Georgian Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Georgian Quotes from Sergei Lavrov, Paul Broun, Katie Melua, Johnny Isakson, Dexter Fletcher. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

When the Georgian army started this assault against the

When the Georgian army started this assault against the sleeping city of Tskhinvali, the Georgian peacekeepers, serving in one contingent with their Russian friends, joined the army and started killing the Russian comrades in arms.
Sergei Lavrov
Georgians aren’t interested in labels or affiliation, they’re interested in solutions. And that begins by making Washington smaller and America bigger!
Paul Broun
The Georgians will treat you like royalty, and the odds are you’ll do a lot of eating, drinking and toasting.
Katie Melua
I make it a point to go home every weekend so I can meet with Georgians and hear from them directly.
Johnny Isakson
We have been protecting the lives of the Russian peacekeepers who had been attacked by their Georgian comrades, because there was a joint peacekeeping force.
Sergei Lavrov
I love walking along Leith’s waterfront and wandering around some of New Town’s beautiful streets and squares, with their gorgeous Georgian architecture.
Dexter Fletcher
It is hardly surprising that the Georgian domestic style emerges as the most remarkable in the world.
Stephen Gardiner
We Georgians are really into food and drink. We would never have finger food at a party or a wedding – celebrations are always one long meal, on one long table, with endless toasts.
Katie Melua
General Lee, this is no place for you. These men behind you are Georgians and Virginians. They have never failed you and will not fail you here. Will you boys?
John Brown Gordon
And one of the things I’ve tried to do in my first months in office is to give more Georgians – reporters and members of the general public alike – a closer look at how their government works.
Roy Barnes
Linda Georgian is a wonderful psychic. She can do amazing things.
Dionne Warwick
I’ve run my whole campaign on putting Georgians first, and I’m going to continue to do that, unlike Ms. Abrams, who wants to give the HOPE scholarship and free college tuition to those who are here illegally.
Brian Kemp
To wear stays forces you into the elegant, balletic posture of a Georgian minuet-dancer. As with the tight-lacing, there is still great debate about whether stay-wearing, which began in adolescence, actually changed the shape of the skeleton, or was just a cosmetic, temporary, alteration.
Lucy Worsley
My family and I live in a wing of a Georgian mansion in East Sussex, which was built in the 1780s and fell into disrepair. It was rescued in the Seventies and carved into six terrace houses.
Simon Toyne
To ensure a bright and healthy future for hardworking Georgians, we must increase access to quality, affordable health care.
Brian Kemp
I don’t cook very often but when I do I try and make Georgian food. I made a hinkali recently, which is like ravioli but is the size of your palm, with meat in the middle and thicker dough.
Katie Melua
Georgian architecture respected the scale of both the individual and the community.
Stephen Gardiner
Georgians understand obligation, love of family, and payment plans.
Stacey Abrams
Here I sit, beneath the large window of a first-floor Georgian flat, exploring the corridors of my sordid imagination for comedic words of beauty.
Matt Roper
Mikheil Saakashvili can claim that 80 per cent of Georgians wanted to join NATO; on the other hand, a similar percentage of Russians would almost certainly support Putin’s quest for a strong Russia. We would mistake this mood at our peril.
Alistair Horne
I once rented the Georgian town house that Jane Austen lived in down by the Holburne Museum – so I lived in Jane Austen’s house, and slept in Jane Austen’s bedroom. You can walk along these Georgian streets and it’s like you’re in a Jane Austen period drama.
Lucy Worsley
We must continue our work to improve and strengthen health care for Georgians, and we must defend the vital protections and programs that protect the health and wellbeing of families across our nation.
Lucy McBath
Most cities are eclectic. There’s a bit of medieval, Georgian, some Victorian and some 20th century. That’s fine. Bath is different because it was built within 100 years or less. It has a homogeneity.
Ken Loach
London is a city of ghosts; you feel them here. Not just of people, but eras. The ghost of empire, or the blitz, the plague, the smoky ghost of the Great Fire that gave us Christopher Wren’s churches and ushered in the Georgian city.
A. A. Gill
A Georgian man’s shirt had a long tail, which he tucked between his legs rather like a nappy. Over it went his ‘breech liners’, the long, linen forerunners of drawers. All of this was intended to keep his unwashable outer clothes free from the sweat and stink of his skin.
Lucy Worsley
Hydro, wind, solar, and biomass energy have economic impact across the state and, with collaboration and focus, can become engines of prosperity for more Georgians.
Stacey Abrams
It’s often been said that politics in Islington, in many ways, begins and ends with housing, and it’s not hard to see why. Despite the borough’s image of exclusivity – the stereotype that it’s all Georgian squares and cappuccino bars – the reality is much more complex.
Emily Thornberry
Yes, I can still see ‘Arcadia’ in my mind’s eye, that beautiful Georgian room and the actors’ moving through it. I loved that idea.
Rosemary Harris
It started in Georgia. Everyone sings there. I mean, it’s all they do. So at eight, I heard a lot of Georgian singing, which is often really complicated, with seven- or eight-part harmonies.
Katie Melua
Hard work and making the most of life – that’s what makes Georgians great.
Karen Handel
I have a lot of responsibilities. Every move I make, on and off the court, I’m thinking about doing the right thing for my country. It’s a small country, but I’ve said it before, we Georgians have a big heart, we all support each other in every way we can.
Zaza Pachulia
The graceful Georgian streets and squares, a series of steel engravings under a wet sky.
Shana Alexander
‘Daddy used to be a Georgian,’ Stalin’s son, Vasily, once said. Actually, the dictator didn’t truly become Russian; he remained Georgian culturally. Yet he embraced the imperial mission of the Russian people.
Simon Sebag Montefiore