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I know people have always seen me in very fitted clothe

I know people have always seen me in very fitted clothes because that is required and so is done, but personally, I like the deconstructed look.
Sonali Bendre
I’m a larger lady, a plus size with a bit of belly fat, but I know what suits me, clothes-wise: blouses, tailored jackets and pencil skirts. One of my favourite outfits is jeans, riding boots and a fitted velvet jacket.
Jo Frost
I like my jeans fitted but I wear quite baggy tops and slouchy jackets.
Vogue Williams
As I get older, I’m starting to find myself liking clean, fitted outfits, so I like a button-down. I’m seeing supermodels and what fashion is really like in real life. There’s more than just Atlanta with the saggy pants.
Shameik Moore
I always have the same problem when I try to buy something straight off the rack: If I put on a medium, it’s perfectly fitted in the torso, but the sleeves are too short. If it’s a large, the sleeves are long enough, but it’s too baggy. So made-to-measure suits are especially important for me because I’m 6’2” and so skinny.
Science is a victim of its own reductive metaphors: ‘Big Bang,’ ‘selfish gene’ and so on. Richard Dawkins’ selfish gene fitted with the Thatcherite politics of the time. It should actually be the ‘altruistic gene,’ but he’d never have sold as many books with a title like that.
Charles Jencks
I didn’t have any stability in my life, so I was probably a bit lost as a person. I didn’t know where I fitted in professionally and I didn’t really know where I fitted in with my personal life and seeing my son, and it was really confusing. I think if you have one solid, then the other one you can manage.
Danny Drinkwater
The artificial leg was like an alien body, fitted to mine. Both had to respond to each other.
Sudha Chandran
I’ve been asked that question lots of time before, why wasn’t I on Live Aid? And quite frankly I don’t know. I was riding high in the charts and the styles of music they had were quite varied from Adam Ant to Status Quo to Queen. I would have definitely fitted in.
Shakin’ Stevens
The government’s objective, broadly expressed, is that all persons, whatever their level of ability, whether they live in town or country, have a right as citizens to a free education of the kind for which they are best fitted and to the fullest extent of their powers.
Peter Fraser
I enjoyed school until the age of 13 – I loved my teachers, my friends. Then, suddenly, you get thrown into a boys’ school, and the ecosystem changed, and I wasn’t sure where I fitted in. I was still always the clown, but I wasn’t inspired, I guess.
Kayvan Novak
Interestingly, I never thought I’d do an adaptation. I’ve also been quite against them. I think trying to translate one medium to another is wrong. I never really felt that books fitted into film. Generally people are disappointed, aren’t they?
Andrea Arnold
For a ‘GOT’ premiere, I wore a white dress by Antonio Berardi, which fitted beautifully. And I felt empowered by the Jenny Packham gown I wore for ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ premiere. That is the beauty of the designer – to help a woman or man feel that way.
Rose Leslie
Alcoholism is a genetically predisposed disease and it does run in my family. I also think I felt like a misfit. I was in the South, everybody was blonde. I just didn’t feel like I fitted in. It was sort of my way of fitting.
Kristin Davis
To be honest, I think Black History Month, it’s become much bigger than it used to be because a lot of people are doing different things, different things with it. It’s an American import, which hasn’t always fitted exactly with what I would call British and Commonwealth history.
Kemi Badenoch
I gotta have my long trench coats, a nice scarf for the winter time when you’re walking around, and some nice fitted jeans to go with the trench coats.
I came out of the punk era in the late Seventies. There were the Stray Cats, Matchbox and myself. I was able to hang on and it makes you think how I fitted in with your Spandau Ballets and Kraftwerk.
Shakin’ Stevens
It was the full conviction of this, and of what could be done, if every man were placed in the office for which he was fitted by nature and a proper education, which first suggested to me the plan of Illumination.
Adam Weishaupt
I had written the song ‘aaza aaza Shamiyane ke tale… ‘ for Ghai’s film ‘Yuvvraj’ but he felt the song did not suit his film and Rahman suggested that the track should be used in ‘Slumdog’ and it fitted well with the movie.
When Ignatius understood that God did not wish him to remain at Jerusalem, he began to consider what he should do. The plan he approved and adopted was to enter upon a course of study in order to be better fitted to save souls.
Saint Ignatius
I like suits that are fitted. And I usually stick to grays, whites, and blacks.
Liam Hemsworth
To find out what one is fitted to do, and to secure an opportunity to do it, is the key to happiness.
John Dewey
I was working at a restaurant, I booked the role in ‘Twilight,’ put in my two weeks’ notice, got fitted, flew to Portland, filmed, and then it started getting hype. That helped me get my foot into certain doors before the movie even came out.
Ashley Greene
When you are fitted in a racing car and you race to win, second or third place is not enough.
Ayrton Senna
It’s not about having a plethora of suits, but having a few good ones. It’s all about fit. The contour of your body. If your shoulders are broad, you shouldn’t have shoulder pads. If you’re not a big man, you shouldn’t have extra space. I think it’s definitely worth having it properly fitted.
Trey Songz
I don’t think I’ve ever really fitted into the industry and the scene. I feel like I’ve always been on the cusp.
The Soviet government sprouted and grew out of the habits, the psychology, and the condition of the Russian people. It fitted them. They understand it.
Lincoln Steffens
A guy came to the shop every day. A lot of guys put the foam like stuff that forms to you, kinda like the Indy car guys run. He fitted it up and it felt real good, so we’re going to try to run it.
Sterling Marlin
My mother’s illness fitted into this protest against the treatment of the sick who could not pay, the inefficiency of commercialism, the waste, the extravagance, and the poverty.
Ellen Wilkinson
When I first became captain the job was new and refreshing and didn’t affect my batting. I was still in the same mental pattern I had had for 10 years; batting came first and captaincy fitted in with that.
Nasser Hussain
The theatre is supremely fitted to say: ‘Behold! These things are.’ Yet most dramatists employ it to say: ‘This moral truth can be learned from beholding this action.’
Thornton Wilder
I was born in Paris in 1950. I had a strict upper-class Catholic education but I never really fitted in the system and revolted against it quite early.
Francois Gautier
I always felt my emancipation into truly being a grown-up was when I had to figure out how to fold up a king-size fitted bottom sheet on my own.
Emily Procter
If you’re going to buy a suit, don’t buy one off the peg if you can afford not to. Go to a tailor, as I always do; find the style you like, and have it fitted to your shape.
Tamer Hassan
I suppose Roger had the license to do anything that fitted the venue.
Neil Innes
I thought ‘Arnold Layne’ was a nice name and fitted well into the music I had already composed. Then I thought, ‘Arnold must have a hobby,’ and it went from there.
Syd Barrett
Now I will say this to every sinner, though he should think himself to be the worst sinner who ever lived: cry to the Lord and seek Him while He may be found. A throne of grace is a place fitted for you. By simple faith, go to your Savior, for He is the throne of grace.
Charles Spurgeon
But Nature cast me for the part she found me best fitted for, and I have had to play it, and must play it till the curtain falls.
Edwin Booth
The first suit I enjoyed was a Dior suit that I got given. I’ve never worn anything that fitted that closely – it was akin to ‘Oh my God, I had no idea that a suit didn’t have to be this wide.’ But I do intend to get one made some day.
Jamie Cullum
Like most people, I used to wear clothing off the rack. But having them fitted to me makes a really big difference, especially with pieces like a cocktail dress. Little nips and tucks can take 10 pounds off you.
Lauren Conrad
We of America are especially fitted to visualize and to understand the marvellous transformation of a wilderness into a land of splendid cities.
James Henry Breasted
The Maria Mayer shell model suggestion in 1949 was a great triumph and fitted my belief that a nuclear shell model should represent a proper approach to understanding nuclear structure.
James Rainwater
I, like most women, I dress for other women, I think. If I was going to dress for men, I think in general I would be just wearing, like, a fitted black T-shirt and tight jeans every day.
Mindy Kaling
Yeah, at first people were talking about me. But now everyone is wearing their clothes more fitted.
Dwyane Wade
I had to learn to sew when I was growing up, because nothing else fitted me.
L’Wren Scott
I never really fitted in, because I’ve always been interested in really dark things.
Karin Slaughter
He obliged Cinderella to sit down, and, putting the slipper to her little foot, he found it went on very easily, and fitted her as if it had been made of wax.
Charles Perrault
The old and honorable idea of ‘vocation’ is simply that we each are called, by God, or by our gifts, or by our preference, to a kind of good work for which we are particularly fitted.
Wendell Berry
In my personal life, I really like the look of vests. I wear fitted, business ones, and perfectly preppy sweater vests that I can knit myself.
Hannah Kearney
I never really thought we’d fitted into the cross-over drawer. But I think the real Sugar Ray fans did like us because we always had variety and because we experimented a lot.
Mark McGrath
I raced supremely well. I felt I was as well fitted to do it as I had ever been, and as perhaps I might ever be. I went climbing three weeks before, because I was feeling fed up with running.
Roger Bannister
I like to keep a uniform – wear a blazer, try to keep the same colour pants; very tailored, very fitted but still edgy.
Theophilus London
In South Africa there are many women with a large chest. There you are not embarrassed when you visit a lingerie store to get a bra fitted.
Motsi Mabuse
For me, I like that, how do you say, bohemian sort of look. Baggy sweaters to really fitted pants – I love Rick Owens’s stuff, for example. I am really into that kind of grungy style.
Grigor Dimitrov
At 17, I joined Olimpia Milano, the club my dad played for. Giorgio Armani was the sponsor. Everyone wanted to play for Milano because of him. They called him Re Giorgio, King Giorgio. We’d spend entire days at his stores, getting measured and fitted for suits.
Danilo Gallinari
I wear quite fitted clothing. I don’t like wearing baggy stuff.
Kit Harington
Never wear a seersucker suit straight off the rack. It’s going to look shapeless and droopy. If you’re going to sport seersucker, whether a jacket, trousers or a full suit, have it fitted. A nice, custom, tailored fit makes all the difference in the world.
Roger Stone
By having much, you are fitted to have more.
James Stephens
Every one in the world ought to do the things for which he is specially adapted. It is the part of wisdom to recognize what each one of us is best fitted for, and it is the part of education to perfect and utilize such predispositions. Because education can direct and aid nature but can never transform her.
Maria Montessori
I don’t wear the see-through shirts or anything too glittery. I come from that ’90s school of rap. Fitted caps, because I got a big head, so snapbacks don’t fit me right.
Meek Mill
Colour is really important to me when buying clothes. I wear a lot of fitted jackets, and because I’m small, I avoid long skirts and coats. And I hate wearing hats.
Kate Williams
A nicely fitted two-button suit is the best thing any guy can have. Guys are lucky: We can wear a suit over and over, just with different shirts and ties.
Ryan Reynolds
One thing I didn’t understand in life was that I had $100,000,000 in the bank and I couldn’t buy happiness. I had everything: mansions, yachts, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, but I was depressed. I didn’t know where I fitted in. But then I found family and friends and I learned the value of life.
Vanilla Ice
Beyonce knows what looks good on her and what doesn’t. She likes fitted dresses. They flatter her curvy figure. Baggy tops don’t work. But for everyday wear, she really prefers jeans and a fitted jacket.
Tina Knowles
I had quite a scattered childhood. I was Irish in London, because I had my secondary school education there. I never really fitted anywhere. I didn’t feel it was a negative thing, and I was never made to feel different – I just knew I was.
Ruth Negga
The two most common charges against the older fiction, that it pleased wickedly and that it taught nothing, had broken down before the discovery, except in illiberal sects, that the novel is fitted both for honest use and for pleasure.
Carl Clinton Van Doren
My wardrobe for ‘Suits’ isn’t like ‘Working Girl’ – dressing for work doesn’t have to be so on-the-nose these days. The key is to have your own point of view attached to it. Personally, I love cropped pants in vegan leather, a great fitted blazer, and a button-down.
Meghan Markle
I have a lot of staples in my wardrobe. I love to pair a silk or lace blouse with a fitted black pant. This combination feels effortless yet put together.
Aerin Lauder
Coming from Haiti and growing up in Brooklyn, there’s a lot of European influence when I get dressed up. I wear a lot of fitted suits, elegant cuts; I think it’s cool to mash up a lot of different looks.
Wyclef Jean
I didn’t feel like I fitted in. I felt like I was a hindrance to A-ha.
Morten Harket
Movement should be a counter, whether in action scenes or dialogue or whatever. It counters where your eye is going. This style thing, for me it’s all fitted to the action, to the script, to the characters.
Samuel Fuller
In the media, I always seemed to come across as someone who was poking fun at the Scots and their football. I guess the Scottish public needed someone to blame for their international defeats, and I fitted the bill perfectly.
Jimmy Hill
Through the humbling dispensations of Divine Providence, men are sometimes fitted for his service.
John Woolman
I have fitted perfectly in the team and in the team’s style of play.
Usually, I like stuff kind of fitted, but I’m getting more and more into this comfort, this melding of comfort and style rather than looking like you’ve tried to shove yourself into some sort of sausage casing.
Chris Pine