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Game theory is a branch of, originally, applied mathema

Game theory is a branch of, originally, applied mathematics, used mostly in economics and political science, a little bit in biology, that gives us a mathematical taxonomy of social life, and it predicts what people are likely to do and believe others will do in cases where everyone’s actions affect everyone else.
Colin Camerer
Addressing politics in my music’ is such a phrase, a sentence on paper, that I hate. That’s not really me because at the end of the day, I wasn’t a political science major and I wasn’t educated in that sense so I hate when people talk about things they don’t know anything about.
I studied political science, and when I fell into acting in college – it was just a total fluke that I became an actor. I ended up changing my degree and went for a double major and missed political science by two classes.
Michael Kelly
My father was a professor of political science and also a young politician fighting for democracy in Kenya, and when things got ugly, he went into political exile in Mexico.
Lupita Nyong’o
When you’ve got African parents, you go to uni, do finance, and go into accounting. But I’m not good with systems. I dropped out in my final year of college to become a Christian poet. Then went back to do my A-levels and went to uni in Birmingham to do political science and theology. I lasted 12 weeks.
Michaela Coel
I graduated from the University of Delaware with a double major in history and political science.
Joe Biden
The American people need no course in philosophy or political science of church history to know that God should not be made into a celestial party chairman.
Mario Cuomo
I reveled in political science and history of all kinds, and I felt for a long time that I had discovered all the secrets of life in psychology, although its Freudian variety left me cold. The id never made much sense to me.
Richard Cohen
I wanted to have a political career. I thought studying political science would be the best way to achieve it.
Bianca Jagger
I went to college for political science and got a bartending job.
Jon Taffer
I majored in history and political science at the College of Charleston in South Carolina, and I have always loved researching how a single human being can change the course of history.
Matt Czuchry
Political science has long tried to tackle a fundamental question of voter behavior: Do voters choose politicians because those politicians hold views that they like, or do voters choose policy positions because the politicians they like say those positions are correct?
Kristen Soltis Anderson
I studied political science and international relations, so I never considered myself an artist.
Philippe Falardeau
I went to college at the University of Kansas, where I got a degree in political science.
Sara Paretsky
My political science degree is always on the back-burner. I took my LSAT, so even if I want to take the LSAT again, I know what I’m getting into. I’ll keep it on the back-burner. Who knows, maybe with my popularity, I can have a career in politics with a law degree. I think it’ll work out either way.
Vinny Guadagnino
I have passed English medical examinations in Hong Kong… In my youth, I experienced overseas studies. The languages of the West, its literature, its political science, its customs, its mathematics, its geography, its physics and chemistry – all these I have had the chance to study.
Sun Yat-sen
My parents divorced when I was born, and my mother is a political science professor, like a feminist Mormon, which is sort of an oxymoron.
Eliza Dushku
By a combination of formal training and self study, the latter continuing systematically well into the 1940s, I was able to gain a broad base of knowledge in economics and political science, together with reasonable skills in advanced mathematics, symbolic logic, and mathematical statistics.
Herbert A. Simon
In political science, public support doesn’t have a reverse gear. It always goes forward.
Amit Shah
I majored in political science and speech communication.
Marne Levine
When my mother finally arrived in America in the late 1960s, she attended Swarthmore College and majored in political science.
Alex Wagner
My research career has been devoted to understanding human decision-making and problem-solving processes. The pursuit of this goal has led me into the fields of political science, economics, cognitive psychology, computer science and philosophy of science, among others.
Herbert A. Simon
I grew up in Saudi Arabia and India and Cyprus, and I lived in a war-zone myself, and, I mean, I had a pretty bizarre, I guess, nomadic childhood, and so I was really drawn to international relations and political science.
Hannah Simone
I was born in Beijing and raised in England and America. I studied political science in college and film in graduate school in New York.
Chloe Zhao
I wasn’t a major in political science for nothing, so I understood the politics of beauty and the politics of race when it comes to the fashion industry.
People trust my voice. And my expertise, honestly, is not political science. It’s emotion and expression and sort of presence, you know?
‘Negative liberty’ is a political science term meaning a liberty from government action. It is not a liberty to anything – like the liberty to meaningfully contribute to public debate or to have ample spaces for speech.
Marvin Ammori
I wondered whether being a Political Science student and a teacher are sufficient qualifications to become a politician and quickly adapt to the complex world of politics.
Ravish Kumar
I was a political science major in college because that’s where my head was.
Jeffrey Wright
One of the things that ultimately led me to leave mathematics and go into political science was thinking I could prevent nuclear war.
Paul Wolfowitz
I studied political science and international relations and had the intention of becoming a journalist or work in foreign affairs. I had no intention of making a film.
Philippe Falardeau
I never took a political science course.
Jill Biden
I was in school for a little bit at Rutgers for political science, but it was very loose.
Ramy Youssef
Anyone who knows anything about me should know by now I am certainly not exactly a good politician. I am also willing to admit to you now that I never went to any classes that had anything to do political science.
Kyle Busch
Ian Carroll grew up in Melbourne, went to Carey Grammar and then studied political science at Monash University during the turbulent years of anti-Vietnam rebellion.
Norman Swan
I was a political science major in college and dreamed of being a diplomat.
Rachel Platten
I majored in political science, and my concentration was U.S. involvement in Latin America in the 20th century.
Sebastian Arcelus
I majored in political science and English, but starting from the age of 17, I’ve paid for everything that I’ve had in my life. It was a personal choice. My parents would have helped me in any way whatsoever, but for me, you know what? I can make my own way.
Gary Johnson
I have always argued that newspapers should not have any civic purpose beyond telling readers what is happening… A reporter who doesn’t quickly tell readers what they most want to know – the score – won’t last long. Better he should teach political science.
Jack Germond
So my degree was in political science, which I think was – the closest I could come to marketing is politics.
Steve Case
I have done masters in Political Science but deep down in my heart I wanted to be a dancer.
Shakti Mohan
Running for office was definitely something I’ve thought about. When I was younger, I wanted to major in political science. And I’ve been engaged in current events since I was a kid. If I can make a difference and feel passionately and capable, then I would. Why not?
Queen Latifah
After graduating college in 2001 with a B. A. in Political Science and Speech Communications from Texas State University – San Marcos, I realized that my generation and those younger had been given no future and had been maliciously robbed of the knowledge of principles and methods necessary for building one.
Kesha Rogers
I went to college and majored in political science.
Tina Smith
I did graduate early and even received my master’s degree in political science before I turned 22.
Ana Kasparian
The method of political science is the interpretation of life; its instrument is insight, a nice understanding of subtle, unformulated conditions.
Woodrow Wilson
I had actually studied political science in college. I had dreams of being a lawyer at one time.
Michael Kelly
If I wasn’t doing this, I’d be in school studying political science or socioeconomic something. I love visiting different cultures and finding out how they make up a society.
Eliza Dushku
I told my father I had to try political science for a year. He thought I was throwing my life away.
Paul Wolfowitz
I was a political science major. I was always interested in social impact.
Kenny Leon