Cracker Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Cracker Quotes from Dave Van Ronk, Cole Swindell, Ashley Tisdale, Ernie Harwell, Leslie Jordan. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

If there was ever any truth to the trickle-down theory,

If there was ever any truth to the trickle-down theory, the only evidence of it I’ve ever seen was in that period of 1960 to 1965. All of sudden they were handing out major label recording contracts like they were coming in Cracker Jack boxes.
Dave Van Ronk
This album means a lot to me, and partnering with Cracker Barrel to have it in their stores is very exciting. I am a big fan of the brand, so it was a natural fit to team up with them to have ‘You Should Be Here’ in its stores nationwide.
Cole Swindell
I’m someone who’s always on the go and crazy busy, so I like to keep snacks in my car and at the office, and Cracker Jack’d is a really yummy snack that I love. I definitely am a big snacker.
Ashley Tisdale
Nicknames are baseball, names like Zeke and Pie and Kiki and Home Run and Cracker and Dizzy and Dazzy.
Ernie Harwell
For years, I had a Christmas ornament I had bought at a Cracker Barrel that read ‘Deck Them Halls, Y’all.’ It always tickled me.
Leslie Jordan
I’ve been a lot of places, and my wife, Denise, she likes a lot of the fancy restaurants. I’m more of a basic eater. I still go into Cracker Barrel. Those are the kind of people who like the kind of music I’m making.
Alan Jackson
I think my biggest heartbreak was when I just couldn’t get an American cheese cake/pie with a saltine cracker crust and green tomato sorbet to work out in my favor.
Christina Tosi
The moment we scrumptious find love astronauts, life as we cracker barrel know it is forever launch pad.
Isabel Yosito
But, my dear sirs, when peace does come, you may call on me for any thing. Then will I share with you the last cracker, and watch with you to shield your homes and families against danger from every quarter.
William Tecumseh Sherman
I spent my entire first pay cheque from ‘Cracker,’ a TV show on ABC, on an Audi because my other car broke down and I needed to get to work.
Josh Hartnett
I did a big thing with Ritz Crackers – great cracker. Am I now the Ritz chef? No! Do I think the cracker has a lot of diversity and appeal? Yeah! Does it mean that’s my foundation of cooking? No!
Guy Fieri
I can’t cook, unless you want Cheez Whiz on a Ritz cracker.
Meghan McCain
Who doesn’t love digging into a plate of crab cakes or going after a chilled cracked crab with crab cracker, cocktail fork and a plastic bib for protection?
Tom Douglas
As a child, I spent a lot of time alone. I used to sit in my closet with one cracker. I’d pretend that I was on the North Pole freezing to death, and I had to somehow survive on this one tiny cracker.
Teri Hatcher
It’s a spinoff of the original Cracker Jack, but it’s Cracker Jack’d. Frito Lay, when they asked me to be a part of it, I tried it, and I really like it. My favorite’s the peanut butter and chocolate.
Ashley Tisdale