Line-Up Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Line-Up Quotes from Jerry Only, Gail Z. Martin, Raveena Tandon, Felicia Day, Richarlison. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

The Ramones went through a couple different line-up cha

The Ramones went through a couple different line-up changes, and Johnny and Joey held through the whole thing. So right now I’m the only one hanging in there.
Jerry Only
I always send new writers to ‘Writer’s Digest Books’ line-up of how-to books. I read them all when I was starting out, and they were very helpful.
Gail Z. Martin
Rakshabandhan is one day in a year I always look forward to… As children, we used to get presents and money, and there would be a full line-up of rakhi brothers, but as I grew older, the excitement was lesser as the love grew deeper.
Raveena Tandon
Geek and Sundry has an eclectic line-up of shows all targeted around things I love: Comics, Tabletop Games, Books and more.
Felicia Day
Since I was promoted to the America MG first team, there was already pressure on me. In my third game at America, I was already in the starting line-up.
When we talk about women’s struggle to balance their lives, certain men growl, ‘If you can’t stand the heat, get back to the kitchen.’ Men who have never changed a nappy, mainly, and couldn’t pick their child’s teacher out in a police line-up.
Allison Pearson
Now I know that when you do come to a new club, you have to fight for your spot if you want to be in the line-up week in, week out.
Timothy Weah
In training, I work hard to make the starting line-up, and I try to do my best to be picked.
Marco Asensio
If you’ve got aspirations to be tested to the absolute maximum you want to be in the starting line-up.
James Haskell
If you were to do a line-up of past suitors, it’s definitely a very eclectic group, is all I’ll say.
Sophia Myles
Seeing our VH-1 Behind the Music shows just how dysfunctional some of the moments of the band were but this new line-up has put the fun back in dysfunction.
James Young
In the day-to-day, one only thinks about his club in training and trying to be in the starting line-up.
Gerard Deulofeu
It’s difficult for anyone to regard a place in the England starting line-up as their own. There’s always someone looking to get ahead of you, and that’s how it should be.
Peter Crouch
I made the decision back in 1984 to never play with Black Sabbath unless it was the original line-up. And I stuck to it for quite a long time. A lot of that was about honoring Ozzy.
Bill Ward
Work is my balm. I’ve just finished my work in Ketan Mehta’s ‘The Rising.’ It’s one of the best films I’ve done. Such a fabulous line-up of technicians and artistes. Above all, I got the privilege of working with Aamir Khan.
Amisha Patel
It’s good to be competitive when everyone wants to be in the starting line-up.
Jesus Navas
And I saw the sax line-up that he had behind him and I thought, I’m going to learn the saxophone. When I grow up, I’m going to play in his band. So I sort of persuaded my dad to get me a kind of a plastic saxophone on the hire purchase plan.
David Bowie
I don’t think you’d say we’d be rivals because we’ve got a completely different line-up to The Beatles.
Dave Clark
By the time I made my international debut Tendulkar was already being counted among the best batsmen in the world. Most bowlers knew that his was the crucial wicket in an Indian batting line-up that boasted of many talented batsmen.
Glenn McGrath
Obviously, every player wants to keep their spot in the starting line-up, and I’m the same.
Petr Cech