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I always had this crisis: where do I come from? I was n

I always had this crisis: where do I come from? I was never an insider, never an outsider; I was always in the middle. But it means I never have borders in my head.
Yasmine Hamdan
I don’t feel comfortable as an insider.
John Cho
The problem today isn’t low-quality journalism, it’s too much noise. If one out of five ‘Business Insider’ stories is original, the other four would be culled.
Jason Calacanis
I’m probably the worst Silicon Valley insider ever. I don’t hang out with Silicon Valley people.
Alexis Ohanian
No, as much of an insider as I become, I will still always be an outsider. It’s just the essence of me being who I am and doing what I do.
Perez Hilton
I spoke bluntly about what I had seen in a little over a year as United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York. To the apparent surprise of many in the room, I observed publicly that insider trading appeared to be rampant.
Preet Bharara
Along with Trump, there are few people, on either the right or the left, who would defend the system. The system is, everyone believes, broken: it’s an insider’s game; it’s totally fixed; it serves itself. Trump codified this into a simple and vivid idea: the swamp.
Michael Wolff
Stiglitz is not a Left economist. Indeed, it would be difficult to find a more authentic insider and establishment figure than Stiglitz.
Prashant Bhushan
In terms of negotiating a career – I’ve always grown up being an insider and an outsider to different worlds, across different classes and cultures, so I have always naturally liked making films or music that puts things in unexpected places.
Riz Ahmed
The great joy of doing ‘The Daily Show’ for me is that I get to sit on the fence between cultures. I am commenting on the absurdity of both sides as an outsider and insider. Sometimes I’m playing the brown guy, and sometimes I’m not, but the best stuff I do always goes back to being a brown kid in a white world.
Aasif Mandvi
Students come away with a clear message about how admissions works: If you have money, connections or ‘insider’ knowledge, you have a leg up. It’s hardly surprising that many students of modest or lower means decide it’s not even worth playing.
Asha Rangappa
In every jurisdictional area that I can get my fingers on, I want to move us away from the Washington insider economy.
Jeb Hensarling
Where the grifter is shameless, the grafter shrinks from exposure, which could only endanger the racket. He is greedy but not creatively ambitious. He toils in mundane self-dealing, insider trading, bribe taking, witness tampering, and other forms of workaday corruption.
Jacob Weisberg
Newfangled online sites like ‘Business Insider’ and ‘Huffington Post’ built businesses they later sold for hundreds of millions of dollars by ripping off the work of more talented journalists and then playing Google’s digitally native games better than the old fogeys ever could.
Adam Lashinsky
The Loopt mobile app is all about giving you the latest local deals and insider tips.
Sam Altman
In ‘That Will Never Work,’ I give readers a clear-eyed insider’s look into how one of the least likely startups grew into one of the world’s most successful companies.
Marc Randolph
I know publishing now more as an author than with occasional peaks inside those elite offices than as an industry insider. It was difficult publishing a novel the first time around, while working behind the scenes, knowing all that has to happen to make a book a success and to still make the leap as an author.
Jennifer Gilmore
Significant officials at publicly traded companies are casually and cavalierly engaged in insider trading. Because insider trading has as one of its elements communication, it doesn’t take rocket science to realize it’s nice to have the communication on tape.
Preet Bharara
I think I’ve come through the art-industrial complex – I’ve been educated in some of the best institutions and been privy to some of the insider conversations around theory and the evolution of art.
Kehinde Wiley
It’s interesting to be at once an insider and outsider. It’s a way of learning how to find your way freely without the need of conforming or belonging.
Yasmine Hamdan
Insider trading tells everybody at precisely the wrong time that everything is rigged, and only people who have a billion dollars and have access to and are best friends with people who are on boards of directors of major companies – they’re the only ones who can make a true buck.
Preet Bharara
People like to pigeonhole and say, Well, I’m a Washington insider, and you know, that’s quite silly. What does that even mean?
Bob Woodward
Stained glass is unique from the outside, but as a painting insider, I know that oil painting’s all about light. And it’s about the depiction of light, the way that it bounces off different types of skin, different landscapes. The mastery of that light is the obsession of most of my painter friends.
Kehinde Wiley
The idea of insider information to me is almost, like, laughable.
Kevin Plank
Insider trading is hard to prove. To be convicted, a person must have bought or sold a stock based on material information that is both unknown to the general public and likely to have had an important effect on a company’s stock price.
Alex Berenson
I think you only really feel like an outsider if you’ve been an insider.
Sade Adu
I was a total fashion insider who became an outsider when I did bridal.
Vera Wang
If you want more of the same, Mitch McConnell is your guy. He is the ultimate insider. He is the epitome of dysfunction in Washington.
Amy McGrath
Kaaka Muttai’ is the expression of an insider. It is a film about globalisation and its effects.
Tiptoeing on a tightrope past insider trading laws may be deft and clever, but it doesn’t make it right.
Andrew Ross Sorkin
I am a physical retailer by trade – if your shop is burgled you don’t immediately think, ‘Is it North Korea? Is it the Mafia?’ But with cyber you don’t know initially whether you’re dealing with a state actor, as they call them, a small-time criminal, an insider.
Dido Harding
Fashion is such an insider’s club, but slowly, the playing field is evening out. Through social media, everyone can have a front-row seat.
Nicola Formichetti
Individual nations have offered their own contributions to income inequality – financial deregulation and upper-bracket tax cuts in the United States; insider privatization in Russia; rent-seeking in regulated industries in India and Mexico.
Chrystia Freeland
Outsiders often have an insight that an insider doesn’t quite have.
Diane Abbott
I stand with everyone who is sick of hearing about Washington cutting insider deals to their friends in business, politicians failing on their promises to fight increases in government spending, and more costly and complicated rules from Washington that make everyone’s lives harder.
Scott Garrett
Securities fraud generally and insider trading in particular should be eminently deterrable crimes.
Preet Bharara
If you’re trying to learn how to collect art, the key is getting access to insider opinions, and we pride ourselves on working with the most relevant artists and the collectors with the most authoritative voices.
Alexander Gilkes
Giving money doesn’t make you an insider. If that’s considered being an insider, I guess Donald Trump is an insider. That doesn’t make sense.
Carlos Beruff
You don’t have to be a political insider to know that Parliament, along with parts of the Government, has colluded in sabotaging Brexit.
Priti Patel
In ‘The Insider,’ I had violence – lethal, life-taking aggression – all happening psychologically, all with people talking to other people.
Michael Mann
I’m pretty happy not to be an insider anymore. There’s just no common ground. I don’t know if it’s distrust or that the politics is substantially more partisan than the public. But there’s no pressure to make a grand bargain on fiscal matters, on growth, on anything.
Austan Goolsbee
The struggle you see in the Republican Party today is the country club Republican versus the bowling alley Republican. Colin Powell brings us back to the country club image. He’s an insider. He’s a moderate.
Pete du Pont
Intel has a very complete process that I go through any time I want to sell that ensures I have no insider information.
Brian Krzanich
Unfortunately, from what I can see from my vantage point as the U.S. Attorney here, illegal insider trading is rampant and may even be on the rise.
Preet Bharara