Finesse Quotes

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Food's delicate. You have to handle it with finesse. Yo

Food’s delicate. You have to handle it with finesse. You can’t just be a big ogre.
April Bloomfield
I am not a hound; I am an attention-seeker. Very different animal. My kind of attention requires greater finesse.
Karan Johar
I approach playing acoustic guitar more of as a percussive instrument. It’s fragile. I don’t have a lot of finesse when it comes to my guitar playing.
Billie Joe Armstrong
Women play a finesse game: a real pattern game as opposed to flash and dash, power and strength.
Anne Donovan
I think so. I can’t think of anything that requires more finesse than comedy, both from a verbal and visual point of view.
Stacy Keach
I had the strength and the finesse there and put it all together.
Elvis Stojko
I prefer the finesse of French humour. English humour is more scathing, more cruel, as illustrated by Monty Python and Little Britain.
Helen Mirren
The most memorable part of filming ‘Finesse,’ I’d have to say, was the kissing scene. It was just so odd for me.
I don’t like broad swords. They’re not much fun. A broad sword is just a big chunk of steel, and there’s not much finesse in it, not much skill, I don’t think anyway.
Sean Bean
To read of a detective’s daring finesse or ingenious stratagem is a rare joy.
Rex Stout
Doing background score for a film is not an easy task. It requires constant and deep learning and it is the only way to create a score with finesse.
Our lives are largely made up of a series of mundane moments, but those little moments are often the finesse that shapes our entire existence; it’s not necessarily the big, dramatic events, although they do, too, of course.
Andrew Haigh
People aren’t used to guarding this kind of size and I’m able to add a little finesse to my game so it has flavor and I’m a playmaker so I can create for my teammates and when I have to finish I’m gonna finish.
Zion Williamson
If I felt like I needed to be aggressive all the time, it would have been impossible to be the player that I was. Or John Terry, if he had tried to be a player of finesse, probably he wouldn’t have been the same.
Gianfranco Zola
I probably had the most fun ever in the ring with Christian. And it was because he could just pick stuff up out of thin air and make it something. Neither of us were these big high-fliers; none of us were power guys doing these big, crazy moves. But the finesse and the things were smooth with me and him.
Randy Orton
Sounds like the blues are composed of feeling, finesse, and fear.
Billy Gibbons
When I played the game, you played with your feet. And the game was about finesse. Movement.
Bill Bradley
Back in 1990, there were fewer than 20 wineries in and around Paso Robles, a farming community midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Most of the wines produced there were rustic, highly tannic and alcoholic, with little charm or finesse.
Robert M. Parker, Jr.
I look at our sport as the same as tennis. Male and female tennis is very, very different. The men’s is more quick and powerful, and the women’s is more about finesse and has more rallies – and that’s the same with men’s and women’s football.
Karen Carney
The grappling hook allows for versatile and dynamic movement through the map, while a variety of shinobi-esque tools allow for all sorts of tricks and finesse. These are very important elements of ‘Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice”s gameplay and the protagonist’s nature.
Hidetaka Miyazaki
I just want to prove that I am really good at something. And I haven’t quite done that yet – at least not to myself. I know I could ride so much better, with more ease, with more finesse. I feel I’m nowhere near as good as I should be.
Victoria Pendleton
I don’t know what my label is. I just think of myself as a plain forward. I like to think I have some finesse to my game, but inside the paint is where men are made. If you can’t play there, you should be home with your mama.
Karl Malone
You spend enough time on set as an actor and it’s great when a director was at some point an actor or understands acting. They’re able to finesse performances out of you that a lot directors can’t get.
Ian Somerhalder
I am the finesse king, especially when it comes to shoes.
P. J. Tucker
The music business, a lot of times, has a big finesse mentality to it.
We just compare our lifestyle to movies so you can relate to them. When I say, ‘I bought a carpet from Aladdin so I could finesse and do magic,’ that means I had to get me a new whip or I had to get me something in disguise to work my magic, to finesse, to get out of here.
Some players are more physical than others, some play with more finesse. Some are just really great all-around players. So you have to change your game.
Oscar Robertson
You see a lot of finesse players in our league who have a lot of success.
Andre Iguodala
I’m a finesse pitcher without the finesse.
David Cone
The cello is such a versatile instrument. It can rock like the hardest rock guitar, and it can sing like the human voice. We couldn’t do what we do without the classical training. It’s a hard instrument to play. There are no frets, and it takes finesse and technique to play.
Luka Sulic