Phobias Quotes

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I have many phobias. But there are times when life thro

I have many phobias. But there are times when life throws challenges at you and you dont have an option, you cant give up and just perform.
Nikki Tamboli
Gay activists claim that because I don’t subscribe to their political agenda, I am a homophobe, meaning I have a mental disorder – because that is what phobias are.
Laura Schlessinger
I don’t have phobias. I’m pretty laid back. Nothing really bothers me. I can handle things pretty well.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
I don’t have any phobias per se, but both tight and vast spaces tend to make me nervous after a prolonged time.
Allison Tolman
Tell us your phobias and we will tell you what you are afraid of.
Robert Benchley
Well, first of all, let me say that I might have made a tactical error in not going to a physician for 20 years. It was one of those phobias that really didn’t pay off.
Warren Zevon
I have, since the age of about 2, been a twitchy bundle of phobias, fears, and neuroses. And I have, since the age of 10, when I was first taken to a mental hospital for evaluation and then referred to a psychiatrist for treatment, tried in various ways to overcome my anxiety.
Scott Stossel
We may be more sophisticated in how we hide it, but there are still so many phobias in this world, whether it’s Islamophobia, xenophobia or homophobia. I’ve been trying to do things that expose and help teach and draw attention to all of the ‘isms’ and how we do or don’t deal with them in our world.
Bonnie Hammer
In neurotics, worm phobias are usually found as well as snake phobias.
Karl Abraham
I have phobias of everything you can name, but the problem with hypnotism is handing control over to someone else – and that is one of my phobias!
My mother had a lot of phobias. She’s pregnant with me and she was a very phobic person. So I was born into phobia, basically.
Dane Cook
Powerful new drug-free treatments have been developed for depression and for every conceivable type of anxiety, such as chronic worrying, shyness, public speaking anxiety, test anxiety, phobias, and panic attacks. The goal of the treatment is not just partial improvement but full recovery.
David D. Burns
It’s a universal truth that no parent wishes to acknowledge that the fear and phobias we are in thrall to in adulthood almost invariably connect back to childhood experiences.
Mariella Frostrup
The wrists, the Achilles’ tendons, and the neck are some of the weakest points of the human body, so a lot of people have phobias about those things. I can’t deal with the undersides of wrists.
Kristin Gore
I was not a silly kid or outgoing. In fact, I suffered from quite a bit of anxiety. I used to have panic attacks when I was a teenager, really incapacitating moments, because I had some phobias.
Dane Cook
Anyone that continues to spread hate or fear or judgment or phobias doesn’t deserve a platform.
Jessica Origliasso
I’ve fallen prey to my fair share of moments of the phobias of others and the way that that can become an attack.
Ezra Miller
There’s a vast encyclopedia of fears and phobias, and pretty much any object, experience, situation you can think of, there is someone who has a phobia of it.
Scott Stossel
I am whelmed, and not overly whelmed, just whelmed about a lot of facets in life – just how fragile life is and the different challenges you have in life, phobias about things.
Kevin Nealon
Virtual reality has already proved useful in treating phobias and PTSD. It can help people overcome a fear of heights, for example, through simulations of standing on a balcony or walking across a bridge.
Maria Konnikova