Equality Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Equality Quotes from Toni Duggan, Malala Yousafzai, Shirley Chisholm, Dan Schulman, Pierre Nanterme. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

When we speak about equality, you want to be playing on

When we speak about equality, you want to be playing on the best pitches with the best facilities. You want to be able to have a hot shower in the changing room. These are the things you need to get right if you want to be more professional on the pitch.
Toni Duggan
There should be no discrimination against languages people speak, skin color, or religion.
Malala Yousafzai
The emotional, sexual, and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says: It’s a girl.
Shirley Chisholm
I grew up in a progressive household with a family that believed in equality for all, and that leaves its mark on you. In the past, I planned to go into politics and never considered Wall Street as an option.
Dan Schulman
With the full power of our 360,000 people, we said to the external world, ‘This is what we believe at Accenture is the right thing to do, and gender equality is among the business principles which are fundamental for a company, and we want this to be known outside.’
Pierre Nanterme
It is clear that not in one thing alone, but in many ways equality and freedom of speech are a good thing.
The rights of one sex, political and otherwise, are the same as those of the other sex, and this equality of rights ought to be fully recognized.
Leland Stanford
I’m an actor first and foremost. But I’ve also started an organization, Broadway Impact, that advocates for marriage equality. I’m an actorvist.
Rory O’Malley
I do not think that when I write a female character, I intend to reflect my thoughts on gender equality, but I always make sure that my female character is not decorative, they are human, they are good, bad, complex and close to reality.
Sriram Raghavan
I’m an activist for gay marriage equality and children’s rights. I’m the face of Share Our Strength.
Sandra Lee
In India, freedom has to be about equality – mainly between men and women in terms of education and work.
Athiya Shetty
The goal of the EU is to form a region of freedom, security and justice. Freedom in this connection cannot be just the freedom of the strong, but it must be combined with fraternity and equality.
Tarja Halonen
Feminism is just about equality, really, and there’s so much stuff attached to the word, when it’s actually so simple. I don’t know why it’s always so bogged down.
Mia Wasikowska
Democracy matters because it reflects an idea of equality and an idea of liberty. It reflects an idea of dignity, the dignity of the individual, the idea that each individual should have an equal vote, an equal say, in the formation of their government.
Rory Stewart
It’s well proven that if you have equality in society, society flourishes, and if you have inequality, it doesn’t. So it’s good for everybody.
Sarah Gavron
It’s sort of fair to say that Amazons, both as reality and as a dream of equality, have always been with us; it’s just that sometimes that fiery Amazon spirit is hidden from view or even suppressed.
Adrienne Mayor
Everyone who knows me knows my respect for women: equality and respect.
Emre Can
I believe marriage equality is a simple change that sends a powerful message. It is a chance for us to say, as a nation, to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex Australians: your love is equal under the law.
Bill Shorten
I’m doing ‘Rock of Ages’ one day, making out with Russell Brand. Soon after that, I’m advocating with Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Cynthia Nixon for marriage equality.
Alec Baldwin
Women have full equality with men before the Lord. By nature, the roles of women differ from those of men. This knowledge has come to us with the Restoration of the gospel in the fullness of times, with an acknowledgment that women are endowed with the great responsibilities of motherhood and nurturing.
James E. Faust
His lordship may compel us to be equal upstairs, but there will never be equality in the servants hall.
James M. Barrie
We have equality of men and women in western society, whereas in Islamic culture, women are inferior to men.
Pim Fortuyn
What’s really sad is that so many young women between the ages of 16 and 25 are ignorant and they already believe that women get the same pay as men. They don’t even really understand that equality hasn’t happened with the pay force.
bell hooks
All women, whatever be their position, should demand political equality as a means of a freer life, and one calculated to yield rich blessings to society.
Clara Zetkin
When I look at my daughter, who’s 24, she is much more confident than I ever was and her expectations are higher. But I worry that there is a backlash brewing against progress on equality.
Frances O’Grady
I can only speak for myself and what feminism means to me, and that is equality for every human being: equal rights, equal representation, equal pay, etc.
Madeline Brewer
We have tolerance, respect, and equality in our written laws but not in the hearts of some of our people.
Ruby Bridges
Outside the Olympics, there are massive discrepancies within all sports. But the positive side for me is that the Olympics are the biggest platform there is, and there’s total equality across all sports.
Lizzie Armitstead
Yes, I believe in equality. But I don’t like the word ‘feminist,’ because it’s such a rational belief to think that women are equal to men, and I’m a rational person. You shouldn’t be labeled for being reasonable.
Michael Che
There have been women who have pioneered and paved the way for me to be able to sit here and to have a platform. And it’s my job and my duty to continue to push the boundary for equality on all spectrums.
Ashlyn Harris
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a pioneer and a role model for women across America. She is the reason women like me not only believed we had a right to be in the workplace, but were guaranteed it. She won us equality, and then showed us how to succeed.
Mikie Sherrill
‘Vote Love’ means vote equality. It means vote change. It means vote what’s right for humanity.
Growing up, my parents treated my brother and me with absolute equality.
Anushka Sharma
So, obviously, on International Women’s Day, we are honoring the achievements of women, but gender equality and feminism cannot evolve in our humanity if we’re not bringing our boys and men along.
Sophie Gregoire Trudeau
My mother has always been a proponent of equality on the screen.
Karl Glusman
Until we get equality in education, we won’t have an equal society.
Sonia Sotomayor
I do believe 100 percent that Black lives matter and that the cause to achieve and pursue equality supersedes basketball.
Doris Burke
The history of the African American community is one of enduring, relentless struggle with a vision of accepting nothing less than full social and economic equality.
Danny K. Davis
Let us remember we are all part of one American family. We are united in common values, and that includes belief in equality under the law, basic respect for public order, and the right of peaceful protest.
Barack Obama
Never before has a major professional sports team partnered in this way with a female-driven brand like Bumble. It’s an honor to partner with an organization as progressive and compassionate as the Clippers. Like us, they know generating awareness for diversity and gender equality is critical to business success.
Whitney Wolfe Herd
The liberal ideal is that everyone should have fair access and fair opportunity. This is not equality of result. It’s equality of opportunity. There’s a fundamental difference.
Robert Reich
We have to take better care of each other and respect each other. Equality must be a priority. Anything less is unacceptable.
Zdeno Chara
While the law cannot force a person to be moral or tolerant, through the law we can demand respect and expect equality.
Donna Brazile
The sweltering summer of the Negro’s legitimate discontent will not pass until there is an invigorating autumn of freedom and equality.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Too often, we fall into the trap of thinking ‘equal’ means ‘the same’ and that we achieve equality by treating everyone identically.
Stella Young
I have undertaken vengeance. I want Liberty and Equality to reign in Saint-Domingue. I work to bring them into existence. Unite yourselves to us, brothers, and fight with us for the same cause.
Toussaint Louverture
I just think bad vibes and hate and Trump are getting so much airtime, we need to speak out loud for peace and equality and fairness and make sure we all know that there are a lot of us out here in the world that just want love.
Jim James
Gender equality has a transformative effect that is essential to fully functioning communities, societies, and economies.
Antonio Guterres
China, as a nation, is a country under the one-party rule of the Communist Party, but it has introduced the market economy. As a country that is under the one-party rule of the Communist Party, normally what they should be seeking is equality of results.
Shinzo Abe
When we say the Black church, we have never meant anything racially exclusive by that. The Black church is the antislavery church. It is an independent Christian witness that literally emerged fighting for freedom and insisting that the gospel is about equality, justice and inclusive humanity.
Raphael Warnock
Sweden is a good country to raise a family in because there is an equality there I don’t feel in the States.
Alexander Skarsgard
Socialism values equality more than liberty.
Dennis Prager
I believe equality in a relationship is very important, and for that, both partners should be equally capable to handle anything.
Kriti Kharbanda
Feminism, to me, is nothing more and nothing less than the belief in equality for women.
Kodie Shane
I thank those activists such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, and others. They risked – and sometimes lost – their lives in the name of freedom and equality.
Kenya Moore
We believe that when all nations adhere to international rules and norms and when we conduct on the basis of sovereign equality and mutual respect, our nations feel secure, and our economies prosper.
Sushma Swaraj
Educated women armed with computers have defeated extremists by denying them a monopoly to define cultural identity and interpret religious texts. No extremist can say that women are inferior to men without being made a laughingstock on Al Jazeera. Islam insisted on equality between everyone.
Fatema Mernissi
People are pretty much alike. It’s only that our differences are more susceptible to definition than our similarities.
Linda Ellerbee
Sports are a great place to show that equality can happen.
Venus Williams
I want to organize so that women see ourselves as people who are entitled to power, entitled to leadership.
Patricia Ireland
Family-supportive policies, which enable women to remain and progress in paid employment and encourage men to take their fair share of care work, are crucial to achieving gender equality at work.
Guy Ryder
Montanans believe in the right to make a good life for their families. How they define a family should be their business and their business alone. I’m proud to support marriage equality because no one should be able to tell a Montanan or any American who they can love and who they can marry.
Jon Tester
Prosperity or egalitarianism – you have to choose. I favor freedom – you never achieve real equality anyway: you simply sacrifice prosperity for an illusion.
Mario Vargas Llosa
We really need to come behind and press for marriage equality in Northern Ireland.
Leo Varadkar
Republican presidents talk about freedom. Democratic presidents talk about equality.
Timothy Noah
It’s OK not to understand the whole trans thing. That’s alright. My dad didn’t understand it. I still don’t know everything. What’s important is you sort of educate yourself on your own time, but you have to respect it on everyone else’s time. Because no one should have to wait for equality.
Nicole Maines
Equality legislation, and audits on gender pay gaps, ethnicity and disability, – within companies and public authorities – all aim to stamp out the informal transfer of power through social networks, in favour of appointment through genuine merit.
Dawn Foster
Cultural Marxism that has permeated all of Europe and has been the driving force that has brought France – the nation of Liberty, Fraternity and Equality – to the brink.
Charlie Kirk
The Ahmaud Arbery video was the final straw for me in being silent. That shook me to the core like nothing has in the past. Something flipped inside of me to be more vocal and stand up for racial equality and make sure we get a hold on that and change the face of this world and get it to a better place.
Bubba Wallace
The radical power of ‘queer’ always came from its inclusivity. But that inclusivity offers a false promise of equality that does not translate to the lived reality of most queer people.
Jenna Wortham
Sporting events like the Olympics have developed and maintained a clear message of promoting gender equality as an essential criterion in the success of any international event.
Richard Attias
Marriage equality is not an issue of politics: it is an issue of justice achieved by political means.
Andy Dunn
I hope that we always have diversity, that we have equality and representation every step of the way.
Marsai Martin
America, 5 years after this brutal attack, is testament that a Nation conceived in liberty and equality will endure. It is a triumph of millions of Americans but it is also the triumph of an idea larger than any one person, larger than any one nation.
Nick Rahall
I do not think white America is committed to granting equality to the American Negro. This is a passionately racist country; it will continue to be so in the foreseeable future.
Susan Sontag
If money, education, and honesty will not bring to me as much privilege, as much equality as they bring to any American citizen, then they are to me a curse, and not a blessing.
John Hope
In the absence of relative equality – quid pro quo – a court might question whether there was an actual contract. If I give you a dollar, and you give me a mansion, our contract would lack quid pro quo.
Zephyr Teachout
The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.
Anatole France
For a modern woman it is important to be supported and that there is equality in every aspect, and that it’s not two halves that make a whole – it’s two wholes that make a whole.
Katy Perry
Democracy is essential for equality. Thank God, Indian democracy is still working. That is because every Indian is essentially a thinker. Thinking is not limited to the elite.
My wife and I have been passionate about education being a gateway for upward mobility and equality.
Chris Long
Marriage equality is not a choice. It is a legal right.
Cory Booker
The history of the past is but one long struggle upward to equality.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
I wanted to get far away from those who believed in cruelty, so then I went to France, a land of true freedom, democracy, equality and fraternity.
Josephine Baker
How are men to be secured in any rights without instruction; how to be secured in the equal exercise of those rights without equality of instruction? By instruction understand me to mean knowledge – just knowledge; not talent, not genius, not inventive mental powers.
Frances Wright
Within loyalism and the UVF, there are clearly people who are not just aggravated by the issue around flags or parades. They’re aggravated by me and Sinn Fein being in government. They’re opposed to the political institutions – there’s an inability of a minority within loyalism to accept the concept of equality.
Martin McGuinness
I want to work on respecting individuals’ dignity. Equal rights, that’s where my heart is. That means equal rights and benefits, and that’s what we need.
Christine Gregoire
I wore a uniform to stand up for all rights and that means I don’t pick or choose which I defend, whether it’s for equality rights or women’s rights. I’ve been consistent on that in my public life. I’ve also stood up for religious freedom, conscience rights of freedom of speech.
Erin O’Toole
In Canada, women’s rights are a vital part of our effort to build a society of real equality – not just for some, but for all Canadians. A society in which women no longer encounter discrimination nor are shut out from opportunities open to others.
Paul Martin
As long as we set up equality, we’ll go in the right direction.
Venus Williams
Think of submitting our measure to the advice of politicians! I would as soon submit the subject of the equality of a goose to a fox.
Anna Howard Shaw
Even the striving for equality by means of a directed economy can result only in an officially enforced inequality – an authoritarian determination of the status of each individual in the new hierarchical order.
Friedrich August von Hayek
On the one hand we publicly pronounce the equality of all peoples; on the other hand, in our immigration laws, we embrace in practice these very theories we abhor and verbally condemn.
Emanuel Celler
I find hope in knowing that I belong to a state that has a lot of people who are champions of change and progress; that we will rise up and fight for justice and equality; that, ultimately, love will trump hate.
Ilhan Omar
My mom was a teacher. In the 1960s and ’70s, she taught history at two largely African American public high schools in Washington, D.C. – McKinley Tech and H.D. Woodson. Her example taught me the importance of equality for all Americans.
Brett Kavanaugh
If we say we believe in equality for all then we must fight for equality for all, not betray our immigrant sisters.
Christine Pelosi
Boosting STEM education opportunities for young women globally is one critical way that the U.S. can promote women’s equality, as well as economic development, around the world.
Kristen Soltis Anderson
To allow injustice and inequality invites a Ferguson to your community. We must stand together, black, white, brown, red, and yellow and fight for justice and equality for all. It’s the only way to avoid more Fergusons.
Jesse Jackson
We must recover the element of quality in our traditional pursuit of equality. We must not, in opening our schools to everyone, confuse the idea that all should have equal chance with the notion that all have equal endowments.
Adlai Stevenson I
Our values are tolerance and determination and freedom of religion, freedom to act, opportunities, equality of opportunities amongst everyone and for all.
Julie Payette
We all want equality, we all want to be loved, we all want to have the full potential and opportunity to grow and to participate fully in our societies.
Sophie Gregoire Trudeau
We are all different. Yet we are all God’s children. We are all united behind this country and the common cause of freedom, justice, fairness, and equality. That is what unites us.
Barbara Boxer
Doing difficult things like passing marriage equality, passing the Dream Act, doing common sense things that allow new American immigrants to fully participate, pay their taxes, play by the rules and take care of their families. That’s the inclusive America that I believe all of us want to move to.
Martin O’Malley
The bill neither confers nor abridges the rights of anyone but simply declares that in civil rights there shall be equality among all classes of citizens and that all alike shall be subject to the same punishment.
Lyman Trumbull
Racism is still with us. But it is up to us to prepare our children for what they have to meet, and, hopefully, we shall overcome.
Rosa Parks
A feminist is a person who believes in the power of women just as much as they believe in the power of anyone else. It’s equality, it’s fairness, and I think it’s a great thing to be a part of.
Here are the values that I stand for: honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you want to be treated and helping those in need. To me, those are traditional values.
Ellen DeGeneres
You can’t expect to go about change – especially change of this nature, when you talk about racial equality and justice – you can’t expect to go about or engage in that without resistance, and so you’re going to have some people who aren’t on board.
Malcolm Jenkins
If we truly understand, remember, and love the people of Indonesia, let us accept this principle of social justice, that is, not only political equality, but we must create equality in the economic field, too, which means the best possible well-being.
Nobody really believes in equality anyway.
Warren Farrell
We need to rebuild our nation with a new foundation. A foundation rooted in love, and care, and equality. Where justice is truly real for all of us, regardless of race, class, gender, orientation, or religion. I fully believe we can.
Jamaal Bowman
If increasing income equality is the goal, it might be wiser to put money into infrastructure than to subsidize manufacturing. Construction also pays good wages, but with lower educational requirements. And America’s infrastructure needs are enormous.
Christina Romer
Genuine supporters of Palestinians’ rights are fighting for equality, justice and freedom, aims that are in diametric opposition to any form of antisemitism.
Layla Moran
Is there an equality of power between America and Iraq? Definitely not; however, the Iraqi people are standing fast and are defending their land courageously.
Bashar al-Assad
I’m not pretending I can give advice to every single person or every single couple for every situation; I’m making the point that we are not going to get to equality in the workforce before we get to equality in the home. Not going to happen.
Sheryl Sandberg
Transgender folks have been part of the push for LGBT equality from the beginning, and we’ve spoken with loud and intelligent voices and have found political and personal success and advancement all over the world.
Chelsea Manning
We must keep fighting until using the word ‘equality’ isn’t necessary because we will all be living as one.
Michelle Visage
People just like to talk about equality, but it is difficult for them to see any change.
Mimi Chakraborty
A woman who thinks she is intelligent demands the same rights as man. An intelligent woman gives up.
Sidonie Gabrielle Colette
We don’t live in a society that has genuine equality, and every woman we know has experienced that.
Sara Sheridan
A fundamentalist can’t bring himself or herself to negotiate with people who disagree with them because the negotiating process itself is an indication of implied equality.
Jimmy Carter
I think that overall, the position – on a whole host of issues – should always be toward inclusion and equality.
Loretta Lynch
Nature has made men free and equal. The distinctions necessary for social order are only founded on general utility.
Marquis de Lafayette
The poor have to labour in the face of the majestic equality of the law, which forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.
Anatole France
Yugoslavia is a multinational community and it can survive only under the conditions of full equality for all nations that live in it.
Slobodan Milosevic
Striving for equality and working together with people different from us is what America is all about, because beneath our differences we are bound by a common humanity we all share.
Kevin Faulconer
I think that we’ve made a lot of progress in the years since the Stonewall uprising, and as far as equality for marriage and things like that go.
It’s tougher for women than men in Hollywood, period, if you ask me. As with most professions, women have generally not found equality with men when it comes to income and influence. There aren’t as many female directors, producers, and writers, which translates to fewer complex roles for women.
Nazanin Boniadi
I’m literally fighting for the equality of every man, woman and child regardless of race, religion, color, creed, and sexual orientation and here to spread a message of peace, love, and positivity.
As a young man on the streets of Derry, I saw Ian Paisley as an immortal opponent of everything to do with equality, justice, fairness, and respect for Irishness.
Martin McGuinness
A resilient people cherishing liberty and equality and the rule of law will endure.
Nick Rahall
I was part of a show called ‘Manifest Equality’ in Los Angeles in 2010, and I realized there was a disconnect between people who are gay or have gay friends and are gay-friendly, and people who think they don’t know any gay people.
iO Tillett Wright
In a democracy, you have the right to say what you want, but don’t forget about equality: are you putting someone else down by saying it?
Nicole Seah
Marriage equality changed life for people.
Andrew Cuomo
I was a human rights lawyer for 20 years, I believed those values of dignity, equality and non-discrimination were a given. believed the only question in my lifetime would be – how much further do we extend those values? I did not think in my lifetime we’d actually be having an argument about those values.
Keir Starmer
As we celebrate the considerable progress we’ve made toward full equality in our military, we cannot forget about those who continue to suffer because of the discriminatory policies of our past.
Mark Pocan
Terrorism does not disappear with revenge tactics but through making justice and equality before law a reality.
Asma Jahangir
I know a lot of the work that paved the way for women happened before I was around… I was never that feminist girl demanding equality, but maybe that’s because I’ve never really faced inequality.
Kaley Cuoco
Three components – education, equality and empowerment – play an important and pivotal role in moving the country forward in every aspect.
Manushi Chhillar
Evan Wolfson is a dear friend of mine. Almost more than any other, Evan is responsible for bringing the issue of marriage equality to the forefront of our struggle for civil rights. He is a courageous pioneer who has been relentless in this battle for marriage equality.
David Mixner
I’m a fan of the kind of political correctness that is about not promoting prejudice. But some people in America are offended by equality because when you’ve had privilege for so long, equality feels like oppression.
Ricky Gervais
If you want to see the true measure of a man, watch how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.
J. K. Rowling
The way the Democrats go about seeking equality is to lower people at the top.
Rush Limbaugh
Give us equality of enjoyment, equal right to expansion – it is as necessary to our prosperity as yours.
Robert Toombs
If we want equality, we shouldn’t then expect to be praised just because we’re doing a certain job. That’s not equality.
Kathy Burke
There is no contradiction between the fact that Israel has full personal equality of citizenship but extends national rights only to the Jewish people.
Ayelet Shaked
We are also further than ever from equality of opportunity.
Ferdinand Mount
The unionists also for their part, want to minimise the potential for change, not only on the equality agenda but on the issues of sovereignty and ending the union.
Gerry Adams
Most Americans are fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I’m advocating a balanced budget. But along with that, look, there should be gay marriage equality. A woman should have the right to choose. Let’s not build a fence across the border.
Gary Johnson
If I only care about equality for transgender people, then I am leaving so many people behind – if I’m not at the same time seeking to end discrimination against people of color, seeking to end discrimination against women, seeking to ensure that people of every religious background have an equal opportunity.
Sarah McBride
It’s mad that in pretty much any other industry equality is expected as a standard, but in the acting industry, because there are such fewer parts, we seem to accept ‘I’m a girl so it’s harder for me’.
Charlotte Hope
We live in a world where equality is the most important thing.
Ada Hegerberg
In science, all facts, no matter how trivial or banal, enjoy democratic equality.
Mary McCarthy
It’s impossible to play football in a world among men and not fight for equality.
Ada Hegerberg
Suffrage is the pivotal right.
Susan B. Anthony
I think dad would be very proud of young people standing up to promote truth, justice and equality.
Martin Luther King III
We are a model country where gender equality is concerned.
Tarja Halonen
All men are created equal, it is only men themselves who place themselves above equality.
David Allan Coe
The year was 2081, and everyone was finally equal.
Kurt Vonnegut
These men ask for just the same thing, fairness, and fairness only. This, so far as in my power, they, and all others, shall have.
Abraham Lincoln
‘Garage Magazine’ has a strong track record of promoting diversity and racial and gender equality in the worlds of art and fashion and will continue in our mission to stir positive debate on these and other issues.
Dasha Zhukova
There will always be a place for us somewhere, somehow, as long as we see to it that working people fight for everything they have, everything they hope to get, for dignity, equality, democracy, to oppose war and to bring to the world a better life.
Harry Bridges
One of the things about equality is not just that you be treated equally to a man, but that you treat yourself equally to the way you treat a man.
Marlo Thomas
I have no respect for the passion of equality, which seems to me merely idealizing envy – I don’t disparage envy, but I don’t accept it as legitimately my master.
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
I’ve identified as bisexual since I was a teenager, and if we want to achieve equality for all in our policies, we need more voices from the LGBTQ community in Congress.
Katie Hill
A few British suffragettes everybody laughed at started the cause of equality between men and women.
Antonio Munoz Molina
Let’s have a People’s Vote to safeguard gender equality and continue the drive towards a fairer world for us all.
Konnie Huq
Gender equality does not exist anywhere.
Desi Lydic
Okay, when you start to fight for equality, like Anand did in 1995, you could end up losing game 10, like he did, without putting up any kind of fight.
Vladimir Kramnik
The battle goes on for me; as a gay man, I shall not be happy until I see equality across the board.
Rob Halford
Including women in climate policy and solutions can enhance the results, leading to more economic growth and sustainable outcomes. However, we cannot take for granted that gender equality and women’s empowerment in the field of climate change and sustainable development will happen automatically.
Patricia Espinosa
I’m a Christian. I want the world of justice and equality. This is the only way to achieve peace.
Hugo Chavez
By in large in this country the issue of gay rights and equality should be past the point of debate. Really, there should be no debate anymore.
Scott Fujita
I want to do everything in my power to ensure the equality between all movements of Judaism in the state of Israel: Orthodox, Conservative, or Reform. In conversions, in budgets, in the eyes of the law. No one can claim ownership over the Jewish God.
Yair Lapid
How do we get to equality? I don’t think it comes from fear. I think it comes from understanding.
Rooney Mara
What I find most interesting about the U.S. is this idea of equality.
Jorge Ramos
Democratic principles are the result of equality of condition.
Mercy Otis Warren
Such security is equal liberty. But it is not necessarily equality in the use of the earth.
Benjamin Tucker
Equality and self-determination should never be divided in the name of religious or ideological fervor.
Rita Dove
Marriage is generally based on more equality and deeper friendship than in the past, but even so, it is hard for it to compensate for the way that work has devoured time once spent cultivating friendships.
Stephanie Coontz
We are not supposed to be all equal. Let’s just forget that. We are supposed to have equal rights under law. If we do that, we have done enough.
Ben Stein
Obama can show that America’s promise of equality not only means that anyone can reach the highest office in the land – it also means that everyone is equally subject to the law.
Ari Melber
Equality means allowing people to achieve their full potential – for themselves and for their country.
Penny Mordaunt
If you always have consciousness of gender equality at the heart of your policies, then you will have much more democratic, much more sustainable development.
Isabella Lovin
The women’s movement in the 1970s led more women into the workforce and got them closer to pay equality.
Rebecca Traister
The only thing I advocate for is for equality for female athletes because we train just as hard, and we’re always having a lot of head-to-head clashes, always competing against each other.
Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce
Thanks to advancements in gender equality, you now have salty women like me who not only follow politics but also share their opinions on the daily.
Ana Kasparian
Equality of rights means that some people cannot simply impose obligations on others, for the moral agency and rights of those others would then be violated.
Tom G. Palmer
If supporters of equality for women want to vote for the best candidate, they must look to a person regardless of gender and must disregard the gender of political opponents.
Karen DeCrow
The principles of fairness and equality for working men and women are deeply interwoven within the fabric of our nation’s history.
Bob Menendez
Every country faces its own obstacles to reaching gender equality, and to make a real difference, we must change public policies in tandem with stereotypes, attitudes, and behaviors.
Jose Angel Gurria
We will never have true civilization until we have learned to recognize the rights of others.
Will Rogers
I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
We’re all fighting for the same thin,g and I hope that the fight for equality, the fight to help people get over their anxiety or depression, whatever thing they’re going through, I hope that we can all come together more as a community.
Amber Liu
There needs to be radical development in equality law to create the environment to allow women to stay in work.
Ken Livingstone
If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity.
John F. Kennedy
I am for 100% equality across the board for everybody, in all walks of life.
David Furnish
Do not call for black power or green power. Call for brain power.
Barbara Jordan
Listen, there is no equality without the loss of power. Someone is going to have to lose power. That is really uncomfortable for some people to actually think about, but in order for marginalized people to gain power, white, cisgender, straight, people are going to have to lose some and that’s just how it is.
Bob the Drag Queen
We need an inspiring vision of equality that resonates in the hearts, minds, and souls of all Americans.
Bill de Blasio
Gender equality will only be reached if we are able to empower women.
Michelle Bachelet
I never doubted that equal rights was the right direction. Most reforms, most problems are complicated. But to me there is nothing complicated about ordinary equality.
Alice Paul
Abortion is defended today as a means of ensuring the equality and independence of women, and as a solution to the problems of single parenting, child abuse, and the feminization of poverty.
Robert Casey
We want to be brothers and sisters. We want respect and equality. Simon Bolivar, our father, said a balanced world – a universe – a balanced universe in order to have peace and development.
Hugo Chavez
Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word, equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.
Alexis de Tocqueville
I do not want to be the angel of any home: I want for myself what I want for other women, absolute equality. After that is secured, then men and women can take turns being angels.
Agnes Macphail
It’s terribly important that we extend the promise of equality that the Supreme Court and that the district court articulated in the DOMA case and in the Perry case to all Americans in all 50 states.
David Boies
Since signing up to Think Act Report, the majority of members are taking more action and publishing more information on gender equality.
Jo Swinson
I believe in a real democratic system, with a state of law and freedom of the press. I believe in a free, open-market economy integrated with the world. And I believe in equality of opportunity. Those are my basic beliefs. On top of that, of course, I believe in some moral values.
Sebastian Pinera
The best partnerships aren’t dependent on a mere common goal but on a shared path of equality, desire, and no small amount of passion.
Sarah MacLean
When Landon Carter, a Virginia plantation owner, read the Declaration of Independence two days after it was issued, he wondered whether its ringing affirmation of equality meant that slaves must be freed. If so, he confided to his diary, ‘You must send them out of the country, or they must steal for their support.’
Edmund Morgan
I believe that as women, we must commit ourselves to sustaining the progress made by our foremothers who fought so hard for women’s equality and liberation.
Carre Otis
Stewardesses are still paid so little that in many cases, new hires qualify for food stamps.
Patricia Ireland
I believe in the spirit of equality and the spirit of this country as one of love and compassion and kindness.
Lady Gaga
Equality for men and women, across the world, not only in sports, is the goal. We obviously have a long way to go, but every little bit helps.
Venus Williams
We need to be able to guarantee the safety of all artists and activists for human rights so that it no longer takes extraordinary courage to call for a better world – so that every person with the ability to imagine peace, equality, progress, and justice can express their dreams and hopes without fear.
Deeyah Khan
In a state therefore of great equality and virtue, where pure and simple manners prevailed, the increase of the human species would evidently be much greater than any increase that has been hitherto known.
Thomas Malthus
When you’re accustomed to privilege, parity and equity and equality may feel like oppression.
Raphael Warnock
In my opinion, the battles over birth control and Planned Parenthood are primarily neither political nor religious. This is an issue of equality for women. This is an issue of women’s rights: Planned Parenthood is the most important private provider of reproductive health care for women in the United States.
Karen DeCrow
There is no denying that we have made great progress toward gender equality.
Stephanie Coontz
I happen to agree with many of the liberal emphasis on compassion, justice and equality. I just disagree that it’s the government’s role to provide everything.
Rick Warren
Wonder Woman, she’s amazing. I love everything that she represents and everything that she stands for. She’s all about love and compassion and truth and justice and equality, and she’s a whole lot of woman.
Gal Gadot
Over the years, Americans have worked hard to expand the values our nation was founded on – justice, freedom, equality – to every person, regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic status.
Ralph Northam
Could we not argue that America is about freedom, whether we live it out or not, but it really is about freedom, equality and the pursuit of happiness. And that’s what church is all about.
Clementa C. Pinckney
I believe in equality.
David Dellinger
During that 2011 offseason, as the debate around ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ and DOMA was heating up on social media, I had to pull out every last ounce of self-control to keep myself from retweeting something in support of marriage equality.
Jason Collins
I think Republicans need to take income inequality more seriously. Not because I favor equality of outcomes. I do not. I think the Right is correct to stress merit and earned rewards, not handouts and forced equality. But I think what Republicans are blind to is that power corrupts.
Jonathan Haidt
Equality and self-determination should never be divided in the name of religious or ideological fervor.
Rita Dove
The seeds of marriage equality… were planted on MTV.
Wilson Cruz
Kids deserve to be taken seriously. It’s just as important to talk to them about women’s equality, about fairness. We really have to focus on children early.
Meena Harris
The Universal Zulu Nation stands to acknowledge wisdom, understanding, freedom, justice, and equality, peace, unity, love, and having fun, work, overcoming the negative through the positive, science, mathematics, faith, facts, and the wonders of God, whether we call him Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, or Jah.
Afrika Bambaataa
Gender equality is essential for ensuring that men and women can contribute fully at home, at work, and in public life for the betterment of societies and economies at large.
Jose Angel Gurria
There’s certain issues, as I say in my speeches, that I’m not going to compromise on; I’m not going to compromise on a woman’s right to choose and on marriage equality.
Patrick Murphy
You have to stand guard over the development and maintenance of Islamic democracy, Islamic social justice and the equality of manhood in your own native soil.
Muhammad Ali Jinnah
I remember the first time somebody classified me as a feminist. I was in fourth grade. And I remember thinking, ‘Oh, is that what I am?’ At the time, I just cared about equality.
Marielle Heller
Both at home and abroad, Ivanka Trump has been a strong and confident advocate for female equality.
Kayleigh McEnany
Social media are a catalyst for the advancement of everyone’s rights. It’s where we’re reminded that we’re all human and all equal. It’s where people can find and fight for a cause, global or local, popular or specialized, even when there are hundreds of miles between them.
Queen Rania of Jordan
Equality means nothing unless incorporated into the institutions.
Slobodan Milosevic
At the end of the day, I think people are starting to realize that if you say you stand for equality, it has to be equality across the board. It can’t just be equality for people who look like me, are my gender, think or love like me. It has to be equality for everybody.
Jason Winston George
I am free of all prejudices. I hate everyone equally.
W. C. Fields
You got to fight for quality art and equality and all the things that we’re fighting for, the things we believe in. Choice and preference and all those things that we support. We don’t want to give up that fight. You got to keep doing it.
Christopher Cross
I said on the equality side of it, that it is essential to a woman’s equality with man that she be the decision-maker, that her choice be controlling.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
All men are born equally free.
Salmon P. Chase
Equality and development will not be achieved however if peace is not understood from women’s’ point of view.
Jenny Shipley
It is crucial that members of Congress cast votes that are supportive of the values upon which our nation was founded: equality, freedom, and opportunity for all people.
Joe Baca
Equality, rightly understood as our founding fathers understood it, leads to liberty and to the emancipation of creative differences; wrongly understood, as it has been so tragically in our time, it leads first to conformity and then to despotism.
Barry Goldwater
Time and time again, we have seen a growing alliance of allies who are willing to stand with trans people, who are educating themselves on trans identity and trans equality, and who understand that our lives are worth celebrating and that our cause matters.
Sarah McBride
One of the things about equality is not just that you be treated equally to a man, but that you treat yourself equally to the way you treat a man.
Marlo Thomas
Equality implies individuality.
Trey Anastasio
On the road to equality there is no better place for blacks to detour around American values than in forgoing its example in the treatment of its women and the organization of its family.
Eleanor Holmes Norton
At a time when efforts are being made to eradicate discrimination between the sexes in the search for social equality and justice, the differences between the sexes are being rediscovered.
Carol Gilligan
In a unified and diverse Spain, based on the equality of and solidarity between its people, there is room for all of us. And for all of our feelings and sensitivities and our distinct ways of being Spaniards.
Felipe VI of Spain
Our party is not against any caste or religion. Our party is not caste or religion specific. We want to make a society based on equality.
Democracy arises out of the notion that those who are equal in any respect are equal in all respects; because men are equally free, they claim to be absolutely equal.
To take women’s equality from novelty to norm, we need to change narratives at a societal and individual level.
Cathy Engelbert
Our daughters were coming of age during a rising consciousness about gender equality. Throughout their school years – from kindergarten through graduate school, 1972 to 1992 – women were starting to take their places in areas traditionally reserved mostly for men.
Tom Brokaw
We came equals into this world, and equals shall we go out of it.
George Mason
It is crucial to maintain the political equality among the member states, which is fundamental to the community. At the same time we have to counteract the natural tendencies to create a hierarchy inside the E.U.
Andrzej Duda
Our goals for this nation must be nothing less than to double the size of our economy and bring prosperity and jobs, ownership and equality of opportunity to all Americans, especially those living in our nation’s pockets of poverty.
Jack Kemp
Both the IDB and Fundacion ALAS believe that the future of prosperity and equality that we hope for has to start today with higher investment and higher quality in Early Childhood Development programs throughout the region.
I am totally against the idea that a Muslim woman should not have the same opportunities as a Muslim man to learn, to open up, to work, help shape the future. To close Islam down to a sexist approach is totally intolerable and ridiculous. It’s not Islam.
Hussein of Jordan
I joined the Labour party because I believed in equality, in freedom of speech and in tolerance, compassion and understanding for people, irrespective of their background and views. In whatever I decide to do in the future I will hold to those principles.
Geoff Hoon
I feel if you believe in equality, you have to believe in it for everybody. And that’s the way I’ve always lived my life.
Aisha Tyler
Striving for equality, celebrating our diversity, pushing for minority representation, and being proud of what makes us unique is what California is all about. But let us never allow our differences to blind us to the common humanity we all share.
Kevin Faulconer
Radical multicultural types will, in the end, destroy the things they claim to like, because they don’t understand that liberty and reasonable equality are features of stable, free, conservative societies based on Christian ideas, which guard their borders and are proud of their civilisation.
Peter Hitchens
Corporate social responsibility is measured in terms of businesses improving conditions for their employees, shareholders, communities, and environment. But moral responsibility goes further, reflecting the need for corporations to address fundamental ethical issues such as inclusion, dignity, and equality.
Klaus Schwab
I think history repeats itself. There’s a constant conversation between the oppressed and the oppressor. No matter what your field is, whether it’s gender equality, the Time’s Up movement, or diversity casting, it’s always going to be a back-and-forth battle.
Michael B. Jordan
The untold secret driving the obstruction to Obama’s economic equality agenda is this: The opposition isn’t really battling Big Government. The opposition is protecting an economic system that’s putting more and more of the earned income out of reach for those aspiring to better themselves.
Donna Brazile
Equity’ is only two letters away from ‘equality,’ after all, and who would object to that? But in those two letters is a world of difference. ‘Equity’ is intrinsically unjust because it demands equality of outcome and not equality of opportunity.
Miranda Devine
We will not achieve gender equality in the workplace until we fix our system of parental leave.
David Lammy
Is word, sound, and powa dat break down de barriers of oppression an drive away transgression an rule equality.
Peter Tosh
There can be no equality or opportunity if men and women and children be not shielded in their lives from the consequences of great industrial and social processes which they cannot alter, control, or singly cope with.
Woodrow Wilson
In America everybody is of the opinion that he has no social superiors, since all men are equal, but he does not admit that he has no social inferiors, for, from the time of Jefferson onward, the doctrine that all men are equal applies only upwards, not downwards.
Bertrand Russell
The Nordic countries are leading the way on women’s equality, recognizing women as equal citizens rather than commodities for sale.
Johanna Siguroardottir
Our locker room is so positive. We are all focused on the same objectives, and that’s equality for women.
The smaller the planets are, they are, other things being equal, of so much the greater density; for so the powers of gravity on their several surfaces come nearer to equality. They are likewise, other things being equal, of the greater density, as they are nearer to the sun.
Isaac Newton
Trust me that as I ignore all law to help the slave, so will I ignore it all to protect an enslaved woman.
Susan B. Anthony
Marriage equality is coming, and not merely to a theater near you.
Suzanne Brockmann
You learn about equality in history and civics, but you find out life is not really like that.
Arthur Ashe
Do people really want liberty, equality, fraternity? Is it not some manner of speaking?
Krzysztof Kieslowski
Equality is the soul of liberty; there is, in fact, no liberty without it.
Frances Wright
Neoliberalism considers the discourse of equality, justice, and democracy quaint, if not dangerous and must be either trivialized, turned into its Orwellian opposite, or eviscerated from public life.
Henry Giroux
Nelson Mandela is physically separated from us, but his soul and spirit will never die. He belongs to the whole world because he is an icon of equality, freedom and love, the values we need all the time everywhere.
Malala Yousafzai
There’s a beauty in being part of a band, when there’s equality and trust.
Scott Weiland
My father offered his life so our democracy could live. My mother devoted her life to nurturing that democracy. I will dedicate my life to making our democracy reach its fullest potential: that of ensuring equality for all. My family has sacrificed much, and I am willing to do this again if necessary.
Benigno Aquino III
Conservatives cannot be absent from the debate on inequality and equality in the nation.
Pierre Poilievre
I believe the equal rights amendment is a necessity of life for all citizens. The cabinet sometimes felt that I shouldn’t be so outspoken.
Betty Ford
I refuse to consign the whole male sex to the nursery. I insist on believing that some men are my equals.
Brigid Brophy
I could speak for hours about equality and what needs to change in football and in society as a whole. But in the end, everything comes back to respect.
Ada Hegerberg
Gorsuch showed his true colors to the LGBTQ community when, in one of his first dissenting opinions on the high court, he advocated limiting the reach of the landmark 2015 marriage equality ruling by denying certain parenting rights to same-sex couples.
Sarah McBride
We’ve come quite far with the idea of equality between sexes, but there’s still a lot of conversations that need to be had about men in power.
Jonathan Bailey
The extension of women’s rights is the basic principle of all social progress.
Charles Fourier
Really, feminism is just about equality, and that’s all. It’s just saying equal rights.
Abi Morgan
Playing football can be damn harsh, but every day is a fight for equality.
Ada Hegerberg
To me it’s always been a no-brainer. Maybe I’m just simplistic about it, but if you believe in equality of opportunity, and want to champion equality of opportunity, that makes you a feminist.
Fiona Bruce
If we are Russian citizens, treat us as Russian citizens. We want equality and justice.
Ramzan Kadyrov
For immigrant women, the very act of immigration is about opportunity, equality, and freedom. Women immigrants come to America to care for their families, escape gender-based violence, or express their sexual identity.
Pramila Jayapal
The purpose that brought the fourteenth amendment into being was equality before the law, and equality, not separation, was written into the law.
Robert Bork
In the kingdom of consumption the citizen is king. A democratic monarchy: equality before consumption, fraternity in consumption, and freedom through consumption.
Raoul Vaneigem
Even as anarchists mindlessly tear up American cities while attacking police and innocent bystanders, we Republicans do recognize those who work in good faith towards peace, justice, and equality.
Daniel Cameron
I am a social democrat – I believe in pursuing greater equality and tackling social justice – but… you can’t do that unless you have got a strong economy, unless you have got a vibrant business base earning the wealth that makes that possible.
Nicola Sturgeon
To be successful, a woman has to be much better at her job than a man.
Golda Meir
The sole equality on earth is death.
Philip James Bailey
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a time to honor the greatest champion of racial equality who taught a nation – through compassion and courage – about democracy, nonviolence and racial justice.
Mark Pryor
We need to defend principles like democracy, freedom of speech, gender equality, and the rule of law through exemplifying these on a global scale, not through the same cynical, isolationist policies which have eroded these so-called ‘British’ values across the rest of the world.
Deeyah Khan
It’s detrimental not to support marriage equality, even just on a financial level.
Courtney Act
Scotland is my country, the nation that shaped me, that taught me my values. A nation whose achievements inspired and inspire me, a community whose failings drive me – drive my overwhelming desire to fight for social justice and equality.
Johann Lamont
‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ is a human story, and women’s rights are human rights, and it’s all about equality, but at the end of the day, it’s not equal.
Yvonne Strahovski
Women have a lot to say about how to advance women’s rights, and governments need to learn from that, listen to the movement and respond.
Charlotte Bunch
The 2010 global gender gap report by the World Economic Forum shows that countries with better gender equality have faster-growing, more competitive economies.
Michelle Bachelet
I don’t care if you’re Christian, you’re Muslim, you’re gay, you’re straight – I am here to fight for your equality. Because I believe that we are all born equal, but we are not treated equally, and that is why we must fight.
I think we have to keep working enormously hard to see that every single Indigenous child – every Australian child – has true equality of opportunity. We’ve got to work harder at it. I think, you know, the heartland issue for us is the gap; the gap in life expectancy in this country.
Quentin Bryce
Just as modern mass production requires the standardization of commodities, so the social process requires standardization of man, and this standardization is called equality.
Erich Fromm
Jazz came from the streets, hip-hop came from the streets. It’s just a different language. It’s all borne out of hard times, struggle, and the fight to have equality and things be better.
DJ Premier
Where terrorists offer injustice, disorder and destruction, the United States and its allies stand for freedom, fairness, equality, hope, and opportunity.
John O. Brennan
I would point out that Japan’s proposal at the Versailles Peace Conference on the principle of racial equality was rejected by delegates such as those from Britain and the United States.
Hideki Tojo
We in the Jewish community must ask ourselves what role we are going to play in changing policies and practices that discriminate against LGBT Americans. We have a special responsibility and civic duty to ensure that all Americans are treated with dignity and equality.
Lynn Schusterman
For me feminism is equality.
Farah Khan
I do have a huge debt of gratitude to people who fought for equality.
Crispin Blunt
I am an aristocrat. I love liberty; I hate equality.
John Randolph
Leaders talk about gender equality but it is not seen during selection of candidates. They will talk about winnability and a woman candidate seldom fulfils the criteria unless she is from a political family.
Trump has torn off America’s Band-Aid. The stories we are covering are about fundamental American values. We are having debates about democracy versus autocracy, the rule of law, equality and diversity.
Brian Stelter
Any serious shift towards more sustainable societies has to include gender equality.
Helen Clark
During Women’s History Month, we celebrate milestones in gender equality, and we uplift the stories of women who have impacted our world with their creativity, advocacy, service, invention, and discovery.
Ralph Northam
The moral case for gender equality is obvious. It should not need any explanation.
Paul Polman
The demand for equal rights in every vocation of life is just and fair; but, after all, the most vital right is the right to love and be loved.
Emma Goldman
I am a passionate devotee of the Howard Hawks’ screwball comedies of the 1930s and the 1940s, where I think that the relations between men and women were at their civilized height in terms of banter and exchange of wit and equality.
Allison Pearson
I support anything that broadens the message of gender equality and tempers the stigma of the feminist label. We run into trouble, though, when we celebrate celebrity feminism while avoiding the actual work of feminism.
Roxane Gay
If speech always wins, even if it’s an atomic secret that’s going to be broadcast to our enemies, it’s easy to make a decision. Speech always wins. But it doesn’t… Liberty doesn’t always trump equality or equality always trump liberty.
David Souter
Rosa Parks was the queen mother of a movement whose single act of heroism sparked the movement for freedom, justice and equality. Her greatest contribution is that she told us a regular person can make a difference.
Marc Morial
I feel like a feminist is gender equality.
Ilana Glazer
Marriage equality is a term so ridiculous on its face that when you hear it mentioned, you would think you were in Riyadh. Years from now, perhaps we can lose the equality part, the same-sex part and call it what it is – marriage.
Henry Rollins
We are all about the equality through society and sport.
Ben Stokes
Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you’re a man, you take it.
Malcolm X
Citizens of Rome might boast that the claim of ‘Civus romanus sum’ set them apart from barbarians and slaves, and it was true up to a point, but Roman citizens lived in a society that accepted pain, cruelty, and torture as the norm, and in which there was no suggestion of equality at birth or mercy in the afterlife.
Michael Korda
My commitment to gender equality is rooted in the quintessentially American principle of equal justice under law.
Eric Schneiderman
Everybody thinks that equality comes from identifying people, and that’s not where equality comes from.
Matt Bomer
As many political writers have pointed out, commitment to political equality is not an empirical claim that people are clones.
Steven Pinker
The concern was that if a woman was doing gender equality, her chances of making it to tenure in the law school were diminished. It was considered frivolous.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Growing up with a bold feminist in my mother, I witnessed her march magnificently from mini to maxi, fashions so obviously linked to powerful statements of female progression, equality and recognition. I knew no other than freedom of expression in all the forms it came in; art, theatre, fashion, literature and music.
Esther McVey
As slavery died for the greater good of America, and the movement for equality sputtered to life, the white woman was on the cover of every American magazine. She was the dazzling jewel on every movie screen, the glory of every commercial and television show.
Jill Scott
If I was misogynist, would I hire a woman as my CEO? Probably not. I grew up in Denmark, for crying out loud. Denmark is probably one of the places where equality is actually fully achieved. Our political system is practically a matriarchy.
Bjarke Ingels
I think the key to the whole appeal of Amazons is the egalitarian society. There was once a time and place where equality was taken for granted – it was logical and necessary – and I think most people can get the message that if it happened once, it could happen again.
Adrienne Mayor
I speak not for myself but for those without voice… those who have fought for their rights… their right to live in peace, their right to be treated with dignity, their right to equality of opportunity, their right to be educated.
Malala Yousafzai
I identify as a feminist but subscribe to the pretty basic definition of a feminist as ‘someone who seeks equality between the sexes.’
Lauren Mayberry
And think of how we challenged the idea of a male dominated Parliament with All-Women shortlists and made the cause of gender equality central to our government. We were right to do so.
Ed Miliband
Martin Luther King, Jr. didn’t carry just a piece of cloth to symbolize his belief in racial equality; he carried the American flag.
Adrian Cronauer
I try to encourage myself to act in a way that supports gender equality, and I call that feminist. Whatever word people want to use to call that, I’m not really attached to a label.
O. T. Fagbenle
There have been some gains made in terms of more equality for women in the workplace and in the way the legal system deals with issues of violence against women.
Tracy Chapman
More countries have understood that women’s equality is a prerequisite for development.
Kofi Annan
The thing I want to see before I die is women achieving full equality in the world. I’m very passionate about injustice against women and there’s too much of it in the world. In so many parts of the world, women are not regarded as worthy or equal to men. In parts of the world, women are bought and sold.
Cherie Blair
I believe in unconditional love and equality. Jesus Christ exemplified these qualities.
Jack Canfield
Women have talent and intelligence but, due to social constraints and prejudices, it is still a long distance away from the goal of gender equality.
Pratibha Patil
In 1965, I marched for equality.
Alphonso Jackson
I am fiscally prudent and socially progressive. I believe in protecting a woman’s right to choose. I believe in marriage equality.
Andrew Cuomo
The fact is, there is not now, nor has there ever been in the whole of history, a single country in the world where women have equality with men.
Sandi Toksvig
Unless man is committed to the belief that all mankind are his brothers, then he labors in vain and hypocritically in the vineyards of equality.
Adam Clayton
I would find it difficult to be involved in an effort that I think disenfranchises people from a fundamental right. How do you work with people who are opposed to marriage equality? I don’t want to do it.
Steve Schmidt
The work that must be done for each woman to reconnect with her psyche and to give herself a chance to live her own life is essentially the same. The realization of the equality of all races, the equality of all beings is essential.
Betty Buckley
Our Constitution gave us rights as citizens of a free democratic nation, but also placed on us the responsibility to always adhere to the central tenets of our democracy – justice, liberty, equality and fraternity.
Ram Nath Kovind
We must remember that although we come from different backgrounds and ideologies, we’re all part of this great experiment in self-governance. We’re all united by common values of liberty, justice, and equality of opportunity, even if we don’t always agree on how to achieve them.
Cathy McMorris Rodgers
More and more people support equality for their gay friends and neighbors, and that is not because the ‘Duck Dynasty’ guy almost lost his show.
Jon Lovett
I think we’re at a point in history where, generally, people consider themselves to be feminists in the sense that we believe in the equality of the sexes.
Rege-Jean Page
The woman who thinks she can choose femininity, can toy with it like the social drinker toys with wine – well, she’s asking for it, asking to be undone, devoured, asking to spend her life perpetrating a new fraud, manufacturing a new fake identity, only this time it’s her equality that’s fake.
Rachel Cusk
It’s not going to be my political raison d’etre, I think it would be presumptuous to take a leadership role. But I would want to make sure that we support equality.
Crispin Blunt
I believe and support the feminist movement, but I am not generally interested in considering women’s rights in relation to equality with men, or in a competition with men, but rather within their own rights and feminine space.
Shirin Neshat
When you say ‘revolution’ when you have only men outside, you know that something is going wrong. I’m not like a hardcore feminist, but I think that one of the things that makes the society advanced is equality between men and women. If half of the society is oppressed by the other half, it’s not fine.
Marjane Satrapi
If we don’t think that men and boys are part of the solution in this battle for gender equality for the balance between who we are as humans, we’re undermining their minds and their spirits. They need to be part of the equation.
Sophie Gregoire Trudeau
Equality for women is progress for all.
Ban Ki-moon
The path to equality is rarely easy.
Daniel Dae Kim
I just believe in equality for all.
Ashley Wagner
The idea of equal rights was in the air.
Lucy Stone
Equity means equality of outcome, not equality of opportunity. It is the very DNA of Marxism and everything bad flows from it, as we saw in the Soviet Union, Mao’s China, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela.
Miranda Devine
Well, my personal mission statement is that we want marriage equality in all 50 states. We want it not to be a state-by-state issue. We don’t want it to be something the majority is voting on. I don’t think the civil rights of any minority should be in the hands of any majority.
Jesse Tyler Ferguson
The Labour party is the greatest champion of equality and opportunity this country has even known.
Liz Kendall
If interviewers are prejudiced against women or Hispanics, for example, a face-to-face interview will predictably result in discrimination. Reliance on tests, or on actual or past performance, can promote equality.
Cass Sunstein
I like the religion that teaches liberty, equality and fraternity.
B. R. Ambedkar
America promised equality. Its constitution said so. My schoolbooks said so. The country wasn’t perfect, to be sure. But its ideals were. And every day brought us closer to those ideals.
George T. Conway III
I’ve always been hopeful about Scotland’s prospects. And I now believe more than ever that Scotland is within touching distance of achieving independence and equality.
Sean Connery
The search for justice and security, the struggle for equality of opportunity, the quest for tolerance and harmony, the pursuit of human dignity – these are moral imperatives which we must work towards and think about on a daily basis.
Aga Khan IV
Democracy is a system that recognizes the equality of humans before the law. Whether you are the family of Breonna Taylor or David Dorn, these are the ideals that will heal our nation’s wounds.
Daniel Cameron
Humanism was not wrong in thinking that truth, beauty, liberty, and equality are of infinite value, but in thinking that man can get them for himself without grace.
Simone Weil
Throughout American history, whites have played a significant role in helping blacks secure freedom and equality.
Jesse Lee Peterson
I wouldn’t say there’s a need for the Spice Girls, but I’d say there’s a place for the Spice Girls. There’s certainly a place for them, but you don’t promote the Spice Girls at the expense of promoting what I think are good role models for girls. You need to create some kind of equality.
Greg Graffin
I can’t explain exactly why it lives within me for so long and passionately. But race matters to me; racial equality matters to me, as does gender. There is something about these kinds of social injustices that go to the deep of me.
Sue Monk Kidd
As Canadians who proudly demand the equal treatment of minorities, religious freedom, gender equality and basic human rights for its citizens – allowing our political leaders to shamefully ignore these values in the name of business abroad, falls short of the high standard we rightfully set for ourselves.
Jagmeet Singh
We’re still stuck in male, female, feminism. I don’t believe in, you know… I believe in gender equality.
Saba Qamar
Equality under the law is the slow triumph of hope over history.
Jim Cooper
Virtue can only flourish among equals.
Mary Wollstonecraft
For forty years, I have devoted myself to the cause of the people’s revolution with but one aim in view – the elevation of China to a position of freedom and equality among the nations.
Sun Yat-sen
Labour has a complex history with racism and internationalism. Political education about antisemitism and all forms of racism can help us reckon with that history, and ensure a socialist politics based on real equality becomes the common sense across the party.
Clive Lewis
I’m a pro-choice candidate and I support marriage equality – my brother is actually gay and married. But I’m a pretty hard-headed guy when it comes to the budget and whether you’re getting a bang for your buck.
Charlie Baker
The arc of our history is toward more equality being expanded to more and more people.
George Takei
Equality for everyone. That’s most important.
Trisha Paytas
Since the 1980s, Republicans have argued that policies embraced by a majority of Americans to promote equality of opportunity actually infringe liberty by hampering businessmen’s actions or taking their money through taxes.
Heather Cox Richardson
I encourage people to have those tough conversations just to educate yourself on what goes on and how we can create equality in the world and grow together as one.
Bubba Wallace
Korra and Aang ultimately stand for freedom, equality, and basic human rights, and I think Mike and I are fine with pushing that agenda.
Bryan Konietzko
I have never been what you would call just an integrationist. I know I’ve been called that… Integrating that bus wouldn’t mean more equality. Even when there was segregation, there was plenty of integration in the South, but it was for the benefit and convenience of the white person, not us.
Rosa Parks
I am very proud of the role I played in getting legal equality for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, and in helping get rid of the prejudice by being visible about it, helping to block the conviction of Bill Clinton of impeachment.
Barney Frank
My goal is to eradicate poverty. I think we can’t have equality until we eradicate poverty.
Rain Dove
Friendship is something that creates equality and mutuality, not a reward for finding equality or a way of intensifying existing mutuality.
Rowan Williams
Democracy not only requires equality but also an unshakable conviction in the value of each person, who is then equal.
Jeane Kirkpatrick
The biggest deficit in terms of gender equality at Ozon lay in our IT department. So we made a decision, along with our key IT leaders, to remove all filters and systemically interview all the women who apply.
Maelle Gavet
I wouldn’t really call myself a feminist. I obviously want equality and equal opportunities to the men.
Katie Taylor
I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit together at the table of brotherhood.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
You see, Africa makes a fool of our idea of justice. It makes a farce of our idea of equality. It mocks our pieties. It doubts our concern. It questions our commitment. Because there is no way we can look at what’s happening in Africa, and if we’re honest, conclude that it would ever be allowed to happen anywhere else.
I think men are allowed to be fat and bald and ugly and women aren’t. And it’s just not – there is no equality there.
Connie Chung
In the end no segregationist scheme has withstood the force of a simple idea: equality under law.
Eric Liu
Ultimately, we must either abandon our reliance on stop and search or abandon any hope for a criminal justice system grounded in equality, impartiality and fairness.
David Lammy
Despite great advances in women’s rights, statistics show that when it comes to the balance of power between the sexes, equality is far from being a global reality.
Sam Taylor-Johnson
What I find most interesting about the U.S. is this idea of equality. That’s what I’m trying to do with immigration. If what the founding fathers said is true, that we are all equal, then let’s fight for that.
Jorge Ramos
Gender equality is not only an issue for women and girls.
Justin Trudeau
President Obama and Democrats won a mandate to move us forward with jobs, healthcare reform, equality, and nation building here at home.
Christine Pelosi
I don’t consider myself a feminist, but I feel very empowered as a woman, and I’ve used all my resources widely. I believe in equality, but that’s just naturally happening. I still want a door opened for me, to be treated like a lady, but I also want equal rights for women, of course.
Pamela Anderson
We’ve lost leaders from Abraham Lincoln to Martin Luther King, Jr. and countless others who have worked to bend the arc of the universe towards justice and equality. Yet, we remain undaunted, dedicated to striving for a fairer, more equal society.
Ralph Northam
To realize that new world we must prefer the values of freedom and equality above all other values – above personal wealth, technical power and nationalism.
Herbert Read
The marriage equality ruling establishes for the American public where the majority already are – which is that love is love and discriminating against a human being based on love is idiotic.
Ted Lieu
You had a generation of women, of which I’m part, where it was a stigma to be associated with feminism; there was a backlash. Now you have a generation that is clearly embracing feminism because, at the end of the day, the definition of feminism is just equality.
Nancy Dubuc
Even when I was dating a man I always said I’d never get married until marriage equality was passed in Australia. It wouldn’t feel right.
Jessica Origliasso
The definition of being a feminist is equality, and if you’re not a feminist at this point, then what are you really promoting?
Alessia Cara
Roosevelt’s New Deal regulated business, protected social welfare and promoted national infrastructure on the principle that the role of government was not simply to protect the property of the wealthy, but rather was to promote equality of opportunity for all.
Heather Cox Richardson
I think it really changes things when you’re able to get married. I mean, the Marriage Equality Act was super important. I think you cannot believe it happened as fast as it did. For a lot of gay people, it’s very surprising. You thought that this is going to be a struggle forever.
Kate Pierson
Ending discrimination and extending equality should always be a national priority.
Bill Shorten
Canada is the homeland of equality, justice and tolerance.
Kim Campbell
Before God we are all equally wise – and equally foolish.
Albert Einstein
Why did mainstream America come to accept marriage equality? Gay leaders had made a convincing case that gay families were like straight families and should have the same rights. The American spirit of fair play had been invoked.
Edmund White
Billie Jean King always was there for me as a role model. She always fought for equality, and that always stood out as I was coming up.
Katrina Adams
Dreams from 1991 are becoming reality. We will build good relations between nations and people. We will strive towards mutual respect and equality of every individual, sex, race and national or any other minority.
Janez Drnovsek
Equality should be a thing we don’t even have to talk about anymore.
Hilary Knight
I can’t identify a race of people in this country who are more committed to the health of this country, who believe more in the Constitution, who believe more in equality and liberation and fairness to everyone else than black people.
Bryan Stevenson
For me, feminism is about equality. So, when someone works for a Wall Street firm and says they’re a feminist, my eyes are going to roll.
Jodie Evans
I want racial and gender equality.
Gail Kim
No, I didn’t think of myself as an idealist. I consider myself as a believer in what I regard as the Labour Party’s basic principles, which have to do with equality and ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. You know, the golden rules.
Glenda Jackson
For most of us, fidelity is faithfulness to an obligation, trust, or duty. For the men and women of the FBI, fidelity also means fidelity to country. It means fidelity to justice and the law, fidelity to the Constitution, fidelity to equality and liberty.
Robert Mueller
Young men and women start out with equal opportunities and ambition but so often that equality fractures as they reach their 30s and start reproducing. Is there really no way to make it work for those who want to have journalistic careers as well as children?
Mary Nightingale
My mum fought for feminism in her day so instilled in me the importance of equality. She taught me so much about women.
Chris Evans
Demands for equality for women are threats to men’s self-esteem and sense of sexual turf.
Alice S. Rossi
Disease generally begins that equality which death completes.
Samuel Johnson
I enjoy repartee and frequently engage in devil’s advocacy. In short, when I talk to friends, I do not guard every word that I say because I think that I know they know that my commitment to equality and justice is real, and they would not twist my words or misinterpret what I am saying to them.
Jeff Sessions
I rage when Boris Johnson is more interested in sucking up to Donald Trump than standing up for British values of decency, equality and respect.
Jo Swinson
Most of all, we should remember all of us are capable of individually helping advance the spirit of equality for all.
Mike Rogers
Bumble is about equality. We are reverse-engineering traditional societal norms.
Whitney Wolfe Herd
We will have bigger bureaucracies, bigger labor unions, and bigger state-run corporations. It will be harder to be an entrepreneur because of punitive taxes and regulations. The rewards of success will be expropriated for the sake of attaining greater income equality.
Arthur C. Brooks
Our party was built upon the beliefs of President Abraham Lincoln, who took the significant step to put us on the long path for equality.
Will Hurd
The reality is that Hillary Clinton has been a steadfast supporter of LGBT equality. She has evolved on the issue of LGBT equality, and I think we are a better movement when we give people space to grow and learn. We can’t reduce it to a single issue like marriage equality.
Sarah McBride
On ‘The Apprentice,’ I’m 100 per cent certain I’m paid the same as Claude Littner. I insisted on equality when I negotiated my contract. I would not have allowed anything else.
Karren Brady
I don’t think I could have – and I wouldn’t have wanted to – write a book about climate change that wasn’t about justice and equality.
Tatiana Schlossberg
Jackie Robinson, as an athlete and as someone who was trying to make a stand for equality, he was exemplary.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
The virtue of gay equality has become increasingly recognized in the U.S. because people have been persuaded of its merits, not because state officials, acting like Inquisitors, forced people to accept it by punishing them for their refusal.
Glenn Greenwald
One of the factors a country’s economy depends on is human capital. If you don’t provide women with adequate access to healthcare, education and employment, you lose at least half of your potential. So, gender equality and women’s empowerment bring huge economic benefits.
Michelle Bachelet
Businesses have played an important role in advancing nondiscrimination protections across the county because they have recognized that inclusion is the right thing to do and fairness and equality are good for business.
London Breed
American government did not originate in any abstract theories about liberty and equality, but in the actual experience gained by generation after generation of English colonists in managing their own political affairs. The Revolution did not make a breach in the continuity of their institutional life.
Charles A. Beard
There is no justice in social justice, and there is no equality in social equality.
Brad Thor
I see social mobility and equality of opportunity as really successful Canadian values.
Chrystia Freeland
Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.
Abraham Lincoln
One hundred and fifty years after Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, equality for many Americans remains elusive.
Mike Quigley
2013 was a year of myths falling apart. The myth of President Obama – a myth in which Obama was a messianic figure descending to bequeath health care, equality, and brotherhood on mankind – imploded. The myth of an America embracing the leftist social agenda collapsed.
Ben Shapiro
We will not build a society that reflects who we are and that has opportunities for equality or justice if we don’t make progress for all participants.
Mitchell Baker
From lying about climate change, to undermining programs that make up our social safety net, to opposing laws that reduce gun violence, to fighting marriage equality, the Kochs’ tentacles infiltrate all parts of America’s public debates.
Sheldon Whitehouse
I don’t think equality is intrinsically valuable, meaning in and of itself. I’m not against inequality… if Bill Gates gets another hundred million dollars, it’s no skin off my nose.
Angus Deaton
I’m trying to create the world around myself to be a place of as much equality and openheartedness as possible.
Robin Thicke
As a partner in a firm full of women who work outside of the home as well as stay at home mothers, all with plenty of children, gender equality is not a talking point for me. It is an issue I live every day.
Hilary Rosen
I believe in equality for everyone, except reporters and photographers.
Mahatma Gandhi
In terms of my involvement in ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ and marriage equality and anti-bullying and social emotional learning in schools – these are all things that arise out of my relationship with the world and with my fans.
Lady Gaga
If liberty and equality, as is thought by some, are chiefly to be found in democracy, they will be best attained when all persons alike share in government to the utmost.
I don’t believe that if I came out as bisexual the world will change. But it’s really important for people to be truthful about who they are and fight for equality. We need to help the world usher itself into the next phase.
Olivia Thirlby
We live in a world where equality is pretty important.
John Key
It’s amazing how far that we’ve come and the strides we’ve made in the LGBTQIA community with regard to acceptance and equality and really honoring ourselves and who we are.
There can be no equality or opportunity if men and women and children be not shielded in their lives from the consequences of great industrial and social processes which they cannot alter, control, or singly cope with.
Woodrow Wilson
The land is ours. It’s not European and we have taken it, we have given it to the rightful people… Those of white extraction who happen to be in the country and are farming are welcome to do so, but they must do so on the basis of equality.
Robert Mugabe
True gender equality in Scotland – and elsewhere – is still some way off.
Nicola Sturgeon
This is a great country, but fortunately for you, it is not perfect. There is much to be done to bring about complete equality. Remove hunger. Bring reality closer to theory and democratic principles.
Thurgood Marshall
Gender equality has long been at the forefront of my mind, and I think the Me Too movement has elevated many men’s consciousness, my own included, about how to be better allies.
Cory Booker
Sorry, equality is a myth. Women aren’t as strong as men – they can’t even hold their booze as well as men.
Gavin McInnes
Politicians talk about wage equality, but my father has made it a practice at his company throughout his entire career. He will fight for equal pay for equal work, and I will fight for this, too, right along side of him.
Ivanka Trump
Effective use of Braille is as important to the blind as independent mobility, knowledge in the use of adaptive technology, and the core belief that equality, opportunity and security are truly possible for all people who are blind.
Bob Ney
I think preaching equality among unequals is the worst form of discrimination.
P. Chidambaram
The Millennium Development Goals were a pledge to uphold the principles of human dignity, equality and equity, and free the world from extreme poverty. The MDGs, with eight goals and a set of measurable time-bound targets, established a blueprint for tackling the most pressing development challenges of our time.
Ban Ki-moon
It’s not a bad thing fighting for equality and helping the poor. It’s not a bad thing to have on your professional tombstone: ‘He believed in equality and he helped the poor.’
Joe Jamail
The civil rights movement in the United States was about the same thing, about equality of treatment for all sections of the people, and that is precisely what our movement was about.
John Hume
In the world we live in, where we say we need equality, we don’t think highly of ourselves. We don’t give much importance to ourselves. We are cheerleaders of equality, but how much do we believe in it? Because if you do, then you will be the voice of change.
Kubra Sait
Regardless of what race, what color, what sex, what nationality, what sexual orientation – regardless of who you are, equality should always rule! Whatever is right for you is right. Period.
Winnie Harlow
If we are to maintain a relevant and just industry, we must all open our eyes to the obvious lack of equality in wages, representation, and access.
Jay Duplass
Let me say, I fully embrace equality, and I believe in the innate value of every single human being and that all students, no matter their age, should be able to attend a school and feel safe and be free of discrimination.
Betsy DeVos
No advance in wealth, no softening of manners, no reform or revolution has ever brought human equality a millimeter nearer.
George Orwell
The further left you are, the more your concern for the underdog crowds out everything else, leading you to overlook inconsistencies. You might, for example, argue for immigration and multiculturalism in the UK, but not in the Amazon. You might demand equality before the law and, at the same time, gender quotas.
Daniel Hannan
To me, feminism is believing in women’s equality, and I ardently ascribe to that belief.
Cory Booker
The problem with our country is that we don’t ask for equality in treatment. They want free flow of capital into our country. Why do they not allow free flow of labour into their country? Tell me what is the reason why they don’t allow people to migrate to the United States as and when they like?
Subramanian Swamy
We know we cannot achieve our twin goals of ending poverty and boosting shared prosperity without ending poverty and creating equality for women and girls.
Sri Mulyani Indrawati
Tennis has always been at the forefront of equality between men and women’s prize money.
Mats Wilander