Drafts Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Drafts Quotes from Judy Blume, James Meade, Gore Vidal, Natasha Trethewey, Charles Caleb Colton. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

When I began to write and used a typewriter, I went thr

When I began to write and used a typewriter, I went through three drafts of a book before showing it to an editor.
Judy Blume
Second, there were the discussions and drafts leading up to the White Paper on Employment Policy of 1944 in which the UK government accepted the maintenance of employment as an obligation of governmental policy.
James Meade
The greatest pleasure when I started making money was not buying cars or yachts but finding myself able to have as many freshly typed drafts as possible.
Gore Vidal
It took me years of attempts and failed drafts before I finally wrote the elegies I needed to write.
Natasha Trethewey
The drafts which true genius draws upon posterity, although they may not always be honored so soon as they are due, are sure to be paid with compound interest in the end.
Charles Caleb Colton
I don’t write drafts. I write from the beginning to the end, and when it’s finished, it’s done.
Clifford Geertz
Yep, I often lit the barbie with old drafts.
Richard Flanagan
When I started ‘Still Missing,’ I had a few key plot points in mind, which I played around with mentally for a couple of months, then one day I just started writing. Not having an outline led to some cool plot twists, but also many rewrites! A lot of the plotting happened on subsequent drafts.
Chevy Stevens
I hate first drafts, and it never gets easier. People always wonder what kind of superhero power they’d like to have. I wanted the ability for someone to just open up my brain and take out the entire first draft and lay it down in front of me so I can just focus on the second, third and fourth drafts.
Judy Blume
We go through, I think, six different drafts of each script. And then my shooting it is roughly, you know, fifteen percent of the total work that gets done on a show. Then it’s all post-production animation after that.
Steve Burns
During my first eight years at the Revs we drafted really well, but I got very little from the last two drafts that I took part in.
Steve Nicol
Obviously, drafts sometimes are good ones, or bad ones; I think you can get a good, quality player late in the lottery.
Grant Hill
I would go so far as to say that I mostly write terrible things. I mean, my first drafts are so appalling.
Jennifer Egan
You know, my first three or four drafts, you can see, are on legal pads in long hand. And then I go to a typewriter, and I know everybody’s switching to a computer. And I’m sort of laughed at.
Robert Caro
First drafts are never any good – at least, mine aren’t.
Vanessa Diffenbaugh
There are writers whose first drafts are so lean, so skimpy, that they must go back and add words, sentences, paragraphs to make their fiction intelligible or interesting. I don’t know any of these writers.
Nancy Kress
‘An Education’ was a complicated piece of work because it came from a tiny essay, so it took me a while to find the story I wanted to tell and the characters I wanted to tell it about. That really only emerged after four or five drafts.
Nick Hornby
I number my drafts, and by the time a book is done, I’ll have 75 or 80 drafts of some sections.
Jennifer Egan
I had done 17 drafts of ‘Heyy Babyy’ before the final screenplay emerged. It’s actually based on the wild lifestyle of a friend. In fact, when he saw ‘Heyy Babyy’ he threatened to sue me and said I’d better pay him royalty.
Sajid Khan
Most of my early work was done on typewriter. And the only way to iterate drafts was to re-type it.
Seanan McGuire
I start a lot of things and purposely leave them unfinished. When I have a bunch of really long emails, and I need time to think about the response, I’ll actually start replying, leave them as drafts, and move onto something else mid-sentence.
Adam Grant
I’ve seen a couple mock drafts that have me going to the Baltimore Ravens. And if it happens like that, it’ll be a blessing. But I’d like to go anywhere that calls my name.
Tavon Austin
Only in very rare circumstances will you see something cut out of my first drafts. Maybe it’s because of the way I write. I’m very focused on the logical progression of the story, and every character has a role to play.
R. A. Salvatore
I am violently untidy. My desk is overcrowded. I write my first drafts in longhand in a long notebook using a plastic throwaway fountain pen. Then I work on a word processor using a different desk and a different room.
Colm Toibin
Writing film scripts is the hardest thing in the world. A script has to go to five or six drafts, and you need the feedback of other people and to keep coming back with a fresh eye, honing it down.
Gurinder Chadha
I keep the drafts of each poem in color-coded folders. I pick up the folders according to how I feel about that color that day.
Rita Dove
Margot Livesey, my dear friend, reads all the drafts of what I write, and I read hers. We have an intense working relationship. I’ve been really lucky to know her. She’s a great reader and teacher as well as an astonishingly good writer.
Andrea Barrett
I am a hopeless pantser, so I don’t do much outlining. A thought will occur to me, and I’ll just throw it into the story. I tell myself I’ll worry about untangling it later. I’m glad no one sees my first drafts except for my poor editor and agent.
Marie Lu
I’m pretty obsessive-compulsive, and I’m very fast. I tend to not write for a long period of time until I can’t not write, and then I write first drafts in gallops. I won’t eat right. I forget to do my laundry.
Adam Rapp
I am such a rewriter; I have so many notebooks filled with drafts you wouldn’t believe.
Judy Blume
In terms of smaller changes over time, I think good plays are like poems. Every syllable counts. So I wrestle with word choice, rhythm in final drafts.
Stephen Karam
I dread first drafts! I worry each day that it won’t come, that nothing will happen.
Judy Blume
I don’t care if I’m drafted one, five, 72, or last pick. I’m going to come in with my head low, ready to work, and that is not going to change me. That’s why, whatever team drafts me, you’re going to get the same person, the guy that is going to be a competitor, a guy that is passionate about the game.
Saquon Barkley
Your spouse, a sibling, a friend need to read your drafts. They have to be people unafraid to tell you what sucks. For early feedback, that’s more important than professional editorial skill. Most people know what sucks.
Douglas Brunt
I wrote the screenplay for ‘This Is Where I Leave You’ – all 40 drafts of it.
Jonathan Tropper
One of my strengths as a writer is that I’m a good problem-solver. I write these unthinking, ungoverned first drafts. The project for me always is to turn that instinctive stuff into pages that work.
Jennifer Egan
I don’t sit down and write a song, and then slam down the phone like, ‘We got another one!’ and pop some champagne. It’s like if someone’s writing a novel: You write a series of drafts.
Black Thought
I have to re-write a lot. I couldn’t tell you how many drafts I write, but I know I’ve done at least twenty rewrites on each book.
Kimberly Willis Holt
Usually with something like ‘The 100,’ because you’re working so much and every day, and they’ll change the drafts quite quickly, we’ll go through maybe, like, 12 different versions of the same scene over a week. So there is no point in learning it on a Tuesday when on a Thursday it might be completely different.
Alycia Debnam-Carey
I write an actual script rather quickly – a draft will take me two weeks – but I write a lot of drafts. My big thing is I don’t re-read. When I write, I never re-read back. I’ll send it, because if I re-read back, it will cripple me.
Abi Morgan
You don’t get to be a good screenwriter unless you do 20, 30 drafts: fact.
Lenny Henry
I feel like whatever team drafts me I’d fit into because they’re going to get the best receiver in the draft. Regardless of if they really need a receiver early or not, the way I’m going to come in and work, they’re going to get the guy they hoped they drafted and be excited about it.
Davante Adams
The bottom line is that I like my first drafts to be blind, unconscious, messy efforts; that’s what gets me the best material.
Jennifer Egan
I usually do at least a dozen drafts and progressively make more-conscious decisions. Because I’ve always believed stories are closer to poems than novels, I spend a lot of time on the story’s larger rhythms, such as sentence and paragraph length, placement of flashbacks and dialogue.
Ron Rash
It’s funny because you know the novel process: you get the drafts, you get the galley, and then you get the galley proofs. You have opportunities to change things all along. But the further along in the process you go, the more careful you have to be in making those changes, and the smaller the changes have to be.
Greg Rucka
I write with a Uni-Ball Onyx Micropoint on nine-by-seven bound notebooks made by a Canadian company called Blueline. After I do a few drafts, I type up the poem on a Macintosh G3 and then send it out the door.
Billy Collins
Maybe other writers have perfect first drafts, but I am not one of them. I always try to get the book as tight as I can, but you reach a point as the author where you have lost all perspective.
Sarah Dessen
I usually do about five drafts per rhyme for each song.
I keep everything in Notepad: shopping lists, to-do lists, recipe tasting notes, my blog content calendar, recipe inspiration, blog-post drafts.
Molly Yeh
When I made ‘1983,’ there were a bunch of tracks that were in the early drafts that didn’t make it because they just sounded like tracks for rappers, and that’s not really the sound I look for when I produce my own albums.
Flying Lotus
I’m not much of an outliner in general. I tend to wing my way through all my drafts, which means writing a series is a very chaotic and panic-inducing experience.
Marie Lu
I tend to write first drafts that are incredibly cognitive, very rational, very boring. They come off as justification. Like, ‘This is my idea and here’s all the reasons that it’s right.’ It doesn’t make for very compelling reading.
Donald Miller
My only writing ritual is to shave my head bald between writing the first and second drafts of a book. If I can throw away all my hair, then I have the freedom to trash any part of the book on the next rewrite.
Chuck Palahniuk
Perhaps it is because I’m a writer trained in history that I’ve always assumed I would make mistakes in my drafts. Historians know how faulty human memory can be.
Alice Dreger
Good first drafts and speedy responses to consumer dialog will always trump lawyered corporate speak.
John Battelle
First hand on ‘Go Goa Gone’ I learnt how to write on final drafts, how the process works.
Kunal Khemu
On the last drafts, I focus on the words themselves, including the rub of vowels and consonants, stressed and unstressed syllables. Yet even at this stage I’m often surprised. A different ending or a new character shows up and I’m back to where I began, letting the story happen, just trying to stay out of the way.
Ron Rash
In my office in Florida I have, I think, 30 manuscript piles around the room. Some are screenplays or comic books or graphic novels. Some are almost done. Some I’m rewriting. If I’m working with a co-writer, they’ll usually write the first draft. And then I write subsequent drafts.
James Patterson
I can get really obsessive. I like writing many drafts, and I try not to because it is very time-consuming, especially when you’re working on a novel. But I do like to take a story and reorder it, put things in different places. This allows me to see things in a new and sometimes surprising way.
Carol Windley
When you see two writers named on a movie, one of them did some drafts and got the boot.
Andrew Davies
I’m pretty rigorous about the drafts I turn in. I don’t turn in something that’s so ungodly they go, ‘What the hell is this?’
Joe Carnahan
I write first drafts by hand, often out of the house somewhere, and then, when I’ve got a draft, type it up and let it sit, sometimes for a long time, and then when I’m ready, I work on revision.
David Means
I haven’t had trouble with writer’s block. I think it’s because my process involves writing very badly. My first drafts are filled with lurching, cliched writing, outright flailing around. Writing that doesn’t have a good voice or any voice. But then there will be good moments.
Jennifer Egan
I get a lot of fan mail addressed to Bilbo and sometimes Sir Bilbo – it’s hardly ever addressed to Ian Holm, in fact. My business manager drafts the replies, and then I pop in to the office and sign them, ‘Bilbo!’
Ian Holm
I write slowly, and I write many, many drafts. I probably have to work as hard as anyone, and maybe harder, to finish a poem. I often write a poem over years, because it takes me a long time to figure out what to say and how best to say it.
Philip Schultz
I’m a great reviser. I do these reckless drafts just to get the lay of the land.
Thomas McGuane
Architect. One who drafts a plan of your house, and plans a draft of your money.
Ambrose Bierce
So much of writing is about what characters don’t say, and in the early drafts, sometimes things get overwritten.
Peter Hedges
It is simply not part of my culture to preserve notes. I have never heard of a writer preserving his early drafts.
Naguib Mahfouz
I tend to write some, then outline some, then delete some, then go back and rewrite some. I love revising and hate first drafts. I have to wear bedroom slippers. My current favorites come from the Zetter Hotel in London. They have little tobacco pipes on the toes.
Lauren Kate