Short Films Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Short Films Quotes from Zawe Ashton, Bruce Weber, David Lowery, James Franco, John Lasseter. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

If you're looking for reps, write letters that are shor

If you’re looking for reps, write letters that are short and professional. Make sure you have a really great reel of yourself. If there are friends you know who are making short films, do them – it’s all material for your reel.
Zawe Ashton
When you make documentaries or short films, you have to have eyes and ears in the back of your head and on the sides and all around you. I like that in my films.
Bruce Weber
When you cut from a long shot to a close shot, you’re doing it for a reason, or if you let something stay in long shot for a long take. On the short films, I was teaching myself how to express something personal cinematically, how to use the language of film the best I could.
David Lowery
When I went to film school about three years ago, the first two years you’re required to make a series of short films. I started making films based on short poems.
James Franco
Short films really helped me develop as a story teller, animator, and as a director.
John Lasseter
I believe short films are more organic. It’s almost like doing theatre. It just takes few takes.
Tahir Raj Bhasin
Online content is the new game in the field of entertainment. Web series, short films, independent movies. This new medium has been a boon to both the makers and its viewers.
Shweta Basu Prasad
Be it web series, short films, reality shows, what drives and keeps me in the groove is my work.
Suman Ranganathan
I love to produce, and I’ve directed two short films.
Kirsten Dunst
I started making little short films with friends, and then I decided I wanted to get into the school play in high school.
Bill Hader
I started learning filmmaking by joining a weekend film school in Bengaluru. I made some amateur short films that got appreciation from people around me.
Karthik Subbaraj
And we had the perhaps unfair advantage of not having to worry about what an audience was gonna think. We were in a vacuum. We were making little short films, really.
Rick Moranis
The intention was to shoot short films that can exist as shorts independently, but when I put them all together, there are things that echo through them like the dialogue repeats; the situation is always the same, the way they’re shot is very simple and the same.
Jim Jarmusch
My father has been a part of a few short films I made; he played a small but significant role in ‘Jigarthanda.’
Karthik Subbaraj
When I do short films, I try to do something completely out of my comfort zone, out of my element.
Brett Ratner
I love film, and I love short films.
Sarah Gadon
When I was watching ‘Sivaji,’ I had no clue I will be a filmmaker; I had not even started making short films at that time.
Karthik Subbaraj
I don’t just act to pay my rent. I really like doing it, so I get frustrated when I don’t get to do it all the time, so short films are a really great way to be doing it and working with your friends, working on smaller, more specific things without limiting yourself in other ways.
Mackenzie Davis
I made several short films with very little dialogue. I’m still not a fan of talking heads. My stories are told with images as much as possible.
Asif Kapadia
Television and cable have become the new independent films, in a sense, for writers and actors to gravitate towards. That’s why I like short films, too; I love doing readings, audio books, working with young filmmakers; anything that keeps you from getting blase about yourself or in a rut.
Campbell Scott
When I was younger, me and my brother got a video camera, and he used to direct and I used to act. We used to make these silly, stupid short films, which, looking back now, were probably horrible.
Iain De Caestecker
I used to make short films even as a kid. I used to have a camera and play around with it. So, I was always interested in the process and telling stories. I’ve always wanted to direct.
Dulquer Salmaan
I have a lot of incomplete short films and incomplete scripts out there.
Bill Hader
I started making my own short films as a way of being able to give myself something to do and to study my craft.
Ruby Rose
One of my short films was about a boxer.
Lexi Alexander
I make short films, little documentaries, about the co-evolution of humans and technology.
Jason Silva
I was frustrated because I couldn’t get going, as I was trying to figure out how to make films. I had various jobs, I taught a SAT class, I was a bartender, I had a day job at an office and was making short films.
David O. Russell
I’m looking to produce more stuff: TV shows, commercials, music videos and short films. I’m building my catalog so I can have some fun in between the times that I get to a movie.
Larenz Tate
My dream is to become a director. I want to direct a Hindi film. I have two scripts ready. One of them is a fantasy-adventure, while the other is a thriller. I’ve assisted my brother Selvaraghavan, who’s a well-known director in Tamil cinema. I’ve also made short films.
I worked in a software company in Bangalore and made short films during weekends. I learnt the basics during a one-day workshop called Film Camp Sanjay Nambiar.
Karthik Subbaraj
Digital content is getting very popular especially with the youth in India, hence short films are a great opportunity to tell different kinds of stories for the young audiences.
Riya Sen
I’d already started directing short films when we were doing ‘Lord of the Rings,’ then videogame projects.
Andy Serkis
It’s funny: I put money into short films, and I put really good actors in it, and I write some stuff that’s really funny, and I’ll get, like, a million views. But to the right of me, there will be a video of a kitten that falls into a toilet bowl, and it’s three seconds long, and it will get 25 million views.
Ben Schwartz
I usually take up short films when I am not tied up with feature films. Short films are easier to work on… because it doesn’t take much of your time. The number of shoot days are lesser as compared to feature films.
Radhika Apte
I guess short films have a bright future… The advantage is budget.
Anurag Kashyap
Short films don’t go too far.
Matthew McGrory
I have been trying to get theatre releases for short films ever since I have been making them. I didn’t get any response from theatres initially.
Karthik Subbaraj
Louis C.K. directs his show, which is very much like a series of short films.
Mike Birbiglia
In feature films, I used to be the hero’s friend, a regular character. In short films, I played the hero; I got roles where I could work on my character and performance. They made me aware of myself as an actor.
Vijay Sethupathi
Film has always been a really good tool for me to communicate emotion about why I create a collection. I’m probably one of the first designers to make short films.
Ozwald Boateng
Pixar’s short films convinced Disney that if the company could produce memorable characters within five minutes, then the confidence was there in creating a feature film with those abilities in story and character development.
John Lasseter
The beauty of my job is I do all different kinds of film directing, not just surf films anymore. And I do stuff from commercials to short films to working on feature films, and none of it is based from where I live. It’s all based elsewhere, so I can live anywhere and commute to where I need to go.
Taylor Steele
I did a lot of short films before doing feature films.
Karthik Subbaraj
My friends and I make short films. We pretended to rob the Dairy Queen where our friend worked, but someone thought we were real thieves and called the cops! Soon, the cops burst in with guns drawn!
Josh Hartnett
I made lots of short films, about nine or ten short films. And then I made a television film called ‘This Little Life.’
Sarah Gavron
I’m very happy with the success of short films. In fact, for me, the short films make more money than the features.
Bill Plympton
We found the appetite for ‘Frontline’ has only grown as the digital landscape has exploded. The appetite for the reporting we do on our digital platforms to the short films we’re doing for our Facebook and YouTube channels. And we’re still producing these remarkable long-form films.
Raney Aronson-Rath
When I was making short films, I didn’t see a way to give them a wider reach or earn revenue out of it.
Karthik Subbaraj
With the Ford Foundation grant all of a sudden instead of being an artist that had made a couple of short films, I became a filmmaker who dabbled in the arts.
Bruce Conner
I think that short films often contain an originality, a creative freedom, an energy and an invention that is inspiring and entertaining. I think they are, as Shakespeare put it, a good deed in a naughty world.
Kenneth Branagh
I miss the videos that are short films, back when MTV played videos all day.
Matt Skiba
I was in the school plays, I did a lot of music. I carried on through university for short films and loads of plays.
Theo James
I made shorts films, learning the dos and don’ts. Most importantly, I’ve been editing all these short films. Nothing can teach you filmmaking like editing can.
I made a lot of short films before making a feature film. Actually, I learnt film-making by making short films.
Karthik Subbaraj
I love doing short films because they’re much more intimate and there’s far less waiting around than on the bigger films.
Natalia Tena
I did a couple of short films when I was in Scotland.
John Tiffany
‘Flip’ is an anthology of four short films, and I am in the one called ‘Massage,’ along with Sandeepa Dhar and Viraj Patel.
Jim Sarbh
I made some probably very cringe-worthy short films that shall hopefully never make the light of day.
Steve Toltz
I was in a play called ‘Hood.’ I was an extra in ‘Passion of the Christ.’ I did corporate videos, commercials, little university short films. Just anything that I could be a part of, really.
Nikita Dutta
My parents have let me do whatever I am interested in. Initially, they were apprehensive, but when they realised that filmmaking was my passion and that I was doing a good job with the short films and the recognition in ‘Naalaya Iyakkunar’ TV show, they supported and encouraged me.
Karthik Subbaraj
Other countries are open to purchasing foreign short films because they have a market for them.
Karthik Subbaraj
I took a film course in grade ten that made me want to direct, and I’ve always been making short films and home videos with my friends, so it’s definitely something I wanna pursue as well.
Devon Bostick
Right before ‘American Dreams,’ I started to pursue these avenues, like short films and getting into a couple night courses to really study photography and cinematography, and the language of visual storytelling.
Tom Verica
Short films are good, especially since independent films are making waves now, more than before.
Karthik Subbaraj
One of the things that I love about Robert Altman’s movies is that, really, a Robert Altman movie is just a bunch of short films about various people told at the same time.
Justin Simien
Certainly, I’ve loved musicals for a while, so I did some short films in college that had musical numbers and things like that, so I’ve kind of been obsessed with Fred and Ginger and Vincente Minnelli and Stanley Donen and Jaques Demy forever.
Damien Chazelle