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I don't understand why people still behave as though ma

I don’t understand why people still behave as though making movies with female protagonists is risky, given that – hello – we do make up over 50 percent of the population, and we go to movies.
Nina Jacobson
I’ve always loved the showmanship of professional wrestling. While I love making movies, I love that platform, too.
Dwayne Johnson
Men starting out have so many options of filmmakers to connect with artistically and be shepherded by and collaborate with. I just didn’t have an older, more experienced me to help me. So I hope all the women making movies now are aware we have the opportunity to be that to new filmmakers.
Susanna Fogel
I think you have a responsibility to the people you’re making movies with, and I take that very seriously. I don’t want to let up and I don’t want to let down.
Scott Rudin
I love film. I am very blessed to be making movies.
Luke Goss
I’m very happy in France making movies.
Michel Hazanavicius
Some people think of me as an actor and some as a movie star, so I sort of guess that makes me both. I love making movies, and I love playing on the stage.
Laurence Fishburne
The idea of being with my peers at a real school seemed much more exciting than making movies.
Shirley Temple
The hardest part about making movies is staying the exact same weight every day and looking the same.
Justin Timberlake
I’m someone who likes to try new things and take on new challenges. I love making movies, but TV is also great. I really enjoy doing both.
Kelsey Grammer
I think I’ll always be making movies that intend to say something new.
Justin Simien
I never imagined people like Thanos and Warlock would be drawn into films. They’re weird characters in weird stories. Luckily, the twisted kids who read those weird stories are now the twisted adults who are making movies.
Jim Starlin
Making movies is all about instinct.
Dino De Laurentiis
Maybe there should be less of a mystique around making movies. I just don’t think that there’s any real mystery there.
Joel Coen
Making movies is controlled anarchy, chaos.
Michael Cimino
I’m not interested in making ‘black’ movies. I’m interested in making movies that reflect reality as I perceive it.
Bill Duke
I was so young, and making movies, going to the studio every morning at dawn was magic.
Natalie Wood
I don’t care about my personal acting career anymore. I’m done with it. After 10 years of making movies and doing better than I ever could have imagined, I sort of had to ask myself: ‘What am I supposed to do with all of this success that I have had?’
Kevin Spacey
We love making movies. We got into the business to make movies. At the end of the day, whether you’re doing a low budget film or a big budget film, you want it to do well and you want people to see it. That’s the whole point. You want to put some kind of message in it.
Liam Hemsworth
To be fair, I don’t think it’s a plague to say I have the misfortune of making movies for a living.
A. J. Bowen
There’s too much down time making movies. That leads to boredom. And that leads to trouble.
Jeremy Renner
I’m making movies about people as flawed as myself and the viewers. So if you just have a reptilian brain and live your life simply by reacting to things, my movies aren’t going to work for you.
Bobcat Goldthwait
The studios gotta start making more stuff where black folks get quality stuff. But I can’t trip about that because I’ve been making movies for 35 years, and I’ve played everything from an old lady to a donkey, so I can’t be on here talking about, ‘They don’t give us enough roles’ and diversity.
Eddie Murphy
When I started making movies, they tried to change my name, but I had already made a name for myself in a couple of Broadway productions and in television, so I wouldn’t change it.
Joey Heatherton
Making movies is just like betting on horses at the racetrack.
Maureen O’Hara
I love making movies, and being in any that I can be in. I’d like to be in those giant movies, as the fifth or sixth lead, and have three or four killer scenes. You don’t have the responsibility of the entire movie being on you. I like those roles. I’m shooting for the middle.
Bill Burr
I’m not looking to lose anything. I’m looking to continue making movies.
Johnny Knoxville
I love making movies and hope to write my own screenplay someday and do some producing and be behind-the-scenes as well.
Victoria Justice
Why do I continue making movies? Making movies is better than cleaning toilets.
Klaus Kinski
I like making movies.
Antoine Fuqua
I really love making movies. I just have this yearning in my stomach to go back and somehow subversively screw up television a little bit again.
Chevy Chase
As actors, the thing we have to fight, more than even the business part of making movies, is boredom.
Linda Fiorentino
There’s a lot of jobs that you can do that you can be miserable at. Making movies should not be one of them.
Richard Jenkins
It feels like there are two very different parts to making movies. There’s the making of it and then there’s the putting out of it – and I like the making of the movies a lot more than putting it out into the world.
Marielle Heller
Characters, conflict and geography are things that must be considered while making movies from adaptations.
Oh, man, you won’t hear me talking about the drudgery of making movies. I don’t buy any of that. All those guys who made ‘The Revenant,’ they loved it. They wanted to make a film, and they were the happiest people around to be doing so.
Tilda Swinton
I love making movies, but there’s nothing like being in front of an audience.
Patrick Wilson
I grew up loving watching movies, and at a certain point, I started to become fascinated with making movies. Then I went to film school, and I got to dabble with different aspects of moviemaking, and I ended up settling heavily into editing – editing was what I was really adept at, had a passion for.
Lee Unkrich
The most difficult part of making movies is to keep making them. Maybe, you could make the biggest hit in the world, but then the big problem is what to do next and how to maintain devoted to a certain instinct that I have about films.
Emir Kusturica
I like making movies for myself and my friends and people with my sensibility.
Edward Norton
The reason I keep making movies is I hate the last thing I did. I’m trying to rectify my wrongs.
Joaquin Phoenix
We started making movies in the third grade.
Matt Duffer
I’m living in Hollywood, and I’m making movies, but it goes beyond me. If my family is not doing very well, or even OK, you want them to be better.
Michael Pena
My dad was a low budget film director. I grew up as a kid making movies, based on the love of seeing what my dad was doing.
Robert Stromberg
I just love being on a movie set. I like making movies.
Richard Linklater
No film has captivated my imagination more than ‘King Kong.’ I’m making movies today because I saw this film when I was 9 years old.
Peter Jackson
The thing is, making movies as an actress, you learn so many things. Like when you’re making a movie with Quentin Tarantino you’re just at the best cinema school ever.
Melanie Laurent
We did Holy Grail, and I got my name up there as one of the directors. After that, I started moving more and more down the line I wanted to, which was making movies.
Terry Gilliam
I love making movies, but there’s nothing like performing live.
Dwayne Johnson
I think acting is only one part of the piece of the movie. I’ts an important piece, but I’d like to be involved in all the other aspects of making movies.
Stephen Dorff
You start making movies and people start seeing when you go to places, and all of a sudden you are getting clothes for free and all of a sudden you are getting food for free.
Morris Chestnut
Normally sports day is once a year for kids, where you have fun, and everybody is jostling. For us, making movies is like having sports day everyday: competing with each other, doing your best. It’s like that except we don’t get awards every day in our sports day.
Takashi Miike
I have a hard time making movies that affirm life and say life is a good and happy place. That’s not true about the world.
Todd Haynes
Making movies is my profession. I like doing it a lot.
Lawrence Bender
I just like to act and write and produce. To me, making movies is the ultimate goal.
Jonah Hill
I love making movies. But it’s a lot of investing your heart and soul. It can be exhausting.
Gia Coppola
What drew me into making movies is trying to make characters that step off the screen.
Brad Anderson
The real achievement of Woody Allen was that he was making movies that felt very personal, and for a whole group of people, it spoke to them. Then he became an archetype, like Groucho Marx or Chaplin.
Noah Baumbach
When I started making movies, I was pretty young, and at the time I felt like there needed to be more confrontation in cinema – or I needed to make something more disruptive – so in the beginning, those movies were me wanting to play with the rules.
Harmony Korine
I’m relaxed about my career. I’ve been making movies for over 20 years, so I’ve earned at least the right to relax.
Eddie Murphy
I always wanted to be a stay-at-home dad making art, making movies.
Robert Rodriguez
It’s hard work making movies. It’s like being a doctor: you work long hours, very hard hours, and it’s emotional, tense work. If you don’t really love it, then it ain’t worth it.
George Lucas
The trick of making movies in this culture is how to not give up everything that makes them worthwhile in order to get them made – and that’s a tricky balance.
Alex Winter
I pulled out of making movies in about ’96 or ’97.
Rick Moranis
I want to keep working, I want to keep doing my humanitarian stuff around the world, shining light on different places that have problems. Keep making movies, make people laugh.
Chris Tucker
Through most of my career, I’ve made a decent living making movies no one wants to see.
Jean-Luc Godard
For me, real life is hard work. Making movies is like a vacation for my soul.
Guillermo del Toro
If you can’t stop somebody from working and making movies that you hate, what’s the next best thing? Destroy them personally.
Michael Cimino
Making movies is really hard. It’s a very complex process, with many, many variables.
Jeff Nichols
Ultimately, making movies, if you don’t have a big star, it’s hard to do. Or if it’s not a star director.
Chris Messina
We didn’t go to any summer camps because we just wanted to be making movies and telling stories.
Matt Duffer
We have to accept that making movies is a never-ending process of occasional progress, frequent setbacks, and unexpected curveballs being thrown our way. Navigating that process requires stamina, curiosity, openness, and creative fire.
Karyn Kusama
I had a daughter who was 9 years old and I had the feeling I wasn’t going to be a real parent if I didn’t quit making movies for a while and spend time with her. I also felt that I’d made enough movies and said what I had to say at the time.
Jane Campion
Acting and the industry of making movies is beautiful, but it’s so exhausting and such hard work; if you don’t absolutely 100% want to do something, it defeats the purpose.
Debby Ryan
I must say, to my great surprise and pleasure, I deeply loved making movies in the United States because of all the opportunities it gave me to work with people that I admire as artists.
Denis Villeneuve
Somehow, the process of making movies conventionally can dampen creativity because you’ve got to wait in line to do everything the way it’s supposed to be, particularly with actors who are just hanging out waiting for the call.
David MacKenzie
The biggest and most important part of our childhood was making movies. Our whole drive in life was to do this for a living, and then also to try to recapture that feeling that we had when we were telling those stories in the summer.
Ross Duffer
Financiers don’t support their directors to cast properly. They don’t have the vision of an artist. They’re casting to spreadsheets, and it’s making movies very mediocre. The movie business used to just be called the movies. Now it should be the business movies.
Patricia Arquette
I’ve always been respectful to all the people who do visual effects and special effects, because making movies is also making magic.
Gaspar Noe
You hope that the responsibility of making movies will fall into the hands of essentially moral people.
Sydney Pollack
There’s nothing more important in making movies than the screenplay.
Richard Attenborough
What is important to me is that people know I respect the business of making movies.
Eli Roth
Woody Allen is in his ’70s and he’s making movies, so I look forward to getting there.
Brett Ratner
If making movies was easier, there’d be a lot more good movies. So you kind of learn that if it’s just a good script, or if it’s just a good producer, that’s not always enough. You need an entire team of creative people coming together.
Chris Evans
Trust me: I’ve been travelling, making movies, and spending the remainder of my time at home.
Kajal Aggarwal
The representation of gay characters on screen is important for us all to think about because there are sadly too few representations of gay characters on screen in mainstream cinema. If Marvel starts making movies about gay superheroes, then we’ll be in a really great place. We’re not at that place.
Graham Moore
When I saw ‘Jurassic Park’ as a kid, that was the first time I thought about making movies for a living.
Travis Beacham
I started making movies in the early ’90s, a few years after I discovered ‘the cinema’ during a three month stay in Paris during which I watched 100s of films.
Ira Sachs
I’d like to direct myself but I’m a cinephile and I also would like to just step behind the camera and be on the other end of making movies.
Jackson Rathbone
Making movies is not rocket science. It’s about relationships and communication and strangers coming together to see if they can get along harmoniously, productively, and creatively. That’s a challenge. When it works, it’s fantastic and will lift you up. When it doesn’t work, it’s almost just as fascinating.
Julia Roberts
While it’s easy to sit back and cherry pick bad visual effects and blame the industry for making movies the way they are, you’re really not seeing the whole picture.
Freddie Wong
My favorite thing about making movies is that it’s the only area of human life that I’ve ever discovered where I can walk away from somebody in the middle of a conversation with somebody and they won’t be offended.
Alan Arkin
I’ve always been interested in making movies.
Lance Bass
Making movies is a dangerous job. Because you are always the one who stands at the center of the universe when making movies.
Emir Kusturica
For me the greatest source of income is still movies. Nothing – stocks, financial speculation, real estate speculation or businesses – makes more money for me than making movies.
Jackie Chan
I think that if you go about making movies to win Oscars, you’re really going about it the wrong way.
Nicolas Cage
Of course, the whole Andy Kaufman angle was classic. I’m real proud of that. I mean that is something people are still talking about 20 years later, making movies about and that sort of thing. I mean not a day goes by that someone doesn’t mention Andy Kaufman to me.
Jerry Lawler
My dad gave me his camera, so I spent my childhood making movies with the kids in the neighborhood as actors.
Michael Giacchino
One of the great joys of life, now that you can afford a nice suit, is getting one for free. That’s why I like to do press tours – I always say making movies is just an excuse to get free clothing.
Eli Roth
The motivation for making movies is that people actually see them.
Xavier Dolan
A movie like ‘Sugar’ you couldn’t make today. The climate for making movies with no movie stars, half of it in Spanish, at the budget level that we had is gone. These are high-risk elements.
Ryan Fleck
It was very hard to make ‘Funny Face’ in Paris because making movies is difficult and making a movie in a city that was glorious, that was unique and surprising, to get it, to put it on film you have to make choices and reject a lot of things so you’re always wondering: ‘Am I doing it right?’
Stanley Donen
It’s too expensive, that’s the thing nobody wants to talk about. It is too expensive to make movies. That’s not true, it is too expensive to market movies. Making movies is not.
Kevin Smith
I love making movies, but I was ready to rationalize being only a mother if my career never got back on track.
Jane Greer
I never really feel wrong while making movies. I know myself, and I know that my intentions are pure and I’m on the side of righteousness.
Harmony Korine
Directors, writers, and actors are interested in making movies with me. Producers and movie studio people are not interested in me as they are in Kevin Costner or Tom Cruise. That’s just the fact of the matter.
Michael O’Keefe
I’m in show business, and we have a long history here of making movies about law enforcement officers. If you’re my age, and you’re male, and you’re trying to get work, you’re going to run into those roles as opposed to having a long run of playing dancers.
Timothy Olyphant
It’s a good time to be making movies, despite the cynicism people have about Hollywood.
Rob Morrow
Being a big star and being known, making movies and a lot of money – that really doesn’t interest me.
Chris Tucker
I don’t actually sit down and write, but I just have a lot of different ideas about films and making movies.
Obie Trice
I love making movies that I want to see made and I want to see on the screen, but I also want to make movies that people enjoy and want to watch.
Riley Stearns
It has been my experience that work on the screen clarifies stage portrayals and vice versa. You learn to make your face express more in making movies, and in working for the theater you have a sense of greater freedom.
Fredric March
Since I began making movies, I’ve always looked for screenwriters instead of going through the long and painful process of writing.
Denis Villeneuve
The hardest thing for me about making movies, and that included ‘M*A*S*H’ because it was made like a movie, was starting and stopping.
Alan Alda
For me, I’ve never been too concerned of what people think of me, so now as the youngest Baldwin brother in Hollywood making movies while simultaneously being a charismatic evangelical born again Christian who’s an evangelist – that’s a pretty crazy combination.
Stephen Baldwin
I like working in TV, but my real love is making movies.
Marielle Heller
It’s so great in Hollywood now. You have people past 40 sitting and talking about serious stuff, writing and making movies and TV, but there’s laser pistols and superheroes and alien monsters involved. It’s viable and mainstream.
Nathan Fillion
Everybody just asks me ‘Are you going to make Hollywood movies now?’ First, I don’t know. Second, I never dreamed about that; I just dreamed about making movies with Tarantino. So if I can make movies with a lot of amazing directors – yes.
Melanie Laurent
My existence is about making movies, so I’ve just got to rock and roll with the punches. You want to make movies on telephones, I’m there.
Abel Ferrara
I think you get out of film school what you put into it. If you don’t care about making movies, film school will do you no good.
Richard King
I feel I’ve done everything late in life. Got married late, and I didn’t do my first movie until I was 31. But in this crazy business, you never know what’s going to happen. Maybe after 20 years of making movies I’ll become an overnight sensation.
Ray Liotta
I just want to go on making movies, and some of them will be completely meaningless, except, of course, to me.
Nora Ephron
If you have the resources, don’t waste your time. Why not continue doing the things you enjoy, such as making movies and taking part in things that the younger generation would like.
Sammo Hung
I was just making movies to make movies. I was so full of anxiety about becoming a filmmaker that I kind of lost the idea of why I was doing it.
Lee Isaac Chung
My photography is mainly focused on my work making movies, which I’ve done my whole life. I think I have a perspective that not many people have. And I get to take advantage of all of the strange sources of light on a set.
Jeff Bridges
A friend of mine from New York asked me what I want to do, and I responded with, ‘I want to make movies.’ He responded with, ‘Guess what? They’re not making movies on Martha’s Vineyard.’ Literally ten minutes later, I was packing my bags.
Austin Stowell
For a while, I stopped enjoying making movies and I stopped enjoying acting, because I made a few decisions that I wish I hadn’t made.
Paul Bettany
I always try to describe making movies like summer camp, or some holiday where you spend all day, every day with a new group of people whom you kind of love and then never see again.
Eddie Redmayne
The next thing I knew, I was out of the service and making movies again. My first picture was called, GI Blues. I thought I was still in the army.
Elvis Presley
Making movies is never going to get better than working on a Coen brothers project.
Sam Elliott
My roles don’t centre around drugs at all! Shadiness is different – it’s drama. We’re making movies! You’ve gotta have conflict.
Timothy Olyphant
I think I’m a very American director, but I probably should have been making movies somewhere around 1976. I never left the mainstream of American movies; the American mainstream left me.
James Gray
I position everything else in my life around making movies.
Richard King
I’ve been making movies a long time. I’m a professional at it. I’m not a professional at making soundtracks – that’s not my job. My job is to put the right songs in the movie so the movie works the best it possibly can.
James Gunn
Making movies is time-consuming and it’s boring. You spend most of your time waiting between takes. It’s like a big machine that moves slowly.
Eddie Murphy
I wish I was making movies back in the days when John Ford made movies and you were a director under contract to a studio. John Ford had years when he made three movies in a year.
Michael Cimino
Making ‘Pacific Rim’ was a lot like what you imagined making movies would be like when you were 12.
Travis Beacham
The problem with making movies is that you have to devote so much of your life to fawning and flattering the men in suits, whereas that doesn’t happen in books. You just go and write, and then the book comes out.
Richard Flanagan
I think our culture has gotten so skewed. People assume that because you’re an actor you want to write a book to exploit your celebrity, but my celebrity is only a byproduct of me making movies. I have no intention of being a celebrity.
Jonah Hill
I aspire to eventually be making my living by making movies.
Richard King
And I discovered after a couple years that I really didn’t miss making movies.
Rick Moranis
When you’re making movies you’ve got to get obsessive.
Daniel Craig
I went to film school and wanted to learn everything there was about making movies.
Zach Braff
I have respect for anyone who’s going to go out and make a movie for a small budget and turn it into a phenomenon. God bless you. Please keep making movies. That’s great. But it’s not what entertains me.
Katie Aselton
I’m not making movies for kids or family audiences.
Thiagarajan Kumararaja
I haven’t acted in 10 years. I always talk about being an actor, and yet I’ve been focusing on making movies for a long time.
Marielle Heller
If you are going to be dogged with doubts you shouldn’t be making movies.
Arbaaz Khan
I love making movies, but a movie becomes your entire life for, like, two to two and a half years. There’s no way around it; if you’re really going to be serious about a movie, it has to be your life.
Gary Sherman
I was obsessed with the idea of going to college. And I took many years off after that, so I sort of missed the weird, crazy transition that was what making movies was in the nineties to what’s happening now.
Gaby Hoffmann
Rap for me is like making movies, telling stories, and getting the emotions of the songs through in just as deep a way.
Making movies is difficult and you get disorientated sometimes – even when you’re working with fantastic talent.
Antonio Banderas
In Bollywood, people have been making movies for more than half a century and they are made in such a way that you need not shed off all your inhibitions.
Tanushree Dutta
There are so many people I know who could be the greatest film-maker but who will never get the chance to make a movie; it’s all about what somebody is going to make back. There are not a lot of romantic ideas about making movies anymore.
Alexandra Cassavetes
I never thought of what I was doing as a way to sell the NFL. I was making movies about a sport that I loved, about players and coaches that I respected. I wanted to convey my love of the game through film. And most artists convey their love through art. And my art and my love was expressed through film.
Steve Sabol
Certainly in the arts, in all genres, I think that men should step away. I think men should stop writing books. I think men should stop making movies or television. Say, for 50 to 100 years.
Eileen Myles
In all honesty I think that I’ve had a very normal life, even though I’ve been making movies since I was 9.
Josh Hutcherson
I used to love Kapil Dev and, like any schoolboy, wanted to become a cricketer till I started dreaming of making movies.
Imtiaz Ali
Making movies is really hard. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done.
Madonna Ciccone
I was going to make movies. I was the one in the family who was always rolling the video camera, making movies of my brothers around town, and then screening them for my parents. I still would love to make movies someday… that’s something that really means a lot to me, and I know I’ll have the chance to do it one day.
Joe Jonas
You can’t make a movie about making movies – it’s boring.
Jon Favreau
I’ve loved making movies. I feel like I’ve been so lucky because I’ve gotten to be in movies that are some of my favorites, regardless of my being in them – like ‘Heathers.’
Winona Ryder
You’re only making movies for two reasons: Because you have something to say or because you want to entertain people.
Danis Tanovic
Getting movies made is not as difficult as people think. Making movies is easy. You get a script, you get a director, you raise the money, you make the movie.
Stephen Baldwin
I was interested in music and making movies about musicians, but my own experiences, and doing what it felt like for me to be a drummer? Nah, I wasn’t interested in that.
Damien Chazelle
Making movies is great. It was like love at first sight; a whole new, different business. I can see why actors love it so much.
Nicky Jam
No, I like today’s cinema a lot. But I’ve spent so many decades only making movies. There’s so much that I still want to do. Like, live. It’s only up to me.
Jean-Louis Trintignant
My dad taught me to kiteboard when I was 13, and around the same time, I happened to just fall into being an extra on a set and fell in love with acting and making movies.
Maika Monroe
I love people who just started making movies – first-timers, second-timers. They take chances.
Chazz Palminteri
Lord of the Rings was my first experience making movies and at the time, I had no ideas how movies were done. I thought that’s the way they’re done, so in a way, I had nothing to compare it to.
Orlando Bloom
I’ve had nine of my books adapted to film, and almost all were enjoyable. I’ve been very lucky with Hollywood, and look forward to more movies being adapted. But I don’t get involved in that process. I know nothing about making movies and I stay away from it and hope for the best.
John Grisham