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I have never endorsed Roy Moore. Just the fact that he

I have never endorsed Roy Moore. Just the fact that he was forced off the state supreme court is enough for me.
Susan Collins
Maya Moore is one of the greatest champions in basketball, male or female.
Jalen Rose
I think Michael Moore is loathsome, though, not because he dislikes Bush, but because he seems to dislike America.
Tucker Carlson
I see myself as Rhoda, not Mary Tyler Moore.
Iris Murdoch
I want to be great – in everything I do. As far as football, I always looked up to Kellen Moore of Boise State. I thought it was the coolest thing that he was the winningest QB of all time.
Josh Rosen
When I was first starting out in the music industry, I was always coupled in the same sentence with Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera – and I was probably the worst of them. I think a lot of people back then thought, ‘Mandy Moore… she’ll probably go back to where she came from in a year.’
Mandy Moore
That’s the thing about Michael Moore, when you read his stuff, he’s so sure he’s right about everything; even when he’s wrong, he’s entertaining.
Mike Binder
I met Betty Moore when she entered Mitchell High School as a freshman, and that was it – period, exclamation point!
Gus Grissom
I am the luckiest old broad on two feet if the truth were known. It’s – but it all goes back to ‘Mary Tyler Moore,’ ‘Golden Girls,’ all those – actors love to take the credit. We couldn’t do it without the writers.
Betty White
I grew up watching ‘The Jeffersons’ and ‘Good Times’ as much as I watched The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ and ‘All in the Family.’
Eddie Griffin
In Naples, Fla., I met a self-made man, a multimillionaire, whose round penthouse apartment is home to Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, Henry Moore, and Mickey Mantle. He had purchased the most coveted items auctioned by the Mantle family at Madison Square Garden in December 2003.
Jane Leavy
I like Michael Moore, but I think of him more as a rabble-rouser. On his TV show, when he went to the home of the guy who invented the car alarm and set off all the car alarms on the block… pretty funny.
P. J. O’Rourke
In my teens, I was very insecure. And so I invented Roger Moore.
Roger Moore
I’ve always admired Demi Moore. She has managed to be everyone including, G. I. Jane, which is really, really hot.
Sameera Reddy
If it weren’t for Moore’s law changing the playing field continuously, I would have been long gone. The rapid pace of hardware evolution still keeps things fresh for me.
John Carmack
There are so many books I love for different reasons. For superhero stuff, I always go back to Alan Moore’s ‘Watchmen’ or his ‘Swamp Thing’ run. Those are my two favorites, and there are indie books that I really love, like Eddie Campbell’s ‘Alec’ books and ‘From Hell.’
Jeff Lemire
I grew up on the Roger Moore and Sean Connery Bond movies, so the DNA of my spies is extremely ridiculous and goofy.
Nick Harkaway
Clearly the human story is one of acceleration. There has been a Moore curve in terms of the number of people alive on the planet, our technological ability, and our ability to understand ourselves. We have had this extraordinary, explosive growth in our ingenuity.
Andrew Marr
A big part of the success of Microsoft was that every year, the chips our software ran on got faster and cheaper. They doubled in capability every 18 months under Moore’s law.
Paul Allen
I worked with Roger Moore on three episodes of ‘The Saint.’ He is a lovely man, a good director, and was my favourite actor to work with.
Shirley Eaton
My political career began on the other side of the fence from the liberal filmmaker Michael Moore – both literally and figuratively. As a young intern for the Bush-Cheney 2004 campaign, I was tasked with attending a Moore rally four days before the general election.
Kayleigh McEnany
Even though I was trained in play writing and screenwriting, when I sat down to write a comic book for the first time, Alan Moore was first and foremost in my mind.
Brian K. Vaughan
Listen to the great guitarists of the Fifties. They didn’t do that nasty sort of industrial distortion. They played musical compositions as solos – Scotty Moore, Cliff Gallup, Django Reinhardt. There wasn’t a bad note in any of those solos. I listened to that and stayed with those rules.
Jeff Beck
I have grown up watching films like ‘Striptease’ and ‘Ghost,’ and here I was in the same frame as the gorgeous Demi Moore.
Mrunal Thakur
The primary victory of Roy Moore in Alabama over the candidate for the U.S. Senate seat backed by President Trump suggests that that not even Trump himself can control the forces that he unleashed.
Charlie Sykes
Alan Moore does have a sheen of class. He’s a smart guy, and I’m sure there was a metaphoric level, I’m not denying that, but let’s face it. the main reason he was doing a super-hero comic was because he was working for a super-hero comic book company.
Chester Brown
Chadwick Moore is a wonderful gay. So is Milo Yiannopoulous, but he appears to be a closeted gay, and my experience with them is that they tend to be sociopaths.
Gavin McInnes
Michael Moore got booed at the Oscars, so how liberal is Hollywood? Honestly, it’s not liberal enough for me!
Bobcat Goldthwait
I played around with the idea of touring with a soul revue, with Smokey Robinson, Sam Moore, Darlene Love, people like that.
Steven Van Zandt
The records that I like, they have life and warmth and soul in them. Like the slap back on Scotty Moore’s guitar on ‘Mystery Train.’ You’re not gonna get that in a computer. You’re gonna want a live room, you’re gonna wanna bounce the tape, you’re gonna want real musicians, in a room, vibin’ off of each other.
Channing Tatum
When we made that album with Gary Moore, I was still kind of searching for the right direction for myself. Although the music is quite good the direction was like a box of fireworks that caught light all at the same time.
Greg Lake
What a blast it is to be here with Michael Moore.
Madeleine Albright
A friend of mine introduced me to Thurston Moore because she thought I would like him. He was playing with the tallest band in the world, the Coachmen. They were sort of like Talking Heads, jangly guitar, Feelies guitar. Anyway, it was love at first sight. His band broke up that night. And we started playing.
Kim Gordon
I’m not Michael Moore. I think Michael Moore wants to tell you how to think. He wants to give you answers. I make movies to raise my own personal questions and not to give answers.
Jason Reitman
Computer power grows according to Moore’s law, as does the sophistication of handheld devices.
Martin Rees
I just went and saw ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love.’ Julianne Moore – I’ve been in love with her since ‘Boogie Nights.’ But also, ‘The Big Lebowski.’
Kyle Chandler
My wife loves Roger Moore.
Pierce Brosnan
When I chose to do ‘Carrie,’ I never had done anything on camera before. I was always onstage, so everything surprised me. Just going on set and walking into a makeup trailer and seeing Chloe Moretz and Julianne Moore – ‘Wow, I am part of this ensemble.’
Ansel Elgort
I think every celebrity that I love wears my shoes. I’m a particular fan of Julianne Moore, and I adore Jennifer Lawrence. There are so many beautiful women. I love Poppy Delevingne, of course; I even made a collection with her.
Edgardo Osorio
Ed Sullivan brought me to TV first in 1952, then Garry Moore’s program gave me a lot of confidence and freedom.
Alan King
Roy Moore is a man of faith.
Mark Meadows
My closest friends are Roger Moore, who is an actor, Sean Connery, who is an actor, Terry O’Neill, who is a photographer, Johnny Gold, who was the boss of Tramp, and Leslie Bricusse, who is a composer.
Michael Caine
Sometimes, if you have a lot of history with a character and a lot of affection, it’s hard for you to do anything with that character. Like with Swamp Thing, for instance, I revere the Alan Moore run so much that it would be hard for me to do my own Swamp Thing. I care too much about the way it was done before.
Jeff Lemire
I really like sardonicism and wit. I love the writing of Joy Williams and Lorrie Moore. I like Tina Fey, Amy Schumer.
Carrie Brownstein
These guys Steve Harvey and Cedric the Entertainer and Bernie Mac claim they’re the Kings of Comedy. They may be funny, but they ain’t no kings. That title is reserved for Rudy Ray Moore and Redd Foxx.
Rudy Ray Moore
What I also love about Lorrie Moore stories is they take me a long time to read. They’re not easy for me because each sentence, I feel like, is so rich and dense, it just sends me off in a thousand directions.
Raphael Bob-Waksberg
My dad would have me watch the shows that he liked. I watched ‘I Love Lucy.’ I watched ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show.’ I watched ‘M*A*S*H’ and ‘Mary Tyler Moore’ and ‘Bob Newhart’ and ‘Taxi’ and ‘Cheers.’
Dan Schneider
It takes an entire book to tell you what it was like. To see Robert De Niro play your father – it’s not a simple answer. To see Julianne Moore play your mother. To see Paul Dano play you – that’s an even more inscrutable question… he’s amazing, he’s totally amazing, but I can’t really say if he’s a good me or not.
Nick Flynn
I used a kind of gray-green early on in my practice for painting steel, to make it look more like it had a kind of patina to it, like copper and bronze and so on. The color I used was a Benjamin Moore color called 2012. My then-young daughter started calling me 2012 – it was my nickname.
Michael Graves
I grew up watching ‘The Lone Ranger.’ I would get up every Saturday morning, earlier than all the other kids, to watch a black and white western with Clayton Moore that hadn’t filmed a new episode since 1957.
Ben Domenech
People unacquainted with graphic novels, including journalists, tend to think of ‘Watchmen’ as a book by Alan Moore that happens to have some illustrations. And that does a disservice to the entire form.
Dave Gibbons
I’m excited for Christy Marx taking over ‘Birds of Prey’. I adore ‘Rachel Rising’ by the great Terry Moore. I’m also a stone cold Scott Snyder fan; the guy is a joy to read and a pleasure to work with.
Gail Simone
Kenya Moore is everything to me. She’s everything.
Casey Wilson
Every two years, to keep Moore’s Law happening, you have to invent… That’s where I grew up.
Brian Krzanich
I have to tell you, I’m not like Demi Moore, where the tears trickle prettily down my cheeks. My whole face screws up and it’s like, ‘Oh please, get a room.’
Jennifer Tilly
I’m a physicist, and we have something called Moore’s Law, which says computer power doubles every 18 months. So every Christmas, we more or less assume that our toys and appliances are more or less twice as powerful as the previous Christmas.
Michio Kaku
I’m not saying Michael Moore’s smarter than Sean Hannity, but Michael Moore is better at running interviews than Hannity, even though Hannity’s running the interview!
Steven Crowder
Because of the nature of Moore’s law, anything that an extremely clever graphics programmer can do at one point can be replicated by a merely competent programmer some number of years later.
John Carmack
I hope Darren Moore is a good manager, when he was my captain at Portsmouth, he could lead battleships out of water, he was that good.
Tony Pulis
My all-time favorite rock and roll players were Scotty Moore, Chuck Berry and Franny Beecher, and I listened to the country playing of Merle Travis.
Alvin Lee
I love watching old sitcoms. It’s very inspiring to watch ‘Mary Tyler Moore’ and ‘Golden Girls.’ I have watched them over and over again for years.
Valerie Azlynn
I’ve seen comparisons between myself and Bobby Moore. It’s nice to be told there are similarities, but nobody will come close to him – what a player, what a man!
Declan Rice
Peter Cook and Dudley Moore were friends and the last people I expected would predecease me. They were, in a sense, casualties of fame.
Barry Humphries
Scholes was playing tiki-taka football when nobody in England knew what it was. He was another of those players, like Denis Law or Bobby Moore, who at 15 probably looked as if he wouldn’t make it.
Harry Redknapp
Yes, The Persuaders, that was great fun because one of my favourite actors is Roger Moore.
Val Guest
Long before I started to write in earnest, Lorrie Moore taught me you could have a woman narrator who was funny and complex and even wrongheaded. She opened up a lot of space that me and a million other women rushed into.
Miranda July
I love Twitter, and my little corner of it is heavily weighted in favour of women, many of them writers: Caitlin Moran, India Knight, Lauren Laverne, Grace Dent, Deborah Orr, Marina Hyde, Suzanne Moore. I look at that list of names and think, ‘Here comes the fun – fun that knows its way around a dictionary.’
John Niven
It’s interesting to see what people are saying about me. I like keep up with the latest rumors! A while back there was a rumor that I was going to do a film with Demi Moore about the takeover of Commodore computers!
Warwick Davis
I love Joy Williams, Lorrie Moore: such great short-story writers.
Carrie Brownstein
I wrote the tunes and sang only nonsense words. Then came Moore and dressed them with the lyrics.
Rick Wright
I would love a career on Broadway. It’s always been my dream ever since I was a little girl and some of my biggest idols are on Broadway right now, like Melanie Moore and Ricky Ubeda.
Tate McRae
Popular music is one endless love song that, I suspect, the basically solitary Ella Fitzgerald approached much as the basically solitary Marianne Moore approached poetry: reading it with a certain contempt for it, Moore said, you could find a place in it for the genuine.
Margo Jefferson
Demi Moore is a terrific woman and a hell of an actress.
Mark Goddard
Some of the writers I admire who seem very, very funny and very emotional to me can develop a closeness with the reader without giving too much of themselves away. Lorrie Moore comes to mind, as does David Sedaris. When they write, the reader thinks that they’re being trusted as a friend.
Sloane Crosley
Many take the roles home with them and live the part. I’m quite happy to leave mine at the studio and return home as I left: simple old Roger Moore.
Roger Moore
You know that moment in ‘The Matrix’ when Neo takes the red pill and is plunged into the real world? That’s what it felt like when I first read ‘Watchmen’ – like someone was taking a can opener to my head to make room for Moore’s audacious brilliance.
Libba Bray
You can be Michael Moore and make ‘Fahrenheit 9/11,’ but that’s hitting people over the head, and a lot of Americans don’t like to be hit over the head. I want to make films that make people walk out and say, ‘Wow, I really question if this is all right.’
Lexi Alexander
Biology is now accelerating at a pace faster than Moore’s Law.
Arvind Gupta
‘A Walk to Remember’ was a huge movie for me. I thought Mandy Moore was the coolest thing that ever happened. And Shane West – man, did I have a crush on him.
Britt Robertson
Basically, if you believe in Moore’s Law, and you believe that hosting is going to become more and more commoditized over time, not being a host is a good idea.
Matt Mullenweg
The way Will Moore taught me, and the way I play it, the blues is just something different.
John Lee Hooker
I think Michael Moore is an amazing man – an amazing, brave man. And I think people are probably going to start saying, ‘Don’t associate with Cindy Sheehan.’ People who speak truth to power somehow are marginalized in this country.
Cindy Sheehan
R Stevie Moore was obviously a huge influence and is still a very big influence in my life.
Ariel Pink
Michael Moore didn’t have to worry that anyone would misinterpret the title of his film, ‘Capitalism: A Love Story,’ because in Hollywood, no one loves capitalism. That’s too bad, because Hollywood is one of capitalism’s greatest successes.
Alex Tabarrok
Alan Moore is a prophetic writer.
Gerard Way
Alan Moore’s writing is almost novelistic. It’s very intricate and wordy and smart.
Adrianne Palicki
I feel I did a good job at West Brom. It was cut short abruptly, which is something historically that West Brom have done – as you’ve recently seen with Darren Moore.
Steve Clarke
I remember, once I was going through Nice airport with Roger Moore, and these kids came up and asked for our autographs. Afterwards, Roger said, ‘It must be very strange for you. I’m an actor, and signing autographs is part of what I do. But you’re a public figure who people don’t really know.’ He was right.
Andrew Lloyd Webber
The next time you download a book on Kindle, buy a Michael Moore screed at Barnes & Noble, or order up a political movie from video on demand, remember that it is the Supreme Court’s decision in ‘Citizens United’ that guarantees you the right to do so.
Bradley A. Smith
I want to give Michael Moore a run for his money.
Dinesh D’Souza
The only way you can get Scotty Moore’s tone is with a big hollowbody guitar.
Jeff Beck
There is a great book out called ‘Everything I Needed to Learn I Learned in Kindergarten,’ and I believe that everything I ever needed to learn on guitar was in my first two years of hungry learning: Scotty Moore, Hank Marvin, Chet Atkins, Lenny Breau, Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley.
Randy Bachman
I remember meeting Roger Moore at my grandfather’s house as a young boy and being impressed because I was such a big fan of ‘007.’ But I was young, and I didn’t have a perception of what celebrity was or who my grandfather was… I still don’t, really.
Ethan Peck
Working with Dudley Moore was so hilarious. I don’t know how we got anything done because everybody was laughing so hard, but he was such a wonderful man, and he had a kindness and a musicality and a dearness to him that was triumphant.
Liza Minnelli
I’m big on hair. I love Julianne Moore’s hair. That’s all I’d like: Julianne Moore hair.
Laura Jane Grace
I particularly like Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman. Both writers have wit and imagination and the breadth of stories they tell coupled with extraordinary artwork make for fascinating reading.
Michael Ball
I am deeply saddened by the death of my dear friend, Dudley Moore.
Liza Minnelli
Mary Tyler Moore was a working woman whose story lines were not always about dating and men. They were about work friendships and relationships, which is what I feel my adult life has mostly been about.
Tina Fey
When I was growing up my favorite show was ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’, and I loved all the stuff that Norman Lear did.
Ryan Murphy
I first became an Alan Moore fan in Covent Garden on a Saturday afternoon in 1987, when I bought a copy of ‘Watchmen,’ his graphic novel about ageing superheroes and nuclear apocalypse.
Susanna Clarke
I was into Alan Moore and Frank Miller. I was a teenager when all those books where coming out for the first time – ‘Watchmen,’ ‘V for Vendetta.’ It was a great time to get into comics.
Jane Goldman
I watch a lot of television, for better or worse, and I am particularly interested in what Michael Moore brought up in ‘Bowling for Columbine,’ which is the idea that they’re selling a narrative of fear.
Dan Gilroy
In 1985, I went to work for MTM Records, Mary Tyler Moore’s Nashville record label, and stayed three years. After that, I spent two years as an independent promoter, then worked for MCA Nashville Records, DreamWorks Nashville, and Universal Music Nashville.
Scott Borchetta
Thomas Davis was a great man where poetry is concerned, and a better than Thomas Moore. All over Ireland his poetry is, and he would have done other things but that he died young.
Lady Gregory
‘Up in the Air’ is not a political movie. It won’t be mistaken for either a Michael Moore or Any Rand polemic on capitalism.
Frank Rich
Is Michael Moore an honest documentarian? Honestly? I don’t think he is… The real discussion gets left behind the entertainment value.
George A. Romero
I don’t see myself as a ‘black actor,’ I’m just Shemar Moore the actor. I’m very proud to be black, but I’m just as much black as I am white.
Shemar Moore
I’ve been influenced by so many great people , like Sam Moore, Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, John Lee Hooker, B.B. King, so many great blues and soul artists that I completely revere. So it’s strange for me, actually, to hear somebody say, ‘Oh, I was deeply influenced by your music.’
Paul Rodgers
Early influences included Lorrie Moore, Amy Hempel, Charles Baxter, Richard Ford, Alice Munro, Denis Johnson – writers who are important to me still and who I discovered through my teachers.
Laura van den Berg
I read Carver. Julio Cortazar. Amis’s essays. Baldwin. Lorrie Moore. Capote. Saramago. Larkin. Wodehouse. Anything, anything at all, that doesn’t sound like me.
Zadie Smith
I have had lots of friends who’ve been affected by Aids and a very good friend of mine, Oscar Moore, died of Aids and I was with him in his last year quite a bit. And of course he was a man living in a very rich culture with a wealthy family who was able to afford health care.
Emma Thompson
It’s Moore’s Law, everything will be obsolete in 10 years – I’ll be obsolete in 10 years!
Jerry Zucker
At my first Golden Globes, I met people I was very much enamored by: Julianne Moore, Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It was surreal to see them in person.
Jesse Tyler Ferguson
I remember really getting into ‘The Wiz’ and an old musical called ‘Purlie,’ which Melba Moore sang. I liked those roof-raising shows because I connected deeply with the gospel aspects of those musicals.
Norbert Leo Butz
I went to M.I.T. in the summer of 1951 as a ‘C.L.E. Moore Instructor.’ I had been an instructor at Princeton for one year after obtaining my degree in 1950. It seemed desirable more for personal and social reasons than academic ones to accept the higher-paying instructorship at M.I.T.
John Forbes Nash, Jr.
I don’t really know if I’m writing the kind of roles that Meryl Streep and Julianne Moore would play. Jessica Lange on ‘American Horror Story’ is a little bit more my cup of tea.
Quentin Tarantino
My admiration for ‘Mary Tyler Moore’ is very, very big because they went out on top.
Kevin Spacey
I don’t want to be a Michael Moore-style artist, which is not to disparage Michael Moore. But he seems rather unsuccessful at winning people over who don’t already agree with him.
Mohsin Hamid
Roy Moore was an embarrassment.
Charles Barkley
It’s not easy to convey to someone who doesn’t read comics just how Alan Moore has dominated the field since ‘Watchmen.’
Susanna Clarke