Makeover Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Makeover Quotes from Colin Hay, Andrew Ross Sorkin, Nancy Dubuc, Justin Tranter, Janice Dickinson. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

People say history is boring, and that is true because

People say history is boring, and that is true because people are boring. We haven’t changed since time began. We’re still the same. We’ve obviously made some changes. When we started, it was all about food, clothing and shelter. Now we watch ‘Top Chef’, ‘Project Runway’, and ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.’
Colin Hay
In truth, Wall Street is in for a radical makeover. Fewer people, lower margins, lower risk, lower compensation – and ultimately, fewer talented people. It is likely to change the culture of an industry that for nearly a century has been the money center of the world.
Andrew Ross Sorkin
It’s easy for the board to say, ‘Well, add makeover shows.’ The No. 1 show for women in the United States is ‘The Walking Dead.’ That’s not a makeover show.
Nancy Dubuc
A little makeover never hurt nobody.
Justin Tranter
The idea of the extreme makeover is disturbing.
Janice Dickinson
After becoming pregnant, I had to makeover my pantry just a little to make the proper adjustments to support the baby. I’ve found some staples that will stick around after the baby is here, too.
Holly Madison
After ‘Shirdi Sai,’ I wanted a total image makeover. I was looking to transform myself.
Akkineni Nagarjuna
There’s nothing experimental about ‘Kaashmora,’ as it’s a blend of fantasy and entertainment. The only experiment we did was with my makeover in the film.
Extreme Makeover… they help people that are uncomfortable in their own skin. They really change lives.
Steven Hill
Opera needs a major makeover; the large opera houses are too in thrall to their conservative patrons.
Robert Lepage
I’m an American designer. It’s important to riff on that. I remember, when my mom and I first came to the States, she was so shocked that everyone was so dressed down in sandals and shorts. It’s not quite like that in Asia. To give that a superluxurious makeover? For me to make street wear? It’s sort of chic to do it.
Jason Wu
I have had a really terrible makeover experience gone wrong. For a job, I was wearing a tank top that came a little low, and I was told to pluck my chest hair. I went and shaved it, but they wanted to pluck them!
Kendrick Sampson
Every single one of my girlfriends who’s had a big breakup has gone and done some kind of makeover, including myself.
Sian Clifford
The show I’m obsessed with watching is ‘Say Yes to the Dress!’ Because I love the whole makeover idea, and I’m a sap for love, of course.
Olivia Culpo
In some cases, if you are not happy with a certain scenario, you have to give it a makeover, you know?
Raheem DeVaughn
I got rid of my glasses and they changed my hair. That’s really all they did. They went shopping for me, so the clothes are different too. It wasn’t like Extreme Makeover where I got a nose job or anything.
Clay Aiken
I think ultimately I make people happy: Whether I’m doing the stage show, giving somebody a makeover, or designing clothing, the end goal is to make people smile.
Carson Kressley
Progressive Democratic President Barack Obama swept into power hell-bent on forcing through a makeover of our nation’s healthcare system. The result was a costly new tax and failed programme, the Affordable Care Act.
Anthony Scaramucci
I’m the makeover queen. I love to do makeovers on people.
Tina Knowles