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In California, we've had a series of millionaires and b

In California, we’ve had a series of millionaires and billionaires and CEOs and movie stars. We need to take a hard look at how we define legitimate and credible candidates.
Elizabeth Emken
You know, they just don’t make big movie stars the way they used to, maybe because the system has changed, the studio system, but it’s sad to see people like Jimmy Stewart go, all the giants of the past.
Tom Atkins
Walking down the red carpet, suddenly I felt very special and different. All the flashlights from cameras and requesting voices from the media, the scene, it was just like what I remembered seeing on TV or a movie when I was a little girl – the scene only when movie stars appeared.
Yani Tseng
The cult of celebrity in the ’60s and ’70s was really more reserved for movie stars or high socialites. Paparazzi didn’t care about Janis Joplin.
Patti Smith
It’s funny, because there are so many stereotypes out there about actors and movie stars in general, but I’ve had a great opportunity to meet a lot of them, and maybe it’s just because they don’t behave that way around me, but I rarely see that kind of abuse of power.
Ryan Reynolds
Well, I want to do The Music Man. I think it’s an amazing opportunity, but I think that they are probably looking at major movie stars right now, and I don’t blame them.
Gregory Harrison
Female movie stars from the pre-Code era of Hollywood, like Mae West, could be so raunchy and witty before they were edited. Sometimes they could go further in their wit than we go now.
Jane Krakowski
Other kinds of movie stars, it’s a different thing, they bring their persona to the part and that’s what people like to see, and they are not really transforming in terms of their character.
Joel Coen
A lot of movie stars are not great actors; they’re just very good-looking. And when they start to age and they don’t have the looks any more, then it’s over.
Michael Caine
We’ve had enough of the generals and movie stars. We want to hear about the ordinary people.
Frank McCourt
Mystery makes movie stars! If you see someone on the cover of the weeklies all the time, why would you want to pay to see them in a movie?
Sophia Bush
Most people want to become movie stars and I just want to be in the business. I already was a star. If I get the part of a lifetime and it blows up, then that’s wonderful. But if the acting doesn’t work, fine. I’ll just be a producer. And if the producing doesn’t work, fine. I’ve got a lot of other stuff.
Carl Lewis
The old movie stars like Bogart, James Cagney, Jimmy Stewart, they weren’t this gorgeous, striking six-foot man who’s rippled with muscles.
Jack Huston
I have a romantic vision of the beautiful delineation between TV and film that existed for so many years. I romanticize the studio system and movie stars as a whole, but obviously that’s just anachronistic and probably a non-reality.
Chris Pine
The fact is that movie stars are as insecure as the rest of us – if not more so. Many live in a luxurious bubble in which their best friends are their trainer, their hairdresser, their publicist, and their Kabbalah instructor.
Graydon Carter
You think it’s so cool to have movie stars in your movie, but they become people.
Zal Batmanglij
When I started on ‘The West Wing,’ that was at a time when this was still a stigma, because movie stars didn’t do TV. Now, every movie star is desperate to find their ‘True Detective.’
Rob Lowe
When beautiful movie stars allow themselves to look terrible, people think they’re really acting.
William Wyler
We’re the country of movie stars because the stars, like ourselves, represent a kind of extended infantilism, beauties waiting for the big chance.
Jerome Charyn
Everybody – even huge movie stars – have downs. That’s just how it is. The work ebbs and flows. My manager and I were saying, ‘Let’s remember that in 2013 we were soooo busy.’ So whenever it is that we’re not, maybe it’ll come back again. Maybe it won’t. But you’ve gotta love the ride.
Betsy Brandt
Movie stars need to retain some of that mystique if you are a big movie star.
Eli Roth
I feel very comfortable with my trajectory because I do have a life; I can go on the subway, you know? And I’ve been able to do that my entire career, and I have friends who are huge movie stars and can’t go on the subway, and I feel like that sucks.
Lake Bell
I guess historically, drag queens were imitating movie stars and luminaries. It’s kind of nice to have a movie star imitating a drag queen.
John Cameron Mitchell
I had two different kind of parents. My mother was obsessive with movie stars and cinema and Hollywood because she worked in movies. And my father was obsessed with beauty everywhere – in art, in nature, animals.
Alessandro Michele
My parents were obsessed with us being normal kids, so I never knew movie stars. They didn’t want us to be Hollywood brats.
Tony Goldwyn
My parents had a long and eventful marriage and were always a bit like movie stars to me when they were young.
Monique Roffey
I was in the company of movie stars, important directors, and powerful business tycoons. I felt like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole.
Molly Bloom
I’m a novelist who read a lot as a kid. When you grow up on books and then grow up to write books, famous authors are a lot more meaningful to you than TV and movie stars.
Claire Scovell LaZebnik
So many people seem to prefer my silver-screenings of movie stars to the rest of my work. It must be the subject matter that attracts them, because my death and violence paintings are just as good.
Andy Warhol
We all don’t feel like a million bucks, even if you’re an actor. You just don’t; not all of us feel like movie stars.
Jimmi Simpson
I’m not really enamored by movie stars.
Frank Grillo
I’ve interviewed presidents and royalty, rock stars and movie stars, famous generals and captains of industry; I’ve had front row seats at Super Bowls, World Series, and Olympic Games; my books have been on best-seller lists, and my marriage is a long-running success.
Tom Brokaw
It’s a tougher gig than what people think it is. The proper, real, genuine, worldwide movie stars don’t get a lot of downtime from the world outside. That’s a tougher price, I think, than what people’s fantasy of fame account for.
Ben Mendelsohn
There’s this unspoken club where you say to each other: Oh God, if they only knew how ordinary I was, they wouldn’t be interested. That includes movie stars and politicians.
Margot Kidder
A movie like ‘Sugar’ you couldn’t make today. The climate for making movies with no movie stars, half of it in Spanish, at the budget level that we had is gone. These are high-risk elements.
Ryan Fleck
You’d be surprised how many movie stars still care about the work.
Taylor Hackford
In our world, we have this huge focus on vicarious living – politicians, movie stars, athletes, coaches, all these people. What our research has shown very clearly is that people who are really happier and have more meaningful lives are people that focus on living their own lives.
Marshall Goldsmith
From the point of view of being in the public radar, comedians have less problems than other actors. Action movie stars like Stallone or Schwarzenegger usually attract the more aggressive fans.
Robin Williams
Movie stars today are as greedy for additional kids as bankers are for bonuses. It’s the new badge of authenticity.
Tina Brown
You need to learn that, unless your lead character is written in a way that one of the 20 movie stars want to play him, your movie will not get made.
Robert Ben Garant
Gee whiz, I know that some movie stars don’t like to be bothered, but I don’t mind. I think it’s part of the package, and it’s not a bother.
Charlotte Rae
It doesn’t occur to me that I don’t drive a cool car until I hang out with Jon Hamm, who picks me up in what looks like a Transformer, and I think, ‘Oh, that’s what movie stars are driving. I guess I’m not a movie star.’
Bill Hader
I have friends who are movie stars, and I think it’s just as hard a job as being a working actor. But it’s a different job, and it’s not the one I want.
Frances McDormand
I attended first a military academy, then a public school in Beverly Hills, where we lived, and many of my classmates were the children of movie stars and studio executives.
Michael Korda
When I was a kid, I thought movie stars were women and men who were in these great films that we still look at now. But I don’t think there are too many films coming out these days that we’re going to look at in the future and say, ‘This is one of the great ones.’
Lindsay Lohan
I had a normal life; we didn’t meet movie stars. We lived in Texas where you had rollerskates, and if you got a bicycle, that was a very big gift.
Debbie Reynolds
In Hollywood, for me, it’s all about the movie stars and the singers. Baseball players don’t draw too much attention; we’re low key. I’m good with faces and sometimes bad with names, but I’ll walk up to somebody if I know who they are… show them some love.
Matt Kemp
We’ve always been fascinated with movie stars and singers, but the fascination with people who really have nothing to offer is something new.
Carl Hiaasen
I don’t hang out with movie stars, and you won’t see me going to many Hollywood parties. I’m actually quite boring.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
The theory in great families was ‘why work if you don’t have to.’ Being a public figure was reserved for movie stars.
Jacqueline de Ribes
You must understand as a kid of color in those days, the Harlem Globetrotters were like being movie stars.
Wilt Chamberlain
I know I’m not some matinee idol, but I think we’re sold this bill of goods by the media, which says that only the most beautiful and dashing people can become movie stars. So when someone like me sneaks in, they have to redo the calculations.
John C. Reilly
Actors, movie stars, rock stars, I can meet them with no worries – but with footballers I go weak at the knees. All of them.
Matt Smith
In those simpler days, you could just take pictures of movie stars and show them the way they were, as normal human beings. And if I felt part of any movement at the time, it was just to do that – to be journalistic and photograph what is, rather than what is made up.
Elliott Erwitt
In the studios days, the public’s perception of movie stars was much different, because the stars were so much less exposed. This made them seem more special, more unearthly. Today they’re no longer perceived as different – they’ve become human, so to speak.
Richard D. Zanuck
What troubles me is not that movie stars run for office, but that they find it easy to get elected. It should be difficult. It should be difficult for millionaires, too.
Shana Alexander
My grandmother and I followed my mother here, to a house a block north of Hollywood Boulevard but a million miles away from Hollywood, if you know what I mean. We would hang out behind the ropes and look at the movie stars arriving at the premieres.
Carol Burnett
I realized that I’m a soft person. I think I’m sensitive. I wanted very much to be tough and I think movie stars have a certain kind of resilience and toughness to them, but I’m quite a sensitive young lady in some respects.
Rachael Taylor
When you fall in love with favourite movie stars, it’s not because they’re movie stars and unattainable, but because they show you sides of themselves that are extremely personal.
Sarah Gadon
America puts killers on the cover of ‘TIME’ magazine, giving them as much notoriety as our favorite movie stars.
Marilyn Manson
A lot of movie stars don’t want to go to TV because of how hard you have to work. You have to be a soldier.
George Eads
I didn’t know anything about movies or movie stars or the Academy or anything. I was just a blank sheet of paper. I was totally ignorant of all that stuff. I never went to the movies, didn’t know anything about the movies.
Mary Badham
With most other genres, you need movie stars. With horror, you just need a story.
Jason Blum
In ’39, they had no problem with it. But today, there’s a huge issue with a movie that has no male movie stars.
Diane English
I can see how movie stars lose touch with reality. I can understand that, because you’re told a million times a day in so many little gestures that you’re somehow special and unique.
Sean Hepburn Ferrer
Movie stars, rich people – oh, they have so many beautiful cars!
Bikram Choudhury
I’m not interested in stories about movie stars. I couldn’t care less what Steve Martin has on his mind.
Pete Hamill
Personality is essential. It is in every work of art. When someone walks on stage for a performance and has charisma, everyone is convinced that he has personality. I find that charisma is merely a form of showmanship. Movie stars usually have it. A politician has to have it.
Lukas Foss
I wanted to be a movie star. But movie stars are not what they used to be.
Lindsay Lohan
I consciously decided not to be a ‘London’ actor. Those gangster movies made a lot of East End actors think they were movie stars. And I was very aware that they were going to go out of fashion.
Eddie Marsan
Every actor you learn from, take something from everyone – big actor or not. Whether they’re big movie stars or not doesn’t really matter.
Diane Kruger
It’s kind of hard to work with Tom Cruise and not be aware that you’re working with one of the biggest movie stars in the world.
Doug Liman
Your big movie stars who’ve been in blockbusters generating a lot of dollars are looking for the meatier, substantive roles that they think will make the awards season.
Trudie Styler
Many movie stars or American Idol contestants sort of fall into theater… and say, ‘Oh, yeah, I would love to do theater.’ And then they get here and say, ‘Oh, wait a minute, this actually is a craft!’ It’s not just show up one day and do it. It’s show up eight times a week, twice on Wednesdays and twice on Saturdays.
Billy Porter
After I finish my basketball career, I join the movie stars.
Boban Marjanovic
If someone is going to permit me to make a publication that is politically and culturally progressive and not tell me to put their favorite movie stars on the cover, if I get to do what I want in an honest way – as I did in the beginning at ‘Colors’ – then I’m going to do it.
Tibor Kalman
Since we were kids, we grow up believing that astronauts are heroes – that to go up in a rocket is a heroic thing. These guys are bigger than movie stars. To me, it’s… all a well-dressed-up lie, basically. There’s billions spent on rockets up there, and there’s millions starving down here. It don’t make sense to me.
Ian Brown
There’s this lingering philosophy that movie stars shouldn’t do TV.
Dwayne Johnson
Without naming names, you can take some of the biggest artists of the last 25-30 years and point to those moments where they thought they were going to be movie stars, put the entire weight of a film on their back, and it failed. And some of them didn’t recover from that.
Scott Borchetta
Some people had fathers who were bankers or farmers, my father made films, that’s how I saw it. As for the movie stars, they were just around, some of them were friends, others weren’t, it was all just a part of my everyday life.
Anjelica Huston
My mother, Nancy Dickerson, was a reporter for CBS and NBC and the first female star of television news; my father, Wyatt Dickerson, was a successful businessman. Their parties, from the ’60s to the ’80s, attracted cabinet officials, movie stars, and presidents.
John Dickerson
I had not grown up on theater – in Hughes, Ark., you went to see a movie on Saturday. So my acting heroes were movie stars. It was a natural thing for me to want to get into the movies.
Michael Beck
I want people to know that movie stars live a normal, middle-class life.
Shah Rukh Khan
American films are terribly popular all over the world and American movie stars are terribly important. I don’t know why.
Vincente Minnelli
It’s like Hollywood movie stars – you can say they lead a glamourous life, but it’s a lot of work. They’re on set for 16 hours a day, then they go home and they still study. They have a nice paycheque at the end, but they do work a lot. WWE is very much like that.
Maryse Mizanin
I never had a thing for movie stars. I was into the guys who could transform. Sean Penn. Daniel Day-Lewis. The ones who privileged the craft.
James Roday
I loved all the other movies, and I loved all the other movie stars, but I was very aware of the fact that I didn’t look like Marilyn Monroe – although I still wanted to be Marilyn Monroe. Then Josephine Baker popped up, and she wasn’t the maid – she was the star of the show. To me, it was mind-blowing.
Cush Jumbo
If I thought of myself as a movie star, I’d be an idiot. I don’t know anyone who thinks like that. I don’t even know movie stars who think like that.
Jonny Lee Miller