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My rookie year, Byron Scott didn't really want to sign

My rookie year, Byron Scott didn’t really want to sign me. In New Jersey, the New Jersey Nets. I got there, and Byron Scott didn’t really like me, but they let me come to camp and I was having a great camp. Stephon Marbury embraced me.
Stephen Jackson
I wasn’t ever advised by Scott Sullivan of anything ever being wrong.
Bernard Ebbers
The reason why those female celebrities are always in filthy moods is not because they’re being hounded by men with massive cameras or because Ridley Scott cancelled their film. They just want to get their hands on a cheeseburger.
Claudia Winkleman
I was speaking to Ridley Scott the other day and he makes a film every 18 months. He’s amazing really.
Adrian Lyne
Bootleggers were romanticized by people like F. Scott Fitzgerald, for example. Gatsby is a bootlegger. And they were not thought of as evil criminals in the newspapers, either. There was a certain amount of affection for them.
Pete Hamill
Scott Boras, I’ve known for a long time. We were both in the Cardinals organization. I’m a lot older than Scott. He’s a very tough man, very tough agent.
Joe Torre
I’m in the mood for ‘Shark Tank’ sometimes. When I am, my son and I can’t stop watching. But I probably watch ‘The Bachelor’ more, and Scott Foley and I text about it, like, ‘Oh my God, did you see that?!’ I love it. It’s such a train wreck.
George Newbern
Six feet three in her stocking feet, L’Wren Scott was every inch a great lady.
Hamish Bowles
There are some parents who always have their daughter’s hair whipped. Mine wasn’t always like that, but I appreciate that both my parents were into me having natural hair, so they did find Anota Scott, who I was going to for my cornrows and wrapping last year and a couple years before that.
Scott Foley was always fun because he’s a very funny guy. So I liked working with him a bunch.
Ian Gomez
While writing ‘Bhavesh,’ I pretty much chewed up every single graphic novel I could get my hands on, so all the way from the entire ‘Batman’ series, Frank Miller’s ‘Batman,’ Ed Brubaker’s ‘Batman,’ Scott Snyder’s ‘Batman,’ all the way through ‘Daredevil’ to ‘100 Bullets,’ through so many other graphic novels.
Vikramaditya Motwane
When I’m out there, I don’t play like Charmin. I like Scott Tissue. It’s a little rougher.
Nick Young
In 1969, at the age of 19, I was lucky enough to work with George C. Scott in the definitive portrayal of his career over a period of many months and several countries on the definitive film version of Patton’s WWII career.
Edward Albert
I have always loved Scott Foley.
Khandi Alexander
A personal game-changer was when Ridley Scott cast me as King John, the King of England, for ‘Robin Hood.’
Oscar Isaac
There are a lot of people in Milwaukee who have had adverse impacts from Scott Walker. He’s managed to mess over everyone in Milwaukee.
Gwen Moore
Every time Jimmy Scott sings, it’s the same but slightly different. I don’t know how he does that or where he gets that from. I think it’s instinct. Nothing he does is by chance; he’s in complete control of what he’s doing. He’s just beautiful and unique.
Sufjan Stevens
I was a big fan of Luc Besson and obviously Ridley Scott.
Duncan Jones
Scott Frank and I are director friends. We met through the Sundance Labs and he’s advised me on my first projects – I’ve visited him on set, we’ve shared first cuts with each other, and we’re more like director pals than anything else.
Marielle Heller
I’m heavily involved in the creative with choreographer Christopher Scott. I go to rehearsals with ‘Glee’ and then practice with LXD till about midnight.
Harry Shum, Jr.
I have a lot of tattoos. My first tattoo I had when I was a teenager was just a little heart. I am very friendly with a great artist, Scott Campbell, and I started going to him to get tattoos. I’m very spontaneous about what I get.
Marc Jacobs
Unlike F. Scott Fitzgerald and Tom Wolfe, I don’t like proper dress while working. I like writing in pajama-like clothing, which eases and relaxes me and allows me to connect with the decidedly improper.
Chang-Rae Lee
Bobby is really the one who did all the editing on that stuff. And he did all the mixing. I particularly like the record we did with Logic because Scott Harding did a great job mixing it. He’s really a killing engineer.
Charlie Hunter
All my friends from my past would know me as Scott Diggs. Taye Diggs comes from Scott-taye. When I went to college I liked it because it was so different and I have an infatuation with nicknames.
Taye Diggs
If I’m going to compare myself to a candidate, it’s Rick Scott. It’s not Donald Trump.
Carlos Beruff
Dennis Johnson, Danny Ainge, Bill Walton, Quinn Buckner, Scott Wedman. Even if you get talent like that, it’s hard to keep talent like that together.
Robert Parish
Brian Johnson is the reason I became a Bon Scott fan.
Jim Breuer
I’ve done movies with a sword before. But I haven’t really been given the full responsibility of something like a Ridley Scott film.
Orlando Bloom
My breakthrough as a reader was when I discovered the European adventure story writers – Alexander Dumas, Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Walter Scott, to name a few.
Terry Brooks
Jazz infers a style, but creative music has a wider field and wider specification about it. We know it from people like Scott Joplin and on through Bessie Smith.
Wadada Leo Smith
I am aware that I look good for my age. It’s my genes. My dad looked incredibly young, so did my mother. And a younger husband helps. Scott is only 45. If he hadn’t come along, I don’t know what I’d have done.
Barbara Windsor
Writers are notoriously unable to know about themselves. Faulkner thought ‘The Fable’ was his best novel. F. Scott Fitzgerald liked ‘Tender Is the Night,’ an experimental novel.
Joyce Carol Oates
I am honored to have been chosen by Gov. Scott to serve Floridians as their lieutenant governor.
Carlos Lopez-Cantera
I don’t have a style. I’ve never thought of myself as a stylist like the visual stylists I admire enormously – Adrian Lyne, Ridley Scott, Alan Parker – in which every shot has a great idea in them.
Sydney Pollack
To my three sons, Peter, Scott, and Alexander who pulled me from the 18th Century and back into the present on a regular basis and therefore made me a better person, thank you. And to my wife, who sits at the table there. Who is right about almost everything.
Joseph J. Ellis
I love Stuart Scott. There are a lot of people that tore down barriers that we don’t really acknowledge sometimes. He was one. I think James Brown was too. That cat was a soul brother when it wasn’t very popular to be one.
Sir Mix-a-Lot
What brought me to Bellator was Scott Coker, Viacom, and one of my good friends, Mike Kogan.
Roy Nelson
Growing up, watching the New Jersey Devils, I watched players like Ken Daneyko, Scott Stevens, Scott Niedermayer, old school players who respected the game.
P.K. Subban
Watch out for guys like Scott Piercy and Danny Willett. They both play really good on fast, fast greens.
John Daly
Look I can’t get into the minds of people who made decisions to support us or support anybody else. But I can tell you that Scott Lively, a lot of what he says and a lot of what he believes doesn’t belong in public discourse.
Charlie Baker
Ridley Scott was part of the production team on ‘The Good Wife.’ I auditioned on my iPhone, and it moved very quickly after that, as they thought I was right for the role, and pretty soon I was filming in Iceland for two months.
Mike Colter
Though a fine writer, Scott Spencer will forever be associated with a cheesy, sentimental film starring the vapid box-office draw Brooke Shields.
Lionel Shriver
I can only remember two books from college that moved me: E.M. Forster’s ‘Howards End’ and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby.’
Ethan Canin
I heart Scott Baio.
Susannah Cahalan
What Dred Scott’s master might lawfully do with Dred Scott, in the free state of Illinois, every other master may lawfully do with any other one, or 1,000 slaves, in Illinois, or in any other free state.
Roger B. Taney
When I’m actually making a film and trying to find solutions, I like to watch making-of documentaries about huge films, like ‘Gladiator.’ That couldn’t be more apart from what I’m doing, but you see Ridley Scott facing huge problems and fixing them.
Philippe Falardeau
I admire Ridley Scott, and I’m thrilled to be making a movie for him.
Christopher Plummer
There is clearly a move among some tea-party people, not all of them, to always elect or nominate the most conservative person, and under that scenario, I don’t think Scott Brown would probably be their first choice.
Corey Lewandowski
Walter Scott has no business to write novels, especially good ones. It is not fair. He has fame and profit enough as a poet, and should not be taking the bread out of the mouths of other people.
Jane Austen
I have to say that it was a very strange experience when, later in life, I represented Byron Scott and was negotiating with West – whose picture I used to have over my bed! That took some getting used to.
Leigh Steinberg
I’m a big Gucci fan. So, just working with Gucci and seeing his creative process. It was also really cool to work with Scott Storch. He’s a legend.
Murda Beatz
In grad school, I took a workshop with Scott Spencer, whose excellent novel ‘Endless Love’ had just been turned into a film. We students were in awe of his prestige. Yet Scott himself was chagrined; for good reason, he hated the movie.
Lionel Shriver
I don’t think Amber taped Scott or testified for money, but the opportunity certainly presented itself. It makes me a bit uncomfortable, but at least she never sold the story before trial to the tabloids.
Catherine Crier
I think, ultimately, the post-Reagan era will end with Scott Walker being elected the 45th President of the United States.
Anthony Scaramucci
I figure there are a few actors like Marlon Brando, George C. Scott and Laurence Olivier who have been touched by the hand of God. I’m in the next bunch.
John Forsythe
Everyone has helped me, but in particular, Scott Parker 100 per cent. What a person to be around: a great player and just a great human being.
Ryan Sessegnon
Whether you’re talking about Chris Christie, or you’re talking about Rick Perry or Scott Walker or John Kasich, there’s more interesting evolution at the state level than there is in Washington.
Newt Gingrich
I agree with Scott Turow: A courtroom is inherently dramatic. You walk into court – it’s like an ER, you know? Life and death is going on there. And it’s moment-by-moment, and it’s packed with energy. And even though you think you know what a witness is going to say, you can be wrong. Witnesses surprise you.
Marcia Clark
I read a lot of F. Scott Fitzgerald. I love ‘Tender is the Night,’ and its atmosphere of doomed romance. He was one of the greatest prose stylists, with a wonderfully clear but lyrical quality.
David Nicholls
I lived to make Scott Baio laugh.
Willie Aames
There were times over the years when I wanted to take a break from ‘Scott Pilgrim,’ or even just stop doing ‘Scott Pilgrim,’ when I was feeling down or whatever.
Bryan Lee O’Malley
I was probably 16 or 17 when ‘Core’ came out, and I just remember how Scott could cater to the song and create these characters. That blew me away.
Jeff Gutt
Reed Scott is really good at coming up with insults.
Timothy Simons
Scott McAdams is a nice guy, but I don’t know that most Alaskans believe that he’s electable.
Lisa Murkowski
Governor Scott Walker didn’t know who he was messing with when he picked a fight with the hard-working union folks of Wisconsin. He must have forgotten that Wisconsin is the Badger State. And badgers are scrappy little creatures. We may look cute, warm and fuzzy, but we have a fighting spirit.
Gwen Moore
I worked with Seann William Scott on ‘Role Models,’ and his arms are tatted up. He had to come to set an hour-and-a-half early to get them covered. It’s not worth it. I want that extra hour of sleep.
Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Upon reading the deeply serious opening of Scott Spencer’s ‘Endless Love’, you will very likely laugh out loud. The tone is something like what you might find in a teenager’s diary: verbose, feverish, furiously self-important.
Ben Dolnick
We haven’t sat down with Scott and Caroline and said, Now you realize that there’s X amount of pounds of thrust. And this can happen and that can happen.
Christa McAuliffe
WCW started basically buying talent created by Vince McMahon because that’s what they did with Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and myself and gave us contracts.
Ted DiBiase Sr.
I’m a huge sports guy, so getting messages from guys I grew up watching and following – Scott Van Pelt, Chris Paul, Charles Barkley, Adam Schefter – was really special.
Gary Woodland
Scott Adams is not only a world-famous cartoonist, he’s also a world-class failure. And he’s the first to admit it. In his new book, ‘How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big,’ the Dilbert creator explains how failure can lead to success if you develop the right skills to make the most of your mistakes.
Mark Frauenfelder
My role models in the business were the older guys on my team when I first got there: Gray Scott, Adrian Smith, Roland Taylor. These were the guys who took me under their wing, and really schooled me in terms of what the business was about.
Julius Erving
Adam Scott sings like a bird… He’s so bad. He’s so bad.
Jean-Marc Vallee
The best work of literature to represent the American Dream is ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It shows us how dreaming can be tainted by reality, and that if you don’t compromise, you may suffer.
Azar Nafisi
The days of exploration of Shackleton and Scott are long gone. Everything has been climbed, crossed, done. Now what we’re exploring are the full boundaries of human endeavour. It’s not physical – it’s all in the head.
Lewis Gordon Pugh
When I introduce you to somebody, his name is Big Pun. When I introduce you to somebody, his name is DJ Khaled. When I introduce you to an artist, her name is Remy Ma. If I introduce you to somebody, it’s Cool and Dre or Scott Storch – people who change the face of the game.
Fat Joe
I confess to loving a good murder mystery – anything by Scott Turow or John Grisham. Maybe it’s a holdover from my days as a criminal prosecutor in Seattle.
Gary Locke
So basically, Travis Scott took files from Tommy Brown and took them to Kanye and said he produced them and it was on video. He took a song I had written a hook to and took it to Teyana Taylor for her to do and change a little bit.
Victoria Monet
Working with Olivia Scott Welch was such a dream.
Kiana Madeira
The world is better because of Coretta Scott King. She affected countless lives and her voice will be deeply missed, especially by those who carry on her incredible undertaking.
Alcee Hastings
Scott Skiles is one of the best coaches in the NBA, someone I observe and learn from on a day-to-day basis.
Kelvin Sampson
Most recently we’ve been working in concert situations rather than clubs. because there aren’t too many rooms there like Ronnie Scott’s, that are pure music rooms, where people come specifically to listen to music.
Chuck Mangione
Making a great television show is hard enough. To also tackle F. Scott – whoa.
Matt Bomer
All my friends from my past would know me as Scott Diggs.
Taye Diggs
There is no consolation for anyone in the Scott Peterson story, and no final illumination.
Robert Gottlieb
I would love to see the first people to get married from HQ. Maybe they’ll meet in the chat and name their first child Scott.
Scott Rogowsky
My first novel was called ‘Betrayed by F. Scott Fitzgerald,’ about the difficulties of graduating from college, the longing and mourning you feel when all your promise seems to float away.
Ron Carlson
I toured with Skrillex, did an HBO commercial with Diplo. In the hip hop movement, I was the first artist Travis Scott ever featured with before he blew up. I had the songs with Chris Brown and Tyga. I’ve worked with some of the biggest artists in the world.
Wynter Gordon
There have been things over the years that didn’t work. ‘Body Of Lies,’ directed by Ridley Scott, which I did with Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio, is a really tight action thriller, but when it opened in the U.S. it was number two to ‘Beverly Hills Chihuahua.’
Mark Strong
Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald want to have good public schools, good roads and good health care for the people of Wisconsin. We just have to find a way to do it. I think we can.
Tony Evers
One thing that I love about ‘Difficult People’ is that Julie Klausner and our showrunner, Scott King, have written the lead character I play as a fully formed man.
Billy Eichner
Look, there’s no place and no point in public life, in any life, for a lot of the things Scott Lively says and believes.
Charlie Baker
Before I became a suspense novelist, I wrote romantic suspense as Alicia Scott.
Lisa Gardner
For black Americans, we know that gun control… sprouts from racist soil – be it after the or during the infamous Dred Scott case where black man’s humanity was not recognized.
Niger Innis
There’s a high school in Camden, New Jersey, I call the Jill Scott School. It’s the Camden Creative Arts High School. Those teachers and kids are so passionate about what they do, and 98 percent of the senior class went on to college.
Jill Scott
I never looked at fan mail, for some reason. My mother and grandmother handled my mail – although it’s not like I was ever in the stratosphere of Kirk Cameron or Scott Baio.
Jason Bateman
I’ve had the fortune of meeting most of the ‘Kids in the Hall.’ One meeting was special in particular because this was before I had gotten anything, before anything was clicking, and I just found myself hanging out with Scott Thompson.
Thomas Middleditch
Yeah, Travis Scott’s dad taught me how to ride minibikes and how to repair the engines. His name’s Jack Webster. Jack had a drum set and his brother had a bass. So I used to play with them, and that’s what started me wanting to get into music and take it serious. And this is before rap.
DJ Premier
The Petersons have not come forward in the press. Apparently they feel the media bears a large responsibility for Scott’s conviction. It may be a while before we hear anything from them.
Catherine Crier
Scott Bradfield writes weird, oblique, unsettling stuff.
Jeff Giles
The more Scott Walker campaigns, the more he proves he is not intellectually fit for the office he’s seeking. He asserts innocent ignorance on matters he should by now know something about – a way of masking his apparent bigotry.
Richard Cohen
West Orange, where I grew up, is the hometown of Ian Ziering from ‘Beverly Hills, 90210,’ Scott Wolf from ‘Party of Five,’ David Cassidy from the ‘Partridge Family,’ and Mike Pitt of ‘Boardwalk Empire’ and ‘Dawson’s Creek.’
Chris Gethard
I’m glad that Gov. Scott down in Florida accepted ObamaCare, because it will work.
Magic Johnson
All my achievements have been great achievements. I have been collaborating with big names and making hits – like my song ‘Yosemite’ with Travis Scott.
I would not advise a young player to even listen to Byron Scott, because he is the worst coach at communicating with young guys, and I’m living proof.
Stephen Jackson
If you want a favorite book, Orson Scott Card’s ‘Ender’s Game’. You’ll be hooked. I think he’s written like twelve or thirteen.
Marisol Nichols
‘Scott and Bailey’ was very much forensically interested in the ins and outs of the way they went about cracking a case from the point of something happening to how they managed to arrest someone.
Lesley Sharp
The traditions of a nation are very important and the anthem written by Francis Scott Key in the early days of our nation should always be revered.
Lee Greenwood
‘Scott Pilgrim’ is something that was a little bit more difficult to put in one box. But, to me, that’s not necessarily a bad thing about the movie.
Edgar Wright
When I created Mary for the ‘Batgirl’ issue of ‘Night of the Owls,’ there was a lot of excitement at DC. Scott Snyder in particular was a champion for the character, bless him.
Gail Simone
As an actor, you try and be cool, but one of the reasons you become an actor is because you’re a film fan. And then you’re like, ‘Oh my God, Ridley Scott just spoke to me!’
Rafe Spall
Why was the amendment, expressly declaring the right of the people to exclude slavery, voted down? Plainly enough now, the adoption of it would have spoiled the niche for the Dred Scott decision.
Abraham Lincoln
I definitely feel like I’m carrying on the legacy of the Scott family. What Wendell had to go through was extremely difficult, but he kept racing, kept fighting. Part of him will be with me when I’m out on the track.
Bubba Wallace
I got a lot of inspiration and encouragement from my friend and ultra-runner Scott Jurek.
Dean Potter
Just the title of ‘American Idol’ is something that people can look up to. I’m not Saint Scott, I’m not Mr. Perfect, but I want to be that role model.
Scotty McCreery
For ‘So Cold the River,’ I’m actually working on adapting the book with Scott Silver, who was just nominated for an Oscar for ‘The Fighter,’ and who also wrote ‘8 Mile,’ which I think is a terrific screenplay. The chance to work with Scott is a tremendous pleasure and I’m learning a lot.
Michael Koryta
I didn’t expect ‘Scott Pilgrim’ to be successful. I just made this weird comic to entertain my friends.
Bryan Lee O’Malley
Oh, and Scott, get Mark to play me. He’s the most talented one anyway.
Mark McKinney
It is every producer’s dream to be part of a dedicated, hard-working team that produces an outstanding broadcast like the ‘CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley.’
Steve Capus
It’s sad when a woman writing fantasy in the United States in the 1970s has less actual feminist cred than Sir Walter Scott.
Judith Tarr
Scott Skiles was a master tactician – they’re all masters, but he is elite. He knew how to manipulate his team from an X’s-and-O’s standpoint.
Kelvin Sampson
I have only admiration and affection for the people of Sherpa Capital, including my co-founder Scott Stanford.
Shervin Pishevar
I trained with a guy by the name of Scott Casey. He actually worked with WWE back in the day, but he didn’t become a big star. What I want to teach is what he taught me: that the smallest things are what people are really looking for.
Booker T
I guess this song isn’t about anything necessarily sad, but it makes me sad just because it makes me think about how inaccessible the past is, but it’s called ‘Boy Child’ by Scott Walker.
Caroline Polachek
It’s important to ensure that the person who replaces Tim Scott be a reliable conservative, a proven fighter and a leader who will join our mission to cut wasteful Washington spending. I’m convinced the best person for the job is Larry Grooms.
Jeff Duncan
Film rights were in the offing for ‘The Onion Field,’ eventually made into a movie in 1979; ‘The New Centurions’ became a 1972 film starring George C. Scott, while ‘The Blue Knight’ starred William Holden in a 1973 mini-series version.
Sarah Weinman
Tony Scott was one of the best directors I’ve ever worked with, and I was devastated when I heard about his death. He was a great guy with great energy. But this is a difficult business, and people’s lives are sometimes difficult.
Christian Slater
I’d like to do Nicole Diver in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘Tender Is the Night,’ if that ever gets made.
Rosamund Pike
On a daily basis, you’re working with Steve Carell; you’re not working with Ricky Gervais. You try a line, and you can’t be writing for David Brent. You have to be writing for Michael Scott because Steve is Michael Scott.
Greg Daniels
I love Jill Scott! I love everything she puts on, how she does her hair; everything about Jill Scott is amazing!
Yvette Nicole Brown
Movie directors who have filmed F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ believe it’s a big book looming inside a small one, and they aren’t altogether wrong.
Steve Erickson
Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’ is a magnificent science-fiction film, all the more intriguing because it raises questions about the origin of human life and doesn’t have the answers.
Roger Ebert
In the old days, when a star left a still-thriving hit show, they’d celebrate by killing him or her off. But ‘The Office’ dispatched Michael Scott in a crueler and more final way: they made him normal. Since we’re talking about Michael Scott, ‘normal’ might be stretching it, obviously.
Rob Sheffield
We wanted to prove to everybody that we weren’t the same old Tessa and Scott, trying to do the same tricks again. We wanted to be different.
Scott Moir
As the evening progressed, Scott said that he was looking forward to settling down, but that he hadn’t yet found the right person. The way he looked at me when he said that made me feel he might be wondering whether I was that person.
Amber Frey