Entrepreneurial Spirit Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Entrepreneurial Spirit Quotes from Maggie Hassan, Betsy DeVos, Alison Bechdel, Denise Morrison, Fred DeLuca. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

In New Hampshire, we know that small businesses and ent

In New Hampshire, we know that small businesses and entrepreneurs are the engines of economic growth in the 21st-century economy, and our state has long been defined by the entrepreneurial spirit of our people.
Maggie Hassan
As a kid, I grew up middle class, but my father was a great innovator with an entrepreneurial spirit, and it wasn’t long before my family became part of the infamous 1%.
Betsy DeVos
I just have this sort of entrepreneurial spirit and I work really hard at promoting myself.
Alison Bechdel
The entrepreneurial spirit has moved from the garage in high-tech to the kitchen in food.
Denise Morrison
If you have company-owned stores, you make 100 percent of the profit from each one, but you have less entrepreneurial spirit.
Fred DeLuca
Africa’s vibrancy and entrepreneurial spirit is un-matched. There’s huge potential here to grow business, create jobs, and to improve living standards.
Paul Polman
There is a seductive simplicity in Donald Trump’s vision to build walls and ban refugees to protect American interests. But we must always remember that we create far greater opportunity for all Americans when we enable the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of people globally to take root here.
Reshma Saujani
The aim of open government is to take advantage of the know-how and entrepreneurial spirit of those outside government institutions to work together with those inside government to solve problems.
Beth Simone Noveck
To maintain our entrepreneurial spirit, we have to create a culture in which everyone remembers that every order, big or small – and every interaction, every moment – will define what our company is today and what it will become tomorrow.
Daniel Lubetzky
I guess I’ve just always had an entrepreneurial spirit.
Jon Taffer
I had an entrepreneurial spirit and started branching out from there.
Vance McAllister
It takes getting the right talent. It takes a lot of patience. It takes investment and passion and commitment and entrepreneurial spirit, and everyone in the organization must buy into that.
David Steward
I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. When I was seven, I remember sticking a sign on my bedroom window that read, ‘Manicures and massage, come on in.’ My mother rushed in, saying, ‘All these weirdos are knocking on the door.’
Karren Brady
What I’m trying to do is get this message out about self-empowerment, entrepreneurial spirit and true Americanism – the way we were when we changed the world, when Edison was alone, failing his 2,000th time on the lightbulb.
Glenn Beck
In taking Dell private, we plan to go back to our roots, focusing on the entrepreneurial spirit that made Dell one of the fastest-growing and most successful companies in history.
Michael Dell
I mean we will have some of the best and brightest men and women in the country. We have some of the most entrepreneurial spirit, not only in communications, but cybersecurity is a growth industry that’s going off the charts that we are a hub here in San Diego.
Kevin Faulconer
From the beginning, we have fostered a culture that embraces our entrepreneurial spirit and values innovation that puts our customers first.
Ken Xie
Our region’s economy was built upon their entrepreneurial spirit, and our economy still depends on the continued success of the enterprises they have worked so hard to create.
Doc Hastings
What you need to keep most in the U.S. is the entrepreneurial spirit.
Alexei Mordashov
I have reviewed literally hundreds of dotcoms in my drive to bring Boomer Esiason Foundation onto the Internet, and have selected ClickThings as a partner because of the advanced technology it offers small business, and its understanding of the entrepreneurial spirit of the small business community.
Boomer Esiason
My entrepreneurial spirit happened all day long because I got to think of things that kids would interact with. I was in front of my customers for 6-8 hours a day. I got to see what they like, what they don’t like, what they connected with, and most importantly, did they learn something from this?
Steve Spangler
After working for 14 years on Wall Street and growing up in a family with strong roots in small business, I know how important the entrepreneurial spirit is to attaining the American dream.
Ellen Tauscher
We’ve got to get back to being the America we once were. The entrepreneurial spirit. The accountability. When a man was a man.
Todd Wilcox
If we didn’t have the Albanian entrepreneurial spirit and financial support from the diaspora, this stupid political class would have destroyed the country by now.
Fatos Nano
The combination of brilliant ideas and entrepreneurial spirit should lead us to a safer and more secure future.
Vinod Khosla