Life Experience Quotes

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Painting is the most magical of mediums. The transcende

Painting is the most magical of mediums. The transcendence is truly amazing to me every time I go to a museum and I see how somebody figured another way to rub colored dirt on a flat surface and make space where there is no space or make you think of a life experience.
Chuck Close
I have a wife, a son, and I’ve had some practical life experience.
Alex Meraz
You know, the truth is that us actors would all like to believe we re-invent the wheel, every time we play a character. But, we’re human beings and our instruments are not violins, they are our bodies and our consciousness and our collective life experience.
John C. Reilly
Life experience brings out different emotions and different perspectives on things. I just want to be constantly evolving.
Open-heart surgery is now part of a typical life experience for many people. Folks talk casually about ‘having a stent put in,’ as if they had their tires rotated.
Roger Ebert
Some of our life experience makes us weary of love and make it difficult to forgive others.
If you look at the greatest performances of women, they’re usually older… Anne Bancroft in ‘The Graduate,’ Kathy Bates in ‘Misery.’ It’s a matter of characters having a life experience that makes them interesting.
Rod Lurie
I believe that being an actress or being involved in a movie has to be a life experience, otherwise why go for it? I have to change me, and I have to learn things, and I have to push me and my limits. By acting, I find a freedom inside of a prison in a way.
Juliette Binoche
I’ve been taught through life experience that, like, I’d better open my mouth and quickly define myself in a new space and with new people because, if I don’t, I will be defined.
Justin Simien
A bit of perspective and life experience isn’t a bad thing.
Gail Honeyman
Acting is a life experience. I’m always learning things when I’m making a movie. So the fame part of it is fine when you consider what you get out of this job.
Kate Bosworth
It’s not good just to have life experience of film-making and that’s all. It’s hard to play a real person when you’ve been in jets and town cars for three years.
Ryan Gosling
Whether you chose a passive-aggressive husband, workaholic wife, or life of single motherhood, we are all officially allowed – and uniquely qualified – to critique our own life experience. Please don’t pretend you’re living mine.
Rachel Simmons
Cinema is empathy machinery, and we multiply our life experience through cinema. When it is good cinema, it almost counts as a personal experience.
Sebastian Lelio
Kendrick Lamar taught me that life experience is an important part of being a good illustrator. When you’re illustrating a story, you have to go based off of your personal experiences.
Roddy Ricch
There’s something about somebody’s first screenplay: it’s like their whole life experience has kind of been bottled into it. They bring so much richness to it. And not that they won’t do that for their next script, but there is something about their first experience and the time that it’s been floating in their head.
Valerie Faris
Of course, life experience changes and adds to writing. And observations change too, where you put yourself in relation to other people.
Amanda Shires
Ninety percent of my mentors have been male, most of them with very little in common with me on a personal level – from life experience, work experience, backgrounds, etc.
Ory Okolloh
I will direct one day. I need some more life experience before I feel like I can do something like that comfortably. It’d be a feature, it’d be something maybe that I had in writing as well.
Stana Katic
The idea that an author can extricate her or his own ongoing life experience from the tale being written is a conceit of very little worth.
Steven Erikson
One can’t change one’s life experience, but even if I could, I wouldn’t change it because of all the wonderful things that have happened to me.
Shelley Fabares
A sense of freedom is something that, happily, comes with age and life experience.
Diane Keaton
I remember when I was 33 or 34, it was devastating because I realized I wasn’t a kid anymore. The great thing about 40 was that I really felt like I had life experience and knew what I was doing now.
Jennifer Lopez
If you’re a young person who wants to become an actor, it’s really important to walk into a casting room with a sense of yourself and some life experience. You can really delight a room and have them already choose you before you’ve even said a word!
Kenny Ortega
The only reference in my life is my life, and it’s my life experience. It’s my environment. It’s my community. I’ve not made that for books.
John Kani
You know, young actors say all the time, ‘Should I use my own life experience?’ And my response is, ‘What choice do you have?’
David Mamet
I didn’t set out to win an Oscar, of course, but to be in this conversation, it’s somehow an honour and a strange life experience as well.
Lee Isaac Chung
Americans have not only a right but a responsibility to consider the values of those who seek to lead them – whether they arise from life experience, political ideology or religious belief.
Gary Bauer
I always think of my father when I sing arias about loss and love and longing. It gave me that definite deep sorrow that one can only get from life experience, you know?
Sondra Radvanovsky
The experience of the human, male or female, cannot be completely defined by one startling, surprising, or gigantic life experience.
Jenny Slate
I’ve had tragedy in my life, but I think that gives me a depth that I can bring to my work. I’d like to see more older women on TV because they can bring that life experience and emotion to a performance.
June Brown
I’ve learnt from my life experience.
Niki Lauda
I want artists to tell their story and share their life experience.
Bushwick Bill
When you’re younger, you’re trying to understand and make sense of what your parents are trying to instill in you, which is ultimately life experience. I remember being 17 and my dad trying to teach me the importance of responsibility.
Jovan Adepo
U2 – that’s a band that never should have existed. There’s no life experience in any of their songs.
John Lydon
Working on ‘King Of Texas’ was a life experience for me.
Marcia Gay Harden
From every life experience, fighting experience, I took the right lessons.
Andrei Arlovski
The kind of products you envision as an entrepreneur is a function of your life experience.
Mitch Kapor
I have found, in my life experience with President Trump, when he’s out there himself and he’s being his fresh, authentic self, it’s very appealing to the people of the United States.
Anthony Scaramucci
I got tired of Los Angeles, and I got tired of the game a bit. I wanted to have a different life experience, so I moved to England, and I lived in England for eight years, and I worked there.
Neve Campbell
I remember that when I got to NYU, everyone was writing scripts. But I was 18 at the time, and when you write a script, so much of it is about what you pull from life, and this sounds sort of cheesy, but I felt like I didn’t have enough life experience at that point to write a movie.
Todd Phillips
Our experience in fooling around with the genes of mice has taught us that many of the traits that interest us are not definite products of specific mutations but emergent phenomena arising from extremely complex interactions between genes, environment, and life experience.
Gary Wolf
We were a very small circle of writers. Everybody brought to the table their own life experience.
Howie Mandel
The more life experience you have, the more comedy you can write.
Judy Gold
Basically, any time you have a real life experience, that can be a song. Because no matter how crazy or weird you are, somebody’s had an experience just like you, somewhere.
Benny Blanco
Remember, we really grew up separately; our life experience was very different because of segregation. So I think comedy is a good space to work those things out and educate everyone about the different experiences and different race groups in South Africa.
Riaad Moosa
I came to politics later in life so I bring a different life experience to it.
Kathleen Wynne
Can you blame them? We have to filter so much information these days. But it does make it difficult for an artist. I’m 46 years old now. I’ve had a lot of life experience and my voice has changed. People who expect the same old me are bound to be disappointed.
Kathy Mattea
On my first album some of the songs were written when I was 14 or 15 so your life experience means you change, but my style is similar.
Amy Macdonald
I think it’s important and I think it’s true that our life experience is going to be about our attitude, our thoughts, our beliefs, our speech and our actions. We can transform our life experience simply by changing our language.
Jason Mraz
Reading asks that you bring your whole life experience and your ability to decode the written word and your creative imagination to the page and be a co-author with the writer, because the story is just squiggles on the page unless you have a reader.
Katherine Paterson
I never really got the chance to scream about some of the painful things. In the book, I look at my whole life experience, at ego and fame, too.
Rita Marley
You have something unique that no one else has – your life experience. That’s the power of you.
Mel Robbins
Succeeding is not really a life experience that does that much good. Failing is a much more sobering and enlightening experience.
Michael Eisner
It has been a very successful life experience for President Trump to be President Trump. So let’s let him do that… Let’s see where the chips fall.
Anthony Scaramucci
Books have always helped me make sense of things. With any life experience, you can find someone who has documented it in a poetic way.
Kate Beckinsale
I need time to do whatever I want to do. What happens to an actor that has no life experience? They don’t know how to act as a different role. So, that’s really important to do.
Finn Wolfhard
I feel like my life experience is that of an outsider. Let me explain: my parents are from Panama, and they moved to the United States the year after I was born. They moved into an all-white neighborhood, where the previous black family had a cross burned on their lawn.
J. August Richards
For me personally, the way I’ve been trained, just through life experience – the harder something is, the harder you have to work for it, the more worthwhile it is, and you just have to know that going in.
Aldis Hodge
When I think of the 1980s, the only color that comes to mind is a brown, yellowish color. I guess it’s coming from my life experience, and it’s melancholia and sadness and a bit of joy.
Denis Villeneuve
As I got older, I realized that my life experience, what I really had, was always going to be more valuable than what I pretended to have.
Eric McCormack
I don’t have to go to church. The church is within me and the experience is my own. It’s my life experience.
Mariel Hemingway
When I was doing stand-up, I was about twenty, and I really think that that’s a little too young. I didn’t have a whole lot of life experience to draw on.
Steve Buscemi
I came to the States less to find fortune and fame and more to kind of have a life experience of seeing something new.
O. T. Fagbenle
Studying acting has been personally enriching because it has taught me to take the time to imagine what someone else’s life experience might be like. To look deeply at how our pasts and the circumstances of our early childhoods mold us as people.
Aja Naomi King
I quite like the idea – just as an abstract idea – of 12 people’s collective life experience and wisdom being this formidable thing. People say juries can be led – I think 12 people from different backgrounds, different races, different genders, different ages, it’s hard to hoodwink.
Peter Morgan