Dementia Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Dementia Quotes from Richard Eyre, Laurie Graham, Floyd Skloot, Vivek Ramaswamy, Walter Kirn. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

We can alleviate physical pain, but mental pain - grief

We can alleviate physical pain, but mental pain – grief, despair, depression, dementia – is less accessible to treatment. It’s connected to who we are – our personality, our character, our soul, if you like.
Richard Eyre
None of us wants to be reminded that dementia is random, relentless, and frighteningly common.
Laurie Graham
At 93, so deep in dementia that she didn’t remember any details of her life, my mother somehow still knew songs.
Floyd Skloot
Our goal is to continue to build the pipeline to fight all aspects of disease for all forms of dementia.
Vivek Ramaswamy
Literary dementia seems dated now, but there was a time when a month in the funny farm was as de rigueur for budding writers as an M.F.A. is now. To be sent away was a badge of honor; to undergo electroshock, a glorious martyrdom.
Walter Kirn
You look at guys with significant Alzheimer’s and dementia and the mood swings and the suicides that unfortunately NFL players have been faced with. And depression. Lou Gehrig’s disease. These are all things that have kind of been linked to the brain damage from football.
Joe Thomas
That’s the worst thing about dementia: it gets you every time. Sufferers look and act the same but beneath the familiar exterior something quite different is going on. They’re in another world and you cannot enter.
Carol Thatcher
My dementia hasn’t just affected me – it’s affected my friends and family, too.
Gerry Anderson
If you find yourself caring for a relative with dementia, the chances are you’ll need help.
Phyllis Logan
When you have three teenage girls, and you’re married 21 years, and have a mother who’s blind in one eye and has dementia who lives with you, and your dad has worse dementia, and you’re into metal, and your wife is born again, you’re never running out of material.
Jim Breuer
Adrenaline is wonderful. It covers pain. It covers dementia. It covers everything.
Jerry Lewis
The terror dementia sufferers must feel is unimaginable, but the techniques they use to hide their difficulties – the ducking and diving and keeping the world laughing – are perfectly understandable.
Laurie Graham
Dementia is not exclusively a problem of the developed world.
Julie Bishop
I’m one of those who cut off seeing people after a certain time, when the weight is gone and they sound like the dementia is very advanced – I don’t want to see that. I don’t even go in to look at the body. That’s not my last memory.
Bill Cosby
Roivant does not view – and has never viewed – Axovant as simply a ‘vehicle’ for developing intepirdine, but instead as a platform for the development of high-impact drugs in dementia and the neuroscience field more generally.
Vivek Ramaswamy
Australia is already a world leader in dementia research, treatment and care.
Julie Bishop
The baby boomers are getting older, and will stay older for longer. And they will run right into the dementia firing range. How will a society cope? Especially a society that can’t so readily rely on those stable family relationships that traditionally provided the backbone of care?
Terry Pratchett
My mother passed away of complications of dementia. As you get older, it really makes you realize how many people are touched by this disease.
Paul Coffey
What I did when I identified Mike Webster’s thing, I showed it to other doctors. We all agreed that this was something new, but we had to give it a name. This was not dementia pugilistica. Maybe we could have called it dementia footballitica!
Bennet Omalu
I think everyone knows someone who’s battling with dementia or caring for a relative affected by it. I’ve been staggered by how commonplace it is.
Phyllis Logan
Greater public recognition will also be critical in encouraging prevention and early intervention, and more generally in building public support to meet the challenges of dementia.
Julie Bishop
Shakespeare wrote all there is that we need to know about dementia in ‘King Lear.’
Simon Callow
I am committed to helping Alzheimer’s Society in any way I can. My family and I rely on the help of organisations like Alzheimer’s Society to help us understand the disease and guide us in the care of my grandmother. It’s been a privilege to meet so many people with dementia.
Carey Mulligan
I had so many people in my family with dementia that it felt like it belonged to me in a way. I feel like the same with teenage depression because I went through it. I feel like I’m allowed to write about it; it’s mine.
Emma Healey
Dementia is often regarded as an embarrassing condition that should be hushed up and not spoken about. But I feel passionately that more needs to be done to raise awareness, which is why I became an ambassador for the Alzheimer’s Society.
Kevin Whately
I became demented overnight. Sudden onset is one factor that distinguishes my form of dementia from the more common form associated with Alzheimer’s disease.
Floyd Skloot
I’ve never minded solitude. For a writer, it’s a natural condition. But caring for a dementia sufferer leads to a peculiar kind of loneliness.
Laurie Graham
I was a 20-something woman living in London and didn’t want to write about a 20-something woman living in London! It’s an area well covered already, and people would probably have thought it was about me. I decided that if I wrote about an 82-year-old dementia sufferer, then no one could mistake it as a memoir.
Emma Healey
My husband is stricken with dementia, and it’s a trick of his condition that events and people from his past are more real to him than what happened five minutes ago.
Laurie Graham
Science is, rightly, searching for drugs to arrest ageing or to slow the advance of dementia. But the evidence suggests that many of the most powerful factors determining how you age come from what you do, and what you do with others: whether you work, whether you play music, whether you have regular visitors.
Geoff Mulgan
Can I remember exactly when I ‘lost’ my husband? Was it the moment when I had to start tying his shoelaces for him? Or when we stopped being able to laugh with each other? Looking back, that turning point is impossible to pinpoint. But then, that’s the nature of dementia.
Judy Parfitt
Fifty million Americans have dementia and other brain illnesses. To gather together the minds that exist and see how we can tackle these ailments together, that is the work that is in front of us: to have a map of the human brain, an understanding of the roadways, and an understanding of the traffic on the roadways.
Chaka Fattah
When you deal with a person who’s experiencing dementia, you can see where they’re struggling with knowledge. You can see what they forget completely, what they forget but they know what they once knew. You can tell how they’re trying to remember.
Walter Mosley
That’s the thing with dementia. If you’re with somebody who has a serious illness, you can usually talk to them, have a laugh every now and then – the person is still with you. With dementia, there’s no conversation; there’s no togetherness, no sharing.
Judy Parfitt
You don’t just wake up one day with dementia or Alzheimer’s; these conditions are developmental. Even when a problem triggers the need to collect data, it’s reviewed by a specialist and filed away. There’s no central repository allowing information to be shared across a multitude of researchers worldwide.
Tan Le
We have to get behind the scientists and push for a dementia breakthrough. It could be that we fear dementia out of a sense of hopelessness, but there is hope, and it rests in the hands of our scientists.
James Nesbitt
I spent a lot of time researching dementia, read papers on the subject, and also found a lot of dementia diaries on the Internet which were a great help in getting an insight into the disease.
Emma Healey
Although my father’s mother, Nancy, has dementia, and her experiences gave me ideas for some of the scenes in the book, it was my mother’s mother, Vera, who most influenced the character of Maud. Vera died in 2008, before I’d gotten very far into writing ‘Elizabeth Is Missing,’ but her voice is very like Maud’s.
Emma Healey
Sundown is often the worst time of day for people with dementia. They can become restless and difficult.
Laurie Graham
Of course, it’s hard to get interested in the whole idea of government. Nothing ever changes, especially people saying ‘nothing ever changes,’ despite the fact their kid now has a free nursery place and their aunt was forced to work despite having dementia.
Frankie Boyle
With something like cancer, there is a feeling that you can fight it in some way or control your response to it, but with dementia there is the fear of losing control of your mind and your life.
Kevin Whately
I hate to sound this way but, ‘Why me? Why me with dementia?’
Pat Summitt
Several members of my family have, or have had, one form of dementia or another. I really wanted to explore what it might like in fiction, but I didn’t know how to start.
Emma Healey
The science supporting the relationship between carbohydrates and dementia is quite exciting, as it paves the way for lifestyle changes that can profoundly affect a person’s chances of remaining intact, at least from a brain perspective.
David Perlmutter
The goal of my diet-style is eating for optimal health and longevity. What greater benefit could there be than living healthfully and actively into old age with no dependence on medications and almost no risk of heart disease, diabetes or dementia?
Joel Fuhrman