Poorly Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Poorly Quotes from Jonathan Miles, George M. Church, Robert Jarvik, Kim Zolciak-Biermann, Gregory Maguire. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

Anyone with a fondness for intricately flavored, carefu

Anyone with a fondness for intricately flavored, carefully measured cocktails and entertaining at home knows how poorly the two mix.
Jonathan Miles
I will make the argument that we are poorly adapted to our current environment. I mean, we did not evolve to sit all day and be exposed to giant amounts of really tasty food.
George M. Church
Leaders are visionaries with a poorly developed sense of fear and no concept of the odds against them.
Robert Jarvik
It’s hard to trust people when your own friends seem to think poorly of you.
Kim Zolciak-Biermann
I had written children’s books for 14 years before I published ‘Wicked.’ And none of them were poorly reviewed, and none of them sold enough for me to be able to buy a bed.
Gregory Maguire
I sing a little bit, yeah. But I sing very poorly.
H. Jon Benjamin
I think it is inevitable that people program poorly. Training will not substantially help matters. We have to learn to live with it.
Alan Perlis
I’ve seen the impact of poorly negotiated trade agreements on manufacturing in Maine.
Susan Collins
Liberal radio performs poorly because its format already dominates other markets. And it will continue to perform poorly until the day comes when the rest of the media is at least balanced, if not fair.
Dana Loesch
I really look up to Ashley Graham and how she promotes her body and flaunts it. She’s beautiful and stunning, and I’m not going to say I love her body on Instagram and talk about it poorly in my personal life.
Lili Reinhart
Poorly paid labor is inefficient labor, the world over.
Henry George
There was a perception of me, and I earned it because I was really intense, really gruff. I treated certain people poorly at times. It was because of who I was. It was almost my strength. I came in all business. I tried to find ways to fit in with that demeanor, but it’s not easy.
Kirk Gibson
The life of Cesar Chavez is a story that must be told. He was a man who dedicated his life to accomplishing change in a community that really needed it. He helped a community that was being poorly treated by instilling confidence and providing them with dignity.
Diego Luna
I behaved poorly by starting this whole thing and I made some mistakes in dealing with it, and they made some mistakes in dealing with me, and taking down all my stuff was probably one of them.
Gregg Easterbrook
I think very poorly of United Russia. United Russia is the party of corruption, the party of crooks and thieves. And it is the duty of every patriot and citizen of our country to make sure that this party is destroyed.
Alexei Navalny
I’m not an expert or a trained ballistician. But it is a subject I’ve studied intently for 50 years, so I may know a thing or two. In my opinion, the JFK investigation was poorly handled.
Stephen Hunter
Poorly negotiated and lazily enforced trade deals have caused jobs to flee the heartland.
Anthony Scaramucci
Nothing you do particularly matters. But I’m not sure that’s a great excuse for doing it poorly.
John Malkovich
Members of Congress and their staffs should be the first to feel the negative consequences of poorly written legislation, not the last.
Jeff Duncan
I myself don’t have Netflix. And recently, I was staying at a friend’s place who did, and I was feeling rather poorly one morning, and I sat down and watched the entire series of ‘The Killing,’ the American version of ‘The Killing’ in one day. I just got hooked. I thought, ‘Wow, I’ve never done this before.’
Aden Young
I think HTML5 is one area where Mozilla has done very poorly at actually communicating what we have done.
Mitchell Baker
People understand me so poorly that they don’t even understand my complaint about them not understanding me.
Soren Kierkegaard
I couldn’t afford to get sick in prison. My sickle cell is no joke, so I couldn’t eat poorly or not exercise. And everything in jail is designed to do the exact opposite.
Imagine if you had baseball cards that showed all the performance stats for your people: batting averages, home runs, errors, ERAs, win/loss records. You could see what they did well and poorly and call on the right people to play the right positions in a very transparent way.
Ray Dalio
There are people who have tremendously important things to say, but they say it so poorly that nobody would ever want to read it.
Theodore Sturgeon
I have to thank batting coach Sanjay Bangar for providing valuable inputs. He gave me honest feedback about how poorly I was batting and what were the aspects I needed to focus on.
Ravichandran Ashwin
The constant need for special waivers is symptomatic of poorly written public policy. It’s a signal that the cost of compliance is unreasonably high; the benefits are hard to measure; and either legislators or regulators have failed to do their homework.
John Sununu
Before ‘Final Fantasy VII,’ I would have told you that I had zero interest in RPGs with turn-based combat. But that game was so well done, I didn’t care what genre it was. Any genre can be done poorly or done well.
Tim Schafer
Maintain ‘baseball cards’ and/or ‘believability matrixes’ for your people. Imagine if you had baseball cards that showed all the performance stats. You could see what they did well and poorly and call on the right people to play the right positions in a very transparent way.
Ray Dalio
We know a certain amount about neurons. You can do fMRI and watch parts of the brain light up. But what happens in the middle is poorly understood.
Paul Allen
Well married a person has wings, poorly married shackles.
Henry Ward Beecher
Using the power of protein engineering and evolution, we can convince enzymes to take what they do poorly and do it really well.
Frances Arnold
I only discovered the ‘Harry Potter’ series in my tenth standard. I dived right into it, often reading non-stop through the day and night. It was the morning after one such readathon when I was to appear for a Chemistry exam. Spending my night with the third edition of Harry Potter didn’t help much, and I fared poorly.
Sonam Kapoor
Falling asleep is like landing a plane. It takes time. You’ve got to sort of gradually descend. I think one of the problems with insufficient sleep is people are not very good at predicting how poorly they are doing when they are under-slept.
Matthew Walker
The third game of my career, we played Kansas City and I played as poorly as I’ve ever played in my life. I completed one of 15 passes and had two interceptions.
Ryan Leaf
And taking more money out of the private economy and having the government perform as it has poorly done with the stimulus I don’t think is the right way to go.
Mark Kirk
Sometimes the results of a first free election will find the moderates so poorly organized that extreme groups can eke out a victory, as Hamas did when it gained a 44-to-41 percent margin in the Palestinian election of 2006.
Elliott Abrams
Yes, it’s absolutely true that anything worth doing is worth doing poorly – until you can learn to do it well.
Zig Ziglar
Now, as Global Ambassador for Starlight Children’s Foundation, which brightens the lives of poorly children, I visit hospitals and tell stories to the young patients. Sometimes I read. Sometimes I draw.
Tony DiTerlizzi
Forests in Colorado and the West that once had 50-100 trees per acre are now dangerously overcrowded with 500-1,000 trees per acre. Our forests are overgrown and poorly managed, making them more susceptible to large wildfires, disease, and bark beetle attacks.
Lauren Boebert
Pitching… sometimes I did so poorly, it brought me to tears.
Dennis Eckersley
At one point, in one of the kitchens where I worked, I was the only American pastry cook. They treated me poorly. ‘You’re stupid. You’re American. You don’t get it.’ They’d speak French all day. At one point, my boss said to me, ‘You learn French or get out right away.’
Johnny Iuzzini
Things are expensive, very expensive in Israel for many reasons. One of the reasons is our ports. It’s a monopoly. They run very poorly. And we have ships that are stuck in the ocean for three or four days or a week, and all that cost is transferred to the products and the consumer.
Naftali Bennett
Beta males and females historically fare poorly in anchor positions, and whoever has the dominate, or more alpha, personality will always win out in spoken word count simply because they don’t wait for an opening.
Dana Loesch
It makes it difficult to decide which to go see, since no film about say, some tragic genocide in Africa is going to get a bad review even if it’s poorly made.
Terry Zwigoff
When I putt well, I do very well. When I putt poorly, I struggle to be in the game.
Tom Lehman
If there are activists in Cosas and they do poorly academically, then they would be cited as examples as to why others should not be in Cosas.
Kgalema Motlanthe
Bernard Manning is controversial but he had incredible timing. I wrote the character of Brian Potter in ‘Phoenix Nights’ for him to play but unfortunately he was too poorly to do it. I thought it would have been perfect casting but it didn’t happen.
Peter Kay
I’m a slave to my dogs and go out with them almost every day. They are poorly behaved if they don’t run. They really act up.
Amy Chua
History has shown us all too often the consequences of dreaming poorly or not at all.
Jeff Vandermeer
Part of why daycare is so poorly paid is because the sense that they’re prisoners of love, that daycare workers love their work so much that they don’t need to be paid fairly. It’s this sense of, ‘Oh well, labor and love are two different things.’
Alissa Quart
I can help promote the sport best by competing better, rather than playing poorly and losing out in the tournament early.
Karch Kiraly
What offends me more than something sexist is something poorly written or unfunny or cliched.
Jenji Kohan
I would rather read a poorly structured story that has fresh ideas than a tightly structured one with cliches.
Douglas Wood
Our mom cooks well, and we cook poorly. We try.
Human intelligence is a marvelous, subtle, and poorly understood phenomenon. There is no danger of duplicating it anytime soon.
Mitch Kapor
Noise is a parasite. Anything noisy is poorly designed.
Raymond Loewy
One challenge is trying to extend access to more poorly served communities in rural areas and in the inner city. Sometimes you have kids who are suffering from trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder, and they have no way of getting access to the remedies that are available to them.
Scott Stossel
I became obsessed with Simian Mobile Disco’s music and poorly attempted to make my own techno music.
Winston Marshall
I may play poorly at times, but I’ll always try to give my best effort.
Son Heung-min
Could I have worked under a system where there were Draconian controls on my creativity, meaning budget, time, script choices, etc.? Definitely not. I would have fared poorly under the old studio system that guys like Howard Hawks did so well in. I cannot.
Michael Mann
Put simply, if an interface is poorly designed, I will not see the data I looked for, even if it is right there on the page.
Jeffrey Zeldman
He who leaves nothing to chance will do few things poorly, but he will do few things.
Edward Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax
When I started playing well all I wanted to do was win. Which was a problem. When it became clear I wasn’t going to win, I would get fed up. I played poorly on a few Sundays, finishing 50th because I wasn’t interested in finishing 30th. But I’ve learned not to do that.
Tommy Fleetwood
The Moon may not be quite as appealing as Mars, but it’s still a complex and poorly understood world, with many questions still unanswered.
Henry Spencer
Baseball is a poorly run business.
Jerry Reinsdorf
For the average player, most three-putts happen because of a poorly judged first putt from long range.
Ernie Els
Clothes if they are not well cut, you can kill nobody. A building poorly built can kill people. It’s a much more difficult work. I would not compare myself with that.
Karl Lagerfeld
The mouth obeys poorly when the heart murmurs.
I think you have to learn that there’s a company behind every stock, and that there’s only one real reason why stocks go up. Companies go from doing poorly to doing well or small companies grow to large companies.
Peter Lynch
One thing I struggled with early in my career was the delicate balance between my performance and my identity. When things on the field went well, I was cheerful and felt important. When things went poorly, my countenance and self-concept plummeted, and I was not pleasant to be around.
Benjamin Watson
I don’t think focus is in itself ever a bad thing. But focus of the wrong kind, or managed poorly, can be.
Daniel Goleman
The Internet has made some phenomenal breakthroughs that are still only poorly understood in terms of changing people’s ideas of us and them. If mass media, social isolation in the suburbs, alienating workplaces and long car commutes create a bunker mentality, the Internet does the opposite.
Alex Steffen
The worst present I got was when I was 10. I had specifically wished for a Barbie horse. My dad got me a cheap, poorly made version of it and I cried all evening.
Across all U.S. intelligence agencies, there is a lack of cultural respect and a poorly tuned attitude toward foreign peoples and cultures.
Malcolm Nance
You don’t win tournaments by playing well and thinking poorly.
Lee Westwood
Sports movies are a genre that I really respond to, but they can be done really poorly and really fall short. The good ones are just so good and inspiring and make you feel good.
David Walton
Teenagers are extremely smart, and if they think for even a second that an author is ‘writing down’ to them, or mimicking their voice poorly, or condescending to them in any way, they will throw the book across the room.
Ransom Riggs
From one week to the next, everything changes from who you’re playing to the defense’s scheme. You just try to build on the things that you did well and correct the things that you did poorly in the game; then, move forward from there and hopefully continue to get better and better and better as you move forward.
Matt Cassel
If I had been prime minister, I would have offered apologies to the Dutch Jewish community without hesitation. This would refer both to our government’s attitude during the Second World War and to the very late postwar discovery that the restitution process had been poorly conceived.
Els Borst