Sellout Quotes

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I don't want to be a sellout.

I don’t want to be a sellout.
Dr. Disrespect
Some liberals think that describing any role that education gaps play in creating income inequality is some sort of sellout – that, in essence, you’re telling the middle class, ‘Tough luck; you should have stayed in college.’
Timothy Noah
Back in the day, if you did any commercials or were affiliated with a company you were a sellout. Now it’s kind of normal to do that.
Jordan Knight
When Paul Beatty’s ‘The Sellout’ was first published in America in 2015, it was a small release. It got a rave review in the daily ‘New York Times’ and one in the weekly ‘New York Times Book Review,’ too, for good measure. But by and large, it was not a conversation-generating book.
Michelle Dean
I do care about the mercury contamination which this country will be experiencing because of the attempted sellout by this administration to special interests which will result in more mercury in the blood of young children in America.
Jay Inslee
If the choice is between doing something supercool and having no one hear it and doing something equally cool and tricking people into putting it on the radio, I don’t think the second option is some big sellout.
Julian Casablancas
My biggest thing is that I never want to sell out. Or be a sellout.
Alexis Ren
The best bands kept making records and had this evolution, where by the end, by their commercial phase or sellout phase, the records are from outer space.
Ariel Rechtshaid
I would never be a sellout, but you can never be a sellout to kids. Kids is kids!
Biz Markie
All I’ve got to say is if I’m a sellout, I’m selling out arenas all over the world, and I’d rather be selling out arenas than selling out of my trunk on the corner of my block.
Since I became part of the zeitgeist, I’ve been called a sellout many times.
Joe Wurzelbacher
I have tremendous respect for Christopher Darden, and I recognize him as an individual of integrity, who did his job to the best of his ability, and I want to tell him thank you. Thank you for enduring hatred from his own community, for being ostracized and called an Uncle Tom and a sellout.
Sterling K. Brown
When you get fat and lose your hunger. That is when you know the sellout has happened.
Bruce Springsteen
To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.
Barack Obama
I don’t blame the average seventeen-year-old punk-rock kid for calling me a sellout. I understand that. And maybe when they grow up a little bit, they’ll realize there’s more things to life than living out your rock & roll identity so righteously.
Kurt Cobain
If brands can find a voice that matches them, and the artist embraces it, they can find a way that would serve them that doesn’t feel like a sellout to the artists and has dramatic impact for the brand.
Patrick Whitesell
There’s always going to be people that say you’re a sellout – anyone who knew you back when or who wants to begrudge you for having success. That’s OK. Their opinion of me, and the box they want to put me in, is just simply none of my business.
Ashley McBryde
It’s really weird how the rock world is quickly becoming like the jazz world. How if you do OK, or get a tiny bit of success, that’s considered a sellout, whether you did anything different or not.
John Rzeznik
Most of the people who call me a sellout were 7 when I was down face-first in the punk trenches.
Henry Rollins