Our Generation Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Our Generation Quotes from Suzanne Somers, Shahid Kapoor, Douglas Alexander, John Morgridge, Amanda Gorman. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

There's Dick Van Dyke and John Ritter, the two greatest

There’s Dick Van Dyke and John Ritter, the two greatest physical comics of our generation.
Suzanne Somers
I don’t see any of my colleagues as rivals. I don’t think our generation needs to do that. We are a chilled out lot, and we should all be happy.
Shahid Kapoor
I’m in agreement with David Miliband when he says our generation of Labour politicians are not willing to hand over the direction of the country without a serious electoral fight.
Douglas Alexander
It is unfortunately true that our generation and that of your parents have left you with a big mess that will now be yours to clean up: wars, budget challenges, pollution, global warming, battles of health care, natural disasters. They’re all there for you. We’re willing those to you. Are you ready?
John Morgridge
I think that’s the challenge of our generation: if we are all technology natives, how do we live with influence both online and off, and how do we make sure that both of those aren’t lacking in some type of deeper human connection and substance?
Amanda Gorman
Of all the things we have done, the most important – the one that history will record as the principal contribution of our generation – is that we understand how to turn the armed struggle into a Revolution; that we realized that it was essential to create a new mentality to build a new society.
Samora Machel
I believe, if done correctly, eliminating Saddam and liberating Iraq could be the ‘Normandy Invasion’ or ‘fall of the Berlin Wall’ of our generation… the Iraqi people are eager to be rid of Saddam, and there is equally encouraging evidence that republican principles could thrive there.
Pete Hegseth
Unfortunately cybercrime is the crime of our generation.
Dido Harding
I don’t think there is only one Arab culture or a pure Arabness. We are very multiple, especially our generation, which is very multilayered.
Yasmine Hamdan
Capitalism and power politics have made our generation creatively sluggish, and our vital art is mired in a broad bourgeois philistinism.
Walter Gropius
I read an article about 60 being the new 30 the other week, and I think it’s very true. Our generation has not done what previous generations did and just got old and sat in a corner.
Chris Rea
Miloslav Mecir – best anticipation of any player in our generation for sure. The most flexible… and then crazy good hands. He is the best player in the world to not have won a slam, for sure. No question in my mind. He should have won three or four.
Mats Wilander
It may take a generation to achieve democracy. But our generation must accomplish this and not pass the buck to the next.
Joshua Wong
I love being Jewish, but I think that our generation is the first generation that crossed that line between being a cultural versus a practicing Jew.
Bryan Fogel
I think you have a lot of really good artists today. You have your Beyonce, Usher, Nicki Minaj and the like. But our generation, the artists were stronger. You’re talking about myself, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Roberta Flack, Gladys Knight, The Temptations, The Four Tops.
Aretha Franklin
As times change, so do the way each generation see the world. It is rather like the way our generation came to see our grandparents’ views on the Empire and colonies as outdated.
Douglas Alexander
One of the achievements of our generation of feminists was to emancipate women from the division between being interested in clothes and appearance, and being serious and ambitious. I am of the first generation that could go to Biba, wear miniskirts and get a degree.
Marina Warner
Our generation has taken to the cosmetic use of pesticides and I think, perhaps unwittingly, not fully understanding the dangers it represents to ourselves and, most importantly, to our children.
Dalton McGuinty
Myself and The Beatles thought surely there was a way through our fame and success to bring something to our generation to help chill the future out.
I think there is a generation gap. I personally look forward to, as our generation becomes the leaders, you are gonna see a change, and I think hopefully gay marriage will be a part of that country.
Vanessa Kerry
Our generation, I think, has a demand for authenticity that exceeds any prior generation.
Matt Gaetz
So another challenge for our generation is to create global institutions that reflect our ideas of fairness and responsibility, not the ideas that were the basis of the last stage of financial development over these recent years.
Gordon Brown
I don’t think Pele was the ultimate hero for our generation, he is the ultimate hero of every generation of Brazilians.
Because our generation has waited so long to have babies, we feel we’ve ‘discovered’ something that women have been doing for thousands of years. I have no illusions that I will be in the same situation as the average working mother. I’m not trying to prove anything – I just want to have kids.
Jane Pauley
Food became for me a way of becoming self-sufficient with my hands, to regain manual literacy, which I think has been lost on our generation and certainly younger generations. Very few people can actually make things with their hands and do things with their hands.
Tim Ferriss
Education is the investment our generation makes in the future.
Mitt Romney
We not afraid, we outspoken, we go against the grain. I do love that about our generation.
Our generation has become somewhat stripped of identity by the homogenizing effect of technology. So, more than ever, people want to project their own individuality.
Alexander Gilkes
What our generation hopefully is doing is not believing in that so-called bad luck that Canada has with figure skating at the Olympics.
Scott Moir
My daddy thought – no, he expected – that my brothers and I and our generation would make the world a better place. He was correct in his belief because he had lived in an America of continual social progress, depression followed by prosperity, segregation by integration, and so on.
Wynton Marsalis
Waiting is a big part of life. We don’t like to admit that, especially our generation; we don’t like to wait on stuff. We want stuff immediately.
Trip Lee
A lot of people in our generation like to make excuses about little things that really don’t hinder them from doing what they want to. It always comes down to the work ethic.
Shaquem Griffin
When everybody looks at our generation of kids, they always call us the misfits – you know, like we just don’t give a damn.
Kendrick Lamar
I went on a cross-country trip with three buddies to find out what our generation is about. I bought a video camera, started shooting, learned as I went, and ended up with ‘Our Time,’ a feature-length documentary about what it’s like to be young in America. I was hooked.
Matthew Heineman
All I wanted to do was create theater for us, for our generation, for the people of this planet. And it’s so rare that the art that you are making is reaching a huge mass of people.
Phillipa Soo
Maybe our generation is more about sex, but it feels like romance is dying out.
Orlando Bloom
I do think that some of us began to realize that this was going to be a long struggle that was going to go on for decades, and you’d have to knuckle down. A lot of people in our generation did that. They didn’t drop out and run away.
Julian Bond
Greedo is one of the most important California artists of our generation.
Kenny Beats
I truly believe Lorde is the voice of our generation.
Diana Silvers
Since Sept. 11, many of the wars of our generation are in the Muslim world. So as a woman, I have access to 50 percent of the population that my male colleagues don’t.
Lynsey Addario
Our generation are always go-getting, hustling.
Lolly Adefope
Most of my friends between 21 and 31 are at different stages of figuring out what the hell they are going to do with their lives. It’s a big part of our generation. What is the next step?
Orlando Jones
I had heard so much negative talk about our generation, that we’re slackers and young fogies, that I knew wasn’t true of the people I know.
Eric Liu
I think it is so great right now that we are in an age where there’s an African American president in office. I think it is important for our generation to really witness that.
Sufe Bradshaw
We deliver many different messages to people of our generation. I want them to get good energy by listening to BTS music.
I feel so guilty about the state of young people today. And I say that because our generation fought for everything. We fought to sit down at a counter, to sit on a bus. They were left with nothing to fight for.
Cicely Tyson
No member of our generation who wasn’t a Communist or a dropout in the thirties is worth a damn.
Lyndon B. Johnson
In Western Pennsylvania, our parents and grandparents left us a strong system of roads, rails, bridges, locks, dams, streetcars, and more – an investment that paid off throughout the twentieth century. It now falls to our generation to rebuild and improve upon this system for the twenty-first century.
Conor Lamb
Of course, I’m drawn to a place like Iraq because It’s the biggest story of our generation.
Joe Sacco
It was tough to get to where I am, to get the following that I do have on social media and all the fans out there, which I greatly appreciate, but I would love to have a template so the next girl who grows up doesn’t have to go through a lot of the hardships that we faced in our generation.
Hilary Knight
We don’t have a prayer of defeating the Red Threat of our generation without a long boom of almost unprecedented duration.
Mitch Daniels
The awakening of the people of China to the possibilities under free government is the most significant, if not the most momentous, event of our generation.
Woodrow Wilson
It has always seemed to me a pity that the young people of our generation should grow up with such scant knowledge of Greek and Latin literature, its wealth and variety, its freshness and its imperishable quality.
James Loeb
I’ve always loved hip-hop, since I was a kid, that’s the music that I loved. I think everyone of our generation kind of fantasized about hip-hop in some ways.
Joaquin Phoenix
I was doing a play out in L.A. 20-some-odd years ago called ‘Goose and Tomtom’ by David Rabe, and somebody saw it and the next thing I know I’m doing the table read of the film version of ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ with Al Pacino and Jack Lemmon – one of the great films of our generation.
Richard Schiff
Freddie Kruger, Jason, Michael Myers – they’re all our generation. I think the kids wanted some new guys that they could take ownership of and Jigsaw was that guy.
Leigh Whannell
Tom Brady blew me away. Who’s the most famous athlete of our generation: Tom Brady? LeBron? Messi? Ronaldo? Serena Williams? Maybe I haven’t been around enough to know how the biggest stars really act. But Brady is a normal guy.
Chris Long
I saw the Internet as being something which would allow power mongers to control us, and that we would willingly go to that if it promised us salvation – if it promised to show us who we were and let us find ourselves as we had, uniquely in our generation, through rock music.
Pete Townshend
I have come to the conclusion that none of us in our generation feels as guilty about sin as we should or as our forefathers did.
Francis Schaeffer
Falling in love in our generation just isn’t as popular as it used to be.
BJ the Chicago Kid
We were all on this ship in the sixties, our generation, a ship going to discover the New World. And the Beatles were in the crow’s nest of that ship.
John Lennon
I honestly think that with our generation – Alex Wang, Prabal Gurung, Jason Wu, Christian Cota, Robert Geller – there’s a different expectation of what our behavior should be. People expect designers to be good businesspeople and PR people, and I don’t think partying is a part of that persona the way it used to be.
Joseph Altuzarra
Our generation has been described as a golden generation. I hate that term.
Vincent Kompany
Looking back 25 years later, what I may say is that the facts have been far better than the dreams. In the long course of cell life on this earth it remained, for our age for our generation, to receive the full ownership of our inheritance.
Albert Claude
I want our generation to break stereotypes, and I want Indians who are making their foray in Hollywood to get all kinds of roles.
Radhika Apte
Chicago ’68 was a relatively small demonstration for its time, but I’ve talked to millions of people who claim they were there because it felt like we were all there. Everyone from our generation was there and was at Woodstock.
Bill Ayers
My motivation is, in part, a bit of angst that comes from feeling like I don’t belong, that our generation doesn’t belong.
Virgil Abloh
It’s difficult, the synergy between Drake and our generation – my generation, anyway – in the sense that his music is vulnerable, he’s very open, and you can connect to it. Like ‘Started From The Bottom,’ for instance. Not many people would have thought about that, even though it is a simple song.
Daniel Sturridge
I have learned that the state of Israel cannot be ruled in our generation without deceit and adventurism. These are historical facts that cannot be altered.
Moshe Sharett
Who are we to think that our generation is going to be the first generation to benefit from all the sacrifices that others have made without giving some modern-day equivalent of our own lives, fortunes, and sacred honor?
Matt Bevin
Connectivity just can’t be a privilege for people in the richest countries. We believe that connecting everyone in the world is one of the great challenges of our generation, and that’s why we are happy to play whatever small part in that that we can.
Mark Zuckerberg
Our generation grew up with technology. It evolved as we grew up. This new generation has had it since they were babies. That’s crazy. It fundamentally changes they way they understand and think about technology. They’ve never known life without it, whereas we knew life without the Internet.
Brit Morin
I noticed in the late 1990s that my friends and I were already nostalgic for the 1980s, and by the turn of the century, VH1’s ‘I Love the ’80s’ gave all of us an accelerated nostalgia for our generation.
Ernest Cline
My little brother and I, we’re just in our generation. We’re doing the best job we can do. There were champions like Mike Tyson who fought everybody, and not everybody was just as good.
Vitali Klitschko
I believe the war on terror is the vital discussion of this decade and of our generation, probably. To win the war on terror, you need a good offense and a good defense. On defense, I regret to say, basically, this administration has not come close to doing what is necessary.
Chuck Schumer
In our generation, everybody told us that it’s really important and it’s nice to be able to speak a lot of languages. It’s an art, too. It really impresses me, people who speak, like, seven languages. I admire them so much, so I began with English, and then Spanish and maybe Portuguese.
Adele Exarchopoulos
In a way, ‘Like Crazy’ keys into our generation, this idea of now we can still be in communication. Where do the boundaries of relationships end?
Felicity Jones