Deforestation Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Deforestation Quotes from Johan Eliasch, Paul Polman, Jamais Cascio, Guilherme Leal, Emma Gonzalez. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

Deforestation will continue as long as cutting down and

Deforestation will continue as long as cutting down and burning trees is more economic than preserving them.
Johan Eliasch
Large-scale deforestation can be prevented while increasing food production through better, smarter agriculture.
Paul Polman
Human civilization has been changing the Earth’s environment for millennia, often to our detriment. Dams, deforestation and urbanization can alter water cycles and wind patterns, occasionally triggering droughts or even creating deserts.
Jamais Cascio
Creating mechanisms for ending deforestation and promoting regeneration of the environment is one of the most effective ways of achieving net-zero emissions.
Guilherme Leal
Trees face many difficulties, what with deforestation and pollution, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to be one – to just stop feeling and live.
Emma Gonzalez
‘Kadamban’ is a movie with a social message on deforestation. Along with my daughter Madhuvanthi, I am playing a significant role.
Y. G. Mahendran
Reversing deforestation is complicated; planting a tree is simple.
Martin O’Malley
Eighty per cent of global warming comes from livestock and deforestation.
Heather Mills
In many places where coffee is grown, deforestation is a major issue. With Starbucks’ position in the marketplace and the respect and relationships we have, we can – and have, in some cases – been able to educate and influence people.
Howard Schultz
If we tackle deforestation in the right way, the benefits will be far-reaching – greater food security, improved livelihoods for millions of small farmers and indigenous people, more prosperous rural economies, and above all, a more stable climate.
Paul Polman
Most floods are caused by man, not weather; deforestation, levee construction, erosion, and overgrazing all result in the loss of ecosystem services.
Paul Hawken
The Internet is emblematic of an era in which what happens in Southeast Asia or southern Africa – from democratic advances to deforestation to the fight against aids – can affect Americans. As has been observed about water pollution, we all live downstream now.
Shashi Tharoor
If you have forest, if you have green forest, the water table goes up. What happens with deforestation is the water level goes down and we all know how much importance drinking water has.
MS Dhoni