Occasionally Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Occasionally Quotes from Ruskin Bond, John Stossel, Brad Henry, Rana el Kaliouby, Janet Yellen. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

Occasionally, I have written about stories related to c

Occasionally, I have written about stories related to crime, but I have never attempted a traditional detective story. So I want to write a true detective story.
Ruskin Bond
I saw how the regulation I called for made things worse, didn’t help consumers and simple competition was better. And I started praising business and occasionally criticizing regulation.
John Stossel
Families are the compass that guide us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter.
Brad Henry
I will occasionally take power naps on weekends and agree that they can be re-energizing.
Rana el Kaliouby
To me, a wise and humane policy is occasionally to let inflation rise even when inflation is running above target.
Janet Yellen
I’d been in Sacramento a day and already noticed the pervasiveness of its homeless problem. The city seemed like California without the masks or pretense: a place where dreams were occasionally made but mostly torn apart.
Tom Bissell
When I’m with the wife, and we’re having a romantic night, I occasionally think about a glass of red wine, but I’ll order a sparkling water. I’d like the wine, but it wouldn’t end with one glass, so I don’t even go there.
Dave Gahan
Some actors occasionally waive their outlandish salaries and take a cut of the gross instead.
Jeff Giles
I occasionally go to the gym and I lift free weights, I don’t use machines.
Eric Bana
Believe me, I love a good chocolate chip ice cream. I’m not going to go for some lousy version of it. If I’m going to have it, I’m going to have a really good one. I believe in treating yourself occasionally to something.
Christie Brinkley
I’m privileged to occasionally stand on a table, and people listen to what I say, and in those moments, it’s important to me that I have something to say and that I honor it.
Wil Wheaton
A sibling is a friend for life, but they are a friend for life that you are forced to have. And like anything that you are forced to do, occasionally people will drive you crazy.
Alex Hirsch
Filter from your tap, and if you do occasionally buy the bottles, please recycle.
Tara Stiles
In your teens and twenties, death doesn’t exist. In your thirties, you glance down the road occasionally. But then in your forties, it becomes a full-time job looking the other way.
John Niven
Occasionally it’s been a long and bumpy road – one I’m still travelling – but I’ve always felt like my home town has been solidly behind me and I’m both grateful and proud.
Simon Armitage
Circumstantial evidence is occasionally very convincing, as when you find a trout in the milk, to quote Thoreau’s example.
Arthur Conan Doyle
I regard myself as someone who is retired but who occasionally goes out to work.
Michael Caine
Occasionally, I share advice, but most of my advice is based on my personal experience.
I do not, in fact, use many puns. Certainly there are far fewer than people believe. But I suspect the ones I do occasionally use tend to hang around in people’s memories for a while.
Terry Pratchett
I take guidance regularly from NCP chief Sharad Pawar Saheb and occasionally speak Soniaji Gandhi.
Uddhav Thackeray
I think it’s very important to send the message that, while parents are needed to remind you to practice and occasionally force you to finish things… they also need to learn to respect you. You as an individual, ultimately, are the captain of where you’re going.
Angela Duckworth
In 1981, I was a futurist – or at least I was a guy who put on a futurist hat occasionally – and I wrote about the 21st century.
William Gibson
My scripts are possibly too talkative. Sometimes I watch a scene I’ve written, and occasionally I think, ‘Oh, for God’s sake, shut up.’
Tom Stoppard
You take an educated gamble. If you don’t occasionally make a mistake, you’re not doing your job.
James Sinegal
Planning bores me. I like to go with the flow. Being whimsical is nice, occasionally. It keeps things fresh; there’s no expectation.
Vijay Sethupathi
Occasionally I’ll watch Fox News for as long as I can tolerate it, or CNN. I’ll watch until I get infuriated, but you got to know what they’re talking about and what they’re not talking about.
David Cross
The fact that my mother was on television every week while I was young was occasionally awkward, and often frustrating.
Sophie Ellis-Bextor
In the process of looking for comedy, you have to be deeply honest. And in doing that, you’ll find out here’s the other side. You’ll be looking under the rock occasionally for the laughter.
Robin Williams
Most people are not shocked that I am occasionally rude to journalists. They are probably amazed I don’t punch one in the face.
Ken Livingstone
The truth is, none of us is OK, not really. The best, most dear, most thoughtful and engaged and open and feminist men in my life have occasionally come out with some statement that’s made me gasp. Then again, so have almost all the women.
Naomi Alderman
Bengaluru’s traffic does not allow scope for cycling regularly, but I brave the roads occasionally and take the cycle out to work.
Naveen Tewari
Occasionally, if I’m in doubt over specific Indian classical or raga-related questions, I’ll find myself going back to my lesson tapes or my father’s recordings.
Anoushka Shankar
By the very nature of his art, which depends on invention and innovation, a story teller must depart from the beaten track and, having done so, occasionally startle and disagree with some of his associates. Healthy disagreement we must have.
Preston Sturges
A diplomat these days is nothing, but a head waiter who is allowed to sit down occasionally.
Peter Ustinov
I think sometimes we forget what we have, and occasionally it’s important to remind ourselves.
Blake Mycoskie
I use a toothbrush on my lips as a lip scrub; occasionally, I use a toothbrush with some dark eye shadow on my eye brows if I want to fill them in. And if I want a really thick, textured look with mascara, I put one on my lashes, as well.
Dua Lipa
People love the electric rake. You just hit it or whatever you want to do. You can’t play ‘Swanee River’ on it. You have to just make terrible noise. Occasionally, it will make a sound like a note.
Eugene Chadbourne
Occasionally I do things against my inner voice, but you really should go for the thing that touches you most-even if you don’t quite know why it does.
Alan Bates
When I listen to my favorite songwriters, they have such simple melodies and chords. I occasionally manage to stop at the right time, but all too often I keep on going until I have way too many notes and words. But that’s just what I do.
Dave Matthews
My books are shelved in different places, depending on the bookstore. Sometimes they can be found in the Mystery section, sometimes in the Humor department, and occasionally even in the Literature aisle, which is somewhat astounding.
Carl Hiaasen
Mum’s serial misbehavior over the years had driven me, despairing, to write her scolding – occasionally scalding letters.
Christopher Buckley
Good candidates can arrive at the binary search tree as the right path in a few minutes, and then take 10-15 minutes working through the rest of the problem and the other roadblocks I toss out. But occasionally I get a candidate who ‘intuitively understands’ trees and can visualize the problem I’m presenting.
Robert Love
I prefer to imagine that my wife, a few friends, and occasionally my mom are the only ones who read what I do, though I realize that this is somewhat unrealistic.
Chris Ware
Romney Marsh remains one of the last great wildernesses of south-east England. Flat as a desert, and at times just as daunting, it is an odd, occasionally eerie wetland straddling the coastal borders of Kent and Sussex, rich in birds, local folklore and solitary medieval churches.
David Hewson
I’m aware of my old plays and occasionally think about them, but I’m much more anxious about finding the next play.
Tom Stoppard
When I am writing, and occasionally achieve single focus and presence, I finally feel that is where I’m supposed to be. Everything else is kind of anxiety.
Ellen Ullman
I don’t deny my life-style is occasionally pretty wild.
Sam Kinison
I do public appearances. I’m bluff, hearty, goofy. I wear loud clothes, and I read the funny bits. I occasionally get taken to task for one thing or another, and I acknowledge my fault, my flaw, my failure, and I move on.
Nick Harkaway
I can do a really good animal impression! I’m great at ducks, cats, dogs, and occasionally dolphins.
Ella Purnell
You don’t keep in contact with many of the people you work with because there are so many. Acting’s just a transient job, very occasionally you’ll meet people and really hit it off but generally you just know people to say hello to.
Helen Baxendale
Occasionally if I look back at something I’ve written I’ll find one of those that I don’t understand, but that’s a bad thing – the unconscious has dealt me a bad hand.
William Gibson
Occasionally I write a small piece or the odd lecture in English, and I teach in English, but my fiction is always written in German.
W. G. Sebald
I was a smoker for years. Occasionally I slip and have a cigarette. Remarkably, my voice has held up. I’m grateful, obviously. But I don’t gargle with honey and ground-up bird eggs. I have no secrets.
Loudon Wainwright III
We occasionally stumble over the truth but most of us pick ourselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.
Winston Churchill
I know I have sex appeal, but I’ve never felt like an actual sex symbol. Fans sometimes think I am. The majority of them are sweet about it, but occasionally somebody weird becomes totally fixated upon me.
Teena Marie
I don’t spend too much time on my phone, laptop or television. However, I do occasionally watch documentaries and shows on streaming platforms.
Sunil Chhetri
The ICRC did not see Nazi Germany for what it was. Instead, the organization maintained the illusion that the Third Reich was a ‘regular partner,’ a state that occasionally violates laws, not unlike any army during World War II, occasionally using illegal means and methods of warfare.
Peter Maurer
Occasionally, I’ll wear glitter or blue eye shadow.
Petra Collins
I occasionally wear Miss Dior perfume. It’s quite elegant and feminine. It reminds me of a romantic evening out.
Jaimie Alexander
You get a lot of apps and companies that are trying to sell you on something that’s totally useless or potentially unhealthy. Only occasionally does something really worthwhile really come out.
Thomas Middleditch
We learn much during our sleep, and the knowledge thus gained slowly filters into the physical brain, and is occasionally impressed upon it as a vivid and illuminative dream.
Annie Besant
Occasionally projects just take off unexpectedly, sometimes you can work away at sketches and ideas for years before they are published. There are a number of authors I would be eager to illustrate.
John Howe
A lot of sites offer free postage over a certain amount and are pretty cool with you sending stuff back, if you do it within a particular time frame. However, occasionally some sites don’t accept returns on vintage items, so make sure you know that before you spend your cash.
Dawn O’Porter
The reality is that financial markets are self-destabilizing; occasionally they tend toward disequilibrium, not equilibrium.
George Soros
I am occasionally enraptured by Western landscape. But I don’t identify that state of mind as having to do with my own origins, having grown up in the West, although I certainly crisscrossed Nevada countless times growing up, and then as a young adult, in cars and on motorcycles.
Rachel Kushner
Some days, just occasionally, when I’ve had just one too many chickpeas, drizzles of olive oil or chunks of feta, I crave a return to the sushi-filled joints of Tokyo.
Yotam Ottolenghi
It got to the point where most of my time went toward writing novels. I would still occasionally write short stories, but only when I was commissioned by an editor to write for a themed anthology or special issue.
Tim Pratt
I try to keep in touch with the details… I also look at the product daily. That doesn’t mean you interfere, but it’s important occasionally to show the ability to be involved. It shows you understand what’s happening.
Rupert Murdoch
I like being called ‘Mr. Freeman’ occasionally.
Martin Freeman
I have an agent and everything. I audition occasionally.
Kyle Gass
I’ve never really suffered complete and utter writer’s block, really. I equate it with sex: in the beginning of my career, I was writing five songs a week; now, I occasionally write a song. But it’s an exciting moment when it happens!
Loudon Wainwright III
Occasionally, I have time to go to the theater, and I think for a minute, ‘Man, I’d really love to be doing a play right now.’ Because I loved doing plays when I was doing them. Then I think, ‘I want to do it right now, but will I want to do that Sunday matinee in six weeks?’
Stephen Lang
I love the Pembroke coastal path. Whenever I’ve been there, it’s been sunny, but slightly bracing. So you’re happy to keep walking, but you’ll get a bit of a tan. The wildflowers and the insects are great and you’ll occasionally see a small mammal.
Tony Robinson
The Kitchen was a really great concept; it just wasn’t at the price point that made it accessible to people. People could visit occasionally, and some people were coming regularly. It just wasn’t a novel concept for every customer.
Kimbal Musk
Am I disappointed occasionally by the lack of irony in some movies? Yes.
Isla Fisher
I’m on Facebook and Twitter, and occasionally I will tweet something. Somehow my problem is that I don’t think I have anything interesting to tweet about.
Gordon Bell
Traffic: Sit there. Sit. Occasionally move your foot from the brake and crawl forward, then put it back. That’s all you do for hours. It’s very calming.
Pete Holmes
I go out to dinner occasionally and that’s the sum of my dating life.
Sophie Dahl
I do occasionally encounter a British business that delivers what and when, and for exactly the price, they promised. But commercial paragons in the U.K. are rare.
Lionel Shriver
It’s all chaos and the house is occasionally filthy but I get to stand at the school gates. Writers are so lucky to have that flexibility.
Denise Mina
Gossip can be entertaining: occasionally, I’ve heard the most fascinating things about myself I never knew.
Vanna Bonta
I’m a Christian, and those beliefs occasionally come out in the books.
John Grisham
I would love to occasionally do English-speaking films, but the script is as important for me as the director.
Audrey Tautou
I really can’t live without my In-N-Out burgers. Honestly, I can’t. Even when I’m doing the whole no-carb thing occasionally, I make an exception for these. They’re too delicious to count.
Nate Berkus
I am aware of the words ‘national treasure’ being attached to me occasionally. It just makes me feel old.
Paul Weller
Occasionally, I have to think like myself to remember where I put something.
Susan L. Taylor
‘Powers of Persuasion: The Story of British Advertising’ by Winston Fletcher – the impression you get from reading this book, which covers post-war advertising until the present, is of a chaotic, self-serving, occasionally brilliant but ultimately shallow business.
Justin Cartwright
I do think about and do occasionally take my wife and son out with me on tour. It’s difficult.
David Draiman
Running had always been my main source of exercise, but I would go to classes at different gyms occasionally, but when those gyms closed, running became my one and only source of exercise.
Andi Dorfman
I met Angela Bassett during the awards circuit. I was actually surprised at how moved I was to meet her in person. I was moved to tears. I find that feeling, it’s happened occasionally, and I never know who it’ll be with.
Betty Gabriel
Sitting on public transport is an occasionally exasperating experience if you have the temerity to attempt travelling while female.
Dawn Foster
Girls like to see girls dressed up like princesses occasionally.
Nelly Furtado
As long as I don’t overindulge, it’s OK for me to eat burgers and ice cream occasionally. As for alcohol? I’ve never tried it.
Grigor Dimitrov
As a general rule, the United States government is run by lawyers who occasionally take advice from economists. Others interested in helping the lawyers out need not apply.
Richard Thaler
Occasionally, you have to make adjustments and try different things.
Ben Zobrist
Better to be occasionally cheated than perpetually suspicious.
B. C. Forbes
I occasionally read digital books when I’m traveling, but I do so begrudgingly.
John Romaniello
When I do research, I cast my net very widely and then snatch what feels right out of that. Occasionally I’ll read a specific book for a specific book, but usually I’m trying to increase my general understanding.
Brandon Sanderson
Nature is not evil. The world occasionally shrugs its shoulders, and people get knocked off. The earth, for geological reasons that are well known, is a fairly risky place to live. To be evil, you have to have intent. Any remarkable natural happening in which no human will is employed cannot be regarded as evil.
Simon Winchester
Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time he will pick himself up and continue on.
Winston Churchill
Meeting forensic patients for the first time could occasionally be an unnerving experience. They often came across as mild and gentle people, but the details of the crimes were harrowing in the extreme.
Louis Theroux
I’d occasionally do some exercises at home, but I never cared for gyms.
Roger Moore
My circle includes some of the most influential people in the world. They all occasionally suffer from depression. Our DNA is built to serve and interact, not be worshipped.
Scooter Braun
Occasionally, human beings are briefly de-animated, and the stories of people who are briefly de-animated that interest me the most are those having to do with the cold.
Mark Roth
That they may have a little peace, even the best dogs are compelled to snarl occasionally.
William Feather
I lead a simple life. I feed the fish. I walk the dogs. I cook dinner. Occasionally I take a meeting.
Macaulay Culkin
As much as early 2000s aesthetics are something I was pining for and very much love, I would occasionally struggle to find one singular image or one singular site that summed up all of my memories really well.
Porter Robinson
On the street, I’ll hear, ‘You made the Olympics for me,’ or ‘I love what you represented.’ Only occasionally is it, ‘You were a flop, an also-ran, a loser.’
Eddie the Eagle
I do road gigs occasionally but I don’t want to go out on the road for months at a time.
Kathy Griffin
I do get approached occasionally, but not a ton. I’m unrecognizable because I’m coated in cat hair and sweat. And there’s a sort of yeti quality to my presence… so I don’t think that people can see the face.
Kate McKinnon
Occasionally, I just need to escape from my work or be reminded of the comparative bliss of my own life, so I pick up a novel.
David Macaulay
Before ‘Twilight,’ occasionally I would get the ‘Hey are you that girl from that movie?’ but no one knew my first and last name. The fans of the saga are amazing, and it’s very flattering.
Nikki Reed
Exploration is an oft-lauded human activity, and one that resonates in the same way that music and good stories do. It’s hard-wired into our species (and into many others), no doubt because it has survival value. Exploration occasionally rewards those who accept its risks, usually with new resources.
Seth Shostak
I have Twitter auto-post to my Facebook page, and I occasionally post things directly to Facebook as well. I’ve always noticed that the direct-to-Facebook approach generates far more likes, but I’ve never actually gone back and run the averages.
Michael Arrington
When it comes to the point where you occasionally look forward to being in prison on the basis that you might be able to spend a day reading a book, the realization dawns that perhaps the situation has become a little more stressful than you would like.
Julian Assange
Human life isn’t about ideals. It’s a compromise, and occasionally it’s boring.
David Starkey
Occasionally, a young catcher is born with a backup’s soul. Bob Montgomery was on the Red Sox opening day roster for the entire 1970s, yet he never had more than 254 at-bats in a season.
Stephen Rodrick
When you’re in the position I’m in, you have two options: you can either shut yourself off from everybody, from the world, and not live a full life. Or you welcome everybody into your life and occasionally somebody will try to take advantage. And I’d much rather be that person who lets people in.
Daniel Radcliffe
I’ve become more and more comfortable with occasionally dressing sexier, but I still hope to express a ‘cool’ type of sensuality.
Liu Wen
Contrary to popular belief, I do occasionally get to watch TNA, mostly on fast forward, but Bobby Roode is one of the guys… solid, solid guy.
CM Punk
The larger-than-life thing is definitely what I’m after. I’ve always drawn dark stories. Occasionally, I’ll try a perfect hero, but it’s a real stretch for me. I like ’em warts and all, and obsessive and weird.
Frank Miller
I had therefore, no hesitation in giving all the information I had, even though occasionally I tried to concentrate mainly on giving information about the results of my own work.
Klaus Fuchs
At the end of the day, I know that I would rather be alone and occasionally lonely and unhappy than in a miserable marriage and lonely and unhappy all the time. I don’t mind being single. In fact, I like it.
Alana Stewart
During two decades, on and off, reporting in Russia and the post-Soviet states – in the turbulent ’90s, the wealthy but depressing aughts and, finally, during the eruption of violence in Ukraine – I occasionally heard people talk about how ‘the Americans’ wanted this or that political outcome.
Keith Gessen
I’ve been out now for so many years that I am not surprised at what someone may occasionally say. It really doesn’t faze me.
Jim Gray
With an independent movie, it’s like, ‘Okay I know what I want, and I got to go for it.’ I just got to get the A version of this. Occasionally we’ll try a B version, but not often. We’ll just get what’s scripted and try to do that as best we can, so you sort of edit while you shoot an independent movie.
David Twohy
I used to say the wealthiest among us have to pay our fair share, which I still occasionally say. That’s not dodging the word ‘millionaire.’
Phil Murphy
It is interesting that our biggest fans are the greatest names of the classical music scene, such as Julian Rachlin, Janine Jansen, Mischa Maisky and Gidon Kremer. They even make guest appearances in our concerts occasionally.
Aleksey Igudesman
I mind my body by eating whole, healthy foods. I learned from Nutrisystem to eat consistently all day; otherwise, your body hoards fat. Of course, I also mind my body when it occasionally whispers, ‘Marie, you need some chocolate.’
Marie Osmond
The pavilion that seems to intercept divine aid does not cover God but occasionally covers us. God is never hidden, yet sometimes we are, covered by a pavilion of motivations that draw us away from God and make Him seem distant and inaccessible.
Henry B. Eyring
For my 100-day project, I decided to keep a journal. It could be just one sentence. Often, it was just one word, occasionally the F-word. But it gave me a sense of structure.
Suleika Jaouad
I don’t wear cologne. I do occasionally, but anytime I take a shower, I just put on deodorant. That’s basically what I smell like.
Mads Mikkelsen
When I joined Small Faces, we occasionally would bump into The Who. And Keith Moon and I became firm pals.
Ian McLagan
I occasionally buy a bikini, but I’m too shy to wear it.
Susan Lucci
I have to make rock records occasionally.
Evan Dando
We recognise that, like us, other humans have insecurities and ambitions; we fall in love and have relationships that end in heartbreak; we worry about our children’s wellbeing; we say things we regret; we’re occasionally kept awake by fears or worries; and we try to impress people we look up to.
Owen Jones
I do all kinds of roles – nerd, psycho, nerd, psycho, nerd, psycho – and occasionally someone kind of normal. It’s weird, when I lived in Austin I was always cast as pretty normal people. But when I moved to Los Angeles I was immediately branded a psycho.
John Hawkes
Occasionally we have to interpret an international treaty – one, perhaps, affecting airlines and liability for injury to passengers or damage to goods. Then, of course, we have to look to the precedents of other member nations in resolving issues.
Sandra Day O’Connor
I paint in acrylic and sometimes in oil. Sometimes I’ll paint my kids. And I’ll occasionally do some photography.
Jim Lee
Occasionally, you’ll get a ‘District 9,’ a film that is politically charged, but there is nothing going on beneath the surface with a lot of horror films. They are not about anything.
Edgar Wright
Everyday life is pretty funny and pretty ridiculous and occasionally really great, though not all the time, and that’s all part of it.
Owen King
Imagine if baseball were taught the way science is taught in most inner-city schools. Schoolchildren would get lectures about the history of the World Series. High school students would occasionally reproduce famous plays of the past. Nobody would get in the game themselves until graduate school.
Alison Gopnik
We are so happy to advise others that occasionally we even do it in their interest.
Jules Renard
Sight gags had to be planned; they required timing and mechanics. Occasionally, spontaneity would arise in the shooting of the scenes.
Stan Laurel
The judiciary is peopled by judges who are human, and being human, they are occasionally motivated by considerations other than an objective view of law and justice.
Prashant Bhushan
As interesting as that music can occasionally be, I don’t think it really replaces the other.
George Crumb
I’m sure that is a reason why young people occasionally bash up old people – because the ages don’t mix any more.
Penelope Keith
I don’t mind being stereotyped in some way and playing certain kinds of guys, but if I can find something to occasionally get a break from that, that would be nice. And I feel like I manage to.
Paul Giamatti
I’m not joking around when I’ve said occasionally, trying to learn how to play a D chord properly has been a very big thing for me.
Lou Reed
I am a sentimental guy, and occasionally, that lump in my throat when I speak has stopped my tongue from working.
Arnold Palmer
My very first job was a cashier at Burger King in Tucson, Arizona. And I occasionally worked the drive-thru. I’d go wherever I was needed! My second job was at Dairy Queen. I stayed in the fast food royalty.
Kate Walsh
Bin Laden is living in the United States, and he has blonde hair. He’s probably got some type of eating disorder. And he drinks too much, and then occasionally writes an op-ed under the name Ann Coulter.
Sam Seder
I’ve become very fond of the law. I’ve always been an advocate for justice, which occasionally the law brings to light.
Lorraine Toussaint
I have been away a great deal in the daytime, occasionally at night.
Lizzie Andrew Borden
A friend of mine once told me that I can’t screw up when I play my own music. I also take voice lessons, play other peoples’ songs out of music books, and occasionally figure out how to play other people’s music from records. This keeps my ears, fingers, and mind working.
Lisa Loeb
The idea that maybe you don’t have to own a car if you only need one occasionally may catch on, just like time-sharing caught on in real estate.
Steve Case
To me, it was a sad fate to have been born into a period and a world where everything was in tip-top order, and the only real excitement was to be found in history books and occasionally also in the paper.
Hans Jonas
I make a dribble or a simple pass, knowing that if I lose the ball near the area, the opponent can score. I am aware of what I do on the pitch, but I always do it to help the team. That’s why, occasionally ,I also boot the ball into the stands.
I’ll occasionally go and do an honor like the Mexican-American Legal Defense Fund because it raises money for a very worthy organization.
Linda Ronstadt
Sure, food stamps are occasionally misused, but anyone familiar with business knows that the abuse of food subsidies is far greater in the corporate suite. Every time an executive wines and dines a hot date on the corporate dime, the average taxpayer helps foot the bill.
Nicholas Kristof
When you’re in the position I’m in, you have two options: you can either shut yourself off from everybody, from the world, and not live a full life. Or you welcome everybody into your life and occasionally somebody will try to take advantage.
Daniel Radcliffe
As Indiana’s governor, I balanced eight budgets, never raised taxes, and left the largest surplus in state history. It wasn’t always easy. Cuts had to be made and some initiatives deferred. Occasionally I had to say ‘no.’
Evan Bayh
Occasionally the conflict between ‘what we stand for’ and ‘what we do’ has been forthrightly addressed.
Noam Chomsky
We were working class, but my mother stopped working at the mill when she married my father and he went on to become an electrical engineer and later a draughtsman. So although we were never rich he was bringing in enough money to be able to splash out occasionally.
Lisa Stansfield
Occasionally I’ve seen children become heavy-handed and insensitive when dealing with their aging parents, and it only caused resentment and hard feelings.
Billy Graham
I’ve been thinking about ‘The Jetsons’ since I was a kid. But occasionally, you want ‘The Jetsons’ to come to reality. That’s what Apple is so great at: Productizing things and bringing them to you so you can be a part of it.
Tim Cook
In an ideal world, as a director, you usually wish you could do your own thing and not have to take anyone else’s point of view into account, but occasionally you work with someone like Robyn, who brings a new set of ideas to the table, and the whole ends up much greater than the sum of the parts.
Johan Renck
Human beings are social creatures – not occasionally or by accident but always. Sociability is one of our lives as both cause and effect.
Clay Shirky
I was a vegetarian through many of my teen years and easily revert back to that occasionally, but my immune system is usually happier with a bit of real meat.
Holly Marie Combs
As a writer and sometime activist who needs to promote my books and articles and occasionally rally people to one cause or another, I found Facebook fast and convenient. Though I never really used it to socialize, I figured it was OK to let other people do that, and I benefited from their behavior.
Douglas Rushkoff
I think you go into a debate trying to be fair minded and trying to be balanced but occasionally there will be a sense where it feels like the moral imperative is pulling you one direction or another.
Emily Maitlis
If the cosmos isn’t finite, then far, far away, floating duplicates of your brain – with all its experiences, thoughts, and emotions – are occasionally (and temporarily) thrown together by the random combining of atoms. Such ‘Boltzmann brains,’ as they’re called, are a disturbing consequence of an unlimited universe.
Seth Shostak
My process is kind of intuitive – I think about how a character will speak according to their station and personality, occasionally making notes with guidelines for their mannerisms, and then I just sort of crack on and write it.
Antony Johnston
I am an on-and-off vegetarian. Sometimes on, mostly off. I think it is better to be a vegetarian but occasionally, the call of the hot dog overpowers my ethics.
Jonathan Safran Foer
I’d love to spend more time on the Isle of Man. I love the anonymity of putting on a boiler suit and going down to buy parts for the compressor. And Norman Wisdom’s a neighbour; I salute him occasionally.
John Rhys-Davies
It is not a bad thing that children should occasionally, and politely, put parents in their place.
Sidonie Gabrielle Colette
Although I’m largely doing other things in life, it’s very nice occasionally to put my toe back in the waters of show business.
Hugh Grant
When I was a kid in the U.S., ‘Doctor Who’ wasn’t really on, but you would occasionally catch an episode. Different stations did marathons.
Holly Black
During the couple of years it took to write ‘At The Bottom of Everything’, I decided, on the sort of hopeful whim that occasionally overtakes me, to sign up for piano lessons.
Ben Dolnick
Somebody will occasionally give me a line or a tag or something like that. It’s rare that someone will give me a whole joke that I can use.
Josh Blue
That’s been the case for decades. ‘The Simpsons,’ ‘King of the Hill’ – they do the preproduction in America, and the production is in Korea or in some cases China, or occasionally Japan or India.
Bryan Konietzko
I’m not one of your knockabout, knuckle-scarred, Internet-controversy-courting book critics. Occasionally I stumble into controversy accidentally, but not because I enjoy it. It’s probably just because I’m a weird person.
Lev Grossman
Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.
Winston Churchill
The only thing that really annoys me is when all of a sudden you hear yourself on the radio advertising Smith’s tyre shop or Blenkinsop’s jam. They simply can’t do that. And in Australia, occasionally I have to take action.
Richie Benaud
Sometimes it’s cool to have banter with the audience. Occasionally, somebody will say something, and I’ll say something right back, and everybody laughs, and it’s funny.
Sebastian Maniscalco
I think I’m a much better father as an older man than I was with my first kids. Occasionally, I have to yell at the little guys, but they don’t take me seriously. ‘Listen to the old guy,’ they say. ‘Isn’t he great? He’s mad.’
Kris Kristofferson
I’m lactose intolerant, so usually pizza makes me feel horrible. But I’ll occasionally go very hard and do pizza and pineapple.
Alex Wolff
I’m really not a journalist, and I don’t do a ton of newsy pieces. Occasionally I’ll write about something that’s going on recently, but I really don’t do a ton of stuff that’s tied to current events.
Daniel Mallory Ortberg
Occasionally, I’ll be on the Internet and see something about me and give in to the urge to click on it. It’s hard not to. Usually, I wish I didn’t.
Carrie Underwood
I was a lawyer for 10 years, and several of my clients had the misfortune, through no fault of my own, of going to prison. I visited them occasionally.
John Grisham
Occasionally I get messages from women saying that I’ve brought them some joy, and that’s unbelievably thrilling.
Gwendoline Christie
A youngster should know his game first. If he knows his game, he can modify it at the top level if required. But if he doesn’t know his game, then it is difficult to get success at international level. You will get success occasionally but not regularly.
Virender Sehwag
I hope in my books I help children to see their strengths, and show them I have some idea of what they may occasionally be going through. Especially at tricky moments when it is easier to go back and evade things rather than go forwards and confront them.
Nina Bawden
I occasionally rapped along to some homegrown Korean rap. And then a friend introduced me to Wu-Tang and played me ‘Enter the 36th Chambers.’ It was very shocking. And then I started to look for different albums. This was pre-Internet, so it’s hard to find the music, and it was even harder to find music videos.
I go into Daunt Books in Marylebone every couple of weeks. My wife Sara demolishes books, but I only buy stuff occasionally. I like boys’ things, spies and the Cold War.
Noel Gallagher
I got introduced to yoga in drama school. It’s now a mainstay in my life, ever since I got instructor certification at a teacher-training intensive. I even occasionally guide an intimate class of friends and family, but mostly the training was to serve and deepen my own practice.
Stana Katic
‘Middle class’ used to mean having two children and sending them to high-quality public schools, or even occasionally to private schools. It meant new brown Stride Rite Mary Janes with little purple and silver flowers when the old shoes were pinching the toes.
Alissa Quart
The troops were occasionally occupied in pursuing scattered bands going north or south, and on three occasions the large camp of Sitting Bull ventured south of the Canadian border, and important expeditions were sent against them.
Nelson A. Miles
I was a good kid, but I was just very chatty. Teachers were rarely entertained, but occasionally a child was, which was enough for me. Everything was so urgent. I needed to say it immediately.
Barbara Park
My sexuality is not black and white. I’m a gay man who has occasionally drifted. I am not bi. I’ve had perfectly pleasant romances with women, but they weren’t sustainable. My passion wasn’t there. I would always be looking at guys.
Kehinde Wiley
It’s a great privilege to be asked to help the country – even if it occasionally comes with some degree of criticism.
Stephen A. Schwarzman
My overall quest is always to do something that’s somehow different from whatever it is that I just got done doing. If that can include occasionally playing an older guy who has a romantic side and a romantic relationship, than that’s a real treat.
J. K. Simmons
While it was occasionally done here or there, nobody else had a figurehead like Walt doing it. Jack Warner wasn’t on TV. Walt was the boss, but he had a real public profile and he used it to his advantage. And he became a household face.
Leonard Maltin
Occasionally, I would focus on a particular school project and become obsessed with, what seemed to my mother, to be trivial details instead of apportioning the time I spent on school work in a more efficient way.
Steven Chu
Later, I found it too hard to give up, and so I’ve continued eating fish and other seafood, while trying to ensure it’s sustainably sourced. This means I’m now one of those vegetarians I used to frown at – one who occasionally eats fish.
Alice Roberts
I live in the area where the Hollywood sign is. Every afternoon, I’ll take a daily walk, and there are loads of tourists always on the street taking photos of the Hollywood sign. Occasionally, I’ll still get recognized as ‘Gunther,’ which is okay with me.
James Michael Tyler
Given how unflinching his productions have been, the 44-year-old McQueen is remarkably gentle and thoughtful – so much so that he will request a moment to consider a question, and turn it around in his head to get the shape and weight of it, before answering, occasionally with an excited rush of words in response.
Elvis Mitchell
Creating a decent pop song is a challenge – and occasionally, once in every decade – it’s kind of fun to do that.
David Sylvian
Occasionally, I’ve been asked to do American roles, and once or twice I have, but I don’t understand Americans. I don’t have any real feeling for American culture.
Jim Broadbent
As I occasionally survey the pack of sycophantic shih tzus in the Washington press corps, wriggling on their bellies to kiss the feet of those in power, I feel plumb discouraged about the future of journalism.
Molly Ivins
Standing beneath the white light of an Apple store is like standing on a Stanley Kubrick movie set. His ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ predicted Jobs and a future where technology was our friend. Kubrick, of course, didn’t like what he saw. And occasionally, I have my doubts.
Wesley Morris
Occasionally, a re-enactment is a fine thing. I love Civil War re-enactments.
John Lydon
My parents wielded disposal cameras and Polaroids with the best of them, occasionally begging for at least one decent photo of my brother and me at the state fair, in front of the Golden Gate bridge, or smiling half-heartedly next to a mascot.
Mary Pilon
Others too would occasionally entertain and privately express such doubts; though we all had been most solemnly warned by the cruel murder of Saint Francis.
Maria Monk
Do I think the West End relies too heavily on star names? Yes, I do, and it can result in miscasting and sub-standard stuff. Not always, but occasionally.
Tobias Menzies
The trouble is now, with rock’n’roll and stuff, it gets so big that it loses what once upon a time was a magnificent thing, where it was special and quite elusive and occasionally a little sinister and it had its own world nobody could get in.
Robert Plant
I read books all the time. I’m just half looking for something to do; I mostly just read for pleasure. Occasionally I stumble across something that could be a movie, but I don’t put a book down just because I don’t see a movie in it, either.
Andrew Dominik
Sitting on the airplane seat today, I was thinking – I have been in different cities every week. Most of the time, it’s because of golf tournaments. But occasionally, I also attend various events. All of a sudden, I feel like I am a business woman. Although sometimes I feel tired, I do enjoy this kind of life.
Yani Tseng
I travel a lot, read a lot, meet my friends, like to cook occasionally.
Waheeda Rehman
I’m basically a movie actor now, and my big roles are mostly horror movies – unless I’m doing a guest star or something – and occasionally I try to get back into television.
Robert Englund
I love dark chocolate, but I will have a piece just occasionally.
Linda Gray
It’s always great to see one of the actors I’ve worked with from ‘Caddyshack’ and ‘TRON.’ I run into them occasionally at events.
Cindy Morgan
Fame… it’s been a challenge, let’s put it that way. It’s a privilege and a responsibility, and I’m not sure I carried the responsibility well at times, which is embarrassing. And I’ve had to look and be disappointed in myself occasionally for how I behaved in some circumstances.
William Hurt
I currently use Ubuntu Linux, on a standalone laptop – it has no Internet connection. I occasionally carry flash memory drives between this machine and the Macs that I use for network surfing and graphics; but I trust my family jewels only to Linux.
Donald Knuth
Occasionally the state of the planet can knock me off my perky perch.
Graham Norton
I’ve mostly worked in Hindi and occasionally Gujarati, which is my mother tongue.
Supriya Pathak
To be occasionally quoted is the only fame I care for.
Alexander Smith
I get up at 3:30 A. M. We’re on air from 6 A. M., so if I’m in the studio, I’ll have eggs at around 7 A. M. from the canteen – scrambled or poached, occasionally with a slice of brown toast.
Steph McGovern
I’m not a crazy Twitter guy to where I’m tweeting out stuff every day, and rarely even once a week do I tweet. But I mean, occasionally, I read some stuff.
Roman Reigns
Occasionally, family members treat each other with less courtesy and kindness than they do acquaintances or even strangers.
Joseph B. Wirthlin
I think that former leaders are best seen occasionally and not too often heard – particularly on the subject of their successors!
Charles Kennedy
When I go a stretch without tweeting, I will occasionally get an email from my mom, checking in. I always find this amusing but also gratifying: Thanks to Twitter, I can keep in touch with my parents and let them in on what I’m doing in a way that even the regular phone calls of a doting daughter can’t do.
Rachel Sklar
I hardly ever watch TV and when I do it’s sports. I’ll occasionally stick on some old episode of ‘Fawlty Towers’ or something.
Mats Wilander
Wikipedia’s funny. Some of the stuff on there – I go there occasionally – it’s unbelievable the amount of stuff that people will write on there.
My guilty pleasure is bread pakodas and samosas, which I eat occasionally.
Divya Khosla Kumar
I like stirring things up. I’m on the side of the kids more than I am on the adults. And occasionally I find some adults that have that same mischievous streak, so I don’t get in too much trouble.
William Joyce
The thing about hoofing is that It’s much more intricate than people realize. Occasionally you see some good hoofing on TV. Bob Hope is very good at the old slide steps. George Burns does a good, old-fashioned sand dance from Vaudeville!
Ken Berry
I have spoken to expert audiences occasionally, but then no audience is expert over the whole range of things I want to explore.
David Antin
It was completely fruitless to quarrel with the world, whereas the quarrel with oneself was occasionally fruitful and always, she had to admit, interesting.
Soren Kierkegaard
I went through different styles but realized Ray-Bans are the classics. You can’t go wrong with them. I explore and cheat on them occasionally, but I always go back to the aviators.
Waris Ahluwalia
Somebody once told me I treated my smart phone like Wilson, the volleyball Tom Hanks turns into a friend when he’s stranded on a desert island in that movie ‘Castaway.’ It’s an apt comparison: parenting a toddler occasionally feels like being marooned, and your phone is your only connection to the rest of the world.
Rachel Simmons
We are all just little dolls of ourselves. Who occasionally pull back the curtains to reveal the real us.
Bruce Eric Kaplan
Occasionally when I look at my Instagram and see how many followers I have, it shows me how it’s going up by the minute. It blows my mind, but everyone around me keeps me grounded.
Bella Ramsey
On the campaign trail, candidate Trump occasionally raised the idea of creating ‘safe zones’ for Syrian civilians.
Peter Bergen
My view is that while you do occasionally have differences you ought to have a process where you can sit down and talk about things. How else do you solve problems?
Dan Miller
I occasionally suffer from eczema but only very mildly.
Leo Sayer
I write in a journal occasionally. But it is not a daily discipline for me.
Sue Monk Kidd
Finally, let’s keep well in mind the most important lesson of the auto rescue: While government should stay away from the private sector as much as possible, markets do occasionally fail, and when they do government can play a constructive role, as it did in the case of the auto rescue.
Steven Rattner
Occasionally people ask me how it is I write different types of things, and my answer to that is it’s very natural. You get bored writing one kind of thing all the time.
Matthew Tobin Anderson
In his holy flirtation with the world, God occasionally drops a handkerchief. These handkerchiefs are called saints.
Frederick Buechner
My mother tried really hard to protect us, but occasionally, after afternoon cartoons of whatever was on… the nightly news would come on, and I’d see footage from the war zone, and I would hear the word ‘Vietnam,’ and I would know my dad was over there, and it was a very frightening experience for me.
Suzanne Collins
The world is never quiet, even its silence eternally resounds with the same notes, in vibrations which escape our ears. As for those that we perceive, they carry sounds to us, occasionally a chord, never a melody.
Albert Camus
I’m often asked – and occasionally in an accusatory way – ‘Are you atheist?’ And it’s like, ‘You know, the only ‘ist’ I am is a scientist, all right?’ I don’t associate with movements. I’m not an ‘ism.’ I just – I think for myself.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Rodents are pests and not pets, and anything that manically runs around a wheel 24/7 and occasionally has 19 babies in the middle of the night should not be brought into the house.
Claudia Winkleman
From my time at Nokia, I’ve seen the 99% positive and occasionally negative impact that communication tools can have on people.
Jan Chipchase
I think privacy is valuable. You don’t have to share everything, and it’s healthy to occasionally hit the pause button and ask yourself if you’re oversharing. But at the end of the day, if you’re not doing anything wrong, you don’t have anything to hide.
Ashton Kutcher
Occasionally, some brother sings very earnestly through his nose, often disturbing those around him, but it does not matter how the voice sounds to the ears of man. What is important is how the heart sounds to the ears of God.
Charles Spurgeon
Occasionally when I’m procrastinating writing, I’ll while away the hours on iTunes. You can just keep going forever and find these bands you’d never normally hear of.
Marisha Pessl
I really like the look of the 1950s, lots of suburban Americana influences. I’m 5’4′, so I like kitten heels occasionally because I can move around a bit easier, but pointy-toed pumps are very elongating.
Marina and the Diamonds
I don’t have a problem with the concept that miracles might occasionally occur at moments of great significance, where there is a message being transmitted to us by God Almighty. But as a scientist, I set my standards for miracles very high.
Francis Collins
I would love to live in the wilds of nowhere, and when writing ‘Chronicles,’ I would occasionally rent a cottage in the middle of nowhere that had no mobile reception, but I’m not about to move away from my family.
Michelle Paver
Occasionally, you feel like the only person able to win the match. So you take all the responsibility, you do too much, and you do something bad.
Mario Balotelli
I wouldn’t attach too much importance to these student riots. I remember when I was a student at the Sorbonne in Paris, I used to go out and riot occasionally.
John Foster Dulles
Even though I occasionally appear on it, I don’t watch television.
Josh Radnor
I lead a very regimented life. I take excruciating care of myself: I take a lot of vitamins, get enough sleep, don’t drink apart from a glass of wine occasionally.
Angela Lansbury
The sometimes-tough love of the Christian faith of my childhood demanded a certain amount of self-reflection and, occasionally, self-criticism.
J. D. Vance
I do not read newspapers. I do not watch television. I am not interested in current events, although I will occasionally discuss them if other people want to discuss them.
Diane Wakoski
We may have limped onto Broadway as the underdogs, but underdogs bite back occasionally.
Bernie Taupin
I occasionally play works by contemporary composers and for two reasons. First to discourage the composer from writing any more and secondly to remind myself how much I appreciate Beethoven.
Jascha Heifetz
Actually, I find it embarrassing being a pop star. I prefer it when people just treat me like anybody else, although occasionally there is a side of me, which is indulgent and I expect certain things because of my position. It’s one of the perks.
Michael Hutchence
I still tell a lot of jokes and do a lot of funny comics, but the stuff I like best is the personal stuff. I will still occasionally talk about my job and retail, but it evolved.
Kate Leth
I was once in a very, very bad car accident. So my drawing arm is full of pins and platinum stuff. Occasionally it hurts. But I found that after the arm was put back together I could draw better than before. I have no idea why.
Bernard Tschumi
However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.
The conscience of an artist worthy of the name is like an incurable disease which causes him endless torment but occasionally fills him with silent joy.
Georges Rouault
You have to remember that I was a bright but simple fellow from Canada who seldom, if ever, met another writer, and then only a so-called literary type that occasionally sold a story and meanwhile worked in an office for a living.
A. E. van Vogt
Well, it so happens that I have had a spinal curvature since I was about thirteen and every once in a while that has given me some trouble, and at that time it began to kick up again. and occasionally I have to get into bed and nurse a severe backache.
Ethel Rosenberg
For my own part, I had rather suffer any inconvenience from having to work occasionally in chambers and kitchen… than witness the subservience in which the menial class is held in Europe.
Harriet Martineau
Most magazines have become wallpaper, they’re all the same, all the same celebrities. It’s really an abysmal time in American journalism right now. But occasionally one story or two will pop out.
David Talbot
People assume because I have a very thick skin that I don’t have feelings. I don’t, for the most part. But occasionally, I’m capable of great acts of charity. I tend to do it quietly.
Milo Yiannopoulos
I felt like people who had a lost mindset or who occasionally did stupid things were having a ‘donkey’ moment, or some of them are permanent donkeys, so I just started calling them donkeys. So when I went to Philly to do my own morning show, that’s when I first started doing ‘Donkey of the Day.’
Charlamagne tha God
Im an entirely one-paced runner, but occasionally I try and go into a slightly higher speed and usually pull my dodgy hamstring. So I just potter along with my rather odd bow-legged running style.
Hugh Dennis
I really spent most of my childhood in my bedroom watching Barbra Streisand movies and musicals and making videos. That was kind of where it all started for me. I would go to the beach occasionally.
Randy Rainbow
I like to play characters that have an inner confidence about them that maybe you wouldn’t expect them to have and that they aren’t afraid to unleash occasionally.
Aidy Bryant
I don’t really set out to please anybody, and I don’t think I ever have. I have occasionally been encouraged to try to write something specifically for the purpose of releasing it as a single to get radio play. Those are not my best songs, as a rule.
Ian Anderson
I know what she used to do sometimes. She kept her best cape she wore on the street in there, and she used occasionally to go up there to get it and to take it into her room. She kept a great deal in the guest room drawers.
Lizzie Andrew Borden
My name is Bruce Feiler, and I’m an explainaholic. I first heard this word used to describe Isaac Asimov, and I knew instantly that I suffered from the same condition. It’s the incurable desire to tell, shape, share, occasionally exaggerate, often elongate, and inevitably bungle a good story.
Bruce Feiler
Occasionally, you get a nice surprise when someone covers your song in an extraordinary way.
John Barry
As actors, we have the best job in the world, but occasionally it can be made difficult by ego and by not listening to each other and lack of communication.
Freddie Fox
I usually start with an ending, then outline high points of things that happen, and kind of make up the rest as I go along. Occasionally, the characters surprise me, and I wonder how we got here. Other times, the characters are stubborn and won’t do something I want them to in the story.
Julie Kagawa
Occasionally people will look at me and do a double take and they’ll look at me like they’re trying to think where they know me from.
Nicholas Hoult
My parents were brutal to each other, so I slept in the basement by an old coal-fired furnace. I became a street kid. Occasionally, I’d live with aunts or uncles, then I’d run away to live in the woods, trapping and hunting game to survive. The wilderness pulled at me; still does.
Gary Paulsen
I’m an all-things-in-moderation kind of person. I do eat a warm donut occasionally. I especially enjoy a cider donut when I’m apple picking. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.
Rachael Ray
The worst feeling in the world is the homesickness that comes over a man occasionally when he is at home.
E. W. Howe
I think Phil Collins is one of the most underrated musicians, singers, performers – he is absolutely amazing, I think, and I think he’s probably got a bit of a rough ride occasionally because he became so mainstream and so popular.
Rick Astley
When I was living in New York and didn’t have a penny to my name, I would walk around the streets and occasionally I would see an alcove or something. And I’d think, that’ll be good, that’ll be a good spot for me when I’m homeless.
Larry David
Occasionally, I hear grumbles about everything being a series or a trilogy, but apart from the question of them maybe selling more books, I think that there’s a real problem in trying to introduce a new world or a new concept while also getting your reader to pay close attention to your characters and themes.
Ann Leckie
You can find, occasionally, some absolutely fantastic things in hunting shops. I’ve got one jacket that I just happened across which is a kind of unwashed leather – completely anonymous but absolutely special.
Norman Foster
People will occasionally ask me if I understand what it’s like to be lonely. And the truth is I don’t, because for me, solitariness is a blessing, a gift. Me, I get on fine with myself.
John Burnside
Occasionally, you see presidents come in and provide a clear change in direction of leadership.
Jim Cantrell
One of the disadvantages of being a patrician is that occasionally you’re obliged to act like one.
Dalton Trumbo
I try to eat as near perfect as possible, but once in a while I eat for my taste buds. For example, I occasionally like to treat myself to a small cup of chocolate frozen yogurt – plus toppings.
David H. Murdock
Everyone has their ‘Showgirls.’ We remember the great films actors have been in, and the rest get forgotten. But occasionally, people like to revisit the ones that get swept aside.
Kyle MacLachlan
There’s a process: you audition, you get rejected, occasionally you get jobs, and it’s exciting, but it’s all little stepping stones.
Danielle Macdonald
You always have to be on at times, and occasionally people get upset if you say no to a picture when you’re eating dinner or something, and that’s kind of the hard part. Or if you get crazy rumors that swirl around you from time to time that are just silly.
Aaron Rodgers
Television, although It’s in steep decline, still occasionally gives voices to people who don’t have voices.
Christopher Eccleston
One thing I’ve learned is that when you shoot something in the U.K., there’s always going to be somebody called Trevor on your set. And maybe a Nigel. Occasionally a Colin.
Michael Landes
At home in L.A., Sunday is lazy. It’s the wife and me lying in bed with coffee, watching ‘The Soup’ or something funny on TiVo. The kid will occasionally join us. Eventually, breakfast is at a place down the street called Paty’s. And we always have some kind of great dinner – my wife makes a great roast beef.
Eric McCormack
The column’s worked out great for me. I’ve gotten a ton of ego satisfaction, had a lot of fun, won a batch of prizes and occasionally done some public good.
Allan Sloan
I don’t mind if the couple next to me is tense or the kids are whiny. I’d even be happy to hear an honest argument, evidence of thinking. I’d like to know these teeth-perfect families don’t just buy each other stuff but just occasionally can talk to one another.
Margaret Heffernan
And occasionally some of the nations that will be partners in this would probably not be, in terms of passing a pure human rights check, have everything going for them that you would like to have.
Hugh Shelton