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The fact that we're young females and our voices are be

The fact that we’re young females and our voices are being heard loud and clear is really, really special to both of us.
Maddie Marlow
It’s important for women to embrace their beauty and sexuality. Females are victimized and made to feel ashamed of their bodies, or they can’t be smart and beautiful, and I try to work against that.
Melina Matsoukas
A proper respect for female difference is one of the great civilizing disciplines; a society that truly treated males and females as equal, interchangeable parts would be not worth living in.
Heather Mac Donald
Females make better cooks than men. Females have a better palate. They have a better sense of smell. They never take shortcuts; this is why they’re very good in kitchens. The weakness in what they do is they are not as physically strong as men, so they’re never really given the opportunity.
Marco Pierre White
Well, in the general population, we find differences between the typical male and typical female. For example, males seem to be more interested in systems and females seem to be more interested in people and particularly people’s emotions.
Simon Baron-Cohen
A lot of females, they want to do the things that I do. Some females are so closed, but they want to be open. Some girls, they want to feel that power that I tell them that I have. I tell women that I have power over these men, that I use these men.
Cardi B
I do not believe in using women in combat, because females are too fierce.
Margaret Mead
As a female athlete, I think it’s really important to stand up on a podium and represent females and what we’re capable of, and I always try to make political statements with what I do rather than with headlines.
Lizzie Armitstead
I definitely am drawn to strong females who are successful, smart women because I am a woman like that. I think it’s important to portray those kinds of women on film and television.
Megalyn Echikunwoke
Without aging white males, I doubt the ‘New York Times’ would survive. How many young people, females, Hispanics and blacks subscribe to the ‘New York Times?’
Dennis Prager
I prefer to listen to a lot of male singers rather than females. Sometimes I find it a bit too shrill. I even find my own voice a bit too high.
It’s so irritating, because male rappers don’t have to have a look. A guy can look like a bum on the street, but as a male, people will accept him because he’s a rapper. But females, they expect you to have a big booty. They expect you to walk in six-inch heels.
Sadly, in any industry and in any work-related environment, females always strive to achieve a certain amount of perfection, whether that be skinny or pretty. It’s a constant, in our society.
Mila Kunis
Males and females are unique and different, because their brains are different. There’s not a limitation on girls. My grandmother was very strong, and so was my mother. She also knew what it meant to be a woman and wife and was very successful at it.
James Dobson
I’m not like other females. I’m obviously different because of the path I’ve taken. I’m just as aggressive as the guys when I get my helmet on. Plus F1 is not just about taking risks, but knowing when to take risks and when to back off. It’s also about strategy and managing your tyres.
Susie Wolff
I did play the guitar and sing; I was in a band called The Estrogens: three females and one very brave guy.
Carolyn Porco
When you look at the roles I’ve done and the roles coming up, they’re all strong. I guess I’m more drawn to that than that kind of submissive role females can be categorised as.
Maika Monroe
Part of the joy of my career, for me, has been giving these iconic females a bit of shading of that unapologetic female vibe. I think it’s an interesting approach.
Gail Simone
God as ‘He,’ as a patriarchal thing, is offensive to me. It’s standard fare for America, ‘He, He, He.’ Every time I hear that it’s like another blow against females. It’s very radical talk at this point for females to say this kind of stuff, but nationwide I still hear females referring to God as ‘He.’
Patty Griffin
It’s not my aim to be this, like, ‘savior for females.’ I just want to make good music.
Maren Morris
One of the best things that ever happened to me is that I’m a woman. That is the way all females should feel.
Marilyn Monroe
There weren’t roles for females in comedies for a really long time.
Sandra Bullock
I don’t see females in the industry collaborating as much as guys d,o so I really would love to entertain more of that.
There are still movies where females are just there to be cool, or they are there to lambaste their husbands and scold. But female comedy characters are changing for the better.
Nicholas Stoller
Not getting girls is the story of my life. I have always had a bit of a tough time with the ladies. I don’t know whether it’s that I don’t have game or just don’t feel comfortable in my own skin, but females pick up on that.
Josh Peck
Any claim that our fighting forces are not reaching their maximum potential because females are not included is absurd.
Heather Mac Donald
I definitely am drawn to strong females who are successful, smart women because I am a woman like that. I think it’s important to portray those kinds of women on film and television. Especially as a black woman, I think it’s important.
Megalyn Echikunwoke
The fact is that I find more most men are more open, more generous, and much more stimulating than the majority of females I know.
Marilyn Monroe
I think as females, we always want to have more air time, more room time, more – longer matches and more main events. But, at the end of the day, we’re going in that direction, and I’m happy with that, and I’m happy with the side everyone has taken in women’s wrestling.
Laurel Van Ness
I don’t understand labels. I don’t need anybody to tell me I’m Latina or black or anything else. I’ve played characters that were written for Caucasian females, I just want to be given the same consideration as everybody else, and so far that has been happening.
Zoe Saldana
Everything that scared me is losing people I love, and everyone that I really love, as it relates to females, I’ve lost. So what it’s made me be is the animal that I am because I don’t want to sit down and think about the things that are hurting me, but, you know.
Damon Dash
I think it’s very difficult, and people don’t give enough credit to how hard it is to do in-game commentary. I’d have a lot of work to do, but I’d definitely be interested. I’m always interested in breaking down the game, and I’d love to see more females doing it.
Megan Rapinoe
It’s sad how people want to see us females go against each other. Never been for that. Never will.
Take male strategies for success in the world. If you’ve got all the advantages, if you’re attractive and clever and all of that, you will generally go for very high quality females.
Susan Blackmore
If you go to my shows, 90 percent of my fans are females between the ages of eleven and eighteen. People look at me like a living mannequin; all of these girls want pink hair. They want the cool makeup and contact lenses and cool clothes.
Jeffree Star
In music today, people are against females. We don’t have that empowerment anymore. We don’t have that voice.
In politics, they found there were not enough females in the House of Commons, so they came up with the idea of shortlists having to have women on them.
Gordon Taylor
I’m very, very lucky – when I realised I was sexually attracted to females there wasn’t a struggle where I found that hard to accept.
Jessica Origliasso
America is composed of all kinds of people – part of the difficulty in our nation today is due to the fact that we are not utilising the abilities and the talents of other brown and black peoples and females that have something to bring to the creativity and the rejuvenation and the revitalisation of this country.
Shirley Chisholm
Females want other females to be really strong, so there are a whole lot of scripts that are basically just male parts renamed as a girl.
Kristen Stewart
Thus mating of females was strictly along the lines of paternal song.
Peter R. Grant
I have never really gotten to write Catwoman. She’s one of the few iconic females at DC, along with Supergirl, that I haven’t really gotten to take out for a spin.
Gail Simone
I was really desperate. I don’t know if you can remember back that far, but when I went to graduate school they didn’t want females in graduate school. They were very open about it. They didn’t mince their words. But then I got in and I got my degree.
Shannon Lucid
I think, to a great degree, we humans still divide ourselves into two species, even though we are monotypic. There are males and females. We see them as different and not equal.
Henry Rollins
Very good female characters, that’s all we want. It’s happening, slow and steady, which I love. Hopefully, it gets a little quicker. Fast and steady, how about that? Either way, we want more good females.
Diana Silvers
Keeping a feminine approach is vital – men hate bossy females.
Ida Lupino
Politics is a rough game, and sometimes as females we are taught that you have to play nice. Sometimes you can’t play nice.
Carmen Yulin Cruz
The Disney animators’ rules on adult females: mothers are perfect but imperiled; stepmothers are wicked and occasionally homicidal; godmothers are sweet things with magical powers.
Richard Corliss
When I think of influential females in hip-hop, my mind goes to Foxy Brown, hands down.
Action Bronson
I know that everyone has their own ideas about what the good life is, and hip hop has especially strong ideas about it. It’s been the same old thing for years and years: a bunch of females around you, nice cars and money. I wanted people to know what the good life actually is and challenge a lot of the lies that we’re told.
Trip Lee
The emotional, sexual, and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says: It’s a girl.
Shirley Chisholm
But for women – and, yes, this is strictly applicable to females – grey hair is still a rarity, especially if you’re in the public eye.
Susanna Reid
Ultimately, a women’s only championship is not going to get more females into motorsport as a whole.
Susie Wolff
I will always encourage any young person, especially young black females. If you want to be involved in sport please do it.
Denise Lewis
Beta males and females historically fare poorly in anchor positions, and whoever has the dominate, or more alpha, personality will always win out in spoken word count simply because they don’t wait for an opening.
Dana Loesch
I think it’s so fun when I get to work with women writers in particular because we really understand the core story or foundation as women. That’s so important to me that the authenticity is there, you know, from the place that I speak from for my women. Having other females with me helps me dig deeper.
I personally have been drawn to female roles who are incredibly strong; females who are dominant and know their own mind; who are feisty in their own way without being annoying. I like it when she has a dark side, but she also has a playful side.
Rose Leslie
It is a proud moment for any male actor to have thousands of females chasing you.
Karan Patel
I don’t have a lot of men in my life. I’m married, but I have daughters. I’m surrounded by a lot of females in my world.
Gayle Forman
There are some artists that don’t like working with other females, which is fine. They have their own thing. I personally love being surrounded by other females.
Bonnie McKee
I was seeing on the ground floor that labels weren’t investing in females, and it trickled upward because I was in radio with none to play. I know that I can’t change today, but what I can do is work on the culture for tomorrow.
Bobby Bones
I go for all sharing the privileges of the government, who assist in bearing its burdens. Consequently, I go for admitting all whites to the right of suffrage, who pay taxes or bear arms (by no means excluding females).
Abraham Lincoln
All over the world, young males and females, schooled in the art of patriarchal thinking, are building an identity on a foundation that sees the will to do violence as the essential way to assert being.
bell hooks
As I have consistently recommended, we desperately need to find more black judges, particularly females, who are chronically underrepresented in our courts across London and the U.K.
David Lammy
We’re girls and we’re feminine so it naturally comes into the music but at the same time we intentionally put beauty and females and also Japanese culture J-pop into the music so it creates unique music.
Suzuka Nakamoto
I get really excited every time there’s a female character who is really strong because a lot of females in film are really soft.
Anna Kendrick
Females – we go just as hard as the guys, if not harder.
I just hope we do start to see more females coaching teams like you see across American sports.
Emma Hayes
Newsrooms are still highly competitive, demanding environments. You have to be robust to hold your own amidst the alpha males and females.
Mary Nightingale
I wouldn’t change a thing except I wish we could have got back together. That’s my only regret… Being in the Runaways, we were trailblazers, we changed a lot of people’s perspectives on what they could or could not do as females.
Cherie Currie
My fan base is really, really young. They’re the youngest demographic that you can track on YouTube: 13- to 17-year-old females. But the fan mail that I get in my P.O. box, they’re all from moms and from kids who are two years old, three years old, four years old.
Rosanna Pansino
People are saying we need more females in our industry and we need more female-driven stories, but that takes the men of bankable star quality to come forward and play supporting roles in those films because, ultimately, that’s what the women have always done.
Rosamund Pike
In the past, I’ve been very open and affectionate towards females. It’s definitely no secret.
Erica Mena
That’s the one thing I have to say to females. If you don’t have a certain look, or if you look a certain way, they won’t accept you.
Loni Love
It’s incredible how nature sets females up to take care of people, and yet it is tricky for them to take care of themselves.
As young parents of three girls, living in California during the late Sixties and early Seventies, Meredith and I couldn’t help but be aware of the rising level of dialogue, debate, commentary, and proclamations about the place of women in society and about how to raise females in light of this raised consciousness.
Tom Brokaw
All the Disney lead male characters always have this kind of John Davidson kind of look to them. They all look like the same guy, and all the females look like the same, and I think the guys are just way too big.
Mike Judge
Women’s football in its right is something to celebrate and the quality and the achievement of all the females I represent, it is an insult to them that we talk about women’s football being a step down.
Emma Hayes
Its hard, its almost natural, not to hate, but to think, ‘I’m better than you, so I can’t work with you’ that’s the status quo of how females act. I don’t want it to be like that; that’s why I like working with other females.
The most significant barrier to female leadership is the actual lack of females in leadership. The best advice I can give to women is to go out and start something, ideally their own businesses. If you can’t see a path for leadership within your own company, go blaze a trail of your own.
Safra A. Catz
In the seventies we had to make it acceptable for people to accept girls and women as athletes. We had to make it okay for them to be active. Those were much scarier times for females in sports.
Billie Jean King
I think there will always be a double standard between males and females, so I think that an actress is more likely to protect her public persona, so to speak, than an actor would be.
Mila Kunis
Time’s up on cheesy, lesser, boring roles for females in the stories that we try to tell.
Debra Granik
I used to get very angry as I was getting older, because my voice was breaking. So I’ve trained my voice so religiously through my teenage years, because I wanted to be able to hit the notes that those females hit. And I can, which is great.
Sam Smith
Rawn did her own thing in her own way. She cast the female gaze on a genre heavy with all-male quest fellowships, trophy females, and the occasional Smurfette. Her world was male-dominated and highly patriarchal, but she populated it with notable numbers of well-drawn female characters.
Judith Tarr
Since pre-Emancipation, black ‘females’ have had to fight for the whites-only privilege of being deemed ‘ladies’: cultured, educated, sexually desirable in a socially respected way. Michelle Obama has managed to get all this without yielding her right to be smart and strong-willed.
Margo Jefferson
When people listen to artists, and you turn on the radio, it’s a lot of gimmicks. And that’s real. So I take it like there’s nobody keeping it honest and truthful no more, especially as far as young teenagers and females.
I was raised listening to so many wonderful females with great music.
Gabby Barrett
Females get hired along procreative lines. After 40, we’re kind of cooked.
Carrie Fisher
The fashion world has been great. We started Apple Bottoms about seven years ago; it’s interesting to be able to create something from your perspective, for your fans and support. It’s a little different for me, because about 70% of my fans are females.
I feel it’s so rare that young females are portrayed as being anything more than a stereotype.
Diana Silvers
Most of my favorite artists are strong females.
Charli XCX
Sometimes, when you’ve got a couple of females on the cast, you’ll have a diva, or you’ll have arguments. I’ve been on shows where girls haven’t quite got on.
Ricky Whittle
Just as the unique characteristics of both males and females contribute to the completeness of a marriage relationship, so those same characteristics are vital to the rearing, nurturing, and teaching of children.
David A. Bednar
We are going to have to go through generations of change before we see the impact of females taking a role in the workplace and Formula 1 is no different.
Susie Wolff
At an early age, somehow we’re programmed to view other females as threats.
Camila Mendes
I think the females should collaborate more, go on a tour and just make the whole female movement real real strong.
There are so many YA novels being made because there is so much young talent that can bring it to life. J-Law was one of the first females to do it with ‘The Hunger Games,’ and it’s been going on for a while now. With J-Law, it was like, ‘Hey, I’m Katniss,’ and then, ‘Hey, I just won an Oscar!’
Dexter Darden
If you have been divorced once – male or female, but especially for females – and you’re over 40 you’re actually a commodity. It means you were able to commit once, and you’ll do it again.
Patti Stanger
Males and females can both have a fixed mindset about math and science, but it hurts girls more because they are on the negative end of the stereotype.
Carol S. Dweck
Really, it hasn’t changed for female comics; it’s still hard for females to really enter the game.
Loni Love
If anyone says they haven’t experienced sexism then I don’t know what life they’ve lived. Males and females have, for different reasons, and I don’t think it’s a media thing.
Laura Whitmore
The Trump White House would be known for its high placement of females in key roles if the media were even remotely honest about the facts.
Mollie Hemingway
Everybody wants to say females aren’t as funny as men. That’s not true. You just don’t see as many because it takes a lot to do this occupation.
Loni Love
There’s a broad range of male rappers, so if they’re going out on a limb and they sound different, it’s okay, because we have 20 other rappers doing what the radio wants… as far as females, there aren’t as many, so if you want to compete, you have to sound just like this, because that’s the only thing hot right now.
I’m no Joan of Arc, but it’s pretty revolutionary having a gender illusionist selling the illusion of beauty to females.
Courtney Act
For decades, universities have nurtured the most lunatic forms of feminism, denying the biological differences between males and females, promoting the idea that Western civilization is endemically sexist, and encouraging in their students ever-more-delusional forms of victimhood.
Heather Mac Donald
There are a lot of podcasters that are females of color. And I think that we should be allowed to tell a very specific kind of story. And if you don’t like it, you don’t like it. But if you do, enjoy the tea! Sip that tea.
Jessica Williams
It’s amazing that we have lead females on television and a couple of them over 40. Thank you very much. And being beautiful and strong and sexy and everything that you hope for.
Madchen Amick
Messy females talk noise!
Koena Mitra
All of these really strong females making names for themselves in what were traditionally male-dominated spaces. And I’m not usually one to get too hung up on the male-vs.-female side of things, but it is interesting to see the dynamic shifting and it’s happening across the board. It’s cool to be a part of that.
Nita Strauss
I can give you a ‘Selfish,’ and I can still come give you, like, a ‘Jealous.’ I’m coming from the streets, but I can still give you personal situations and relationships that I’ve been in with females. You just never know; I’m just coming different.
PnB Rock
I just love seeing other females work.
Gia Coppola
But because it was able to balance that kind of humor with a sweet story and characters you really rooted for and also got across the girls’ point of view, I’ve heard nothing but great things from younger and older females as well.
Jason Biggs
Females should stand by each other, especially in an industry which seems to try so hard to pin us up against each other and make us fight. It’s not about that for me. I refuse to be sucked into a twisted world of insecurity and lose who I am.
Charli XCX
I really feel like females have to go 50 extra miles. Not just one – 50 extra miles to be accepted or taken seriously.
We’re not hard-core feminists. We like men and we like to have fun with them. But we also want men to think about females in different ways.
Lisa Lopes
Dance is about portraying and telling a story and whether that be two males, two females, a group of guys, or a group of girls, it doesn’t matter as long as the story is beautiful.
A. J. Pritchard
There was a time when we had a nice little run: Eve, Lil’ Kim, Queen Latifah, Missy Elliott, Lauryn Hill, Remy Ma, Da Brat – it goes on. But what I noticed is that a lot of talented females in hip-hop came out of a male camp.
There are virtually no females who would be able to lug a fallen male solider weighing 200 pounds naked, before donning battle equipment, 200 yards out of the line of fire.
Heather Mac Donald
There is a class system in acting just like in anything else. Black females fall in a category below black male actors.
Debra Wilson
I am absolutely not a feminist, I am against stupidity, and if it comes from males or females, it doesn’t change anything. If it means that women and men, they are equal, then OK, certainly I am a feminist.
Marjane Satrapi
I think I’m very proud of the ‘Lady Marmalade’ collaboration that I did with Christina, Lil Kim, Pink, and Missy. That was the first time and probably one of the only times that I’ve worked with so many females at once, and we were able to accomplish so many great things.
By divine design, men and women are intended to progress together toward perfection and a fulness of glory. Because of their distinctive temperaments and capacities, males and females each bring to a marriage relationship unique perspectives and experiences.
David A. Bednar
To summarize, the particular song a male sings, and the behavioral responses of females to song and morphological signals, are not genetically inherited in a fixed manner but are determined by learning early in life.
Peter R. Grant
It’s so unfair on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ because when the men celebrities are competing, all you look at is the females! So nobody really watches them. Then when you see the women stars competing, you’re expecting them to look like the females and they just can’t! It’s an unfair advantage.
Sara Evans
To be one of the first British females to get three gold medals, to join Laura Trott in doing that, is a huge privilege.
Charlotte Dujardin
I’ve always felt it’s ridiculous to say, of any of the females in my life: You’re my friend, you’re my wife, you’re my girlfriend, you’re my co-worker. This is your box, and you’re not allowed to stray outside of it.
Jack White
I mean my pops, my family, that’s always No. 1. But second probably the girls and stuff. Females.
Jordan Clarkson
Traditionally, royal females who have not had the luck to become queens regnant have been granted very limited roles. They have been expected to look pretty, be discreet, do charitable good deeds, and – if married to princes or kings – be quietly supportive and, above all, fertile.
Linda Colley