Retain Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Retain Quotes from David Brin, Helena Christensen, Gina Haspel, Graeme Souness, John Bel Edwards. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

Whenever I see a new film, I deliberately tune down sev

Whenever I see a new film, I deliberately tune down several ‘dials’ in my mind – critical faculties associated with logic, plotting, science – just so I can retain some ability to enjoy a flick in the spirit it’s offered.
David Brin
Some designers retain a sense of humour about what they do, but others are deathly serious and have no life outside of it; they’re lying awake night after night constructing dresses in their heads.
Helena Christensen
Intelligence services all over the world, in order to retain their competitive edge, have to adapt or they won’t survive.
Gina Haspel
It’s very hard to retain the Premier League.
Graeme Souness
Since the dawn of Louisiana’s modern-era film program in 2002, we have played host to more than $6 billion in film and TV production. We’ve developed an infrastructure that supports thousands of jobs, boosts small businesses and communities statewide, and provides a powerful impact that we seek to retain.
John Bel Edwards
We must continue to invest at the local level to help cities, towns, and villages retain teachers, police, firefighters, and other community-enhancing service providers.
Brad Schneider
Even if my fellow man has proven faithless time after time, I can at least retain a hope that he will improve, pray for him, and think kindly without frustration and disappointment.
Mother Angelica
We have got to move away from the concept of race and color because that is what apartheid is. We cannot end apartheid if we retain these concepts.
Oliver Tambo
I love the multi-format series. Within it they’ve found a way to retain Test matches and England v Australia in the Test arena, they were always my favourite matches to play in.
Isa Guha
The challenge for corporations, if offices were to become obsolete, is twofold. How will they be able to retain their distinct cultures? And how will they be able to ensure that all employees, wherever they work from, share a united identity and vision?
Noreena Hertz
Labour should have fought with every sinew in 2010 to retain power. To give up power voluntarily because you are tired of government and it is all too difficult is a betrayal of the people you serve.
Andrew Adonis, Baron Adonis
I would never call myself anti-football. I think I’m pro-information, pro-people making informed individual choices, pro-health, so for that reason, personally, I’m apathetic towards football. But at the same time, I think we can retain some civility, and I understand why people support and love it.
Chris Borland
That you may retain your self-respect, it is better to displease the people by doing what you know is right, than to temporarily please them by doing what you know is wrong.
William J. H. Boetcker
The UK’s most forward-thinking employers already know they need to attract, retain and promote the best talent – both male and female.
Jo Swinson
He who would be no slave must consent to have no slave. Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves and, under a just God, cannot long retain it.
Abraham Lincoln
A lot of those ideal towns are all starting to look the same, the specifics are starting to disappear. So we need to retain a love for life, a love for one’s family, a love for where one’s really from.
Jason Mraz
The only thing I have retained from my upbringing – I did not retain the religious element – is the idea that you do not do things for money.
John Sulston
As moisturizers, oils rapidly penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, protecting against the breakdown of proteins in the cell wall with fatty and linoleic acids, mimicking what our bodies produce naturally. The oils also function as humectants, which help our skin retain moisture.
Isabel Gillies
I saw no reason why childhood shouldn’t last forever. So I created clothes that worked and moved and allowed people to run, to jump, to leap, to retain their precious freedom.
Mary Quant
It is much harder to retain your position at the top than to get to the top.
Kirsty Coventry
Retain the vision for space exploration. If we turn our backs on the vision again, we’re going to have to live in a secondary position in human space flight for the rest of the century.
Buzz Aldrin
Painting directly from nature is difficult as things do not remain the same; the camera helps to retain the picture in your mind.
Theodore Robinson
I was blown away by the standing ovation. I’ve had tributes before, sure, but I don’t retain that feeling, and I wasn’t prepared for it on Tuesday. But maybe you shouldn’t retain these things or you’d be on a permanent high.
Burt Bacharach
‘Retirement’ is a dirty word. Luckily, I can carry on working until I drop, provided I retain my mental abilities.
Leslie Bricusse
What I read, I read thoroughly and retain almost all of it.
Philip Schultz
New Labour has systematically alienated section after section of the coalition we need to win and retain power.
John McDonnell
My voice hasn’t changed really very much. I still do all my songs when I perform live and still do them in the original keys. I’ve been blessed with that ability to retain that.
Gary Wright
A people cannot long retain their freedom, whose government is incapable of protecting them.
Oliver Ellsworth
The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
You can be outraged by what the Koch brothers do with their money in politics and you can appreciate what they contribute to hospitals and medical research, and you can do that at the same time and still retain an ability to function.
Lawrence O’Donnell
I retain what’s interesting to me, but I don’t have a lot of strategic depth.
Christopher Hitchens
Rotavirus does not cause all diarrhea, but it causes a lot of it. Instead of a single vaccine dose, however, harried nurses may have to give several, as diarrhoea makes it difficult for a child to retain anything.
Rose George
With every record, with each band, I just try to make a song good. I’m not so much focusing on my technique. There are a million better drummers than me. I try to adapt to the songwriter; I try to adapt to the situation and retain my sort of melodic power. My goal is for the band to be good.
Janet Weiss
The point never to lose sight of is to be guided by the correct thing, as you see it. It’s the only way to approach such profound matters and retain your integrity.
Charles Kennedy
I hope I retain the appetite to find new things to stimulate me, whether that’s travel or finding new interests. I’ll always go out and enjoy nature and the countryside, because it’s a big part of my life.
Nigel Pearson
There are a lot of old-fashioned things we perpetuate that come from a world that’s not digital, not interactive, and not online, and we try to retain it.
Sebastian Thrun
We never go overboard and above people’s heads. We strive to retain that energy, that spirit we’ve always had. We feel the more simple and original something is, the better.
Angus Young
The actions of the University in my case make it abundantly clear that the Administration’s rhetoric about Harvard’s desire to attract and retain the most distinguished women in the world is empty.
Margaret Geller
The trick, when you’re flirting, is figuring how to keep a balance between being engaging enough to retain someone’s attention and not seeming overly available. So you tease a person a little.
Neil Strauss
In order to attract and retain new businesses in rural and economically depressed regions of Virginia, we need to provide competitive incentives to entrepreneurs and business owners.
Ralph Northam
Oftentimes, when a movie turns into a series, you never retain the creative auspices. You buy the idea, you buy the franchise, and then you bring in a whole new creative team and copy the tone or sensibility.
Bonnie Hammer
There’s no question that resting meat helps it to retain juices, though the exact degree to which it does so is up for debate. I’ve tested dozens of steaks over the years, and I’ve found significant variation.
J. Kenji Lopez-Alt
I guess you could say that no matter what the characters are enduring, I try to make them retain their humanity. Their self-absorbed, grouchy, selfish, aggravating humanity.
MaryJanice Davidson
I consider Bush’s decision to call for a war against terrorism a serious mistake. He is elevating these criminals to the status of war enemies, and one cannot lead a war against a network if the term war is to retain any definite meaning.
Jurgen Habermas
You’d be naive if you think you are going to retain any control once you option a character to TV.
Kathy Reichs
I think it’s important for people who love music to retain physical CDs or even vinyl, because it sounds so great and so much warmer than music over the internet.
Norah Jones
We are not going to build a pressure in Mexico. We’re not building walls to retain our people.
Vicente Fox
It’s unwise to say nation-states wanting to retain their national identity in Europe should be dissuaded or stopped from doing so. Nationalism can go wrong, sure – but everything can go wrong.
Douglas Murray
Leaving America means renouncing your citizenship, moving out of the country and leaving family and friends behind. You can retain your citizenship if you like, but you’ll still be away from loved ones and still be paying taxes. You lose all the good stuff about America and have to keep all the bad stuff.
Michael Arrington
For Israel to retain its amazing position as the largest concentration of high tech after Silicon Valley, we need more engineers and mathematicians. We have too many lawyers.
Naftali Bennett
Sometimes, I record rough patches of tunes and take them to directors. They choose to retain my voice. Personally, I don’t like my voice, and never want to record.
Amit Trivedi
You don’t have to make something in order to retain your identity as an artist or a writer or a creative person. A lot of people think they have to be producing in order to maintain that identity.
Lucy Dacus
Study the best and highest things that are; but of yourself humble thoughts retain.
Joe Davis
Once we increase the proportion of women in technical roles, the challenge is to retain them and ease the transition to senior positions.
Vivek Wadhwa
Men are the weaker sex and retain their immaturity, it seems, to the grave. It’s like a built-in design fault. You can’t do anything about it.
Naveen Andrews
While I try to retain the slightly odd perspective and some of the innocence, it’s really liberating to be able to talk/rant about all the stuff that bothers me.
Ardal O’Hanlon
Non-profits should be looking to enlist and retain the best people to aggressively solve problems, not to perform adequately and persist. We should expect people to innovate and do the highest-quality work and then reward them accordingly.
Andrew Yang
I think the hardest part about making a scary film is about being able to retain the mystery, especially when it comes to supernatural stuff.
Adam Wingard
I don’t retain facts very well when it comes to music history.
Lucy Dacus
The public may want an elected opposition in Parliament, but we have to earn our place and work hard both in our Town Councils and in Parliament to retain the confidence and support of our people.
Pritam Singh
I have been blessed with good genes, and that’s why, irrespective of how much I eat, I still retain my lean look.
Barun Sobti
Art can retain its value and even make you some money. If you have your iPhone on you – and you probably do – look for the artist’s signature, and use that to look up the artist and get a sense of the piece’s value before you buy it.
Lara Spencer
If you want to retain your identity and culture, we’re a really great mothership. If you want to sell out… there are definitely other companies to talk to.
Bobby Kotick
I read slowly, I watch movies slowly, because I retain everything.
I find it difficult to work if I don’t know the lines, you know, and not just knowing – they’re second nature to me. Then, whatever happens in the performance when you’re actually doing it, you’re not going to go off. You’re going to retain all of that. So I like to have my lines.
Christopher Lloyd
When I was young, in my early films, the freshness, and the raw element in my presence on-screen was coming from my youth, and that naturally goes away with time. But the challenge of an actor is to retain the wonder and innocence alive.
Aditya Roy Kapur
When you’re an expert in a subject, you can retain new factoids on your favorite topic easily. This only works for the subjects you’re truly passionate about, though. Baseball fans can reel off stats for their favorite players, then space out on their own birthday.
Clive Thompson
Artless fairy stories enchant us in our first years and retain their hold on us until our last.
Howard Jacobson
Many Conservatives believe that our conference needs to show the Conservatives retain a reputation for competence, a strong commitment to market economics and how that benefits everyone, and how Brexit is not going to drag us to a point where a Corbyn-led government becomes a reality.
Nicky Morgan
I tend to see my characters from inside and outside at once; this is a technique I use to retain a slight distance. It means my characters can act in unexpected ways on two axes: physical and mental. It isn’t just, ‘I thought this and then I did this,’ which is the technique of the modern psychological novel.
Karan Mahajan
Ultimately, there is no compromise. Westerners will either retain their civilization, including the right to insult and blaspheme, or not.
Daniel Pipes
I admit I was somewhat concerned when we started to sign so many players – naturally you are going to worry about whether you can retain your place in the side.
Frank Lampard
I’m the seventh chancellor at Vanderbilt; Bobby Johnson is the 25th head football coach. That shows a lack of commitment to attract and retain.
Gordon Gee
Our economic system has enabled companies and individuals to use their power and influence to capture and retain an ever-increasing share of the benefits of economic growth while the benefits for the poorest in society have shrunk.
Winnie Byanyima
I don’t have many friends, but I want to retain the ones I have.
Arjun Kapoor
One question about a joke is, how well is the strangeness of the situation resolved? At ‘The New Yorker’, we retain a lot of incongruity, tapping the playful part of the mind – Monty Python-type stuff. We also try to use humor as a vehicle for communicating ideas. Not editorial comment, but observation.
Robert Mankoff
With snooker, having three months off could have a huge long-term effect on your game. It’s not like football, where there’s a huge margin of error with touch and passing and shooting. With snooker you’re talking about millimetre precision and your technique can vary a lot if you don’t retain muscle memory.
Neil Robertson
In the same manner if any nation wasted part of its wealth, or lost part of its trade, it could not retain the same quantity of circulating medium which it before possessed.
David Ricardo
Architecture is a living thing. If I want to leave something to the future, it has to be able to change – but retain something of the ethos that we built up over 50 years.
Richard Rogers
My mother has brought me up in a manner that has allowed me to retain my values, ideologies, and philosophies. I was let loose, just enough to develop an individual personality.
Ishaan Khatter
If America wants to retain its position as a global power, its president must listen to the people and show strong leadership at this turning point in human history.
David Suzuki
A lot of women in sport tend to take on a very masculine, aggressive look. They want to be perceived as being strong and powerful. I never lost that sense of wanting to retain my femininity.
Victoria Pendleton
Abby Johnson has agreed to become Chief Executive Officer of Fidelity, reflecting a further step forward in our leadership succession plan. Abby will retain her role of President, and I will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board.
Edward Johnson, III
Blair – except at the edges – was a Thatcherite. Brown, in contrast, regarded Thatcherism as something that had to be taken on board while at the same time seeking to retain as much as possible of the Labour legacy, or ‘Labour values,’ as he would put it.
Martin Jacques
My dad had me in Taekwondo when I was a kid, but I didn’t retain much of that.
Lucas Till
To retain respect for sausages and laws, one must not watch them in the making.
Otto von Bismarck
I really don’t retain information – by the time I arrive wherever I’m going, I already forget what it is that I wanted to say.
Roman Abramovich
If you listen to the great Beatle records, the earliest ones where the lyrics are incredibly simple. Why are they still beautiful? Well, they’re beautifully sung, beautifully played, and the mathematics in them is elegant. They retain their elegance.
Bruce Springsteen
While immensely beneficial to Seoul, is this U.S. guarantee to fight Korean War II, 64 years after the first, wise? Russia, China and Japan retain the freedom to decide whether and how to react, should war break out. Why do we not?
Pat Buchanan
He that fails in his endeavors after wealth or power will not long retain either honesty or courage.
Samuel Johnson
I have never done anything but my very best work for anyone, and to do this and retain my first fine enthusiasm over a period of thirty years has required a rather special set of working conditions.
Preston Sturges
The Confederate flag was the flag of the American South during the civil war. It was the flag of people who were fighting against their own government in an attempt to retain slavery. It was the flag of people who thought slavery was no problem, who thought slavery was a good thing.
John Niven
While there should be collective efforts to increase tech inclusion overall, the industry must work to specifically attract and retain women of color.
Kimberly Bryant
We have to hire, retain, and develop the best staff.
Steve Easterbrook
Nations, not least America, retain full command of their national forces.
Mike Jackson
All great enterprises have a pearl of faith at their core, and this must be ours: that Americans are still a people born to liberty. That they retain the capacity for self-government. That, addressed as free-born, autonomous men and women of God-given dignity, they will rise yet again to drive back a mortal enemy.
Mitch Daniels
My marks were always bad, and I was a bad influence on other children, so they would explain to my mother that they could retain me only by being partial towards me, and so I should offer to leave the school myself. I would barely get 40-50% and was also extremely naughty.
Ram Charan
The very purpose of Clinton’s server was to intentionally retain documents and materials – all emails and attachments – on the server in her house, including classified materials.
Ken Cuccinelli
If there is a vote in Britain to leave the E.U. there is a democratic imperative to provide Irish citizens with the right to vote in a border poll to end partition and retain a role in the E.U.
Martin McGuinness
I’ll say it’s not easy to keep yourself between 100 and 112 pounds every day of every month of the year. Especially for women. I’m a woman; once a month I retain water and I crave chocolate and sugar. Those are the toughest days.
Chantal Sutherland
I believe if a sentence is to retain its strength over time, it needs to be carefully made.
Romesh Gunesekera
It takes a strong effort on the part of each American Indian not to become Europeanized. The strength for this effort can only come from the traditional ways, the traditional values that our elders retain.
Russell Means
I use about 20 different colours to retain the luminance in my work.
John Dyer
My existence is fuller of other people’s experiences than my own. If they cut open my brain, these are what I would retain most.
David Tang
Muslim women deplore misogyny just as western women do, and they know that Islamic societies also oppress them; why wouldn’t they? But liberation, for them does not encompass destroying their identity, religion, or culture, and many of them want to retain the veil.
Katharine Viner
Who questions much, shall learn much, and retain much.
Francis Bacon
It is an interesting question how far men would retain their relative rank if they were divested of their clothes.
Henry David Thoreau
After spending time in the East and meeting with ordinary Afghans there, it’s hard to imagine how a future Afghan government will retain control of provinces such as Khost or Paktia once U.S. forces are gone.
Joby Warrick
I think experience will teach you a combination of liberalism and conservatism. We have to be progressive and at the same time we have to retain values. We have to hold onto the past as we explore the future.
Oliver Stone
Perhaps, to the uninformed, it may appear unaccountable that a man should be able to retain in his memory such a variety of learning; but the close alliance with each other, of the different branches of science, will explain the difficulty.
Ocean planets might be very common in the universe because water is very common in the low-temperature environments where planets form and evolve. This might be especially true for super-Earths, which can retain volatiles more easily thanks to their larger mass and surface gravity.
Dimitar Sasselov
As long as I retain my feeling and my passion for Nature, I can partly soften or subdue my other passions and resist or endure those of others.
Lord Byron
What makes a specific quality or quantity of innovation retain its intense newness over the years?
Brian Ferneyhough
I think those who object to my characterizing man as simple want somehow to retain a deep mystery at his core.
Herbert A. Simon
Tears are the symbol of the inability of the soul to restrain its emotion and retain its self command.
Henri Frederic Amiel
My brain power depends on my retained mastery of analyzing in detail what’s happening in my world and in my mind and body. I must continue to practice to retain my constructive and analytic powers. The goal is to be a master of my environment.
Michael Merzenich
Mexico has perhaps, in some ways, a good practice, in which it has officials devoted precisely to hold those children, to retain those children that are crossing through our territory, who are coming from Central America.
Enrique Pena Nieto
No matter what parents do, kids retain their uniqueness.
Kirstie Alley
Running businesses of all sizes and stages, I’ve seen the challenges companies face in trying to identify, attract, and retain talent.
Brian Lee
Always remember those things that tend to strengthen and improve your understanding. You cannot learn without attention, neither retain those lessons that you have once learnt without frequently reflecting upon and reviewing them in your mind; by this means, things long past will remain impressed upon your memory.
Dorothea Dix
The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function. That’s what you have to do: you have to be confident in your potential and aware of your inexperience.
Jon Lovett
Prudent people are very happy; ’tis an exceeding fine thing, that’s certain, but I was born without it, and shall retain to my day of Death the Humour of saying what I think.
Mary Wortley Montagu
As a child, I always liked dressing up and getting into character, and actors are lucky in being able to retain that playfulness, though we do seem to find it hard to grow up.
Felicity Jones
Since I was a young wrestling fan, I’ve been fascinated by super heavyweights and was always amazed at Yokozuna’s amazing grace and agility. How could a man who was so large still remain so athletic and retain perfect in-ring timing and spot-on psychology?
Jim Ross
If we are to retain our position as the world’s leading superpower, we must maintain our influence and diplomatic relationships. We cannot do that if we become known for abandoning our allies and reneging on our promises.
MJ Hegar