Marking Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Marking Quotes from Theodore Roethke, Rodney Crowell, Jamie Cullum, Eric Hill, Don Kardong. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

Time marks us while we are marking time.

Time marks us while we are marking time.
Theodore Roethke
In the 74 years and nearly four months marking her time on what she called this crooked old Earth, my mother rarely drew a healthy breath. Still, to say that life wasn’t fair for this awkwardly glib, yet deeply religious woman, would fail to take into account her towering instinct for survival.
Rodney Crowell
Some musicians like to decorate their walls with discs saying: ‘1 million records sold in America.’ I prefer to put up discs marking sales in lesser-known countries.
Jamie Cullum
As a child, during the war, I drew Spitfires and Messerschmitts. With Spot, I found that I had designed a fuselage! His spot is on his side, the roundel marking of an English fighter plane, and the color bar of his tail is the color stripes of a plane’s rudder.
Eric Hill
Sure, the first light snowfall may be a chance to dance giddily, leaving squeaky footprints through the neighborhood, marking the runner’s right to the domain. But later drubbings of snow merely complicate running. Snow turns to ice, to slush, to ice again. Tire ruts twist ankles. New snow hides the hazards.
Don Kardong
Everywhere I look, there are ads marking Mother’s Day. Mostly they conform to stereotype: flowers, jewelry, perfume. Not a lot of books. Not many computers. Few tools. Little that’s useful.
Margaret Heffernan
Instead of a dedicated room, my best trigger is the actual habit of reading over the texts from the day before. Marking. Changing. Fussing. This ritual amounts to a habit of trust. Trust that I can make it better. That if I keep trying, I will come closer to something true.
Mona Simpson
When the script was written, it was sent to me with asterisks marking where he felt a song would be appropriate. Before the film was shot, the score was written. I made a demo of it, so they lived with the music as they were making the film.
Alan Price
I feel with ELP that I wasn’t making the most of my life and I wasn’t making the most of my creativity. I was marking time. I don’t want to do that. Life is to short.
Greg Lake
When you are different, that can lead to judges not marking you right because they think you look ‘odd’ – and that’s in any competition.
Oti Mabuse
On Jan. 30, millions of Iraqis will cast ballots in the country’s first fair and free election in decades, marking continued progress in Iraq’s transition toward a country built on the pillars of democracy and freedom for all.
Jim Gerlach
Pride, to me, is a celebration of the past because we have come such a long way from the very first Pride parade marking the anniversary of the Stonewall riots, so it’s a celebration of all that we’ve accomplished.
Sasha Velour
It pumps me up – the whole idea of the bowler marking his run-up, popping at the crease, the crowd chanting, nerves building up. It’s a very good feeling. Right from the first ball, I know I have to be at the top of my game.
Rohit Sharma
‘Bum’s Rush’ is a piece about timing, and everything that’s in the piece needs to be with the piece. If people are missing, or marking, or unable to use their voices, the impulses that prompt the action are lost, and its logic crumbles.
Twyla Tharp
My focus in the training sessions is always about movement to create openings and opportunities. When you don’t have the ball, you still need the discipline to know where you should be, who you should be marking, but when we have the ball, it is important to be able to move around.
Philippe Coutinho
When I went to Juventus, I was young, but in training, I had legends like Fabio Cannavaro and Lilian Thuram marking me. I had to work hard to get my respect.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Sometimes you’ll get a player who’s marking you tightly, and he’ll even apologise and say, ‘My coach told me to stick close to you and mark you. I know you’re a great player.’ But I tell him it’s fine and to do what he has to do.
If someone is going to spend a whole game marking you, then there may be games when I will have to sacrifice myself for the team and take them away and create space for a team-mate.
John McGinn
When I was younger, I avoided exercise or anything strenuous. I didn’t even enjoy walking. As I got older, I spent so much time marking books or sitting at a desk writing that there was no room for exercise – not that I would have bothered anyway.
Maeve Binchy
But there are rock and roll fans all over this continent and all over the globe, really, and we’re just set at marking the planet with Styx music until the day we die.
James Young
As a striker, your job is mostly to forget. When you have someone like Vidic marking you, and it’s misery for 89 minutes, all you have to do is forget everything. Forget the 89 minutes. Because in the 90th minute, you might finally get your chance. I have been pretty good at this in my career.
Mario Gomez
I am very proud of being Brazilian, but I am also thankful for having the chance to play in Germany for four and a half years. I have completely changed the way I play football because Germany is a tougher, faster game which is more tactical with tighter marking.
Roberto Firmino