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If you take 'The Hobbit' and 'The Lord of the Rings' as

If you take ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings’ as books, one is written for children, and one is an adult’s book.
Peter Jackson
Living in New Zealand, that’s something that you’d like to do as an actor, but very rarely do you get an opportunity to get such a good springboard as ‘The Hobbit’ to help you get international work.
Dean O’Gorman
Coming back from doing ‘The Hobbit,’ you think ‘Sherlock’ is realistic, but of course, it’s not that realistic.
Martin Freeman
Over 55% of all shots using animals in ‘The Hobbit’ are in fact computer generated; this includes horses, ponies, rabbits, hedgehogs, birds, deer, elk, mice, wild boars and wolves.
Peter Jackson
‘The Hobbit’ was one of the first biggish books I ever read. I remember vividly the ‘riddles in the dark’ passage, and it meant a lot to me to finally get to play it after all these years.
Andy Serkis
I grew up actually reading ‘The Hobbit,’ not ‘The Lord of the Rings.’ I loved ‘The Hobbit’ growing up.
Elijah Wood
I was on record before I did ‘The Hobbit,’ saying I don’t care at all about 3D. And I suppose I should now say I care a lot about 3D. I’ve always loved 3D, I think everything should be 3D, and I think it’s just a shame ‘The Godfather’ wasn’t in 3D.
Martin Freeman
I think of the ‘Hobbit’ films as being films for the family.
Evangeline Lilly
I hadn’t grown up with ‘The Hobbit;’ I hadn’t grown up with ‘Lord of The Rings,’ anything like that.
Martin Freeman
It’s an interesting but useless bit of information that every single character in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’ wears a wig, and many of them wears a prosthetic – false ears, feet, hands. In my case, nose.
Ian Mckellen
To make three films out of one shortish book, they have to turn it into an epic, just as ‘Lord of the Rings’ is an epic. But ‘The Hobbit’ isn’t an epic: its tone is intimate and personal, and although it’s full of adventures and excitement, they’re on a different scale to those of the bigger book.
John Lanchester
Iwas not a reader at all, not until I discovered ‘The Hobbit.’ That changed my life. It gave me the courage to read. It led me to the ‘Lord of the Rings’ series. And once I’d read that, I knew I could read anything because I had just read thousands of pages.
Richard Paul Evans
I read ‘The Hobbit’ only when I was an adult. I had a lot of friends, teenagers, who discovered reading through ‘The Hobbit,’ but it wasn’t something that I discovered until later in life.
Matthew Reilly
In my life, the strongest evidence of any fandom is ‘Sherlock’ – ‘Hobbit’ fans are positively restrained.
Martin Freeman
I read ‘The Hobbit’ when I was twenty and first reading modern science fiction and fantasy. I followed it up with ‘The Lord of the Rings,’ which I still reread from time to time, but of the lot of it, I prefer ‘The Hobbit.’
James Blaylock
I was traumatized by the cartoon version of ‘The Hobbit.’ It’s not supposed to be scary, I don’t think, but literally I think that’s the most scared I’ve ever been.
Emily Meade
Being involved in ‘The Hobbit’ has been a huge boost for me. It’s really put me on the map and helped me be taken more seriously as an actor.
Luke Evans
They were the books to read, ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings.’ A rite of passage going through life.
Sylvester McCoy
I was a massive Tolkien fan. ‘The Hobbit’ was… my favorite book as a little girl, and the Silvan Elves were my favorite characters in the book.
Evangeline Lilly
I read everything that Tolkien wrote, and also read biographies of him. I was fascinated by his experiences in World War I, which includes the loss of life of some of his very, very close friends. I think he writes about that a lot in ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings.’
Richard C. Armitage
My first film is coming out, and it’s in 3D, and it’s ‘The Hobbit,’ so it’s a bit weird.
Adam Brown
‘The Hobbit’ by J. R. R. Tolkien was the first book I enjoyed. I was 14 and when I finished I started it again.
Nigel Lythgoe
I would love to live in ‘The Lord of the Rings.’ J. R. R. Tolkien’s world is so vivid and rich and sensual. I love the country setting and the routine of the hobbits. Of course, I would like to be a hobbit who goes on small adventures – not huge, horrifying ones like Frodo’s quest.
Mary Pope Osborne
If we just made one movie, ‘The Hobbit,’ the fact is that all the fans, the eight-, nine- and 10-year-old boys, they would watch it 1,000 times. Now, they’ve got three films they can watch 1,000 times.
Ian Mckellen
Everybody knows about Peter Jackson, ‘The Hobbit’ movies and ‘The Lord of the Rings’ films being made in New Zealand, and to actually have been part of it for such a long period, to live there and to have friends that I will have for life because of that experience, is an amazing thing.
Luke Evans
I never wanted to do ‘The Hobbit’ in the first place.
Peter Jackson
I was shocked when ‘The Hobbit’ ended where it ended. I wasn’t paying attention to what they were doing; I didn’t know they had another movie, and I couldn’t believe it was when the dragon came out.
Adam McKay
I remember reading ‘The Hobbit’ on a car trip from Ohio to Mississippi and getting out at a rest-stop in Mississippi and feeling jet-lagged at my return from Middle-earth.
Garth Risk Hallberg
This little hobbit saves the world. The wizard kills the dragon and saves the town. So many people connect to that character; it doesn’t matter if it’s an elf or a hobbit or a dwarf. It doesn’t matter. They’re human in their heart and soul.
R. A. Salvatore
Part of me is nonhuman and eccentric, which is what a hobbit is, and I don’t mind being eccentric.
Orson Bean
I want to be in ‘The Hobbit.’ I love fantasy and mythical adventure films. I believe in fairies and angels. I believe in nature’s spirit, that there are other realms, other planets, life forms.
Julia Sawalha
It’s almost like an optical illusion, ‘The Hobbit.’ You look at the book, and it is really thin, and you could make a relatively thin film as well. What I mean by that is that you could race through the story at the speed that Tolkien does.
Peter Jackson
I have read only the first ‘Harry Potter’ book. I thought it excellent, perhaps the best thing written for older children since The Hobbit. I wish the books had been around when my kids were the right age for them.
Gene Wolfe
I was the first person in the world to audition for ‘The Hobbit’. The casting director told me that when I went in. That’s a lot of pressure, isn’t it? The first person in the world.
Jack Whitehall
If I’m made to pick one transcendent reading experience, then it was listening to Miss Sarzin as – if we’d been very, very good – she read the next chapter of ‘The Hobbit’ aloud to us.
Karen Joy Fowler
‘Doctor Who’ is not as literary as ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’ is – books have come out, but they are from the television episodes. So there is that difference… it’s more scholastic.
Sylvester McCoy
To be honest, if people thought my performance in ‘The Office’ was the same as my performance in ‘The Hobbit,’ it would tell me everything I needed to know about what they know about acting.
Martin Freeman
I did a number of local children’s theater plays growing up, but in 5th grade, I had some good times on stage making people laugh as a troll in ‘The Hobbit.’ That solidified my dream to be on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ which was hugely influential for me growing up.
Lauren Lapkus
As a first movie, ‘The Hobbit’ is not a bad place to start.
Adam Brown
In ‘The Hobbit,’ there were British, Irish, Australian and New Zealand actors, and Peter Jackson was adamant that we would all sound like we were from Britain somewhere.
Aidan Turner
Gollum is Gollum – though in ‘Lord of the Rings’ he’s 600 years old and in ‘The Hobbit’ he’s 540, so he looks a little bit more handsome.
Andy Serkis
The learning curve is ‘The Hobbit’ is being shot in 3D.
Andy Serkis
‘The Hobbit’s a big gig. It’s a huge circus that you become a part of.
Martin Freeman
I do find it slightly offensive that everyone thinks that every New Zealander starred in either ‘Lord of the Rings’ or ‘The Hobbit.’
Jacinda Ardern