Play Baseball Quotes

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I was born to play baseball.

I was born to play baseball.
Roberto Clemente
When I was growing up, there weren’t any Little Leagues in the city. Parents worked all the time. They didn’t have time to take their kids out to play baseball and football.
Mike Krzyzewski
Baseball does become slow sometimes. It’s totally unnecessary. The – you can play baseball fast. You can play it slow, and for some reason, we have chosen to play it slow, you know, which is unfortunate, but nothing you can do about.
Bill James
My dad, since I was growing up, has always taught me that I need to keep my mouth shut and just play baseball.
Alex Bregman
You weigh your pros and cons and what’s real. You want to play baseball? Yeah. You want to go to school? If that’s the best option, than that is what it is.
Mookie Betts
No one wants to watch anybody play baseball in a movie. What is interesting is what baseball means or sports in general means to those people doing it.
Wyatt Russell
You know, when I was a young boy I used to play baseball in my back yard or in the street with my brothers or the neighborhood kids. We used broken bats and plastic golf balls and played for hours and hours.
Robin Yount
When I played, I never needed the spotlight, nor did I want it. I simply wanted to play baseball and be respected by my teammates and the opposing players.
Bruce Sutter
I go from my room to the ballpark and play baseball. I try to keep it simple.
Manny Machado
Our idea of fun wasn’t going to Disney World. It was, you want to play basketball, go outside, and make a goal. You want to play baseball? Take the old broom, take the handle off, take a tennis ball that we found somewhere, and go play baseball. We were forced to create things.
Booger McFarland
Obviously, we need to stand in front of a camera and answer questions, but ultimately, I just play baseball. That’s what I’m good at; that’s what I know.
Manny Machado
To me, I just play baseball, whether I have the contract or not.
J. D. Martinez
Everyone thinks I’m this jock of a woman, but I didn’t play any sports. I didn’t even let my kids play baseball because I was afraid they were going to get hit by balls.
Patti Hansen
You sign a contract, and you abide by the contract. And sometimes my turn would come around on Sunday. Even though I didn’t like to play baseball on Sunday, it was my job.
Vernon Law
I used to play baseball with Jake Owen when I was a kid.
Dan Bilzerian
I’m a terrible singer. I feel lucky to play baseball. You can’t be gifted in everything.
Alex Rodriguez
I was a hyper kid, so I didn’t want to play baseball and wait for the ball to come to me. I wanted to play a sport where I could go get the ball.
Shane Larkin
I love to play baseball. I’m a baseball player. I’ve always been a baseball player. I’m still a baseball player. That’s who I am.
Ryne Sandberg
When I was a little boy, my dream was to play baseball and leave Cuba.
William Levy
I knew that I was a gay boy fairly early; what was interesting to me was that my mother didn’t know. She made me play baseball – I had no desire to do that. I said, ‘Mom, I don’t like direct sunlight, I don’t like bugs, I don’t like grass, and I’d rather be in the house playing with your fabric samples.’
Nate Berkus
I just try to do what I have to do and let the people out there do what they have to do, which is have fun, scream, yell and jump around. I try to do what I have to do, which is play baseball, and I can only play in that piece of area there, so that’s what I try to do.
Pedro Martinez
I was texting with someone the other day and they asked me a question, ‘What would do you if you didn’t play basketball, or if you didn’t play baseball? What would you want to do as a job?’ My answer was, ‘I’ve never even thought about it.’
Pat Connaughton
I never want to sit out. I want to play baseball games.
Matt Kemp
I went to a Christian all-boys’ college one time to pick up my buddies so we could go play baseball, and I just remember walking through the halls, and there’s all these crucified Jesuses. It’s scary.
Evan Goldberg
I’ll play baseball for the Army or fight for it, whatever they want me to do.
Mickey Mantle
As a kid, I used to love to play baseball and be in Little League and sleep outside with my friends and do all those kind of things.
Gary Wright
The Red Sox are the local scapegoats. It’s hard enough to play baseball without being the local scapegoat too.
Michael Lewis
I never ride just to ride. I ride to catch a fox. I play baseball to make the team.
Sargent Shriver
I started skating and I kind of liked it because I could run circles around the guys that wouldn’t pick me to play baseball.
Scott Hamilton
I think video games are a huge part of our society now. Having kids play baseball video games helps them understand and love the game. It could actually push them to get out there and play the game for real. That’s great for the sport.
Justin Verlander
Every day I went to the ballpark in Yankee Stadium as well as on the road people were on my back. The last six years in the American League were mental hell for me. I was drained of all my desire to play baseball.
Roger Maris
He would watch every single Reds game. He was the first one to teach me how to play baseball. I played catch with him on a daily basis when I was really young. He was a big fan. He was just in love with what I did and me. He was a great father to me.
Joey Votto
Actually, I wanted to play baseball. Honestly, I just think with a kid developing, playing a lot of sports, it’s just kind of whatever you’re good at.
Chris Long
Until my senior year, baseball and basketball were my best sports; and even when I was a senior, I still wanted to play baseball professionally. But the family wanted me to go to college, and I guess I agreed with them, or else I would have accepted some of the offers I got.
Joe Namath
The more you play baseball, the less depends on your athletic ability. It’s a mental war more than anything.
Alex Rodriguez
A lot of older parents worry about being older parents. I hear people say, ‘I don’t want to be too old to play baseball with my son.’ They worry that their kids will be embarrassed by their parents’ age.
Penn Jillette
All it takes to play baseball is a strong arm, good speed, and the coordination to hit the ball. That’s it.
Ryne Sandberg
I was the first person in my family to play baseball.
Christian Yelich
My mom wanted me to play baseball. She didn’t want me to play basketball.
Al Horford
I know that one day I won’t be good enough to play baseball anymore. But as long as I have an opportunity to, I want to keep fighting.
Joey Votto
I was doing what I love to do: play baseball. Not going to complain about that.
Willie McCovey
I just want to play baseball.
Ken Griffey Jr.
You could be a kid for as long as you want when you play baseball.
Cal Ripken, Jr.
I used to play baseball. I was playing even in high school.
King Von
Baseball has been something that’s always been in my blood. It was just something I was bound to do no matter what. I was going to play baseball.
Eddy Alvarez
I’d walk through hell in a gasoline suit to play baseball.
Pete Rose
I could be 30 pounds heavier if I played football. But I play baseball, and I do Pilates.
Jake Arrieta
I play baseball. I don’t deal with trades, free agency, any of that stuff.
Anthony Rendon
I had an opportunity to play baseball in college, but I just didn’t want to go to school. I started focusing on my music and it was game over!
Jason Aldean
Playing football, I’m getting chills just thinking about it. That first knock of the game, you are going on kickoff, and you are just trying to smack somebody just as hard as you can. That’s how I play baseball. I want to hit you.
Bryce Harper