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You aren't allowed to ask at auditions, legally, a pers

You aren’t allowed to ask at auditions, legally, a person’s race.
David Henry Hwang
We need to have a grown-up conversation about what kind of system do we need, both politically and legally and culturally and economically, that will stop this ridiculous, outrageous harming that we’re doing to ourselves and the planet.
Gail Bradbrook
Both free speech rights and property rights belong legally to individuals, but their real function is social, to benefit vast numbers of people who do not themselves exercise these rights.
Thomas Sowell
After Emancipation, black women married earlier and more often because they were legally free to do so for the first time, and that was true until after World War II. But middle-class white women married less and later.
Rebecca Traister
We must insist on assimilation – immigration without assimilation is an invasion. We need to tell folks who want to come here, they need to come here legally. They need to learn English, adopt our values, roll up their sleeves and get to work.
Bobby Jindal
If you want to be part of the American country, then do it legally.
Kris Kobach
It just struck me as obvious that a state has the right to restrict its welfare benefits only to those people who are U.S. citizens or are visiting the state legally.
Kris Kobach
I have the utmost respect for those who have come to this country legally and have contributed to the great melting pot that is America today. But those who have crossed our borders illegally have broken the law and the law ought to be enforced.
Bob Ney
Meat consumption is just as dangerous to public health as tobacco use… It’s time we looked into holding the meat producers and fast-food outlets legally accountable.
Neal Barnard
I was walking around legally blind. Now I have 20-20 vision. I can’t believe I spent so many years blurry, but I think that coincides with how I was feeling. Now I notice if people are watching me, but I also smile right back if someone waves, which helps.
Nicole Kidman
How could somebody be comfortable with authorizing legally the use of lethal force? My view is if you become comfortable with it, then you should get out of the job.
Jeh Johnson
It’s hardly a news flash that a secret, clandestine intelligence agency might resist giving out information about its operations when not not legally required to do so.
Benjamin Wittes
Old ways of thinking die hard, particularly when they were weaned by legally enforced monopolies.
Mitch Kapor
When I was 15, I changed my name legally. I think it was largely due to my struggle about being gay. Everything just didn’t fit, and I was trying to find things I could identify myself with, and it started with my name.
Portia de Rossi
I know I’m intellectually capable of finding a series of things and making hundreds of millions. I have to get there and do it. Carefully. Legally.
Jack Abramoff
When you’re going into companies and you’re secret filming, I didn’t realise the amount of protection that you need legally before you can do just the slightest thing.
Joe Lycett
Our immigration system needs walls and doors. We need walls to stop illegal immigration, but we also need to doors to allow people to come here legally.
Madison Cawthorn
We can prove that we are in the business of governing responsibly, upholding our rule of law, and giving priority to those immigrants willing to apply legally versus those who leverage our system’s loopholes.
Dan Crenshaw
The model sanctuary was borne of a complex, political, societal debate. It was proposed to us from various bodies that we give models medicals once a year, and if they didn’t pass that medical, there’s a chance they’d legally lose their right to work.
Erin O’Connor
China has legally purchased high performance computers, advanced machine tools, and semiconductor-manufacturing equipment from several American companies.
Charles Bass
The rescue of a person, who is assaulted, or restrained of his liberty, without authority of law, is not only morally, but legally, a meritorious act; for every body is under obligation to go to the assistance of one who is assailed by assassins, robbers, ravishers, kidnappers, or ruffians of any kind.
Lysander Spooner
No man can be subject to any laws, excepting those which have received the assent of himself or his representatives and which are promulgated beforehand and applied legally.
Marquis de Lafayette
There should be limits morally and legally as to how far you are willing to go to try to hurt someone and their family.
Cynthia Bailey
Consular offices make no attempt to determine whether the person obtaining the card is legally in the United States. In fact, the only people who need these cards are illegal immigrants, criminals and terrorists. Consular cards also are easily forged.
Elton Gallegly
Tobacco companies are legally operating entities in Australia. If the Government thinks that they should not make donations to political parties, well then they should ban them operating as legally structured entities in Australia.
Julie Bishop
Woody Allen – legally, ethically, personally – was absolutely a father in our family.
Ronan Farrow
If extreme poverty is allowed to increase, it will give rise to new problems, including new diseases that will spread from countries that cannot provide adequate healthcare to those that can. Poverty will lead to more migrants seeking to move, whether legally or not, to rich nations.
Peter Singer
My own wife is from the Philippines and came here legally to this country, and there are a lot of people that want to be part of this nation, and I want them to be part of this nation.
Trent Franks
People who think that the immigration system is easy and people should just apply legally – it just isn’t that easy.
Pramila Jayapal
There’s food and supplements that you can take legally that will better your body and help you stay healthy. Shortcuts are something that’s always been around all sports, but as a union, we’re trying to do the best we can to weed those guys out of the game.
Jake Arrieta
Of the unjust rights which in virtue of this ceremony an iniquitous law gives me over the person and property of another, I cannot legally, but I can morally, divest myself.
Robert Dale Owen
Legally, many contractors are required to pay a prevailing wage. However, bad actors often find ways to get around this requirement.
Letitia James
We support an open Internet and having rules – the right kind of rules that are legally enforceable and allow for investment and innovation.
Brian L. Roberts
My responsibility is to ensure that the position of the Department of Justice is not only legally defensible, but is informed by our best view of what the law is after consideration of all the facts.
Sally Yates
Asylum under the traditional definition doesn’t necessarily include people coming here for economic reasons, but I think one of the biggest things we need to do is expand legal immigration so people can do that legally.
Katie Hill
As a conservative, I maintain a healthy skepticism of the theory of man-made global warming. I also believe that more people enjoying the fruits of modernity and economic development is a good thing – as long as those people arrived legally and obey the law.
Gary Bauer
CIA officers aren’t idiots. They knew they were heading into deep water – legally and morally – when they signed up for the interrogation program. That’s part of the agency’s ethos – doing the hard jobs that other departments prudently avoid.
David Ignatius
‘Duch’ means spirit and ‘ovny’ is kind of the adjectival ending, so the word itself means spiritual. It’s my father’s name, obviously. He took the ‘H’ out because he was tired of people saying Duchovny, but he never did it legally. When my parents divorced, my mother, to my father, put the ‘H’ back in.
David Duchovny
Daily fantasy sports operators claim that they operate legally under Alabama law. However, paid daily fantasy sports contests are, in fact, illegal gambling under Alabama law.
Luther Strange
Actually just recently I came up with that idea, watching the movie ‘Legally Blonde’ and I was like, ‘Cool, that’s something I want to do.’
Lisa Leslie
Even if the Constitution of the United States had intended to recognize slavery, as a constitutional state institution, such intended recognition would have failed of effect, and been legally void, because slavery then had no constitutional existence to be recognized.
Lysander Spooner
I think marriage initially involves a lot of people who have nothing to do with your relationship, because it’s a legally binding contract, and that has a weight to it.
Scarlett Johansson
While, legally, universal suffrage has been achieved for all undetained citizens over the age of 18, many people still find it difficult to vote in elections.
Dawn Foster
Once labeled a felon, you are ushered into a parallel social universe. You can be denied the right to vote, automatically excluded from juries, and legally discriminated against in employment, housing, access to education and public benefits – forms of discrimination that we supposedly left behind.
Michelle Alexander
Although Mr. Trump will not be able to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord, he can legally ignore its provisions, in keeping with his questioning of the existence of man-made climate change.
David E. Sanger
It’s never me saying, ‘When is my day over?’ It’s more, ‘When do they legally have to get me off of the lot, based on when I have to be back the next day?’ The first call is a big thing in the acting world and in the union world. There needs to be a 12 hour period, and I need it.
Stephen Amell
You got to realise that when I was 20 years old, I had a house, a Mercedes, a Corvette and a million dollars in the bank before I could buy alcohol legally.
Dr. Dre
Altho that is so, Ireland has always denied and Ireland still denies that the Union was binding upon her either legally or morally. And here on this historic occasion we have assembled to renew our protest and to place it upon record.
John Edward Redmond
I’m happy if my music is being downloaded, whether it’s legally or illegally.
Joshua Bell
I left school the day I turned 16, the earliest day I legally could. Determined to follow a life on stage, preferably with some dance connection, I applied for and won a place at the local drama school. I was on my way.
Celia Imrie
Planned Parenthood has amassed a Third Reich-style death count completely legally and while pocketing half a billion dollars a year to do so.
Steve Bannon
It is a maxim among these lawyers, that whatever hath been done before, may legally be done again: and therefore they take special care to record all the decisions formerly made against common justice and the general reason of mankind.
Jonathan Swift
The E.U. is one of our largest trading partners, and any negotiations legally must be conducted at the E.U. level and not with individual nations.
Wilbur Ross
Our laws demand that a corporation have a fiduciary responsibility with shareholders to maximize profits. They are legally required to make as much money as possible, any way possible within ‘the law.’
Michael Moore
You can win more arguments then you might think as a writer, even though you legally have no recourse, and your script can get muddied and altered in any way possible. You can use reason, logic, and passion to argue persuasively for a case in your favor.
Shane Black
I didn’t think I’d do movies in Los Angeles. I never thought it would happen. In fact, it was not a fantasy. For me, I said, ‘If ever I go there, they will ask me to do ‘Legally Blonde 5.’
Denis Villeneuve
Zionism demands a publicly recognized and legally secured homeland in Palestine for the Jewish people. This platform is unchangeable.
Theodor Herzl
Potentially, a government is the most dangerous threat to man’s rights: it holds a legal monopoly on the use of physical force against legally disarmed victims.
Ayn Rand
I think I need to accept the fact that I am where I am today because fans have shared my music illegally and legally, but I wouldn’t be here today without the Internet, so I can’t speak out against it.
Ed Sheeran
Even if Pfizer committed itself legally to maintaining some of its research and development in the U.K., its takeover of AstraZeneca would involve dismembering an excellent and strategically important British company.
David Sainsbury, Baron Sainsbury of Turville
People return home from prison and face legal discrimination in virtually all areas of social and economic and political life. They are legally discriminated against employment, barred from public housing, and denied other public benefits.
Michelle Alexander
Appearing in ‘Legally Blonde’ has helped me find my inner girl, although at the beginning the director was constantly telling me off for sitting like a boy, with my legs apart, while wearing a cocktail dress and heels!
Sheridan Smith
The implication here is that those who came to America legally over the years are somehow second-class citizens.
Mitch McConnell
NSA is a very conservative culture legally. Our lawyers at NSA were notorious for their conservatism up through the morning of September 11th, 2001. The single most consistent criticism of the NSA legal office by our congressional oversight committee was that our legal office was too conservative.
Michael Hayden
I have this firm belief that I am who I am for a reason. If I change something, I’m cheating myself of whatever it is I’m supposed to learn from my body. You know, I’m legally blind. I’m 20/750, since I was in fifth grade. I wear glasses and contacts. But I won’t even get LASIK.
Carrie Ann Inaba
When you’re walking down a street and you are a brown-skinned person or you’re a person that lives in an immigrant community, there’s no differentiating on – solely on the basis of what you look like. They don’t walk down the street saying, hi, I’m an immigrant; I’m here legally or not.
Lori Lightfoot
Slavery in New Hampshire was never legally abolished, unless Abraham Lincoln did it. The State itself has not ever pronounced any emancipation edict.
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
I’ve used the word ‘compliant’ environment, and what that means is it’s absolutely right that we have an environment in terms of our immigration policy that distinguishes between people that are here legally and those that are here illegally.
Sajid Javid
With my own memoirs, they are truthful, and I write everything fully expecting to some day end up televised on Court TV, and I’m fully prepared to be challenged legally on it.
Augusten Burroughs
Once you’ve acquired a criminal record, you can be discriminated against legally in employment, housing, and access to education and public benefits. You’re relegated to a permanent second-class status, forever a ‘criminal.’ Inflicting this amount of unnecessary pain and suffering is not cheap.
Michelle Alexander
The bottom line is: If any government has a rule that would legally allow it to punish people for things that don’t deserve punishment, then that law should be scrapped or changed.
Kat Timpf
Is it the right thing to burn Qurans? Legally? Can pastor burn Quran tomorrow? People accept legally it is right. But is it the right thing to do? No.
K. A. Paul
I’ve only ever really been in shows of friends, so I don’t know exactly what happened. I think I’m incredibly cheap to hire. That can buy some traction. I’m as cheap as it’s possible for an actor to be legally.
Richard Ayoade
The concept of war is not the construct that will govern – psychologically, politically, and legally – our continuing response to Al Qaeda.
Benjamin Wittes
Prop 8 did something that no other state in the history of this country has done. It took away the rights of people that already were legally affirmed. Imagine someone putting something on the ballot saying your wedding, your marriage is no longer valid.
Gavin Newsom
For a long time, when I was very young, I went to go see arena rock bands. I was 16, and it was all I could get in to see, legally. And I saw Led Zeppelin and Ted Nugent and Van Halen and all that.
Henry Rollins
NSA surveillance is a complex subject – legally, technically and operationally.
Barton Gellman
I downloaded ProTools – legally, of course… and I wanted to impress girls by making remixes of songs.
Charlie Puth
May was young and beautiful, we were legally married, but she was caught in the prison of my skin.
Sammy Davis, Jr.
I legally can punch someone in the face and not get arrested for it, which most human beings can’t do.
Scott Steiner
To be able to drive a rickshaw legally, I had to get an international motorcycle license in L.A., which I have now.
Belinda Carlisle
America should meet its obligations in the form of Social Security, Medicare, our ability to pay our military, legally binding legislation that allows unemployment compensation, the judiciary, the federal court system, the federal prison system, all those kinds of things have to be paid for.
Bill Johnson
Obviously, I want it to be legally downloaded, and I myself have spent a fortune on iTunes because, for me, that’s the easiest way to get music.
Joshua Bell
Certain classes of weapons that are strictly military and have no useful purpose in sport, hunting, or self-defense should not be legally sold.
Dick Durbin
You can legally lie about the real world to your heart’s content, but until some human being is materially damaged, nobody will complain.
Richard Dawkins
But black people fall for that same argument, and they go around talking about law breakers. We did not make the laws in this country. We are neither morally nor legally confined to those laws. Those laws that keep them up, keep us down.
H. Rap Brown
Ma was legally blind due to a degenerative eye disease she’d had since birth. This meant she was entitled to welfare, and our lives revolved around the first day of every month when her payment was due.
Liz Murray
People associate girls with long blonde hair with the girls in ‘Clueless’ or ‘Legally Blonde.’ You can’t be smart and educated and have an opinion because you are supposed to be stupid.
Katee Sackhoff
It’s not legally possible to put an image of a member of the royal family on the Tube!
Tim Pigott-Smith
Illegal immigration continues to be a major problem in the United States. We have people waiting to come here legally. And we should not be rewarding people who have come here illegally.
John Barrasso
We thought sex was free. Sex is not free. There’s a price to be paid emotionally, physically, even legally. Sex isn’t a casual thing. It’s a huge thing.
William H. Macy
What is a fair way to structure our economy? To handle those who did not come to America legally? To distribute scarce public resources and benefits?
Kristen Soltis Anderson
When I was born my parents lived in a flat so small that it now legally can’t be rented out as a dwelling.
Jack Monroe
I got invited to the White House, and I tried to sleep there overnight without permission. The Secret Service came to my house, and I had to talk to them. They legally couldn’t do anything because I didn’t do anything wrong, but they yelled at me like a principal.
Jake Paul
I’m legally blind in one eye, and one eye is a totally different size than the other, and I have, like, a weird crossed-eye thing.
Grace Potter
The U.K.’s debt belongs legally to Westminster, so Scotland, by definition, can’t default on it.
Nicola Sturgeon
If you saw a better idea or business anywhere in the world, and you could reapply it legally and ethically and with attribution, you were supposed to do that. And I used that learning in building Cold Stone.
Doug Ducey
You can collect Facebook data legally with the consent of the Facebook users and the consent of Facebook.
Alexander Nix
I want to support myself legally, and take advantage of the opportunities and organize and benefit from those choices.
I support immigration, provided the people come through legally, and that is based upon merit.
Corey Stewart
Food production is just one part of the repeated emphasis that you store a provision of food which will last for at least a year wherever it is legally permissible to do so.
Ezra Taft Benson
I believe it could very well be unconstitutional to ban people. We are a country of immigrants, but we have to know who’s coming in. They need to come in legally. And we need to be sure that we have been able to have them satisfy the criteria that we set for them to come into our country.
Jan Brewer
New Jersey has decided that fewer handguns legally carried in public means less crime. It is obvious that the justifiable need requirement functions as a rationing system designed to limit the number of handguns carried in New Jersey.
Thomas Hardiman
Merely implying bias due to a judge’s ethnic heritage is wrong as a matter of principle and legally illegitimate.
Ron DeSantis
Many homosexual couples in Korea are already together. They are not legally accepted yet, but I believe the Korean Constitution allows it. We are guaranteed the right to the pursuit of happiness. Of course, there may be different interpretations to what that pursuit means.
Park Won-soon
I think legally we have to do ‘fun’ with a period. I think we agreed because apparently there was another band called ‘fun.’ We Google-searched, which now makes sense because we’re so impossible to Google-search.
Nate Ruess
The costs of marriage breakdown are borne by the entire society, and therefore it is reasonable for the entire society to demand support for marriage – to insist that it is privileged both culturally and legally.
Nancy Pearcey
Those labeled felons may be denied the right to vote, are automatically excluded from juries, and may be legally discriminated against in employment, housing, access to education, public benefits, much like their grandparents or great grandparents may have been discriminated against during the Jim Crow era.
Michelle Alexander
You can’t learn everything you need to know legally.
John Irving
Would a good friend, a smart friend, encourage you to do something as dishonorable as not pay a bill you’re morally and legally obligated to pay? I don’t think so.
Dave Ramsey
If we grant immigrants moral agency, we assume that they are capable of abiding by the law, and that they are legally responsible when they do not.
Heather Mac Donald
The right to be able to speak openly and confidentially to another is, at times, codified legally if not ethically.
Gad Saad
There is land in Colombia, fortunately, for everybody. We don’t have to expropriate land from people who are cultivating that land legally.
Juan Manuel Santos
When we walked out of that hospital, we had a birth certificate with our names on it that said: ‘Father one and father two, Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black.’ And we knew our son was not only ours in our hearts but also legally and protected that way.
Dustin Lance Black
I believe marriages should be legally defined as between one man and one woman.
Lisa Murkowski
I have serious adult acne, am almost legally blind and have to work at controlling my weight.
Georgette Mosbacher
You amp things up and you speed things up, but technically, you can still be legally correct. This is the big beef I have with novels as well as television shows – it actually makes for a better show when you accommodate the truth.
Marcia Clark
Without significant reform, the Social Security Administration will be legally and financially unable to pay full promised benefits within a generation.
Ron Lewis
Cable companies aren’t bad because they’re parts of unwieldy media conglomerates. They’re bad because they’re monopolies (even where they are no longer legally exclusive) and because the government policies that made them monopolies rewarded lobbying over customer service.
Virginia Postrel
I fully recognize we need to improve the path to citizenship, just as we need to value the hard work of folks who become American citizens legally.
Bill Flores