Hard Way Quotes

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There's a big difference between wanting to work and ha

There’s a big difference between wanting to work and having to work. And I had to learn that the hard way. Now money is very important to me, because I ain’t got it.
James Caan
Humans are possessed, to some degree, with the power of foresight. Yet we so often learn things the hard way, through disaster.
David Grinspoon
I’ve done it the hard way – first Olympic gold medallist from Great Britain to win a world title, the ‘road warrior.’ I love that tag because I do travel.
James DeGale
It’s the NHL playoffs, I’m 20 years old, I’m finding it out the hard way that playoffs aren’t easy.
Carey Price
I think Jameis Winston will be a superstar in the NFL. I think all his off-the-field problems that he’s had will push him in a position to grow up and learn the hard way.
Kirk Herbstreit
I like to see the world from different levels. Even when I’m making a candle or designing a piece, I like to sit on the floor to polish or make it from scratch. I haven’t seen really tough times, but my husband has come up the hard way. He has even seen poverty.
Twinkle Khanna
Many people suggest using mathematics to talk to the aliens, and Dutch computer scientist Alexander Ollongren has developed an entire language (Lincos) based on this idea. But my personal opinion is that mathematics may be a hard way to describe ideas like love or democracy.
Seth Shostak
I learned everything the hard way – like, literally, everything. I know that God does that to people that he has lessons for. I just wish that I had learned less extreme lessons.
I wasn’t smart enough to read relationship books when I was coming up. I learned everything the hard way.
Michael Ealy
I’m grateful for every opportunity. I learned the hard way.
DeMarcus Cousins
You learn the hard way. That’s the thing with social media. Nobody knows what they’re doing.
Cameron Dallas
When I was younger, if I got into arguments, I’d become aggressive and violent, but I learnt the hard way that was only going to end negatively.
Ant Middleton
I couldn’t get my first film on the air. The first film I did was called ‘The Race For Space,’ about the U.S.-Soviet space race. The networks had a policy that I found out about the hard way. I even had a sponsor for my program, but the networks wouldn’t put it on because it was independently produced.
David L. Wolper
I wanted people to know that I’m human, and I’m only successful because I’ve learned the hard way. I’ve been in so many dark places, but I got myself out.
Ant Middleton
In the pocket, you do have some protections, but you get out of the pocket, and defenders’ eyes get big. Sometimes you learn that the hard way.
Alex Smith
Being thrown into the fire and getting the thing turned around in a hurry made it more difficult. Things have been done the hard way. I think you learn better when things are done the hard way.
John Elway
I learned the hard way how desperately primitive is the technology we have for monitoring the health of someone with a chronic illness.
Chris Toumazou
The older you get, the easier it is to get injured. But what I’ve learned the hard way is that the more excess weight you have, the more likely you are to get injured doing everyday things.
Steve Howey
I’ve done it the hard way and taken every opportunity I’ve been given and said yes to every fighter that’s been put in front of me.
Rocky Fielding
An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.
Charles Bukowski
I’m blessed that I’m not content. Whenever I work with kids, which I’m passionate about, I want them to know that, yes, two World Cups, two Asian Cups, but I’ve done it the hard way.
Timothy F. Cahill
I had to be intellectually satisfied as well as emotionally because at that time of life one doesn’t just fall into it in adolescent emotion, and I was satisfied at every point that it was the one way and the hard way to do things.
Ruth Pitter
I am neither dejected nor depressed because every one has a bad phase in one’s life. I realized it the hard way because the momentum of my social life too slowed down.
Suresh Gopi
I learned the hard way that taking shortcuts and living for free is not really living free.
Sophia Amoruso
I’ve learned a lot the hard way.
Nigel Benn
Acting is a hard way to make a living, and there’s a kind of dark, somewhat seedy side to the whole aspect of fame and celebrity that’s not really something I would want for my child – or want him to want, if that makes any sense.
Pablo Schreiber
It’s a cliche, and in a way it’s a conservative idea about fiction, but I did learn the hard way that plot does need to dictate the story.
Rachel Kushner
There are so many highs and lows working in TV. I learnt that the hard way when my contract for ‘Big Brother’s Bit On The Side’ wasn’t renewed. Nobody gave me a reason, so I felt rotten.
A. J. Odudu
I feel like everything in WWE I earn the hard way.
Computers allow us to squeeze the most out of everything, whether it’s Google looking up things, so I guess that tends to make us a little lazy about reading books and doing things the hard way to understand how those things work.
Buzz Aldrin
I learnt the hard way about positioning in business, about catering to the right segments.
Shaffi Mather
To me, The Hard Way’ is as raw and vital as anything I was doing when I first started only its way better!
John Waite
Working at Pixar you learn the really honest, hard way of making a great movie, which is to surround yourself with people who are much smarter than you, much more talented than you, and incite constructive criticism; you’ll get a much better movie out of it.
Andrew Stanton
I’m glad to have grown up in the countryside and played, and had to use my imagination rather than a TV and had to learn to act the hard way, to have dealt with the rejection. It’s a life as well as a job, at the end the day, we all have to work for a living, but we have to have a life as well.
Jason Clarke
Everything does not happen according to a plan, and you learn your lessons the hard way.
Juhi Chawla
Trump made his fortune manipulating tax laws and stiffing small businessmen, creating a few well-paying jobs along the way. Vulnerable people looking to master ‘the art of the deal’ learned the hard way that Trump held all the cards.
Stephanie Coontz
I’ve learned that whether it’s with your skin or your hair, less is more. People go and do so much to it, I don’t think that’s good. Too much product is not good, so I think that’s probably the best thing. And not the most expensive thing is the best thing. That’s for sure. I’ve learned that the hard way.
Kyle Richards
There are no shortcuts, and you can’t wing your way through real hard work. I learned the hard way by not taking auditions seriously when I first came out to L.A. and probably wasted a good seven years.
Rick Hoffman
As female athletes all over the world have discovered the hard way, changing cultures and mindsets takes action.
Julie Foudy
Sometimes I do have to find out things the hard way.
Absolute certainty is not something I strive for anymore. I’ve learned the hard way that destiny usually looks upon our most strident convictions with amusement, or perhaps even pity.
Elizabeth Gilbert
I never had little brothers, so I was totally not used to hearing a lot of cussing at a young age! I learned what ‘pull my finger’ meant the hard way.
Danica McKellar
It’s important to be gentle about my routines. I’ve learned that the hard way. When I’m really stressed out, I can take it out on my body and hurt myself. Sometimes I need to be as loving and soft with myself as possible. I’ve had to learn how to pay attention. It’s a kind of mind-set.
Lisa Edelstein
We often learn the hard way that our world is ruled by external factors. We don’t always get what is rightfully ours, even if we’ve earned it.
Ryan Holiday
My parents keep me grounded. I’ve spent a lot of time on my own in my life, and I’ve learnt the hard way.
Atif Aslam
I remember I had to go and ask my mom for groceries sometimes because I wasn’t the best person with budgeting. I had to learn the hard way, but you live and learn. It builds character and strength.
Katie Cassidy
I think most fiction writers naturally start by writing short stories, but some of us don’t. When I first started writing, I just started writing a novel. It’s a hard way to learn to write. I don’t recommend it to my students, but it just happens that way for some of us.
Andrea Barrett
When I started training, I just started running every day, which you shouldn’t do. I learned that lesson the hard way by getting a stress fracture.
Sophia Bush
I’ve learned the hard way how valuable privacy is. And I’ve learned that there are a lot of things in your life that really benefit from being private. And relationships are one of them.
Ashton Kutcher
You can’t do television shows caring whether or not the network picks you up. You can only do them enjoying the work, because if you’re always on pins and needles about whether you’ll be picked up, you’ll lose your mind. I learned that the hard way.
Jon Cryer
The United States – aspiring India’s favourite country – had to learn the hard way that you ignore the world outside your door at great cost to your own survival.
Barkha Dutt
Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to. It’s just common sense that I learned the hard way – I keep touching the fire. I’ll touch it even though you told me it’s hot, even though it’s burned me before.
Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein
All my memories with my mother have been special. Even the time she rebuked or taught me things the hard way.
Rubina Dilaik
I did it the hard way, I fought everyone I could and I would not have it any other way.
Carl Froch
I have learnt the hard way that neither success nor failure last forever.
Abhimanyu Singh
I never had any financial support or sponsors, and so I always had to, at every level, prove myself the hard way. I was five years in Japan before I got my debut at Le Mans. And I think this is a humble way to get through as a racing driver.
Tom Kristensen
There were so many lessons I learned the hard way: missing out on a raise because I didn’t know to ask, having colleagues consistently get credit for my ideas because of how I spoke up in meetings. When I looked for a resource that addressed the challenges I was facing, I couldn’t find it. There was nothing.
Kathryn Minshew
I have learned the hard way to mind my business, without judging who people are and what they do. I am more troubled by the lack of space being provided for the truth to unfold. Humans cannot seem to wait for or honor the truth. Instead, we make it up based on who we believe people should or should not be.
Iyanla Vanzant
I find composition difficult. I never thought of myself as someone who can crank it out. I can’t crank it out – I have to dig it out the hard way. In some sense, you become more confident in your technical apparatus, but it becomes harder to do something you haven’t done already.
Steven Stucky
Pretty much everything I carry with me, I learned I needed the hard way. I sweated, dry-lipped, dry-mouthed, soaked-to-the-skinned my way through all of these lessons.
Janet Varney