s capital, their task seems daunting.
David K. Shipler
The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way schools function in nearly every capacity, and I am proud of the way Connecticut’s education officials, teachers, and staff have been able to respond in order to ensure that students continue to receive a quality education.
Ned Lamont
Always be nice to the front desk staff because they can choose to make your life a living hell, and they’ll remember you.
Iliza Shlesinger
People ask me, ‘What’s it like to leave ESPN?’ and I say, ‘I’m not leaving ESPN. I’m leaving ESPNU.’ That’s what I was on. That network doesn’t even have a sales staff.
Colin Cowherd
I came to Dortmund from a relatively small team and I struggled during my first six months to find my place there. I was a bit shy and, to be honest, I wasn’t brave enough do certain things. But thanks to the help of my team-mates, and with the help of Jurgen and his staff, too, I managed to improve.
Ilkay Gundogan
There’s no way the writing staff of ‘Game of Thrones’ haven’t read ‘The Art of War.’ There’s definitely an influence on ‘Game of Thrones’ from this book in both a general way and on the character of Lord Baelish and his strategies.
Aidan Gillen
I am very happy at Milan: the coach and his staff have given me a lot of confidence, and I’m also happy with the relationship with my team-mates.
Gerard Deulofeu
Allowing staff to dictate frameworks and policy outcomes without appropriate checks by elected leaders has corrosive effects.
Michael O’Rielly
I don’t like the tropes, particularly in my industry, that the senior women are mean to the junior staff.
Joanna Coles
I loved being Maleficent. I was quite sad to put my staff down and put my horns away because somehow, she just lives in a different world.
Angelina Jolie
Allowing our staff to mix their life with work only makes them more productive and in love with the work that they’re doing.
Payal Kadakia
I hug my kids, staff, dogs; that is the way I show my affection. If people don’t understand that, I can’t help it.
Pooja Bedi
Never be possessive. If a female friend lets on that she is going out with another man, be kind and understanding. If she says she would like to go out with the Dallas Cowboys, including the coaching staff, the same rule applies.
Bruce Jay Friedman
Presidential and vice-presidential debates are not about campaign staff or consultants, and it is high time we as a people took control and reminded them and their candidates of that important fact.
Bob Barr
Any recognition I’ve received, or been considered for, honors all of the coaches, players and staff that have been a part of our program for many years. They are the reason my name is on the College Football Hall of Fame ballot, so most importantly I thank them.
Mack Brown
I’ve loved every moment at Kentucky with my coaches and support staff.
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
My weapon of choice is the nunchuck. I do like the bo as well, which I use, the staff. I’m not so good with the sword, but I picked a lot of stuff up on ‘Ninja 1’ with the sword.
Scott Adkins
When things haven’t gone well for you, call in a secretary or a staff man and chew him out. You will sleep better and they will appreciate the attention.
Lyndon B. Johnson
We had prepared, my staff had prepared for me a whole dossier on virtually – on George Bush on his votes on his records, what he had done over the past number of years in public service.
Geraldine Ferraro
I have to be grateful to our society here in China, grateful to the economic reforms for letting me get rich, and grateful for the efforts of my staff. If there had been no reforms, I would have been a farmer.
Chen Guangbiao
To me, the greatest asset of the Fed is the people. We have a tremendously dedicated staff… They feel proud to work for the Fed because this is such a competent, professional and well-respected organization.
Janet Yellen
To be in the Finals and the medical staff is telling me I can’t play… it sucks.
Bam Adebayo
My number one objective continues to be to defund or delay the implementation of Obamacare. But as long as any piece of this law is standing, it needs to apply to all Americans equally, and that includes members of Congress and our staff.
Michael McCaul
I never expected to do what I can, but with my coaching staff and my training and coming to terms with my own ability and my own talent and realizing the potential that there is, I’ve decided that I want to make a run for it. I’m training, and I’m fighting for a title.
Robert Whittaker
I have a good supporting staff around me and good teammates encouraging me every single day to perform on the field and to perform in training and I set high standards for myself as well knowing that Bayern Munich is one of the best teams in the world.
Alphonso Davies
People didn’t think Christian Ponder would get picked in the first or second round, but they don’t understand how prepared he was for the pro game through the FSU coaching staff.
Chad Kelly
The truth is, I have an excellent team, a staff that handles Blue Elephant, my translation company, perfectly. It is like a well-oiled machine.
Duke came to us. They volunteered to come to us and made a number of suggestions to some people on my staff. I don’t know how I would characterize them, but there have been some discussions going back and forth between Duke and members of my staff.
Gray Davis
To be honest, when a manger is sacked, for me it’s also the responsibility of the players. We have to take responsibility for it – it’s not only the manager and the staff.
Ander Herrera
Towards the end of the Lord Chamberlain’s era, when his hold was being loosened, private prosecutions began to happen. A member of staff at the Royal Court ordered to stop the play, and the police were brought in.
Timothy West
She is incredibly fit, but we remind staff that she’s not just the monarch, but our mother.
Prince Andrew
When day-to-day living became too difficult for him, my father moved to a residential home near me and although he’d never had any sort of dementia test, he gradually became unable either to eat or go to the toilet on his own. Eventually the staff found him too difficult to manage.
Arlene Phillips
Every team I’ve played on has players-only meetings, players staff meetings, so this is part of the process.
Rajon Rondo
In private companies that are successful, the management have learnt to put their staff first, customers second, shareholders last.
Harry Enfield
I have been surrounded by some of the smartest, brightest, most caring lawyers, by agents who are willing to risk their lives for others, by support staff that are willing to work as hard as they can.
Janet Reno
Fit experts envision a future in which you’d carry your body scan in your cell phone or on a thumb drive, using the data to order clothes online or find them in stores. But who’s going to pay for all those scanners, which cost about $35,000 each, and the staff to run them?
Virginia Postrel
When I first met my husband, he had a very good job – company car, pension plan, grudging respect from his staff – the lot. I, on the other hand, was badly paid and devoid of ambition. Then I had a couple of books published and confounded all expectations by starting to earn more than he did.
Marian Keyes
Let your family, staff, and friends know that you’re still the same person, despite all the publicity and notoriety that accompanies your position.
Donald Rumsfeld
I was very fortunate that I had a great scouting staff at Everton from the academy, because it was those people who got the likes of Ross Barkley and Wayne Rooney when they were young.
David Moyes
Imagine going into an office and telling the staff that they have to follow your philosophy. Imagine the reaction you would get if you said that in any other walk of life. Why would I offer that to my players?
Sean Dyche
I was a really big – I was a big fan of pitching staffs in general growing up, not necessarily teams. So I liked the Braves pitching staff of Maddox, Glavine, and Smoltz, and I liked the A’s pitching staff with Zito, Hudson, and Mulder.
Trevor Bauer
I just want to be really clear about this: Anyone who has read Colin Powell’s biography – there’s an entire section where he talks about experiencing segregation. Colin Powell did not appear when he became head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. That’s not how it happened.
Ta-Nehisi Coates
My toughest job every day is maintaining intensity with myself and with my staff.
Roger Ailes
It was important to be with a coaching staff that didn’t just believe in my football ability.
Will Grier
You look at the staff, the whole staff, from the security to the nutritionists, everybody. Everybody’s happy. They want to be there. They look like they want to be in the UFC.
Glover Teixeira
The magazine, the daytime show, we’ve always tried to write affordable, accessible. Those are key words for us, and I do mean us, a huge staff of people at the magazine who love to cook affordable, friendly food that helps families eat better for less.
Rachael Ray
Even over time, with a stable coaching staff and one manager who is fantastic and been in place for a long time, you can’t ever defer and stay out of the clubhouse because you don’t want to get in the way.
Theo Epstein
In economics, ‘competitiveness’ does not describe Barack Obama’s insistence on not only being president of the U.S. but also beating his staff at bowling.
Lionel Shriver
It was amazing, really a dream come true, to not only get drafted by the Heat, but then also to be here with Pat Riley and the rest of the coaching staff.
Tyler Herro
I realize money alone does not guarantee you the best fighters or support staff – it’s all about relations.
Raj Kundra
I’d be cheating everyone here, the staff and rest of my teammates, if I wasn’t able to stay on top of my work. It was almost like therapy, to come back and get in an environment I’m comfortable with.
Roger Clemens
Work continuously to trim the White House staff from your first day to your last. All the pressures are to the contrary.
Donald Rumsfeld
WWE had years to develop and train their staff. WWE makes sure the production team got exactly what Vince McMahon was looking for and how he wanted it.
Eric Bischoff
Short of hiring a new staff, consider giving subpar workers a chance to improve. Tell them why they’re not measuring up and give them a set amount of time to make specific improvements.
Danny Meyer
It always surprises me when donors who operate successful businesses assume that just building a school structure means that a community now has access to education. When creating a business, does renting an office space now mean that you’re producing goods, training staff and generating revenues?
Adam Braun
I want to take everything I have in me, weave it, merge it with the beauty that is in the Library of Congress, all the resources, the guidance of the staff and departments, and launch it with the heart-shaped dreams of the people.
Juan Felipe Herrera
For magazines seeking to extend their reach into podcasting, half the battle is finding members of staff who don’t sound like the kind of people you wouldn’t care to be stuck in a lift with.
David Hepworth
No access to me, nor my staff, will ever affect what we do to protect consumers of the state of Florida.
Pam Bondi
White House staff spends enormous amounts of time planning a president’s every move so that his public persona reflects the mood of the public.
Dan Bongino
It’s fairly common for new members of Congress to hire their former campaign managers onto their official staff.
Saikat Chakrabarti
The next series of ‘Mr Selfridge’ has moved on five years. It’s 1914 now, and the war is brewing. Halfway through the series, some of the Selfridges staff have to go off to fight, so they get women in to do the men’s jobs.
Katherine Kelly
If you’re healthy and you’re told that you’re capable of playing and the medical staff signs off on it, to me, you play because that’s what you are paid to do.
Troy Aikman
The backwoodsmen are muttering about making Britain’s draconian union laws – already among the toughest in Europe – harsher still. And parts of the media will continue to attack public service pensions, as if school meals staff, refuse collectors and healthcare workers have no right to a decent retirement.
Frances O’Grady
I think I’ve got an outstanding defensive assistant staff that’s really going to help us have consistent, strong defenses. And offensively, we have an excellent staff. We’ve got some younger guys on offense, but that’s what I coach and have my entire coaching career.
Steve Spurrier
To see the line between being good and bad is really thin. It’s not easy for anyone, not the manager, the players or the staff.
Mikel Arteta
If all of my instructions to staff during the seven years I hosted a radio show were written down and examined, I’d sound a lot like Bruce Levenson. Hell, I might sound much worse. The path to inclusion and diversity is not paved with precise, pretty words.
Jason Whitlock
Many of my staff have been with me for over 20 years. I have a great team, and I make sure they feel respected and appreciated.
Emeril Lagasse
I really enjoy visiting stores and shopping. I don’t mind the staff and other customers at the stores recognising me either; it’s a great feeling when people tell you they love your work.
Nidhhi Agerwal
Being superintendent or the superintendent’s chief of staff is important work, but there’s no chance it’s as difficult as being a teacher, and I hesitate to say that it’s as important.
Timothy Noah
I didn’t enjoy Rio. My team-mates were great but some of the staff made it a really negative place.
Ellie Simmonds
Sometimes, I think I could have been a major movie star with the vast mansion and staff. I look at my Volvo and think it could be a limousine. I think of the roles I turned down. But then I wouldn’t have had any children.
Kristin Scott Thomas
I have a tremendous staff around me. It’s a really good family vibe in terms of our environment.
Jill Ellis
A massive thank you also goes to everyone at the SFA for looking after me since I was a young boy, including Frank Reilly, Doc McLean, Jonesy, managers, coaches, staff, the physios, massage therapists, kit men and the media staff I’ve worked with over the years.
Robert Snodgrass
The natural creativity of the staff morphed ‘The Daily Beast’ very fast into what has become a newsroom. Aggregation lives on the Cheat Sheet, the video player, and in the breaking news slot in the first big box. The rest is all original, generated by Beast writers and editors.
Tina Brown
I think anybody that has caught before understands the grind of catching, not only the physical, the nicks, the wear and tear of squatting for nine innings night in, day out, but just the mental grind of working a pitching staff. It’s demanding.
Buster Posey
Since 2001, I’ve done what every elected official should be doing in government right now. My staff and I took a look at the books, thought outside the box and proposed reforms.
Mike Quigley
But the atmosphere of being part of the Indian team is totally different from any other team. People start looking at you in a different way. But the senior players and support staff really helped me in ease into the team.
Shreyas Iyer
I’m not a pastor; I’ve never been on staff at a church.
Donald Miller
My parents were very well-off, but we didn’t have a crazy-huge house. We didn’t have thousands of workers and staff; it was just my mum doing the majority of the housework. We didn’t have nannies. I wasn’t brought up in any sort of extravagant way.
Petra Stunt
We reflect on our successes and failures at monthly staff meetings.
Charles Best
When the reviews are bad I tell my staff that they can join me as I cry all the way to the bank.
When cutting staff at the Pentagon, don’t eliminate the thin layer that assures civilian control.
Donald Rumsfeld
It is common for rural hospitals and nursing homes to operate as a single unit in order to take advantage of savings related to cost-sharing of some services and staff.
Rick Renzi
When I create a TV show, it’s so that I can write it. I’m not an empire builder; my writing staff is usually a combination of two kinds of people – experts in the world the show is set in, and young writers who will not be unhappy if they’re not writing scripts.
Aaron Sorkin
More Democrats should be speaking without vetting their statements through their staff because it will feel realer.
Chris Murphy
Many of the things we do at Basecamp would be considered unusual at most companies: paying for employees’ hobbies, allowing our team to work from anywhere, even footing the bill for fresh fruits and veggies in our staff members’ homes.
Jason Fried
It’s so great to fight in the UFC because the whole staff, they treat you so well. The people are happy to work there.
Glover Teixeira
Fitness has always been a strength of mine. People seem to look at ages and think once you get over 30, you’re coming to the end. I’d like to think I’ve got a number of years left in me. I feel really good, and that’s down to the great work the staff at the club do looking after us and the facilities we have.
James Milner
I’m having fun, and I’m waking up every morning and my staff is waking up every morning looking at each other and saying, ‘What can we do today that would be really cool?’ I cannot complain about my life.
Scooter Braun
Whenever a team has three weeks to prepare, and it’s an excellent coach and coaching staff and great players, you’ve got to work on it all.
Urban Meyer
Keeping a bar clean is basic in this business. Having a staff that speaks adequate English is basic.
Jon Taffer
I find it exhausting to administer a magazine without an office or paid staff.
John Barton
To be honored by your peers is incredibly gratifying and I am so thankful to my colleagues across the league for this recognition. I’m also grateful to the talented and dedicated coaching staff I work with every day in Toronto. To be recognized with an award that bears Michael H. Goldberg’s name is very special.
Dwane Casey
Businesses that fail to develop their staff are twice as likely to collapse. Firms seeking to reposition themselves for the economic upturn need to invest in their staff’s flexibility, responsiveness and skills.
David Blunkett
Many of the earmark request forms are actually filled out by lobbyists and then just turned in by the member’s staff to the appropriations committee.
Jeff Flake
I don’t shout from the rooftops or blow my own trumpet. But I take a lot of satisfaction from the players and staff at clubs who recognise what I’ve done.
Steve Clarke
I’m really great with weapons: I did a lot of bo and staff training for ‘Immortals.’ I love knives. I’m a pretty good shot. But I love hand-to-hand combat.
Kellan Lutz
If I could give a shout-out to anything in the childhood world, I have to say ‘Daniel Tiger.’ I want to write a love letter to everyone on that staff. It is so perfectly, thoughtfully, lovingly done. And as a parent, it is the one thing out of everything that we dip in to that really helps.
Emma McLaughlin
I keep saying, and I’ve said it to the players, what happens in a dressing room stays in a dressing room, whether that’s with me and a player, whether it’s two players together, whether it’s the coaching staff and the players. I just think it’s almost a sacred environment and that trust in that area is unbreakable.
Tony Pulis
I have been at Arsenal Football Club for seven years now, and I have always shown my full respect to the Club, Arsene Wenger, all the coaching staff, my team-mates, and the fans. I’ve always felt that I received great support from the manager and the fans, and I am fully focused on getting back to my best.
Wojciech Szczesny
I am thankful for everyone at the club that helped me, the fans, the coaches that I have had, the staff that have helped with injuries, I am really grateful to everyone at Everton. It was like a family to me.
Ross Barkley
I worked as a lawyer; as a member of the teaching staff of a technical college; and then I worked principally as legal adviser to Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers Party.
Hans Frank
My stylist and agency staff are the ones that do a good job telling me what to wear.
Park Bo-gum
Coaches block out the future because they think if they start talking about the future they’re not being fair to their current staff or players. That’s a real phobia. In some cases it really hurts your family. During the season your commitment is to your coaches and your team.
Mack Brown
What we have been doing at Tottenham with my staff is a reaction to the mistakes we made at Chelsea. We did not do everything wrong there, but we could have done better.
Andre Villas-Boas
My time at Seton Hall has been extremely rewarding. I commend the staff for their tireless and successful efforts in recruiting and elevating the program.
Anne Donovan
Inauguration Day is like two ships passing in the night: the new staff moving in while the other walks out, taking one final look at the White House lawn as they leave with their cardboard box of possessions.
Dana Perino
White House staff are meant to coordinate and set policy, not carry it out.
Richard N. Haass
I’m not a good katana user, bo staff user.
Jessica Henwick
If I were president, I am not sure that I would offer Ed Rendell the job of chief of staff.
Ed Rendell
Corruption is found everywhere. I admit there is some corruption in my staff – not me.
Mahathir Mohamad
As a producer, as a CEO of Hartbeat Productions, I am making deals to put my company in place to win, to put my staff to work so that while all this stuff is going on, they’re in the kitchen cooking. So it’s understanding the longevity of the entertainment business; you get out of it what you put into it.
Kevin Hart
Pessimism doesn’t grow your business or even maintain the status quo. The pessimists on your staff make the job harder for everyone around them. They make difficulties out of opportunities.
Harvey Mackay
The cow, basically, eats three basic things in their feed: corn, beets, and barley, and so what I do is I actually challenge my staff with these crazy, wild ideas. Can we take what the cow eats, remove the cow, and then make some hamburgers out of that?
Homaro Cantu
People and organizations don’t grow much without delegation and completed staff work because they are confined to the capacities of the boss and reflect both personal strengths and weaknesses.
Stephen Covey
I love many members of my staff. In fact, all the members of my staff. Do I love some more than others? Absolutely.
Robert J. Bentley
I worked in Tesco’s staff canteen because I fancied a boy on the tills. I served him his lunch in a hairnet and tan tights. Not just that, of course – I had a lovely white onesie.
Lena Headey
Lots of clubs showed an interest in me, but United just felt right; the whole club, the set-up. It wasn’t the fact that it was United, it was that I walked in here and met people, the staff and physios et cetera, and it just felt right.
Phil Jones
Political views in the hiring of career attorneys and staff should not be used. If I am asked to do that, I will not allow it.
Alexander Acosta
I see the staff and crew on the set as my equals. When I make a mistake, they know they can call my attention or even tell me what to do.
Coco Martin
When my editors and I at ‘Rolling Stone’ came up with the idea to do a profile of General McChrystal, I simply just e-mailed General McChrystal’s press staff, said we wanted to do a profile, and said if you could give us any time to hang out with the general, that would be great.
Michael Hastings
My mother always said bringing me up was a tiring business, which I ‘believe. For instance, when we lived in Singapore, the Chinese staff used to leave their slippers at the bottom of the steps. Every night, I used to go and remove their slippers. I stopped being tiresome at about 14.
Ann Widdecombe
Yes, when the time comes for me to hang up my boots, I would love to stay and work with the City coaching staff. It would be great to give something back like that.
Shaun Wright-Phillips
My business partner and make-up artist Kim Jacob and I have employed every member of staff, decided where every desk in the office should go, tried every product on our faces.
Louise Nurding
I want to thank all the assistants and staff who have worked for us over the years, as well as the people in the community who have added value to our lives.
John Calipari
I thought one of the best things I ever did in my career was getting my first staff together at OU… That’s exciting to me. The opportunity to put it together and help it grow.
Bob Stoops
If you move or get married, that has to be changed with HR, payroll, medical insurance, life insurance, etc. It is a huge administrative headache that requires a full-time staff.
Parker Conrad
Younger generations, they ask more questions, like on a recipe. But they ask them online. If my staff doesn’t know how to answer it, I will answer.
Lidia Bastianich
I never imagined ‘Catwoman’ would be part of my ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ journey. But when I turned up to the first of my top secret meetings about joining the show in April, that was the codename I had to whisper to hotel staff, just in case anyone found out that I was set to be a part of it.
Emma Weymouth
I’m just trying to be the best I can be. I try to surround myself with people who are strong in areas I’m weak. Which is why I have such a big staff.
John Calipari
My ex-boyfriend said, ‘You have a better chance of getting elected to Congress than getting on the staff of a television show.’ Which was the perfect thing for him to say, because my entire career is, ‘Well, screw you.’ And we broke up.
Jenji Kohan
I am immensely proud of my achievements with Newcastle and I enjoyed a fantastic relationship with the players, my staff and the supporters during my time as manager.
Chris Hughton
If you chose to serve in Congress or on a congressional staff, you should be barred for life from working for any company, organization, or association which lobbies the federal government.
Jack Abramoff
As someone who grew up in Europe, I don’t look at TV and automatically think of a primetime network series, created by a staff of writers. I think of 90-minute movies that can break talents out or a three 90-minutes-an-episode mini series that can introduce a fantastic new series like ‘The Blechtley Circle.’
Lexi Alexander
I’ve seen Coach Saban over the years have to make a lot of tough decisions, and there’s not one decision he doesn’t make that he doesn’t bounce ideas off the staff. To me, that’s invaluable.
Kirby Smart
I know hotel life sounds good but, believe me, it grows old when you have eaten the menu ten times over and you know you’ve stayed too long when you’re on first-name terms with the staff.
Glenn Murray
I think that when you are part of a football team, it is a group. That means the players and the staff, including the manager and all that administration.
Michael Laudrup
My family and I took visits to each and every school and listened to each coaching staff. I felt the most comfortable with and really excited about playing at SC. Being close to home in one of the best offensive systems is paying off now as I’m making the jump to the pros.
Mark Sanchez
But when you have a coaching staff that draws the last play for you, you better go out there with the confidence.
Bojan Bogdanovic
Every coach desires to bring in his own support staff.
Virender Sehwag
Really, you just play football; that’s all I can do… I don’t change. I’m going to always play tough, hard – that’s the way I was brought up at Nebraska, where I really learned football from the Pelinis and that staff and continue to play hard, play blue-collar football.
Ndamukong Suh
Richard Shelby has a long history of sponsoring legislation that would only benefit his largest contributors, for trading earmarks of pork-barrel politics and personal favors in order to benefit himself, his campaign war chest, political action committee, and former members of his Senate staff.
Ron Crumpton
‘The Observer’s Very Short List’ is another example of how the Observer Media Group offers its readers the most cutting-edge information, available in a variety of platforms and written by an editorial staff known for its distinctive and discerning style and wit.
Jared Kushner
‘The Federalist’ is a small staff, and our close-knit family of senior contributors outwork our competition because of that closeness.
Ben Domenech
The hierarchy plays out in the writers room, and you, as a staff writer, need to know your place.
Tanya Saracho
I do believe that a law-abiding citizen that is armed, that’s out in public, will keep himself, his staff, and, in some cases, the public safe.
Chris Collins
Burnley Football Club helped me mature from a boy to a man and I can’t thank them everyone from the club enough, from the board to the staff at the training ground and the staff at the club.
Danny Ings
He comes to London and gets a job in a nightclub, a gay club, where he’s known as Straight Dave by the bar staff – and no one believes he’s as straight as he claims to be. He meets the daughter of the club manager, and he has an affair with her.
Neil Tennant
Cheney was among the best secretaries of defence the country has ever had. He was a very effective White House chief of staff. He did not make many enemies, and he had the ability to persuade people with that soft tone and very reasonable style of his. He’s always been exceptionally good as the right-hand man.
Barton Gellman
What I relish most is when a member of my staff, who has worked with passion and patience towards achieving their dream of owning a restaurant, walks up to me and says, ‘Nobu! I have done it!’
Nobu Matsuhisa
The NSC staff should not, as it has in the past, duplicate the work of military officers, diplomats or intelligence officers.
Robert C. O’Brien
I remember when I first came out as an artist, back in 2004 or 2005, the record label used to take me to all the radio stations and just have me sit in, like, their lunchroom or their conference room, and play for the whole staff. Just to introduce them to me so they would play my records.
John Legend
I’ve really enjoyed my time with New York City and I’d like to thank Patrick Vieira and his coaching staff for helping me to develop as a player.
Jack Harrison
I love airports because funny things always happen at them. They’re giant complexes full of urgency, seriousness, and confusion. Where am I supposed to be? Which way do I go? And that’s just the staff.
Rhys Darby
Everything that UCLA stands for, it’s top of the food chain. So you either look at those things as burdens or you look at them as blessings. From day one, I’ve told my staff we’re going to look at it as a blessing and do everything we can to build champions.
Steve Alford
We’re going to break a story that there are people on the staff on the 9-11 Commission that didn’t want the 9-11 Commissioners to know the details of Able Danger because of the potential to embarrass those commissioners.
Curt Weldon
To me, that’s when music was music. Every studio had a full symphonic orchestra and a whole bunch of singers they used on every picture. Every radio show had singers on it, and NBC and CBS had their own staff orchestras. Music was everything. And it was good music; it wasn’t based on three chords.
Thurl Ravenscroft
My typical Saturday night is a great solo dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. I like to talk to the restaurant staff while I eat, then come home, finish up some work until midnight, and then play the keyboard until I’m ready to sleep.
Kendrick Sampson
But to me, Broadway has always had more a ‘village’ feeling than London’s West End. The theaters here are clustered together, the staff and many people in the business know each other – it’s like a little village all to itself, whereas in London everything is more spread out.
Rosemary Harris
I’m gifted to coach. I know that. And the relationships I’ve built with players, coaches, support staff, I’m gifted to coach and I love coaching and I want to coach.
Brian Flores
What this White House really needs is a chief of staff who can read Machiavelli in the original Italian.
Mack McLarty
One of the most difficult things to contend with in a hospital is that assumption on the part of the staff that because you have lost your gall bladder you have also lost your mind.
Jean Kerr
In 2008, Senator John McCain forbid his staff from using an ad that referred to his opponent Barack Obama’s inflammatory former pastor Jeremiah Wright or from raising that issue in any other way. He believed it was a sneaky way to use Obama’s race against him.
John Dickerson
When you work in the White House you talk to the White House staff all day, so you’re talking to the guy who handles the congressional liaison and the guy who’s handling domestic politics and the guy who’s handling the American economy and so forth.
Elliott Abrams
Fortune is the rod of the weak, and the staff of the brave.
James Russell Lowell
For people who don’t know me, I practiced medicine in Casper, Wyoming for 25 years as an orthopedic surgeon, taking care of families in Wyoming. I’ve been chief of staff of the largest hospital in our state. My wife is a breast cancer survivor.
John Barrasso
I’ve got a great coaching staff behind me too and they deserve a lot of credit.
Rob Page
Nixon started auditing late-night show hosts because they were making jokes about him. Then, every single one of their staff got tax audits.
Jim Jefferies
As commanders and staff officers, we are coaches and sentries for our units: how can we coach anything if we don’t know a hell of a lot more than just the TTPs?
Jim Mattis
Oscar always opens up doors, especially the night of the Oscars. On that night, you hold that gold man, and it’s like having Gandalf’s staff. You can go anywhere and do anything. It’s a talisman of such power.
Alex Gibney
Let’s face it: if you and I have the same capabilities, the same energy, the same staff, if the only thing that’s different between you and me is the products we can get, and I can get a better product than you, I’m going to be a better chef.
Thomas Keller
I create women characters by watching the female staff at my studio. Half the staff are women.
Hayao Miyazaki
My staff’s job is to adjust to circumstances with technical precision and artful grace so that every patron has a wonderful experience.
Danny Meyer
I have done a lot of work in Hollywood myself. I worked in television for roughly 10 years, from the mid-’80s to mid-’90s. And I was on staff at a couple of shows. I did some feature films, including originals and adaptations.
George R. R. Martin
We must aim for a zero-tolerance approach to hospital-acquired infections; we have to be clear about who’s in charge at ward level, so there’s proper accountability, and we need to reduce the reliance on agency nursing staff.
Andrew Lansley
I always judge a guy by the way they treat a waiter. If he is not nice to the service staff, he is obviously not a nice person, no matter how he treats me at first.
Kelly Gale
It was important for me to join the White House because as I looked around Trump’s inner circle and campaign, there were not a lot of African-Americans, particularly African-American women, uniquely positioned to serve as a member of the senior staff, to serve as an assistant to the president.
Omarosa Manigault Newman
If I don’t get healthy food, my staff cooks for me.
Rakul Preet Singh
One thing that the coaching staff and the assistant coaches did a really good job of working me on was shaping myself into an NBA guard.
Pat Connaughton
A lot of the traditional sitcom stuff I did – I think I could have gone that route when I was younger as a staff writer, and I just didn’t want to.
Brian Posehn
I went to Ft Bragg and learned that Delta was indeed gearing up for the rescue. Still I was concerned the Reagan staff would not be willing to take the risk of sending an official military force into Laos.
Bo Gritz
The ‘find it, fix it ‘model of medicine doesn’t work any more. The U.S. healthcare system is bankrupting the country, bankrolling the insurance companies and exhausting healthcare staff. And despite all that, we are ranked 50th in the world for life expectancy.
Jon Kabat-Zinn
I fantasize about the networks making a rule that each show’s writing staff needs to reflect the gender and racial makeup of its audience.
Nell Scovell
Everybody wants to do ‘The View.’ It’s this iconic show. When I worked at the White House, I used to watch the beginning to see what they were talking about. If a political topic was on their radar, I used it as ammunition with the president or the White House staff.
Nicolle Wallace
I can confirm I feel more at home at Roma than elsewhere. I was adopted by the club, the staff and the fans. From the first day I sensed this great atmosphere.
Song Joong-ki was always considerate of his fellow actors and staff members, and Jeon Yeo-been always brought her own energy and charm to all of her scenes.
Ok Taec-yeon
SO when I got word from three different sets of people who all said Manson had cancer, I knew I couldn’t get straight info from his staff and had no choice but to go over the fence for it.
Lynette Fromme
But its jobs, jobs that pubs create and help sustain, thats massive. My pub alone, we get so many different bar staff, especially the young coming in, getting a start in life, learning to talk to people. And thats just inside the trade, theres outside… window cleaners, tradesmen.
Jimmy Bullard
A line of duty death, whether an officer, special agent, or professional staff employee, is personal to the FBI, and it’s personal to me as Director.
Christopher A. Wray
UCLA was recruiting me before the coaching change, and when the new staff came in I was not sure, but Coach Alford and the whole staff made me feel comfortable, especially on my official visit.
Kevon Looney
As far as memories go, I was around for the very first WrestleMania. I was a young kid upstairs at my uncle’s restaurant in a change room or staff room watching it, I think, illegally, on a black and white television.
Bobby Roode
One school invited me down, as two pupils had come out, and the headmaster didn’t know what to do about it. I said, ‘How many students here are gay?’ and he said, ‘Just these two.’ Clearly not. ‘How many gay members of staff have you got?’ He had no idea. And this was a concerned man.
Ian Mckellen
I use music in the operating room to help create a healing environment for patients and staff. There is a reason that certain heart rates are healthy and certain beats of music heal and relax us.
Bernie Siegel
I was a staff songwriter for Combine Music Publishing in Nashville for seven years. I’d sit around with a groups of friends with a Yamaha piano and a tape recorder and crank out songs.
Michael Bacon
I just want to say I owe the whole reds organization a great deal. Great staff top to bottom and I wish those guys all the best.
Dontrelle Willis
Although we have do not have adequate access to all parts of Darfur we do fortunately have humanitarian personnel, including staff from my own office, in each of the three provincial capitals of Darfur.
Jan Egeland
I went into coaching never worrying about what I was coaching for other than trying to make sure that I can prepare my team, select my team, have an amazing staff around me.
Jill Ellis
Communicate with the front office, communicate with the staff, communicate with the secretaries, everybody. And make everybody feel a part of something. That’s important.
Doug Pederson
On ’24,’ it says on the front page of your script: ‘This script is for the production staff and cast. Please don’t show it to anybody else.’
Colm Feore
I have a certain manner of speech that is unique to me. I tried once to have my staff tweet for me, and it was a disaster! People knew right away that it wasn’t me.
Many people worked hard in order to create ‘Crash Landing on You.’ I am grateful to the writer, the directors, and all the production staff.
Hyun Bin
I enjoyed every second at West Ham with the lads and the staff.
Robert Snodgrass
You need good staff with their own opinions – Mick Jones has been a great No 2 as he’s not a yes-man – but at the end of the day the buck stops with you and the good managers are the ones who make more good decisions than bad.
Neil Warnock
At the Jets training facility in Florham Park, N.J., we have strength and conditioning staff but also a nutritionist, Glen Tobias, who helps to whip everyone into shape. There is a heavy emphasis on grass-fed meat and on foods that aren’t genetically modified.
D’Brickashaw Ferguson
When I’m playing a team sport, it’s not about one individual, it’s about everyone, from me to the other 23 people who were there, to all the support staff who’ve worked very hard behind the scenes.
Gautam Gambhir
The boss is the captain on the cricket field. I am in charge of the coaching staff. That’s put into place. My job is to oversee things and see things go all right. Who cares who’s the boss? At the end of the day, you win and to hell with it, yaar.
Ravi Shastri
Businesses should encourage all their staff to come up with ideas, not be afraid to make suggestions, and then to act on those suggestions. There is nothing worse than going to a job every day were you feel like you are not making a difference to either the place you work or the world you live in.
Holly Branson
Once you have set the goal, give your staff the space to get there. If you micromanage, you will be able to do very little.
Arundhati Bhattacharya
When you are a coordinated partner, you are, in effect, on the campaign staff. You can talk to the whole staff and have virtually no limits on what you can discuss and strategize around. When you are an independent friend of the campaign, you are not allowed to strategize with the campaign on their political decisions.
Shaun King
I think when you have strong leadership at the coaching level and you empower the coach and the coaching staff, you have a lot more stability.
Jeffrey Lurie
As soon as we showcased the Wii in 2006, people immediately understood. At that E3 show, I was up on the stage with other Nintendo staff playing Wii Tennis, and I could hear the excitement behind me.
Satoru Iwata
Preventing staff from having too much influence and decision-making power is fairly easy. Appropriate procedural safeguards can be installed to prevent staff from, among other things, self-dealing, making decisions in an isolated manner, or committing funds without oversight.
Michael O’Rielly
I love Kansas City. I love the coaching staff, the players.
Alex Smith
Businesses in my constituency want help to address the skills mismatch at local level which leaves employers with staff shortages and young people without jobs. They want access to reliable sources of finance, including a network of local banks.
Jo Cox
I am all about teams. I think I have probably got a reasonably relaxed style as a senior leader, I am pretty demanding, I am known as tough, not a soft touch, but I try to be friendly and I want my staff to feel they can come up and chat to me.
Cressida Dick
On the other hand, we raised $25 million by going public. It’s that money that we used to build this company, to build the circulation, to build a high profile and to hire staff that made Salon what it is today.
David Talbot
Since the season ended, I’ve let things settle down, and I have to talk to the coaching staff and management. I really don’t want to turn this into a big drama. So I plan on making a definite decision relatively quickly.
Steve Yzerman
I’m so excited to be the first WNBA player on Wilson’s Advisory Staff. It’s beyond important for women like me to have a seat at the table to influence creative ideas and provide performance insights.
Liz Cambage
Ladies and gentlemen, even my own staff challenges me. When I issue edicts, commands, orders, ideas, you would think that there would be overwhelming blanket acquiescence, approval, and support.
Rush Limbaugh
There would be nights when I would wake up and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I would go downstairs and write. The staff had a pool going on how many pages of typing I would bring in here in the morning.
Harold H. Greene
By the mid-noughties, I found that I was no longer the only openly gay person in every setting. At one point, a couple of Moscow magazine publishers even got the idea that they should actively headhunt gay and lesbian staff.
Masha Gessen
Trump has repeatedly insisted that he is innocent of colluding with Russia and had no idea about his campaign staff’s Russia contacts. So he should be glad to know that the FBI appears to have been trying to thwart a hostile country’s efforts to infiltrate his campaign.
Asha Rangappa
Especially in the whip operation, you’re in constant contact with the members and their chiefs of staff, so having a chief who’s approachable and reaches out to other chiefs so people know what’s going – know what they’re looking for in the policy that comes to the House floor – is incredibly important.
Steve Scalise
Make your employer feel truthfully that you are sincere with him; that you are going to promote his interest; that you are going to stand for the things which he represents; that you are proud of being a member of his staff, and there is nothing that will reap you a richer reward. Loyalty above all!
Charles M. Schwab
The president is just the coach of a football team. You need the right support, the right stadium, the right players, the right staff. An excellent coach is not going to win games.
It’s in the best interest of the radical left types – best psychological and strategic interest – to refuse to admit to the possibility that reasonable people can object to their ideological staff. Because if reasonable people objected, that would imply that their ideological stance is not reasonable.
Jordan Peterson
Hospitals don’t have enough beds, staff shortages are being exacerbated by the uncertainty surrounding what Brexit means for EU nationals and our ability to access new cancer treatments is under threat.
Layla Moran
I go to the training ground early in the morning, between 7:30 A.M. and 8:30 A.M. Not just me, my staff. Then, sometimes I leave at 8 P.M. or 6 P.M.
Rafael Benitez
I want to see far more decisions taken far closer to the patients, the passengers and the pupils. Far more power for locally and regionally elected politicians who understand best the needs of their areas. And far more say too for the dedicated staff at all levels in health and education.
Charles Kennedy
I appreciate Merriekh and their chairman Gamal El-Wali. I respect their supporters, players and technical staff.
Essam El Hadary
Businesses might have been helped by the ability to promote themselves on the Internet, but they have also been hit by the web’s encouragement of time-wasting by their staff.
Theo Paphitis
When my grandfather was a journalist for the Detroit Tigers, he dressed the part. I mention it always to our local media: sport coat, tie, very professional and a nice cap on his head. And they also developed very close friendships with the players and staff traveling.
Erik Spoelstra
Here is bread, which strengthens man’s heart, and therefore is called the staff of Life.
Matthew Henry
My staff are pretty protective, it drives me nuts. I like to just do my own thing, that’s pretty well it.
Rob Ford
The New Labour doctrine that skills training was the responsibility of employers was flawed. The idea that employers should take on a bigger role ignores the reality that employers have no incentive to train staff to leave. We can hardly expect Tesco to train checkout staff to become dental nurses.
David Lammy
I think that shows a level of maturity and understanding that I think bodes well for getting to the bottom of this. But it is really up to you and your staff, on behalf of the American people, to take on that challenge.
David Kay