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I went through ups and downs in this business and in li

I went through ups and downs in this business and in life, and when I was released by WWE in 2014, I knew I had a wealth of knowledge and an opportunity.
Drew McIntyre
For me, it is important that your team is allowed to have ups and downs in form.
Jupp Heynckes
I’ve been scoring a lot longer than I haven’t been in my life, so I can deal with the ups and downs of it.
Jamal Crawford
From a boy who left university as a student straight to WWE – those experiences, those ups and downs in life and work shaped the wrestler and man I am today.
Drew McIntyre
You’re going to see ups and downs your whole career.
Tony Parker
Everybody has their ups and downs, and that’s what makes you tougher.
Isaac Hanson
The upbringing my parents gave me has got me through the ups and downs in my life. My parents always believed that children need to be compassionate and caring human beings above anything. I wish and hope the same for my son Ranveer.
Sonali Bendre
I’ve done 480-odd films, have my own acting school, won awards, etc. and now host a successful TV chat show – what else can I ask for? Yes, of course, every journey has its ups and downs, but that’s part of life.
Anupam Kher
On the whole, I don’t think I have any regrets. Every decision that I have made and all the ups and downs made me the person that I am.
Shamita Shetty
We’ve always had ups and downs at Pixar, starting with the high we felt doing something we’d never done – ‘Toy Story’ – and the low we felt right after when we realized we’d messed a bunch of things up along the way.
Edwin Catmull
Anytime that anyone can create some explosive plays, get first downs, we’re going to have more plays on offense.
Amari Cooper
Every film has its ups and downs. Each time it seems like pushing a boat over a mountain. I worked on ‘The Lovely Bones’ for five years before my involvement fell apart.
Lynne Ramsay
We are quite excited about making ‘Bhootnath 2.’ It is a good franchise and we would definitely like to take it ahead. We would like to make third and fourth installment as well. The basic premise of the film will remain same, the ups and downs and the hilarious moments between Mr. Bachchan and the kid.
Bhushan Kumar
The ups and downs, that’s baseball life. That’s what I live for, play for.
Aaron Judge
There’s good times and bad times. That’s part of the coaching. You live with the ups and downs of it but at the end, it’s about not only winning games, it’s about developing men.
Herm Edwards
It rarely rains in Hollywood – and I love the rain. There are ups and downs to anywhere in the world, but I get frustrated without any rain.
Danielle Campbell
I learned that life is filled with ups and downs and it’s just about how you react to them.
La La Anthony
It’s life, so you’re a constant evolution of tragedies and achievements and ups and downs. You can probably get a little bit more immune to things, but whatever is the most amount of pain you feel at any given moment feels like the most amount of pain you’ll ever feel.
Jeff Baena
I’m not that moody. I don’t have big ups and downs.
Gary Lineker
That’s human nature – the ups and downs.
Jami Gertz
Supporting any team has its ups and downs. But being part of a united team on the brink of victory, is the only way we’re going to change the country for the better.
Angela Rayner
Exercise clears my brain of the stresses of poker’s ups and downs, and allows me to re-focus my mind on the next day.
Phil Hellmuth
You want to be able to run seam routes and do all that, but to have something that you can hang your hat on and know that it’s going to convert first downs, that’s what tight ends are paid to do. And I’ve certainly taken a lot of pride in that over the years.
Jason Witten
Sometimes there are ups and downs to deal with.
Hugo Lloris
Life needs to be like a roller-coaster ride with ups and downs. Otherwise, it’s not exciting.
N. T. Rama Rao, Jr.
This business changes on a dime daily. You have your ups and downs, goods and bads.
Lance Archer
Life is not linear; you have ups and downs. It’s how you deal with the troughs that defines you.
Michael Lee-Chin
Obviously, I’ve had some tough times in my career. I’ve had some ups and downs just like anybody’s life, but you just keep continuing to work hard.
Jimmer Fredette
There were, of course, ups and downs. But whenever my parents were knocked down, in business or anything else, they picked themselves up and started again.
Sajid Javid
I think I have become wise enough, because I started at a young age and know there are ups and downs in this business – I’ve realised it’s not real.
Sacha Dhawan
True love doesn’t happen right away; it’s an ever-growing process. It develops after you’ve gone through many ups and downs, when you’ve suffered together, cried together, laughed together.
Ricardo Montalban
I go through ups and downs in the psyche all the time, and then once you start moving again, it’s amazing how you can always bounce back. You get, like, in a low rut, and you think, ‘This is it; my life is a train wreck.’ And then you bounce back again.
Kurt Vile
I’ve married somebody who I knew for 14 years. So, I’m just living with a friend. All through my ups and downs in football, from winning the I-League to losing the ISL final, she has been a source of great support.
Sunil Chhetri
I have definitely gone through my ups and downs and faced my adversity and my nay-sayers, but managed to do all right. It is a pretty classic tale.
Steve Nash
Life’s about ups and downs, season’s about ups and downs.
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
It’s frustrating when you don’t feel like you help the team like you should, but at the end of the day there’s going to be ups and downs and it’s how you react.
Adam Thielen
The cricket team has been great. There’s never a lonesome moment. If you are struggling, there are 10 girls who can help you out and get you through the tough times. We can enjoy the ups and downs together.
Ashleigh Barty
In ‘Good Grief’, in trying to create this sense of the huge downs and ups, stumbles of this process, we’re almost using the music to make it uplifting, so it’s not completely hopeless.
Dan Smith
If there’s one thing I’d say to anyone out there, is that if you’re in this game, it’s a rollercoaster. There’s a lot of ups and downs.
Alexander Volkanovski
I’ve been so fortunate because I never really had ups and downs as far as my career. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I’ve been sold out all over the world.
Tony Bennett
My relationship with my father is fine. Every relationship has its ups and downs because bad things happen in all relationships. But for me, I can only write about what I’m feeling in the moment and something that actually happened to me.
Game day can be emotional, and there are a lot of ups and downs throughout a game, but as a quarterback, you have to be able to see the bigger picture, steady that ship, get all the guys focused in on the task at hand, and keep the thing moving.
Alex Smith
The more experience you got the more things you are able to go through, and the ups and downs through a season that you had I don’t think it can do anything but make you that much better.
Aaron Donald
When you’re young – I probably still am at 23, though I don’t feel so young anymore – you have your ups and downs.
Christian Eriksen
Playing for England was one long roller-coaster: some ups and downs, but also quite a few moments when you’re not really sure if you’re enjoying the ride.
Gary Neville
I think either you’re creative or you’re not. In general, I don’t think you need to be in pain to actually be creative unless you’re writing love songs. Then you might need to have some ups and downs within your emotions to start to capture that.
Curtis Jackson
Your ups and downs in sports, I think they are as normal as daily life: One day you wake up and feel great, the next day you wake up and feel maybe less great.
Michael Schumacher
Just dream big. Go for it. There’s nothing holding you back. You can have ups and downs, but if you believe in something, keep the faith; keep fighting. And don’t let people put you down.
Geraint Thomas
There have been a lot of ups and downs.
Matt Doherty
My dad’s gay experiences really had a very positive influence on me and my straight relationships – how to better accept all the weirdness and ambiguity and ups and downs and paradoxes. I knew from the beginning I was writing about love.
Mike Mills
I have seen ups and downs. When my chips are down, I remind myself of the time when Aamir Khan spoke to me over the phone and praised my work in ‘Dil Dhadakne Do.’ What big a validation that is, someone of Aamir Khan’s stature to be initiating a call with someone like me. It’s a confidence boost!
Vikrant Massey
After I started getting criticism for doing ‘Big Brother,’ someone told me that Hugh Downs used to host ‘Concentration’ and Mike Wallace used to do ‘The Big Surprise.’ I thought, Huh, maybe that door isn’t sealed shut if I want to do ’60 Minutes’ one day.
Julie Chen
The beauty of football is you have to perform through ups and downs in a public form with a team and the discipline and the pushing through it and the preparation that it takes to be great – all of those things have served me well.
Nnamdi Asomugha
There are ups and downs in my career and I take both in my stride.
Shriya Saran
I grew up in an entertainment family, and so I saw how susceptible you are to the ups and downs of this business.
Will Ferrell
Experience is a really wonderful thing, and in a way we’ve been fortunate to have had so many ups and downs in our career, and a lot of struggles and a lot of sacrifices. But again, that’s just an athlete’s story.
Tessa Virtue
It’s been a year of many more downs than ups.
Kim Clijsters
I love being a Go-Go. It definitely has its ups and downs, and we have a very intense energy with each other.
Jane Wiedlin
I had my own ups and downs in getting Indian citizenship. But, ultimately I got it and I am happy about it. I like India. My love is here. I am a proud Indian.
Adnan Sami
I’ve had ups and downs in my career, and if you look at it as a bookmaker, the odds of me becoming a world champion were never in my favour, but I never stopped believing in myself and never stopped trying.
Michael Bisping
I really believe that with all of what Lynyrd Skynyrd has been through, we can survive just about anything. We’ve had a load of ups and downs, but we’re still here.
Rickey Medlocke
Life is full of constant ups and downs, and all I ask for is redemption in the end.
Robin Thicke
I do this ‘Walker shake.’ You got to get knocked down many times, shake it off. Life is about ups and downs, and you got to keep standing up.
Herschel Walker
Everybody – even huge movie stars – have downs. That’s just how it is. The work ebbs and flows. My manager and I were saying, ‘Let’s remember that in 2013 we were soooo busy.’ So whenever it is that we’re not, maybe it’ll come back again. Maybe it won’t. But you’ve gotta love the ride.
Betsy Brandt
Even Sachin used to get ducks during his career. There are ups and downs in every athlete’s career.
Hima Das
I think, in every person’s life, you have ups and downs. You learn so much about yourself, sometimes even more, in the down times. Unfortunately, I had to go through it in public, which was not easy.
Ana Ivanovic
There are ups and downs, but whatever happens, you have to trust and believe in yourself.
Luka Modric
I am grateful to all the ups and downs in my life.
Pooja Bhatt
It’s been a bit of an unconventional journey – lots of ups and downs for me. But the biggest thing I’ve learned over the past few years is just to be present and really enjoy the journey.
Stephanie Labbe
It’s easy to get wrapped up in the season-to-season business, but to have real longevity in this field, you’ve got to always maintain your point of view and what makes your brand unique. Your business is always going to have ups and downs, but there needs to be a certain consistency.
Michael Bastian
Every friendship goes through ups and downs. Dysfunctional patterns set in; external situations cause internal friction; you grow apart and then bounce back together.
Mariella Frostrup
It’s been a tough journey for me, with a lot of ups and downs but I don’t regret anything.
Megan McKenna
I remember being one of the younger guys and one of the older guys would say, ‘Hey, boys, you got to enjoy the moment, enjoy the ups and downs, because it goes by real fast.’ You never really register that. You’re just in the moment.
Joe Thornton
The reason we are doing these types of pat downs and using the advanced imagery technology is trying to take the latest intelligence and how we know al Qaeda and affiliates want to hurt us, they want to bring down whether it is passenger air craft or cargo aircraft.
John Pistole
At Helsingborgs, there were ups and downs, and you need to learn how to handle it.
Henrik Larsson
I’m definitely done with the ‘Bachelor’ franchise, but I’m very grateful for my time. It’s had its ups and downs. It’s been a long journey.
Nick Viall
Having sport allowed me to forget about the ups and downs of my condition and think about a set goal, which was to become a Paralympic champion, to become a world champion.
Kadeena Cox
My dad – I mean, we’ve had our ups and downs, you know, just like any father and son probably has. But, you know, we get along really good, honestly.
Brady Jandreau
I lived wherever my parents felt like making music, which had its ups and downs – I’ve had to move schools, but I’ve also seen a lot of amazing places and been on tour with my parents.
Things are always changing, and you have to be, you just have to, I guess, kind of learn to deal with the ups and downs.
Chase Elliott
You’re going to go through ups; you’re going to go through downs. But staying steady is most important, and being able to bounce back is also very important.
Malcolm Brogdon
I’ve been unlucky because I’ve had a few ups and downs with different managers but I would say I’ve never been out of shape.
Luke Shaw
Everyone’s on their own journey and nothing’s going to happen overnight and you’re going to have ups and you’re going to have downs, but I think that you need to be content with your own journey and find what works for you.
Jenna Johnson
Every footballer has his ups and downs.
Per Mertesacker
The biggest thing I got from my sister’s career was never to give up. She had so many ups and downs throughout her career. Injuries and big injuries – ACLs. And she never gave up; she always came back fighting.
Nikita Parris
There have been ups and downs in my life, and at a point of time, I had thought of even quitting from films, by focusing on dance alone.
Shamna Kasim
I think people relate to me because of the ups and downs I have had. I mean, I’ve shared a lot of strong emotions in my life, that I think maybe ’cause they believe I’m not scared to tell everybody I’m a human being.
John Daly
As with real families, my fictional family on ‘Life Goes On’ had its ups and downs, and as part of the fictional downers, the actors were often called to cry on cue. This absolutely terrified me, because I was a pretty happy kid who didn’t have much to cry about.
Kellie Martin
We need a club where there is a structure in place, with the necessary support a young coach needs. With a beginner, you need to be patient; there may be ups and downs.
Patrick Vieira
So there are ups and downs, but the best is just the looks on people’s faces when they meet me for the first time, because I am a real-life, walking, talking giant. It’s not every day you see someone like me walking down the street.
Big Show
All campaigns have ebb and flows along the way, right? Ups and downs.
Brad Parscale
You know, I’ve had my ups and downs.
Brett Favre
Everyone has ups and downs. You can’t always get exciting roles.
My whole career, the ups, the downs, the victories, the defeats, the lessons I’ve learned and kept rolling, that’s what’s made me the fighter I am today.
Dustin Poirier
I keep reminding myself, through all the ups and downs of ‘Community,’ that I might never have another job that really means something to people the way ‘Community’ means something to people. That’s more powerful than ratings.
Gillian Jacobs
I think players have ups and downs in their careers.
Frank Vogel
The human experience contains ups and downs no matter who you are.
Justin Kan
Playing Dahmer, there were ups and downs. It wasn’t all dark, all the time. I felt a wide range of emotions.
Ross Lynch
There’s ups and downs of any job. If you worked at the post office, there’s ups and downs. You have your good days, and you have your bad days. If you’re a housewife, you have your good days, and you have your bad days.
Tracy Morgan
Life is full of ups and downs. One needs to stay positive in life, no matter what.
Shilpa Shinde
I understand that ups and downs in life keep wavering, and it’s important to understand them and why they happen. So I learn whatever I have to and then move forward.
Anushka Sharma
It would be ridiculous for me to say I am unlucky, but, like any other family and any other girl, I’ve had my ups and downs.
Poppy Delevingne
There’s going to be ups, there’s going to be downs and you’re going to have to roll with the punches.
Brad Marchand
There’s many ups and downs in the fight game.
Conor McGregor
Every relationship has their ups and downs, and, you know, when you start having more downs than ups, you know, you gotta take a look at your relationship and be like, you know, ‘Is this something that I’m supposed to be doing?’
Jason Derulo
Obviously, you’re going to have your ups and your downs, but the more ups I can have and the quicker the downs are, the better I’ll be.
Mookie Betts
I feel ups and downs are a part of one’s career, and this totally depends on how you take it. You can either be knocked down by the negative things, or you can take it in a positive way and learn from it.
Deepika Padukone
I’ve had my ups. I’ve had my downs, but I’ve been able to push through every obstacle that’s been thrown my way.
Women have a way of contorting things sometimes. We all have our moods, ups and downs. Or if the guy doesn’t say anything when you walk out with a new top and the guy has no idea why you’re mad at him. So of course, women are complicated.
Malin Akerman
There’s no substitute for experiencing ups and downs – seeing how it’s okay that things are overwhelming or broken sometimes and how companies recover from mistakes.
Joe Lonsdale
I have had my share of ups and downs. But who doesn’t?
Shriya Saran
Every poker player has ups and downs because luck is also involved. When a great poker player smashes, he’s making the right moves and making the right reads and he’s getting lucky.
Phil Hellmuth
My mum has always brought the third perspective. She has seen my dad through his ups and downs and I feel that’s why she can give me the best advice because she has seen it all as a neutral person.
Ananya Panday
I want to be around for a long time. I want this to be a career. I want to sing like Tony Bennett. I want to be an old man and I want to go through all the ups and downs and I wanna still love what I do.
Michael Buble
All these songs honestly explore the ups and downs of my reality.
Adam Lambert
Well, as a player you try to learn how to win, and when you get exposed to success there’s also disappointment that comes along the way. So it becomes about how you deal with the ups and downs.
Martin Brodeur
We said, OK. We’ll – as long as you take good care of us. And so it was a lot of fun. There was a lot of ups and downs throughout the whole period of time. And it’s a very unique experience.
Emmanuel Lewis
Just celebrate who you are and be happy with you are. Take all the ups and downs together, as you’re only human.
Calum Scott
In athletics, I’ve gone through ups and downs my whole life.
Stephen Gostkowski
I think friendships, true friendships, morph as our lives change into what we need them to be. I am very lucky to have some really great friends, who have been there for me during my ups and downs.
Katie Lee
Within a safe environment, the theater, you can have a big ride, big ups and downs, intensity, warmth, humanity, laughs, tears – you want that full range of emotion.
Travis Knight
I’m a survivor, man. I done had my ups and downs, but I’ve got get-back skills for real for real. I refuse to fall.
The moment you think you’re not funny, the next funny thing you think of is just around the corner. So you have to appreciate the natural breathing patterns, the ups and downs. There are moments you’re going to be hilarious and moments where you’re going to be not so hilarious. That’s just the way it works.
James Adomian
Nothing has run smoothly with me throughout my life. Everything has had ups and downs and lefts and rights, and that’s just the way it has panned out for me, unfortunately.
Tyson Fury
We all have our ups and our downs, and it’s consistent throughout all of our lives. It’s not a movie: you don’t get to a point where, suddenly, you’re free forever – it’s life.
Beth Hart
That part, that internal dialogue that has a lot of ups and downs and darks and lights and stuff – that, I think, is where music comes from. I think the face that you put on when you’re talking to people and making small talk, I don’t think that’s where music comes from.
We all have learned throughout our careers that there are ups and downs in the NBA.
Andre Drummond
Life is a bunch of ups and downs. It’s how you handle it.
Baker Mayfield
Many might feel that I am very traditional in my approach, but I feel that the most important thing is to have the blessings of your parents. That’s very important. Plus, be ready for consistent hard work, despite the inevitable ups and downs in this field.
Sajid Nadiadwala
I had many ups and downs at Atletico, achieving the best and the worst.
Diego Godin
My career as a 20-year-old, there were ups and downs and things I’m really happy with but there are a lot of things I have regrets about.
Rory MacDonald
I think our relationship with Seattle has had ups and downs frankly.
Andy Jassy
We know there are a lot of ups and downs to the season.
Philip Rivers
The ups and downs are part of what has made you.
David Jason
After my mother passed away, I felt as though I would never have a relationship as strong as the one that I had had with her. Then, after a lot of ups and downs, I started dating again – but I realised pretty quickly that I was never going to write cheesy love songs.
Amber Mark
I think if there was a sharing in the ups, a sharing in the downs, the country would not be as divided.
John Schnatter
I think that as you get older, you mellow out a lot more. Having been through the ups and downs in life, I feel more qualified to play the blues.
Mick Ralphs
Racing has its ups and downs, but the ups make up for the downs.
Bob Baffert
My life is just like anybody else, there’s ups and downs, but I always have to put it in perspective.
Carlos Condit
There are going to be bad things in your life, a lot of ups and downs, but the only thing you can control is your attitude. And if you do that, in the end good things will happen.
Gary Woodland
I think watching multi-events is much worse than competing. Especially when you have vested interests because you go through the emotional ups and downs.
Ashton Eaton
Giving up is conceding that things will never get better, and that is just not true. Ups and downs are a constant in life, and I’ve been belted into that roller coaster a thousand times.
Aimee Mullins
Through life’s ups and downs, and the few mistakes we make and all the successes that we get, let nobody – nobody’s opinion – define who you are. And if anybody defines who you are, let it be yourself.
Mahira Khan
I have seen a lots of ups and downs in my career and one can always bounce back.
Chunky Pandey
Reality show was an option and so we did ‘Nach Baliye.’ Looking back, the journey was very nice, with lots of ups and downs.
Hiten Tejwani
Sure, we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs, but I don’t know if we’ve had more than any other rock band… we just have a way of getting ourselves into hot water.
Carl Wilson
Life always has its ups and downs.
Becca Kufrin
There are ups and downs in every relationship. But that does not mean that couples should separate or get down to inhuman behaviour.
Rishi Kapoor
I feel like every person who’s in a long-term relationship, or who is committed to their person, goes through ups and downs.
Blac Chyna
A true friend is someone who is always there during the ups and downs, I actually have a song called ‘True Friend’.
Miley Cyrus
It feels good to go out and execute the game plan, have some fun, have some long sustained drives and convert third downs.
Ryan Tannehill
Life as we know it, with all its ups and downs, will soon be over. We all will give an accounting to God of how we have lived.
William Wilberforce
You have to go through the ups and downs to really be able to root yourself and focus on what’s important.
Coming in, if you are the No. 1 pick, the team that is picking No. 1 is there for a reason. There are going to be ups and downs – you’ve just gotta stay steady through the process.
Joe Burrow
There are ups and downs in basketball, we all know that.
Caris LeVert
I get to wake up every day and create music. And even when it’s a tough moment as far as career ups and downs, it’s always something you’re passionate about, and it’s a beautiful way to spend your life.
Nick Jonas
We’ve had hassles, ups and downs, ins and outs, failures and triumphs. We’re human beings, and we’re not perfect. And we’re mortal. But the Beach Boys is musically a tremendous body of work that transcends individuality and time and national boundaries.
Mike Love
A father is a person who’s around, participating in a child’s life. He’s a teacher who helps to guide and shape and mold that young person, someone for that young person to talk to, to share with, their ups and their downs, their fears and their concerns.
Michael Nutter
In America, you keep on hearing productivity is low; secular stagnation, it’s a new normal. It’s just not true: We’ve had multiple wars; we’re not educating our kids. We had government shut downs, badly-spent money, failures in the health system, failures and an extreme amount of regulation – that’s why we’re going slow.
Jamie Dimon
Generally, I think America is America. America has been through suffering like other countries, but America will come up. I have no doubt. It’s just going to bounce. You know, you have ups and downs.
Ivana Trump
We’re a band’s band. We have real songs, real players, real problems. Real ups, real downs.
Rick Nielsen
The ups and downs of being a young creative are very real no matter where you are in terms of success, so I think having the courage to be consistent in what you believe in is super admirable.
Charlie Plummer
You will have ups and downs – but believe anything is possible. With hard work, it can come off.
Geraint Thomas
Don’t struggle about the struggle. In other words, life’s full of ups and downs. So if you’re struggling, don’t worry, everyone else has or will at some point.
Sean Covey
I went through ups and downs as a young player dealing with criticism and things of that nature. To finally win that first NBA championship, it was definitely a relief of a lot of pressure and frustration we dealt with as a team. It was great to bring a championship to the city of Chicago.
Scottie Pippen
The reality of a long-term career is that there are ups and downs.
Tiffany Darwish
While I’ve had plenty of ups and downs, dealt with my share of failure, and struggled through emotionally difficult periods, I’m fundamentally an optimist.
Brad Feld
Acting-wise, I did a web series. I play a music agent in a series called ‘Keeping Up with the Downs.’
James Michael Tyler
Putting yourself in the ring to wrestle – create those emotions, ups and downs within the match – one moment dominates the one, and one moment dominates the other, and without having created a choreography, that is the real wrestling.
Alberto Del Rio
But you know, we have a very normal family. We’ve had our ups and downs. You know, we’ve had our issues, but we’ve had great cause for celebration.
Julius Erving
The journey you go on, the ups and downs, I’m the face that fronts it up. But behind the scenes is a support network of people that keep you going.
Scott Parker
For all its ups and downs and challenges, I love writing. We only grow through adversity, so I welcome the difficulties, knowing bumps in the road are my greatest teachers.
Lori Wilde
I expect myself to do my job, and that’s taking care of the football and converting third downs.
Marcus Mariota
I consider myself as a human being with lots of ups and downs and learning from a lot of failures before I can succeed.
Kalki Koechlin
I was always respectful to Arsene and I think he respected me for that. We had a good relationship and understanding. We spoke a lot after going through many ups and downs and, overall, I’m very proud of the way I finished my career with Arsenal.
Lukasz Fabianski
It’s, like, even in journeys like Facebook, we’ve had some very serious ups and downs.
Mark Zuckerberg
Thank you for life, and all the little ups and downs that make it worth living.
Travis Barker
It was a great experience for me – the ups and downs – because I became a man in Philadelphia.
Allen Iverson
Cinema is about people, and we are a very emotional people. That is why you see those ups and those downs and those colours. That is what Indian cinema is about.
Vidya Balan
We are accustomed in England to chalk in rolling downs, except where bitten into by the sea, but elsewhere it is riven and presents cliffs, and these cliffs are not at all like that of Shakespeare at Dover but overhang, where hard beds alternate with others that are friable.
Sabine Baring-Gould
I’ve had a long, long road with lots of ups and downs. But that’s all behind me now.
Gerry Cooney
We have closely monitored the ups and downs of recruiting and retention trends for many years and have been quick to sound the alarm when challenges came into view.
John M. McHugh
A season is like a marathon and there will be plenty of ups and downs.
Kolo Toure
If you are competing at a high level, you have to accept that there are going to be ups and downs, because that is part of this business.
Carlos Condit
I just think there’s something special about staying with your team for a long time and fighting through the ups and downs. Then, when good things happen the feeling is better because you fought through the downs.
Nikola Vucevic
It is not easy to get rich in Las Vegas, at Churchill Downs, or at the local Merrill Lynch office.
Paul Samuelson
We’ve definitely had our share of ups and downs as a group, and there were times we’ve faced some pretty big challenges, but we were able to get through these times, which allowed our bond to grow stronger.
Lee Tae-min
The ups teach you something and when you fail in trying to do something… that also teaches you something. I have been accumulating the teachings that I have been getting from all the ups and downs. And all those teachings have made me a much more confident and experienced person.
Pulkit Samrat
Just understand that there’s going to be some ups, there’s going to be some downs.
Allen Iverson
I’ve had a lot of ups and a lot of downs, but I don’t look back on anything with regret.
Jimmy Barnes
There were a lot of ups and downs in my life. And the downs were, you know, very down. Very low.
Anna Karina
So I know all about the ups and downs of football, I know that one day I will be sacked.
Jose Mourinho
Over the years I’ve grown to love the industry, my job, and the profession itself. It’s been a journey full of ups and downs. For the first few years, it was a journey of self discovery where I grew to love acting while acting.
Aditya Roy Kapur
That’s part of the NBA. It’s a lot of ups and downs.
Rajon Rondo
The most valuable lesson I learned in dealing with the ups and downs was to invest in my employees – to do all I could for them when the times were good.
Vivek Wadhwa
Starting a company and being a founder is really hard, and most companies fail. You really have to have a deep commitment and belief in it and be willing to see it through many ups and downs.
Aileen Lee
It’s been 32 years of learning to communicate. We have had ups and downs.
Ashley Olsen
There have been some ups and downs. I’ve not always had it my own way. That’s the way racing is supposed to be.
Lewis Hamilton
When ‘The Shadow of the Wind’ became a success I had already been a working writer, I’d been through the ups and downs, I’d seen how it worked.
Carlos Ruiz Zafon
You have to be willing to deal with the ups and downs of the music, the ups and downs of the audience.
Billy Corgan
I have been able to balance work and my personal life, and with the presence of a partner, I am stronger and better prepared to face the ups and downs.
Naga Chaitanya
An independent Scotland – like all countries – will face challenges, and we will have our ups and downs. But the decisions about how we use our wealth will be ours.
Nicola Sturgeon
I think it’s weird that we expect ups and downs in friendships, but not in relationships. It all has to be romance, romance, romance – but there’s two people and there are always going to be disagreements, and you have to work at it.
Corinne Bailey Rae
What keeps this industry challenging as an actor is that you never know how something will turn out. The ups and downs are constant. You’re never just smoothly sailing along. You’re always going to be on loose footing. That’s what ultimately now I expect and accept and that doesn’t scare me as much.
Elisabeth Shue
Despite having my share of ups and downs, I have always maintained good health. A large part of that is due to good genes.
Rahul Dev
You need a lot of leaders, but a hockey team needs a voice, not only in the community, but more importantly between the coaching staff and the players. There are always ups and downs in a season; the captain is the guy players look to in those situations.
Joe Sakic
Sometimes you are heartbroken, and sometimes you don’t treat others well. I think it’s a generic occurrence with all of us. Everyone has such experiences. I also had my share of ups and downs and broken moments.
Vikrant Massey
Families have ups and downs, we all fight about stupid things, but at the end of the day, we’re blood, and we love each other and we always will.
Teresa Giudice
I think every team goes through their ups and downs.
Channing Frye
I’ve had many ups and downs in my career. I’ve worked really hard on my game throughout.
Brian Lara
Little ups and downs and high and low tides are there in everyone’s career.
Randhir Kapoor
Life is like that: you need ups and downs for it to be interesting.
Massimiliano Allegri
I’ve been working really hard in this business for a very long time and I’ve had my share of ups and downs – and to be honest, most of them have been downs. It’s a motivation point.
Mojo Rawley
All marriages, all relationships have huge ups and downs.
Nigel Farage
Life is a roller coaster. There are ups; there are downs. There are hills; there are valleys, peaks, and so on.
Martin Landau
If you are succesfull for 20 years, you can’t expect to stay on the same level all through that period. A career has its ups and downs and in-betweens.
Donnie Wahlberg
Baseball is a hard game. There’s going to be ups and downs.
Andrew Benintendi
My history has been one of ups and downs. But thanks to God, I keep working, drawing from my life experiences songs that I can sing.
Jose Jose
My career has been defined, in a good way, on the option route. And a lot of times, it’s a bang-bang play. It’s a great play because it can convert first downs. But at the same time, you don’t get a lot of those opportunities in the open field.
Jason Witten
With all these ups and downs, if you can stay steady through those emotions, it’ll help you out a lot.
Channing Frye
The whole key about the no-huddle is getting first downs because if you’re getting three-and-out, it kind of defeats the purpose.
Brock Osweiler
It’s definitely been a hard journey, one with lots of ups and downs.
Hector Bellerin
Inches matter. That’s why they measure first downs. That’s why they have a crew down there with those chains.
Jon Gruden
I’ve had my ups and downs in my private life.
Novak Djokovic
Absolutely, I think that during a course of my career, I had a long career in sport, I had many ups and downs.
Abhinav Bindra