Great Moments Quotes

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To me, writing is much freer than dancing. With writing

To me, writing is much freer than dancing. With writing, you could do it whenever you wanted. You didn’t have to do little exercises and stay in shape. You could have great moments of inspiration that advanced the story. In dance, unless you’re going to choreograph things yourself, you’re at the service of someone else.
Lorrie Moore
There are two things I enjoy most about my work. First, I get to work with interesting and enthusiastic people who are also fired up about science. Second, every once in a while I have moments in which I suddenly understand the solution to a problem that I’ve been working on – those are great moments.
David J. Anderson
Playing in Montreal for six years, being drafted in 2007, a lot of great moments in that organization. The positive moments outweigh the negative moments.
P.K. Subban
I have had so many great moments, but I would have to say that dancing the Swan in ‘Swan Lake’ was such a unique and passionate experience for me. It was such bloody hard work, even at that very early age, that I would not want to try to replicate it again now.
William Kempe
Great moments of entertainment, great football, unforgettable evenings. I think that’s what it’s all about: experience, emotions, and the special touch that the Champions League brings on and off the field.
Clarence Seedorf
The fun stuff comes when someone is not so strict on sticking to the script. You’re allowed the spontaneity, and great moments can happen.
Jennifer Aniston
I played over 130 matches, including four finals, so there have been many great moments.
Clarence Seedorf
It was some great times and some great moments… I’m proud to be a WWE alumni. If it wasn’t for my time there, there’s no way I’d be excelling at Fox and acting.
Of all the great moments at Butler, I still remember the losses most vividly. I don’t know why. I guess that’s kind of what drives you.
Brad Stevens
There’s some terrible food on ‘Come Dine With Me’ and that creates some great moments.
Gregg Wallace
The American story is a story of great moments and dreadful moments.
Alexis Denisof
Great moments in science: Einstein discovers that time is actually money.
Gary Larson
I first became interested in ‘great moments’ when I read about the famous Feller-to-Boudreau pickoff play in the 1948 World series.
Fred Willard
It’s been a rollercoaster ride. There have been some great moments and some low points… like when I was leaving Stax. That’s when I actually thought of getting out of the business.
William Bell
Sometimes in football, you live great moments, and you live some sad moments.
Hugo Lloris
After going through a really tight schedule and sharing some great moments with a team, the last day shoot always turns out to an emotional experience.
Koel Mallick
I think one of the great moments of my life was when I could write musician on my passport.
Jon Anderson
The things that have taken place over my career have been unbelievable. I have a lot of great moments to cherish.
Steve Largent
One of the great moments for me was Riddick Bowe defeating Evander Holyfield to win the world heavyweight title. That was a night when you thought, ‘Woah, this guy is special.’ But then after that Riddick never really fulfilled his potential.
Michael Buffer
There were many great moments in WWE, but the most special was to win the ‘Royal Rumble’ of 40 wrestlers.
Alberto Del Rio
When you think about Dada and the great moments in Modern Art, it’s always the sense of when you’re not sure that art is most likely to be occurring.
Richard Phillips
I had a lot of great moments with David Haye.
Deontay Wilder
I have always found the baptism of Jesus, with a dove descending and voice from Heaven, one of the great moments in the Jesus story. This is where Jesus hears the deep call from God.
Jay Parini
There have been so many great moments in golf that you even forget some of them.
Dan Jenkins
Growing up in the time of Title IX – it was passed when I was 10 – I got a front-row seat to so many great moments in women’s sports. Of course I didn’t know it at the time.
Jackie Joyner-Kersee
The three great moments of my life had to be the concerts of Ellington in 1938, Dizzy in ’48, and Ella in ’52.
Boris Vian
I’m not sure whether I’ve been happy. After my last book tour, I sat on my balcony with a cup of tea. I thought: ‘You can’t rewind the movie. I’ve spent more than half my life in the Middle East. There have been great moments of horror and depression and loneliness.’
Robert Fisk
I was sad to leave Monaco, a club that gave me a lot of great moments, but in football, sometimes you need new challenges, and I thought it was time to move on.
Best memories – obviously, winning a title for the first time. Probably my last fight against Gray Maynard where I was able to finish him for the trilogy. Those were definitely great moments. The worst moments are the losses, for sure.
Frankie Edgar
I studied in Britain and spent great moments of my life there as a student living in Belsize Park. I admire the British trait of the stiff upper lip in the face of adversity. My wife studied in Britain, too, and both of us have many friends there.
Asif Ali Zardari
I had great moments in my life and I’m happy with what I achieved.
Nicolas Anelka
All America is familiar with the Yankee-Dodger-Giant trivia, but so many other teams had great moments.
Fred Willard
It’s seldom that you find great moments in television. Usually you remember – in ‘Breaking Bad’ or any of these other great shows – you remember situations or characters. Not moments. But I have to say, I can make the same argument for mainstream movies, which have bad narratives and also no memorable moments.
Alfonso Cuaron
Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the small ones.
Phillips Brooks
‘Raising Arizona’ is maybe my favorite comedy of all time. What’s great about it is that as slapstick as it gets, it has great moments of emotion and caring. Them bringing the baby back and Trey Wilson’s character. I love that, man.
Joe Carnahan
I enjoyed it at Celtic and had some great moments and obviously some not so great moments.
Oliver Burke
Great moments are born from great oppurtunities.
Herb Brooks
The Fiesta Tour McDonald’s exhibit is a one-of-a-kind compilation of items and great moments in Latin music history. Every item has a unique story, including the outfit which I wore during the 2008 Premios Juventud awards.
There’s a film I did called ‘Front of the Class’, about a teacher who had Tourette’s. That was a beautiful blend of drama and comedy. There’s some great moments of levity in the script.
James Wolk
There have been so many great moments, and I feel so blessed every day.
Vusi Mahlasela
The great moments of rock ‘n’ roll were never off in some corner of the music world, in a self-constructed ghetto.
There’s been a few great moments, I don’t hate my career in England.
Bradley Wright-Phillips
I love watching action films, and especially the little moments of wit and humor in the choreography in a lot of them. The editing of an action sequence often has great moments of comic timing.
Susanna Fogel
Football can give everyone who loves the game their great moments and most dreadful disappointments. All it takes is a couple of bad injuries or decisions to turn a season and that’s just the unforgiving nature of sport.
Glenn Murray