Creative People Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Creative People Quotes from Bhumi Pednekar, Fred Wilson, Tiesto, Prabhas, Julie Klausner. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

The fact that we don't have censorship on the Internet

The fact that we don’t have censorship on the Internet really gives you a lot of freedom, as makers and creative people do what they believe in.
Bhumi Pednekar
Given New York City’s cultural diversity, it has always attracted creative people.
Fred Wilson
It doesn’t matter if they’re famous or not – I just want to meet other creative people who can maybe bring something different to the studio than what I have. I think that’s the most important thing for me.
It is such a treat to see two of my most favourite creative people in one frame – Rajamouli sir and Amitabh sir. They are so inspiring.
I don’t make money doing my podcast. I’ve learned that people want to hire creative people who are already doing something when they approach them.
Julie Klausner
What I like about modelling is that it has given me that opportunity to travel and experience different cultures, work with creative people, and now it’s given me a voice, and with that voice hopefully I can do good things with it.
Miranda Kerr
The way creative people live is different from people who don’t do anything creative.
A film is not something that can be made over the phone or Skype. Creative people meet, spend time together, and then come up with something.
Arjun Kapoor
I am very lucky that I have talented and creative people around me. Also, meditation has been a very big part of my freedom, because it allows me to watch all the things going on and allows me to focus.
Russell Simmons
It is hard for 2 creative people to work together for that length of time and not fall out.
Jim Sullivan
I love creating. I love being with creative people who can think quickly on their feet.
Michelle Visage
If I am with one person, I am very talkative, and personable. I will talk your ear off, but if there is another person interjected, I get so awkward. I am like the awkward one in those situations, but I feel like a lot of creative people are.
Alexa Bliss
Managers are the most creative people in the world.
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
If you want to think new thoughts that are different, then do what creative people do – get the problem reasonably clear and then refuse to look at any answers until you’ve thought the problem through carefully how you would do it, how you could slightly change the problem to be the correct one.
Richard Hamming
All creative people should be required to leave California for three months every year.
Gloria Swanson
I’ll audition for something and then the feedback has been, ‘The director wants you, the creative people want you, but the studio is saying no.’ It’s depressing, but I understand. People are investing a lot of money and they want somewhat of a guarantee; they want someone who’s been on the cover of magazines.
Melanie Lynskey
New York is full of creative people, not only in fashion.
Donatella Versace
I think the weather here is a big attraction for anyone. But also, there are more creative people per square mile in L.A. than anywhere in the world. They make ‘The Simpsons’ here. Anywhere they make ‘The Simpsons’ is a good place to be.
James Corden
One of the big concerns I have is that most of the HR departments in a lot of companies are hiring away from creativity and they don’t know it. For instance, they are requiring everybody to have a college degree. The most creative people I know couldn’t deal with college.
Nolan Bushnell
I understand why creative people like dark, but American audiences don’t like dark. They like story. They do not respond to nervous breakdowns and unhappy episodes that lead nowhere. They like their characters to be a part of the action. They like strength, not weakness, a chance to work out any dilemma.
Leslie Moonves
Bhushan and I are both creative people, and it would have been a waste of my talent to sit at home, socialize and just be Mrs. Bhushan Kumar.
Divya Khosla Kumar
The truly creative people tend to be outliers.
Nolan Bushnell
All creative people have to have vulnerability because those nuances are what move people. So I’m deeply insecure – but I’m good at hiding it.
Paloma Faith
Unfortunately, music devolved instead of evolved. The music business got into the hands of lawyers and accountants rather than the entrepreneurial creative people, and that’s when the beginning of the end started. It’s all based on money instead of art and creativity.
Gary Wright
Every day you run into artists on the streets in SoHo or other creative people you want to do something with. There’s nothing to match that chance encounter.
Jeffrey Deitch
I’m really in such a fortunate position to have that foundation with Hall and Oates that lets me do whatever I want. That’s the dream of a lot of creative people, and I don’t take it for granted. I try to make the most of it.
John Oates
We all sort of do want incentives for creative people to still exist at a certain level. You know, maybe rock stars shouldn’t make as much; who knows? But you want as much creativity to take place in the future as took place in the past.
Bill Gates
Record companies don’t think creatively about what something could possibly be because they are not filled with creative people. Nobody’s looking at the future of music because they’re concentrating so hard on what they can get from it right this second. It’s really hard to see an artist; it’s a lot easier to see money.
Linda Perry
The most creative people have this childlike facility to play.
John Cleese
The pace of innovation may slow down or speed up depending on the appetite in the public markets, but the constant progress of technology doesn’t really ever stop. There’s always opportunities for new ideas and creative people to go build great things. I’m always interested in learning about those kinds of opportunities.
Adam Dell
I think that the most well-intentioned, optimistic, creative people often live for the moment, and for ‘Portlandia,’ our goals were always very sort of short-term and attainable.
Carrie Brownstein
I just enjoy working with really wonderful actors and amazing creative people and I hope to keep doing that, no matter where.
Stana Katic
I like being on a set where you can make decisions and everything is involved and are happy to work together to make the best work. For me, it’s all about making the best work and creative people working together and all being respected and all having their opinions of what gives it the best quality is important.
Aneurin Barnard
People in the media and press often say they’ve never been good at math. It might be that people that consider themselves creative didn’t consider themselves good at math or didn’t find math interesting at those early stages. And those creative people are disproportionately represented in those influential roles.
Sal Khan
All too often, when creative people pick out someone else’s creative work as an inspiration, what they end up with is very, very far from the original.
Samuel R. Delany
I feel like one thing that a lot of creative people go through is that they feel like they don’t have the right to be creative or to put their stuff out there. I’m glad that blogging from a young age kind of got that out of the way for me.
Tavi Gevinson
Creative people feel huge ownership of our content; we want everything to be done ourselves. But in book writing, there’s a process: editors, PR people.
I love the entire process of being on the set and being able to create a character. It’s so much fun. In ‘Think Like a Man,’ I have a very small part. They told me it wasn’t a big budget, but I don’t care about any of that. I’ll do it for free simply because I love being on the set with other creative people.
Sherri Shepherd
I’ve often heard people say that managing creative people is the hardest thing in the world. ‘They’re never happy, they drive up the cost of things, blah blah blah.’ I just manage people the way I always wanted to be managed. That is, to be creatively challenged, but never to be told what to do.
John Lasseter
Many creative people are finding that creativity doesn’t grow in abundance, it grows from scarcity – the more Lego bricks you have doesn’t mean you’re going to be more creative; you can be very creative with very few Lego bricks.
Jorgen Vig Knudstorp
Creative people are very insecure people because they don’t know whether people like them or are in awe of them. That insecurity always comes out. It makes them a better actor, I feel.
Persis Khambatta
I’m sure lots of actors and creative people go through this, where you have some weeks where it’s all going according to plan and some weeks where you’re super frustrated.
Zach Braff
I love creative people.
Zac Posen
Hollywood’s like a warehouse. It’s just a place that you go. What’s interesting in the warehouse has to do with the creative people.
Val Kilmer
It’s very tough when two creative people are together.
Elizabeth McGovern
The creative people I admire seem to share many characteristics: A fierce restlessness. Healthy cynicism. A real world perspective. An ability to simplify. Restraint. Patience. A genuine balance of confidence and insecurity. And most importantly, humanity.
David Droga
So many actors are lively-minded, creative people who just tread water in this awful way, waiting for the phone to ring and doing their hair for auditions. It feels like a bit of a dreamer’s life – as opposed to a sensible ventriloquist’s life.
Nina Conti
Creative people who can’t help but explore other mental territories are at greater risk, just as someone who climbs a mountain is more at risk than someone who just walks along a village lane.
R. D. Laing
Film is such a very good tool for communicating emotions, and all designers and creative people look to inspire an emotional response.
Ozwald Boateng
Creative people are notoriously the slowest to adopt new technology.
Robert Rodriguez
Like most creative people I don’t fit well into boxes.
Laurell K. Hamilton
Certainly when, you know, you put a lot of creative people together, there’s ego and tension and all that stuff comes into play. But on the flip side, there’s a lot of camaraderie and closeness.
Darren Star
What kind of people would be able to rationalize better than other people? Better storytellers, right? Creative people, right? Because if you’re creative, you find more ways to cheat and still yourself a story about why this is okay.
Dan Ariely
Intellectuals and creative people, once they start talking about God they get put into this other category: ‘I don’t go to people’s music like that to understand my life.’
David Berman
The reason so many intelligent and creative people suffer from depression is that when you take the risk of being fully conscious, you open Pandora’s box, and you can’t close it again.
Michael Redhill
I like working with creative people who are receptive to new ideas, who want to do things that are different, who want to create films of a different mould.
Manisha Koirala
Creative people are more prone to depression.
Adam Ant
I’m always around creative people, and I’m trying to work on something constantly at all times.
Kevin Abstract
Many highly talented, brilliant, creative people think they’re not – because the thing they were good at at school wasn’t valued, or was actually stigmatized.
Ken Robinson
I’m just gonna keep growing as an artist, and I’m excited to work with different people and learn from all these other talented, creative people that I’ve been around. It’s so inspiring to be around other people who have ideas you haven’t thought of, and all of a sudden you’re like, ‘Wow! That’s so amazing!’
Sometimes the creating that we do is creating a platform that allows other creative people to pitch in.
Theaster Gates
People like secrets. Creative people really like secrets.
Nolan Bushnell
Comedians don’t have a monopoly on suffering. But creative people are sometimes fortunate enough to be able to incorporate their most traumatic experiences into their art.
Matt Lucas
We were always around my dad, so he wasn’t absentee at all. I don’t think it was normal, but it was exciting. You always had lots of creative people around, and my parents took us everywhere.
Sofia Coppola
Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.
Steve Jobs
I always believe that a good story will find its audience and that it will attract different kinds of elements of creative people who will make it more compelling.
Marc Platt
You could summarize everything I did at Apple was making tools to empower creative people. ‘QuickDraw’ empowered all these other programmers to now be able to sling stuff on the screen. The ‘Window Manager,’ ‘Event Manager,’ and ‘Menu Manager.’ Those are things that I worked on that were empowering other people.
Bill Atkinson
For me, cooking is practical. That’s the core of an engineer. Engineers are very practical designers and creative people. Every single thing I create has to have a purpose.
Alvin Leung
If the work requires smart, talented, creative people, then more than anything, you want to enable folks on the team to create.
Steven Sinofsky
And unless you have that sense of being creative, people think you’re just working all the time.
Jackie DeShannon
I was really sheltered growing up, with six brothers and sisters. We played together all the time, and I was living in a fantasy world, like most creative people.
Edward Enninful
My mom is a painter and photographer and my grandfather was an artist, so I’ve always been surrounded by creative people.
Dylan Lauren
Teenagers are some of the most passionate, dynamic and creative people I know. Yet, too often, this creative spark is left to flicker precariously and sometimes fade entirely.
Malorie Blackman
I’m fortunate I have this coterie of musicians around me to help take music to next level. Being surrounded by so much creative energy, so many creative people really feeds that creativity in me.
Duncan Sheik
I’ve spent a lot of time encouraging, corralling, protecting, and sparring with creative people.
Kevin Reilly
At the end, we’re kind of observers – creative people, I mean. I feel like an observer, and I’m pretty much able to step out of things and see how things are playing out.
Nick Cave
Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.
Leo Burnett
I think a lot of creative people are uncomfortable with therapy. Because you’re basically trying to ‘solve’ the unconscious. And the unconscious is where it all comes from.
Sydney Pollack
I’m a people person, very approachable. I go out every night, tons of functions. I love all facets of this industry… Music, film, TV, books, art. I love being around creative people.
Guy Oseary
I just loved being in the theatre with all those crazy, creative people.
Kristin Davis
People are doing so many incredible, inspiring, interesting things all over this country, and I think that’s where the hope is – seeing how innovative and creative people can be.
Sheryl Lee
Creative people have no barriers. Ultimately, it’s connecting with human beings. There’s just one planet. I don’t see it as different countries.
Aamir Khan
I’d be more likely to go for somebody who is like me. Well, I like creative people, so whatever that means… Yeah, authentic and creative.
Zooey Deschanel
The most creative people are motivated by the grandest of problems that are presented before them.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
With creative people, truly new horizons open up.
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau
The majority of advertising agency creatives are creative people, but we’ve disciplined ourselves to think within traditional formats. I want to change that.
David Droga
I grew up around really not-normal people. My family is general Hollywood. They’re all artists; they’re creative people who are advocates for expressing themselves. But I also have to say I’m not impressed with Hollywood.
Dakota Johnson
I’m not convinced that creative people have mentors because that’s what makes them different; they just do their own thing. If anyone had tried to tell me how to go about something, I’d have run a mile. But I have certainly had a few influences in my life.
Vic Reeves
If you put smart creative people in a room together, great things are possible.
Michael Morhaime
A hundred years ago, when Richard Strauss, who has already been quoted and already been heard today, and other creative people, laid the foundation stone for the joint assertion of their rights and interests, they had pioneering work ahead of them in Germany.
Johannes Rau
I feel like most creative people are total freaks.
Zoe Kravitz
I’m thankful for weird people out there ’cause they’re some of the most creative people.
Channing Tatum
I never felt sorry for the people in ‘Friends’ though. They had enormous wealth and they were very funny, creative people who gave a lot of people happiness.
Helen Baxendale
As many have said before me, artists are creative people who can’t be dragged into the politics of nations. I have always made a concerted effort to maintain this standard for myself.
Mahira Khan
The limitations and parameters of a band is something I’ve always enjoyed: so many creative people coming together and raising the music to places we’d never get on our own.
Grace Potter
Because we are four creative people – four writers – there was no way that we were ever going to be satiated doing the same thing over and again. Change was inevitable for us. And a very natural thing.
Ted Dwane
I think that the most well-intentioned, optimistic, creative people often live for the moment, and for ‘Portlandia,’ our goals were always very sort of short-term and attainable.
Carrie Brownstein
Just because I make something doesn’t mean that it’s going to be amazing, and most creative people don’t like to admit when their music is just okay.
Poo Bear
For all creative people, that’s sort of everyone’s journey. You feel something inside, and it takes a while to figure out what that looks like and what your voice is.
Ari Graynor
I am from Trinidad and Tobago, so I actually grew up in Tobago on the beach, just running around, playing, watching really creative people, and being exposed to really deep, rich stories from a young age.
Winston Duke
I enjoy collaborating with creative people and trying to get the best image possible to convey a feeling or story. Plus, I get flown all over the world to exotic places. How can you lose interest in that? It’s a great lifestyle. I can take vacations whenever I want, and no two shoots are ever the same.
Alyssa Sutherland
I feel incredibly lucky to have grown up with creative parents and around creative people, many of whom live with anxiety. My mum would sometimes say that it was a beautiful thing, and that it would come in handy when making music – and it’s made me a more empathetic person.
George Harrison is perhaps one of the most creative people I ever met, not only in his music and songwriting, but just the way he lived his life, decorated his gardens and homes. He was a dear friend of mine. His entire approach to music was very unique.
Gary Wright
Some of my legal colleagues are the most creative people I know!
Belinda Johnson
I believe that if creative people are open and generous enough when working with each other, a lot more can be learned and achieved by both parties. That’s what it’s all about, trying to produce the best work possible on any given project.
William Kempe
The horror fan base is fantastic. It really has devoted fans, and I like that aspect of the genre. The people who are making it are always really wonderfully nerdy, creative people, which I always love.
Bill Skarsgard
I think especially as creative people we rely so heavily on our gut instinct to create emotional beats or bring scripts to life. Go with what you feel is right, because thats all we can really do. Were the expert of our own experience, so be as authentic as you can.
Madeleine Madden
Programmers are very creative people. And animators are problem solvers, just as programmers are.
Edwin Catmull
When you call someone and ask them to do something they’ve never done before, in different mediums I think they would be inclined to pass because they’re afraid of the risk. But the creative people who populate the theater world love the challenge of new things.
Neil Patrick Harris
All I want to do for the rest of my life is be with Diana 24/7. We’re creative people, and we love to work together.
Ace Young
Yesterday I was thinking about the whole idea of genius and creative people, and the notion that if you create some magical art, somehow that exempts you from having to pay attention to the small things.
bell hooks
If the rules of creativity are the norm for a company, creative people will be the norm.
Jim Gilmore
I love L.A. It was an awesome place to spend my 20s, full of creative people, but I never wanted to stay there. It wasn’t necessarily Texas that I wanted to move to; I just knew I wanted to live in the country somewhere. My wife and I found this place in Texas that we really liked, so we packed up our stuff and moved.
Scoot McNairy
Without sounding pretentious, it’s nice to always be surrounded by creative people who inspire me and keep my levels of creativity charged.
Jaime Winstone
I tend to gravitate toward people who are a bit more eccentric and creative and artistic in some ways. And I like bringing disparate kinds of creative people together to create some great work, even to share points of view on a new direction.
Mark Parker
Neither of my parents are involved in theater or acting, but they are very artistic. My mom is a painter; she’s an artist. She went to school for fashion illustration. My father is into collecting antiques and fine wine, so they’re both really creative people.
Elena Kampouris
I think what it really is, is that I date creative people. And I think that what intimidates them is not my purse; it’s my mind.
Lady Gaga
Perhaps it is because cats do not live by human patterns, do not fit themselves into prescribed behavior, that they are so united to creative people.
Andre Norton
I’m very supportive of creative people being paid for the work that they do.
Matthew Weiner
Too many creative people never get to see the light of day because shows hang on too long.
Lorne Greene
It’s such an enormously challenging process to make any kind of television. It’s stressful and works towards getting the best out of creative people.
Jeph Loeb
I think that what most artists are trying to do is trying to understand. I think what distinguishes creative people and/or artists from another type of person is perhaps a willingness to go headlong into that uncertainty.
Brandon Boyd
I feel that my job is to create an atmosphere where creative people can do their best work.
John Frankenheimer
All creative people want to do the unexpected.
Hedy Lamarr
I’m drawn to talented, creative people who often just don’t know how to support themselves – they’re more focused on their work than trying to figure that out. So I commission a lot of works with artists who I like personally or professionally, and through that process, I wound up collecting a lot of art.
Mark Parker
I gotta be involved. I still write ads; I still run around and rally the creative people.
Jerry Della Femina
The artists and creative people are not in a position to teach someone. Nobody wants to be taught through entertainment.
Alok Nath
Creative people don’t behave very well generally. If you’re looking for examples of good relationships in show business, you’re gonna be depressed real fast. I don’t have time for anything else right now but work and my daughter. She’s my first priority.
Jim Carrey
I feel more comfortable in a place like Brighton – a town, with one centre, one bus station, one train station. And there are so many arty, creative people, and things are less rushed, less stressed.
Gabrielle Aplin
Creative people are more emotionally charged, so I am a super sensitive person.
Manisha Koirala
London is full of creative people – you can never say that it’s not.
Luke Treadaway
I feel like a lot of creative people are socially awkward.
Alexa Bliss
As creative people, we should be really conscious of being of service in our work, being as generous as we can.
Jami Attenberg