Real Women Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Real Women Quotes from Leslie Jones, Dinah Jane, America Ferrera, Isaac Mizrahi, Pepa. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

It takes a real designer to design for real women.

It takes a real designer to design for real women.
Leslie Jones
We’re not always going to be these bubbly, happy girls. We’re real women, too.
Dinah Jane
What’s so kind of beautiful about the whole thing was that everything that made me not right for all of those hundreds of commercial auditions that I went on and no one ever wanted me for is what made me perfectly right for ‘Real Women Have Curves’.
America Ferrera
You’re not working with models, you’re working with real women who have, like, anatomy. Models do not have anatomy.
Isaac Mizrahi
The women like us because we’re the first real women rappers, and the men like us because we’re strong. We’re not some soft little rappers with soft little voices. The men who see us end up going, ‘Hey! They’re kickin’ it!’
People want to see real women on screen.
Shraddha Srinath
Aren’t most romance heros, or heros in fiction of any kind, generally superior to real men? Same goes for heroines and real women.
Nora Roberts
I want to play real people. Real women. I want to be where the fun is – closer to humanity.
Faye Dunaway
All women are strong, and we don’t need to write stronger female roles; what we need to start writing is real women that have emotions and have real-life thoughts.
Ella Purnell
I’ve been lucky enough to play lots of real women – flawed, strong, independent women – and I love it.
Danielle Macdonald
The reason I became an actress is because I wanted my acting to reflect life as it is. I want to put truth on the screen. I want real women to see real women on the screen.
Viola Davis
I love real women that don’t have to be saints, who can be selfish and act out against their parents or like the wrong guy, because that’s life. That’s my life, at least.
Julie Plec
I try to write about real women, real people – in other words flawed characters.
Emily Giffin
As creators and as readers, we need to always be pushing it – by looking for the books, looking for the artists and people and stories to support what we feel to be a better representation of all women. Of real women.
Marjorie Liu
It’s a Japanese way of thinking, that I give value for my merchandise. So I don’t want to sell unnecessarily expensive dresses and make just 10 or 20 and then feel satisfied. I want to design for real women who can afford my dresses.
Tadashi Shoji
I don’t pay attention to celebrities. I don’t photograph them. They don’t dress so… interestingly. They have stylists. I prefer real women who have their own taste.
Bill Cunningham
If you are confiding in someone, it needs to be the woman in your life. If that woman is your mother, you may as well scuttle back under her petticoats and let the real women in pencil skirts and tortuous heels get on with the job of husband-hunting.
Katie Hopkins
It’s easy to make clothes for a model, but when you can put them on real women and real curves, that’s the test.
Tina Knowles
I work with real women of all shapes and sizes.
Jessica Mulroney
After the baby, I got bigger, and I like it. I like me better now than when I was young and skinny. I don’t understand this extreme fashion for being anorexic-skinny. We forgot about women with curves – real women. We’re not embracing that anymore.
Anna Netrebko
Listen, ‘real’ women are the reason the fashion industry exists.
Marc Jacobs
The real women who decide to enlist to work their way up in the ranks to become a Major in the United States Army are some freakin’ tough broads.
Cobie Smulders
I was just so lucky with ‘Real Women Have Curves.’ At that point, I would have done an insurance commercial. I would have done anything.
America Ferrera
I’m always scared of trends. The runways are always so trend-oriented, but I always feel for the women. The real women that buy cosmetics want to see the trends, but they don’t necessarily go for them. And I always encourage women to find what looks best on them.
Francois Nars
It’s really important for women in the public eye to be open – these pop stars who don’t look, behave, speak like real women – that’s not fair on women. Being real, honest, authentic – too many women in the public eye are afraid to be authentic because they are afraid they will be judged.
Dawn O’Porter