Dimensions Quotes

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The infinite vibratory levels, the dimensions of interc

The infinite vibratory levels, the dimensions of interconnectedness are without end. There is nothing independent. All beings and things are residents in your awareness.
Alex Grey
Because there is something psychologically wrong with you on some level if you want to be on TV, if the only way you can fulfill yourself is by literally going from three dimensions to two dimensions.
Sam Seder
For the wise man looks into space and he knows there is no limited dimensions.
Nothing that you make in the world exists in isolation from the social and political and ecological dimensions of it.
Trevor Paglen
Composing gives me a chance to work in multiple dimensions and helps me pare down my melodies into what is essential. Learning new skills has always energized me and scoring has opened up a world of sonic possibilities.
Liz Phair
Any kind of new U.K. federal system would almost certainly demand the creation of a written constitution. Properly drafted, such a document could, among many things, pin down more effectively the proper dimensions of prime ministerial power.
Linda Colley
An album is a whole universe, and the recording studio is a three-dimensional kind of art space that I can fill with sound. Just as the album art and videos are ways of adding more dimensions to the words and music. I like to be involved in all of it because it’s all of a piece.
Bat for Lashes
Living through the intersections of cultural diversity has given me an intimate understanding of the dynamics of living between the dimensions of East and West, traditional and modern, and political and spiritual.
Deeyah Khan
I can look at a photo and the dimensions of any piece and tell you if it’s going to sit well with the four other pieces in your room.
Nate Berkus
Nostalgia is a powerful drug. Under its influence, ordinary songs take on dimensions and powers, like emotional superheroes.
Kate Christensen
When Melissa McCarthy came out with ‘Bridesmaids,’ all of a sudden you saw a plus-sized woman who had three dimensions, was not an appendage, was pivotal to the plot.
Donna Lynne Champlin
Architecture adds dimensions to my life that would be impossible to acquire if I retired. The beautiful thing about architecture is that every project is brand new. I am forced to renew myself with every project. Isn’t that wonderful?
Cesar Pelli
Even into a spiritual level I believe that there are dimensions around us that we can’t see and forces happening that we can’t explain. It’s too lame to not think that.
Understanding Hamas/Hezbollah as social movements that are progressive, that are on the left, that are part of a global left, is extremely important. That does not stop us from being critical of certain dimensions of both movements.
Judith Butler
Horror and panic themselves are forms of violence, and diminishing them, restricting their dimensions, is itself a civilizing act.
Walter Kirn
We live in a world of social media, dating apps, online profiles where everyone is portraying themselves in 2D, trying to look cool. Portray yourself in three dimensions.
Matthew Hussey
Luckily, ‘Petta’ encompasses all the dimensions of Rajini sir’s performances. His main strengths are his charm, style, and the fun that he represents.
Karthik Subbaraj
Photographs are two-dimensional. I work in four dimensions.
Tino Sehgal
I mean, I’m just speaking of my own experiences and my own desires, and it’s a kind of a childlike wonder that could really possibly speculate on other dimensions.
Shirley MacLaine
One of the strangest features of string theory is that it requires more than the three spatial dimensions that we see directly in the world around us. That sounds like science fiction, but it is an indisputable outcome of the mathematics of string theory.
Brian Greene
Americans must place greater emphasis on the more subtle dimensions of national power, such as innovation, education, the balance of force and diplomacy, and the quality of political leadership.
Zbigniew Brzezinski
Keynes’s contribution was not just to advocate spending government money in the middle of a recession. Every government had done that going back to the days of the Irish potato famine. What he gave to us was a way of thinking about the magnitude and the dimensions and so forth.
Paul Samuelson
Technological change is never an isolated phenomenon. This revolution takes place inside a complex ecosystem which comprises business, governmental and societal dimensions. To make a country fit for the new type of innovation-driven competition, the whole ecosystem has to be considered.
Klaus Schwab
Because of the many dimensions of forms of though which you can also put into physical form, you have the possibility to create much which we cannot fashion in the same manner.
Hans Bender
I’m forever learning and that’s why I’m always able to create new styles and new dimensions of hip-hop.
Doug E. Fresh
If ever I feel the soul within me elevate and expand to those dimensions not wholly unworthy of its Almighty Architect, it is when I contemplate the cause of my country, deserted by all the world beside, and I standing up boldly and lone and hurling defiance at her victorious oppressors.
Abraham Lincoln
As you say, the way string theory requires all these extra dimensions and this comes from certain consistency requirements about how string should behave and so on.
Roger Penrose
Life has its dimensions in the mysterious.
Jesse Jackson
On the other hand, we don’t understand the theory too completely, and because of this fuzziness of spacetime, the very concept of spacetime and spacetime dimensions isn’t precisely defined.
Edward Witten
You spend 20 years doing something and when you’re not doing it, it’s hard to figure out what it is you’re made of. Am I the guitarist in Slipknot and that is it, or do I have more dimensions than that?
Jim Root
Once Ptolemy and Plato, yesterday Newton, today Einstein, and tomorrow new faiths, new beliefs, and new dimensions.
Albert Claude
It’s always interesting exploring something that has dimensions and layers to it.
Tahir Raj Bhasin
Yoga means union, in all its significances and dimensions.
Indra Devi
I haven’t got an opportunity to experiment with the dimensions of my moustache much. But yes, if the role demands, I’m ready to shave it off. I feel it’s good to have moustaches for South films, but I’d love to remove my moustache; why not?
Ravi Teja
In order to more fully understand this reality, we must take into account other dimensions of a broader reality.
John Archibald Wheeler
Kate Moss is small and not necessarily model dimensions but she has that special something.
Nigel Barker
Poems are not read: they are reread. Reread the poem, then read between the lines, then look at it, then watch it, then peek at it: handle it like an object. Contemplate its shadows, angles and dimensions.
Terrance Hayes
I’ve said before that I am not a historian and that when it comes to speaking of the dimensions of the Holocaust, it is the historians that should reflect on it.
Hassan Rouhani
The arrival of DNA testing has brought new dimensions to the investigation of crime. It has brought resolution to old cases where past investigators were unable to uncover the truth. It has brought justice in new cases where once the truth might never have been known.
Chris Grayling
After 23 June 2016, the U.K. has to reorient national policy on many dimensions.
Dominic Cummings
When Zionism becomes co-extensive with Jewishness, Jewishness is pitted against the diversity that defines democracy, and if I may say so, betrays one of the most important ethical dimensions of the diasporic Jewish tradition: namely, the obligation of co-habitation with those different from ourselves.
Judith Butler
When depicting Asian people in movies, books, and television or as historical figures, it’s more important to humanize them and give them all of the dimensions of humanity, and that includes sexuality. Ascribe the human the full range of human qualities.
Alex Tizon
The dimensions of my feelings are too violent.
Klaus Kinski
To tell you the truth, I’ve never met anybody who can envision more than three dimensions. There are some who claim they can, and maybe they can; it’s hard to say.
Brian Greene
The late Tom Wicker’s biography of Nixon, called ‘One of Us,’ is really quite good: you see the biographer discovering dimensions of sympathy for his subject that he hadn’t expected to feel.
Thomas Mallon
One of the weird things about modern physics is that we do find there are apparently these other dimensions that we don’t directly experience that explain some aspects of the overall geometry and reality of our universe.
David Grinspoon
People pitch me the crazy mystery mind-blowing thing all the time. My response is, ‘Great, but how do the characters feel about it, and how do we reveal new facets and new dimensions of who they are?’
Eric Kripke
Having those extra dimensions and therefore many ways the string can vibrate in many different directions turns out to be the key to being able to describe all the particles that we see.
Edward Witten
I’m not a sci-fi lover; I wasn’t from the start. So perhaps I miss that passion for other worlds, other dimensions, that sort of scope and that magnitude of storytelling; that’s not my thing though I meet plenty of people whose thing it definitely is.
Paul McGann
The big mathematical challenge for flying robots is making them move in six dimensions: x, y, z, pitch, yaw and roll. We create 3-D obstacle courses in the lab – windows, doors, hula-hoops taped to posts – and ask the robots to fly through. It looks like a Harry Potter Quidditch match.
Vijay Kumar
It’s easy to dismiss Cheeseburger. You look at him as a guy who is 5’8, 125 pounds, very inexperienced. I know not to judge a book by it’s cover, and if a kid with those dimensions is willing to get in the ring with me and Kazarian, you know his heart is the size of Cleveland.
Christopher Daniels
Once you have invented a character with three dimensions and a voice, you begin to realize that some of the things you’d like him to do to further your plot are things that such a person wouldn’t, or couldn’t, do.
Thomas Perry
I can mention many moments that were unforgettable and revelatory. But the most single revelatory three minutes was the first time I put on scuba gear and dived on a coral reef. It’s just the unbelievable fact that you can move in three dimensions.
David Attenborough
This same habitual blindness to spiritual, substantive dimensions of every significant challenge continues to handicap Hollywood.
Michael Medved
When a coil is operated with currents of very high frequency, beautiful brush effects may be produced, even if the coil be of comparatively small dimensions. The experimenter may vary them in many ways, and, if it were nothing else, they afford a pleasing sight.
Nikola Tesla
I have a theory of living on the boundary: on the boundary of patriarchy and the boundary of different dimensions.
Mary Daly
If you watch any good player, they’re using different parts of their body and working with instruments that respond to those movements. They’re moving in many dimensions at once.
Brian Eno
You know the Einstein waves can be thought of as a distortion of space and time. But the way we see it, we see it as a distortion of space. And space is enormously stiff. You can’t squish it; you can’t change its dimensions so easily.
Rainer Weiss
My mom is an experimental chemist and physicist, so she is a cut-and-dried, nuts-and-bolts kind of woman, and my dad is a theoretical chemist, so we were definitely raised with his philosophical point of view: imaginary numbers and dimensions beyond our own. That’s the kind of thing we would talk about.
Andrew Sean Greer
The pop-music video is one of the most powerful communication tools we have. Most people have access to a phone, and you can click a video and absorb it in three minutes. If it’s potent enough, you can take in the message or have some sort of experience in multiple dimensions, the music with the image.
I think a playwright realizes after he finishes working on the script that this is only the beginning. What will happen when it moves into three dimensions?
Don DeLillo
If I take the theory as we have it now, literally, I would conclude that extra dimensions really exist. They’re part of nature. We don’t really know how big they are yet, but we hope to explore that in various ways.
Edward Witten
There’s something about using the cinematic device as a tool to connect with dimensions of the world that you don’t know too well, you’re not too familiar with. It’s like a creating a bridge, or a spaceship to travel to the unknown.
Sebastian Lelio
The visceral experience of seeing a movie in three dimensions, coming at you in the theater, is obviously here to stay, because it is a unique experience. I think that kind of format is only appropriate for some genres, but I’m all for it.
Cary Elwes
The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.
Lao Tzu
There are always dimensions, and the way they get expressed is through the writing and the actors and the director you get to work with on that day. But there are always dimensions, outside of really basic stuff for very young people where it needs to be very clear.
Ben Mendelsohn
When science tries to resolve its conflicts by adding and subtracting dimensions to the Universe like houses on a Monopoly board, we need to examine our dogmas.
Robert Lanza
Textiles embody all the dimensions of art: color, innovation, talent.
Stanley Marcus
I would not be at all surprised to find out… that the dimensions of buildings affect us in ways we don’t guess.
Doris Lessing
String theory is not the only theory that can accommodate extra dimensions, but it certainly is the one that really demands and requires it.
Brian Greene