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Some of the free lunch programs were still goin' on - b

Some of the free lunch programs were still goin’ on – based on the last leg of the Black Panther Party.
Kool Moe Dee
The cool thing is, I was a little nervous about how they were going to handle Black Panther in his own movie, but then when I saw ‘Civil War’ and just the perfect way they handled him in that movie, it made me even more excited about a Black Panther film.
Brian Stelfreeze
If they had not murdered Malcolm X, there probably never would have been a Black Panther Party.
Bobby Seale
When I was writing ‘Black Panther,’ on one level, I was angry because DC would never let me write ‘Batman,’ so I was doing Marvel’s ‘Batman,’ and Reverend Achebe became sort of the Joker to Panther’s Batman.
Christopher Priest
A panther is quick and smart and always alert to everything. He’s sitting on top of a mountain, with the sun and the clouds. That’s where I want to see myself.
Stephon Marbury
If we look at ‘Black Panther,’ it did so well. There were a bunch of supporting black characters in the movies for years and then it took a long time, but finally they did make that.
Karan Soni
My first draft of Marvel Knights ‘Black Panther’ was not funny at all. They smartly rejected the entire script and counseled me to inject liberal doses of humor into very serious subject matter.
Christopher Priest
Every time we make a movie, ‘Guardians’ included, ‘Black Panther’ included, ‘Infinity War’ included, we just feel lucky to be making that movie, and that’s basically what the focus is on.
Kevin Feige
The Black Panther Party was not a gang. They grew out of a young black intelligentsia on college campuses.
Bobby Seale
The panther is sleek. The panther is sneaky. The panther is covert. Meanwhile, the gorilla will show up and bang on his chest and make noises to warn you about what is about to happen if you continue to cross the line.
Winston Duke
I think the fact that ‘Black Lightning,’ ‘Luke Cage’ and ‘Black Panther’ have each made noise in their own way will only lead to different superheroes and different genres.
Cheo Hodari Coker
In ‘Black Panther,’ I tried to preserve virtually all versions and interpretations of ‘Black Panther’ – including the Jack Kirby one, which was really tough to do – and make it work within current continuity.
Christopher Priest
All I can tell you is ‘Black Panther’ sets up the MCU to go in a really wonderful new direction, sets up a new language, a new world for the MCU to play in, and that construction is then rocked to its core when Thanos enters in ‘Infinity War’ – get ready.
Winston Duke
Most people don’t realize that when we were producing ‘Black Panther,’ ‘Quantum & Woody,’ and ‘Steel,’ fairly few people were reading those titles. We were constantly threatened with cancellation.
Christopher Priest
A good theme – like the ‘Pink Panther’ or ‘Baby Elephant Walk’ – can work all the way through the picture, which is what I did with them. So, for me, a good melody is not just a pretty tune.
Henry Mancini
There was always music in our home. My mom and my dad loved music. I remember when we were kids we would have these great parties at the house with congas and bongos and African drums, and it was amazing. It wasn’t until years later that I found out that they were actually Black Panther meetings.
Queen Latifah
‘Children of Blood and Bone’ is basically ‘Black Panther’ with magic.
Tomi Adeyemi
By 1967, J. Edgar Hoover had concluded that the Black Panther Party had replaced the Communist Party as the gravest threat to national security.
Alexander Cockburn
My ‘Black Panther’ run really wasn’t about Black Panther. It was about Ross. It was about exploding myths about black superheroes, black characters, and black people, targeted specifically at a white, male-dominated retailer base.
Christopher Priest
It was a dream come true to play for the University of Pittsburgh. My experience as a Panther is something that influences my life every day and I want to pay that forward.
Aaron Donald
Well I grew up following most of the major titles like ‘Fantastic Four,’ ‘Spider-Man,’ ‘Avengers,’ etc. But I had also a lot of love for the smaller titles like ‘Master of Kung Fu,’ ‘Black Panther,’ ‘The Defenders,’ ‘Inhumans,’ and of course Power-Man and Iron Fist.’
Genndy Tartakovsky
The ‘Black Panther’ series was never really about the Black Panther at all. The State Department guy, Everett K. Ross, was the series protagonist, so politics was simply a logical part of the character’s tool set.
Christopher Priest
I wasn’t good-looking like the heroes. But I had a good physique having been a goalkeeper. I was like a panther.
It’s very difficult to be funny musically. I think I achieved It with ‘The Pink Panther.’
Henry Mancini
‘Black Panther’ has made me embrace my natural black hair. The representation of natural black hair in the film has made me reflect on myself.
Letitia Wright
Black Panther is a great film’. It has the most compelling villain of any Marvel movie, and it deals admirably with the issue of diminishing jeopardy in a million superhero films where the world is going to end.
Romesh Ranganathan
Part of the reason everyone is freaking out over ‘Black Panther’ is because we’ve never seen it. We have two thousand years of stories, and we’ve never seen it.
Tomi Adeyemi
Comedy was why I got into acting the first place. Peter Sellers was a huge influence on my wanting to act. I grew up with him and found him hysterical. The Pink Panther films were an inspiration, from my earliest childhood days, when I was watching them with my brother and my dad.
Sally Hawkins
My mom is a Pan-Africanist. My dad is still Orthodox Sunni Muslim, but he’s super fun. He worked in television for years. He was a Black Panther.
We – America – have to move past the ideology, the tribalism, that grips this country. As ridiculous as this sounds, I believe ‘Black Panther,’ the film, could help us do that if it addresses issues of tribal polarization and, by extension, racism, xenophobia, and homophobia in an entertaining, non-preachy way.
Christopher Priest
Gangsta to me is the Black Panther Party.
The D.O.C.
When a Spanish actor does an accent, that’s sexy. When Peter Sellers did a French accent in ‘Pink Panther,’ that’s funny – he got nominated for a Golden Globe. How come whenever an Asian actor does an accent, he’s stereotyping?
Jimmy O. Yang
The Black Panther party of Self-Defense is a revolutionary party.
Bobby Seale
I want people, no matter who they are to be inspired by ‘Black Panther.’
Letitia Wright
Well, I thought the opening of ‘Hatari!’ was pretty good. And ‘The Pink Panther’ wasn’t half bad either.
Henry Mancini
I never really thought about the fact that most of the times I saw Black Panther, he was in New York or in some American city doing something cool with the Avengers. I mean, he’s the Prince of Wakanda, but we rarely saw him in Wakanda.
Brian Stelfreeze
I’m not into younger men. A couple of years younger, maybe, but I’m not a cougar. I’m not a panther, either.
LisaRaye McCoy-Misick
With ‘Black Panther,’ black artists were provided with the opportunity and agency to create art that captures the full range of their imaginative possibilities. It matters that Chadwick Boseman is the protagonist and is supported by a cast of nearly all black characters.
Clint Smith
I’m doing a pilot for Comedy Central with the band Steel Panther. They’re faux heavy metal. They started as kind of a tribute band out here, or a cover band, and they’re funny guys, and they just sort of morphed into their own thing.
Brian Posehn
I remember being with my mum eating marmalade on toast watching ‘Inspector Gadget,’ ‘Sharky and George,’ ‘The Pink Panther,’ and ‘Thundercats,’ stuff like that. Those were the days – no idea how brutal the world is.
Joe Gilgun
I can’t wait to see little white kids dressing up as Black Panther.
Sterling K. Brown
We can all agree that the best part of ‘Black Panther’ was his female army, the Dora Milaje. They made the movie.
Jermaine Fowler
If I had to reduce ‘Black Panther’ to a single word, it would be ‘glorious.’
Joy Reid
My father constantly reminded me that he named me after Angela Yvonne Davis, a scholar and activist who was well known for her work in tandem with the Black Panther Party. That felt like a purposeful, beckoning call to engage in strategic resistance and to fight for the oppressed.
Angela Rye
When donors visited the Black Panther Party, they came and saw our real programs, a real clinic, with real doctors and medics, giving service to people.
Bobby Seale
‘Black Panther’ is a phenomenon – it is all right in its own thing.
Jon M. Chu
I’m going to have to call up Spike Lee. I did a cameo for him in ‘Malcolm X,’ and I’m trying to get him to do my life story and the history of the Black Panther Party.
Bobby Seale
As soon as I was obedient to just taking a chance on God, all of these things that you’re seeing – ‘Black Panther’ or ‘Humans’ or ‘The Commuter’ or Steven Spielberg – it came right after I took that break.
Letitia Wright
The FBI’s Counter-Intelligence Program would work hand-in-hand with police departments, literally planning attacks on Black Panther Party offices throughout the United States of America. They did this over a period of time.
Bobby Seale
The biggest difference for me was that I operated almost every frame on ‘Mudbound,’ and I didn’t operate on ‘Black Panther.’
Rachel Morrison
Oddly enough, Black Panther’s almost like an analog to Tarzan.
Brian Stelfreeze
Even being part of a world like ‘Black Panther,’ that is gonna be something that’s deeply commercial, it still is about a narrative of people who are unseen, unheard, and unrepresented, you know?
Winston Duke
The Black Panther Party were not revenge nationalists.
Bobby Seale
Yes, we do defend our office as we do defend our homes. This is a constitutional right everybody has, and nothing’s funny about that. The only reason they get mad at the Black Panther Party when you do it is for the simple reason that we’re political.
Fred Hampton
The ‘Black Panther’ world taught me about the importance of exfoliating.
Letitia Wright
When I was younger, I had these romantic ideas about the Black Panther Party and what it meant to be a part of the civil rights movement. Then we’re here, and it’s dangerous. And it’s dangerous to say, ‘Black lives matter.’
Patrisse Cullors
When they call you and say, ‘So you want to play ‘Black Panther?” if you know what ‘Black Panther’ is, there’s no way in the world you’re going to say no because there’s a lot of opportunity for magic to happen.
Chadwick Boseman
I’ve always liked the simplicity of the Black Panther costume. I’ve never liked when people give him flashy capes and other adornments.
Brian Stelfreeze
With ‘Black Panther,’ it was like stepping up to the plate, working crazy hours, and still bringing your best to the table every time.
Letitia Wright
Personally, I’ve always liked movies about big diamonds, like ‘Pink Panther’ and ‘The Thomas Crown Affair.’ I’ve always found those films really interesting, and they have a good energy about them, which I like.
James Bobin
Black Panther is a cool superhero and all, but let’s be honest: He doesn’t quite have the legs to prop up a blockbuster on his own.
Jermaine Fowler
As a major feature film with Asian Americans in leading roles, ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ is important. We hope that this movie will be our ‘Black Panther,’ announcing to Hollywood that we are here, we belong, and we are ready for more.
Crystal Hana Kim
I don’t think there is really much from my career that I want to go back to. I think that, with most of the characters that I’ve been lucky enough to work with, I’ve said all I have to say about the Black Panther, Green Lantern, and on and on.
Christopher Priest
If you call making people smile with ‘The Pink Panther,’ then I made a contribution.
Henry Mancini
I tried ‘Black Panther.’ I escaped from the cinema after 20 minutes. I thought it was as bad as ‘Star Wars.’ I hated ‘Star Wars.’
Gaspar Noe
I am not a demon. I am a lizard, a shark, a heat-seeking panther. I want to be Bob Denver on acid playing the accordion.
Nicolas Cage