Conflicts Quotes

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As the Chair of the National Security Council Sub-Commi

As the Chair of the National Security Council Sub-Committee overseeing the CSSF and Prosperity Fund, I am proud of what it has achieved in tackling instability and preventing conflicts that threaten U.K. interests.
David Lidington
There is a need for greater multilateral cooperation to resolve trade conflicts, to address climate change and risks from cybersecurity, and to improve the effectiveness of international taxation.
Gita Gopinath
We know from our own history that democratic institutions take decades to mature, and we know from past conflicts that freedom is not free.
Jim DeMint
I have great admiration for athletes. They are just like actors in a lot of ways. They have tremendous pressures and conflicts. They have to compete, and they can’t stay home just because they have a head cold.
Ben Cross
Many say an art dealer running a museum is a ‘conflict of interest.’ But maybe the art world has lived an artificial or unintentional lie all of these years when it comes to conflicts of interest.
Jerry Saltz
We have to return to a foreign policy of restraint, one that develops our capabilities and our potential in communities across America, and not become bogged down in unwinnable conflicts that lead to greater resentment of the United States, and that don’t advance American interests.
Ro Khanna
The administration has a disturbing pattern of behavior when it comes to budgeting not only for the ongoing operations in Iraq and Afghanistan but also for military requirements not directly related to these conflicts.
Russ Feingold
As conflicts last longer, as the scale of needs increase, we are having to adapt. There is an increasing blurring between immediate humanitarian assistance and long-term development needs.
Peter Maurer
Things have to be straightened out to keep Lebanon away from regional conflicts.
Saad Hariri
I deal with conflicts that irritate people and give them stress, like the dispute over a car payment. I can resolve those cases in a moment.
Judy Sheindlin
To help resolve conflicts, the rules-based multilateral trading system should be strengthened and modernized to encompass areas such as digital services, subsidies, and technology transfer.
Gita Gopinath
I preferred the weapons of dialectic to all the other teachings of philosophy, and armed with these, I chose the conflicts of disputation rather than the trophies of war.
Peter Abelard
In the original ‘Guild Wars,’ one of the big conflicts was the humans versus the charr. The humans and charr are both playable races in ‘Guild Wars 2,’ and they are on the same side, more or less. They don’t hate each other.
Jeff Grubb
I have a way of synthesizing. That’s what I would encourage any young person to do: take in the ideas, the conflicts, and the world. Watch and listen and live before you go public.
William Hurt
Sometimes I have so many financial conflicts of interest that I can’t even keep them straight.
Michael Arrington
Indeed, Russia and the U.S. were allies during the two tragic conflicts of the Second and the First World Wars, which allows us to think there’s something objectively bringing us together in difficult times, and I think – I believe – it has to do with geopolitical interests and also has a moral component.
Vladimir Putin
Leaders are not pale reflectors of major social conflicts; they play up some, play down others, ignore still others.
James MacGregor Burns
Time and again we see leaders and members of religions incite aggression, fanaticism, hate, and xenophobia – even inspire and legitimate violent and bloody conflicts.
Hans Kung
Sit down and read. Educate yourself for the coming conflicts.
Mary Harris Jones
The sad reality is that there are no purely domestic issues in Israel. Issues that would be dealt with by municipalities in other countries – such as how to deal with a dangerous bridge or how to resolve conflicts between religious and secular bus riders – become major international issues when they occur in Israel.
Alan Dershowitz
Since World War II, most of the conflicts in the world have been internal conflicts. The weapon of choice in those wars has all too often been landmines – to such a degree that what we find today are tens of millions of landmines contaminating approximately 70 countries around the world.
Jody Williams
A disagreement or incident involving someone who’s not that important to you, like a guy who cut you off in traffic or a rude cashier, is something that should roll off your shoulders. Save the effort for resolving conflicts with the people you cherish.
Joel Osteen
This was a continent of divisions, of wars, of conflicts, of divergences, differences… When I am in Asia, in Africa, people admire what we have managed to do. Europe is beautiful seen from other continents.
Jean-Claude Juncker
Women communicate differently and process information differently, which leads them to resolve conflicts differently.
Dee Dee Myers
In 1940, Germany toppled France in 20 days, and the panzerdivizion symbolized war’s shift from drawn-out conflicts using massive fortifications to rapid-fire engagements built around manned, motorized armor.
Charles Duhigg
Very few conflicts in the history of the world have been satisfactorily concluded according to a published timetable, because you lose all flexibility in dealing with your opponents.
William Hague
In the 20th century, the United States endured two world wars and other traumatic and expensive military conflicts; the Depression; a dozen or so recessions and financial panics; oil shocks; a flu epidemic; and the resignation of a disgraced president. Yet the Dow rose from 66 to 11,497.
Warren Buffett
War is hell. Sending young people to conflicts that are unwinnable and unresolvable – it puts them in a position where they’re going to suffer. And yet their experience is that they’re proud of their service, and they should be. Service freely rendered is a noble thing.
Mary Gauthier
When Federal law conflicts with state laws and the will of the American people, it’s time to change the laws, not circulate edicts.
Matt Gaetz
India supports a rule-based order in Asia, as in the rest of the world. But we confront unavoidable challenges such as terrorism, conflicts, trans-national crimes and maritime threats.
Subrahmanyam Jaishankar
A history of perceived humiliation, after all, lurks behind many acts of terror. And competing narratives of victimhood and insults sustain conflicts in the Balkans, the Caucasus, the Middle East and many other regions.
Serge Schmemann
Peace is a never-ending process, the work of many decisions by many people in many countries. It is an attitude, a way of life, a way of solving problems and resolving conflicts.
Óscar Arias
The Bar Association can do so much in teaching people how to resolve conflicts without knives and guns and fists.
Janet Reno
Any historian worth their salt should be aware of wars, conflicts, catastrophes. They happen. This is part of the panorama.
Norman Davies
The President of Iran has called for the destruction of Israel and the West and has even denied the holocaust took place. Iran and its terrorist arm Hezbollah are responsible for the current conflicts between Israel and Lebanon.
Michael McCaul
We ought to recognize that religious strife is not the consequence of differences among people. It’s about conflicts between creation stories.
E. O. Wilson
Donald Trump, in my judgment, would make a perilous world even more dangerous. I worry that his tendency to lash out and his ill-informed comments would cause dangerous events to escalate and possibly spin out of control at a time when our world is beset with conflicts.
Susan Collins
‘Carol’ takes place at a time the country was crawling out of the shadows of the war years, feeling the new vulnerabilities of the Cold War and conflicts within the union.
Todd Haynes
I am not a victim of emotional conflicts. I am human.
Marilyn Monroe
There will always be disputes between nations which, at times, will inflame the public and threaten conflicts, but the main thing is to educate the people of the world to be ever mindful that there are better means of settling such disputes than by war.
Frank B. Kellogg
By unwillingly robbing post-conflict nations of their most talented people, we in Europe are improving the odds these states fail, and feed the vicious circle of future conflicts.
Miroslav Lajcak
As film-makers, it is very important for us to find common ground between cultures, and maybe that’s less the case for politicians who benefit more from finding the conflicts and differences between us.
Abbas Kiarostami
And, perhaps most importantly, regional conflicts will again and again confront us with a cruel choice between costly engagement and costly indifference.
Lord Robertson
A man’s conflicts represent what he ‘really’ is.
Erik Erikson
In 1989, when I was just a baby, we moved to France because of some conflicts that were brewing in Armenia.
Henrikh Mkhitaryan
I think that there’s something in the American psyche, it’s almost this kind of right or privilege, this sense of entitlement, to resolve our conflicts with violence. There’s an arrogance to that concept if you think about it. To actually have to sit down and talk, to listen, to compromise, that’s hard work.
Michael Moore
Great progress was made when arbitration treaties were concluded in which the contracting powers pledge in advance to submit all conflicts to an arbitration court, treaties which not only specify the composition of the court, but also its procedure.
Ludwig Quidde
We like movies that are going to have a great sense of fun and thrill to them while at the same time remain very grounded in relatable human emotions and conflicts that the audiences can get behind and root for and empathise with.
Anthony Russo
In most Telugu families, marriage is a union of two families, and ‘Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam’ presents conflicts from that aspect.
Naga Chaitanya
I’m going to go out and get everybody together and say I think we ought to protect this for generations to come. Now, let’s get down to work and walk the land and talk about the conflicts and get everybody involved.
Bruce Babbitt
You don’t make peace with your friends. That’s the bottom line. You end conflicts by trying to find some political resolution.
Hillary Clinton
‘Star Wars’ is very black and white, and honestly, I like it that way. But fantastical settings like that work best when the characters within them feel real. Real people have conflicts and make mistakes and get it wrong sometimes.
Claudia Gray
There is socialism in the family that conflicts with meritocracy. And that bothered me.
Uday Kotak
In a way, I have to have a dictatorship. I can’t be told that I’m wrong. That conflicts with what I was saying earlier about listening. It isn’t to do with receiving criticism and responding to other views, it’s who has that last decision.
Trevor Nunn
Learning that we have a scapegoat is to lose it forever and to expose ourselves to mimetic conflicts with no possible resolution.
Rene Girard
Wars and conflicts are not inevitable. They are caused by human beings.
Martti Ahtisaari
Washington sees the various local and national conflicts in the Middle East as part of a battle for regional hegemony between the U.S. and Iran.
Stephen Kinzer
We love a tale of heroes and villains and conflicts requiring a neat resolution.
Barry Ritholtz
Conflicts, even just ones, which in the end can come at the expense of the State of Israel, are things that we must be very cautious about and hold back on personally.
Reuven Rivlin
There are millions of people, refugees, who have experienced the same conflicts and struggles I did. They have the same potential to defy the odds and achieve great things.
Clemantine Wamariya
I knew from history that war comes with frightening regularity, often fought over the same ground and similar causes as previous conflicts.
Stanley A. McChrystal
If you dream of something worth doing and then simply go to work on it and don’t think anything of personalities, or emotional conflicts, or of money, or of family distractions; it is amazing how quickly you get through those 5,000 steps.
Edwin Land
Just as much as the United States mattered to cotton, cotton mattered to the United States. Cotton reinvigorated slavery, established the young nation’s place in the global economy, and eventually helped create the political and economic conflicts that resulted in civil war.
Greg Grandin
Where conflicts are identified, they will be resolved.
Betsy DeVos
We know from our own history, and that of our neighbors, that where conflicts and disagreements are not resolved peacefully, the suffering and bloodshed that follows and the collapse of economic and social development leads to tragic consequences.
Mwai Kibaki
Interpreting anyone’s marriage – a neighbor’s, let alone the president’s – is extremely difficult. And yet, examining the first couple’s relationship – their negotiations of public and private life, of conflicts and compromises – offers hints about Barack Obama the president, not just Barack Obama the husband.
Jodi Kantor
With the winding down of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States now has an opportunity to implement real defense reforms without having a serious impact on immediate battlefield needs.
Pete Hegseth
You have young men of color in many communities who are more likely to end up in jail or in the criminal justice system than they are in a good job or in college. And, you know, part of my job, that I can do, I think, without any potential conflicts, is to get at those root causes.
Barack Obama
I think one of the great strengths of ‘The Flash’ is just how close everyone is on the show. They tend not to have these raging conflicts, like what we keep giving everybody on ‘Arrow.’ That show is more of a soap opera, and I don’t say that derogatorily.
Andrew Kreisberg
There would always be a vote. There were always conflicts and arguments for years and years – that’s why we’re not together anymore. But there was always a vote. It was always two out of three.
David Zucker
Violence in drama is an external contextualization of internal conflicts.
Laeta Kalogridis
A bright future may be what humanity aspires to achieve but it’s far easier to talk about conflicts that play out in dark and pessimistic settings.
Liu Cixin
We all wake up in the morning wanting to live our lives the way we know we should. But we usually don’t, in small ways. That’s what makes a character like Batman so fascinating. He plays out our conflicts on a much larger scale.
Christopher Nolan
While conflicts have expanded and deepened and transformed, actors have transformed, and humanitarian assistance is transforming. Protection work is transforming and taking on another character.
Peter Maurer
As an actor, you think you know your craft, you know the conflicts in your character, but often you don’t.
Sushant Singh Rajput
Even in Congo, where conflicts are happening, people have births, weddings, deaths, and celebrations.
Lynn Nottage
I change a lot. It’s not easy to size me up. There are a lot of conflicts inside.
Terence Trent D’Arby
Maybe if everybody in leadership was a woman, you might not get into the conflicts in the first place. But if you watch the women who have made it to the top, they haven’t exactly been non-aggressive – including me.
Madeleine Albright
When human rights are systematically abused, it raises the question whether it may be legitimate in some circumstances for the international community to intervene within individual states as well as in conflicts between states.
Charles Kennedy
Even though I don’t have a lot of spare time, what I do have I’m very protective of, and so I make sure to have a normal life and to remember that, while it’s important to keep in mind these conflicts are ongoing, it’s also important to enjoy simple pleasures, too.
Clarissa Ward
I think that Africa has made quite rapid progress and a lot of the conflicts that we saw on the continent have abated.
John Dramani Mahama
Lack of understanding of interrelatedness has caused numerous divisions and conflicts that are the cause of many major challenges in the world such as war, violence, terrorism, economic disparity, and exploitation.
Lobsang Tenzin
The director’s task is to recreate life, its movement, its contradictions, its dynamic and conflicts. It is his duty to reveal every iota of the truth he has seen, even if not everyone finds that truth acceptable.
Andrei Tarkovsky
My eyes are wide open to the conflicts within the Church, but I don’t think you can call it schism.
Richard John Neuhaus
We must teach our children to resolve their conflicts with words, not weapons.
William J. Clinton
I played every sport you could play until junior high and then I had to start picking a couple because there were conflicts in seasons.
Gordon Hayward
When you want to win, you are doomed to suffer conflicts.
Dani Alves
France always had this balanced position that in so many conflicts was the voice of peace. I intend to maintain that. De Gaulle was pleading for a multipolar world.
Marine Le Pen
Peace is a question of will. All conflicts can be settled, and there are no excuses for allowing them to become eternal.
Martti Ahtisaari
Deconstructing the concept of race not only conflicts with people’s tendency to classify and build family histories according to common descent but also ignores the work of biologists studying non-human species.
J. Philippe Rushton
If the Philippines secure their independence after heroic and stubborn conflicts, they can rest assured that neither England, nor Germany, nor France, and still less Holland, will dare to take up what Spain has been unable to hold.
Jose Rizal
The sport was right in the center of these changing social dynamics. It was a game invented by blue-collar people in Scotland but adopted by the elite in England and America. All of those conflicts were coming into the open. I was amazed to find out how much was played out in golf as well.
Mark Frost
Above all, we owe it to the children of the world to stop the conflicts and to create new horizons for them.
F. W. de Klerk
Workers have kept faith in American institutions. Most of the conflicts, which have occurred have been when labor’s right to live has been challenged and denied.
John L. Lewis
Several studies, and a number of public statements by senior military and political personalities, testify that – except for disputes between the present nuclear states – all military conflicts, as well as threats to peace, can be dealt with using conventional weapons.
Joseph Rotblat
In a world of competing conflicts and challenges, the U.K.’s investment in global security, and a willingness to trial new approaches and respond to emerging threats, is an important part of standing up for our values.
David Lidington
I’m under the impression that this notion of decency is disappearing from our society where conflicts are made worse on cinema and on television, where people are nasty and cruel on the Internet and where, in general, everybody seems to be very angry.
Helen Mirren
Cop shows are by definition melodramatic; they’re larger than life. They create very stark contrasts and conflicts emotionally. They’re provocative, assuming they grapple with – to the extent that cop shows are mirrors of the culture.
Steven Bochco
Mediators do not choose the conflicts they became involved in, but the parties to the conflict choose the mediator. Their participation as intermediaries is based on the trust of all the conflicting parties.
Martti Ahtisaari
For Putin, Syria is all too reminiscent of Chechnya. Both conflicts pitted the state against disparate and leaderless opposition forces, which over time came to include extremist Sunni Islamist groups.
Fiona Hill
Fictional realms are usually terrible places to vacation, as they tend to be full of monsters and conflicts – Narnia and Middle-earth would both be good places to get killed – but I wouldn’t mind visiting the worlds of Iain M. Banks’s ‘Culture.’ You’d just have a hard time getting me to leave.
Tim Pratt
If you have a harmonious society where people within the family are living in harmony… knowing what their responsibilities and duties are, and knowing how to resolve their issues and their conflicts without violence, then violence against women will be reduced, and women will feel they have a voice.
Rula Ghani
People often ask me how I feel about my invention being used to kill people every day and the AK being a common weapon of ethnic conflicts. I want to make it clear that I created my assault rifle to protect my country. You can blame politicians for its spreading out of control on a global scale.
Mikhail Kalashnikov
Serious poetry deals with the fundamental conflicts that cannot be logically resolved: we can state the conflicts rationally, but reason does not relieve us of them.
Allen Tate
I realized through my personal travels how little I know about certain conflicts, because I was too vain or self-absorbed to ask the questions. That’s been the focus while I’m in my thirties – to become an accomplished woman, rather than some actress.
Diane Kruger
Everybody wants to talk about sectarian conflicts of the war in Iraq, but the fact of the matter is, Sunnis have lived with Shias in harmony more in the confines of Iraq, in that land, than they have been in conflict. That’s an historical fact.
Jack Keane
I can’t tell you why a particular athlete would leave a certain coach, but I can tell you there could be many reasons. They could have personality conflicts. They could have misunderstandings. Lots of stuff can happen.
Alberto Salazar
Being stupid and compassionate are not conflicts. Being mean and being funny and having something to say are not a conflict.
The role of art in society is not to resolve conflicts; rather, it is to express these conflicts and antagonisms.
Cai Guo-Qiang
When science tries to resolve its conflicts by adding and subtracting dimensions to the Universe like houses on a Monopoly board, we need to examine our dogmas.
Robert Lanza
It can be difficult to run your own firm, but the trade off is fewer conflicts and more control.
Dan Gelber
TV producers want ratings and are willing to do nearly anything to get them. They gin up artificial conflicts and create an urgency for even the most minor of economic data points.
Barry Ritholtz
You want a coach who is going to push you and be strong and be in your corner when it’s tough, but sometimes you have coaches who think they are more important than the players. That’s where the conflicts come.
Ana Ivanovic
Somehow we got used to death, and then we dehumanised it. We account for conflicts in figures. Ebola is 13,500 infected, 5,000 people have died… People are losing their sense of empathy, their sense of wanting to do something.
Joanne Liu
The New York gallery scene being as incredibly overpopulated and overmoneyed as it is, deep conflicts and contradictions aren’t hard to find.
Jerry Saltz
The conflicts we have with the outside world are often conflicts we have within ourselves.
Bryant H. McGill
All world conflicts will be resolved if people listen to my advice.
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
I ran away from home when I was a senior in high school, and it came out of all the conflicts that happen between parents and their children who can’t communicate.
John Denver
Success in past U.S. conflicts has not been strictly the result of military leadership but rather the judgment of the president in choosing generals and setting broad strategy.
Robert Dallek
You may not like the way I deliver the truth – you may take umbrage with the way I handle most of my conflicts – but that’s the way I do business.
Samoa Joe
Co-founders shouldn’t excel in the same areas – it’s inefficient and will inevitably lead to conflicts down the road.
Julia Hartz
The hatred Muslim extremists feel against the West feeds on certain conflicts in the world.
Otto Schily
There can be legal conflicts over whether registering intent is enough to qualify you as an organ donor or whether a doctor must still ask your family’s permission.
Richard Thaler
The fragility created by protracted conflicts, resulting in destroyed cities and dramatically insufficient services, is not something that humanitarian organizations can address comprehensively. Only political solutions can end armed conflicts.
Peter Maurer
I think most conflicts do end with negotiated settlements; some don’t, but most do.
Richard Armitage
A marriage without conflicts is almost as inconceivable as a nation without crises.
Andre Maurois
Nothing that we have authorized conflicts with any law regarding privacy or any provision of the constitution.
John Ashcroft
Sometimes we tend to focus more on the personalities and the conflicts, and it really caricatures the issues.
Mitchell Reiss
Every scientific truth goes through three states: first, people say it conflicts with the Bible; next, they say it has been discovered before; lastly, they say they always believed it.
Louis Agassiz
Yes, a family is interesting. You can get a lot of drama in the conflicts there. It’s like the sea. It seems calm, but inside there is conflict.
Hirokazu Kore-eda
The truth is that I oppose the Iraq war, just as I opposed the Vietnam War, because these two conflicts have weakened the U.S. and diminished our standing in the world and our national security.
George McGovern
No matter where people stand on the policies that led to the conflicts, Americans recognize the depth of sacrifice and patriotism of our men and women in uniform. Everyone agrees these heroes deserve every advantage we can give them.
Bobby Kotick
Baseball cannot avoid conflicts. Games are played on Good Friday, the most solemn day on the Christian calendar. On Oct. 2, 1978, they played on Rosh Hashana, and Bucky Dent hit one into the screen at Fenway Park. Supply your own moral.
George Vecsey
People have a very proprietary relationship with Superman. It’s important to respect the iconography and the canon, but at the same time, you have to tell a story. Once you land on who you think the character is and what his conflicts are, you have to let that lead you.
David S. Goyer
War in Africa is hardly a new phenomenon, nor are voices telling its stories of terror and triumph. Yet some of the continent’s most devastating conflicts – and the literature born from the experiences of their survivors – have often gone unnoticed in the West.
Uzodinma Iweala
Our world faces many grave challenges: Widening conflicts and inequality. Extreme weather and deadly intolerance. Security threats – including nuclear weapons. We have the tools and wealth to overcome these challenges. All we need is the will.
Antonio Guterres
Sometimes, by using the most over-the-top, ridiculous plot device you can imagine, you get some interesting little conflicts and cool things that you might not otherwise have a chance to explore.
G. Willow Wilson
Today, our world is more interconnected than ever. This offers many opportunities; it creates wealth and new freedoms. Yet our world is also vulnerable, full of friction points and conflicts of interest.
Frank-Walter Steinmeier
There is an expression now that is commonly used about these so-called internal conflicts which are not really internal, because they have connections to the outside world.
Lakhdar Brahimi
People come and go, and I’ve certainly had experiences with overbearing figures and conflicts here and there, but for the most part I’ve found the dance community to be really supportive and I’ve formed some lifelong bonds, like with Ethan.
Sascha Radetsky
I spent an important part of my life participating in conflicts. But for me, conflict was not the main principle.
Donald Tusk
Camus believed in dialogue and diplomacy, and enlisted his work as a philosopher to the need to find nonviolent solutions, whereas Sartre called for violent conflicts and justified terror.
Michel Onfray
I started acting as an amateur when I was a kid, but I wanted to become a diplomat. It was self-centered and weird, but I had this idea of going out in the world and solving conflicts and making the world a better place. But I kept on acting, and eventually, I just dropped out of school and continued acting.
Stellan Skarsgard
People living through armed conflicts need infrastructure and services which will last, and the last thing on their mind is which budget line applies.
Peter Maurer
The Gospel itself is angular. It always has been. It always conflicts. It always challenges every generation. It challenges different generations in different ways.
D. A. Carson
Sloganeering and name-calling have been some of the most unsavoury aspects of Leave/Remain conflicts over the past few years.
Claire Fox
Storytelling is storytelling. Good stories need compelling characters and interesting conflicts. That’s the bottom line no matter what medium you’re writing for.
D. J. MacHale
Humanitarian assistance, once conceived as a short-term relief effort, is increasingly the only substitute for long-term development work in protracted armed conflicts.
Peter Maurer
For novelists, sharply drawn moral conflicts are often useful, and even human and personal disasters can be seen as material.
Justin Cartwright
The Bible gives a true and trustworthy account of creation, and that account in no way conflicts with or contradicts an old-Earth view, and vice versa.
Hugh Ross
When we see so many conflicts multiplying, the only way to allow the international community to be able to address those conflicts, the only way to allow the international community to act boldly, is with unity of the countries of the region, able to serve together and in the same universal principles.
Antonio Guterres
Political conflicts distort and disturb a people’s sense of distinction between matters of importance and matters of urgency. What is vital is disguised by what is merely a matter of well being.
John Grierson
I think subsuming political and economic conflicts into some grand ‘clash of civilisations’ theory or ‘the West versus the rest’ binary is a particularly insidious form of ideological deception.
Pankaj Mishra
You have to think of your brand as a kind of myth. A myth is a compelling story that is archetypal, if you know the teachings of Carl Jung. It has to have emotional content and all the themes of a great story: mystery, magic, adventure, intrigue, conflicts, contradiction, paradox.
Deepak Chopra
But I do not believe that the world would be entirely different if there were more women leaders. Maybe if everybody in leadership was a woman, you might not get into the conflicts in the first place. But if you watch the women who have made it to the top, they haven’t exactly been non-aggressive – including me.
Madeleine Albright
I have three very simple principles. I don’t like conflicts of interest; they should be eliminated or disclosed. I believe in transparency, that people have to really not just know but understand what they’re buying and selling. And that you have to have enough capital to back up your promises.
Eric Schneiderman
We must never relent in our efforts to resolve conflicts through diplomacy and through all of the instruments bestowed by the Charter of the United Nations.
Felipe VI of Spain
The African Union has to act in order to put an end to armed conflicts that undermine the continent, to fight against the devastation caused by AIDS and other contagious diseases, to promote sustainable development of its member states.
Omar Bongo
I think the biggest challenge for Somalia has been the sense that it is a hopeless case of incomprehensible internal conflicts and there is nothing we can do.
Jan Egeland
If you have children, you cannot feed them forever with flags for breakfast and cartridges for lunch. You need something more substantial. Unless you educate your children and spend less money on conflicts, unless you develop your science, technology and industry, you don’t have a future.
Shimon Peres
As actors, we want to choose somebody who has conflicts. I can’t be always playing the girl next door. What’s the challenge in that?
Sonam Kapoor
The economic and political roots of the conflicts are too strong for us to pretend to create a lasting state of harmonious understanding between men.
Alva Myrdal
My psycho-analytic work has convinced me that when in the baby’s mind the conflicts between love and hate arise, and the fears of losing the loved one become active, a very important step is made in development.
Melanie Klein
Sport is a great equalizer that can build bridges, transcend borders and cultures, and render even the fiercest conflicts temporarily irrelevant.
Richard Attias
In the year since we brought things into the open with a clean breath of fresh air at City Hall, we have learned about corrupt spending practices and unethical conflicts of interest that waste your money… and keep Dallas from being the great city of our dreams.
Laura Miller
Often, if there’s something that I want to do, but somehow can’t get myself to do, it’s because I don’t have clarity. This lack of clarity often arises from a feeling of ambivalence – I want to do something, but I don’t want to do it; or I want one thing, but I also want something else that conflicts with it.
Gretchen Rubin
I wasn’t thinking of a sequel when I finished ‘Life Class.’ What changed my mind was the perception that the characters had a lot of life left in them, a lot of unresolved conflicts, and also I became interested in the Tonks pastel portraits of facially disfigured soldiers and in the whole area of facial reconstruction.
Pat Barker
All the family gatherings, I’m too tired, or I can’t because it conflicts with work… I have seven grandkids. I’ve been missing recitals and graduations. To me, it’s just not worth it. There is a better way to live life.
Damon Wayans
‘Line Of Duty,’ for dramatic purposes, tends to create characters whose corruption is balanced on certain ethical conflicts, whereas the majority of corruption in the real world is simply based on greed.
Jed Mercurio
Knowledge of other people’s beliefs and ways of thinking must be used to build bridges, not to create conflicts.
Kjell Magne Bondevik
I always love the soapy conflicts between somebody’s family of origin and their new family – ‘Do I have Thanksgiving at my husband’s parents’ house, or at my parents’ house?’
Jill Soloway
Most millennials have no problem standing their ground when asked to do something that conflicts with their personal values.
Punit Renjen
The U.N. is worse than disaster. The U.N. creates conflicts. Look at the disgraceful U.N. Human Rights Council: It transmits norms which are harmful, anti-liberty and anti-Semitic, among other things. The world would be better off in its absence.
Charles Krauthammer
During the negotiation process, it’s common for misconceptions to occur, since both parties assume what the other person is saying or thinking. This can lead to conflicts or disagreements.
John Rampton
All of my books deal in a very rough, rude fashion with subjects about which there are great conflicts of opinion.
Joseph Heller
Fortunately analysis is not the only way to resolve inner conflicts. Life itself still remains a very effective therapist.
Karen Horney
When superpower countries like the United States and the former Soviet Union contemplated moving their conflicts to outer space, there was justifiable fear and dread.
Steven Levy
As a journalist, I have spent years reporting on often difficult and depressing conflicts, on poverty, and the inhuman way we sometimes treat each other.
Gavin Esler
The first approximation in this future that we’re looking at is that everyone will be physically well off. They will have a great abundance in material goods, and I think that will soften some of the conflicts we see now.
Ralph Merkle
My tortured life – with its extremes and conflicts – might have been difficult for me to deal with, but the press couldn’t get enough of it. I was in the papers every day, ‘the enfant terrible of the culinary world.’
Marco Pierre White
Due to irresolvable personality conflicts as well as musical differences, I am permanently leaving the band Audioslave. I wish the other three members nothing but the best in all of their future endeavours.
Chris Cornell